Kissing and Advancement

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre


There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

Early morning once again finds a certain Journeyman seeking the company of a certain apprentice. It's a tad chilly and Hyrlon has a wherhide jacket pulled tightly around him as he checks the playground for Janelle. At least his quarry was consistent, right?

Though Janelle is not quite visible as of yet, it doesn't take long before she can be spotted: Only now, arriving at the park. Whether its ehr own thoughts, or Hyrlon's habit of seeking her out here that brings her, isn't clear.

Hyrlon glances up and smiles, moving towards Janelle, "Mornin" A man of many words, he is.

Janelle grins a bit, nodding quietly, "Morning." The park is peaceful, this time of morning, and soft words to nothing to dispell that feeling.

Hyrlon finds a seat on the jungle gym, watching Janelle move with a soft smile, "How're you?"

Janelle Settles herself near Hyrlon, offering a brief smile. "Good, you?"

Hyrlon smiles as she settles next to him, "Better now."

Janelle's cheeks rose softly, as she glances down at the ground. Then back to him, she offers, "You're sweet, you know that, Hyrlon?"

Hyrlon smiles, a little lopsidedly this time, "I try." His face may be a tad pink as well, but it's hard to tell since he doesn't go nearly so russet as M'nol usually does.

Lips split appart into a grin. Wait? Is she leaning closer? Her shoulder wasn't so close to pressing right up against him before, was it? Hmmm. "I don't think you have to try. I think it's just there."

Hyrlon smiles, noticing her slight motion, his arm shifts ever so slightly, supporting her back at first, then wrapping around her middle. He chuckles softly, "Now, you know miners are born surly and crass."

Janelle grins at that, shifting ever so slightly so she can be comforrtably wrapped in his arm. " Oh, of course.. and as rough as the stones that call at us." mockery taints her words, but then, so does jesting.

Hyrlon grins, "Exactly. It take a lot of care and work to polish a fledgling miner into a gem like me." He chuckles and winks at her, "Just like the stones that call at us."

Janelle can't help but laugh at that, simply shaking her head with a grin. "You make it sounds like it should be hard to.." Pause, " feel like this for you, Hyrlon. But it's not." And don't you go giving her an excuse to make it hard, either!

Hyrlon chuckles, "I won't. I'll have you know my mother began polishing long before I met you so I wouldn't scare any lovely ladies like yourself off." He squeezes her side gently, "and I'm glad she did."

Janelle laughs slowly, "A strong woman she must be, then. I hope some day I can meet her, and thank her for her hard work."

Hyrlon grins, "Oh, strong she is. She can raise welts with a ladle like none I've seen elsewhere… as to meeting her… I guess that all depends…"

Janelle grins, nodding. "What does your mother do? My parents.. They're Sera and Petrom, from in the mines." See? Relationships between miners CAN work!

Hyrlon smiles, "Most people'd never guess it, but she's a baker, Da's the miner in the family.

Janelle blinks, eyes widening, "A baker? Shards.. she probably knows my sister.." and is probably just as frusterated with Joleine's constant bantering about her true love, as Jan and her family are.

Hyrlon chuckles, "I doubt it, thankfully. She's still in the Crom mountains with the rest of my family, so you're safe."

Janelle whews dramatically, grinning, "So glad."

Hyrlon chuckles and mimics her motion, "Me too… last thing I need is my mother poking and prodding about my den. She's still disappointed I didn't bond a bronze." He rolls his eyes, "As if I had any control over the matter."

"I'm not." Janelle is quick to answer, "And I'm glad I didn't. Or a gold, rather.." She pauses briefly, "I guess if Tig can impress a gold, I could've ended up with a bronze, too.. Another difference from dragons."

Hyrlon nods and smiles, "I couldn't ask for a better wher than Hysk… and yeah… whers bond to whoever offers… gender unimportant."

Janelle Grins. then she sighs softly, just settling in against ihm comfortably, wordless for the time being. The silence only lasts a moment, however, before she's talking again: "Y'know, it' snice that I don't feel like I alway shave to be talking around you.. as if… Like silence is okay.. Don't always feel like that."

Hyrlon nods, holding her just a little tighter. He's quiet as well for a few moments before he murmurs, "I like it to… no pressure to talk…"

And with that, and a brief nod from Janelle, she falls into peaceful silence again, simply sitting, leaning, and watching as the sun rises over the weyr.

Hyrlon smiles softly down at the woman leaning against his side, finding her more fascinating than the sunrise. Idly he ponders what his family would think if he brought an apprentice home to meet the folks… and what the masters would think. His fingers tighten just a little and he promises himself that she'll get her journeyman's knot if he has to petition specially.

Janelle sniffs softly, chewing at her lip for a moment, before sitting herself up a little straighter to look at Hyrlon, "The Masters aren't so fond of apprentices in relationships, are they?"

Hyrlon is still smiling when she looks up at him. He sighs softly and murmurs, "No… but you'll be a journeyman in no time."

Janelle nods a little. "Tenebrous has offered to vouch for my knowledge, and help us however he can.. He even offered to talk to the Masters, as well."

Hyrlon blinks twice, "Not sure how the masters would take the vouching of a healer as to a miner's knowledge… but everyone here knows how good you are at what you do. All you should have to do is a project at this point."

Janelle nods a little, "But he can to my emergency healing, for field-rescues and search and rescue.. And he's been witness to my training Jansk, as well."

Hyrlon nods slowly, "True… and I can attest to you work with Jansk and your performance in the mine."

Janelle grins softly, "I think I'm ready to go to Satoris, as soon as he's available."

Hyrlon smiles, "I've been ready for a while… but someone's a daddy now." He chuckles, "Makes him a little harder to find…"

"I imagine," chuckles Janelle quietly. "Things'll work out, though, I'm confident of that." And that's something she would've said last Turn. Or even in the fall."

Hyrlon grins, "They always do." He tightens his arm for a second, snugging her soundly, "They always do."

Janelle grins softly. "Alright.. Why is it, that our conversations always ends up turning to work, even when it's just the twoof us? We need more topics."

Hyrlon chuckles, "Because all we think about is work? We're both dedicated to our craft and there's no reason to be ashamed of it… still… perhaps we should take up sewing or something as a side topic." He winks, showing that he's at least half-jesting.

Janelle grins, "I don't think either of us are ashamed.. But yeah, we need other stuff to talk about." She winks a little, and grins, "What else do you like? Other thanwork, and missing me."

Hyrlon ponders the question for a few moments, thinking hard, before managing to come up with, "Sweetrolls?" Oh, yeah, he's confident about /that/ answer…

Janelle laughs softly. "Sweetrolls. So, food. Not a surprise, there." she grins. "And long walks, or jogging.. And making things.."

Hyrlon nods and smiles when she laughs, "I like swimming, too… though the water here's really warm a lot of the time…"

"You," Janelle starts, "Like to swim?"

Hyrlon nods, quirking a smile for the fact that he managed to surprise her, "Yeah… there was a little mountain lake only a few hours journey from the mine. My family used to swim a lot on restdays."

Janelle oh's softly. She's silent for a little while, "Swimming can be fun." It;s less than convincing, the way she says it, though.

Hyrlon quirks an eyebrow at her, "You don't like to swim?"

"Oh, no.. I do like it.." Janelle explains, "Very much, indeed.. I just.." she sighs softly, shaking her head, "Don't do it much. Too many people."

Hyrlon chuckles, "There are more seculded parts of the beach if you know where to look."

Janelle nods a little, "An dI never have, really.. But, Isuppose you probably do."

Hyrlon grins and nods, "Not too fond of crowds… small hold, big Weyr, I like my privacy from time to time."

Janelle nods a little, herself. "It's just a little hard for me to.." She shrugs a little, "See, I don't really like being…" She chews her lip again, "I don't swim in a 'suit, because.." She looks away, quietly, back becoming a little rigid without actually moving. "I've seen some.. especially riders, who hoot and holler at the females, when they." Y'know, the guys who yell after the gals, and all their visible skin? Not so copacetic for a girl who's shy, and not self-confident.

Hyrlon smiles and gives Janelle another soft hug, blushing a little more noticably, "Well, I guess I'll have to take you to a part of the beach no one else visits, then, won't I?"

Janelle nods a little quietly. "Maybe some time, I'll get over it."

Hyrlon chuckles, "I promise I won't whistle at you."

Janelle laughs softly, nodding. "I know you wouldn't.

Hyrlon chuckles and snugs her against him, "That's good. Maybe you're getting to know me better, then."

Janelle Grins softly, "I hope so. I'd like to know all about you."

Hyrlon smiles, "I'd like to know all about you, too… I've been doing a lot of talking lately… what do /you/ like?"

Janelle chews her lip. "I really don't know much, outside of work, and day to day living stuff.. I like to climb, and I like little kids."

Hyrlon grins, "You like kids? How little?"

Janelle shrugs, "Big enough to play with," she clarifies, grinning, "Though.. Holding them when they are new is neat too. when they're all small, and cuddly, and sweet-smelling." So, obviously not the dirty wraps.

Hyrlon chuckles, "Obviously you've never changed a diaper." He grins, "Do you… do you want kids?"

"Some day.." Janelle admits, "Not now though, at least.." She laughs softly, "Would probably get me kicked out of the craft, or something.."

Hyrlon shrugs, "Honestly? I've never heard of an apprentice having a kid. I think the work's too hard for the average woman to carry to term… but either way… not before you're a journeyman at least. It's just easier that way."

Janelle nods a little, "It'd be too early, anyways.. I'm too young to have a kid." Not too mention other certain issues that would be restricting that possibility, anyways.

Hyrlon grins, "We're both much too young for that… and too…" He pauses, searching for the word, "Unsettled… Ma had her first kid pretty young… but she and Da were married and settled down."

"What -are- we, Hyr?" Janelle asks, suddenly, "Are we weven really a couple? WE like eachother.. but is it enough to say we're dating, or seeing eachother, or what? You aren't just a friend, Hyrlon.."

Hyrlon blinks, not having any better an answer for her now than he has when he asks himself that question. He sighs softly, shifting a little so he can look at her more fully, "I guess that depends on what we want to be… I'd love to say we're a couple… or at least dating… but that's partially up to you."

Janelle nods a little, "But not just me, is it.. I'd like to say something.. I don' thave any interest in …seeing.. anyone else, right now.. And it' snot like we've got dragons, that complicate things, with their mating flights, and so many other stuff.."

Hyrlon nods, smiling just a little, "We're just us. All that matters is what we want so long as it doesn't hurt the whers. And Jansk and Hysk seem to love eachother."

Janelle nods a little. "Jansk loves being aorund Hysk. Andhaving someone to play with. And hse likes you, too." By the way.

Hyrlon smiles, "Hysk likes you, too…. and he loves playing with Jansk…"

Janelle grins softly. She curls herself against Hysk quietly, just relaxing in the quiet for a moment, "Would you have a problem, if we did agree we were a couple?" she chews her lip, with a sigh, "Alright.. I sound so formal like that.." She sits up a little, looking right to Hyrlon, "I like you.. You like me.. I think we both agree we want to be together.." At least, form the shake in her voice momentarily, she's hoping that's true.

Hyrlon smiles and nods, "I'd like that too…. I want to be able to say that we're together." He shifts a little more, looking her fully in the face. He runs his fingers gently down her arm, "I've been wanting to for months… could I… kiss you?"

Janelle blushes, mroe fuiously than before, but she nods. "I have to warn you, though.. I've… I"ve never kissed anyone before.."

Hyrlon smiles softly, "Neither have I…" He moves his hand up to the side of her face and leans in, sort of letting their faces merge together. Most likely his pressing to hard, but at the moment he's just in the moment…"

Janelle's eyes flutter closed, breath catching, as lips touch. Janelle leans to meet Hyrlon.

Hyrlon's eyes close as well, relaxing more now that she hasn't pulled away or screamed in terror. After a moment he breaks away, sighing softly. His hand stays where it is, his eyes still closed. He murmurs so quietly almost he doesn't here it, "I… that…" and sighs again.

When Hyrlon pulls away, Janelle hangs as-is for a moment, before eyes flutter silently open to watch, lip unconsciously gets another chewing. "..was.." Amazing? strange? Perfect? "..nice.." Hello, understatement of the Turn!

Hyrlon's eyes open slowly to meet hers, his hand moving to her shoulder, "It was… very nice indeed…"

Janelle Takes the moment to lift her own hand up to Hyr's cheek, drawing it butterfly-light across his skin before it falls to her lap. "This is so new.." her voice is as soft as his sigh from moments ago, "…I think it could be adicting." She grins then.

Hyrlon smiles softly, letting her trail her hand across his face. He nods slowly, "It is… and I think I've been addicted for a while now…"

Janelle clears her throat for a second, tilting her head slightly, "Do you think… Do you thinkw e could try it again?"

Hyrlon smiles at her and nods slowly, "I think… maybe you should try it this time?"

Janelle laughs alittle, softly. She leans forward, eyes again fluttering closed, either out of nerves or instinct.

Hyrlon leans in as well, letting his eyes shut naturally and smoothly as he leans in.

As lips meet, Janelle's breath catches softly, and so does her position, so that she's leaning closer against Hyrlon. This time, she remains there, kissing for a few moments, before letting her head drop just far enough to stop, close enough she can still feel his breath. When her own breath catches up to her, she sighs with content, nestling her head against his shoulder.

Hyrlon holds the kiss just as long, feeling the gentle pulse of feeling passing between them. When she releases he exhales gustily, cradling her in his arms, "That was… even better…"

Janelle sighs softly, a sound of contentment, as she nods, "It was." She lifts her head to look into Hyrlon's eyes, smiling ever so gently, a total opposite to the hard-working, joking, dedicated wherhandler she usually is. "Thank you."

Hyrlon smiles at Janelle, seeing and appreciating the change that's come over her, then gives a nod, "Well, we'll have to find someway for you to stay. I don't think I could bear to part with you."

Janelle sniffs briefly. There's nothing leading to believe of any tears, however, instead her appearance more relaxed, where she's curled up next to Hyrlon on the park's play gym. Her grin falls, however, at the mention again of her possibly coming or going.

For whatever reason, perhaps just for a stroll, Satoris is striding towards the theater. Maybe to imagine his son climbing upon it at some point in the future. One of his firelizards — a brown one — is clinging to portuions of his clothing. Sat is doing his best to ignore the creature.

Hyrlon glances up as Satoris enters the grove having hear the gentle rattle of the foliage as he passed. He doesn't necessarily disentangle himself from Janelle, but he does stand quickly, offering a salute, "Head Miner Satoris."

It isn't until Hyrlon's standing up, that Janelle even recognizes Satoris's entrance, but you can bet when she does, she's not only surprised, her cheeks are flushing. She stands to her own feet, the soft young woman gone for the time being, replaced once again for the strong young miner she is to most. Hand snaps up in a salute of her own, as she echoes Hyrlon's salute.

Pale eyes shift over the playground proper until they settle upon Hyrlon and Janelle; attention drawn forth by the greeting. He gives a brief, curt nod to the pair, shoving hands into his pockets. This nearly dislodges the 'lizard who clambers up towards his shoulder. "How are you two?"

Hyrlon blushes somewhat as well, "Well enough… but we have been trying to find you lately… Janelle would like to try for her journeyman's knot."

Janelle clears her throat briefly, "Doing well, sir.. Congratulations on the babe, if I might say.." Then Hyr's speaking, and hse's nodding. "Yes, Sir. I wanted to speak to you, about just that.."

"I've been busy with my new son," Satoris states simply. He glances to Hyrlon, then to Janelle, and at last to Janelle's knot. "I see. Does she have a project?"

Hyrlon nods, "Yes, I had heard he was doing well." He glances at Janelle, then motions for her to speak. It is /her/ project, after all.

Janelle nods briefly, "Well, I've had a few ideas, several things that I've ben thinking over, but what keeps coming to the fore, is the whers themselves. Since Jansk hatched, I've come across so many weyrfolk that are afraid of the whers, scared they may maul them, and all the other things that the old tales tell about them. I believe not only in a weyr's setting, but everywhere, that there is great importance in society understanding whers, their functionalities, and how they can benefit the population. Especially when it comes to search and rescue."

Satoris glances over to Hyrlon, then back to Janelle. He raises an eyebrow as he listens and gestures somewhat. Apparently an indication to continue.

Hyrlon nods, "Even Weyrwoman Thea is afraid of them."

Janelle glances towards Hyrlon, then back to the Journeyman. "The easiest group to teach about the whers are kids, because they're less likely to fear them to begin with. In small groups, however, even adults can be introduced to these creatures we rely on. I would like to point Healer Tenebrous and Weyrwoman Thea, as examples of those that have already benefited with introduction to the whers."

There's a sidelong glance from Satoris to Hyrlon, then back to Janelle. "So you wish to teach people about whers?" His firelizard climbs over his shoulder and starts to go down his back. He grabs the beast and resituates him upon his shoulder, frowning briefly.

Hyrlon nods again, his hand lightly resting on Janelle's back for support.

"I want to teach them," Janelle clarifies, "Not just about the whers, but about their place on Pern, how they assist us in safety, as well as search and rescue situations. I want to teach them that they are creatures, but not ones to be afraid of." She pauses briefly, standing herself up just a bit straighter. "I do not want to come into a rescue situation, where a person puts themself in further danger because they are afraid of my wher."

Satoris nods slowly, arms folding across his chest as he studies Janelle for a time. "Well. Draft up a few lessons and submit them to me. And schedule a class, perhaps for the kidlets or the new group of Weyrlings. I'll sit in and observe." Shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "And we'll go from there."

Hyrlon smiles, giving Janelle a gentle pat, "See, that wasn't too hard, was it?"

Janelle nods briefly, "I have some class plans drafted in my den, actually." She grins slightly, turning towards Hyrlon with a short nod. She chuckles though, almost dryly. "Always easier, after the first step.. thank you.."

Satoris nods slightly, grabbing the 'lizard that rests on his shoulder as it tries to clamber back down his back. "Get them together and drop them off with me once you're able, along with a schedule for your first class so I can be there for it."

Hyrlon nods and salutes Satoris again, "I'll help her make sure everything is to spec, sir. I hope your son continues to thrive."

Janelle snaps a salute just a moment before Hyrlon does, adding a simple, "Yes sir."

Satoris nods to both slightly, "Thank you." And still fussing with the 'lizard, he turns and strides away, muttering under his breath at the winged creature.

Hyrlon nods to Satoris before the head miner turns away, then turns back to Janelle, kissing her lightly on the cheek, "See… no trouble at all." He winks, "So, I wonder what night of the week is best for gathering weyrbrats together."

Janelle grins softly, rigidness slowly starting to melt out of her form, "It wasn't as hard, no.."

Hyrlon turns to hug her once Satoris has made his full exit, "So, you've been working on plans behind my back, huh?"

Janelle quite welcomingly falls into the hug, legs alittle soft now, suddenly. "It *is* my project, after all y'know.."

Hyrlon chuckles softly, supporting her weight, "That it is. How far along are you?"

"I need to speak with someone to schedule a date.." Janelle blushes briefly, as she admits to just how much she's already been working on this, "I already spoke with a couple of he Harpers for teaching methods, and some possible timeslots I could come in."

Hyrlon smiles at her blush, stroking her cheek lightly, "Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want some of the whers there. If you do, after sunset is best and the days are beginning to lengthen." He chuckles softly, "It's good to know you've been working on it, though. And Hysk and I will gladly help as much as possible."

Janelle nods gently, "Aye, it'll need to be sooner, rather than later.. Or, they would have to be brought to my den, where it can be dark no matter the time of day. The first class will be of Five- and six-Turn-olds.. Old enough to understand, and be amazed, but not old enough to be subjected to stories by their older siblings.

Hyrlon smiles thoughtfully, "Sounds like a good way to start… might want to invite their parents, too… it'll make them more comfortable… the parents, I mean. Non-miners fear for their children quite a bit."

Janelle nods some, slowly, "It'll be sort, a fewminutes talking about the whers, before I bring Jansk out.. Then they can look her over, ask any questions, and then maybe have some paper and coloured pencils so that they can make a picture of a wher to take home with them."

Hyrlon smiles, "That sounds just about right… have you taught kids before?"

Janelle shakes her head, "I've watched them.. But never taught them myself, no.."

Hyrlon chuckles, "Then this'll definitely be a learning experience for you as well, I think. The coloring's a good idea."

"Keeping them busy is a good idea," admits Janelle with a grin, "I was a kid once myself, y'know."

Hyrlon chuckles, "You were? Who'd've thought?"

Janelle Wrinkles her nose, grinning as she reaches up the short distance to kiss his chin. "Silly."

Hyrlon smiles softly at her, "Some people have nod idea how to deal with kids even though they were one."

Janelle nods a little, "I"m sure I'll be learning a thing or few along the way of this project.."

Hyrlon smiles, glancing up at the rising sun, "Is there anything you need from me?"

Janelle shakes her head softly, "Just your support, Hyr. I think tha'ts all I'm going to need from you, right now.. But at that, sometimes it'll be asking a lot, I think."

Hyrlon chuckles, especially since he's still partially supporting her weight, "Support's easy when it's for someone like you."

Janelle chews her lip quietly a moment, just nodding quietly.

Hyrlon holds her tight to him, "I'm being serious."

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