LOLs in the Stars (Chrystyne is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separated from the multicolored red and white sands by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher than the previous, and they are broken up into sections by three sets of staircases. Between the first and second section, a glass wall descends to separate the observers from the heat of the sands. Air is kept in motion through a set of fans, and so these seats are quieter and cooler than the rest… though the noise and heat of the sands is still present.
Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony overhead connects to the glass wall. Vents for cooling run along the bottom of it, and the ledge provides a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
The sand below is variegated in hue, individual grains of red and white that have a pinkish hue when seen from across the circle of the hatching grounds but - up close over that railing - are clearly two varieties mingled.

Streaked blonde spikes stand up in a disarray of order that make the ice blue of her eyes stand out in exquisite fashion. Framed by long black lashes her eyes portray a wealth of information on her moods. Brightly they shine when pleased though dark and stormy they turn when angry. High cheek bones give a pleasant accent to her face though the more detail driven may notice there is no cute button nose. Looking out of place with her other features the slightly pointed nose tilts downwards and isn't quite centered. Her lips are perhaps too thin for her slivery oval shaped face which only aids in a continuous pouty expression. However these imperfections are hard to see when her dazzling blue eyes manage to light up in a brilliant smile to overshadow anything else. Lean and fit for her age she's naturally tanned all year long with dusky browned skin that only brings out the blonde streaks in her hair.

Dressed for comfort over fashion always, Chrys is often attired in a manner that befits her brothers more than herself. Baggy brown trousers to ensure that most of her tunics don't outright clash too bad. The bagginess hides the muscles in her legs earned from turns of riding runners. A loose fitting tunic is laced under a pale red vest. Either boots or sandals will cover her feet depending on her travels for the day. A knot with Ista Weyr colors is fastened on her left shoulder.

Early evening has fallen and Chrystyne has wandered from the tavern to back here to the observation level. Her borrowed riding jacket is slung over the back of one blue seat, a hat and gloves peaking from the pockets. Leaning forward she's simply watching the eggs on the sands…well watching them do egg like things which is mainly just sitting within the sand and hardening.

It may be winter and S'ai is warm-weather bred but there are limits to how much of the sands he can take. He's exchanged heavier riding leathers for lighter clothing and a simple vest to hold badge and knot, but even then the man's blonde hair is limp on his head and dripping with sweat. He takes the steps leading up to the observation level with slow steps while taking a towel to his face. "…why do they need such shardin' heat?" He mumbles, apparently to himself because he doesn't notice the watcher right off the bat.

Since she had full attention upon the sands, albeit upon the eggs more, Chrystyne did notice a hot and sweaty man departing the hot sands and then ascending to the gallery level. Icey blue eyes veer that way and a slashing smile appears briefly. "Never had eggs but I imagine they need a lot of heat to bake." bake? Perhaps a wrong choice of words for she cringes slightly. "Well, not bake per say."

There's a blink from S'ai as he hears the voice and drags the towel down off his face so he can see who it is. "Eh, not inaccurate. I just don't think they realized humans don't need to bake. I don't know how the dragons stand it." And his dragon, at least, is merrily down on the scorching sands reorganizing eggs with care and an apparent anal retentive precision. He tweaks the angle of the Wrecked Egg at least five times.

Chrystyne can only give a shrug at that remark, stating. "I couldn't begin to imagine how they handle the scorching side but I would guess, if I had to, that their hide is much thicker than our skin." she glances down at her tanned arms. "Course I'm from Ista and I like the heat.”

"Monaco myself." Says the bronzerider with a lopsided grin. "Fort's ruining my lifelong tan though. Never been to Ista but hear it's a nice place. I'll have to go there sometime I get a chance." There's a pause before he adds, "Ah, name's S'ai. Figure that'd probably be easy to figure out to folks who got the news being as I was down there but, ya know, never hurts to introduce myself.”

"Chrystyne." the tanned blond offers her name after S'ai gives his. "I was wondering if you were down there for a reason but then I'm not familiar with weyr practice so.." another slender shoulder lifts in a shrug. "I was told though that your sister is a candidate here too. I met her earlier today. Briari. She's so nervous about it all though. You should tell her not to be so nervous. As her big brother and all." giving advice to someone she just met?! She seems to think nothing of it as she looks the bronzer over.

"Ooh, Kairoikyriath'd eat me if I didn't belong down there." S'ai remarks, though his grin tweaks partway up his face as Chrystyne mentioned Briari. The needle apparently comes off the record as he stops there, eyes sort of going blank. A moment. Two. Three. And then all that processing emotion comes out in a laugh that's downright *loud* and echoing in the largely empty level. It's enough to bring Zeruth's head jerking up to look to his rider, eyes whirling in brief bewilderment. And the rider laughs, and keeps laughing, enough that he has to lurch and flop into a seat.

"Kairokyriath…" Chrystyne works around the mouthful of a name. "Wow that's a long name…." then she's tossed off kilter a bit and perhaps a bit worried as S'ai processes the information just told to him and the reaction is…laughter? At least that what Chrys /thinks/ he is doing as she stands and takes one. two tentative steps towards him. "Um…" are you okay is the question that she puts into that one sound that is uttered.

Did he stop yet? Nope! He's still laughing. Maybe the heat fried his brain. He's got his arms wrapped around his midsection and he's doubling over, hiccuping and laughing. "..hurts… it hurts…" He coughs as he stammers that out and takes several attempts to suck in air and stop. Eventually he does manage to, eyed red and watered with the hilarity he seems to have been stricken with. "Oooooh that. is. priceless. Woooow. This'll be interesting. So she's /nervous/, /really/? She's never nervous.”

Chrystyne continues to look worried which causes her to actually start to look around as if seeking help. Help? Someone? Bronzerider needs water. "Um…sir?" another step. "Hurts? I can find…someone?" is finished weakly. Just before she turns to seek out the help the Fortian rider starts actually speaking sentences once more. "Yeah, um. Yeah." there's a sort of nervousness to her answer. "I mean..I dunno. I just met her and she's really nice and all. Oh I thought you would know already." her hands wring together worriedly. "I hope she won't be upset you found out before she could tell you!"

S'ai raises up a hand, fingers wiggling and hand shaking to ward off attempts to go find help. "Good, good, I'm good. That just took me by surprise." He gives his head a shake and chortles out a few more brief laughs before he catches his breath finally. "No no, don't worry, it's okay. She'll be fine and she wouln't be mad. She might just be annoyed she wouln't surprise me now but I wouln't narc on you. I haven't got the memo yet but she wouln't know that."

Chrystyne mms uncertainly but ends up nodding. Retaking her seat she stays on the edge in case she does need to get up in a hurry for aid with the bronzerider. "Well…" one supposes a new subject is in order after that. "I'm visiting from Ista Weyr. That's when I met her, earlier. We had dinner in the tavern. I'm waiting around though for it to get darker. Want to see if I can see the stars easier here than back home."

S'ai comes back into control of himself even if amusement remains bright in his eyes. "Stars, huh? You a starcrafter? I dunno what they all /do/ but.." He gives a faint half a shrug. "I even got to see them from the Yokohama but I can't say I understand anymore about them then I do down here. I think they're a bit beyond me in more than one way. I tinker but that's a vast concept to grasp up there.”

"Apprentice? Oh no, not me. It's more of a hobby really. An interest I've had for a couple turns now." replies Chrystyne. "From the Yokohama?" for a moment she simply boggles at the man. Remembering to close her mouth it closes with an audible snap of teeth on teeth. "Oh." is said weakly. "Well I bet that would be quite the view from there. "I simply like to find the consolations up there and seeing if I can find the same formations wherever I travel to."

"Was a candidate trip for Fort." S'ai adds as he listens to what she says. "Constellations? That's really cool. I bet Zer'd enjoy that, he loves finding patterns in things." But down on the sands, the bronze is settling the last of the eggs into fresh holes - though it's likely not to last once their dam gets a good look at it. With his fatherly duties over, Zeruth thumps back down onto the sands and yawns widely, one eye turned lazily to regard where his rider is. "I know the traders and seafarers use the stars to navigate.”

With the mention of Zeruth it brings Chrystyne's attention briefly to the sands to watch the bronze shifting the eggs. "Awe, he's taking care of the eggs." points out Chrys before looking back to the rider. "Patterns? Oh yeah I bet he'd really like finding patterns in the stars. I never thought of a dragon liking stars. "Been on a couple ships when I was younger." cause she's so wise and old at the ripe age of 17. "And I had the use of the far viewer from the traders for a bit."

While the two talk, the dragon's attentions turn fully. Perhaps he hears himself being talked about? "Oh he keeps a close eye on them when he doesn't get distracted. I actually spent a lot of time before getting Searched traveling Pern, it was a great experience." He glances back to the sands, watching the dragon even as the dragon watches them. "Know what's really crazy to think of? All those stars up there, more than we'll ever see. Yet even for all of that, one dragon out of nearly so many ever born can find a single person out of all of these seats, without even ever seeing or talking to us, to be with for life. In a way, I kinda see that even more fascinating than the stars."

Chrystyne doesn't notice the dragon's attention upon the galleries. Her whole attention is upon S'ai now that she's determined he's not crazy or ill or anything. Relaxing back in her seat she kicks up her feet upon the back of an empty seat before her. "I've not really traveled much but I suppose it has been a lot more than some. My brothers and sister never want to leave Red Sands. That's fine for them I suppose but I'm not cut out too much for dancing and being proper and all." her fingers tap restlessly on her knee in a habit that no doubt she doesn't realize she's doing it. Considering his words she tilts her head in thought as she regards him. "It does seem strange doesn't it? That a dragon can just know the good within someone. I dunno…" her thoughts trail off silently for a minute before she continues. "Seems strange to me. But then I'm holder bred so..I'm adjusting still to life at Ista. I don't dare go to the beach when it's overly populated!"

"Hey, there's your whole life to find out what you want to do, where to go." S'ai remarks with a crooked grin as he leans back in his seat. "More out there than Holds and Weyrs. There's a place for everyone. I would likely still be wandering if Zeruth hadn't picked me out." And this he looks away from his dragon, the bronze's eyes still whirling - albeit quickly - as he watches the stands. "And he's wondering, actually, if you'd like to stick around and see if there's a star down there for you. Twelve eggs aren't many, but it only takes one."

Chrystyne lifts one hand up briefly to wiggle her fingers dismissively. "Try telling that to my parents. Trying to shape me into their mold. I'm born to fly free." her eyes twinkle brightly. "Well…as free as I can." she blinks then cutting off her words as S'ai's question sinks through her own thoughts and shoots across her mind like a shooting star. "Oh!" a surprise squeak is emitted from the teen. "Me?" with wide eyes now she looks again towards the bronze then back to his rider. "Really?" is asked as if suspecting he can't be serious.

"Oooh, you have no idea how familiar I am with that feeling." S'ai says with a chuckle and a brightening spark in his eyes as she's taken by surprise by the question. "Yeup." Confirms the rider and there's a responding rumble from down on the sands. "Rider's honor!" He reassures her with a hand placed over his heart. "I don't have a knot on me, but I can get you one if you're accepting of it."

Chrystyne says "Wow..oh wow." the normally fairly chatty Chrystyne is momentarily caught speechless. Finally with a shake of her head and a thump as she sits upright to bring her feet to the ground in front of her. "Yes. Wow..yes." she finally gives a confirmation to the question posed. "I mean who would say no. Wow." she echoes her first words again. A goofy smile lights up those ice blue eyes."

S'ai laughs again, but it's a brief exclamation of happiness and he reaches out to clap the girl on the shoulder. Gently, at least. "Then welcome to Xanadu, Candidate!" He stands up then, giving his neck a quick crack. "Well, I need a breath of fresh air so how about we head on down to the barracks and get you introduced and settled in? If you need to send word to family or anyone let me know, I have firelizards. We can swing you back home to pick up anything you need too."

Chrystyne is still all smiles as she stands completely. A quick look is given to the sands. "Yes, I'll need to get back home to Ista to grab my stuff and then I'll need to send word to my family. Oh and let my Captain know too." she pauses. "I'm a guard at Ista so I think he certainly should know what happened." she waits for him to lead the way to the barracks.

"Will do. I'll send word ahead." S'ai says with a nod of his head as he makes his way for the stairs. "Then I'll let one of the wingriders know you needed to head back to get supplies and check in with your family. Shouldn't be long at all till we can get that organized, been a rush with the new candidates. Barracks are right down here." He gives a gesture of his hand and heads on down from the observation levels.


Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.

Chrystyne ambles along then towards the candidate barracks, still a bit glossy-eyed with surprise. "So then as a candidate I stay here then right? Until the hatching?" she's asking S'ai as they stride in.

"Yeup." Comes the voice of S'ai as he follows just behind Chrystyne. "Take your pick of the cots still left. The staff'll fill you in on things like duties while you're here. I'll go let them know you're here now. Before I head off, did you have any questions? Well. Scratch that, you probably have a million and it's not like you all don't know where to find me, but, feel free to breathe first then ask if you need."

Chrystyne does have quite a few questions that have popped up into her head but right now she's simply looking around the barracks with her borrowed riding jacket slung over her arm. She takes several steps through the barracks to find just the right cot somewhere. " it just girls in here and boys somewhere else?" she asks her first question.

"Both actually." S'ai answers as he leans against the entry to the barracks. "But rules are everyone behaves themselves, no fraternizing. Though it tends to split one side for one group and the other side of the room for the other. If you're lucky enough to Impress, privacy drops low on the list real fast. I barely remember that first week. Everything else is like you'd find at the Weyr with the public baths. Trunk there at the bottom of the cot is for your stuff."

A faint blush colors Chrystyne's cheeks as he mentions public baths. Finding a cot ( of course she could always switch it up if she winds up next to someone who snores), she sits on the edge of it and peers towards S'ai. "Both hmm? Okay..that's doable. What other rules should I know of? Behaving ones self is fairly open ended really." she pauses to look around the side of the room she chose. "Did I pick the girl side or the boy side?" is asked worriedly.

S'ai glances one way and then the other, squinting at a few of the cots before he hmms out loud. "Looks like you're good. I think those are some guy's shoes sticking out from under that cot across from you. But rules! If you got a Craft, you can keep working it. And, eh, you /caaan fraternize/ if you really want but just keep it on the down low, don't go getting drunk, do try to be a good citizen, and be at lessons and events on time. It's pretty common sense stuff."

Chrystyne nods her head several times. "I don't really drink much, I'm a good citizen cause if I'm not I'm sure my mom's ears would burn and…lessons?" she perks up a little bit at that. "Right then. I think I got it."

S'ai bobs his head once in confirmation. "Yeup, lessons. Not sure what Xanadu has planned for you guys but they're fun, promise. I in no way was maybe late to several and I certainly don't condone being late." Cough. "Anyway, I'll let you get settled in but I'll be right over there if you need anything. Feel free to go wander as you want, there's nothing formal right now while folks are still coming in. So you don't have to hang around here all the time."

Chrystyne flashes a quick grin to S'ai. "Of course. I don't want to keep ya from duties. Thank you for everything! I'm sure I'll get settled in quickly."

"Just enjoy your time, it goes in a blur!" S'ai says with a smile to the newest candidate. "It's a good time to meet new friends too. Just don't forget to breathe. It was good to meetcha, Chrystyne, and Search you out and.. well, heh, have a good rest of the day!" And this said, the bronzerider is heading back out the door.

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