Blue Cascade in the Caverns

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

Gerazal is sitting at one of the tables and he's having dinner. He's by himself for the moment sitting at one of the tables towards the back. He has a sketch pad open and he's looking at some dress designs.

Jaya pauses at the door of the caverns as she comes in, turning back to say, "Yes, you have to wait. You… okay, okay, how about you go run up the hill and find a spot to watch the sunset? And then you can wait there for me. There. Not outside the cavern. Okay?" She nods, and as she turns in, there's suddenly more light from outside as Leikoirath moves away and stops blocking it. Jaya waves to Gerazal as she passes him, as well as a few others, but her goal right now is to get some food!

Gerazal spots the wave from Jaya and he gives her a wave back, "Hello Jaya how is training going?" He asks as he uses his free hand to make some notes on the dress.

"Good!" Jaya says to Gerazal with a grin. She loads up a plate with some chicken stir-fry and mashed stuff, as well as some generous gravy to go with it, and pours a glass of juice to wash it all down. Dinner is the most important meal of the day, at least when you're a hungry weyrling!

"The -worst-," Rezia can be said saying with a bright laugh and a shake of her head. The context is clearly missing in this situation, but it probably doesn't matter; she's soon chatting up some other (un?)fortunate rider while she meanders off toward wherever food happens to be. The brownrider is full of giggles and bright laughter - even if the greenrider she's inadvertently snagged looks a little confused as to just -why- she's laughing.

A bronze lizard surveys the crowd of gathered people imperiously from his seat on the edge of the cauldron. He is paying special attention to those people who dare to come -too- close to the cauldron and by extension the eggs that are resting comfortably inside its safe walls.

Tevla is one of those infrequent techcrafters brought in and out again on a specific assignment, mostly not so notable. But all work and no food won't get one very far and she slips into the caverns crowd heading for the spread.

Gerazal continues to eat as he goes back to looking at the drawing on the pad in front of him. He hmmms as he reaches to mark it here and there before he turns the page to look at another drawing.

Polgara perches on the rim of the cauldron near by the hearth. She's been getting more irritable with each passing day. Today Pol's downright grumpy, and not shy about letting people know. Out of the few people that have dared approach her little treasures, each have been nipped and shown the error of their ways. Even Aegnor isn't above getting a couple of warning wing-smacks when he lets people get to close. Knobby head lowers as people come closer, but only to grab seats at the nearest table. *Hiss* There, you've been warned.

If there's food to be had, it's bound to draw folks in, local and visitor alike. Kyzen is of the visiting sort, dragged (willingly) here along with his parents though it's not his parents he's currently being supervised by. Really, he's getting old enough he doesn't need to be under constant watch, but his aunt is lurking about somewhere and he's currently trying to give his annoying cousins (ugh, girls) the slip. What better than a crowded cavern? With food!

Rezia is soon at the food and that seems to be the cue for her duo of 'lizards to manifest. Silk claims one shoulder, the much smaller Suede claims the other. Both look hungry - but are, at least, well-trained enough to not cry or otherwise beg for food. Their attention seems torn between the meat and other foodstuffs she's loading up on - and on that cauldron with -other- firelizards on it or near it. Chattering ensues and the greenrider she wrangled is quick to make his escape while she busies herself with both food-getting and talking to her winged companions.

Jaya peeks toward the fireplace, and hmms. There are comfy chairs! But also grumpy firelizards. She pauses by Gerazal, peeking at his notepad, and grins. "Who's that one for?" she asks, snagging a bit of food to eat while she awaits his answer.

If firelizards could sigh Aegnor would be sighing a long suffering sigh at the treatment he is receiving from his gold co-parent. Though Aegnor is also not one to take it. He huffs and puffs himself up as tall as he can manage and fixes Polgara with a glare indicating his growing displeasure with her grumpy attitude. A small huffy chirp escapes his mouth before he pulls his mouth tightly closed and continues to stand as tall as he can.

Gerazal looks up and he smiles at Jaya, "This one is for a young rider who has never worn a dress before. I think she'll look lovely in it."

Polgara seems to snort at Aegnor's attempt to stare her down. Not at all phased by the bronze, she alternates her attention between keeping a watch eye and tending her eggs. Judging one egg needing adjusting, she scraps awake some of the sand, exposing more of the other eggs as well. The pinkish looking egg brushes a mostly orange one. Pol pauses in her attentions and tilts her head at the small clutch, a soft churly purr vibrates her throat.

Rezia finally finishes getting her food and rolls up on the balls of her feet while she tries to suss out just where to sit. She idly offers up meat to her 'lizardly pair, who greedily take it and gulp it down. They chatter again and start looking more and more toward bronze and gold pair just over there. More 'lizardly chittering ensues. The brownrider, for her part, eventually ambles her way to a table that's fairly well populated and relatively close to the fireplace, because that just seems like the right place to be. She falls silent - but only because she's eating and, also, listening to other conversations with no sense of being subtle.

Kyzen manages to sneak himself a good sized plate of food before he's darting off again before his cousins can track him down. They will, eventually, but for now he's content with just attempting SOME peace of mind. The sound and movement of the two firelizards by the cauldron and hearth gain his attention of course and the young boy will inch his way closer before sliding to the nearest table he dares. Entertainment with his dinner? Count him in!

Pol's humming muzzle drifts closer to the nearest egg, crooning and nuzzling her cheek against the rough surface. Maybe she feels a response, cause she the small queen nudges the shell, pushing Glazed Glory Egg enough so that it rolls onto its side. The very gentle rocking back and forth til it stops wasn't all from Polgara's nudging. Another egg draws the gold's eye, and her croon grows a bit, echoing out from the hearth.

Glazed Glory Egg shifts again, a few grains of sands away from the base as the hatchling inside is trying to get comfortable, but just can't.

Aegnor was just about to start scolding Kyzen for being too close when he hears Polgara make her soft humming noise. He knows what that means! He turns his attention away from the people and into the cauldron to watch her work with the egg that appears to be hatching! A soft trill escapes his throat. The time looks like it has come after all the work they have done guarding the clutch over the last sevenday or so.

Jaya nods to Gerazal, and grins. "That sounds nice," she says. "I bet-" …wait. She hears something! A very humming sort of something, even underneath all the other noise of the caverns. "Do you hear that?" she asks, though she hardly waits for the answer before she turns to go investigate, carrying her plate with her. She edges in near where Rezia and Kyzen are, looking first to the brownrider, then to the youngster. "…you hear it too, right?" she asks Kyzen, her eyes on the cauldron with an intent thought that even brings a blue firelizard popping in among the rafters, spreading blueberry wings and chirping down to Polgara before he joins the crooning.

Uh oh. Silk and Suede both start to trill a bit, which elicits a confused look from Rezia. "What? Oh. OH. Is that- are you- oh you silly little things!" The brownrider laughs merrily and shakes her head a bit - but gently, so she doesn't dislodge the pair. "Between you two and Pralayth, I -swear-." She glances around at the other people nearby and finally catches on Jaya when she speaks. "I did! I think there's -something- in that pot, don't you?" And if Jaya doesn't have a seat, well! She'll offer one up with a laugh and a smile and a cheerful, "I'm Rezia, by the bye! This is Silk, that's Suede." Gold and brown on her left and right shoulders, respectively.

Kyzen picks away at his food, keeping one eye on those eggs but also on his surroundings. No one is familiar and so far he hasn't spotted his cousins creeping up on him so he begins to relax a little. At least until a fairly young bronze firelizard comes swooping in… rather ungracefully. So much so, in fact, that he ends up flopping unceremoniously to the table next to where Kyzen sits, upsetting a few dishes and bowls in his clumsy way. The boy moves quick to scoop up his erring firelizard, mumbling hasty apologies as he shuffles back to his spot and sets the bronze to perch on the back of his chair. "Stay there, Tweak." he instructs, idly wondering if Dunno is going to show up too (or is already skulking about). He's just about to pop some more food into his mouth when Jaya's question draws his attention to her and he blinks, tilting his head. "I do now!" he tells her with a grin.

Gerazal hmms as he looks around as he hears the sand shifting. "Hmm sounds like someone has been playing in the sand." He looks around and then over at the firelizard, "Probably the eggs in the pot are hatching. You should go try for one. I have two all ready and will let those that have none or one try for them."

Jaya giggles to Gerazal. "Oh… I shouldn't try for one… but I still want to look!" she says, and then she does in fact go over to do that. Rezia gets a quick nod from her for that observation. "Yeah! Definitely." She grins for the introduction, not really looking at the rider when there's firelizardlings to be seen, but still saying, "I'm Jaya. Green Leikoirath's!" Who isn't here, thank Faranth. "That's Kori up there -" a vague gesture to the blue in the rafters, flitting closer in between croons "- and Tachi's probably lurking around somewhere." She shrugs a bit. Firelizards! And… more firelizards, soon. She grins back to Kyzen, nodding, then points to the gold by the cauldron. "That's Polgara."

Rezia laughs softly and nods. "Pralayth's out there -somewhere-," she replies. And the mottled brown definitely is out there, schmoozing with any ladies that will stand still long enough to talk to him. "He -heard- a green was rising and wanted to be here," she adds with a playful roll of her eyes. "He's the -worst-." As Jaya points out the blue firelizard, the brownrider wiggles her fingers in his direction with a lopsided grin. "Oh, so adorable. They -all- are, aren't they?" This is aimed a bit more generally, with her grin likewise being angled to Kyzen, to pull him into things a bit more.

Glazed Glory Egg cracks audibly during an odd silence that stills everyone nearby in their spots before heads begin turning towards the sandy cauldron. A small half moon shaped shard lifts from the shell just a little before smoothing back inline, almost as if something is trying to kick it's way out.

Pol edges back and clings to the rim of the cauldron as the eggs begin to wake up, or at least stop pretending to snooze as they have been for the last candlemark. Her attitude is suddenly less hissy and more eager to see her little ones safely hatched. After her earlier warnings and bloodletting, only the bravest and most worthy will chance a closer look.

Hole Egg seems to shiver, as if part of it is chilled now that it's Glazed neighbor has moved.

"Is she yours?" Kyzen asks Jaya when she points out Polgara, wrongly assuming that since the weyrling knows the gold firelizard name it must belong to her! With all the names floating about, he's bound to forget half of them and can he really be blamed? His attention drifts between his meal and the firelizard eggs, but he'll pipe up again to offer his name at least. "I'm Kyzen and that's Tweak." He juts a thumb behind his shoulder to where the bronze is still perched on his chair, sheepish for his earlier messy entrance. A smile is returned to Rezia and then another glance to the cauldron. "Are all golds that cranky around their eggs?" he asks to either rider.

Gerazal smiles, "It's always fun to watch. I'm Journeyman weaver Gerazal it's nice to meet you all." He says as he shuts his pad and puts it away so that he can socialize. He hmms, "Depends on the gold, most I'd say are. They are protective like gold dragons are."

Jaya laughs to Rezia. "Yeah, Leikoirath's…" A momentary distraction, and then a grin. "She found someone to play with, so she's chasing a blue on the beach." As opposed to Pralayth's plans for the other way around! And… crack! Jaya's mouth forms a silent 'Ooh' that is only voiced a moment later. It's followed by a "Huh?" as she turns to look at Kyzen, then a blink. "Oh! No. She's Kera's. One of the weyrlingmasters." A grin, and then she nods to the introductions as her gaze goes back to those eggs. "Yeah, Polgara almost took someone's hand off when Kori hatched."

Aegnor too is very curious and keeps his attention on the hatching eggs. At the moment he is paying special attention to the Glazed Glory Egg as it seems to be the most far along and most likely to disgorge its inhabitant, but out of the corner of his eye he spots the Hole Egg and briefly glances that direction before putting his eyes back on the egg everyone is paying attention too. He squeaks an encouraging sound, silently willing the baby to make his or her appearance. The humans, for the moment, are forgotten.

Rezia shifts in her seat and continues feeding her pair with absently offered scraps of meat. To Kyzen, she giggles. "Silk isn't -that- bad, you know? Fussy, I guess, but she wasn't quite like -that-." She gives the gold in question a little rub, then turns her attention to Jaya with another lopsided grin. "Oh dear. She sounds lovely! Pralayth would probably love to meet her some time - but he really is the worst." Warning given, it's perhaps fortunate that the brown is definitely not near the beach. Thank Rukbat. She has, of course, forgotten her food, daft thing that she is, and is now fixated on the caldron and the maybe, possibly hatching eggs.

Glazed Glory Egg begins to split slowly, the shell parting fraction by fraction, then melting back together. A couple of heartbeats pass and the young one inside the shelled fortress starts assaulting the confining barricade. Several more tiny fissures begin spreading and soon a goo darkened head pokes through the shell's defenses. A small tiny creel might be heard, before a sqelchy proceeds a flailing hatchling that's suddenly FREEEEE!!!!

Pol churls softly, her voice rising, falling and fluctuating in her welcoming song.

----= Vulpes Zerda Gold Hatchling =-----
Cinnamon dusted caramel glazes this foxy lady's honey-milk hide. While on the small side for a golden queen, her large wingsails can appear quite intimidating when extended fully. Her outer wing darkens to a tawny shade while the inner sail remains creamy pale. Twin drizzles of caramel flow from her head down between faceted eyes to fall behind cheeks, only to fade into the milky hide under her chin, neck and belly. She has a dark blotch on the tip of her muzzle that looks almost like a little button for a snout. Her headknobs are burnished with the same cinnamon that's sprinkled over her back, tail and limbs. All four paws are nearly milky white, except for the inky sickle-like talons tipping them and the spaded tip of her tail is nearly black.

Hole Egg begins to thump, as if the Harpers are playing a really loud base heavy tune right under the cauldron. But with his clutch sibling making all that noise, who's gonna notice.

Jaya huhs, nodding to Rezia. "I hear some firelizards just abandon their babies, too. Especially greens…" A shrug, and then she grins. "I bet it's nice for her that the bronze is here… well, I mean, if it's the same bronze… but it probably is, right?" A glance to Rezia, as if the brownrider will have any actual idea, and then back to the eggs again. "Leikoirath likes pretty much everyone… terrible or not." She grins. "But maybe she should avoid the bad influe- oooooooh!" There's a new-hatched-firelizard. Jaya beams, while up in the rafters Kori croons as if he had anything at all to do with it except watching from a safe distance past parental talons.

Aegnor could not be more pleased and it shows in the way he holds his body. A daughter it looks like, granted a good covered one, but still a child that is coming into the world. He croons softly to the little gold and gives a glance to her mother before he turns to look at her. His wings give a gentle flutter of excitement.

Rezia bobs her head a few times in reply to Jaya. "That's what I've heard too, you know? It's kind of sad, but… I guess that's just what they do, yeah?" Her nose wrinkles a bit at the thought all the same and she gives her pair a good rubbing just because they're there. "Oh, I'm sure! He seems to be doing a good job as, um. As dad? Is that… that sounds weird. Firelizard dads." There's a kink to her forehead and she, briefly, looks away with a pursing of her lips at -something- or another. Then: "He really is terrible and friendly - but mostly terrible and- oh! Ooooh." Distraction. No meat is waggled, though; nope. That's liable to just be eaten by her two at the time. And speaking Silk and Suede: they're humming all of their hearts out.

Gerazal leans over to look at the eggs as they start to hatch, "Wow look at that a gold firelizard. I didn't expect that. I'm sure someone will be really happy today." His own two firelizards a bronze and a green swoop in and start to croon as well." He hmms as he reaches on his plate and finds a nice cut of herdbeast roast that he was eating. He leans over and he offers it with a bit of a seductive waggle towards the gold. "You know you want this nice cut of roast."

S'dny moves into the cavern and quickly makes his way toward the table where there is food and then bypasses it as he moves past the food toward the table providing the drinks. After a quick perusal of the offerings he takes a tall glass of ale and takes a good long sip. "Ahh." he says softly to himself. That problem taken care off he lifts his head from the ale to search around the room finding it rather more full than usual. Something interesting must be happening. He makes his way toward the group to take a quick peek at the action.

Jaya peeks up to the rafters where Kori is humming, and grins as she looks back to the hatching clutch and that eager little queen. "In a rush, huh?" she asks her, and giggles. "Don't blame you, there's an awful big world here to come and see." And… Jaya digs around on her plate a bit and snags a bit of the chicken she hadn't gotten to eating yet. "You'll want to eat for the trip! Something nice and tasty to fortify you…" She extends the meat, then pauses, lifting it as she admonishes, "But choose wisely! You gotta have good company, because how else are you going to make the most of the world if you don't have friends?" This is Jaya's Useful Advice to Firelizards, part… something.

Polgara croons happily to her newest daughter, she extends her muzzle, and helps nudge the flappy little lady off her back with a bit of leverage. Her wings extend fully as she stretches them wide, announcing the tiny queen's birth to everyone in the cavern. Luckily, she starts practicing restraint with those people starting to crowd in.

Vulpes Zerda Gold Hatchling flails at the air until suddenly the word is righted, thanks to a little motherly nudge. Flopping onto her belly, tiny little paws scratch at the sand and she manages to get these leggy type things to work together. Swaying unsteadily on her paws, wings flap angrily, sending some good droplets outward as she creels and glares with hunger swirling in her faceted gaze. Little nose lifts as offerings are sniffed.

Hole Egg thumps about as the hatching inside struggles, the egg bumping a couple others then rock away, settling onto its side. A lines starts to appear at the fattest portion, like something is stretching for all its worth in there.

Rezia giggles a bit when Jaya speaks and shakes her head some with amusement. "I hope that works! Oh, she's a pretty one, you know?" She continues to sit back, her gaze roaming just a little from the cauldron of 'lizards to the other people that have gathered to bear witness - and, maybe, convince one of the wee things to go off with them! She lapses, if for a short time, into communion with Pralayth, while her pair continue to hum and hum - and maybe those are hums of encouragement. It's entirely possible!

Gerazal's pair hop down to the back of the chair that Gerazal is sitting in and they start to croon to the young gold. They make quite a harmony as Vincy the bronze has a deeper hum than Verdanca, but they hum together as Gerazal continues to try to entice the gold with the cut of meat that he has for her. "She's quite a beauty just like her mother." He gives a smile as he holds the meat out in easy reach for the gold to have as his two firelizards continue to try to serenade the gold to come rule their pack.

S'dny quickly figures out what is going on between the humms and the general carrying on. It's easy enough to spot Polgara in the mix and he recognizes her, "Polgara you seem to be at it again." he says. Obviously the lizard will be too busy dealing with her other babies to worry about what S'dny has to say on the matter. He makes no move to try to feed the gold, having one of his own from one of Polgara's previous clutches, "Always something interesting going on somewhere." he says to no one in particular.

Jaya grins. "And you should probably learn to roll over yourself, too. You're a firelizard, not a turtle!" she adds to the golden hatchling, then laughs to Rezia, nodding to her and Gerazal. "She is pretty! I think firelizards can choose just like dragons, don't you?" She looks back to the brownrider as she asks it, the bit of meat lowering toward the level of the sand again, then returns her attention to the eggs. "Oh! She's about to have a brother," she adds, pointing to the Hole egg. "…or maybe a sister."

Pol continues her welcoming song, swaying to and fro when she isn't nosing an egg or nudging another.

Vulpes Zerda Gold Hatchling tilts slowly to the right, then slowly to the left as if a wiggly bit of meat is trying to hypnotize her. She snaps suddenly, angry spitting hiss and she scuttles back a few clumsy steps. Nope, that bit of wiggly was just not right. But a soothing voice lulls her some, at least she stopped spitting. Wobbly steps turn away from one offering as she makes slow progress towards the cauldron rim. A few more shaky steps and that smelly strip of fowl will be hers. And she's not a slow turtle! She's the sly fox that latches onto her first meal.

Vulpes Zerda Gold Hatchling looks into Jaya's eyes. Impression!

Hole Egg shimmies in place, back and forth as if vibrating, making the tiny crevices begining to look deeper. As they widen a bit more, the shell crackles and crunches as the hatchling flops out and spills onto the sand. The good covered little one is soon covered with sand and small shards.

---= Alaskan Morning Glacial Blue Hatchling =---
Before you is a frozen chunk of vivid marine blue, rising from the sea to meet a snowy sky, til movement reveals a frigid looking lizard. His bright marine hide lightens gradually like an icey peak, as if he's been dusted in fine powder that has mounded up more in some places than others. Like the tip if his snout, angular cheekbones that protrude out, or eye-ridges and head knobs that adorn his head. His underwings remain vivid marine, untouched from frost, as does his underbelly, limbs, paws and most of his tail. Almost as if the little blue kept them tucked safely under him while being dusted with fresh snow.

Rezia finally realizes -she- needs to do that and does just that while her firelizards seem fat and happy and full of humming noises. She peers at the cauldron askance, but it's the progress of the wee gold that catches her interest most keenly. "Oh." Breathless that. And then: "Oh!" Well then! She claps her hands delightedly when the little 'lizard makes her way to Jaya, though she refrains from any exclamations until the gold's actually -settled-. She's not about to scare the tiny thing off! And, of course, the sound of another hatchling is worth a glance to the cauldron again and she eyes it, eyes narrowed just a little as if she might just see what's going on in there.

Jaya… fails to actually notice which of the gold's siblings has hatched! She's a bit too busy paying attention to the little hatchling headed across the sands. "There you go, you've got your feet under you…" she encourages, and then she beams as the gold slips up to the chicken meat and… yes! Claims it! "That's right! That's how you do it." The fox in the henhouse indeed! Another piece is quickly offered to the little queen, and for the moment she's far too distracted to even notice anyone else's reaction, let alone the other hatchlings. Kori, however, is quite happy to croon out a song from the rafters - and next to him appears another, darker blue, Tachi peering down to get a closer look at just what happened before he adds a slight chirr to the mix of sound.

Aegnor looks on with pride as his little gold daughter not only escaped from her shell but has also found a human by the looks of it. Aegnor quickly examines the human in question and apparently approves for he does nothing to interfere with the process. His attention is quickly drawn away from this scene to look back down into the cauldron to find that he has another child…a blue child. Excellent! He croons to this new hatchling in welcome.

Gerazal smiles over at Jaya as his firelizard continue to croon towards the other eggs that are hatching, "Congratulations Jaya she's found a good home with you." He looks at the other that hatched, "Oh a nice blue one."

Alaskan Morning Glacial Blue Hatchling shakes vigorously as if a warm fire wouldn't be snubbed right about now. It seems to float on the sand for a time, before becoming mobile and noisy. It's creel sounds more like staticky pops and squeals that have people cringing and covering there ears as it begins its important mission, to fill this aching belly.

S'dny adds his own congratulations to Jaya, "You will do well with her I'm sure. Polgara is my gold's mother and she is lovely. I'm sure yours will be as well." he states with certainty. After all could anything that was remotely connected to his Blossomforth be bad? He thinks not. The attention that he gives Jaya though is quickly spent and he turns his eyes toward the cauldron once more and spies the little blue making his way into the world, "He has a good pair of lungs." Syd says louder than usual to be heard over the din.

Pink Delight Egg is still, at least it hasn't been spotted moving in the midst of more eager hatchlings making their debuts. That's all about to change though. It gives a stuttering little wiggle that rocks it gently on the sand, but rather than ease up, the movements become more pronounced and urgent.

Rezia giggles a bit and offers some of her meat to Jaya, in case she needs more. And then there's that blue! She coos again and leans forward, a bit of meat in hand. "What do you think, you two? Do you want a little brother? And a littler brother for you?" That last to Silk, apparently, who warbles a bit. She, it seems, is a little undecided - but there is that meat, just dangling there, to be snatched up by whatever might want it. Which, at this rate, might still be one of hers, for the intensity that Silk eyes it. "He -is- terribly loud, isn't he?" is obliquely remarked, with a flicked look to S'dny. More giggling follows, though for what and why is probably best left unspoken.

Tachi tilts his head to peer at the little new-hatched blue, and snorts. He's being challenged! Or so he seems to think, for he lets out a short, sharp scree! sound. Jaya's jolted from her meeting of the foxy little lady to glare up at him. "Don't you," she warns him… and after a moment, Tachi lowers flared wings, huffing instead. Kori steps over and spreads a wing over him consolingly… and meanwhile, the hatchling queen has climbed her way right onto Jaya's plate, sitting in warm gravy as she snuffles through vegetables in search of more meat. "…oh! Here, here's some," she says, offering the meat, then glances up long enough to smile to those vaguely-heard congratulations. "…thank you," she says, then turns her attention back to the hungry little gold.

S'dny sends a sideward glance toward Rezia and her giggling. His expression remains impassive as he turns back toward the blue and his loud vocalizations and then he quickly sets his ale down on the table nearby and moves away to grab some of the meat that is already present for dinner. He then steps back toward the crowd round the cauldron and offers the meat to the young and loud blue, "You can have some if you want?" he says. No pressure.

Gerazal smiles as he might as well keep trying for a firelizard and he watches as the blue. He did try for the gold so it'd be rude now to just ignore the others. He continues to offer the piece of meat and he wiggle it for the blue firelizard that's out looking now for a person to boss around.

Alaskan Morning Glacial Blue Hatchling flows towards the edge of the rim, dragging itself a few inches and plopping down to conserve its waning energy. Another shrill demand for…something…rings out and ice cycle limbs creep forward a bit more, muzzle lifting as the cool little blue licks at the tasty smelling air.

Pink Delight Egg movements become sluggish before it finally cracks the shell with a final surge of strength. The goo dark hatchling plops onto the sand and just..lays there, wings twitching and he creels weakly.

---= Lightening Ridge Opal Blue Hatchling =---
Electric blue sparks seem to dance and flicker just beneath the surface of this fellow's midnight blue hide. Milky blue wisps, nearly iridescent, drift down his neck, body, outer wings and most of his tail sorta resembling an aurora at just the right angle. A cacophony of cascading colors trapped within. Headknobs are dotted with a pale blue, the color brightening the midnight hide across eye-ridges, cheeks, muzzle and his paws. The wispy auroras continue on underwings and limbs but looking darker purple on a moonless night.

It seems after the first one hatches the rest just begin to go. Aegnor gives a soft cry when the next egg hatches and he finds that he has another blue son. He leans down to gently nose him and give him encouragement as he too begins to seek out his destiny in the world.

Ooey Gooey Egg rocks and seems to jump across the sand a few inches, but it only rolls before going still.

Rezia continues to waffle a bit, though the sound of another egg hatching has her peering at the cauldron, the scrap of meat completely forgotten in her hands. She -could- get up and see what's going on in there, but- well. She's sitting and comfortable and also she doesn't want to disrupt the humming duo that are sitting so close to her ears. The brownrider wrinkles her nose a bit at something or another and, after looking around to see who else is offering to feed the little blue, she frowns. It's just a faint thing and it fades quickly - she is not good at frowning - but it results in her digging up a few more meat scraps to dangle and offer up freely to the wandering, noisy blue. "Oh, hush now. Hush," is meant to be all encouragement, coupled with plenty of cooing sounds.

Gerazal smiles, "Oh a pair of blues and a handsome pair at that." He looks over as he hears the jump and then turns back to the blues. He continues to wiggle the cooked meat for the blue boys to pick from.

S'dny continues to hold that piece of meat out for the loud blue and any other blue that makes an appearance at that. No reason to be discriminatory. They are all bound to be wonderful after all. He waits patiently to see what the little beings decide. Though he does reach over with his free hand and reclaim his ale. A person has to have priorities after all.

Jaya pets along the little queen's back, feeding her more bits of chicken as she savors her seat. "…you're going to need a bath, too," she says. "Oh! And a name." The gold chirrups, wiggling about in the nice warm gravy. "Yeah, I know," Jaya says, and grins as she steals a peek at the cauldron. "Your brothers are still looking…" she says, then looks back to the gold. "Well, your hatching brothers. You've got new brothers now, Kori and Tachi…" And they're still blue!

Alaskan Morning Glacial Blue Hatchling licks at the air hungrily, head swaying slowly towards one smelly-wiggly offering in particular. He moves ever onward, toward the his first meal. Almost tailor made for him some might say. With surprising speed from the seemingly sluggish blue, he lifts up and creels as his jaws grab onto Gerazal's custom made offering.

Alaskan Morning Glacial Blue Hatchling looks into Gerazal's eyes. Impression!

Ooey Gooey Egg flutters about again, and shifts, causing the little cocoon to start rolling slowly towards the rim.

Aegnor continues to be vigilant. There are still untaken babies and one more egg to hatch. His eyes are drawn toward the last egg as it begins to shift itself, beginning the process hatching. He leans his nose down and blocks off the rim of the cauldron just incase the egg might have any ideas about jumping the rim and cracking on the floor.

Gerazal blinks as he sees the blue snap at his offering and he goes to pick it up, "Hello there." He moves the blue into his lap to continue to feed it from his plate, "Now don't get used to this you'll have to hunt on your own soon enough."

Rezia beams a bit when the blue finally finds his new home and would clap, except - well. She's all meatfingers McGee right now. She still calls out, "He's -lovely-," to Gerazal and then her gaze slides directly back to the cauldron and the other blue and the twitchy egg that's within it still. Her two have finally eased up on the humming for a while, though not by too much. Definitely not enough to keep her ears from ringing a bit, but- well. That's just life with two firelizards that like to make their opinions of things known.

Lightening Ridge Opal Blue Hatchling seems to take a moment to reflect on what needs to be done. Or maybe he's not sure. Wings drag little furrows when he tries to move out, but he doesn't make very much progress though. Simply seems to be digging a little hole and tossing sand onto his back and creeling with frustration and hunger.

S'dny takes a sip of his ale after the first of the hatched blue's impresses to Gerazal, "Congrats." he said once the sip is complete. He continues to hold out his bit of meat for the Opal Blue hatchling, "Yeah. I get that way too sometimes. Life works like that. Don't always get what you want and you have to throw a tantrum about it before moving on." Syd says quietly. He gets it, "You can do something about it though."

Ooey Gooey Egg was almost airborne, but gets nudged away from the rim just in time. The little orb settles to a stop and all is stillness. Not for long though cause. This round little cocoon won't hold it for much longer, in fact…time to go! A few jerky twitches later, the egg splits away from a flappy goo-flinger.

----= Lepido Morpho Blue Hatchling =----
Blue-grey slate makes up most of this fellow's body, until he spreads vivid wings. A bright section of clear sky gleams with a silvery sheen just beneath the hide of his sails. The outer rim of his wings could be dipped in indigo ink, contrasting with the bright silvery blue of his mainsail. The same bright color glints from his headknobs and eye ridges, and enhances angular cheekbones. His paws and spaded tail are dark blue as if he was standing in water not long ago.

Rezia renews her meat wiggling once that first little blue's found his own. The latest one earns another cooing, but there's -that- blue with his fascinating colors and she's all eyes on him. Or, at least, all eyes on his sand-flinging. Silly blue. Silk natters at him a bit and flares her wings, but Rukbat only knows what she's trying to convey to the poor, wee fellow. As for Suede, he's trying to snatch up some of the meat that Rezia's just holding out there - guess he was hungrier than he thought!

Aegnor moves away but not before he gives his newly hatched son a gentle nudge of welcome. He looks around the cavern in a satisfied smug sort of way. His children are strong and all the eggs are hatched. He is to be congratulated.

The little gold, her hunger mostly sated for now, pads around in her gravy nest in order to watch her clutchmates as they continue their search. Jaya peeks up as well, checking over… okay, still two blues, but one's missing. She looks over to see him with… Gerazal, okay! "Congrats!" she says to him, and grins before resuming her petting of the little queen, peeking at her and then at the wandering blues still searching. "Good luck…" she offers them.

Gerazal grins, "All right who had three blues in the pool for this clutch?" He asks as he continues to feed the blue he has in his arms.

S'dny 's hand remains steady as he holds the piece of meat out to the remaining lizards, "It is a large amount of blues for one clutch, but not unheard of." He's seen different clutches be heavy on one color, especially when there was a gold present. Thankfully for the new lizards they won't have anymore competition for people.

Lightening Ridge Opal Blue Hatchling starts working his legs with each wing scrape over the sand, and soon is starting to get some forward momentum going. A little further and the raises his body slowly from the sand, head lifting as his little snout start working overtime. Almost like he's being reeled in by tempting smells that he has no interest in fighting. Sudden movement near the wiggly thing has him creeling in distress as he tries a couple of hops. Something works though cause he clamps his muzzle onto Rezia's offering before it's stolen.

Lightening Ridge Opal Blue Hatchling looks into Rezia's eyes. Impression!

Rezia giggles a little. "It happens, sometimes," she chimes in. "Just like dragons, you never really know what's going to- oh. Oh! Oh, oh, oh!" Breathless, that. "Oh, you! Aren't you just the most darling? You are so -adorable-," she croons as she basically reels in the wee blueling. Suede warbles with surprise at the loss of his treat, but he doesn't protest for long. Silk, on the other hand, just -thrums- with happiness and even goes to get more meat off the plate to drop rather unceremoniously on Rezia's hand. Or the blue. Or wherever.

Lepido Morpho Blue Hatchling doesn't waste much time, it has a mission and it needs to get to it. As if working on instinct, the vibrant blue works his wings gently, as if testing them out and crawls forward. Snout lifts and hones in on some sweet smelling offering, and he seems to fly right over the sharded remains of the clutch shells. A well-timed wing flap lifts him just high enough to snag onto S'dny's offering. He sways a moment before he makes the mistake of trying to take a larger bite, but plops back to the sand. Doesn't matter that he fell though, that's offering has his teethmarks on it.

Lepido Morpho Blue Hatchling looks into S'dny's eyes. Impression!

It looks like with all the others having impressed there is just one little blue left, "Congratulations." Syd says to Rezia as she impresses her little blue. He takes another long sip from his glass, which is now more than half drained. The hand remains out with the meat ready, just in case this last blue should want something to eat. And it seems that is just what the little blue does, "Well now. Here we go again!" he says to himself as he continues to feed the little blue hatchling.

Gerazal smiles as he finishes feeding his and he rubs it's back as the blue yawns loudly and stretches out. "Congratulations everyone."

Rezia continues to feed the blue until he eventually falls into a predictable food coma. "Oh, oh, oh. Whatever am I going to name you?" She babbles a little to herself - or maybe to the firelizards? - and pulls out of it briefly to murmur, "Lovely, all of them! Oh, so lovely, but- oh. Oh!" Something tugs at her mental cords and she's quick to get to her feet, eyes wide. "Oh -no-. Don't you -dare-." The words are pitched just below her breath, but she's quick to move - clearly her other (if ostensibly worse) half is clearly up to -something- he ought not be up to!

Polgara warbles as the last of the little hatchlings decides on a keeper pet, and begins nosing through the shards. When she determines that indeed there are no more, she wings over to the edge of a chair and chitters to Aegnor before peering to each tiny flitter as they get fed or sleep.

S'dny takes his new little blue and continues to feed him until he falls asleep, and after that carries him quietly out of the cavern. He'll have a new lizard to introduce to Marzoth and Blossom.

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