Firestone Meeting (Backscene)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

D'had sent the word around and helped coordinate this little get-together and D'son's got a little flip board thing set up in the office and stands waiting mostly patiently for people to arrive. There's a hint of tension in his shoulders, just a hint, but it's there. Hey, it's not every day the Weyrleader advocates for bringing back some old fashioned habit that's been out of use for a long time.

With Kilaueth still sequestered on the Xanadu sands and little else to grab Niva's attention at the moment, the Senior has joined the gathering in the office, settled in her desk chair. A skeptical look resides on her face as she raps fingertips on the top of her desk, watching interestedly.

D'had is actually on time as he pushes through the door to the office, giving a knock beforehand just in case. A nod to Weyrleader and Weyrwoman in turn. That touch of tension is found in him as well, they've already talked but that doesn't mean the womenfolk are going to take to the proposal.

Thea slips into the office after a few of the others, nodding first to D'son, then to Niva. She has a clipboard and pen in hand as she finds a seat next to the Weyrsecond. She's not really dressed for the office and it's apparent that she's still recovering from that head-bump with a rock by the fading bruise to her left forehead. She's heard a few whispers about what's up; interest is there in her too-bright eyes as she waits. Someone likes aiming at things far too much.

Waiting until all expected have slipped in, D'son nods for the door to be closed by that last-entering person, then he takes a deep breath. "So Niva and D'had know what we're about to talk about today, but it'll probably be a little surprising to the rest of you," the Weyrleader explains in an earnest way. "The long and short of it has to do with preparation, being ready for anything and this last turn or so has been full of a lot of really crazy and scary things happening, including those wildfires." The Weyrleader takes a breath. "I'm going to give you a run-down of what we're going to be asking and then I'm sure you'll have questions and we can go over those when I'm done."

Niva glances in at each person that joins the small group, nodding to the core members of the Weyr in turn before she turns her attention back to D'son. "Particularly as we would hate for something we'd written off to be true." She grimaces a little, even as she sits up straighter in her seat.

D'had glances to each as well, a hint of a smile for Thea as he leans against the wall, arms crossed loosely. His attention turns back to D'son once door is closed and he begins, for now he'll leave the talking to him.

Thea's attention focuses on the Weyrleader as he talks. She rests her clipboard in her lap, pen ready to take notes. The mention of crazy things happening has her nodding, but is otherwise still. Niva's grimace and mention of having written off something draws a blink, but nothing more. She returns D'had's smile with a nod, all business at the moment.

D'son waits a moment, gives Niva a little nod and takes a breath. "So, I'm just going to jump right in." And he flips up the first sheet on the board. "Firestone," he reads out the single word there and the colorful picture beneath. "Traditionally used by the Weyrs in the past for fighting Thread, lets dragons breathe fire after they've chewed it. Some of you might be more familiar with it than others, but um, long story short, it's for making fire. We haven't used firestone for a long time now, because there's been no Thread to fight. But what if flaming dragons could be useful in other ways?" He flips over the next page which has another single word on it: 'fire' and a picture of big leaping gouts of flame. "Sometimes, you can use fire to fight fire and it might have been useful with all those wildfires, to be able to put up firebreaks more /quickly/. What's quicker than a dragon spitting out flame, right?"

Niva nods at D'son, allowing the Weyrleader to begin his spiel, glancing at the others gathered in the room. "If you're interested in the -how- firestone is used to flame, I've been told that V'dim has a large quantity of weyrling material on it." She adds off handedly, before giving the floor back to D'son, nodding in agreement to his explanation of create firebreaks.

D'had turns a glance towards Niva at her note on the issue, nodding for each of the points made by D'son. "Was going to ask…" but clearly now he doesn't. Attention reverts back to the Weyrleader.

Thea's eyes are on that chart, her lips quirk just a tiny bit as D'son goes through his explanation for firestone. She's had the history of that, yes. Other uses… this has her looking thoughtful, rather than intrigued since Seryth obviously won't be chewing it. The mention of V'dim has her smirking down at her page and her pen scribbles as she writes something on her clipboard. Green eyes flick toward D'had as he leaves his question unfinished and she ducks her head to cough quietly, covering amusement at something.

There's a grin for Niva and D'son nods energetically. "Definitely, back to weyrling class, everyone," he tries for the joke, then flips the page over again to show a picture of a flamethrower, appropriately labeled. "And for goldriders, there's still flamethrowers around if you're going to be riding out for that kind of thing. You know, Search and Rescue duty, fighting fires. Xanadu has a lot of forested land, so it's something that we definitely have to be mindful of," deep breath. "Another reason to possibly have dragons armed, so to speak," the Weyrleader goes on and flips again. "Is this guy." Hey look, Kefai. "And renegades of any kind. I mean, dragons are pretty impressive just by being dragons, but with all the lawlessness that's been going around and all the wild theories, being able to let off a burst of flame to make some unsavory types keep their distance can't be a bad thing. They might not have been so bold during the last candidate outing, for example, if /flaming/ dragons had been around."

"Flaming dragons take time, however, Weyrleader." Niva does pipe up, countering his example of the renegades at the last outing. "T'would have had to had stone readily available, if not already in use." And it seems the older woman is mostly just being contrary, however, because she's not adding anything else into the conversation, even as she's glaring at the 'Kefai' note.

"That," D'had begins, leaving off as Niva beats him to point of needing stone available. He nods all the same. "Question is, do we have stone. Where are we going to get it from? But don't let me get ahead of you," he finishes with a nod back to D'son.

Thea grins at D'son's crack about Weyrling class, then sits up straighter as the page with the flamethrower is flipped open. Aaaand then flipped away much to quickly for her liking, if the disappointed look on her face is anything to judge by. Mention of Search and Rescue has her flickering a questioning glance at D'had, but she'll wait and ask later. Her eyes slide towards the Weyrwoman, noting her logic, and she drops them to write something more on her clipboard, her lips moving soundlessly.

"As long as you have stone around, not that much time and well, if it's not getting used as often as it would have when there was Thread, it'll be a lot easier to keep a supply on hand," D'son points out in answer to those questions. He flips the page again, this time it's a map. "These are the locations of old mines that were primarily used for firestone. We know /where/ to get it, but we might have to work our crafters to set up actually getting it," the Weyrleader says. "Once we've got a good stockpile, it doesn't exactly go bad, and since there's no Thread, we probably won't be needing to use it much. More important is knowing /how/ to use it when we need it." He blows out a breath. "So the idea is to get some 'stone, get some flamethrowers in working condition and start training to use fire in useful ways for S&R training and with care, for protection."

Niva nods as D'son offers answers, seemingly satisfied by the Weyrleader's planning. "Are there specifics for storage? Dry? Damp?" The Weyrwoman's questions almost seem to test the younger half of the pair, even as her attention drifts to the others. "Who do you propose to be in the first training group? Wingleaders and 'seconds? Just Search and Rescue riders?" And there go the fingers again, hitting the desk's top.

D'had nods slowing taking note of the answers given. A shift of gaze once again from Weyrleader to Weyrwoman as the next set of questions are asked. "Can look into that.." a glance to D'son, unless he's already determined that.

Thea's eyes lift back to that chart, nodding to the need for training as D'son mentions it, although her eyes glaze over just a bit at the chart showing the mines. Her pen lifts to tap at her lips thoughtfully, her eyes far away on something else as Niva questions about firestone, but her mention of who will be training has her back to the here and now and she pipes up before she can stop herself, "You'd consider eventually allowing queens to ride with Search and Rescue?" Another quick glance D'had's way. This is a new concept to her, at least.

"The idea was to at least get it going with S&R," D'son answers, "but if other wingleaders and seconds are willing, of course it's helpful to have people ready to demonstrate if there is an emergency," the Weyrleader continues. "As for storing stone, dry storage." He blinks at Thea's question though and shrugs. "Sure … why not?" Honest puzzlement there.

"Because its unwise to let golds ride against Renegades who could be desperate enough to try anything. Including bringing a dragon down." Niva answers for D'son, her lips settling into a frown. "I do see the need for golds to be trained, but -I- think that they should be used only in an emergency." Niva says firmly, glancing to Thea, and then D'had and D'son.

D'had nods curtly, "I agree." This after Niva has her say on the matter, gaze shifting through each of them, settling a second longer on Thea. "Wouldn't hurt ta be trained for it incase we need them in emergency situations." But actually riding with the wing…

Thea listens to D'son with interest, shrugging back at him. "Wondered. None of them here do." Her eyes slide towards Niva, "Er, have they ever?" Her gaze returns to the Weyrleader, as she finishes quietly, "But if we can, I'd like to train-" Then Niva speaks and she deflates to silence, leaning back in her chair. The Weyrwoman has a point and she tries to quell her disappointment when D'had speaks, although that little gleam of the rebellious is in her eye.

"And … a goldrider's less able to deal with a situation than anyone else?" D'son asks Niva, looking entirely thrown by the direction this has gone in. "It doesn't have to be riding out against renegades either, but training regularly, riding out regularly, I don't see why not. It might be um … harsh to say so, but Xanadu's not really hurting for golds … or clutches."

"Goldriders have their own role to play, that doesn't involve gallivanting around the planet, doing what another can do just as easily." Of course, the same could be said in reverse. "As I said, training I won't prevent, but as D'had agreed, for emergency situations only." The Senior Weyrwoman's tone seems to be such that /she/ at least considers the subject settled, for she's waving back at the board next to D'son. "The 'stone and the 'throwers. Miners and smiths?" As in, who'll be responsible for procuring them.

D'had isn't going to step into the middle of a could be argument between the leaders, especially since he wasn't addressed specifically. A nod follows Niva's mention of his agreement however.

Thea's gaze bounces between D'son and Niva, her lips pressing together in frustration as her question is ignored. She doesn't -quite- glare at D'had's nod, but it comes close. Her question aimed at the Weyrwoman is quietly spoken, "With all due respect, Ma'am, if we aren't able to regularly participate in non-emergencies, how will we ever be ready to handle the real ones?" As to flying patrols, her glance slides D'had's way, "Or be familiar with the different areas?" She slides down in her chair just a bit, muttering under her breath, "Goldriders used to fight Thread regularly…"

"I don't see that not participating regularly falls outside of a goldrider's role," D'son insists, though it's in a calm, firm voice as he locks gazes with Niva. "And patrolling, being visible, I think that'd be good. Politically speaking," he adds on. "I think that every rider who /wants/ to train up to this, should be allowed to, because it'll be voluntary, except for S&R, which will need to learn the firefighting techniques at a minimum," the Weyrleader continues with determination in his voice.

"What do you think drills are for?" Niva questions Thea firmly. "In a good turn half the wing will never seen an emergency, but drills keep them prepared." She shakes her head with a sigh. "If you're not familiar with the area by now, from your assigned visits to the holds, perhaps we'll have to reassign you to there permanently." Niva says, a little smirk on her face. "Save the radio for someone who knows their holds." At least she's not yelling. She simply nods at D'son, "Thus the hold visits. One does not need to ride Search and Rescue to be visible."

"The weyrwomen are not regular riders," D'had points out. "No one's sayin' they shouldn't train, just that they have their own responsibilities." A pointed glance to Thea. "Like Niva said, don't need ta be ridin' sweeps ta be visible."

Thea falls silent after her own questions are voiced, listening intently as she nods at the Weyrwoman. There's a blink about assigned hold visits. Someone apparently hasn't been on too many of those. Maybe with all the goldriders here, someone's been getting paperwork shuffled to her? D'had gets a pointed look right back, although her tone is respectful, "Egg-sitting only comes every two turns… and paperwork…" She actually winces as she says this, "Computers do a lot to shorten the time needed for that. With the right incentive, I'd be willing to learn to use one of those contraptions."

"Why shouldn't they be, without Thread?" D'son says to D'had. "I don't see why goldriders shouldn't rotate through every wing, as a matter of fact," the Weyrleader says boldly. "It's not like goldriders have a monopoly on diplomacy or running domestic affairs even," he points out further, "given who's in my wing and how a lot of the paperwork gets shuffled around here." Another breath. "But that's actually a wider discussion. For now, S&R, any wingleaders and seconds who're interested and their wingriders if they want to and flamethrower training for everyone, including goldriders."

"Because -I- say they don't." Niva pulls out the trump card, pushing herself to her feet with a bit of a glare at D'son as he continues to question the matter, before her gaze turns to Thea. "You. Holds. Permanently." She says, leaving no room for discussion, before her gaze goes back to her counterpart. "Yes." A nod punctuates it, and then she looks expectantly. "What, if anything do you need me to organize?" Even as she's turning to head towards the door.

D'had almost has something to add, but if he does - it will be after the Weyrwoman leaves given the final words of opinion had on the issue. "Let me know what I need to do." There's plenty to organize to get the ball rolling after all.

Thea's eyes are moving from Weyrleader to Weyrwoman to Weyrsecond and back as the discussion progresses; it's a dizzying thing, that. Silent triumph at D'son's assertion that goldriders should be a part of every wing and may train snuffs out at Niva's flat refusal, although she's not looking one bit displeased about having to visit holds. "Yes, Ma'am." Being out of the office less works for her. She pointedly ignores the Weyrsecond for now.

D'son's jaw tenses faintly and it's likely D'son and Niva are headed for another private argument at some point, but he doesn't quibble with the Weyrwoman's decision just now. "Coordination with all the juniors and your support with outreach with the mine and smithcrafts," Dels answers promptly about what Niva can do to help organize. "D'had, I'll need your assistance with setting things up in the wings and coordinating training sessions once we've got 'stone in place. Thea, if you'd like to take point on flamethrower readiness, I'd really appreciate it."

"I'll speak with the crafters first, and then with the Juniors. I should have the answer by tomorrow morning, I hope." Niva seems satisfied that she's no longer needed, turning to head out the door with just another nod to them before she's off somewhere else.

D'had nods. "I'll work on breaking up the S&R wing into smaller groups for training then. Can go from there on anyone else I figure." Not quite a question there, but he's open to suggestion on that last thought by the sound.

Thea takes a deep breath at the Weyrleader's request and nods slowly, "Yes Sir, I can do that." Trying not to look overwhelmed and failing, she murmurs, "Weyrwoman," in farewell as Niva departs. Her eyes shift back to D'son, "Flamethowers are… machines aren't they?" It's there in her voice: please say no. "Just let me know what I am supposed to do. I'll learn." She might have some suggestions for D'had, but she'll spare him that - for now.

D'son flips all the pages on the chart back over and nods. "Thank you, Niva," he tells the Weyrwoman as she heads out and there's something complicated in his expression though he keeps his face mostly in control. "Great, thanks D'had, I'll see you in the morning first thing to review some things. Yeah, they're machines and it'll mostly be coordinating with whichever smithcrafter winds up being in charge of supplying them and learning how to work them along with the others," he nods as some of the others who attended slip out and he turns to put away his visual aids. Geek.

"I'll see you then," D'had agrees, pushing off from the wall where he's been standing. "Let me know if there's anything else," he adds, arms uncrossing as he heads for the door.

Thea knew it! First computers and now flamethrowers. What has she gotten herself into? She nods in response to D'son. "Smithcrafter, sure thing. Thanks." She waits for some of the others to file out before she rises with clipboard in hand. She heads towards the door, brushing by D'had with a cool look flickered his way as she passes him on her way out.

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