New friends! (Elements of Harmony)

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separated from the multicolored red and white sands by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher than the previous, and they are broken up into sections by three sets of staircases. Between the first and second section, a glass wall descends to separate the observers from the heat of the sands. Air is kept in motion through a set of fans, and so these seats are quieter and cooler than the rest… though the noise and heat of the sands is still present.

Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony overhead connects to the glass wall. Vents for cooling run along the bottom of it, and the ledge provides a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

The sand below is variegated in hue, individual grains of red and white that have a pinkish hue when seen from across the circle of the hatching grounds but - up close over that railing - are clearly two varieties mingled.

If life was like a snow-globe, Xanadu would be a picture perfect example of what it would be like to live under a glass dome. Snow falls from the dark gray skies above to stick to the ground below. Briari is staring miserably upwards with a squint of her eyes as she slides a pair of snow goggles over her eyes. She is wearing a thick jacket and a new pair of pants that are tucked into high boots. Her hands are covered by fluffy mittens to keep her fingers toasty warm. Her guitar is slung about one shoulder and resting against her back. ".. I miss my beach already." She mutters to herself as she takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly as it comes out in a cloudy puff past her lips.

There's eggs to visit! And snow! Sliding down the back of a green rider who bears Ista Weyr colors is Chrystyne who is bundled up from head to toe. She's in an oversized riding jacket ( most likely borrowed), a fuzzy wool cap that has cute flaps to cover her ears. A bright yellow scarf winds around her throat and mouth so that all is seen on this teen are her eyes and top of her nose. "Thank you!" is her muffled shout up to the rider. "I'll find a ride back later." with that the rider heads off and Chrystyne turns to look around to see where she has been dropped off. Briari is the first seen so the Istan girl heads that way. "Hi!" she smiles, unseen, but her voice is muffled against the scarf.

Kyra is bustling her way through the main clearing with seemingly no issue regarding the snow, humming to herself through a thick scarf wrapped around her face. She's got on a heavy coat and some boots as well as a satchel bag that looks to be stuffed with enough to make it bulge awkwardly. Her winter clothes are a bit scruffy rather than pristine, but look like they've gotten a lot of use as well, suggesting she may just be used to cold weather. As she bustles along, she is distracted by the sight of an actual person and alters her bustling course to intersect Briari's. Without much fanfare, she pops into the other girl's vision and greets her with an amiable, "Hi! I met someone else who had a guitar the other day. He wasn't a Harper, though. Just liked the guitar. Are you a Harper, then? It's pretty cold out, isn't it? I'm Kyra, by the way." This last comes with a hand being thrust forward as well as what might be a smile - with her face mostly covered, it's hard to tell. Chrystyne seems to surprise her and she promptly turns and throws up her free hand, "Hi!" Aw, she's the only one without cute snow gear. Sadness.

Getting quickly jerked out of her angry staring contest with the snow belching sky, Briari looks over to Chrystyne, then over to Kyra before she can answer the first. "Hey there!" The tanned beach bum says with a bright white toothed smile, looking back and forth between the two. Quirking a finely colored brown upwards, she looks between the two, then starts to wonder if she should be wearing a scarf as well. Mental check list: Buy a scarf. "Yes, I am a Harper. I am Briari, Journman Harper of Monaco Bay Weyr." She says proudly with a bolstering grin. "I tour with my band mates and perform across Pern. At least I was until I got searched last night." She gives the white knot a flick with her fingers on her shoulder. "So, I was going to ask if you two knew each ohter, but.. uh.. I guess you don't. This is my first day in Xanadu. It is .. so sharding cold."

"I'm just visiting." Chrystyne comments first with a friendly enough look between Briari and Kyra. "I had heard there were eggs on the sands and N'lo was running errands here and said I could tag along." she shift her scarf a bit on her face. "I also wanted to see the snow again too. I'm from Red Sands hold and we don't get much. I'm Chrystyne. By the way. And congrats on being Searched! Wow, that's really awesome. Did the dragon sniff you a lot? I heard some do that but then my brother doesn't really know much about weyrs to be honest."

"I'm from Half Moon Bay, visiting by way of Fort, for… well, no real reason. I got bored," is Kyra's simple response, shrugging under her own hefty coat and lifting a hand to adjust the large knit cap she's wearing, licks of dark hair peeking out from the hem, "Nope, never met. Seems solved now, though." In case Chrystyne didn't hear it, Kyra will offer over her hand and tug down her scarf so her face can be seen, grinning amiably, "Nice to meet you. I'm Kyra. I guess it would be a shame to come here and not look at the eggs. Do you figure they keep them underground or something? Or are the Sands just so hot that it doesn't matter?"

"I can show you them if you want." Briari says with a shift of her shoulders upwards. "There is an observation room just near the barracks where you can peek through and take a look at them. Just can't go out on to the sands, you know.. or else the dragons will get angry and eat you or something." Giving her blonde hair a ruffle with her mittened hand to shake some of the snow from it, she grins. "Half Moon Bay is awesome by the way. I love that place. You have an awesome Tiki Lounge with some great drinks." Tapping her booted foot on the ground to loosen some of the snow off the heel, she gives it another scrape. "Come on you two." She dips her head as she turns to head off.

Chrystyne most likely takes the warning of dragons eating people very seriously because she simply nods her head. "Oh no I never would dream of going out onto the sands. Never been to Half Moon. What's it like there? Ista Weyr's pretty small." she says towards Kyra. "I don't know…do they keep 'em underground? I mean they need to be super hot right?" she moves to follow the other girl to where the observation room is.

Kyra makes an amused snorting sound as she tugs her scarf back up in front of her nose, "Don't call us like canines, jeez." It's said good-naturedly, though, and she falls in with Chrystyne to start following after Briari, shrugging to the other girl, "I guess we'll find out. It'll be nice if they're warm, at least. And Half Moon's a big island type place. Nice and warm, fortunately…" Trudge trudge.

Leading the pair into the observation level, Briari pulls down the hood of her jacket and shakes out her hair. Tugging her gloves off and tucking them into her pockets, she gives a happy smile as she stares out across the sands. "Somewhere, out there, may be my lifemate." She says with a doofy smile spreading along her lips. "I haven't been this nervous-cited my entire life." Placing a hand over her heart, she swallows down a deep breath.

What a bartender from Half Moon Bay is doing in the galleries of Xanadu may well be one of the mysteries of the ages, but there he is, nonetheless. Parked about halfway up the tiered seating, eating the remnants of some sort of wrapped sandwich-type-thing, Jonteim has a good view of the Sands and a decent view of the entrance, just one of the handful of people scattered around the gallery at this time of day, he naturally takes notice when a gaggle of girls enters all at once, and he surveys them from afar around the last few bites of that meal on the go of his. Aside from being here at all, he doesn't do anything in particular to draw attention his way just yet.

Tucked in one corner there's a small mountain of snow. The sparkling white cloak trembles, revealing there a shoulder and there a hand. Seems like someone is living under. Okay he may not have moved much considering the amount of snow gathered on his head. A sketchbook on his lap, Eltanin frowns, obviously not pleased with what he's done. Voices do shake him from his daydreaming and he slowly turns his head, narrowing his eyes on all the incoming people.

Chrystyne observes everything as they go through the hatching arena and then into the observation level. Quickly her gaze is drawn right to the sand where the eggs lay. "Oooh." she murmurs mostly to herself. "That's really cool, Briari." she says of the life mate remark. "Kind of amazing too that the dragons that emerge from there wind up as big as they do all grown up." one gloved hand waves towards the sands briefly before it's pulled back to tug the other glove off. Already the hat and scarf are being removed as well. As a part of the girl gaggle she does notice they are not lone in their trip to observe the eggs and she spares a look towards Jonteim and the moving mound of snow. No, wait, that's Eltanin. He's frowning though so she frowns back in reply.

Kyra takes off her hat and unfurls her scarf a bit as they enter this decidedly less chilly area, even if the snow is still falling down. She smacks her cap against her thigh to get the snow off, then crams it into a pocket on her coat, looking between Briari and Chrystyne before she peers down at the Sands and rubs her nose with the back of her hand, "Well, if you think about it, people start out as big as a dinner bun, so it's not that surprising, you know? I wish you luck, though, Briari. At least you'll be somewhere warm." She grins a little at this only to be distracted by the sight of the freshly de-snowed Eltanin, her eyebrows lifting, "Tani!" She trots over, uninvited, and proceeds to lean against his shoulders from behind, trying to peer over at his sketchbook quite nosily, "What're you drawing? The eggs? You're covered with snow, you know." Helpfully, she uses the fringe of her scarf to give him a little dust off, adding with a wry tone, "You're going to mess up your paper there." While she's never been in the bar back home, there's a good chance Kyra has at least seen Jonteim before, so she gives him a curious look before waving her snow-encrusted bit of scarf at him with a smile, "Hi! Are you looking at the eggs, too? Does anybody have a favorite yet?" This goes out to everybody, it seems.

"Thanks guys. I'm still a bit shocked that I was chosen.. all things considered." Briari says as she wrings her hands together a bit, then blows on them with her warm breath. When Eltanin is called out by Kyra, she swivels her head over towards him, then blinks once. "Oh. Hey there." She calls over wit a shift of her jaw, looking a bit awkward for a brief second. To Jon, recognition settles in. "Hi Jon! It's nice to see you again as well." With another glance back to the sands, she steps a bit closer and peers forward. "I have a favorite, yes. That one, the multicolored one with the splash of red and purple." She points out. "It's simply gorgeous."

Is he looking at the eggs, too? "Or they're looking at me. Haven't decided yet." Jonteim answers this like, yes, he has at least a passing acquaintance with Kyra. He's not been at Half Moon so long that he's 100% familiar with each and every resident, but he's probably seen most of them around-and-about, so there's a modicum of familiarity there. He gives the snowy fellow a quick glance, then a lift of his chin in that age old 's'up' gesture so commonly employed between boys (or men, or whatever), just in time for him to lower a more notable nod toward Briari after her greeting. "One of us must be a bad mark, always turning up." Not the smiliest guy on the planet, at least all of this is offered pleasantly.

Eltanin offers a warm smile at Kyra as she moves closer and dusts himself a bit thoughtfully. "Hey Kyra. Came here to catch another kind of fishes?" To her query he simply raises his somewhat frozen sketchbook a bit. "If you ask what it is, then it's worst than I thought. Eggs, yes. Guess I should keep focused on fields I know…." he trails off quivering some. "I must have fallen asleep. I'm not recovering from night duties so well these days." As Briari's voice is heard and face seen, he smiles again, nodding. "Bri…" juste before nodding his chin back at Jonteim. To soften Chrystyne first impression he offers another smile. Tired one but still.

"Asking is important," is all Kyra says in regards to that, eyeballing the sketchbook a bit more before she moves away so she can plop down onto one of the benches, folding her arms on the rail even if it means leaning forward to a nearly comical extent, "That one's pretty bright." She surveys over the various egglings at first, speaking aside to Eltanin with a small shrug, "I came to Xanadu because some riders from Fort were. Chrystyne and Briari were talking about the eggs, so here we are, then." She tilts her head up a bit to look between them all, expression and big hazel eyes curious, "Do you all know eachother? That's good. I'm Kyra." This last seems mostly for Jonteim, seeing as everybody else already knows her name. Propping her chin on her folded arms, she goes back to considering the eggs, eventually pointing to a couple, "I like those." The odd looking blue one and the one that looks just sort of grayish and stormy. Before much time has passed, however, she winds up twitching her nose and pointing again, "Those are neat looking too, though." The one that looks banged up and the one that looks brown with a blaze of white. She's not super decisive.

"They're all very neat, just that colorful one calls out to me for some reason, but it's probably the artist in me that is drawn to the way the colors blend in perfect harmony with each other. As if all six were .. destined to wrap about one another, to keep each other safe and secure." That's a bit deep for something as simple as an egg shell. Grinning, her shoulders lift upwards. "The stormy one is beautiful also, but it seems so lonely, like it could use a good friend to calm it down." To Jon, her eyes twinkle. "I'm sure I'm that bad mark, I'll take one for the team if it helps any." With another look to Eltanin, her shoulders lift. "So, you didn't show up for dinner the other day. I figured you probably got busy."

Jonteim's, "Generous of you," is a half-wry half-compliment for Briari's willingness to take the fall there. Considering he's the one still sitting apart from the others, the one not immediately jumping into the 'which egg do you like best' fray, it's more likely that he's the bad mark, but no argument to that end is made. Instead, now leaning forward with his forearms on near his knees, with his fingers loosely laced into a basket between those knees, he watches the byplay with far more interest than he showed the eggs. Though he does add, "Hallo, Kyra. I'm Jon."

Eltanin finally decides to move and slowly stands up, drifting snow filling the air for a moment or two. "I do know you and Briari." Tani replies Kyra, moving to place himself to her side which is quite a contrast considering the brown haired girl's…limited height. He does peers at the eggs briefly too but with an absent gaze before turning it to Briari to answer her question with a light frown. Apologetical kind of frown? "I'm sorry, yes. I was. And to be considered maybe it's better for you." he then tilts his head looking at her knot. "Congrats by the way." Here goes a true smile which he extends to Jon adding a friendly. "I'm Tani, the once snoring-snow-moutain."

Some burly-lookin' dude that no one is likely to know distracts Jonteim's attention for a while, rather suddenly. They fall into a below-audible conversation that doesn't seem to be especially interesting, but does involve some dickering about prices, by the sounds of it. Fascinating stuff (except not).

Kyra could be called vertically challenged, but she'd probably take the challenge on and find some way to grow just to spite someone. She lifts her head again to look at Jon, offering him an easy smile and splaying her fingers in a little wave without unfolding her arms, "Hi, Jon. Nice to meet you. You're from Half Moon, right? Me too! It's cold here, isn't it? My nose is numb." She rubs it with her palm, even if it means turning her head around and, yes, true to form, while her skin may be brown, her nose is definitely getting a little bit more red. She looks between Briari and Eltanin after that, still idly rubbing her nose to warm it, and inquires, "Are you guys friends? Or dating?" She drops her hand back to the folded arm and is quick to add, with another bright grin, "It doesn't look lonely to me. It looks like it's got /secrets/… though I guess that can be said of all eggs." Hrm.

"Uh, no, we are .. not dating." Briari confirms to Kyra as she goes back to looking out to the sands. "Just bumped into each other once and that was it. No big deal." She smiles once again as she looks to each egg, searching out every color and curve of their shells. "But, it's good to see you again, Eltanin. With clothes on and not that dreadful thing you called a swimsuit." Chuckling coyly, she looks back over to Kyra. "Secrets, huh? You think so?" She looks back towards it. "Perhaps. Maybe. They say the oceans can hold all sorts of secrets. I've swam quite a few and yet to find any myself, but that does not mean they aren't out there."

Chrystyne is silent and thoughtful as she slips onto a seat to study the eggs. Thus far she doesn't offer up any thoughts on her favorite yet so as far as adding to the conversation she gives a distracted "They all seem unique in their own way."

"Juts like the stars…" Eltanin jumps on Chrystyne's comment, adding a small smile to her. Lifting a brow at Briari, he pretends to be offended. "I still don't understand what's wrong with those shorts." he then snorts, adding his own explanation to Kyra. "Bumped into each other, right. I've been dazzled for a short moment."

Kyra is sitting next to Eltanin, so it's easy for her to lean over and poooke him in the arm, "I bumped into him once, too, and I think we're friends, or like friends, anyway." She shrugs afterwards only to offer Chrystyne a rapid nod, "That's what I think. I favor some, but they're all pretty interesting." There's a long, long pause before she admits, with a curious tilt of her head, "Weird to think that they all came out of someone's butt." Well. It is. She ruffles her fingers through her short hair as she eyes the colorful nuggets of future dragondom, then looks to Briari and Eltanin again, "I spend a lot of time swimming. I seriously doubt we'll ever figure out everything that's down there. I think the Dolphincraft probably know more than anyone and they're not very big, really." There is a slow blink for Eltanin and she inquires, "Dazzled?"

Sputtering out a laugh, Briari looks quite amused over towards Kyra. "Come out of their butt? I .. I don't know if that's quite right. My parents never filled me in on that. I figured it came out of the same place they went into the first time." Snickering at the mental image she is being plagued with now, she covers her mouth with her fingers. "Everything is wrong with those shorts, Eltanin, and, nice to know I only dazzled you for a short moment. Way to give a girl a complex." Her eyes roll a bit upwards before she turns to stare back out to the sands, arms crossing over her chest as the muscles in her arms tighten near her biceps as they flex in irritation. Taking in another deep breath, she lets her eyes draw from egg to egg. "I'm nervous though, that I'll be left out there, standing on the sands like a fool while everyone else prances off with their new best friends and lifemates."

The sounds of boots acending the stairs to observation level can be heard as Kaitro pulls himself up the stairs using the handrail. "Hey everyonne!" People! There's people here! The youth grins broadly as he heads towards the crowd, not really seeming to care too much if he's welcomed or not, plopping into a seat next to the people chatting about the eggs. "You /do/ know eggs don't come out of their butts, right? That's not exactly how it works!" Laughter rings out as he shoots a playful grin, leaning forward as he casts his gaze from one egg to the next. "Pretty big clutch compaired to last time, wonder what they'll hatch into."

Chrystyne's eyes sparkle with humor as she glances towards Kyra. "Never seen eggs be hatched but I suppose that could be accurate." is remarked thoughtfully. A quick smile slashes across her expression as she nods agreement to Eltanin. "I love finding different consolations at night. Do you think we can see many from here? Maybe I can manage to stay the night and see." listening to Briari a moment she frowns. "Well…something was senses special about you so I imagine maybe then if you don't find one here then it'll hatch for you another time?" she's guessing here since she's completely holder bred!

Eltanin raises a hand to wave at Kaitro as he comes in, a smile welcoming him as well. But his attention goes back to Kyra and he hardly stifles a chuckle. "We're friends, yes. At least I like to think so. But as Kai and Bri said, I'm pretty sure….it's….well…not the /right/….hole…" He coughs to cover his own silliness. Of course among all of those chuckling and laughter he does notice Briari's irritation and her wry comment isn't without any effects. But for some reason he just keeps his icy blue eyes in hers for a brief but intense moment, before looking back at Chrystyne. "The sky here is simply amazing…Chrystyne, right?" He have caught her name during the previous chatter. "And it's probably possible for you to stay and stare. I just can't get enough myself." Here goes another stretch of his shoulders and he turns to Bri again. "Dragons can see through the soul. They surely will read you more than well. I wouldn't worry if I was you…"

Kyra props her jaw on her fist and rolls her eyes somewhat, her voice drawling now as she informs them all at large, "I'm seventeen, not seven. I know where eggs come from… well, babies, anyway. I'm not exactly proficient in dragon anatomy. I know some fish and reptiles use one hole for everything, so who even knows?" She makes a flippant gesture with her free hand, then waves it at Kaitro by way of proper greeting, "Hallo, too." She turns her attention up to Briari afterwards and leans back, sitting up and folding her legs under her, shoulders lifting and falling in a casual shrug, "If you go out there and don't come off with a dragon, all you'll be is what you are now. It doesn't make you a fool or something. Lots of people don't Impress, sometimes on their first try, sometimes ever. Best not to worry so much about it, you know?" She's not touching on the whole weirdness of dazzled Eltanin. No way. .

Kaitro blinks as he listens to the general conversation around him, tilting his head slightly to the side, "Y'know, I've lived here in this weyr /all/ my life. I've never been anywhere else, this is my home, and I'm just /now/ being searched." A finger taps idly against the white knot on his shoulder. "And I'm just a kitchen assistant! If /I/ can be searched, I'm pretty sure you guys gotta good chance." He gives himself a little nod, leaning back in his seat as he pulls his legs tightly against his chest. "Bah, I wouldn't worry that you didn't impress. I mean, not everyone impresses their first time. Sometimes it takes a couple of times for your dragon to find you. And some people don't impress at all, there's many more things that people can be other than a dragonrider! Like a crafter, or a holder, or all the other things you could do with your life."

"No chance it's just bullsh-dung?" Jonteim chooses this moment to, after concluding his business (or whatever), rejoin the conversation. Dragons can see through the soul, says Eltanin, and the bartender offers up the potentiality that it's just bull-dung (and we'll just let your imaginations figure out what word Jon might've used in something other than mixed company). "No one really knows, do they? Might be just that some people're lucky and some people get screwed." He's a big ol' bundle of cheer, still sitting where he was all that while, now offering up his sunny opinion with a careless shrug.

"Yeah, it's just.. a lot of.. uh.. expectations weighing on my shoulders now." Briari says to Kyra with a small smile on her face, trying her best to look confident despite the heavy thoughts. "My family are both riders, and those eggs out there." She points to the sands before she clears her throat loudly. "My brother S'ai, bronze rider of Zeruth. Those are his eggs out there, and I just got searched for my brother's clutch. It's a big deal to me. I guess. You know.. what I mean?" Rubbing the back of her neck, she lets out a breath she was holding in her chest. She looks over to Kaitro for a moment, before she smirks. "But, whatever, right? If I don't impress, it just gives him something else to make fun of for the next ten turns or so. But, uh, who wants to hit up the tavern or something and get some food? Maybe Jon here can give the bar tender here some advice."

Chrystyne contemplates all this as she shifts her gaze to each speaker in turn. "I wouldn't think one could expect to be Searched though I really know little of the whole thing." bending her elbows to rest on her knee she props her chin up on a fist. "Your brother's a bronze rider? Cool." she breaths. "That is a big deal! But you can't worry the entire time though…right?" a flicker of a glance goes to the eggs. "How long before they hatch?"

Eltanin allows a deep breath to leave the confines of his chest, blowing some nearby snow again. His face does still display a smile tho even if a uncertain one as if feeling the wonders and tensions everyone is radiating. He's not feeling anything himself and obviously shares the same doubts and interrogation but he's just a crafter here and a rather new one. "If you all excuse me, I have things to tend to. But it was really nice to meet you all." He softly declares, looking at each faces in turn. "It was nice to see you again, Bri…" he nods adding… "…Kyra." On his way out he gives Kaitro, Chrystne and Jonteim a grin alternatively. "See you all later with any luck…"

Kyra waves happily enough to Eltanin as he leaves, peering after him curiously before looking around at the others again. She rubs her nose a bit with her palm once more and shrugs, "My parents are riders, too. I don't think they care if I become a dragonrider or not. As for it being your brother's clutch… well, maybe it'd be good not to Impress. That'd be sort of like… brain-linked to your nephew or niece or something." She wrinkles that reddened nose at the very idea, then pushes herself to her feet, dusting off her palms and elbows, "The tavern sounds good. Mr. Kitchenman is also correct. There's lots of things to do besides being a dragonrider." She pats Briari lightly on the back of her shoulder before picking her scarf back up to wind it around her face, smushing her cap over those short, slightly curling locks of dark brown as well, ready to head back into the storm if they really plan to. She did not catch Kaitro's name, by the way, thus his new nickname. Hands now tucked into her pockets, she glances back out at the eggs and gives a small shrug for Chrystyne's sake, "Depends on how hard they are. Unless you want to go give one a poke, I'm not sure how easy it is to tell."

"You have riders that are family too? Really? You're S'ai's sister? My brothers and sisters are scattered about Pern now. Don't see them too much as they've gone into various crafts ands stuff. Hear from them sparingly, but I still get to see both of my families pretty frequently." Kai grins cheerfully, lifting a hand towards Tani as the crafter heads out. "My real parents don't care if I impress or not, hardly see them half the time as they're rather busy about the weyr, but my foster parents are pretty excited. And hey, even if I don't impress I'll at least get to say that I actually stood and saw the hatching rather than spending the whole sharding time prepairing the hatching feast. I haven't seen a hatching in turns!" He beams slightly, blinking at his new name. "Kaitro! Or you can call me Kai, if you like. Nice to meet you."

"I know, I know. I just need to not get too riled up. I just wasn't expecting to be searched at all, but to find out it's my brother's clutch really got my emotions all sputtered out. I could barely sleep last night. My parents have put big expectations on both S'ai and I since we were kids. I'm real proud of my big brother, I just don't want to let mom down, I guess." Perking up a bit, Briari lets out a loud 'blaaaaaah', then throws a hand up in the air, "But, whatever, mom isn't here, nor is dad. I got new friends in you guys to get dinner with. C'mon, I'll pay. It's on me." She says as she wraps an arm about Kyra's shoulders, giving her a firm squeeze for a moment. "So, Kai, since you're our resident chef, what's good here? I haven't had Xanadu food yet."

"Dinner sounds good though I can certainly pay. I don't wish to impose on anyone." Chrystyne says pleasantly as she gets to her feet. "I've not eaten here at Xanadu either but they have a great herdbeast steak at Ista Weyr." she shoves her hands into her pockets but doesn't seem too interested in rewrapping her head with her hat and scarf.

Kyra has a completely different response, grinning brightly as she exclaims, "Woo, free food!" She pumps one arm into the air only to laugh and add, "Though I guess it's usually free at a Weyr, isn't it?" More or less, anyway. She tilts her cap back a bit so she can see and smiles just above her scarf at Kaitro now, "Nice to meet you. I'm Kyra. I liked calling you Kitchenman, though. Is that a problem? I can not, if you don't like it." A hand is held out to offer a shake, as she usually does, and then she is looking back to Briari and grinning a little bit, "Forget expectations, man. Those are for the people that have them." She makes a little dismissive gesture, then moves to march off towards the wintry world beyond. Food!

Kaitro glances between the two females, blinking once or twice before he bursts into laughter. "Oh, I'm sure you'll do just fine. And who cares what your parents think, yeah? Gotta do what you want, and if you don't impress, well, there's always next time. Y'know? I highly doubt I'll impress either, but the way I figure it, it'd be simply nice just to watch a hatching for a change instead of spending my whole sharding time in the kitchens preparing food." Kai shakes his head in slow amusement, leaning forward to prop his elbows on his knees. A thoughtful expression settles over the young man's face, tapping his lip thoughtfully. "Well, the caverns have pretty good food, but if you really want something special, I reccomend the tavern. It's got a nice atmosphere and it's usually not too croweded. Plus the food there is pretty good. I guess I could always fix something up for the two of you as well, if you'd like. I don't mind that, I'm a pretty good cook if I do say so myself!" He'll just toot his own horn, just a bit.

"You better be, because if you aren't, I'm going to sing a song about your horrible cooking." Briari says with a playful wink over to the younger boy as she gives him a gentle bump of the shoulder. "So, for tonight, I'm not going to think about eggs or impressing or my parents ridiculous expectations or the fact that my mother will give me a look that can break glass if I don't impress and probably disown me. Tonight, I'm going to party, and I'm going to rock this tavern with a show and let you guys get a whiff of what my special talent is." She calls over joyously as she starts for the entrance, bouncing on her ankles.

"That's the spirit then. Tonight then I'll party with new friends." Chrystyne now puts on her hat and is ready to move on from the galleries. One last glance is spared towards the eggs but it's a quick look.

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