Xanadu Weyr - Coastal Road
This coastal road runs parallel with the edge of beach that stretches endlessly beside the Caspian Lake. From coast to inland the dunes of the beach grow smaller and smaller until they eventually peter out into nothing but small moguls in the sand. The path is eventually seen to be blocked by a river that reaches the lake just south of the point where the road turns west and crosses a grassy meadow towards a sturdy wooden bridge that can be seen in the distance.

With spring rolling in many are taking the chances to get out and about to enjoy the weather, even with the cloudy sky that can be found over head. One of those people is Idrissa, she is at the moment leading a runner along the pathway, it has a saddle on though there is a slight limp to his step as if favoring one leg, Rissa herself is a bit banged up as if she took a spill off the runner, but she's up and walking so it can't be that bad. Tahryth is following over head, the green nearly hovering as she flies, soft warbles and croons escaping her though proving the green is a bit worried none the less about her rider.

Spring does indeed mean better weather and one limber and sleek blue has settled himself along the edge of the coastal road where some of paths branching off lead to the weyrs some distance away. Ujinath is on 'guard' again, bathing in the sunlight but also keeping a watchful and wary eye on the rare traffic that passes by. So it does not go unnoticed when Idrissa comes wandering up with the limping runner, with Tahryth hovering nearby. With his mind seeking out his rider, he also extends his thoughts to the green with a gentle brush much like the feel of soft long grass brushing up against one's skin as it sways in a gentle breeze. « The runner is hurt? » he inquires bluntly. « Is yours hurt? Mine is within her weyr. She comes. » Indeed, the bluerider is coming down the path now, dressed in a long sleeved tunic of a fabric thick enough to ward off enough of the spring chill and a ankle length skirt. A skirt! Kiena must be feeling casual or is not on duty for the day. "Idrissa!" she calls out to the greenrider, lifting a hand up in a wave that is mostly hesitant and unsure rather than overly friendly and welcoming. "Everything alright?"

"Should have just stayed home." Idrissa murmurs out faintly as she continues on her treck, her weyr is still a long ways off at this rate, and the runner needs to stop and rest at times to help with its limp. All the while Rissa is attempting to get Tahryth to stop worrying over her, she's dealt with worse then this, not that the dragon is paying any attention to this. Tahryth warbles out once more and soon lands to follow along behind her rider and the runner, her head turning and swirling gaze settling upon Ujinarth. Soft crooning is sent towards the blue in a form of greeting, her thoughts are soft still, a slight babbling brook through a forest. « The runner is, hit it's leg going over a jump. » As for her rider, a glance is sent towards her. « She is… Upset. » Though over what is clearly not getting passed along over the link as the green quickly shuts down. At the voice Idrissa pauses, the runner stops and a slight glance is sent towards the voice. There are a few moments, few thoughts before a soft breath escapes her. "Hello Kiena, yeah everything's fine. My runner just hurt his leg."

« You let your rider on the back of those things? » Ujinath remarks dryly, his whirling eyes taking in the sight of the injured runner with something close to distrust. To him, the animal is an animal. Ignored at most and a potential meal if not for the fact it is tacked up and clearly belongs to Idrissa. His mind expands to the green's babbling brook through a forest, opening to a rolling meadow of tall grass framed by a thick and ancient forest with mountainous hills rearing up in the distance under a clear and vivid blue sky. Across the meadow and as far as one can 'see', a high wired fence looms and hums with electricity. A warning that none will pass further beyond that boundary. The lands - his inner thoughts - are off limits. « I can sense that she is upset. Mind is concerned. » Kiena takes a few more steps forwards, blue eyes darting between Idrissa and the runner. Her eyes narrow briefly, a short span where Ujinath likely reports that 'fine' is not the truth of it from what he learned from Tahryth. "You want to rest him for a bit? You sure you didn't get banged up yourself?" she asks, arms folding loosely against her chest.

« Of course. She loves the runners, it makes her happy. I would not keep her from such things. » Tahryth offers with soft warbling escaping her as she shifts soon landing upon the ground, her wings flapping a few times before folding at her sides, she wants to add 'especially now' but leaves that out. Her little brook babbles and flows through the tall grasses and trees, widening a bit to turn into more of a stream where the cool waters flow across smooth rocks. « It is nice that yours is concerned. Mine would thank her and wish her not to worry. » Idrissa shifts a bit and glances up to her runner, her hand resting lightly against its neck. "I did, but it's nothing that I haven't dealt with before." She's dealt with worse really, though
Kiena did see the scars. As for the bit on resting the runner she doesn't comment on it, though as they are stopped it seems like a good time for such things. "How have you been?" The question asked even while Idrissa doesn't fully look at Kiena.

Ujinath contemplates what Tahryth tells him, allowing the brooks and streams of her mind flow by. He can sense that there is something else lingering there unsaid, but he does not push the green further. He does, however, speak softly in understanding. « I see now. Runners are her 'craft' and mean much. Just like smithing does to mine and I do not come between her and it. It makes her happy. » As for the thanks, the blue simply dips his muzzle a bit in a nod. Kiena has indeed seen those scars, though she does not reflect on the event that led to her catching that glimpse. "What were you doing that it injured itself?" she asks next as she comes to stand on the opposite side of the runner, keeping a wary eye on it lest the beast not approve. Idrissa may not be keeping eye contact, but the bluerider is when she's not focused on the mount. Her frown does not ease up. Something is wrong and she knows it now. "I've been…" Fine would be a lie. Already one coaxed that from her — two actually. She sighs. "…it's been a busy sevenday. Ups and downs." She pauses, silent, as she stares at Idrissa and chews at her lower lip as her mind flip flops between options. Tell or not tell? "I spoke with Zi'on." There.

Tahryth is doing her best to follow with her riders wishes, when she was younger things would be told at the drop of a hat, though that time has long passed and she does not give up information as easily. « Indeed, she misses her craft, and as such works with her runner to keep close to it still. » The streams babbles and flows, soft lights gleam across the water of faint blues, greens and reds that bounce off the surfaces near and within the stream. "We was out for a ride near the lake. He thought he could jump over a broken tree and took it at the wrong angle. His not as nimble as some of the smaller runners." Indeed the runner is large, draft like in a sense really, and he doesn't mind that Kiena is near him, the runner even leans over to snuffle at her. "He has his moments of being spirited." This said with an amused tone from the greenrider. There is a pause while she glances up to Kiena a few moments, watching her, picking up something there. At the comment on Zi'on there is a pause and a soft breath escapes her. "Yeah… I know, he told me that you talked but not about what. I didn't press the matter."

« Does she share the same Wing as mine, then? » Ujinath inquires as he tries to recall if he's ever seen Tahryth or her rider with Asteroid. Truthfully, he could just speak to his rider to get the information, but his mind seems to focus entirely on the green for now or it's the gleam of color off the water that is catching his attention. Kiena is not unfamiliar with runners and when he turns to snuffle at her, the bluerider holds her hand out, palm up and flat, for him to inspect before daring to caress the animal's soft nose. "Bad luck then," she murmurs with a smirk to Idrissa, before glancing again to the runner. "He looks to be a fine animal. Spirited can be good. I hear it's a quality some like in a runnerbeast." she drawls, not entirely certain she speaks truth. She's parroting what snippets she recalls overhearing throughout her lifetime. Kiena starts a bit and fixes the greenrider with a level but clearly surprised look. "He… damn him!" she says in a frustrated tone. Why must it be her? "Yeah, we "talked" alright. More like fought but… Shards. He said nothing?" Muttering, she looks back over her shoulder towards the paths and frowns heavily. "Would your runner be okay tied outside for a bit? Ujinath won't bother him. We should probably talk — my weyr."

Idrissa smiles a bit, a slight nod seen while she glances to the runner at her side. "Yeah, I don't mind the spirited bit. Kept us alive a few times so I deal with it." A few times, this one gets in trouble often it seems. Her gaze turns back to Kiena to watch her a few moments, a slight frown seen as she hears how the other speaks on Zi'on. It's the same thing; everyone does it, everyone but her it seems. Her fingers slowly press and slide across the runners neck a few times and she lowers her gaze to the ground. She doesn't want to talk truthfully, she' dealt with enough 'talk' by people for turns though at the same time it needs to be done. "Yeah. He'll be fine; I don't think he'll go very far." Tahryth warbles a bit and shifts to settle upon the ground, relaxing it seems. « No, we are on Comet wing. Do delivers instead of her craft work. Her Journayman before she impressed was rather Mean, he did not want her in the craft basically. » Tis sort of thing she is able to talk about easily it seems. The runner snuffles and bumps his nose against Kiena's hand, his nice!

Kiena quirks a brow up. She did not miss that play on words and while she's curious, she will not pry. The bluerider has had her brush with danger before and risky situations. "So he's your runner then? Not loaned?" she asks instead, chuckling softly when the runner bumps his nose against her hand. She'll give the draft runner a few more lingering caresses before fondly patting his neck. Reassured that the beast is not skittish along with spirited, Kiena begins to step back, canting her head to the side to indicate Idrissa should follow. "There's a small grove of trees by my weyr and we're close to some fresh water. You can tie him there?" she offers as she slowly leads the way down one of the longer paths. Unfortunately for the greenrider, there will be another 'talk'. At least there will be the privacy of the bluerider's weyr? Ujinath remains where he is, comfortable and unconcerned of the guest Kiena is inviting home. « She should not let the Journeyman bully her. Why was he not reported? He should be welcoming to new students, not scare them away! What a fool. »

Xanadu Weyr - Child's Dream Weyr
Someone in the recent past must have lived here who had a love of children, for the place has been lovingly designed with the young at heart in mind. While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan. Large windows allow light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette, dining area that juts out over the water below in a breakfast nook sort of room and denim-covered stuffed couches and chairs complete the casual living room.
The draw for young ones comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light in the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling, under which is a circular-shaped waterbed Tiny pinpoint lights imbedded in the ceiling form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide - a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing that if you time it just right when you let go, drops you onto a sunken trampoline in one of the living room corners. For those… rainy days.

Idrissa nods at the bit as the runner belongs to her. "Yeah… Keziah bought him for me actually." There is a pause as she glances towards the scars that cross across the runner's haunches. "After the feline attack they was going to sell him off and send him away. I didn't have the funds for it." Heck she still doesn't truthfully. A nod is seen at the talk about a grove while she follows along after Kiena towards the Weyr, he runner coming as well just still limping along. « It was reported, but his attitude towards her never changed. She left the craft because of him and other stresses on her at the time. » Tarhyth stays put as well, her head turning to follow after the three, a soft croon escaping her.

Kiena hadn't seen the scars on the runner's haunches, but as they walk down the path towards her weyr the bluerider glances back over her shoulder. She looks confused, "Why would they sell him? Was he hurt bad by the felines?" she drawls, only to nod her head and smile faintly. "Glad someone could buy him for you." When they approach the spot mentioned earlier, Kiena gestures with a point of her finger. "That's the spot there if it'll do." It's a small space, with some sparse newly sprouted grass but the few trees there offer some shelter and shade. A thin stream of water winds it's way through nearby but otherwise the ground is dry and flat. Kiena continues on towards her weyr, lingering by the door once she's unlocked it and pushed it open. She'll wait on the greenrider to step through first before entering and nudging the door closed. "Make yourself comfortable." she murmurs as she steps forwards. "Want anything? Drink? Food?"
Ujinath growls low in his throat. « That isn't fair. » the blue protests and at Tahryth's croons, he whuffles softly. « They will be alright. My rider means yours no harm or trouble. »

"I think it was in spite of me taking him to chase after another rider whose runner freaked out and took off. He was scared pretty bad so they couldn't get top marks for him to start with and was going to send him off elsewhere to make up the money." Idrissa says while following, her gaze drifts over the area, taking the place in an smiling before nodding at where to tie up the runner. "It's nice here." This said while tying the reins loosely so the runner doesn't wander off, with that she'll follow after Kiena towards the weyr, pausing as she peers within, her gaze flicking over everything. "Nice weyr…" She even grins a moment. "Ah, thanks, something to drink maybe?"
Tahryth glances back to Ujinarth. « My rider has dealt with many things that are not fair. It was just another one of them at the time. » The green shakes her head slightly and soon looks off, the stream darkens a touch as her mind wanders. « Mine does not feel worried over yours, all will be fine. »

"That…" Kiena frowns heavily. "… doesn't make any sense at all. So it all comes down to marks as to whether or not a runner is good enough?" she asks while shaking her head. She can't seem to wrap her mind around such a concept. At the compliment, the bluerider snorts but there is a soft smile that follows. "It's home." she agrees and once inside she will leave Idrissa to settle herself while stepping into the kitchenette. Returning with a tray, she's brought water, what appears to be fresh juice and, of course, some alcohol - ale by the looks of the bottles. Setting it down on the table by the couch, she tilts her head to peer curiously at Idrissa. What's her poison for the occasion? "Nice? Heh. You've got to be the first who's just said that and not exclaimed over the oddities. But thank you." she murmurs.

Ujinath is silent for a long, long time. Long enough that Tahryth may think the blue has severed conversation until at last he speaks up. « It seems that life is unfair to many. » he remarks dryly. His rider has had her fair share, obviously, but the blue isn't about to share her secrets. « All will be fine. » he agrees.

Idrissa shrugs slightly at the thought. "It didn't make any sense to me either, but that is what they thought on the matter." She offers while brushing her hands off. "Well I like the oddities." Her gaze lingers on the slide which makes her smile at the sight. "I bet your kids love it here." Yes she knows Kiena has kids, and that well there Zi'on's as well. She looks back to Kiena once she is back, having found a seat somewhere so they can 'talk'. Though really she doesn't want to actually be the one to start this. She peers at the bluerider a few moments. "So… What is it that you'd like to talk about?" Tahryth shifts, letting her gaze drift off as it seems the conversation is over. As the other speaks up once more a glance is sent towards the blue. « So it would seem. » There is a nod, her eyes closing with a soft croon escaping her. « I hope so… »

Kiena shakes her head, muttering about the stupidity of marks and how they mess everything up. "Help yourself," she says in a clearer voice, gesturing to the tray. The bluerider takes one of the ales, uncorking it and settling back in one of the cushioned "chairs" that is more like an overstuffed pillow or sack. Pernese bean bag! Tipping the bottle to her lips, she levels Idrissa with a long look when she brings up her kids. "They do." she admits quietly. Then the subject of 'talking' is breeched again and with a sigh, Kiena leans forwards to rest her elbows against her knees as she stares now at the floor ahead of her. "Right. Zi'on said nothing about what we "talked" about?" she presses again. She needs to know where to start.

Idrissa smiles a moment and soon nods before picking up the glass of juice and sips from it. "Well that's good." She offer softly at the idea, a slight smile seen over it all. Once the conversation starts there is a slight pause. "No, he didn't tell me… I didn't press the matter." She glances to her glass a few moments, eyeing it and wishing it hand answers for her. "We talked though.. His a mess." A slight shake of her head is seen while she sets the glass down and lets her arms fold in front of her, bright gaze settled on the glass still so she doesn't have to look at Kiena once more. "We're not in a relationship anymore. He wants time to get his head together, I offered to help him but I don't think he'll let me." A slight shake of her head is seen and she picks at her shorts a few times. Well, there's a place to start, somewhat.

Not in a relationship anymore? Kiena stares at Idrissa and her eyes flicker with guilt and regret. Her hand had begun to lift the bottle again to her lips but now it just hangs there before awkwardly lowering. "Shards…" she mutters. "Idrissa, I'm sorry." This is all her fault. Her expression hardens, jaw tensing as she forces her emotions back. Keep calm, keep calm. "Why did he end it? Was it your choice or - or his? Not that's it my business but…" She has to know. She has to know because: "He's a mess because of what I told him. Figures he'd take it all the wrong way and twist this into some big issue when it doesn't have to be!" Kiena scoffs then and shaking her head, she continues to stare at the floor. She can't look at Idrissa for this. "When he came by to talk, I think he was expecting me to say I'd be coming back to him. Thing is, is that things ended long ago. I don't know what got him confused and maybe I was too harsh but I wanted him to SEE that I wasn't his anymore. I moved on and I thought HE had ages ago. Especially when I heard he was seeking you out. I was glad, though I've my issues with him… It wasn't my business who you or he chose as mates."

Idrissa shrugs now, her gaze drifting to Kiena a few moments. "I didn't honestly think it would last Kiena. It's nothing to be sorry over. No one else thought it would, everyone from day one told me how stupid I was for even attempting it. How childish I was for thinking it would work. I just guess I saw something different with Zi'on then I did with Ka'el." There is a slight pause and she eyes her drink now. "Though I trusted him when I shouldn't have as well. Zi'on always made it a point to try, even though he was still in love with you." She leans back in her seat while peering at Kiena. "He wants time to try and work things out, he brought it up but I agreed to it. He isn't happy, I don't want someone with me that isn't happy.. I already dealt with that." A slight shake of her head is seen. "Perhaps he is confused, but right now his just hurting. He feels like a failure, like he can't do anything right. As if he has to follow this path that was laid before him that he doesn't want." She peers at Kiena now. "What did you tell him?"

Kiena keeps her mouth shut when Idrissa goes on to explain how the end came to be, knowing very well that she was one of those who felt the greenrider a bit foolish to go after Zi'on. "Sometimes you just have to do what you want…" she mutters eventually, awkwardly leaning back in her 'chair' and taking a good long swig of her ale. Shards, but she needs it right now! "You were with Ka'el?" That's news to her or if she's been told in the past, it escaped her memory. As for trust, Kiena only smirks. There's a lot she can say on that but doesn't. Now is not the time. "We make mistakes." Harsh, but true. Flinching, she looks away again. "No, I don't blame you for wanting someone unhappy and miserable. And I shardin' WISH he had understood me when things first went south… Zi'on needs to learn that his behavior will lead to things like this and he's just gonna have to deal with it. I'm not happy to know he's gone and ended your relationship but if he was still pinnin' after me well…" Maybe it was for the best? Kiena isn't so sure and she shifts uncomfortably on her chair. Closing her eyes, she gathers her thoughts before answering Idrissa though it takes a lot out of her to find the words. "That I didn't love him anymore. That I had stopped loving him a long time ago. I had thought of trying again but I couldn't bring myself to. Too much happened, too much hurt. He said some hurtful things then and I guess I was too harsh but…" she shrugs. "I asked him for more time with the girls. Extended visits. He said no and I — got really mad. He seems convinced I am taking them from him when I am not." She just wants a chance to be more of a mother to them.

Idrissa frowns slightly at the question on Ka'el, it actually brings up more sadness from her then getting this relationship with Zi'on ending. "Yeah… He was with me before Soriana, and for a while dated us both. In the end he got closer to her and I got pushed to the side." It's the truth though, and it hurts still. Her gaze lowers to the table once more. "He broke up with me when was weyrlings… Then when I thought we could be friends again, he found out I went on one date with Zi'on and wanted nothing else to do with me, said he was better off without someone that didn't want to do anything in their life then getting hurt all the time." She picks up her glass and takes a sip from it, a slight nod seen while her mind wanders slowly. "Yeah, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. I knew somewhat that it might be a mistake with Zi'on but, I wanted to try I guess. I'm not mad at him if that makes any sense, he needs help and I just hope he finds it." There is a pause as Kiena goes on telling her what was said and she watches the other rider for a few moments. "To see it from his point of view, I can sort of see why he might have acted that way seeing how you guys broke up. Should he have taken it that far? No, but That was then and this is now, can't fix it only move forward."

"Dated… both of you?" Kiena repeats slowly as if to weigh her opinion on that carefully and to be certain she understood Idrissa. Apparently so and the bluerider frowns heavily. "How…? Never mind. But it must've been expected? To love two would be…" Impossible, in her mind. "Hard. Something has to give." Probably not what the greenrider wants to hear but the bluerider isn't exactly the most sympathetic people to start with. Her confusion only grows stronger. "Just for datin' Zi'on, huh? Rather… hurtful of him to put it that way." Yet she can only shrug her shoulders again and shake her head. She has so little else she can say to that, given her track record with relationships. "No, it makes sense…" Kiena murmurs and she does understand. She had taken that risk too and got burned for it. Live and learn! Snorting, she drains the last of her ale. "Doubt he'll find the help. He'll wallow in his miserable pity and play victim but never learn." she mutters and she will lift her eyes up to pin Idrissa with another long look. "I never once said I was takin' the girls away from him. I said I wanted 'em for longer stretches of time and he blew up on me sayin' I had no right. We came to terms, but it still hurts to think he figures I'd make a terrible mother for 'em. He just wouldn't get it. I had to be harsh."

Idrissa peers curiously at Kiena a few moments. "Yeah, both of us. In the end I was stupid for that too. I caught them together once while Ka'el was dating me, he and Soriana never told me that was together, which I could have handled better when catching them like that." They were her friends after all, closest friends she's ever had. "I didn't expect it at the time, still I look back on it and I feel stupid for not catching it, feel stupid for believe Ka'el in telling me he'd always been my friend too." She's getting tired of trusting people, believing in them only to have something happen. A slow shrug is seen. "Ka'el can be very hurtful, everyone thinks his great, but his words can sting rather painfully." There is a pause and she stops herself from saying more. "By now I should be use to hurtful things. I'm not too sure why I still get surprised over it." A faint nod is seen. "Perhaps he will Zi'on is the only one that can help himself now. I'm still willing to try and be his friend but, with how things work out for me I don't think that'll last either." She lifts her hands slowly at the bit on the children. "Kiena, I don't honestly think you would do that to him. But I suppose he feels that way. I don' agree with it, but he'll have to come to terms with it. He still loves you Kiena, and he feels hurt how things have happened between you too. It's not a good feeling, trust me on that. I just hope he'll get over it and can be happy again."

Caught them together. That could have a lot of implications, many of which Kiena sorts through rapidly in her head and yet does not cling to one. "When you caught them, uh…as you did, it just wasn't explained to you then?" she asks, still sounding a bit confused though she looks almost saddened for all the greenrider must have gone through. "Maybe he was just tryin' not to hurt you but did anyways… You know how men guys are. It sucks that it seems your friendships suffered too. I know that all to well… Part of why I am here and not still in Western Weyr. Not sayin' you should do the same thing!" she's quick to amend, less Idrissa get any ideas. As for Ka'el, Kiena frowns and chews at her lower lip. "Everyone's got a bad side to 'em, but honestly I've seen nothing wrong of him. He's… helped me. Even now that he's Weyrleader. I dunno, Idrissa. Could be he's growin' up too? He's gonna have to, given his rank now." From the direction the conversation is turning, Kiena shifts uncomfortably again and shoots the greenrider a grimace. "Don't beat yourself up so hard. You're young. We make stupid mistakes when young. Maybe if you stay a friend to Zi'on he'll come around. Your choice, really. Or… you can move on too and maybe you'll make more friends." She snorts. "Look at me? I'm a recluse and have a temper to boot and a sharp tongue. I don't make friends and yet… I have now." It just took almost a Turn for her to do it! "Not many but… some. Can't say the trust is entirely there yet but I'm tryin'." Shrugging, she reaches for the other ale off the tray. Time for round two and briefly she'll close her eyes. 'Still loves her.' Those words will haunt her for a bit. "He's got a funny way of showin' he loves me. And he'll be happy again. He'll find the next girl or the next one after that." From her tone, it sounds like she is too emotionally tired to care anymore and it makes her feel awful to think that way, but Kiena is at a loss.

"Not really, the one blamed the other for not telling me. I was ready to end it and let them have one another and Ka'el talked me out of it, said it would be fine." Idrissa shrugs slightly. "Maybe, but he has a funny way of showing such things. He chose to be with Soriana, he chose not to be my friend even though I forgave him for everything and wanted to stay friends with him." There is a pause as she watches Kiena a few moments. "I'm glad his been there for you, but you say that about Ka'el how I speak about Zi'on." She doesn't think Ka'el has grown up, if he did he could have talked to her, instead he lets anger towards her cloud it all. "I told Zi'on that if he wishes to be friends he knows where to find me." A slight shake of her head is seen at the bit on friends. "I think I'm better off without anyone, friends as well for a while. Especially now I don't want to deal with everyone telling me 'I told you so'." As for the rest with Zi'on she is quiet, her gaze lowering slightly to her glass. "Maybe." Is all she can say on it.

Kiena can only grimace as Idrissa explains further but the bluerider withholds her full comments. Truthfully, she's not certain how to feel. This is only one side of the past and while she's probably not going to go prying Ka'el for his, until she knows it all she's not going to make much commentary beyond the usual sharp tongued remarks she's known for. "Damn. That just… sucks and sounds frustrating and upsetting in many ways." she mutters, only to peer at Idrissa and chuckle dryly. "So, what? You're warnin' me against Ka'el? I get it and all but I ain't going to quit being a friend to him. I'd like to think I'm wiser now cause of the shit Zi'on's pulled on me, so… we'll see." Time will tell. Kiena leans back a bit from Idrissa's next words and while she's never openly showed much emotion towards the greenrider, she does now. Concerned, the bluerider pushes off her cushion chair and comes to sit right next to the other girl. "Don't." she warns in a brisk tone. "You don't want to do that to yourself, Idrissa or you'll become bitter and jaded like I am and it ain't easy to go back once you do. We make mistakes but you gotta learn and grow from 'em too and just hiding away won't fix it." Pot calling the kettle black here!

Idrissa shrugs a moment at the bit on is sucking. "Your welcome to speak to Ka'el on it, I imagine you'd get a different answer.. Always two stories after all." This said with a soft tone at the idea. "An No, I'm glad your friends with Ka'el. He has his moments yes but his still a good person, and he deserves good friends around him like you." She glances to Kiena once more, watching her a few moments. "Maybe, but right now I just don't want to face the once I have. I just need some time to think and get my stuff figured out. It's not like it would be easy now to start with. Maybe I'm already jaded then." She offers softly at the thought.

Kiena's eyes narrow for a moment, unsure if Idrissa is being sarcastic with her or not. In the end, she figures the greenrider only speaks the truth of it. "There are always more sides to anything. And you deserve good friends too, Idrissa. And as for you being already jaded… I don't think you are. You've — been through a lot." she murmurs. Which is the truth of it, right? With her second bottle of ale in one hand, Kiena reaches out tentatively with her other one and leans forwards slightly to rest her fingers firm but gentle against Idrissa's arm. Provided the greenrider doesn't recoil from her. "It'll be alright."

Idrissa doesn't tend to lie, not about this at least, when it deals with herself then yes she would hide the truth as best she can. "Maybe." This said with a soft tone about herself it seems. She doesn't want to linger on it long if she doesn't have too. A slight shrug is seen to the bit on her not being jaded. "Yeah well, we're just go with that for the moment then." She smirks a moment at the thought of it. The touch to her arm makes her tense just a moment, surprised it seems and she glances to the hand before she looks to Kiena, watching her a moment. A faint smile is seen and she soon nods. "Yeah… I figure over time it will be."

Kiena doesn't keep her hand long on Idrissa's arm, especially when the greenrider tenses. It lingers and then is gone, the gesture meant to be comforting even if unexpected and awkward. The bluerider feels as though she's looking into a mirror throughout this conversation and it's disconcerting. It's troubled her and yet she isn't so certain why and so she reached out. Now she's confused as to why she did that as well. "Good." she murmurs, unable to think of anything more to say. Save, of course: "Sorry it all went sour with Zi'on. It wasn't fair to you that he just cut ties. But now you know what was said…"

Idrissa smiles a bit but it's a sad once. "It's alright, like I said. I had a feeling it would happen at the start, just wanted to be proven wrong I suppose." A slow shrug is seen. "He did what he thought he should do, an while I'm somewhat upset it'll pass." She nods to the bit knowing what was said. "Yeah, thank you for telling me Kiena." As for the rest, these two have had a lot of things happen to them, some of it rather similar at that so perhaps that is why things have been said, and done at the moment. A slight bit of bonding over troubling issues. "I should get going though, thanks for taking the time to talk with me though Kiena." She still needs to deal with her runner after all.

Kiena's mouth draws back into a grim and sad line as well and for a moment she does pity Idrissa. "You shouldn't have been used like that," she mutters quietly. Too late now and the damage is down. At the thanks, the bluerider only smirks and shakes her head. Nothing to be thankful for there. Standing, she sets her half finished bottle aside and nods her head, "I won't keep you. I know you have to go tend to that runner. And well… maybe we can talk more another time. About better things." Sounds almost like a promise. "Take care of yourself, alright?"

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "Maybe I did? I was the one that went into the relationship knowing very well that it would be hard or end like this Kiena. He told me from the start he still had feelings with you, I just was stupid. I don't blame him, and while I'm upset I'm not exactly mad at him." Stupid is so the word of the day. A nod is seen and she smiles a bit. "Don't see why not. I'll be alright, you can care of yourself too Kiena." A wave is seen while she turns to move out, get her runner and head homewards to tend to his leg.

Kiena flinches at Idrissa's reply and more words will haunt her now. She wants to protest, to tell the greenrider she wasn't stupid for wanting to try and be with Zi'on, perhaps love him in time. There was once where Kiena was in her place. She keeps her tongue held though and only smiles back as she see's Idrissa to the door. "Thanks," she murmurs. "Clear skies. Hope your runner mends fast too." He hasn't been forgotten! Standing in the doorway, she'll watch to be sure the greenrider has no trouble retrieving the draft runner and once the pair are out of sight, she will step back inside and close the door. Then she'll give it a good kick and her emotions seem to take a severe twist and downwards spiral. "Damn it! Damn him and screw all of this!" Kiena hisses angrily and storms back to the couch, flopping down on it with that half finished ale to brood. What else is she to do?

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