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Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Late-afternoon at Xanadu finds Kera in the meadow with an older couple that appear to be visiting from Rubicon according to their knots. The trio are standing by a transport dragon and his rider. "Yes, yes. I promise I'll write home more often." Giving the women a hug, then the man, she goes to step back but is grabbed up by the women and hugged again. "Moooouuum. You're embarrassing me." the apprentice hurriedly whispers before extracting herself from the motherly hug. With a good naturedly laugh, the man gently urges to woman up to strap herself into the harnessing. "Leave the girl be Eran, we've got duties to be about, as I'm sure Kera does to." Giving her father a relieved smile and murmured "Thanks dad." she steps back giving plenty of take off space and waves. Her attention stays on the trio as they wing up and then blink out of sight.

It's Ka'el's duty now to be knowledgeable about what the wings are doing. He's been starting off .. slowly. Focusing first on the one he's most familiar with. Search and Rescue. That only makes sense, to him at least, and the transition feels less daunting this way. And thus, he's spent most of this day with Galaxy to observe and take mental notes. Is there anything that he'd want to change? .. Knowing that he can change anything whenever he wants is still a weird concept. He heads through the meadow now, done with that particular task and on to the next one: Heading back to the admin wing. But before he makes it through, his eyes take note of the transport dragon. Transport. That should be the next wing he checks in on.. The couple that seem to be saying goodbye aren't exactly noteworthy to him, but the girl that emerges from the tangle of hugs is. Kera. He slows, waiting til the dragon lifts before he angles his walk to her, looking the same as usual, other than the new knot on his shoulder. "Good to see you have visitors," he remarks upon getting nearer, peering up at the sky. "Who were they?"

Well, that went relatively painless. No overly embarrassing moments that only parents can cause. Still staring off into sky blue space, Kera jumps very slightly and swings her head around to who snuck up on her. Eyeing him briefly, he doesn't look very scary, except that huge choking knot trying to tip him over. A little smile crosses her face and she nods, even if her gaze darts around to see who else may have snuck up on her while sending off her parents. "My mom and dad surprised me with a visit." A little dip of her head in a polite greeting to the Weyrleader and she grins "G'afternoon Weyrleader."

"Yeah?" Ka'el glances up to the sky again with a vaguely crooked grin. "It's nice when parents visit, eh?" Not that he'd know first hand, his parents being … well. Who they are. But he looks happy for her anyway, his smile remaining as his eyes return to her. "Only a short bit?" he assumes with a slight tilt of his head. "Bring you anything good?" That's usually the best part about mom and dad visiting. The gifts they bring! Her greeting with his new title attached brings forth another smirk, though it's a fainter one than his former grin. "Afternoon Kera," he says, though after a glance left and right, as if to make sure the coast is clear, he adds, "It's still a bit weird to have people call me that, y'know?"

Kera nods agreeably, her gaze slipping back to the space she last saw the dragon disappear before turning towards her friend and chuckling. "Of coarse, a few treats from home, including cookies. Poor Minimur stuffed himself silly on her mom's dried meat strips. He likes gnawing on them." Gesturing around the Weyr in general. "They come strolling into the crafter's caverns a few candlemarks ago and I been showing them around ever since." A tiny shrug lifts her shoulders as if she doesn't know what to think about the surprise visit herself. A bit of a knowing nod dips her head a couple of times and she grows a little more serious, just a little though. "Well, no, I don't know actually." Throwing in a good natured wink before going on. "But I could imagine that you spent the first couple of days looking behind ya for the Weyrleader whenever someone greeted ya."

"The sweets are always the best part, eh?" says Ka'el with a grin, brows lifted. "I miss getin' treats from home….though I suspect now I can get treats from just about anywhere I'd like within the Weyr." Anywhere on Xanadu, really. He smirks ruefully before he gestures with his head down along the grassy path. "Walk with me," he says before his walk begins, watching to make sure she does indeed walk with him. He'd look mighty crazy talking with no one around to listen. People would think he's crazy! "The first couple days, I don't think I even responded to my own name without havin' to stop and think about it for a bit," he says with a crooked grin, hands clasping behind his back. "How've you been, eh? Seems like … ages since I've had the chance to speak with any of my friends."

Kera grins "There's still a bunch of cookies left. I think she forgot she already sent me a bunch recently. I'll wrap up some and drop them off for ya." With a nod, she steps to walk along with the bronzerider. But even if she hadn't, a lone dragonrider, walking alone talking to themselves is not a new sight around the Weyr. Ka'el words have her fighting off a little giggle, but it slips out anyway. With a very amused smirk, she gestures to just below the rider's shoulder "Someone should have made you a little nametag." At the inquiry about herself, she spends a few seconds thinking. "Nothing as life changing as becoming Weyrleader has happened for me, that's for certain." Thank whatever passes for a Pernese Deity for that. "I've been alright. Been trying to Teach Minimur to play ball….without cheating." She smiles while shrugging, "Well, ya /have/ been a bit busy lately." Canting her head a little, she glances around while they walk. "How is Soriana doing?"

Ka'el smirks and nods. "I could've used a nametag," he agrees. "Head was sort've .. in a fog for a while. Still feels that way, to be honest," he says, exhaling a breath. Will he ever feel normal again? Probably not. Not as long as his shoulder sports that intricate knot of his. But hey! Now he has cookies to look forward to. "You don't have to share," he says, "though… if you want to share, then I'll happy to take a few off your hands." He'll never get rid of that sweet tooth of his! But he's not really trying to, either. He smirks a little at the life-changing comment, looking ahead now, smiling lightly at a passing man who pulls a wagon. "Life-changing.. Heh. Yeah. It hasn't been…so bad." Yet. "Weyrwoman Thea has been amazing through it all though. Helping me wrap my head around everything. And Sori…" He lightly smiles at the name, "has been the same. The Weyrwomen are all helpful. And oh, if you're lookin' for someone to teach Minimur how to play ball without cheating, you should definitely ask me. As I never cheat." Smirk.

Kera listens to Ka'el speak of his first few foggy days as Weyrleader. "You seem to be dealing with everything well." He's not running around raving like a lunitic at least. Waving off the concern about sharing the sweets. "It's no trouble, really. Mom forgot she already send my turnday cookies soo, there are plenty left. I had way too many in the last month." Glad to hear that Soriana is doing well, Kera smiles. "At least your offices are nearby each other, right? So you can see her a bit more, even if it's just a quick little wave in passing.." Leaving it at that she can't stop the roll of her eyes and snorts with a grin "Uh huh. You just wait. Mini and I will run circles round that big wall you call a dragon."

Ka'el bobs his head. "Hope so. She's a Grade Two Dragonhealer now," he says with a hint of pride in his voice. "She should be spendin' more time in the Annex. She's gonna love it." And that seems enough for him! He's happy for her, and he instinctively glances in the direction of the Annex, wehre the new Grade Two probably is at this moment. His small smile still remains as he looks back at her, continuing their meandering walk. He laughs at the mentioning of Minimur. "Ah, you're probably right. If Kanekith's anything like he was with Luraoth, he…isn't going to be doing much of anything unless it's with Seryth til the eggs hatch." And considering that the eggs aren't even clutched yet, there might not be many game times with his bronze for a while!

Kera blinks in surprise and smiles at the queenrider's accomplishment. "I'm glad to hear she's doing well." Her gaze follows Ka'el's briefly before finding something else on the skyline to watch. "That explains why I've not been able to catch her at her weyr." Even though the apprentice didn't try to visit the goldrider in her office, she wouldn't have been there anyway. Glancing back to the rider. "Just as well, Minimur still has a few finer points to learn." She grins and brushes off Ka'el's worry with a slight wave of her hand. "And it'll give you time wo work up new cheating tactics." A little smirk is given "And soon, you'll be able to pull your 'How to approach a dragon' on a few of your candidates." Kera rolls her eyes skyward with a rueful head shake "Still can't believe I fell for that."

Ka'el smirks lightly. "She was difficult enough to catch at home, eh? Yeah, if ever you need her, you'll more likely to find her at the Annex than anywhere else. Though good luck gettin' her head out of 'dragonhealer' mode," he says with an affectionate laugh. "Ah, I never did ask her about Haruhi and her eggs," he says, snapping his fingers. It's like .. he might've had other things on his mind or something! "I don't know if she had any or not. Next I see her, I'll ask for you. Still alright with havin' a friend for Minimur?" he asks with a light smirk. "Though, if it's a bronze or blue, I've just one request. Don't name him Minika'el. That'd just be too weird." He laughs both at that and the memory of the trick he played on her. "Ah, but it makes for a good memory, right?" he snickers, grin broad. "More Candidates. Seems like we just impressed a group just yesterday. Ah well. It'll be good for the weyr. The traders usually follow where eggs clutch."

Kera thinks a few seconds "I caught up with her a few sevendays ago." More like a couple months, but who can keep track between studies, duties and exams. With a little shake of her head, "I've a hard enough time managing normals sized patients sometimes. Couldn't imagine working on one so…large." Another head shake given, then the mention of a little friend for Mini is enough of a distraction from 'work' topics. "Oh, I wasn't expecting you anything either way. And I'm still alright with getting another lizard friend when one comes along." The request of a potential name brings a little sigh out. "I had thought I was naming him after a friend. But since…well.. you know. Since I stopped bothering to look around for him, not seen him since." A shrug lifts her shoulders before they drop back into place before she lauighs it off. "So no, I won't be running off the few friends I got left by naming a lizard after anyone else." Canting her head at Ka'el, she smirks "Well, technically, you sorta did just have a bunch of candidates. I seem to recall quite a gathering up in the stands watching Luraoth's eggs hatching."

Ka'el smirks slightly. "Well I don't see any reason why we wouldn't be friends. Still .. no Minika'el firelizard, please," he says, keeping his tone light. He knows that's a touchy subject. Mur'dah seems to be a touchy subject across the board nowadays. "Besides, I hear I'm rather troublesome to get rid of," he says, jutting his chin up as if this is something to be proud of. "I'm like that bothersome fly that you can't seem to ward off." He glances over at her and grins, then laughs at the mentioning of Candidates. "You're right about that," he agrees. "And… I'm not very much looking forward to spending time on the sands again. It's hot. But .. I did with Soriana. I'd be odd if I didn't sit with Weyrwoman Thea too." And it might even be insulting to the Weyrwoman! And he doesn't want that. He has to make good impressions. "I know we spoke of it before but…are you hoping to be searched?"

Kera grins and nods agreeably, then starts chuckling "Well, if it was that annoying fly, one could always find something to swat it with. Still, point taken." Stepping around a small boulder set firmly in the ground, cast a glance to Ka'el. "I don't envy that chore. It's warm enough just visiting up in the stands." And to have to do it with that scary woman on top of it all? A little shiver passes through the apprentice and her gaze slips around the clearing, as if expecting the Weyrwoman to jump out from anywhere. "You're probably right though. She might become irritated." She doesn't say what may upset the Weyrwoman, as if she would know anyway. The change of subject draws her attention back to the new Weyrleader. "Well, yeah we did talk about it before, but I figured that was just part of the little set up ya needed to get me to 'approach' a dragon properly." She chuckles and adds a quick nod "You're right, that is a funny memory. And now I can't even consider thinking of a way to get ya back for that. You being Weyrleader an all now."

Ka'el grins a little and shakes his head. "She's not so scary .. once you get to know her." Not that Ka'el can claim to really know the Weyrwoman much, but leaderships tend to make you closer to a person whether you want to or not! He's definitely not looking forward to Sands time, though the Weyrwoman has it a thousand times worse. He can at least leave and not come back for a while if needed! She .. is kinda stuck there. Yuck. He's so glad he's not a gold rider! "Ha, it wasn't just set up," he says of his last conversation with her regarding searching. "Honestly, it wasn't!" He laughs. "This'll be Kanekith's second clutch … Meh. He really needs to stop catching golds. It makes my life that much more complicated. But, as it is.. it's his second. There'll probably be more eggs, since this is hardly Seryth's first clutch. More eggs mean more candidates…" he says." As for being immune to payback, he can only smirk. Mwuaha

Kera gives Ka'el a moment of curious speculation while she listens, nodding a time or two at certain things he says. "Well, as I said, I had thought you were joking. So I hadn't given it too much thought." Peering along the path she's quiet a few seconds as she walks along. "I will really think about it then." The apprentice seems to stumble a little over her words "That's a big decision. I mean, just look where that one decision led you." Fearless Weyrleader, not that she would ever have that problem. Not to mention the injuries she's seen on riders, mountain spiral skydiving among them. "I guess sometimes ya just have to close your eyes and toss the dart, see where it lands. That's something my dad says sometimes."

"It's one hell of a dart to throw," Ka'el remarks, chuckling a little. "But, yeah like what I said before.. it's a big thing. A life-changing thing." And yes, he's a prime example. Smith apprentice turned Weyrleader…who would've thought? "The options are endless. YOu could end up bein' the next Junior Weyrwoman. Or you could be a brown rider that chases a gold…" The edges of his lips faintly downturn at that, but it's only for a flicked second. "Or a green rider who rises more often than you like. It's a lot to think about, yes, and it's worht the time to think about because there's no goin' back. So .. think on it. You might not want to throw that dart at all." He lightly smiles then looks ahead to the caverns as they approach. "I've to get back to the office.." Heh. That sounds weeeeird to say! The office. "I won't be a stranger, ok? I'm Weyrleader, but I'm still your friend and someone you can come to if you need anything. Remember that, okay?"

Kera nods again, but her complexion pales a bit and a quick shake of her head is given "Oh, don't even joke about a thing like that. Me as a Weyrwoman? T'would be the downfall of Xanadu to be sure." Smirking with a knowing nod, she won't argue the fact that she's got alot to consider. "I will think about it Ka'el." As they approach the Weyr, she grins and waves to her friend and chuckles. "It /does/ seem a little weird, but soon enough, it won't be. Have a good evening Ka'el." With his parting words, she smiles "I'll remember. Tell Soriana I said hello…..Sir." With a chuckle at 'sir'ing' her friend, she waves and starts towards the cavern.

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