New S&R Wingleader

K'ael's Weyr

It's later at Xanadu, and K'ael is winding down from his nighttime exercise and bathing ritual. Dressed in just a t-shirt and shorts, he's now sitting on the sofa with his feet up on the coffee table reading a book. Riff is curled up next him, enjoying some idle pets. The other two kitties are nowhere to be seen.

Likewise dressed is D'son as he ambles across the way from his own weyr and gives a knock to the door. Inimeth's warned Azaeth ahead of time and soon enough, the Weyrleader is leaning in the door frame with a little grin on his face. "Hey Mike." Two beer bottles dangle from his fingers.

K'ael smiles when Dels invites himself in. He shifts over a bit, which dislodges Riff and she stretches, then hops down to give a kitty hello to D'son by trying to rub against his ankles. "Hey D. Beer, what's the occasion?" He pats the couch next to him as a notion that Dels should come sit.

Wrinkling his nose a little, D'son gives Riff a little nudge. "Go on Riff, you're cute but you'll make me sneeze all over your daddy," he says to the cat and then crosses the space, holding out one of the beers for K'ael to take. "Well that depends on you whether there's celebrating or not." He digs into his pocket and comes up with a set of wingleader's cords, twirls them around one finger. "Since D'had was promoted to Wingsecond, we've had this opening for a wingleader see. Think you can handle S&R?"

K'ael chuckles a bit. "You heard him, Riff." Not that she's really listening. She does make her way back over to K'ael's sit of the sofa and hops up to sit on the armrest. K'ael meanwhile takes his beer and pops it open. "Oh? There's always cause to celebrate with you around Dels." He blinks at the set of cords. "Er.. Search and rescue? Me? I've uh… never really done it before…" He sits up and looks unsure at the cords.

"Yeah and you dumped it on me when I'd only been in the wing for a bit too," D'son says with a chuckle. "You've been a wingleader, a weyrleader and you've had basic S&R training and talked things through with me. I think you can handle it."

K'ael chuckles. "I would never do that to you, D. Dump something on you." He grins. "Actually I've never been a wingleader. I skipped that step." He looks at the knot for a while longer, then slowly takes it from him. "Well… if you think I'd be alright at it… You can always give me some pointers, right?" He looks at the knot, then smiles to D'son. "Thanks, Dels. Weyrleader."

"But you /did/ Mike!" D'son says wide-eyed and laughs. "When you were Weyrleader, you surprised me with the wingleader's knot when J'io stepped down, remember?" He nods vigorously. "Yeah, definitely I can. And you're welcome. See. Told you I'd keep you busy," he adds on sunnily and sits down beside his friend.

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