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Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

(Continued from LOLs in the Stars)

Chrystyne watches S'ai depart before she stands and circles the cot chosen by her. Laying her jacket out over the foot of it she pushes both hands into the middle of the cot to test the sturdiness. The cot legs squeak with the movement. She peeks out of the corner of her eyes at the other candidates milling around the room.

It isn't long before word is given to Xanadu's administration team, or at least a member of it, that the Candidate pool has grown by one more. And it isn't long after that that Ka'el is given that information. And it isn't terribly long after that that the Weyrleader makes his way down towards the Candidate's barracks with a bronze firelizard following importantly behind him. The young man looks business casual, dressed in well-tailored dark gray slacks with brown boots beneath and a collared white shirt worn above that, tucked in at the waist. Both he and the firelizard arrive with little fanfare into the too-familiar barracks. Ka'el gives a gentle knock on the doorframe to announce himself.

It's a chain of information that is flowing seamless through the weyr, evidently. Just as Chrystyne is finishing up deciding that /this/ particular cot isn't as sturdy as the tanned Istan teen would like is when Ka'el is getting the information on one more candidate moving in. Or soon to be moving in. As of yet she's no stuff with her but it has only been roughly a candle mark since she was asked. In fact there's no white knot given yet! Just as the business casual attired man is knocking on the doorway, Chrystyne is plopping down stomach first on another cot. Then she heard the knock and she hastily rolls over to her back then sits up. "Oh!" she squeaks. "Hi."

Ka'el's eyes drift from cot to cot. Some seem untouched, while others have bags and belongings tossed upon them. There's even one in the back that has a body slumped beneath the covers, snoozing away. Ka'el chuckles to himself, looking vaguely nostalgic before his senses are brought back to him by the sound of a greeting. His eyes flit towards Chrystyne, and his muted smile broadens to a look that's more genuine. "Now, I feel guilty. I know how difficult it can be to find a moment to just sit and…breathe," he says as he makes his way towards her, stepping around a displaced boot. "Are you our newest Candidate?" he questions, eyes drifting to her shoulder, yet not seeing a knot to indicate that she is. "Welcome, and…" His words drift now that he gets a good look at her, and his brows faintly knit in thought. "…Your face looks familiar.. We've met?"

Chrystyne shakes her head. "Oh's okay. I got all the rules and stuff explained and S'ai said he would set up a rider to take me back to Ista later tonight to get my stuff." she pauses. "Oh yeah and to tell the captain my impending absence. "Thank you for the welcome, Weyrleader." she casts a crooked grin. "I do remember meeting you once when I was visiting. You explained to me about Weyr games in the winter." or something like that. She can't remember exactly. "Chrystyne." she'll supply her name to save him from having to remember if he can't.

Ka'el snaps his fingers, causing the firelizard who has paused nearby to look up hopefully. Treats? "That's right. Winter Weyr games Chrystyne. Well then /re/welcome to Xanadu," he laughs jovially. "Please forgive me. Either I'm getting old, or my mind has too much on it. It's good to see you again, especially considering the circumstances," he says with a growing grin. "Congratulations to you. Transport riders are in and out all the time, so finding a ride to Ista shouldn't be too difficult a task. Unfortunately, you've come too late for any winter games, but .. I've a feeling Candidacy will keep you plenty entertained." He smirks, then slightly tips his head. "Is this your first time at Candidacy?"

Chrystyne looks crestfallen briefly at too late for snow games. "Well, too bad for that. Does that mean winter's nearly oven then?" and warmer weather on the way. That knowledge will help in the packing process later tonight. "As you hardly look old then I'll go with the many duties heaped upon you. Especially with new people coming into the weyr." she nods. "It's my first time yes and trust me I never saw it coming. I was only visiting cause a green rider from Ista was coming here for errands and I had heard of the clutch on the sands so I wanted to see the eggs." a quick smile lights up those ice blue eyes. "What happens during candidacy? I was told the rules and lessons were mentioned, I think. And chores?"

Ka'el nods his head. "S'about the time where snow starts giving way to green grasses. Though, there will be so much mud about with the snowmelt that we could have Mud Games if we really wanted…" he says, tapping his chin as if it were a real possibility. Smirking, he lowers his hand down to his side and winks at her in response to his age appearance. "Good to know, as some days I feel like I'm an elder. But, the tasks that come with incoming Candidates are some of the more pleasurable ones," he admits. Hearing her tale of how she happened to be in the area causes him to chuckle. "It's always when you least expect it. On the most ordinary of days. And that ordinary day ends up being one that you'll never forget." He glances to one of the cots, nodding to himself. "There are quite a few chores, actually….mostly chores, I won't lie. But with that, many friendships can form. Some that'll last a lifetime. The lessons will be more .. eh, rigorous if you Impress. For now, Candidacy keeps you busy til then. Chores and trips. Else, you'd probably lose your mind with anticipation," he laughs.

"Oh aye, certainly a simple trip here ended most unexpectantly! I just hope they aren't too angry at Ista when I tell them." Chrystyne sounds a little worried as she says that. Retrieving her jacket from the first cot she tosses it along the foot of her newly chosen cot. "So the lessons will include what happens then if we do Impress?" her eyes study Ka'el intently a moment. "What if we don't find a life mate on the sands? Do we have to go?" now she spares a glance around the room, perhaps her thoughts are already on the few people she's met today. "Briari is very nice. I just know she'll find someone on the Sands and I'd hate to lose contact with her."

"I'm sure your…Journeyman? … will be understanding," assures Ka'el. "Being a Weyr, I'd hope they'd understand that a decision to stand doesn't come easily or is to be taken lightly. I wouldn't worry too much." He moves now, stepping past his watchful firelizard who begins to sniff at cots, possibly hoping to find stashes of food. Ka'el's hands clasp behind his back as he wanders to a nearby empty cot near her own. "Some," he says in answer to her question of the lessons. "Some will be to acquaint those who are unfamiliar to living in a Weyr to Weyrlife. Some will be team-building exercises. If you're lucky, you may find yourself flying high among the stars even before the eggs crack." He grins, then lifts his brows at her question. "Go? … Oh yes, we shuffle out all non-Impressees right after hatching. Bunks are cleared out and off they go!" He pauses, holds an honest face for a moment, but then eventually cracks a smile. "I'm kidding. No one is forced to leave. All Candidates who don't impress are welcome to stay, if they wish to transfer from their home Weyr or Hold to here." His brows raise at the name. "Briari. She's the one from…Monaco Bay, right?"

"Captain." corrects Chrys absently. "I'm a guard at the Weyr." she glances towards Ka'el's fire lizard sniffing and smirks faintly. "Seeking out hidden crumbs?" she wonders. Since the Weyrleader is still standing she stays upright as well. "Oh well…shells. I can certainly take advantage of learning to live in a weyr considering I've only been living at Ista for a couple weeks and thus far all I've learned is people aren't shy about swimming and women…" here she stops cold, flushing. "…well i've not learned much yet on the differences." she finishes that sentence weakly. At his brief serious answer of shuttling people away quickly she looks worried then relaxes once his smile cracks. "Oh..well good." a smile appears again. "I…think so. She's S'ai's sister. I know I met someone from Monaco tonight." she just can't remember for sure.

Ka'el glances to Alloy, the curious bronze. "Food, contraband…whatever you'd like to call it," he chuckles. "He'll be disappointed. The sneaking of snacks usually happens towards mid-Candidacy. Everyone usually starts out rather clean and rule-abiding. Usually." Ka'el slightly tips his head at her recollection of her short Istan stay, brows elevating just vaguely at her unfinished sentence. "Each Weyr, I've learned, has its personality. I hope you find Xanadu's to be both pleasant and exciting. And ah, I do know Briari then. I'm sorry I missed the moment when her brother heard the news of her Impression!" That must have been something. He moves again, this time approaching her with an encouraging look. "From what you said before, you sound as if you're already ruling yourself out of being impressed. Who knows, you may end up impressing and won't have to worry about losing contact with anyone. Have faith and keep your hope alive, if it's what you truly want."

A giggle escapes from Chrystyne. "Oh yes, her brother had an interesting reaction though I'm wishing I hadn't said anything since I didn't realize that he didn't know of her Search. "I'm pleased to get the chance to learn how Xanadu is and I never really never thought that each Weyr would be unique, really." "Well..I'm not really wanting to get my hopes up to be honest but…" a faint smile appears and her eyes warm. "I got Searched and I never, ever expected that so anything can happen really."

"Let them. Let your hopes rise," says Ka'el, expression warm. "There's no harm in dreaming. There's no harm in worrying either. Or doubting. Or .. fearing the unknown. You'll feel all those things and more, I can almost promise you. It's normal, so don't feel as if you're alone in the…heh, swarm of feelings you'll get over the next few months." He winks, then clicks his tongue to summon back his wayward 'lizard. "M'afraid I must head back to the office. Good luck with getting settled here. Your knot likely will be waiting for you by the time you get back with your belongings, after speaking with your Captain. … Is there anything else I can help you with before I go?"

A swarm of feelings for sure. "Oh good cause S'ai didn't have a knot to offer me yet." as he prepares to head out she grabs her own jacket off her cot. Hopefully it remains unclaimed for when she returns. "Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure the next couple months will be a blur indeed. I'll see you soon, no doubt."

Ka'el nods his head to her in departure. "Heh. There must be something about bronzeriders and not having a Candidate's knot handy…" he muses, chuckling to himself. Then, louder, "Good luck to you Chrystyne. Undoubtedly, I'll see you again soon." With a last smile, he takes a step before turning around to stride back out of the barracks, sparing a few smiles and fewer passing words to the random faces of other Candidates that mill about, trying to make themselves at home. Alloy zips out the door, not far behind him.

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