Socks and Sighing

A precedeing portion of this log is missing. This log only goes from my arrival on. Anyone having the preceding portions may feel free to add them.

Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge


While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shruberry upon them become more stunted.

What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

A series of 'dens' sit into the rocky outcroppings, showing signs of the whers who make their home within them.

Janelle grins a little, "Just reguar wearing. I promise, no gashes, no scraped up and damaged knees." She even stretches out her legs, bouncing them a bit where she sits, to show them in all their usability. (reposes)

Tenebrous chuckles "Good. I haven't been around as much as I'd like to recently, what with a few whirlwing trips to Rubicon. If you're going ot get hurt again, I'd just assume you do it somewhere nearby, so I can help clean you up."

The heavy cloth barrier to Hysk's den waggles, then Hyrlon's head emerges, followed by the rest of him. He smiles and approaches the pair, "I thought I heard talking. Ev- I mean Morning Tenebrous, Janelle." He inclines his head to each in turn, "How are you two doing today?"

Janelle Grins slowly, nodding. It's not long after the sun has risen, with Tenebrous and Janelle seated on the ground near Jansk's den. The later has socks inneed of mending in her lap, one of which is currently being worked on, slowly. "I don't try to get hurt.. it's a hazard of the job!" Janelle admits, and then here comes Hyrlon, and she's grinning. "Hey, you.. Jansk's getting good at your course."

Tenebrous merely nods at Hyrolon's presence at the man approaches, murmuring, "Handler." To Janelle, he snorts. "A likely excuse. Miners don't bounce any more than the other crafters on Pern doo."

Hyrlon chuckles, catching the gist of the conversation, "Yeah, but most crafters don't work in constant danger of gas explosion or cave in, either." He casts his eyes over his course, pondering Janelle's comment some, "I should make the maze more complicated… and give it a roof, I think… and if we were to do wher games maybe we could have a volunteer from the audience hide somewhere in the clearing and have the wher find them?"

Early morning means that Phylicia hasn't been called off to classes yet, while she's still residing at the Weyr, though still not at Morl's weyr even if she is occaisionally seen spending some time there. "No. Some crafters just work in constant danger of throttling their patients when they don't listen." She was apparently close enough to hear. And the pert yet laughing comment must mean there's an uncooperative soul in the infirmary. "Morning!" She says with a grin, ambling her way over to the crowd with nods to Hyr and Jan.

Janelle nods a little, "That could work.." she offers Hyrlon. To Tenebrous, she just grins, adding, "What he said. and, most other crafters don't work in a potential tomb of rock for a living." As Phy happens upon the group as well, she'll offer a brief nod towards her, and a smmile.

Tenebrous stands slowly, offering Phylicia a little bow of the head. "Apprentice," he murmurs. "I see your sleep schedule is slowly changing," he offers with a little grin. He turns to Janelle and winks. "If you're going to put someone in the maze to let the Whers find them, you should talk to the Weyrwoman. Maybe she'd volunteer." Then he turns back to Phylicia. "I'm actually glad you showed up. When we're done here, I need to have a conversation with you. I'll be leaving for a period of time on an assignment for another one of the crafting halls…and I need you with me."

Hyrlon nods, still pondering the obstacle course for a moment, then he turns back, "Mornin'… Phylicia, right?" He glances up at Tenebrous' statement. not request, statement, and bites back a comment. She /was/ his apprentice, after all…

Phylicia blinks slightly. Ah, will he never call her by name in public? The senior apprentice sighs in good humor. "I don't think I /have/ a sleep schedule anymore thanks to you." She teases him. Though she's still trying to sleep mainly at night, when y'know, everyone else is. But she still wakes up absurdly early. She nods to Hyrlon then. "Right." And her attention is drawn back to Tenebrous as he takes up a slightly more official note. "Oh?" Is her first response, curiousity written on her face. Before she remembers the other two and grins, stuffing her hands into coat pockets. "Ah. I'm sorry, but.." It's been a long time since she's seen him face to face. "I don't remember your name." Is said as a faint blush creeps along her cheeks.

Janelle blinks a little, pushing herself up onto her feet, so she's no longer the only one sitting, around a group of standing folks. "Be back.." she murmurs, scooping up her socks and thread, slipping into her den silently. It's only a few moments later that the handler is returning, without the socks. she comes out just on time to catch Phy's comments about names, and hangs back just a bit. "Janelle, Pleasure to meet you."

Tenebrous blinks once, turning around. "Forgiv emy lack of courtesy." He gestures to Janelle and Hyrlon. "Two of Xanadu's aspiring Wherhandlers, Janelle and Hyrlon. My apprentice, Phylicia." He nods between then and then glances at Janelle's coming and going. "Are we disturbing the little ones? It's late for them."

Hyrlon smiles at Tenebrous first, "Hysk's dead asleep. The sun's up." He says that as if it expains everything, then he turns back to Phy with a nod, "As he said, I'm Hyrlon, Journeyman Miner and hander to blue Hysk. I believe you're more familiar with my brother, brown Faraeth's rider." A wink follows that, apparently the two have either been talking a /lot/ or not at all.

Phylicia's cheeks turn to a rosy shade now, as Hyrlon introduces himself as M'nol's brother. "Ah. Well." For a moment she flounders for words. "Well met." Is what merely comes from her as she continues to smile. Nooo, that wasn't awkward at all. She turns her attention to Janelle instead and nods again. "And to you too." She might just try creeping away now, as the rosy tint to her cheeks doesn't seem to fade easily. "Have you had breakfast yet, sir?" She asks of Ten.

Janelle shakes her head some, "No, nothing out here, save maybe some really loud scuffles and a whole lot of pain is going to wake Jansk up.. I just didn't want to leave my mending out here.." she's quieter now, than she was just a few moments ago. But she'll smile briefly towards Phylicia, "Pleasure's mine.. I've heard some about you." From Tenebrous, of course.

One of Tenebrous' eyebrows shoots up at Hyrlon's introduction and he throws a knowing half-smile atPhylicia. "I have not." Then he laughs a little. "Honestly, I didn't start eating much of a breakfast until I took you on. Some people don't do well without a morning meal." He turns back to the Wherhandlers. "Will either of you two be up in another hour or so? I'll want to feed her, but afterwards, I'd like to ask a frew questions about your Whers." He smiles at JUanelle. "Call it an education."

Hyrlon smiles and nods to Phylicia before turning back to Tenebrous, "You'll need to feed her? Uh-… huh… but yeah, I should be up for a few more hours, at least. It's only early evening for me."

Phylicia just loooks at Tenebrous, one eyebrow quirked as her blush finally fades away to make room for the slightly amused-yet-not look she gives him. "What am I, a pet?" She asks of her mentor with a grin. "Or an infirmed person?" She shakes her head and giggles, taking a few sedate paces backwards as she waves to the two wherhandlers, though she hasn't turned to go just yet. "Forgive me for not wanting to pass out before you decide it's time to eat."

Janelle nods a little, "I may be.." she offers a grin towards Tenebrous, "Thanks for the chat, it was nice. Then to Phy, she offers a nod. "Well met, Phylicia.. Keep good care of your mentor, would you?"

Tenebrous winks at Phylicia. Then he turns to Janelle and murmurs, "Remember what we talked about. Low gravity. And no kissing strangers anymore, for my part." He flashes her a smile. "I'll drop back by here later. If either of you tow are still up, I'll pick your brains." He smiles at Janelle. "Tell Jansk I said hello when she wakes up, ok?" Then he, too, is starting off with Phylicia.

Hyrlon blinks, then blushes deeply, "Kissing strangers?"

"I try." Phylicia laughs to Janelle, though she looks vaguely serious at the same time. "When he lets me." It may be something that she's gotten him to start eating breakfast. She bobs her head to both Janelle and Hyrlon. "Enjoy your days." She chirps, even though they'll likely be sleeping soon. She turns on her heel, headed back towards the caverns. "Have you been kissing people, or has she?" She asks quietly, in a rare display of active nosiness as they walk away.

Janelle nods a little, "I'll let her know, Tene." And with that she'll leave the healers to make their way off, instead turning towards Hyr, instead. "Long story. And not me." And not her story to tell, either.

Tenebrous's voice trails back through the woods as he pick shis speed up into a soon noiseless trot. "That's a fine question, Phylicia. A very, very fine question." But he certainly doesn't answer in enough time for it to be heard.

Hyrlon smiles at the retreating pair, then turns his attention back to Janelle, still with a grin, "So long as I don't have to go out and defend your honor, Janelle… I was on shift while Jansk was practicing… how did she do?"

Janelle Shakes her head briefly, and grins a little, "Nope. Never kissed a stranger in my life." …Never kissed -anyone- outside of family in her life, but she's not about to admit that at this particular second. "She did well.. Went from one task to the next without much reminding, this time."

Hyrlon smiles, moving closer to her, "Well… it's a good thing I'm not a stranger, then." He lets that just hang out there, turning back to the course, "You've been using it so much, what do you think we could change to make it a better test of a wher's abilities."

Janelle grins a little, hooking her arm across his lower back, if she can. "I think putting some sort of coveringover the maze is really a good idea, though perhaps something removable.. Like a heavy blanket tacked down tight, that ould be removed quickly in an emergency." AFter all, there will be young whers again some day, that won't have the patience or training to figure their way out, and might panic.

Hyrlon smiles softly when she wraps her arm around him, moving his own arm over her shoulder in response, "That's probably a good idea… and maybe something easily cut? That's both a test and a safety measure."

Janelle nods some. "That's a good idea." she echoes. She sighs softly, shkaing her head for a moment, "I started clamming up again, when that Phylicia came near.. I hope she didn't htink I was being rude, or anything."

Hyrlon smiles and gives her a gentle squeeze, "I thought you did very well. And from what Morl says she's not very social, either, so it was probably better that way, anyway."

Janelle ohs a little, nodding. "Thanks for the confidence." She looks back over the course again, "You did real well, when you built that. Like Tenebrous said earlier, no more dragging sticks and brush around for makeshift."

Hyrlon nods, giving her another gentle squeeze, "Thanks. It still needs some work. It has /nothing/ on the one at the crafthall, but it's a start."

Janelle nods some, "I'll have to take a look at it, at some point, I guess.." Then she pauses, "Thinking of that.. And traveling.. How exactly do we transport the whers, when we're going somewhere too far to hike to..?

Hyrlon ponders that for a moment, the says quietly, "Blindfold 'em and take 'em on a dragon, I think. Wher's are fairly stationary creatures otherwise."

Janelle mmms briefly, "That'd make an odd sight, I think.. Would they be slinged, and carried by the dragon, or secured to the dragon's back?" Apparantly, she's thought of this a fair bit, lately.

Hyrlon shrugs, "If I had to move Hysk I'd try to hold him in front of me. It'd make him more comfortable…" He glances at her, "Been thinking a lot lately? I thought you were thinking about Rubicon River…"

Janelle nods a little, "More about schematics.. Like how could Kanta and Kask have disappeared so completely, without help.. Or, being taken." She shakes her head, rubbing slightly at her brow. She sighs softly.

Hyrlon sighs and nods, "As soon as the word is given, Hysk and I'll be after her. We need her here, after all."

"We need her -safe-, wherever she is." Janelle sighs softly, simply shaking her head some. "So much going on, so much to worry over."

Hyrlon pulls Janelle into a tighter, more 'real' hug if she'll let him, "They're fine, I'm sure of it. Certainly Hysk or Jansk would know if they were hurt. The dragons always do."

Janelle shivers a little, quite welcomingly accepting and curling into the embrace. "I don't know, I just don't.. They may be related through DNA, but the dragon sand whers.. they're different.. And I'm just not sure.."

Hyrlon smiles a little and holds her tight, "Whers can talk to dragons, you know… I'm sure we'd know at the very least if they were dead… perish the thought."

"Can they?" Janelle intones, "I haven'thad hear near enough one to find out.."

Hyrlon nods, "Hysk called Faraeth for help when we got lost in the woods a few months ago. Worked like a charm. I think they need to know the dragon, though."

Janelle oh's a little, nodding. Then she blinks. "You and Hysk got lost?" This, apparantly, concerns her. "How come you never told me about that?"

Hyrlon smiles, "We weren't really lost… Hysk just panicked a little and the next thing I knew Faraeth was there and Morl was asking why his dragon had dragged him out of bed at such an hour."

Janelle oh's softly. She nods a bit, leaning back some so that she can look up at Hyrlon. "That's your brother, and his dragon, right?"

Hyrlon nods, "Yeah. We talk sometimes at night, so Hysk and Faraeth have met and know eachother. Faraeth calls Hysk 'lumpy'." He chuckles softly.

Janelle nods a little. "Maybe kind of like Tenebrous and I talk.. I realize he feels something like a brother, or protector to me.. Worries aboubt my safety.. Doesn't want me to get hurt. He was mad as anything, when he found out how I hurt my knee.."

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