Summoned to Cold Stone Hold

Cold Stone Hold - Mountain Prairie

Beyond the shielding barrier that is the Hold and her mountain, the sloping grass prairie has been allowed to flourish with little interruption. The occasional, wandering group of camelids dot the landscape, ducking in and out of visibility behind low-growing trees and prairie bushes. The vegetation grows in haphazard groups as the beasts of the field groom it in their own, private way, and some patches are thick and taller than the average man's thigh. Under the lash of the sun, the area smells strongly of warm earth and baking grass, the occasional bite of mountain life wafting in from further up the pass.

To the south and around the spine of the mountain, Cold Stone Hold is clearly visible, its stones warming in the light of the sun whenever possible. To the north, the prairie finds itself penned in by an impressive strip of prime-evil forest, its leaves a vivid, emerald beacon in the daylight.

Somewhere above, a mountain bird's fierce, lonely cry drifts upon the wind, the solitary anthem of this place and her people.

Siebith senses that Seryth reaches for Siebith, her contact fraught with the raw winds of late winter's cold, the words uneasy, « Mine needs yours to come, if he will. » the image shared is of a windswept peak covered in the dancing grasses of summer and a dark-haired woman with a face stressed and tense. « If drills can be ended early today? » There is in the tone a hint that she knows this is an unusual request.

Seryth senses that Siebith's lazy waves swell higher with the cold winds that bring message from the gold. « Mine says he only needs to inform the Weyrleader and he will be there. » A swift answer that's wrought with a held back need to rush.

Siebith senses that Seryth returns with a brisk wind that curls about the words, « Mine says it is no emergency, but it is of personal matter of some urgency to her. » Wind sighs the way it will do about the eaves of a desolate house and there is a picture, indistinct of a stern-faced grey-haired man. Something she has drawn from the mind of hers, « She waits. I will send the visualization when you are ready. »

Seryth senses that Siebith replies, waves calming somewhat with that assurance. « We will be there shortly. » He pulls away, tides leaving the sand damp. « Where do we meet? » the question is posed a few minutes later, the surge of ocean waves echoing in the background.

Siebith senses that Seryth takes some time to answer, her mindvoice muted as her storm winds shift and change direction, carrying the scent of snow-laden clouds. « Mine awaits him in the high pastures on the peak ridge.» The picture of the grassy peak is one again there, more clearly now, showing the angle of the sun in the sky. Late morning there, several hours earlier than Xanadu's time. Her contact fades, troubled as winds that die with the setting sun without bringing the rain promised. Something is indeed wrong.

Siebith shares nothing more, but appears seconds later in the sky above the peak he was shown. He doesn't dive, rather circling down to a landing - if quicker than the usual landing. Once his feet have touched the ground, D'had is jumping down, no patience as usual.

Thea stands alone on the peak watching, waiting, the winds common to these peaks buffet, rippling both the grass and the light summer clothes she wears, lifting her dark hair to wrap about her face one moment, then dance about her shoulders the next. Seryth is not in sight and this pasture is empty of stock today. As Siebith appears, the weyrwoman lifts a hand in greeting, stepping to meet the Weyrsecond as he dismounts managing a smile for him, although it is a strained one.

Goggles and helmet, yes he was actually wearing those, are removed and stowed in the pack on Siebith's straps so as not to be forgotten in the grass. A wave sent her way in the process before he turns to give greeting with a hug. "What's wrong?" D'had questions, holding her at arm's length.

Thea clings just a bit, before her arms release him, reluctantly allowing him to hold her at arm's length, her whispered "Thanks for coming-" interrupted by his question. "What isn't wrong there days?" The laugh she attempts ends up with s slightly hysterical note to it. "It's my da. I… " She turns her head, pointing with her chin towards the distant hold far below before her clear green eyes, when they return to his are full of disbelief, "He's… he's trying to rearrange my life!"

"Told you I'd be here if ya need me," D'had assures, turning a half smile of his on her. His gaze follows hers towards the hold and then back. For her explanation he sighs, "He can't do that, you and I both know that. You're a weyrwoman of Xanadu. Ain't nothin' he can do about that."

"I know that and you know that." Thea's voice trembles with something he'll rarely hear from her: anger. She shakes her head, "He has never listened to Tharen or me - ever! He needs to hear it from someone with authority." She winces, "He… might shut up and leave me in peace then."

"Hey now," D'had starts, pulling her back to him, resting his chin on the top of her head. "Don't be mad at him. Can't blame a guy for wantin' ta take care of his kids. But.." he pauses, "You want me to talk to him…" That's why he's here isn't it.

Thea slides her arms about the Weyrsecond's waist, turning her head to rest under his chin. "Take care-" She lifts her head to blink at him, "Donn, he's never asked or cared what we thought of his plans. Which is partly why I've never been back. He's clueless!" She returns her head to snuggle under his chin, inhales deeply, lips quirking into a bit of a grin, she finally answers his question, "Partly. I missed you. And you know what? You smell nice." She giggles. Okay, a little silly? Stress will do that sometimes.

D'had chuckles. "Sweat and firestone smells nice?" he teases having given a slight nod for the rest of the explanation. "I'll see what I can do babe, but no promises he won't hate me before its over."

Thea laughs, "Yeah, when it's on you it does." She's in no hurry to pull away. "At this point, I'm not worried about how he feels. He's obviously never really acknowledged ours." She smirks from where her head rests, "He could stand to be annoyed and frustrated for once. I… can't seem to bring myself to do it. He makes a child out of me every time I try to talk to him." Her arms tighten, "I'll not have him thinking he can marry me off to that holder over yon and toss Seryth into the deal!"

"Well then…" D'had smirks, "Maybe these drills won't be so bad hmm?" Teasing of course. He gives a light squeeze, "Some people are just good at making ya feel like kid no matter how old you are. That ain't gonna happen, even if he wanted ta try. You know that. And I'll talk to 'im. Do my best. Alright?"

Thea nods from under his chin, "Alright, thanks." Her sigh is one of contentment. He is here. It will be alright. "All I want is peace, really. Although…" She lifts her head to look him straight in the eye, "I think they should meet the man I love." Her lips twist into a half-smile. "Ma will love you and I really don't think Da will, but." She shrugs, one hand lifts from his waist to gesture to the tumbled mountains across the valley, "Welcome to my home." Her head tilts at him with a silent, 'what do you think?'

D'had nods, sending a smile towards her when she looks up. Everything will be fine! Hopefully. "I don't doubt," he agrees, chocolate eyes turning to the scenery once again with that wave over hand. "Its.." he starts only to leave the thought to be finished with a laugh.

Thea's eyes take on a twinkle at that non-answer of his. She shifts to nudge him - hard. And if she knocks him over? Oh well. "The ocean is thata way just two mountain ranges away. We're nearly at the beach." There's a bit of soft laughter, "At least it's not the Yokohama?"

D'had laughs all the more for her commentary, taking a step back for that 'nudge'. "That's what Sie was just saying. Too far from the water," he explains, still chuckling. "But ya got that right."

Thea smirks at that step back, "I could so take you down if I wanted to, you know. The ground all tipped like this is what I'm used to." Steps back only help if you keep taking them in otherwords. Her foot hooks around one of his and yanks. Someone's been feeling like a kid in too many ways…

"Hey now," D'had complains, stumbling given that yank she gives. But then again he's still holding onto her so if he's falling he's going chances are she's going with him.

Thea's laughing, ignoring complaints, not caring if they both fall. But his complaint has her fooling around stopped and her arms drop as she steps back. She's silent for a moment, then turns to find a spot to sit, "You once told me I was too serious. You…" she shakes her head, "What is wrong? You never play anymore?"

D'had laughs, finding his footing as she leaves off. A frown forms as she goes off to sit and he follows a second later, dropping into the space beside her. "You were," he comments, keeping hands to himself for the time being. "Just not used to the change? Not that I mind," he assures, tossing a slight grin her way. "Like seein' ya smile."

Thea flickers him an uncertain and very confused look as he sits beside her. She returns his smile tentatively, although her head shakes just a little. "I… keep feeling like I'm getting the message to stop." She picks up a small twig and begins snapping it into tiny pieces. "And.. ever since the," her hand waves at her head, "It seems like…" her cheeks turn pink as she finishes, "I'm more like your daughter than-" she shrugs, avoiding his eyes.

D'had blows out a breath, shaking his head. "Just.. was worried about ya," he replies, finally turning a half smirk towards her. Overly careful and cautious about it all it would seem. "Than…" he repeats that last word, but he does know what one would follow and instead of letting her answer, he leans in his lips finding hers as a hand brushes her hair back, finally resting lightly against the back of her head.

Thea's response is immediate. She drops the twig she's breaking up, to fall forgotten in the grass. Her arms lift to twine behind his neck as she leans into him to return his kiss with a quiet sound in the back of her throat that could very well be the answer he was looking for. If he's ever looking for a way to shut her up…

Works every time! Not always quite that well, but it will always shut them up. That kiss lasts longer, and unless she breaks it first he's only breaking it for a need to draw a deeper breath. "That?" D'had half asks, forehead still leaning against hers.

Thea could die for lack of air and not mind one bit. When he does lift his mouth from hers, she opens her eyes slowly, a slightly dazed look in hers as she meets his. She nods wordlessly, still hanging onto his neck, for if she doesn't she's going to fall over. And he likes to see her smile? This works…

"Just lucky I came from drills and not a flight," D'had teases. Then again.. might be unlucky? He grins all the same, that lopsided smirk. "Tell ya what, next free day we spend the whole day in bed. Hmm?"

Thea laughs at that, nudging against his forehead with hers. One hand lifts behind his neck to snap her fingers in an 'oh darn' gesture. "Have Siebith work on his timing, will ya?" There's more snickering to his last before she murmurs, "Tell me when it is so I can mark it on my calendar? We both know how your memory is…"

D'had chuckles. "Well ya know…" he says, raising a brow suggestively. "Don't always need a flight," he finishes, shifting to kiss along her jawline, gently pushing her back. "Can check mine." Calendar that is.

"Is that so?" Thea's answer is brief as his lips move along her jaw she's leaning back onto that hand he'd had behind her head. He's not finding it hard to move her, she's leaning back onto the warm meadow grass and no, she's not letting go of his neck. Laughter colors her answer, "Hmm, I'll do that."

D'had's amused laugh is into her neck this time as he grins. Let's just hope that no one is wandering the meadow this afternoon because once he has her laid back he's less than content with that barrier of clothing.

Thea isn't thinking about people wandering the meadow today, although truth be told, she's not thinking. They are far from the hold, the grass is long and the wanderers are off in the woods looking for that special plant. If she can avoid letting go of him she will, although he may find help with a shrug here and there. Her lips and hands are busy. He'll simply have to manage.

D'had isn't thinking about that either, as is obvious by his managing. The only sad thing of needing hands for de-robing, they aren't free for other … things, but soon enough that's no longer an issue and she's certain to get all of his attention.

Winter and Xanadu are far away. The summer winds stir sweet meadow grass, fragrant wildflowers, warm earth scents to mingle jasmine and firestone while the whispering stalks sing their own wild song. Sweetness follows there in the wild tumble of mountains which goes to show that there are times when one doesn't need a bed - or a bedwarmer.

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