Flit... Cakes?

Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It is bloody late for anyone to be really rattling around in the kitchen…but there's been so much up in the air since the earthshake and the sinkholes formed, that things are always a bit out of sort. Of course, things must be REALLY out of sorts when it's not a kitchen worker that comes out of the cooking area…but Xanadu's Weyrleader, bearing a tray of baked goodies; he's actually talking to the night baker, "I'm really thankful, ma'am…I didn't want to get under everyone's feet…but I wanted to try this recipe on a bigger scale than I could in my kitchen in my barn…"

Briana had arrived for dinner. She actually did try to eat dinner at a reasonable hour. There were witnesses and everything, but of course she was interupted and dragged away by one of the assistant headwoman for something or another. FINALLY she has escaped and is going for take two for dinner. Her footsteps make their way to the kitchen and she peaks in hunting for leftovers when she finds the Weyrleader within and pops off a salute to him, "Evening sir…" She says before looking curiously over to the platter he is carrying, "You like cooking?" Yep…rather notable. She is sporting a healing cut on her forehead that is surrounded by a colourful bruise.

Late is right. For some reason the Weyrwoman is still here rather than home with her weyrmate and children. Was she even at dinner? Probably not. She enters the caverns from the administration hallway with a sheaf of papers in her hand and a vague expression on her face. This time it's not proddy but sheer fatigue etching her eyes. There is a moment where she has this, 'now why did I come in here?' look about her, but seems to shrug it off as she walks slowly towards the dining area. "Ah Briana. There you are." She was looking for the junior maybe? Ah well, it'll come to her eventually. Xe'ter and his tray are given a long look. "What have you done?" Because… well she has her reasons.

What is it with these women and their paperwork? The dishes have since cleared out and Olarya is still perched at the table, hiding behind her mug. There's no real reason for her to be hiding from Thea, it's just easier to keep eyes on that tray and see where it's going. Xe'ter can't hide for too long, the girl will scent it out like a hound. You cannot deny women their sweets! She doesn't say a word, only taking a little sip and tilting her head to the side to peer at Cunning whos perched on the back of a chair, preening himself and crooning happily.

Xe'ter settles the tray down, then grins at Briana…and then at Thea when he catches her voice too, "Um. Trying a new recipe for flitcakes…" He pauses a little, then rolls it out, "They're minature rumcakes, with burned butter and rum frosting." He admits, after a moment, "I brought my stash back from Ista. Finally got over and cleaned out the rest of my old weyr."

"That sounds quite good, I wouldn't mind getting a look at it. How well does it keep the flavour of the rum from the cooking?" Briana asks with a keen interest to her voice. So maybe she likes cooking just a little. Then there is the voice of the Weyrwoman and Briana turns and gives the woman a salute. "Yes Ma'am…sorry had to down and inspect one of the storerooms. Bit of a mess down there from the shaking. Don't think we have lost too much though." Then she is stepping back to stay out of the cross fire of the Weyrleaders.

Xe'ter's…. tray? Really now Olarya. The man isn't hard on the eyes. But Thea wouldn't have noticed that, right? As for the young Weyrleader, he's met with raised brows. "Flit… cakes? They have roe in them, don't they?" Is that a teeny glimmer of laughter in her eyes? There's a moment while things click in her mind and her next is a slight snicker and a headshake, "Boy, Ista's in you." Note, she's not coming closer to those rumcakes. She nods at Briana's report, peering at the younger woman's forehead, remarking about that instead of the broken fruit liquor bottles she's likely to have found. "That's.. colorful. How's it feeling?"

Don't you know? The undeniable way to a woman's heart is through her stomach and there's bonus points if it's sweet and laced with alcohol. The woman takes another sip from her mug and after she's had her eyeful of the sweets, she glances up towards the man holding them. There's envy there, envy and a sad little longing on Olarya's face for those cakes and she diverts her attention to her bronze firelizard while her fingertips begin to tug on a golden ringlet as a distraction. Cunning is bobbing his head and swaying from side to side between the weyrleaders, crooning and chirping as though he's going back and forth in conversation and quite pleased with himself. Oly raises a brow in question, tilting her head to the side, resting her chin on a propped arm. "Flit, you're starting to act like I dropped you as an egg."

"There is a report on your desk." Briana says to Thea then wrinkles her nose as she asks about the head lump. "Only hurts when I touch it. Healers cleared it and I have moved my night stand a bit further away from my bed." Well her weyr is one of the closest to the sinkholes, no doubt preparing for more rumbles. As she hears the flitter crooning about she looks over to him and can't help but smile. "You should see the way my girl is acting, glowing like a firecracker at the moment, flitting about with all the males. I get my dragon off the sands just in time to put my lizard onto them."

Xe'ter finally seems to remember to let go of the tray, and clears his throat, "I'm glad it wasn't worse…Briana." He looks back to Thea, and then offers, "If ya'll want to try them?" They're tiny cakes, no bigger than a couple of bites, each one topped off with a lucious, thick blob of creamy looking frosting. That boy? Maybe he should've been a baker, not a Weyrleader…they're pretty! "They're not…the 'secret recipe' but I had enough of em at Ista to duplicate it pretty well…"

Her weyrmate doesn't cook, so unfortunately Thea doesn't know about stomachs. D'had uses… other means to reach her heart. The firelizard draws her attention and well. Didn't Xe'ter say flit cookies? Pointing to the firelizard, she says sweetly to the Weyrleader, "He's waaaaiting." She'll guilt him into those roe cookies yet, Cunning. Either that or she wants you to play canary and test the 'mine'. Cos if you get tipsy? She's staying clear. The junior gets a nod, the Weyrwoman turning in time to hide a smile for that nose-wrinkle she's given. Yeah, can't blame the girl for that. While she's got her head turned the other way, the klahpot is in her line of sight and there a little 'a-HAH!' from her. This was why she'd come in here. And she steps towards it to pour herself a cup. Must… keep… awake…

The muddy thump of crutches marks the entrance of a certain wherhandler. Derin, having surely been flayed, or at least scolded a lot, by two parents and a master, finally gets to return to the caverns, and mabe this time he can finish a meal. Ohmydear lookit the people. Soothing a scolding, and slightly glowing, green firelizard, miner peeks around the caverns, is it safe? No one else wants to scold him do they? Poor miner, he's like a canine with tail 'tween his legs.

Cunning peers up towards Xe'ter, those little beady eyes whirling the brightest blue you can imagine and it might as well be slow motion for the poor pygmie bronze, complete with those flowery fields and gaudy romantic music. Or sparkles, everyone loves sparkles. Cheep? Cheep? Cheep? Translation: Mine? Mine? Mine? When Derin walks in with the brilliantly hued green, Cunning peers at her for a moment then darts that little head back on his previous attention hoarding object. The golds shining on the Weyrleader's tray are far more shiny for his eyes. "Cheep?" Olarya can only shake her head.

"Well I think I will stick to my usual alarm clock from now on." Briana says with at least a note of dry humour in her voice. Definately generally more relaxed and confident these days. At the offer of the little cake she can't turn it down and grabs one rather quickly and takes a slow savouring bite of it. "This is amazing…we should get together in the kitchen sometime and go over some recipes." In their spare time. Cough. As she notes the urgency of the Weyrwoman's path to the Klah pot, Briana looks over toward her, "Got a late night ahead? Anything I can help with so you can get to bed sooner?"

Xe'ter does watch Thea, but begins to pick up the small cupcakes, three at a time, and portioning them out on plates. Hey…what's a late night klah without a bit of a snack. "Well, if anyone wants to come try them, they're here." He's so matter of fact! He grabs three himself, and moves to have a seat…he's not actually guarding them or anything! He does inquire, though, "Thea, do you want some? Briana? Please, help yourself…I'll take creative criticism."

Thea has her cuppa fixed just how she likes it, sweetner and cream, stirred not shaken. She turns, leaning her back casually against the warming unit while she sips from it, silently observing the rest of them over the rim. The cup is hiding that little smirk of amusement on her lips at well… everything. It doesn't look like she's going to scold Derin, no. She'll leave that to Y'ki. "How's the leg?" If Briana's bruise didn't escape note, his leg certainly isn't going to. As for alarm clocks, her dry response to Briana is, "If the earthshakes cooperate, yeah? But no, thanks for offering. Just stuff I have to sign for the areas beholden to us after their mudslides." The Weyrleader gets a wary look, or rather his rumcakes do. She's been down that road before. Not that D'had would mind, but… he's not here to carry her home. "Well, I guess ONE won't hurt."

At the Weyrwoman's wary look at the rum cakes, Briana can't help but grin, "Most of the alchohol gets cooked off generally leaving just the flavour behind. It should be safe." While she is checking on Thea she refills her own cup, but only with tea. She actually plans to get SOME sleep tonight. Once filled she looks over to the arriving Minecrafter and offers him a wave, "Dersk miss you terribly?" She asks him before looking over to Olarya, "You should come over and get one of these cakes…if not for you then at least your little flitter before he gets any louder."

"Cheeeeeeep?" Miiiiiine? Those little glimmering bronzen wings slowly begin to fold and are nestled once more back against the sides of the flit. Cunning warbles his lament to anyone who cares to listen, lowering his tiny head to his chest and that slender tail wraps insecurely about his tiny little defeated self. All he can do, is look over to Xe'ter with one quiet little squeak before he looks at the floor in hopes of perhaps a little crumb. Another bowl of porridge, sir? It's snowing and us orphans haven't a shilling for a crust of bread. Olarya peers at her firelizard and shakes her head. "I better before he starts playing the harper." Worlds smallest violin.

Xe'ter chuckles a bit as he finally gets settled, and then asks, "Is he usually that way about baked goods? Mine just wants meat. Preferably if she's killed it herself." He settles…and then takes a deep breath; he's still got some flour dusted on him, and notes, "Just thought it'd be nice to have something…you know. Special." He smiles, wryly, then ohs, "Thea? Tomorrow is my son's first Turnday. I'm gonna head over to Ista to celebrate with them. Just for a few hours."

Sip. Sipsip. "Briana." This is Thea about to let her junior into a little secret regarding Ista's seekrit rumcake recipe. And exactly why are they called RUMcakes and not cakes with rum. "Cenlia saturates them with rum after they come out of the oven. She really should have called them rum sponges. They drip." Sage nod. Her half-lifted mug is halted just shy of her lips as she peers at the Weyrleader. "Special in what way? Because the last time I ate 'special' rumcakes made from an Istan…" She pauses to form the words, then finishes dryly, "It was special alright." She pauses for another sip of her klah, "Oh how nice! Enjoy that." Meanwhile she's making her way to take ONE cake.

"RUMCAKES?!" Ok, there's no way that the brownrider could sneak up on them, is there? Yet, there he is, with his scruffy chin poking through the conversation searching with his blue eyes amongst the 'leaders for these sweets. The truth of the matter is that he appeared from the administration hall in time to notice the tray of baked cakes go by and catch the whiff of the desserts and -stalked- the Weyrleader, or something like that. Not that it matters, but the man's face is scabbed up from where he was ambushed by the tree during the other nights adventures, as well, he is once -again- covered in mud and dirt. Late night shifts tend to do that to a guy when he can't see exactly where he's walking the entire time. Goggles plastered to his head, he gives a grin to the group, then specifically to the Weyrleader, "Hey ki-MrWeyrleader*ahem*sir, don't tell me those are -just- for the ladies."

"Now you can't say the Weyrleader didn't give you anything," Olarya says, frowning as she offers the firelizard a little piece. Cunning slowly turns around, peering at Xe'ter before he reaches down from his perching spot and takes the little nibble before it's taken back! "He eats all sorts of odd things. He likes to destroy tubers and eat the remains. Gave him a melon once, he just hollowed it out and went to sleep in the rind." The bronze opens his mouth once more, he stills sees the delectable golden precious being held teasingly before his very eyes like a golden goddess, curling a beaconing finger towards Xe'ter with a deviant little grin. Course, that'll never happen. The firelizard gets another piece and he eats it quickly. "Cheep!"

Derin makes his way over to the group of people now that he's sure no one else is here to scold him. Ooh, are those special cakes? Mmmm. "Ah, they say I'll live, Ma'am." He answers, delayed like, Thea's question of his leg. "Hey are those rumcakes?" He asks of Xe'ter curiusly.

Xe'ter laughs, despite himself, and grins as he gets settled. He nods to Thea, though, "It's hard to believe Ryx is a turn…" He takes a breath, and then picks up a cake of his own, and eats it, before he comments, "I don't soak em…they get enough rum in the batter…there's more in the frosting. Now. Now…you CAN bake a heavy cake, without as much yeast, so that it's thick and heavy and full of nuts and dried fruit. Then you soak THAT in rum and keep it in a tin. It'll stay good for a long long time…and it tastes better when it's had a few baths. Now that's a good rumcake." He munches down, and then sighs a bit, looking at the ceiling of the still strange Weyr. What he doesn't do is acknowledge Ers'lan's minor slip. Instead, he just shrugs, "Help yourself, Brownrider. I made them so I could get feed back if they were good, or just passable. I like to cook…it's a world away from stress."

Thea has her rumcake and klah, therefore she needs to head back to whence she came and finish the work she's delayed. Those papers? Handed to Xe'ter. "These need your signature." That's her sum total of what they are. But if he was time to read? They're self-explanatory: the areas within the Weyr's coverage are asking for dragonrider help with -their- mudslides. Her brows lift in an uptick of slight disbelief at the brownrider's casual address to the Weyrleader and her relaxed mood shifts immediately. Her mouth opens for a sharp reprimand, she seems to think the better of it as she glances Xe'ter's way. Changing her mind, she remains silent; he can handle it. She'd totally stay and see if Cunning gets tipsy, but duty calls and thus she is off - back to the office to finish. Now if she forgets to drink the klah… (which she might) her evening may end much more pleasantly than originally predicted.

The former-sailor gives the other a grin, "Thanks 'mate, 'twould be a good bite 'fore I be goin back out thar…" He notes as he makes sure that all of Xe'ter's people get to have a cake first, since you know, the brownrider just invited himself into the fray. He does have manners, sometimes. There is a bit of a grin at the last, keeping his mouth shut despite the mischief that is bubbling just behind his eyes. A glance toward the tray and once everyone else who has already been invited to try one has taken one, that's when Ers'lan dips in and bobbles his head. "Tis Ers'lan," he notes, to Xe'ter, just incase the man didn't know, "Lan be whar me 'mates call me 'round here." A bite is taken out of the rumcake after a short inspection, facial expressions contorted into a comical ponderance as he mulls over the taste of the cake, head tipping back and forth as if a decision has been made, only he doesn't comment but takes another bite. Ers'lan can't help but catch a few words on the papers that are passed before his nose, because you know, he's still standing near the Weyrleader and his tray of rum cake. A few crumbs get swept off his chin stubble as he powers his way through the rumcake he took. A half grin for Thea, almost hapless, trying to look more on top of his game - maybe it was the night shift doing it to him. Even so, there is a visible straightening of his shoulders and a clearing of his throat, "Sir," he finally mutters, having polished off the cakes, "Tis good cake sir." Hesitating, then nodding to himself as a decision is made, "Ah, reckon I be capable of takin a few wing'mates with me to those mudslides, iffin ya want. First light."

After Thea's little bit of sharing, Briana looks down at the rumcake in her fingertips."Well this should be fun." So she takes a bite, not quite scared off by the 'overly soaked' bit of alchohol in bitesize form. She fingerwaves to the Weyrwoman as she heads off. The youngest of the Weyrwomen settles down with her tea and rumcake, enjoing the desert before she goes to bed. As Ers'lan comes in, she waves to the brownrider, "You have got to try one of these cakes…" Her golden gaze flickering over his form in inspection, though not in a flirting way, but perhaps to make sure he is on one piece as well. "Heard one of your wingmates got injured, she doing alright?" She herself just has a cut on her forehead surrounded by a colourful bruise.

"Alright, you. Thats enough, before I have to take you to the Dragonhealer's so they can laugh at your hangover." The bronze is scooped up and slipped into the pocket of Olarya's heavy coat before she slips it on, adjusting it over her shoulders while she peers at the tray. One was enough! She raises a brow to the brownrider for a moment and simply shrugs, a crooked smile on her face. "The cakes were wonderful and not overpowering. Don't let my grammy get ahold of these, sir." Oly does a little hop to shift that heavy coat, her gold ringlets bouncing with the movement and after the material is finally settled (and Cunning stops chittering angrily), she collects her mug. "I better get going, I gotta see what else needs cleaning up. Always something to do." The Weyrleader is given a little bow of her head in thanks and she makes her way out of the caverns to muddier parts, unknown.

Xe'ter nods a bit, as he's sat up to consider the paperwork he's been handed. His expression has gone to slightly distracted, as he reads over the paperwork, "You don't have to go at first light. We flew over earlier…probably best, Ers'lan, if you take a group around the noon hours so you've got direct sun into the pit. It's crumbled even a bit more…" He pulls a fountain pen out of his chest pocket, and has begun to sign…but not before he reads every word on the documents. "Also…you can address me as Xe'ter…but kid's taking it a bit far. I was captainin' one of my father's ships at 12…" His sailor's drawl is subtle…but it's there! "My friends call me Xe, but that's a bit soon for any of us." Yeah. He's been here what? A month? Another signature…and a shake of his head, "That's what I was afraid of…some of the near cotters lost cliffside buildings, but no human losses…shame to see herds of good breeding stock was lost, though. That's going to make everything just so much…harder to recover from."

Ers'lan gives a glance over toward Briana, nodding as he just polished off a cake, "Reckon I did." There is a brief moment that he looks between the folks there, even returning the 'odd' look to Olarya - brow beating for brow beating as they say. She does at least get a tiny smirk from him and a wave. Back to Briana, "Yes ma'am," he promotes her title with a sturdy voice, "Reckon Laera do be gettin hurt. She be fine, jus' a misplaced shoulder." Ers'lan than considers Xe'ter at the suggestion, saying in a rather sobering tone, no comical jovial shadow tinging his words, "Aye sir." Whether that is to the order to go at noon or to the reprimand isn't clear, but it could work for both and one the same. If anyone noticed, Ers'lan has taken to standing at an 'attention' just off to the side, as if expecting orders or waiting to be excused, his lips tight and his eyes fixed.

Briana wrinkles her nose at the title Ers'lan offers, "Gosh Lan, we known each other long enough. I ain't exactly on duty right now to worry about titles." She says even as she reaches for another rumcake. "These are delicious that is for sure. I will definately have to trade recipes with you sir." And then she does it to someone else! "Sorry to hear about that Ers'lan, hope she heals up quicksmart." As the new weyrleader speaks about his background she glances between the two men, "Both of ya ship folk then…you should see his weyr Weyrleader. It is in the light house, it is rather amazing." She is definately comfortable around the brownrider and has already settled with the Weyrleader.

Xe'ter nods a bit to Briana, then notes as he signs another sheet, "Actually, that might be something." He glances at Ers'lan again, and then despite himself, snorts. A good, solid, sort of self-effacing sound, "Brownrider…" he uses the term with a sort of formal but genuine respect, often seen from those who live far out from the easy casualness found in Weyrs. The sort of people who habitually refer to goldriders as Weyrlady and view electricity with suspicion. "Take a caulk an' sit down. I'm not angry…but I promise ye, I am well aware of how old I am…just turned 15 when I left home in search of a life better than tied to a shipfish in a dress…and not quite 16 when Romth looked into my eyes. And 'kid' is nicer than what some of the blueriders 'round here have called me already. So sit down…and have a few more rumcakes…these don't keep, unlike the fruit ones I was talking about earlier."

There is an uneasiness shot toward Briana, as if the brownrider was second guessing his interruption of his 'betters' as it were. The man does as much as put his hands behind his back, rather instinctual than not by the ease he has doing it. Lips thin a little, but he's quite taken with a serious 'order-taking' chap that he was on any deck he's ever been upon. He does nod finally, to Briana, "T'will let Laera know of your concern, weyrwoman." A cheeky fellow huh? Once reprimanded, he's evidently staying in character around the 'leaders. Briana does get a long suffering glance for how open she is talking about his weyr, shaking his head to mutter modestly, "Tis narh that amazing…" Then there's Xe'ter and his snort and the formal use of 'brownrider. That just seems to make Lan twitch, a bit, lips pulling tight. There is hesitation at first, when told to take a seat, only he does move with a stiff leg to do as much, clasping his hands together before him as he fails to settle back into the chair, merely sitting on the edge of it. He's silent as a clam, surprisingly.

Briana looks over Ers'lan curiously at his behavior and glances up to the Weyrleader and back again before giving a little sigh as she sips her tea. As he gives her title again she just gives a little shake of her head and pushes from the wall. "Oh the Weyrleader inspired me to write something for non weyrfolk who get searched and such. Maybe you can help me with that given your experiences as well? Want to focus on people from all types of different backgrounds. Could help weyrfolk understand us…outsiders a bit better as well perhaps." She watches the tenseness about Ers'lan and hrumps slightly, "At ease sailor." She finally says to the man as she perhaps sneaks one more cake.

Xe'ter glances up from his signing…yeesh. Someone actually likes his paperwork! He follows Briana's gaze, and then nods, "Aye…at east, Ers'lan. I ain't mad. Trust me, you'll know when I'm mad. Shells, even I know when I'm mad. Just layin' the ballast ahead of time." He takes a breath, and then asks, "How are YOU…since you took such a tumble and tried to do full on jig on the end of that tackle. Hate to say it, I was a little preoccupied with myself at the time, but it sounded painful."

THAT, is a trigger point. Briana knew him too well. Ers'lan does look surprised at the woman, blinking as if realizing she was there, having been astute to be mindful of the new Weyrleader. The 'at ease' does what it is supposed to do, if but a little, for it makes his shoulders slouch and his back lean more into the chair. There's an audible 'tsch' from him and a sneaky half grin for her. Yet, he doesn't fully shift back into his seat until -Xe'ter- says it. That's when he slumps back completely with his legs kicking out ahead of him, hands on the arms of the chair, head tossed forward in a casual slant with pieces of his longer hair falling in his eyes just underneath the set of goggles resting on his brow. "Aye," is spoken again for Xe'ter, only to give a loud snort for the man's choice words at the latter sentiments, "T'was as painful as it do be soundin. Did narh be expectin it ta happen like that…" he even moves his hips just a little, indicating some memory at the jarring pain.

Xe'ter snorts a bit, despite himself…yeah, that's a sardonic sound that is obviously the young Weyrleader's idea of a chuckle. "Sounded to me like you were trying to ensure yerself that you wouldn't leave any littles behind. You did get everything checked out with the healers?" Seriously? He's not going to check the healer's records or something…is he?

Briana grins as he responds to her words even if somewhat. Yes she knew him to well and takes her seat near him. "I hardly understand what you just said and it sounded painful…" Then when Ers'lan does a rotate of his hips and the comment about littles, her eyebrows shoot up, "Oh." She comments simply and drinks her tea right down, "Well I am …glad you are all in one piece then." She comments if a bit awkwardly.

"Aye, reckon I be thinkin t'was a good way ta make sure tha I cannar produce…" he tilts his head a little, half-grin on his face, satirical in tone. "Tis fine mate," he remarks with a tactical slide-eye shift to Briana, as if to say 'not in front of a woman dude.' As it is, the brownrider finds himself lifting out of his chair just when he seemed to have settled in it, "Reckon that be me callin-" no one could hear it, though the glaze in the brownrider's eye suggests some dragonic summons, "Time fer duty sir. Best be goin befer me 'mates be after me hide." There might be a little -wing- punishment to search and rescue riders who are late. A grin fer Briana, "Reckon ya dun have ta worry, be ridin a dragon that nar be catchin yers. Laera on the other hand…" he chuffs a smirk, "Dun get too rowdy on 'em cakes thar…" he warns and then does a very crisp salute to both of the 'leaders, formally excusing himself with a sturdy tone, pivoting subsequently afterward with a snap of his goggles over his eyes and a 'yo ho ho and bottle of rum' given in a brawdy chant, heading out for the night sweeps.

Xe'ter grins despite himself…and it might be at Briana's expense….but he leaves off, waving a hand to see the brownrider off to his day. "Shards…now it's too late to go to bed." Well, that wasn't smart of him! "I'll have to be off to Ista to see Ryx for his Turnday as it is." Gonna be a LONG day for the young bronzer!

Well at least Briana ain't blushing. Well considering where she was raised she probably heard worse, just that its her good friends jewels being talked about makes it a bit more awkward. "Take care of yourself Lan and fly safe." She offers as she rises even as if does, reaching over to get in a quick hug if able before settling back down again and looking to the Weyrleader, "Well I hope you have a good day over at Ista. If you see him, could you pass a message on for me? Got a friend out Ista way, just wanted to say hi and see how he is going. Kaldrozen his name is."

Briana gets a hug as she snatches the brownrider on the way out, wishing her well before he's out and mounting up for the long haul of night shift.

Xe'ter laughs a bit at that, a genuine laugh, "Kal? I know him…" He pauses a moment, and then considers the young goldrider a moment longer, "Actually…I think I met you…when I was a weyrling, maybe. You'd just come back, I think…"

Briana looks up at the man a bit more carefully at that comment before her eyes widen, "I thought there was something familiar about you. That time at the beach, he was playing out in the water?" The girl shakes her head, "Its been a long couple of turns I swear. I am so sorry for not recognizing you. And you came to my first flight too didn't you?" She asks as more memories tick on top of another.

Xe'ter goes entirely too red for a moment, and then nods, "I was making a delivery…one of the first…uh. Diplomatic outreaches, after Ysa retired at Ista. For Cenlia…your Sahazyth went up, and Romth cut himself up on his packing straps." That'd explain SOME of the scars on the young bronze…seems that one is pretty rough and tumble himself.
Funny…that's what he was doing when Romth caught Sahazyth's DAM. He was making a liquor delivery. Again. The more things change…

"Oh I am sorry about that, I hope he wasn't too injured." Briana says with a note of chagrin. She is definately a bit more confident then she was then even if only a passage of half a turn. Settling into her role of a junior weyrwoman. "And don't fret too much over Lan, he is good people. Very much into protocols and such, but he is one of my closest friends around here."

Xe'ter chuckles a little, "Sailors…we like to know where the captain's lay is, is all. I don't think he meant any harm, but why let it get somewhere." He notes, "I've not met too many on dragonback who were bad people…I don't think dragons choose bad hearts. Some folks just don't have manners. I try to keep mine."

"So you settling in alright? Reckon it can't be easy and all…though I suppose you at least found the kitchen." Briana says with a half smile as she nods towards the room, "I am in bakercraft myself, only craft that really settled on me. Well somewhat in it, got searched not long after joining." She gives a little shrug as she rises from her seat to go refill her tea cup.

Xe'ter ohs a bit, "No…I mean. Yes. I like to cook…found that out when I was a Candidate. Even though if I didn't find a dragon, that I might try and apprentice…but Romth found me. It was him that caused me to keep cooking. He loves food. Like…tasting it. Even the stuff a dragon shouldn't eat…so he likes to share with me. Unfortunately, he's also fond of sharing with ME…and now I know very much what hot, living wherry liver tastes like." Bleah. No wonder he's a bit skinny!

"My uncle suggested I should find a craft to make my way and after considering all my options, well only cooking really called to me." And so she reaches for one more rumcake. Nom. At the mention of the meat sharing, Briana wrinkles her nose, "Oh goodness, I am glad Sahazyth does not do that. She has her own querks, but she leaves me to my cooking."

Xe'ter chuckles a little, but seems to be done with his paperwork. He rises, and then notes, "Let anyone who wants one know they're there…I should go put these back on Thea's desk, and then get myself to Ista…hard to believe the boy's a turn already." He smiles, faintly…but genuinely.

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