A Food Showdown Between Two Greenies!

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern*

It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

Kyra gives Kiena and Mur'dah a somewhat amused look that indicates she has some idea of exactly what's going on there. She is distracted by C'rus seemingly laughing at nothing, her eyebrows lifting, but she seems to not find it all that weird as she quickly turns her attention back to what she's doing, "Nice to meet all of you! Kiena, Mur'dah, and C'rus, though the last I sort of took out of conversation." A slight grin and she wrinkles her nose playfully at Kaitro, "I know, I was just giving you a hard time. Do you want me to bring anything out for you?" She's already moving back towards the kitchen, bin full of dishes propped on her hip.

"Just 'cause he's not Xanadian doesn't mean he isn't trustworthy," Kiena points out gently to Kaitro and with an amused and crooked smile. "I'm not originally from Xanadu either. Plus, S'ai's a Fortian rider — granted I'm biased." She'll hold up her hands as if guilty by that admission. Then she levels Mur'dah with a sharp look but as C'rus only seems to take it in stride and laughs, the bluerider relaxes and she grins crookedly towards the brownrider. "Don't tempt me!" she drawls with a wink and turns back to Kyra. "Enjoying it so far? You from the Weyr here or the region or beyond?" she inquires curiously, while Kaitro is chuckled too. "I'm sure there's plenty to pick from and maybe I will stop in at the caverns on the way home. But for now…" She leans back into her chair and against Mur'dah slightly. She's comfortable!

Mur'dah smirks with a low laugh. "As are your views on the world, C'rus." And he's content to leave it at that. "S'ai seems like a good sort, from what I've seen and heard so far. From Fort, isn't he?" He glances curiously at Kaitro and chuckles. "Well, now's time to /get/ to know him. Your dragon might be sired by his, after all." His arm slips off the back of the chair to settle around Kiena's shoulders, giving them a squeeze.

C'rus 's eyes glaze once more and he does his best to suppress another laugh, and is more or less successful this time out, "They really are aren't they." he says amiably enough to Mur'dah. He piggy backs off of what Kiena is saying, "S'ai is good people. He's one of my clutchsiblings. I'm not sure how much you'll see him, but if you do take advantage of it." He can then finally turn more attention to Kyra, "It's good to meet you as well. You will have to forgive me. I'm a bit distracted today." he says in something of an understatement.

Kaitro shakes his head slowly, "How bout this, I'll go out back and work in the kitchens while you focus out here on the tables. If we divvy it up like that it'll go quicker then you won't have to worry about cleaning dishes!" And before Kyra can give her opinion on it, Kai's sneaking out back to do just that.

"Oh, no, I'm from Half Moon Bay. This is about as far from my typical weather as you can get," Kyra admits, pressing her tub of dishes on Kaitro as he escapes and then wiping her hands idly on her nice black apron. There we go. Resting her hands on her hips now, she beams and declares, "I'm the server now. If anyone wants to order anything, let me know and we'll get it out here. I thought I heard you say something about a meat pie?" She whips a little notepad out of her pocket along with a tied-on pencil and peers at Kiena curiously, throwing out after the fact, "Oh, where are you guys from? You sound like you all know each other pretty well." C'rus's apology just gets a blink, a smile, and an unconcerned shrug. No worries.

Looking a little surprised as Kaitro rushes past him, Keldan pauses in the doorway of the tavern to look after his fellow candidate just a bit curiously. No point in trying to ask where he's headed off to, though. Besides, that open door is letting in all that cold air! He shuts it behind him readily enough then, gloved fingers rubbing together before he takes a bite of the tip of a finger, pulling the covering off first one hand and then the other. Fingers bare, he stuffs the gloves into a pocket while striding across the room, one finger giving a bit of a poke into Kyra's ribs as he goes. "I'm not shirking, just gonna get a drink before I get started in here." Best to clarify before he sits around and does..nothing!

Kiena leans into Mur'dah's arm and reaches over to casually rest her arm against his leg. She chuckles, looking over at him. "Uh huh. Apparently Velokraeth Searched him. And I'm sure he is, C'rus. Maybe we'll cross paths again before those eggs hatch and he and Zeruth return back to Fort." she muses and then snorts when the bluerider admits to his distraction. Nah, you don't say? "I said that," she admits honestly to Kyra. "And if you're offering to serve us then I'll definitely go for a slice. I'm originally from Half Moon Bay too. Impressed there but transferred here. Known Mur'dah here for awhile," She grins up at him. "C'rus…" Here her grin falters a bit but she presses on. "I know through a mutual friend."

Mur'dah waves a hand a bit. "I was born and raised right here. Son of goldrider Thea and bluerider D'had." Then he's silent, sipping at his ale.

Kera had a plan when she started off for the tavern today, and it didn't involve standing in a line outside the door while someone decided which way they wanted to go. "OH come on!!, there are two choices, in or out. Pick one already!" Before some irritated greeny shoves ya out of her way. Pushing around and past her obstacle, an elbow may or may not have met her obstacle's side. Kera makes her way into the tavern, heading straight towards the bar and not really noticing anyone that may already be scattered about.

"Originally I'm from Rubicon. Not all that far away from here. I lived here in Xanadu for a time, but now I'm living over at Fort." C'rus says giving the very short version of the story. He does nod though to Kiena, "Yeah. Velokraeth searched me too. Got me while I was in the infirmary helping roll bandages for the games." At the question of getting something he once more looks down to his still full plate, "I'm fine thanks…." He then blinks at the commotion from the door. Uh oh. He looks from face to face to face before he resolutely stands up as tall as he can, straightens out his tunic and jacket and sighs once, "Please excuse me…" He then walks slowly over toward the bar looking extra careful, "Honey…can I get you something?" he asks softly.

At the side of her brother, Kyra lifts a hand in a bit of a wave only to smack him when he pokes her like that, "Yeah, yeah. Shirk all you want, we're not busy." She salutes lightly for Kiena's sake, flashing a smile once more, and is quick to add, "I'll have them get it ready for you. It'll probably be a little bit, but it'll be hot when it comes out." Just like that, the fairly cheerful candidate is off towards the kitchens again to see if she can't find something food-shaped.

Keldan glances back at the commotion in the door. Thankful he only lingered there a moment? Heck yeah. There's a sympathetic wince for the unfortunate soul catching elbows and other such grumps, but shakes his head and takes up the warm mug that manages to get set in front of him. Cold outside, but he'll at least have heat in his belly. His eyes roll as his sister calls after him though, waving his hand. "But I'm not. Matter of principle!" Shirking or not, the boy sips at his drink a bit, and then promptly shoves the mug right up against his cold nose. Warm that thing up, too.

Kiena brows lift up high, "Did he now?" she drawls to C'rus. So she has Velokraeth and Th'ero to blame, does she? Excellent! Not that she'd ever argue it, knowing far better and what would the point be? "Thanks, Kyra. Appreciated!" Because the bluerider is only now beginning to realize how hungry she is. She'll only catch sight of Keldan when he decides to use his mug as a nose warmer and snickers, "Cold?" she drawls and then falls silent as Kera all but shoves her way into the taverns. Kiena's expression twitches and falters and she's reaching over to gently nudge Mur'dah to get his attention and whisper something to him hastily. Standing, she reaches for her jacket. "Think we ought to get back. In case Keruthien gives the nannies trouble again…" Kiena mutters with a quick glance to the bar. Maybe she'll linger long enough to get that food to go before zipping out the door, offering hasty waves of farewell.

Kera drums her fingers of one hand on her thigh while waiting for the guy leaning into the bar to finish slurring out his order. When he finally manages it and stumbles away with his ale dribbling on the floor, she edges closer and puts in her order. That done she takes a moment to peer around. That's about the time C'rus steps into her line of sight and she blinks at just now realizing he was here. Looking past him, she spots Kiena and Mur'dah making a hasty exist. Just as well. Candidates are noted and she sends a slight nod their way, but doesn't bite their head off, yet. Instead, C'rus steps up to volunteer for that honor. "C'rus, Didn't expect to see you hanging about Xanadu's tavern,…again." Gaze goes back to the waiter behind the bar that took her order "I'll be over there!" Her tone seems irritated as she storms over to the table just vacated by the fleeing blue and brownrider. She steps around the candidates, greeting them without her normal cheer "Kyra, Keldan." Then she's arriving at the table and plonking down, reaching out to flick some leftover bit of dry food off the table.

C'rus is going to guess the answer to his question is no. He also notices Kiena and Mur'dah fleeing. He doesn't know if he should be grateful or not yet. Only time will tell. When his weyrmate speaks up he nods his head slowly, "Honey…I'm here to be here for you….do you remember?" he asks following her back to the table that he was already seated at with Mur'dah and Kiena. He has food that is largely untouched and offers his plate to Kera, "Would you like something to eat?" he asks. A look is sent to the candidates that says, 'Stay on your toes.'.

Kyra is seemingly unfazed, though C'rus gets a cocked eyebrow for that look, offering Kera an easygoing smile as she says, "Hi, Kera." She has a chance to give Kiena and Mur'dah that meat pie before they head out and takes the time to wipe down the bar before tossing the cloth back behind it, "Kel, one of the servants from the living caverns stopped by the kitchen and said they need us over there. Something about helping with the baked goods for the dinner rush. Come on." She waves her hand at her brother to beckon him, then heads for the door, snagging her coat off the hook and zipping it up nice and snug. She'll wait for Keldan before she heads out, off to do more chores. Hurrah.

"Little bit," Keldan replies in reference to his nose warmer. Of course, he does /drink/ from the mug too, and once those poor extremities like noses and fingers are warmed up, he settles into a much easier hold of it, content to look around just a bit. There's a slightly..suspicious look given when Kera makes her way over though, and at least the candidate does give her a bit of a salute from where he sits. "Kera." His gaze slides then to C'rus as the Fortian rider follows around after her, and shakes his head. "Yeeeah." The teen drawls as Kyra informs him of other chores needing to be done, and he puts the empty mug down with a sigh. "/Back/ out into the cold, huh? Can't win. Alright, alright." He follows after his sister though, taking a bit of a slower time getting to the door.

Kera watches the bit of dried food soar away from the table about five feet then it starts sinking towards the floor. C'rus's assurance he was in the tavern for 'her' gets an eye roll. "Just be sure to not get tossed in a cell this time alright?" When the mostly full plate of offered up, Kera huffs and leans forward to snatch a meatroll and tears a bite off hurriedly. Catching a few looks her way from a nearby table, she turns a sharp glare to her watchers "What?!" Glaring at each, she finally turns her attention back towards C'rus, and his plate.

Idrissa is making her way on inside the door before it closes fully. She pauses and gives her head a slight shake, a hand lifting to rub at her eye before she is moving onwards humming to herself. She hears voices but really isn't paying them any mind as she goes along. Drinks are good, and this is a place for said drinks.

C'rus 's face falls when she mentions that, "Kera…" he says softly, "I love you." What else can he tell her? He looks down at his plate and sighs, "Please have it. I'm not hungry at all." The candidates have scurried away and now its just her and him…at least until Idrissa makes her way into the tavern. He glances her way for a moment and waves a hand in greeting before he turns his full attention back on Kera, "Is there anything I can do to help you? Anything at all?" He says hopefully. There has to be something.

Kera chomps another bite from the meatroll and tosses the reminder back down. "What can you do?" She stares at C'rus incredulously "How about you go tell the Journeyman on duty that he only has himself to blame for being short handed." She mutters about know it all Jrmn then speaks up again "Kicked me from the infirmary and told me to 'check back' in a day or so and he 'may' put me back on rotation." Kera huffs that last bit out and reaches for a mug that has yet to be cleaned from the previous customers. Shifting around in her seat again, she stretches her legs out some and spots Idrissa heading towards the bar. She gives a quick head nod that before grumbling "How long does it take to put an order of pastries together!" Her fingers begin drumming on the table as she waits none too patiently.

Idrissa smiles and waves to C'rus along with a nod seen as she moves to take over a seat at the bar. "Hey, how goes things?" Though she doesn't actually look at Kera the greeting was for her as well. The greenrider settles upon a seat near to C'rus while running a hand through her hair a few times and then peers over the counter to see where abouts the tender is it seems.

C'rus sits up as straight as he can watching the woman who looks like his weyrmate act in a way that is distinctly un-Kera like. It's disconcerting on so many levels, "If you want me to talk to him I'd be happy too. You know there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you Kera." His hand begins a motion to try to reach out to hold her hand but he reconsiders and pulls it back, "I'm sure I could get it worked out. Are you telling me you want to work?" he asks. C'rus gives Idrissa a very forced smile, "I'm uhhh…We are…." he glances back to Kera and then Idrissa, "Fine."

Compared to the night prior, S'ai is far more awake and aware of his surroundings. Apparently someone managed to get sleep and more cold air this time around. The Fortian is making his way through the door and pulling off his heavy riding jacket, shaking off snow that's collected on his walk over.

Kera doesn't seem to be in the hand holding frame of mind, so it's probably a good thing C'rus didn't attempt it. Eyeing Idrissa as she settles on the other side of C'rus a noncommittal little grunt from Kera, which passes for a greeting today. But she's quick to go right back to 'chatting' with her weyrmate. "Oh? You think that'll do any good? Well you have at it." She grabs back up the meatroll she stole from his plate and gestures with a sarcastic flourish to the door, "See how much luck you have. Bet you do no better than I did." Huffing and tearing off another bite, she eyes Idrissa before rolling her eyes towards the shelve behind the bar.

Idrissa isn't paying attention to seats and the like, it was the first chair open and so she took it! She glances to C'rus and then looks to Kera once more, she looks confused that is for certain before glancing back to C'rus. "Having issues huh?" She doesn't normally come right out and say things like that, but hey, it seems there is a foul mood in the air and she is jumping on that wagon without even meaning to mind you! A glance is sent over to the opening of a door and she casts a slight wave towards the one there.

C'rus is looking very pale, all those nerves that he had worked so hard to suppress just keep coming up to the surface, "Honey…" he nearly begs. And he is not a begging sort of guy, "I think maybe it's ok to take the night off. We can just relax and get something nice to eat…how does that sound?" he says with as big a smile as he can manage, "We'll get whatever food you want…It will be fun." Anything and everything to try to distract her and bring the old Kera out. He raises a hand and gestures warningly to Idrissa, "No problems. Things are fine." Then he spots S'ai coming in and offers him a wave, not sure if he should be happy to see him or not. That just seems to be the feeling of the day, "Hello S'ai…."

S'ai gives a responding bob of his chin towards the other riders. "Hey guys, how's it going?" He says as he diverts from the bar towards where they all are, not yet apparently aware there may be Things going on. "They got anything good to eat tonight or the same old stuff?"

Finished with chores, Chrystyne decides to check out the tavern once more. Peeking about to see how many people are in here this time of day she seeks out a solitary table with faint nods of greeting to those she passes. S'ai, though, does get a cheeky smile and waggle of fingers since, after all, it was his dragon that searched her /and/ he's the brother of one of her good friends in Candidacy.

Kera cuts a sideways glance to C'rus has he tries to talk reasonably to Kera. His suggestions of taking a night off might sound nice any other day, it just earns a sigh from her. "What I want is that baklava I ordered when I came in." The barkeep catches the comment and hurries to the back and check on the tasties. She appears to relax seeing that she may have her sweets soon, unless ya were to notice that her knee is bouncing in a jittery sorta way. The Fortian is spotted and given a partial wave, more of a quick wave off with her hand actually, but who's really paying attention. Idrissa's comment draws her attention to the other rider and she frowns "And what issues are you talking about?"

Idrissa curiously watches S'ai for a few moments, names.. names she is trying to think of the name of this one. Oh well no matter he still isn't too bad to look at now is he? She lets her arms fold upon the counter once she finally gets a drink, she smiles a bit while still watching S'ai. "Ah…" Pause and she peeks over to the menu. "Just ask the tender, he'll give you the specials. They always have really good soup and bread though." She caught the warning look from C'rus at some point and any other time she would have been quiet after it. Just so happens she is a touch moody, you can thank a certain green dragon that is also with the same attitude today. Tahryth is always moody, and down right feline like when she is close to rising so anyone that knows her would understand it really. Her gaze flicks to Kera and she is curiously watching her. "No issues, just sounds like you all have some at the moment." She points out with a matter oh fact like tone and slight upwards lift of her head.

"It looks like they are getting it…" C'rus says quickly when he sees the bartender move away quickly. He'd love to be running too, but this situation can't be helped and he's here to the end, "Don't worry. It will be here soon." It had better be or else he'll be going back there himself and explaining matters to the wait staff. He glances down at her bouncy knee for a moment. He hasn't seen her be so fidgety before. He sighs when she asks about the issues. He was hoping that she'd forgotten. He turns his head so hopefully Kera can't see and mouths to S'ai 'PRODDY'. The poor man deserves fair warning. His gaze then flicks back to Idrissa and another sigh escapes his lips, oh man…"Nope. Things are totally fine. Well in hand…" he says quickly.

"Eh, as long as it's edible." S'ai remarks as he lingers within chatting range. It doesn't take him long though then to pick up on the underlying female tension. He does have a gold-riding mother and a little sister. He learned early to flee from womanly moods. One corner of his mouth twitches back faintly and he glances aside to C'rus. Oooh, comes the responding raise of his brows. "So right. Food. I'm gonna go get some. Any of you need anything while I head that way?"

Kera snorts and obviously doesn't think much of Idrissa 's mentioning of issues. Gaze narrowing just a bit and she watches the other woman flipping her attentions between C'rus, S'ai and then back again. Tossing the rapidly cooling meatroll down, some runny sauce on the plate splats up and across to dribble onto the counter by Idrissa, and maybe even the woman's hand if it was slow enough to be in the way. Kera spots the little mess her dropping of the half eaten roll made and simply smirkls before rolling her gaze away with a shake of her head "Well if there are our issues, why are you adding your two marks in? And I don't /have/ any issues." Other than people telling her she's not fit to be around. Catching sight of C'rus mouthing a silently, she's not fooled "Why don't you just yell it out C'rus." S'ai's retreat to get food is watched, but she hasn't targeted the bronzer yet. Give it time.

Idrissa lets her gaze turns after S'ai and she is well left watching him for a few moments before. To the point she isn't paying attention to Kera and her need to toss food at her. A half ouch escapes her at the sauce hits her and she looks back to the roll which she picks up and throws right back at Kera. "Hey, keep it to yourself. Yeah?" Food fight anyone? As for the rest she rolls her eyes. "Your the ones talking about stuff in a public place Kera. What should I do? Humm some music to myself and try to ignore everything that leaves your loud mouth at the moment?" Dark days my friend, arn't these two friends?

C'rus is at something of a loss of how to deal with this situation. His mouth just hangs partially open and his eyes glaze as he goes to the one being that he knows will have some kind of answer for what to do, and he receives no reply other than a very quick, «I'm busy.» before once again going back to paying attention to Moncerath. Great! He's in this by himself. He takes in a deep breathe and lets it out to try to calm the nerves that have been jangling at him since yesterday, "No one has any issues…it's fine." Though he does look rather stricken when she catches him warning S'ai, "I'm sorry." he says softly. Though when she throws the meatroll back onto the plate and some of it hits Idrissa…and hears her response he quickly jumps in, "Honey…would you like to go home? I'll bring the baklava and it we'll make a night of it…" A horrible…nervous…grouchy night…but a night of it none the less, "I'll get a fire going and you can sit on the couch and…and…" he casts his eyes about wildly as he tries to come up with something else, "Neck massages! Feet massages!" Thats gotta work right?

S'ai is halfway to the bar but he overhears the spat escalating and C'rus desperately trying to appease the situation and just sighs, his shoulders slumping. "…right. He mumbles under his breath before he turns himself around and heads over towards the others - though lingering closer to C'rus. "Dancing is a good way to blow off energy too." He suggests, at least trying to be helpful and give them another way out.

Ka'el does not have any special gift that clues him in that there is a rift between his riders. Spidey senses have not been graced upon him. He does have a bronze who from time to time tries to keep tabs on the dragons but…really, Ka'el's arrival in the Wanderin' Wherry is merely a circumstantial thing. Probably. The Weyrleader wants a drink! And where better than the tavern? And he can even check in with the owner and schedule the next Comet delivery of foreign ales while he's here. Two birds, one stone! A little business with his pleasure never hurt, and thus while Kanekith is off keeping tabs, in strides Ka'el. First, to the bar for that drink! The business will come later, see.

Kera drums her fingers, flashing a still irritated look to C'rus after catching him trying to talk about her behind her back. When he starts trying to come up with things that should calm someone down, Kera's glare becomes less annoyed as if she may be considering, but Idrissa keeps chittering on and then throwing food! Staring down at her stained shirt for a couple of seconds, then shooting a glare past C'rus to the her attacker "You feather-headed caprine! Look what you did! This is a new shirt." As if on it's own, her hand reaches to the plate and grabs some of the gravy wherry slices, and she tries to push past C'rus. Ignoring his supposedly calming attempts, Kera flings the handful of food at Idrissa. "You're the one sneaking around, then butting in!" S'ai's dancing suggestions are heard but she barely spares the bronzer a glance, nor anyone else right now.

Idrissa sputters a touch while eyeing Kera a few moments, her fingers tap rather hard upon the counter even. "Feather-headed what?" She questions with a faint tone. "Honestly Kera!" At the talk of the other's shirt she does seem to care and rolls her eyes before she is suddenly 'attacked' by the gravy and wherry slices and it hits her across the shoulder and then /slides/ down the front of her shirt. A brow lifts and she grabs her drink (which is just cider and not hot luckily) and tosses the contents of the drink towards Kera now. "I am not sneaking around! Your having a conversation in the TAVERN. If you want quiet and privacy go home to your darn weyr!" Oh why hello S'ai, when did you come back over? There is a slight pause as she peeks over at the Fort Bronzer a touch. Ka'el is not seen yet, though honestly with the thoughts flying between Kera and Rissa even if she /did/ see Ka'el it wouldn't be enough to make her hush up.

If the man was at a loss before he is all the more at a loss right now. He's never seen Kera like this. Ever! "Dancing is a good…." he begins to say when he sees Kera reach for the food. There is little he can do but watch in horror as it's tossed in the the direction of Idrissa. Direct hit! At least she's got good aim. Since he is in the same vicinity as Kera he can't really help but be splashed by the drink as well. This just keeps getting better and better. He glances toward the man coming toward the bar and sighs. Oh yeah. Even better! He gets up out of his chair and does his best to try to put himself between Idrissa and Kera, "Honey…please…" he begs, "Let's not throw anymore food…" It's like being back with the really young apprentices, "It's going to be ok…" He can only look imploringly at S'ai. Any idea's now's the time.

Curse the years of being trained to be a gentlemen. One can about see S'ai cursing under his breath as he moves to stand all but back to back with C'rus - thus trying to put the two of them between the feuding green riders - and takes a deep breath so he can put on a brave and appeasing smile. "Ladies, ladies… there are poor Pernese children who'd love this food. Let's not turn it into a new fashion, okay? We all have enough brown leather in our wardrobe to not need gravy, right?" …right? Please? He at least doesn't whimper and keeps as much of a calm look on his face as possible. "Come on. Besides, taverns aren't places to air grievances. Take it from me, they just get messy. Then your mother threatens to disown you and it just makes for a bad day. How about just take a breath, go relax for the night and… talk later, huh?"

Soooo, tonight isn't going to be one of those, eat, drink and be merry sort of evenings, is it? Ka'el is getting the gist of this fairly quickly as he encounters what sounds like an altercation. Which, admittedly, isn't too strange of an event to happen at a tavern. But just who the delinquents are is what causes the Weyrleader to pause. Well, that and the sight of flying wherry. "…What?" He glances over his shoulder, as if checking that he's entered the correct place. (He has) Then he looks from one green rider to the next. Yup. They are who he thinks they are…if not messier versions of themselves. Brows furrow as continues forward, eyes squinting in obvious confusion as he approaches the four of them. "Kera? … Idrissa?" His brows lift in question to the Fortian guests who are with them.

Kera continues glaring daggers at Idrissa "You heard me! But since you seem to have forgotten so quickly, I'll reminded you, You Feather-brained caprine." Gaze narrows suddenly as she eyes the woman grabs cider "Doncha da…!" Too late, Cider flies! Not enough time to turn she takes part of the splash to the cheek and neck, and it dribbles down her shirt. Then there is a wall of blue back by bronze between her and Idrissa, Kera frowns as she tries several times to get around C'rus "You're crazy just like those vicious beasts you spend so much time with." She huffs and may nudge the bluerider's shoulder her side harshly "Move! Get out of my way C'rus." Kera mutters irritably and tries taking a swipe over his shoulder, probably only succeeding in smacking S'ai and missing the other greeny my a long shot. She tries ducking around again but hears another voice joining in. "What?" It takes her gaze longer to spin around to see that it's the Weyrleader she's yelling and glaring at. "…Sir." See, she tacked on the sir bit.

Idrissa doesn't even look at S'ai, she hears him sure but her attention is on Kera more then anyone in ths room at the moment. Yet there is a comment that sends her bright gaze to S'ai and she watches the bronzer a moment. "My mother did disown me.. Sort of pointless to use that as a threat." Well it is true, her mother hasn't spoken to her in how many turns now? At this rate Rissa figures Thread would come back before her mother ever spoke to her. Not that S'ai would know this! Though it is enough to sober her up a bit and pull her from her dragon's thoughts. "I did it, what you going to do about it.. Kera the loud mouth!" This comment back to the bit on her tosses cider at her and well C'rus. She's quiet as Kera goes off about how she is crazy like the runners and she glances to the other a few moments watching her, but not coming up with anything as her shoulders lower slightly. She doesn't try to do anything else, other then glaring at the other greenie that is. There are two riders between them after all. The new voice is heard and she casts a slight glance over to Ka'el, though she doesn't say a word.

C'rus extends his hands so that at the very least Kera will have a more difficult time trying to scoot around his reach, "No. I'm not going to move." he says firmly for the first time, "Kera think about what you are doing." He has no idea who this other person is, but they can't be having a fist fight in the tavern. He blinks as Kera flicks her fist just by his head trying to get to the other lady. He closes his hand trying to very gently place his hands on her shoulders, "Kera focus on me for a second. Please…." And then Ka'el speaks up. He glances to the side to fix him with a 'help me' gaze before he looks back to Kera, "Its ummm…" he so eloquently explains not wanting to get in trouble with his weyrmate, "Sir…" he continues before speaking to his clutchsibling, "S'ai you explain…"

"…ow." Comes the grunt from S'ai at the flail whizzing against the back of his skull, though it's in the tone of someone grumbling more than actually being hurt. As Ka'el's presence seems to at least avoid anything rising further. But oh, apparently he's volunteered to explain this when he walked in halfway. Hooray rank, his expressions say with a drab flatline. Clearing his throat, he looks over to Ka'el. "Uh, I missed most of this but, uh… seems to be 'that time' so there was some disagreements, apparently."

Is that ale being wasted as it's slung around?? Not the ale! Little does Ka'el know that it's cider, but…still. Neither ale nor cider is meant to be thrown! And there's not only food and drink being thrown, but words too! Not so nice words by two comrades. Former comrades? He has no clue, but he does know that what's happening now is not acceptable behavior, be them riders or not! (But especially because they are!) "What on Pern are the two of you doing? Look at yourselves!" he says, gesturing to the both of them with a bewildered look. But hey! S'ai is going to explain…maybe. And so he looks to him for that explanation, which he gets. 'That time'? .. That can have so many meanings when it comes to women, and there's a second of deciphering just which 'time' they're talking about. Arguing women. Angry words. Thrown insults between friends. …. Ooh, that time. He glances from one to the next, then to the mediating men. "Everybody alright?" first and foremost. "The two of you, take a breath and separate," is spoken to Kera and Idrissa.

Kera tries to keep her glare on Idrissa but C'rus keeps countering all her attempts and stubbornly blocks all her attempts. He wraps arms around her, shifting her attention back around. Grudgingly she nods and starts trying to ignore the other woman, muttering under her breath at the continued insults. Rolling her eyes as S'ai explains what he observed. A little glare sent to Idrissa once more when Ka'el begins scolding them both. Finally she tries to swipe the food and cider from her ruined shirt and nods to the Weyrleader's inquiry, less glaring but still not looking at all happy about the turn of events. "Yes sir. just fine." Anything else would probably not be a good idea right now.

If there wasn't enough drama going on in the tavern, in comes Briari, dressed in a stunning blue dress that bells outwards along her feet. She has her hair done up playfully in shoulder length curls, and long boots that cut off just below the knees. Now that the day is over with, chores are complete, and it's the last day of the week, the candidates have a few hours to themselves, and she plans on throwing back a few .. glasses of water, and seeing the entertainment. As she spies her brother, Ka'el, and C'rus, she angles over towards them in a playful swagger, though it is the catty females that causes a fine thin brow to slip upwards. "Hey guys!" She calls over as a lazy grin forms.

Idrissa glances to S'ai and C'rus for a moment before she looks over to Kera once more, her glare has lessened and she shifts to glance away from the lot of them. As for her clothing she eyes it a touch and a soft sigh escapes her. Oh well, she's had worse working in the stables. Even direct questions to herself are not answered at the moment and she picks up a dishrag from the bar top and goes about wiping off her shirt a bit, there is still some wherry there after all!

C'rus is covered in cider, but none the worse for wear, at least physically. Emotionally he is a mess, "I'm fine Sir." he says to the weyrleader. He'd offer a salute but he isn't sure that he can yet trust his weyrmate not to try something if he were to remove his arms. Better safe than sorry. He tries to keep all of the worry he feels inside from showing on his face as he stands there, "Kera…" he says very softly, "What would help you feel better?" he asks gently, "There has to be something." Because if this is going to be going on for the next few days or a sevenday he had better have more in his toolkit than just begging. Briari gets only the most passing of glances. His gaze not faltering from Kera's face.

S'ai is standing back-to-back with C'rus, a greenrider on either side and his expressions on the Weyrleader. As Ka'el moves to rein things in he just lets some of the nervous tension ease from his shoulders. Briari's arrival is then notices and he raises up a finger, drawing it quickly over his throat and a twitch of his head in a 'go away. Dangerous. Flee while you can.' motion. "Maybe fresh air will be the best first step. Get out of the noise." He suggests on the end of C'rus' asking. He turns about enough and gives his clutchmate's shoulder a quick reassuring clap before trying to inch away and give the two of them some more space.

"Alright…alright," says Ka'el, looking from woman to woman again. Tensions…may not be better but they seem to be at least cooling off a few degrees. Food is no longer being thrown. Words, unshouted! This is…progress. Ka'el inhales a slow breath that's exhaled just as slowly through the mouth. Of the four, he appears the cleanest, having not had a single speck of food or drink splattered on him. Success! Ka'el rakes fingers backwards through his hair with another exhale, and his head is given a brief, yet rigorous shake when his arm drops. The arrival of the Candidate draws his attention momentarily, eyes flitting over her dress. If she values that…she may want to keep away! "That sounds like a grand idea," he says to S'ai, nodding as eyes traverse to Idrissa. "Idrissa, are you alright? I need to hear you speak."

Kera gives up trying to get the food and cider off, seeming generally disgusted with the whole situation. Eyes flicker about and note the gawkers and candidates that have been enjoying a free show and she turns a bit to try and ignore them. More than once she hears 'fresh air'. A look given to C'rus before she sighs and turns her attention to Ka'el, not glaring nearly so much as she was before and also, not yelling "Everyone seem to think I need fresh air, so that's what I'll do." A stiff tip of her head to Ka'el "Sir." as way of greeting and parting, Kera starts making attempts towards the door with C'rus.

Looking amused at S'ai's hand gesture, Briari continues forward without a care in the world. If there is tension in the air, she doesn't feel it. "S'ai! Big doofy brother of mine, can we talk for a moment?" She asks as she watches Kera start off, then looks back to the others. "Hey Ka'el, sir." She gives a bit of a bow, letting her dress sweep about her person as she moves. "C'rus." Her fingers wiggle. "Anyways, bro', how busy are you?"

Idrissa hears the others talk, her mind clearly wandering while she lifts her hand to push some hair back from her face. A glance is sent after Kera before she glances to the others and she is standing up to slip off too, just not at the same time as Kera though. At the pointed question from Ka'el she pauses while pulling her coat around her and glances to the Weyrleader. "I'm fine.. Sir" This said softly before glancing to the others, mostly C'rus and S'ai. "I'm.. sorry everyone." With that said unless she is stopped she is going to slip off and head homewards, and to her moody dragon.

C'rus sighs in complete relief as Kera decides that she is now willing to leave the tavern. He's been wanting to see this happen since he arrived and now has achieved it. Here's to small victories. He offers Ka'el a salute as he is leaving and as he passes by him he says softly, "Think of me…" He is going to need all the positive thoughts he can get sent his way. He offers a parting wave to S'ai and Idrissa. Briari gets another wave as well. He hurries along toward the door to continue to keep his proddy watch going. He gives a polite nod to Idrissa and her apology which he just barely hears as he makes it out the door.

"…nothing to be sorry over." S'ai murmurs as Idrissa moves to walk off, though he doesn't stop her. Instead he first watches Kera and C'rus move to depart, giving the bluerider a faint lopsided grin, before looking back to Ka'el. There's a sigh of relief and an appreciative look before it's blurred be a hand scrubbed over his face to draw fingers through his hair. "Uh.. eh, was here for food, Bri. What's up?" He responds to his sister, if a bit distracted still.

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