A Tale of Tales

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered, in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company. Behind it are drinks for those not inclined toward ale, as well as a door leading to the small kitchen where snacks are made and a back room that probably holds yet more ale.

Is a tavern really a place for a small child? Not really. Yet Kiena is there all the same with little two month old Keruthien resting against her in a cloth sling. At least it's a slow time in the tavern and hardly crowded and the bluerider is otherwise left alone in her corner by the door. Thien is deep asleep and Kiena looks part way to dozing herself or she's gazing off in a sort of day-dreaming way.

Kera pushes into the tavern, minus the mud on her boots from her previous visit. Taking a moment to scan the room, Kiena is noticed and a hand is lifted in greeting. Catching the odd look to her friend's face, she doesn't call out yet, smerely stepping closer and craning her head to peer into the sling. No luck yet, so she peers back to Kiena as the bluerider stares off into space. Kera waves her hand about a foot from the woman's face with a curious expression of her own "Kiena… You okay?"

Kiena jumps a bit when Kera startles her, finally catching her attention by waving her hand in front of her face. "Jays, Kera!" she hisses and instantly begins to sooth Thien in his sling when the infant starts to fuss. Why she has him here with her in the tavern is another matter entirely. "I— what?" Give her a second! Brain is still on vacation. "Yeah? Yeah, I'm fine. Just… tired. Nanny for the little one here is due by any second. 'Supposed to be my night off but she got delayed. How're you?" she murmurs and stifles a bit of a yawn. Kiena and Kera are in the corner by the door and the taverns, for now, are at a slow time of day and thus quiet for now.

One would think that most candidates would have working with their hands down to a pat, but most candidates don't have the past that Giroux does and so after his first full day of Chores he manages to drag himself out into the Wanderin' Wherry to try and relax and get some food. He's still dressed well, but his normally out of control hair is sort of droopy and haphazard. Giroux looks up and around to the others, those eyes of his still bright. He sort of slunks past everyone and grabs something from the bar and takes a long drink of it. That seems to pep him a little and he turns to smile to the gathering, looking for familiar faces.

Kera jumps back a bit when Kiena finally snaps out of her day dream. A tiny wince that she may have disturbed the little one "Oh, sorry Thien." Is offered to the baby even if he doesn't seem fussy. She drops into an open chair next to the bluerider and still cranes a bit to peek at the hopefully still sleeping baby. "I'm sure she'll be here soon. Then you and Mur'dah can go out dancing somewhere." An amused wink to Kiena since the woman doesn't seem intersted in doing much moving at the moment. Sitting back glacning around with a signal towards one of the waitresses. "I'm good. Moncerath and I've been busy. And spending time with C'rus when free time allows." The greeny smiles a bit over that.

Kiena will adjust the sling and allow Kera to see the two month old child, a boy, who she otherwise keeps cradled against her body. Luckily for them all, Keruthien stays asleep and even through his mother's laughter. "Somewhere? I'm hoping if there's dancin' to be had, it'll be here." She points a finger to the table but means the tavern itself. Quiet now, it won't be forever! "Once I am free. We'll see if Mur'dah will escape his duties but if not, Kera… you're my dance partner!" Grinning, it's obvious she's teasing the greenrider — kind of. One never knows with Kiena! "Mhm, good. So you've been well? And…" What's that glimpse of sparkle on the other woman's finger? "Eh? Kera!" Kiena begins to exclaim, only to be distracted when the woman she was waiting on finally arrives. "'Scuse me." Hurriedly she'll stand and pass her son over to the nanny while fielding the woman's many apologies. It's a quick exchange, with Kiena murmuring an unheard farewell before the nanny disappears back out the door and leaving the bluerider to flop back down into her chair. Now… "Where was I…?"

Once Giroux has finished his drink he gets another and walks towards Kera, whom searched him and he knows. He moves up to them both. "Ma'am. Ma'am." His voice doesn't sound tired, even if he's dragging a bit. He straightes himself. "Do you mind if I join you?" He asks as he looks between the pair. "I don't really know anyone else here."

Kera smiles, wiggling her fingers towards the sleeping baby, even though he's sleeping. Seems to be a habit of hers when babies are around. Sitting back she chuckles "I suppose I can step on your toes til Mur'dah shows up, if that's what you /really/ want. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but at least you'ld have a healer on hand to reset your your toes. Flashing an amused wink, then blinks when Kiena calls out her name suddenly, then jumps up when the nanny is spotted. Shrugging at the odd bahavior she follows the bluerider with her gaze and catches sight of a candidate at the bar, drinking. Brow arches at that, and she continues observbing, sending a polite head dip and wave his way as Kiena plonks back down "Hmmm? I don't know, ya yelled my name then jumped up and ran off." The drinking candidate makes an appearance at the table and the greeny shrugs "Hi Giroux. I don't mind. Hope that wasn't ale in your mug."

Kiena rolls her eyes a little and levels Kera with a disbelieving look. "Oh come on! You're not that bad of a dancer! You seemed to do fine at that Weyrling and Candidate mixer…" Which seems like Turns ago and probably has been by now! "I told you too. Nanny was coming for Keruthien. That was her," As is obvious as Kiena is now sans the sling OR a sleeping infant! Which means… "We'll see about the dancing. I called your name because…" Pointing to Kera's hand that has what she assumes is a ring, she makes a 'show me' gesture right afterwards. "When'd this happen?" she muses, only to look up and blink as Giroux approaches their table. "Ahh, hello Candidate! Not at all 'n you can skip calling me ma'am. Kiena or Wingrider Kiena suffices plenty and I sound less like an old…" She was going to say something rude, likely a word to rhyme with cart, but keeps her tongue in check. "… woman." Cough. "And Kera, I think the Candidates are allowed some ale. Emphasis there. SOME!"

"No, not ale, Kera." Giroux says as he holds his mug out for them to see. Just juice. "I'm not one for ale, personally." He admits as he scratches his nose and he nods. "Of course Kiena. I Saw that you had a young baby, so congratulations." He says as he pulls out a chair to slide into it. "Ahh." He relaxes, finally

The sands are hot and water only does so much. So, S'ai makes his way for the tavern and heads on in through the door like a man with a plan. Because he is a man. With a plan. The Fortian is going right for the bar once he's through the door with no apparent intent on diverting elsewhere.

Kera nods gently to Giroux, hand already extending to to Kiena at the silent but demanding hand flicks from the bluerider. While the ring is examined and scrutinized, "Really? Would have sworn it was no drinking at all. And it was lifted near the end of Weyrlinghood." Shrugging it off as not really important anyway, her gaze drifts from the tired candidate to Kiena. Looking at the slightly new ring, Kera can't help but smile, even though it is Kiena she is talking to,. "A few sevendays ago, C'rus asked me to be his weyrmate." Her gaze happens to be facing the door and she spots the Fortian stepping in, a quick wave sent his way before she looks back to Kiena, as if she's waiting for the woman to tell her how nuts she is for weyrmating with C'rus.

"Most ale's are an acquired taste anyways," Kiena remarks casually to Giroux and with a crooked smile. "Ah, thank you! How kind. So where you from then? Local or they find outside of Xanadu?" she asks and that smile is gradually shifting to more of a grin. With her son tended by a nanny, her girls with their foster family, the bluerider has free time. Ujinath is tended to and her duty as a Smith is done for the day. Which means Kiena's restless for some fun! First though? She's examining Kera's ring and she whistles. "Nice ring, Kera. Really nice! Congratulations." she murmurs and there seems to be no burst of outrage from the bluerider. She's come to terms long ago with C'rus and if Kera is happy, truly happy, with the arrangement, who is she to argue it? "You guys sticking to long distance though?" she asks curiously, only to laugh. "You're thinking Weyrlinghood, Kera. Can't drink during that till the dragons are next to mature. Candidates can drink but in moderation." There's a wink to Giroux. Got that? As for S'ai's attempt to sneak in under the radar? Nope. Try again. "Hey, isn't that the bronzerider…?" she half whispers to Kera and then, loudly, calls. "Hey! Fortian!" Smooth.

"Ah well that's good." Giroux says before he nods. "Well I don't know that much about Ale, my father never did serve much of it at home. We mostly had Benden and other wines." Giroux says as he looks between Kera and Kiena. "Oh, congratulations in order for you as well, Kera. I didn't notice when I was cleaning Mon's teeth." The loud call from Kiena shocks Giroux a bit and he turns to look over his shoulder at the rider entering. "You know him?" He sounds dubious of that fact.

There's a glass of golden ale in S'ai's hands and he's holding it like a precious artifact. He's raising it up and then he hears someone call out. Slowly, the bronzerider turns to look towards the voice - because what's the likelihood of another Fortian this way. "…huh?" There's a slightly foggy mumble as he squints and then he blinks a few times as if to clear his eyes. "Uh, yeah, that's me?" He looks one way and then the other. Nope, doesn't look like anyone else is answering.

Kera ahh's softly, her head drooping forward in a nod as Kiena corrects her. Another shrug lifts the green's shoulders "I'm not much of a drinker anyway so didn't really make much difference." A grin is flashed to Kiena and Giroux both when they congratulate her. "Thank you. Oh, no wories Giroux, I wasn't wearing it wehn I was scrubbing Moncerath in the lake." Glancing down at the ring herself, fingers twitches a time or two and the stones catch the light in a colorful splash. Nodding to the bluerider "Yea. I'm rather fond of Xanadu, close to the ole cothold by Rubicon." Even if Mon can appear anywhere on Pern, it seems to have a mentally calming effect on Kera to live near her brathood home. "And C'rus has done well at settling in at Fort…" She flicks a glance to her friend, not wanting to mention further about past issues. The inquiry about s'ai gets a nod as she looks his way again "Yea, A friend of C'rus's actually. S'ai. His Zeruth caught Kairo."

Kiena chuckles to Giroux, "Benden white doesn't come cheap! Your family must be well off to be drinking it regularly," she muses to the Candidate and then blinks. "Cleaning… Moncerath's teeth? Kera! What'd you make him do…?" she jokingly chides her friend and then grins mischievously to Giroux's question. "Nope! But that doesn't mean we can't meet, eh?" At least S'ai didn't ignore her rude summons? When he turns, she waves and gestures to the table with their still empty seats. "Come join us?" She doesn't bite! Honest. Turning back to Kera, she quirks a brow. "That so? Well, I knew that last bit." Not the rest! Chuckling, Kiena leans back in her chair and stretches out her legs beneath the table. "Ahh, right. That'd… make sense that C'rus would settle better in Fort. So long as it works for the both of ya…"

"Ah, so he's stuck here right? He can't go home because his dragon wants to stay because of the eggs." Giroux purses his lips at that. "Interesting. I don't know that is something that'd be required, but it does make sense." He admits as he looks to Kiena before he shrugs a little as he laughs some. "Apparently not. Ah, I like C'rus. He was the first person I met when I visited Fort." He tells them both as he sort of avoids Kiena's question. "We're okay well off."

He looks half asleep but S'ai at least does recognize the request. Beer in hand, he heads over to take the offered seat and tips a nod to the others there. "Heya Kera, good to seeya. And hi.. faces I don't recognize but hope you're doing equally as well." He leans back in the chair and takes a drink, only then adding. "Name's S'ai. I know not everyone figured out who I am around here."

Kera nods to the approaching bronzer "Hi S'ai." pausing with a little chuckle as the Fortian greets the gathering around the table, then she gestures to first the bluerider then candidate. "This is my friend Kiena, and Giroux here is one of Moncerath's candidates for your and Kairo's clutch." There, new names to go with the new faces. The greenrider leans back in her seat and looks around for the waitress. Flagging her down again. Maybe with more people at the table now. Soon enough the waitress arrives and Kera's order is taken before the server peers around the table. "Can I get anything for anyone else?"

"Something like that," Kiena answers Giroux again with a little grin. "Can be a bit hard on a rider. Both the clutch sire's rider and the clutch dam's! Sands aren't kind." She then gives the Candidate a curious look. "You from Fort then?" she asks gently but with obvious interest. "Well met, S'ai! And Kera's got the right of it. Name's Kiena," And she'll even offer her hand and another grin. "Smithcrafter and rider of blue Ujinath. Well met too, Giroux, now that I've your name." Chuckling, she'll flop back in her chair and turn her head briefly to the waitress. "Just water for me, please. So," Now her eyes have turned back to S'ai. "How've you been copin'? You look tired." Tact? Thy name is not Kiena.

"I'm sorry I didn't give you my name, slipped my mind." Giroux remarks, somewhat embarassedly. "And nice to meet you, Sir." He tells S'ai before he looks to Kera. "Made me clean her Mon's teeth, before I was a candidate, even." He doesn't sound /too/ upset over it. "My father's the Lord Holder of Nerat." He almost whispers to Kiena before he scoots over so the bronzer can get some space. "I'd just like something hot to eat. Soup?"

"Oh nice!" S'ai says as he glances to Giroux as the name is put to the face. "I heard you were brought in but I hadn't seen ya yet. Congratulations. No worries with the intro, no doubt you got a ton on your mind." He takes the offered shake of Kiena's hand and chuckles at that mention of the sands, seeming unbothered by the lack of tact. It's not his speciality either. "Yeah. I think my brain is, uh, kind of fried right now. Not that I have to spend all my time there but it's still pretty awesome to get to watch them. They don't do anything yet but they will soon enough." It's to the waitress he then looks, mouth hanging slightly ajar as he tries to think. "I'll have… food." Wait, they need specifics. "Whatever ya got on special?"

While the waitress starts to take everyone else's order explaining that today's is stew with buttered rolls, scribbling down 'soup' as requested by Giroux. Kera looks from the candidate, as he tells of cleaning Moncerath's teeth, to Kiena with a 'what' look. "At least I didn't fake a medical emergency or anything like that." Shrugging it off "Besides, it was Mon's idea he get a good look at her molars. And he could have always said no." Kera nods as if that settles the matter. Sitting up in the seat a bit, she stretches and shifts around in the chair trying to get comfortable as she follows the conversation from one to another.

Kiena waves a hand dismissively, "Don't worry about it, Giroux. Like S'ai said, lots on your mind and it's not like I had asked either." she points out with a crooked smile. Then her brows lift and she makes a small sound of disbelief. "Huh. Nerat? Have to say I've never visited Nerat yet." She doesn't seem to pry into him as to how he's here and not being groomed as a heir. To Kera's accusation, Kiena holds up a finger, mouth open to protest and ends up only sighing. "Got me there," she admits with a shrug and a smirk. "But it was worth a little laugh? Right?" No? "Heat'll do that to your head," Kiena muses to S'ai and she'll have to stifle her laughter for his response to the waitress. "Do you have to stay on the Sands as well or can't you bunk elsewhere and leave Zeruth to guard duty?" she asks curiously.

"Yeah, Nerat. You'll have to visit sometime. It's beautiful." Giroux states, before he tilts his head to the banter between the two women. "Wait, faked what medical emergency?" He asks, snerking a bit of a laugh. "And it's impolite to decline helping a lady in need, Kera." He remarks. "That's why I helped."

S'ai points a finger at mention of stew, his grin hopefully one indicating approval versus a tired leering. "Oh, well, ya know. No need to stay, no. Just, I like to keep him company. Besides, might be the first and only time this happens, hate to miss anything. Not like I'm not used to sand in obscure places. I promise I do sleep someplace normal though." Medical emergencies do draw his focus and he quirks up a brow.

The waitress finishes scribbling down the table's order with the word 'special' then weaves through the tables and vanishes into the kitchen. Kera simply raises a brow to Kiena as if daring her to deny faking the medical emergency, snorting in amusement when she does concede the point. Glance flicks to Giroux when he questions the incident, her gaze pausing on S'ai as she include him in the telling as well. "Her and Mur'dah pretended the brownrider had been injured, and I was upset cause I couldn't figure out what his injury was. A mean trick to play on a healer, especially an apprentice." Canting her head to the bluerider, she seems thoughtful and suspicious a moment "Was that Ujinath's idea?" It would seem likely since it was Mon's idea for Giroux to clean her teeth. Whenthe young man mentions helping a lady, Kera grins "I'm still not sure which of you were greener, Moncerath of your face while getting the bits between her teeth." Smirking to the candidate, she looks a bit too amused while waiting for the food to show up.

"I'll mark that down then as the next place to visit," Kiena muses to Giroux and eyes S'ai and Kera as well. "Any other suggestions?" While she's got the thought in her head! She goes to open her mouth again and then just gives a sheepish smile instead. Kera will cover it! "Ahh, didn't know this was your first — or rather Zeruth's first." Someone's not keeping up with her gossip! Then again, Kiena was sort've busy the night Kairoikyriath flew bringing her son into the world. Poor timing, that. "Sand in obscure places? WAIT-" She holds up her hands to S'ai. "-Don't wanna know. Glad you don't have to sleep at least in all that heat." Glancing sidelong to Kera, she smirks. "You make me such a villain, Kera! It was a bit of fun and… okay, so maybe it was a bit cruel but Ujinath insisted I tested you somehow!" Yeah, yeah. She's totally pinning some of it on her dragon! "How were you Searched, S'ai? Uh… sorry, y'don't have to answer that if it's personal."

"To be fair I didn't think I'd have to be cleaning out bits and pieces of whatever Moncerath had eaten that morning so I had very little time to prepare." Giroux contends, making a face at that. "But eugh." He shivers a bit as he looks towards Kiena. "That's how you searched Kera?" A small laugh. "Cruel, but effective to be sure." he turns and listens to S'ai, interested in how he got searched. "Yeah, how'd you get searched, sir?"

"Noyoudonot." S'ai coughs aside to Kiena, though her question brings a shake of his head. "I was catching a drink and Th'ero came in, we got to talking ales and he asked me to come outside. Speaking of, I still owe him a keg of my dad's brew… anyway, I was visiting Fort at the time. That was the same time I met C'rus. I left home in Monaco Bay awhile back and was doing a bit of a world travel. Must have just been good timing on my part to be there then. Guess we're good at that. We graduated weyrlinghood the morning of the flight, ended up here because /someone/ detoured."

Kera nods to Kiena, leaning forward and proping her elbows on the table as she slouches a bit "Actually, Moncerath found a couple of siblings at Half Moon Bay, brother and sister. She thinks the place deserves another look though." Before she can say anything else the tray bearing waitress returns, with a second behind, and plates mugs, glasses and bowls are placed where they should be. Food delivered they turn attentions to other customers and Kera nods to Giroux "Aye." agreeing with it being a cruel trick. She digs in to her food while listening to how S'ai was searched, and how he ended up attending the Xanadu sands. Grinning at his circumstances, her gaze flicks to Kiena "How 'bout you Kiena? How were you searched?" She doesn't seem concerned with protocal or manners of searches being personal.

Kiena grins but still looks a bit sheepish, "Yep, that's how I Searched her." she confirms to Giroux. "Ujinath snared one for this clutch too. Guard and Fortian too. Didn't do anything cruel…" Honest! Now S'ai is sharing his tale and Kiena's all ears, only to blink and gape a bit. "My broth—, I mean…" Oops. She grimaces. Stupid slip up! "Figures Th'ero'd have something to do with ale… Your da a Vintner then?" Again with the assumptions! Kiena then laughs, unable to help herself. "Shards… Talk about a Graduation gift." Does she feel sorry for S'ai? Maybe just a little bit. "Well, all the luck to you! Y'know? I've yet to see the eggs?" Gasp! She's glad then for the distraction of her drink arriving and more so for the chance to sip it and evade directly answering Kera's question. "I was Searched by Zi'on, who was Half Moon Bay's Weyrleader at the time." And? She doesn't go further into details.

"Being sneaky, I see." Giroux remarks to Kiena as she all but avoids Kera's question as he grins broadly in her direction. "But I won't pry as it's not my place." The young man says, looking between the two when the food arrives. "Oh, thank Faranth." He reaches out and takes a spoon and begins to eat it slowly. "Thank you, by the way." He tells Kiena, his tongue half lolling out because of slightly burn hotty hotty soup! "For nah makin' it a big deal bout my faffer."

Kera dips a chunk of bread into her stew, then makes a rolling gesture with it as if to encourage more of a story about Kiena's searching. Finally snorting and looking disappointed "Well that tale wouldn't win a prize in a story telling contest Kiena. Would it Giroux?" Biting into the stew flavored bread and chewing a moment she follows it with some apple cider. Giroux is more polite, refering to Kiena's reluctant story as sneaky, which just gets an unladylike snort from the greenhealer. Amused by the Fortians' ale loving exploits, she waves to S'ai as he's called away suddenly. "Take some juice back with you. Or something cold to drink for Nessi!"….'maybe she'll won't bite your head off'…. is muttered so that Kiena and Giroux may hear what the bronzer is too far away to catch.

"It's not so much as sneaky just as… it's private?" Kiena explains cryptically to Giroux and grimaces to Kera. "And it doesn't really have a happy ending. So rather than ruin everyone's meal…" She's just not going to give the details! Simple as that. As for Giroux thanking her, she chuckles and waves her hand again in a dismissive way. "I'm holderbred too. Not Blooded but having held rank for a bit as a rider I can tell you I sympathize to the attitude some folks take…" There's a snicker of laughter from Kiena as she watches S'ai leave, having overheard Kera. "… I'll take a guess that Innes hasn't been easy on S'ai?"

"Ah, well that's fair." Giroux tells to Kiena before he nods at that. "Is the weyrwoman fierce or do they get that way because of the eggs? I have to say that I'm not as well versed in how Weyr politics go." he admits, looking at the pair. "Oh well being blooded just means I was lucky." he says.

Kera flashes a surprised look to Kiena "You know someone she 'is' easy on?" Her expression is mock shock for a moment before snorting in amusement and shaking her head "Remind me to tell ya about incident between her and the blind harper." The middle of the tavern isn't the place to be gossiping about Xanadu's Junior weyrwoman, so Kera drops it, for now. She waves off the importance of being blooded or not. "None of that matters to the twitchy eggs."

Kiena blinks at kera's mock shock and then grins, shrugging her shoulders. "Okay, so maybe I don't? And… wait, a blind Harper? Dominic?" she asks, sounding a bit surprised. "What'd he do to tick off Innes?" Too late! Kiena's interest is piqued even though she turns to Giroux while sipping more of her drink. "Not all are fierce, no and it's not because of the eggs. Every rider is different, no matter what colour they ride. Granted… you may want to keep your head down around the proddy ones."

"Speaking of having money." Giroux says after sitting quiet for a few long moments, munching on his soup for a few moments now that it's cooler. "I've noticed that some of the other candidates don't really have much in the way of well…" He pauses, trying to be diplomatic. "Well I just noticed that I am in a position to help and wanted to without the others knowing or suspecting" He states, looking between the pair. "If it's as bad as being /near/ a goldflight, I'll keep my head down."

Kera really was trying to move on from the gossip, but relents as Kiena nudges for information about what the man did to incur Innes's wrath. Sighing over her bowl and dunking the last bit of her roll in it "I believe he said hello." Sometimes that's all it takes really. Or giving subtle warnings about keeping your head down around proddy riders. Kera merely snorts as if unsulted, and focuses a gaze on the bluerider, eyes narrowing just a bit. Though perhaps people should heed Kiena's advice. Moncerath is looking more vivid today. Who knows, she may glow tomorrow. Then Giroux is coming green and gold flights and Kera leans back in her seat as if losing her appetite. Shaking off the thoughts that her green may be rising soon, her attention goes to the candidate, nodding a bit as she tries to follow his lone of thought. "Xanadu wouldn't let their candidates go without what they need. Though, having said that and thinking back, maybe some ear plugs to block out snoring may have been an improvement."

Kiena tilts her head as she regards Giroux once more with a curious look. "Rather generous of you to offer that but Kera's right too. Anything they are wanting for like clothes or basic things, the Weyr can usually provide. However," She holds up a finger. "Don't let that stop you if you want to go ahead with it." As for flights, Kiena only grins for his answer but Kera earns a sidelong look that maybe lingers a touch too long. Has she caught on (or more like has Ujinath noticed Moncerath's vividness?)? Who knows. Kiena's pushing back her chair then and rising to her feet. "You'll both have to excuse me, sorry! Alas, it looks like there will be no dancing tonight. Another night, perhaps!" Chuckling, she waves to both of them. "Enjoy the rest of your night and clear skies! See you both around." And with that, she grabs her jacket and winter gear and slips it on before vanishing out the door.

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