You Are a Weyrwoman - End of Story!

This scene is backdated to: 2682.5.13

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

Evening has come to Xanadu, dinner has been finished for some time now and the Weyr is setting down as people drift back from the Caverns to their weyrs. Thea crunches her way across her clearing towards her darkened cottage, the late winter snowmelt has reformed into ice with the setting of the sun. On her way from the hot springs, she's clutching her long coat ‘round herself, her hair is bundled in a thick towel.

D'had isn't in a hurry, but he is striding along that same path and its likely that he'll catch up to the junior soon enough. Given the ice and snow underfoot she'll probably hear his steps even though he doesn't say anything.

If Thea hears those footsteps behind her in the otherwise quiet clearing, she doesn't look back. Not many come down her path, however she's showing no curiosity who is back there, it is likely she knows who it is. There's only one person coming to her Weyr with any sort of regularity. She reaches the cottage, takes two strides up the stone steps, opens the door and kicks it closed gently with a backwards push of one foot.

D'had follows those same steps, pausing on the steps to lift a hand from his pocket and knock on the door. Warning given he opens the door, closing it behind him. "Hey babe."

Thea is in the process of shedding her coat as she crosses the darkened room as that knock sounds and the door is opened. She flips a small glow open as she passes the table, flicking a glance at D'had as he enters, nods at him but says nothing. Her coat is dumped on a chair, then she's heading back his way towards the fireplace to start a fire.

D'had dumps his jacket on the chair on top of hers after sliding out of it. "Klah?" asking if she wants some, or if she has some unclear. He crosses to come up behind her, "Let me do that."

Thea has knelt beside the hearth by the time he comes up behind her, she turns her head to look at him over her shoulder. Maybe he forgot she does things the old fashioned way? "I can't make klah until the fire is going," she points out reasonably. But if he wants to make it, she'll let him. She rises and gestures to the woodpile and kindling, "Be my guest." She reaches into the fireplace and removes the iron kettle from the hook, steps away to fill it, returning to silence.

D'had has the right, and certainly reason enough, to forget such things every so often. Hunkering down he gives a her a pat on the shoulder. "You smell good," he notes before setting about stocking the fireplace and lighting the fire.

Thea returns with the kettle, sets it on the hearth. Damp towel is unwound from her wet hair and she's shaking it out as that shoulder-pat and comment are given. She slides D'had a long look. "Nothing like firestone, I'm sure." She turns on her heel, heads over to her dresser, picks up her brush, standing with her back to him and starts yanking it through her tangled hair.

"I'm sure," D'had agrees, straightening once he's happy with the fire. Turning, there's a half smile for her, even if her back is turned. Coming up behind her he puts a hand on the one of hers that holds the brush intending to take it over from her if she'll let him.

Thea's fingers tighten on her brush, although her hand stills it's yanking, she turns her head over her shoulder and there's a puzzled look at that hand before ice green eyes lift to his. "What?" He wants the brush? Her fingers release the thing and she shrugs. Whatever. She paces towards the kitchenette.

D'had offers a smirking smile that's usual to him when she glances back, but as she moves away he makes a face. What'd he do? He's got a brush now, but no Thea. Turning, he watches her pace for a minute, standing confused until he finally asks, "What's wrong?"

Thea remains headed in the direction of the kitchenette, one shoulder shrugs at his question. She pauses by the fireplace to lift that kettle and place it inside on the hook to warm before turning and walking back to him. "You done with that?" Her eyes drop to the brush.

D'had isn't exactly satisfied with that shrug as an answer. "Sit down," a hint of question in the request, still holding the brush. "And tell me?"

"Do as you're told, Thea. This is your place in the Weyr," Thea mutters to herself. Since he isn't handing over that brush and he's standing next to the bed, she flops down to sit. Her look at him is a silent, 'happy?' Still, she isn't saying anything, although she opens her mouth to start a few times. Frustrated with her own inability she satisfies herself with glaring instead.

D'had frowns, settling beside her on the bed, sliding back so he's slightly behind her. "Who said that?" He certainly didn't mean anything he said in that way and therefore it's not clicking that it might have been him. Hand holding the brush lifts to pull the bristles though her hair, careful of any knots.

"Oh, Niva while you nodded and agreed." Thea answers her back stiffens as he sits down behind her. "The meeting today," she adds for his benefit while one hand waves past his head behind her to gesture towards the Weyr. "Not a regular rider, indeed." Grump.

D'had frowns, thankful perhaps that she can't see his current expression. "Well ya ain't," he replies, no arguing intended, brushing continuing. "Not like any old green can have eggs on the sands. Or any brown can keep the headwoman content. They all got their duties."

Thea turns around at that reply, heedless of the brushing, "But, but, Donn, come on!" She's exasperated, but still speaking quietly enough. "During the days of Thread the goldriders had a wing, fought thread. How can doing sweeps and helping search and rescue be any more dangerous than -that-?" Her eyes are flashing as she speaks.

"Come on nothing," D'had replies sharply, brush jerking as it hooks on a small tangle when she turns unexpectedly. "In low ranks -when- they were needed," he continues. "No one's saying ya'll can't train and help when yer needed. Just sayin’ yer needed places that ain't on sweeps."

Thea might normally flinch at that sharp tone coming from him. Tonight however, her chin lifts, "That is not true, Donn! They flew regularly. I did a little research into archives this afternoon." Her breathing is beginning to pick up, "When needed! They'll -never- need us." She shakes her head at him, her frustration mounting. "Other duties. Like paperwork and egg-sitting?"

"Like relations with the holds and keeping the weyr in order," D'had replies, tone still hard and stern. "And I -hope- they never need you!" A comment he might well regret the second the words escape. Brush thrown to the bed as he stands.

Thea rises when he does, "-Anyone- who is not a rider could do what I do keeping the weyr in order! Headwomen can have a staff to do it." Her hand waves in her agitation, "We're just glorified headwomen. Just… who started that anyway?" She speaks passionately, but low-voiced. Her hands clench at her sides. "Relations with the holders and egg duties do not keep us too busy from sweeps and things." There's a blink at that last comment and she just stares at him. "You… what?"

D'had is holding his temper, but that will only last so long. "I hope they never need you," he repeats slowly, punctuating each word carefully in case she really didn't hear him right the first time. "And I don't care if 'anyone' can do your job, you're good at it and its -your- job."

Thea shakes her head in disbelief at him. "But… why?" She cannot comprehend this reasoning. She lifts her head proudly, "I am a dragonrider! Let me be one." Her eyes plead with him for understanding. "Everything I do keeps me from being that, don't you see?" She's trembling with the attempt to control her rising temper, keep her voice low.

"You," D'had shouts, "Are a weyrwoman. End of story." As far as he's concerned there is no argument here. "When you are in charge and your Weyrleader agrees with you then play at being a rider. Until then stick to your post."

Thea is still for long moments after that shout, nothing moving but the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes. When she speaks, her voice is nearly a whisper, "That's what you think I want? To -play-?" Her face has gone white. "You are being unreasonable, my -Weyrleader- made better sense than you are making!"

D'had isn't calming by any means. "I don't know what you think you want, but I /know/ you /don't/ know what you're getting into. I /fought/ those fires at Western. I spent the last /fifteen/ turns riding S&R."

Thea isn't calm by any means. She's controlled, at least for the moment. "Maybe I don't know about Search and rescue. All I know is that there is talk of thread and increasing emergencies and…" She begins pacing, flinging her arms as she talks, "I'm left to sit while other go do. Left to sit by a radio. Do paperwork!" The last word is nearly spit out. She turns to him from the other end of the room. "I - am - a - Rider!"

"We need you on that radio," D'had snaps back, his voice growing more angry and flustered with each word. "You are a -werywoman-. Your priority is to her," a hand waved wildly in the direction of the door to indicate Seryth. "-If- thread ever comes back we'll need both of you. And I want you -here- where I know your safe!"

"I am a RIDER!" Thea finally loses her control as her voice rises on that last word. Her eyes are blazing back at the man across the room. "Anyone without a dragon could do the radio." Angry tears escape from her eyes, "Don't you understand? She's missed the last half of what he's said. "And Seryth doesn't want to lie around all the time!" She takes two steps towards him across the room. "I am a rider, I am!"

D'had closes the space, taking her shoulders and shaking. Not violently, but not exactly gently either. "Don't argue with me woman! Yer weyrwoman whether ya like it or not. That gold hide chose -you- and ain't nothin' can change that."

Thea's hands lift to grab at D'had's arms in a reflexive movement as he shakes her, "I'm a rider, I'm a rider…" Her head is shaking back and forth as she keeps repeating the words over and over, her breath coming out in sobs with the words between them. From out in the clearing Seryth lifts her voice to add a bellow of distress to echo that of her rider.

That's the one thing that will get him every time. Those sobs have him wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to him, a hand rubbing her back. "Shhh. Shh, shh, shh. Its okay," voice instantly dropping to something far more assuring than a shout.

Thea's arms slide up D'had's arms to wrap around his neck as he pulls her close. Her breath finally slows and the sobs taper off. "I'm a rider.." she repeats finally with a whisper, "My dragon has wings." Her voice is tired, "Please… "

D'had sighs, one hand continuing to slide slowly up and down the center of her back. "Know she does, she flies good. But ya gotta take care a her, not put either of ya where ya might get hurt. Ya do that good enough without bein' in somewhere we know ain't good." Added with a hint of teasing in his tone.

Thea lowers her head to rest her forehead on his shoulder, "I will take care of her! But no dragon should be kept like a glass thing on a shelf and that is what it is, don't you see?" She can't laugh at his teasing, only offer an, "I know." She lifts her head and she has a small frown of confusion on her face as she blinks at him, "What is this 'safe' thing?"

"Its been a long day," D'had says, changing the subject. "How bout we get that klah, head for bed. Get some rest? I'll see ya in the mornin'…"

Thea shakes her head, giving him an odd sort of look, "It's… just after dinner?" Though the water is certainly hot by now, and tempers have certainly cooled. "You want klah?" Her voice is back to clipped and cool as she asks that. Her arms drop instantly and she turns, attempting to push away from him if she can.

D'had sighs, letting her turn away without objection and himself dropping back to a seat on the bed where he picks up that brush, idly turning it in his hands as he looks at it. "Yeah.."

Thea strides to the fireplace, grabs the cloth she keeps there, using it to grab the handle of the kettle. She's over to the kitchenette and snatching up a mug to thump it on the counter, the klah bark is next, dumped into a small pot and the water poured in. All the while she's flickering him furtive glances. Finally the kettle is set down with a quiet thunk and she just stands leaning against the counter watching him while it brews. Klah is poured into mug and it is with this in hand that she returns to sit beside him, gently reaching for that brush and offering that mug in trade. "Talk to me…"

D'had relents, handing over the brush in exchange for the mug. Fingers curl about it, but he doesn't drink just yet, resting wrists on knees. "If thread ever comes back we'll need you. Both of you. And I want you here where I know your safe." He shakes his head letting out a sigh. "I know, I know. You're a rider. You want to fly and be out there. But if anything…" he trails off into a drink with another slight shake of his head.

Thea lifts her hand absently to finish brushing the tangles from her hair as she listens with a sort of fascination as D'had uses whole sentences. And more than one of them. It almost totally distracts her from what he's saying. The hand holding that brush pauses mid-sweep when he stops. "If anything…" she prompts him to continue.

She knows. Even if he doesn't say it, she knows. Or at least she should have a good idea of what should finish that sentence. "Let me do that." A request as he holds a hand out, nodding to the brush.

Thea regards him for a long moment, then hands over the brush with a small let-out breath, turning so her can have easier access to her hair. She remains silent, letting the silence stretch if we wants it to. There to listen if he'll talk. He might want to because although she knows, or can guess, he also knows her and that she isn't going to be happy sitting safe while things happen. And someday… determination will out. He knows her…

D'had lets her take the mug back as she gives over the brush, shifting so he's facing her back. Silence stretches as he runs the brush slowly through her hair. A minute, maybe two. It's something he's done before. Hair brushing. "Ya haven't been out there," he starts. "Not during a real emergency. Don't want ya to have to be. Don't want anything to happen to you. Don't want you to get hurt." All the while still working the brush through her hair til not only are the locks tangle free, but silky.

Thea listens as he speaks, nodding her understanding. As he brushes her hair she relaxes, "I know…" Her voice is troubled as she trails off. "But can you imagine being left to do nothing but sit in that office every day? You hate it. What makes you think I can endure that all my life? It's been nearly four turns and some days I… I think I'll lose my mind shut up in there." She remains facing away, perhaps this will help. "Think if they told you that's all you could ever do. Could you do it?"

D'had is quiet while she talks, even for a while longer after she's finished. Taking a moment to consider her argument and her question. "Suppose not," he agrees. "But I never did stay in the same place for long." A moot point perhaps. "Just… start with training? We'll go from there. Okay?"

Thea reaches to place the empty mug on the bedside table, then turns to face him. "Donn." She says his name quietly, moving to be close enough to look into his eyes, "I'm not being fair. You're always telling me you want me to be happy. But… I've never asked you what it is you want. You want something else besides just wanting me happy." She smiles, "If me being safe does that for you… then there will be a way somehow for me to be able to give that to you." She shrugs, "It's a small enough sacrifice for me to make."

A smile tugs at one corner of his lips for that smile she gives him. "Start with training," D'had replies. Since they've all agreed on that already, Niva included. "Start with that and we'll see how it goes. Okay?"

So he's never come out and said what he wanted from her? But tonight he has. Thea nods, "I'll do the training, sure." Her smile grows, reaching her eyes, but she shrugs about seeing how it goes. "I think… things will be okay, Donn." She leans to be closer, "Making you happy will be enough, I think." There's a teasing sparkle in her green eyes, "When I need excitement, you can always take me for another wild ride. I'm always safe with you."

D'had chuckles, not quite as heartfelt as always, but its a laugh all the same. "Sure thing, you ever wanna go up with Sie you let me know."

Thea leans further to press lips to his, since he's not going to kiss her, she'll just have to make the peace herself. When she pulls back she whispers, "Don't be sad. I'm not." And then his favorite request, "Smile for me?"

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