Talking in the Rain

Warning - PG-13 - language!

Xanadu Weyr - Training Field

As the coastal road leaves the Weyr proper, it hugs the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Azov while skirting the perimeter of the large, treeless, dwelling-free field here. It appears this is a multi-purpose area with the grass rough-cut and trampled by man and dragon alike. At one end there are several wood-frame, straw dummies used for flaming practice, on another, a jumble of movable objects that look suspiciously like obstacles and targets.

The road continues on toward the south, finally turning inland towards the rolling hills that form the highlands that lie between Xanadu and the open plains. Passing through Ressac Sea Hold, it encircles the Sea of Azov eventually curving back in a northerly direction linking Black Rock Hold with Hannista Hold and Rubicon River Hold.

Distraught, angry and humiliated, work is something Darsce simply cannot concentrate on and so her office is left in favor of her room. There the walls close in on her and though she knows it's raining outside she's got to get out. So her dress and glittery sandals are shed in favor of shorts, a T-shirt and nothing on her feet. Her office wear is left strewn on the floor, the bed, where ever she'd unthinkingly discarded them. She's in a hurry, doesn't care if she gets wet - it's a warm spring rain - and she's in near-panic of claustrophobia. So out into the rain the headwoman goes and once in the clearing begins to run blindly. She follows the road that wends through the meadow, across the bridge and along the coastal road, not stopping for anything or anyone, heedless of the splattered mud on her bare legs until she finds herself winded and she slows. By that time she's near the practice field. It's empty of drills and so she turns in there, walking aimlessly, uncaring that she's soaked, her clothes are plastered to her frame and her hair is dripping. It's amongst those straw practice dummies that she finally stops, swings to face one and glares at it… and then begins talking - err - animatedly - to it while waving her arms around.

Soriana'd meant to go home and go to bed, after falling asleep on the couch. She managed the going home part, but somehow, sleep… didn't come. Oh, a brief doze, but… something about the light coming through the raindrops, or maybe the patter of them against her windows, and she finds herself awake again. Adjusting to Xanadu time is going to be a pain. She pauses, as she crosses her cottage, to look out the window. Huh. There's… someone out there, across the field. Getting soaked, and… uh… okay, why is there someone out there shouting at a practice dummy? She's curious and she's not sleeping anyhow, so her plans of seeing if she happens to have any soothing type tea are discarded in favor of shrugging on a loose hooded sweatshirt, shoving her feet into shoes and heading out into the rain. She's quiet as she crosses her lawn and approaches the practice field, the ground not yet so soaked as to make her feet squelch louder than the pattering of the raindrops, and… she's listening.

Darsce doesn't even know who lives out this way, save for the one weyrbarn familiar to her on the coastal road that she'd passed on the way here, glanced at, then hurried on by without turning in. She hears nothing of Soriana's approach, either. She's focused on giving the dummy a piece of her mind. "What gives you the right to be so high and mighty, huh? What makes you so much better than me anyway? Why are you so fucking harsh? Why? Why do you hate me? All I ever did was call you a chicken for turning your back on me and running away instead of talking to me." She's not a violent person. But she's so very frustrated - maybe because she's not getting any answers from the dummy (Both dummies!) - and so begins to hammer her fists on the 'chest'. The blows are… pathetic. They're carried out in a rapid series of drumbeats to the syncopated and gritted out, "I-don't-care-if-you-like-me-but-I-don't-know-why-my-brother-and-sister-think-you're-all-that-Ka'el! You used to be nice! You used to be a sweet kid with a nice smile. I never did anything to you! Stupid dragon! Stupid, Stupid, STUPID dragon!!!" Then she stops pounding that poor dummy, leans her head on the 'chest' and cries. Why not? No one can see. No one can hear over the sound of the rain and the drops sliding down her face are disguised by the runnels of rainfall. The sounds she makes are wracking sobs, hard, angry, bitter.

At least this dummy doesn't fight back? Soriana's steps slow as she comes into hearing range - not that Darsce is doing anything to hide her voice. It's a different tone than the rain, like the way thunder can rumble over the pattering of the raindrops. Sori's arms cross in front of herself, and she sucks in at her lower lip slightly. Should she even be here? It's… kinda not exactly her… wait. Ka'el? She lets out a breath, and her arms fall down to her sides. So it's still not exactly her business, but now? It's not exactly not her business, either. She takes another step closer, and she keeps listening. She frowns, thinking, and as Darsce leans against the dummy, Soriana stops, just a few steps away. She's quiet for a moment, watching, and then… she talks, her gaze settled on the next dummy over. She's not watching Darsce, except with peripheral vision, and her voice is just loud enough to carry over the rain. "Because boys are stupid." Like dragons. "Because he can't be mad at Kanekith." Not his own dragon. "Because…" she gives her head a little shake. "…he hates flights."

Darsce might welcome a fight if it would clear the air between her and the person in question. But the third attempt just ended in failure. She's going to explode if she doesn't express some of her frustration and confusion but- Wait. This is a boy dummy with a girl's voice. Nono, she's… She's not alone! Darsce turns around, blinking to see who has snuck up on her. "Soriana! Um… I didn't hear you." Duh. Her intent certainly wasn’t to find Ka'el's girlfriend and talk about him behind his back. Shit. This is going to make him so mad. The goldrider is talking though, and she listens. "Jethaniel's not," she says automatically. Though he hardly qualifies as a boy. But flights. "They're scary," she admits, suddenly glad the sodden strands of silvery-blonde hair partially hide her face. He doesn't like them? Tell her about it! All her life-! Confusion clearly runs though her tone, while she squints against both the rain and her perplexity, "And this is somehow my fault?"

"Hey," Soriana says to her name, with a crooked little half-smile for just a moment and a wiggle of her fingers as she glances to Darsce. Yeah, it's her. Being here. Also talking. Jethaniel? That brings back the semi-smile for just another moment, and a shrug. "He's different." If it weren't for the fact that she's talking to Darsce, Soriana probably would have gone straight for 'weird' as a descriptor of the Steward. There's no rancor in her tone - she certainly doesn't mind the man - but he's definitely not what she'd call normal. "But Ka'el…" And flights. She stops smiling anymore, and nods to how scary they are… then looks away, at Darsce's question. Back to the dummy one - no, two over, her head angled almost fully away. "After Luraoth rose," she begins, because apparently she's not going to answer the question, "I needed numbweed for weeks." Soriana keeps staring at that dummy, talking to the straw-filled person. "Ka'el was… he hated himself. He thought if he'd known more, he could have stopped it. If the flights lecture'd been different. Better." Not delivered by Darsce.

"Hey," returns Darsce with a lop-sided pull of her mouth that is intended as a smile but fails miserably. "He is different," she agrees of the Steward. "That's why I like him." Normal? Normal is overrated. She is not here to talk about the man, however. Hell, she's not really here to talk. Just here to vent to some senseless object, but she failed that endeavor miserably. She listens though, when Soriana begins to speak of Luraoth, watching the profile presented to her. She knows which dragon caught Luraoth, not that she'd been all that interested, but she'd overheard the exuberant chatter in the caverns the day after. Numbweed? Darsce sorta gets this but… "For weeks?" It's slow to percolate why and when it does she's even more confused. Really? "So wait, wait." She closes her eyes, lifts a hand to squeeze the bridge of her nose while her brows meet. "Let me get this straight. He blames me for what his dragon made him do?" She drops her hand, peers at Soriana. "That is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard. Not- you, mind. Him." She turns and takes two steps away. Stops, turns back. There's more than anger in her iceblue eyes, there's hurt, regret and sorrow also. "That lesson wasn't supposed to be… bad. But I gave the entire thing. That wasn't half-assed! I had the notes from V'dim's computer. I wanted… I wanted…" She heaves a long breath. What's the point? No one will believe her. Woodenly, she says, "I could have answered his questions if he hadn't attacked me like that in front of everyone."

Soriana acknowledges Darsce's opinion of Jethaniel with a slight nod. She's already gone and intruded on a private conversation, she's not going to go and be more intrusive. Maybe that's why she told Darsce about what happened, to make the invasion of privacy more fair. She hasn't told many people, and so she simply nods to the questioning tone, not looking back that way. She does glance over to Darsce as the older woman tries to pull her thoughts together, and so her brown eyes are looking that way when the hand drops. "Yeah," she says, and a shrug. "In a way." As for it being shit? She shrugs again, not denying it. Didn't she say boys were stupid? Then again.. she was pretty stupid about some stuff herself, in the aftermath of that flight. Her gaze drifts back across the dummies as Darsce starts to walk away, then flicks back. "I've seen the notes. The lesson plan." She looked at it, and now, she shrugs. "It is kind of… half-assed. Not your fault." Because yeah, Darsce did cover what V'dim had written down on his computer. It's just… "I think the important part isn't the lesson. Because when the flights happen, nobody remembers a sharding bit of that anyhow. It's…" She frowns, and then forces some words out. "After Luraoth, I knew it was just the dragons. But I didn't believe it until I heard it from another rider."

Darsce looks even more confused. Why wouldn't they put the important bits in the lesson? Though she flushes when Soriana mentions things being forgotten in the heat of the flight. Yeaaah, she gets that too. She coughs and looks away. Still, she wants to know, "But…didn't you guys talk to your mentors and AWLMs with questions?" She expected they would. They didn't just… go on the lesson, did they? Her eyes focus on the ground, darting back and forth as she sorts through what she told them then, what happened afterwards. What… a mess. So… she is now to blame for not only a junior being beat up but a traumatized young man who might see her differently (but let's be real, he still might not) had she not hijacked that lesson. Her head and shoulders drop, but not before her sickened expression is able to be seen. "Soriana, I-" She's stunned. There's a…thing…with tires in the corner of her periphery. She needs to sit and so takes the few steps to it, drops abruptly to take a seat on it and draws a breath before lifting her head to ask earnestly, "This is my fault?"

Darsce expected a group of adolescents to go and ask for the sex talk? Well, a variant of it, focused on the dragons, but still. The sex talk, with nobody forcing it on them and an excuse to claim they'd already had it. Soriana shrugs. "Maybe some people did?" Talk to their mentors. She… didn't, and her shrug and tone likely admit as much. Ka'el? She hasn't exactly asked him. V'dim gave them all a test and told them they'd passed, hurrah, move on to the next lesson. So, yeah, mess is a good word for it. Her head turns at the look on Darsce's face, tilting away to study the dummies and past to where a rope is getting soaked with rain. That was always horrid, when they had the obstacle course after (or during) rain, because the wet rope was heavy and it'd slap around and… the question draws her attention back to the present, and she frowns. "Not… exactly?" she says after a moment. Of course, that means not exactly not, either, but… "It would have happened. Flights." Her lips twist to the side. "So it's not really your fault. I know that." Does Ka'el? Maybe not, or maybe even if he knows it, he doesn't believe it. "But… I think if someone else had given that, someone more…" A flick of her eyes to Darsce, then away again, "…obvious. More serious. It… might not have been as bad, after." Maybe they'd have believed the facts instead of just knowing them.

Being that their futures were at stake, yeah, Darsce did. Or at least she assumed that the one who was giving her all that grief that night would have. "Yes, it is," she concludes with a frown when Soriana is finished not exactly saying things. Yes, without her interference, the lesson would have happened, the flight would have happened and the results would still have been the same. An over-eager, over-excited and inexperienced dragon influencing his rider. She knows more than she's been given credit for, but that's not the issue. She has no credibility in his eyes - or Soriana's either. "So he can hate me because he can't hate himself – or his dragon," she says bleakly. That's what she understands. Who knows Soriana might hate her as well. When something goes wrong with- Wait, perhaps it already has! Mur'dah and Marel and Idrissa… Her eyes widen and she makes a choking noise. Someone more serious? "He said I did it for a joke, for fun, but that wasn't my intention. At all." She turns her head away and grits out, "He just assumes he knows when he knows nothing at all. And he doesn't care to. He's never, ever asked me why. Instead he's just being an ass."

Soriana doesn't exactly argue when Darsce says it is her fault. She just frowns, and stares out at the exercise equipment. She doesn't exactly argue at the other's assessment of why the hate, either, though she continues to frown and her head tilts down slightly. That choking noise makes it lift again, and she looks back to Darsce to see wide eyes. "I'm not saying it was a joke. I'm saying… it looked like one." To Ka'el, at least. "I'm saying… he'd have listened to someone else." She shrugs, and her eyes stay on Darsce as the rain falls down over them both. "I'm not saying you didn't teach everything in the lesson plan. I'm not saying you didn't have a reason to do it." Though, she's not asking what. "I will say that you shouldn't have done it, but…" She hehs. "As mistakes go, there are worse ones." Then, she sighs. "And I'm not saying Ka'el should have acted like he did. Because he sharding well shouldn't have, but…" Soriana shakes her head, and tilts it back, looking up at the sky and getting rained on. Ka'el hasn't asked. Well. "Maybe he doesn't want to know. Or maybe he thinks you wouldn't tell him." Masks are like that. A glittery shell that reflects everything… can make it impossible for people to notice that there's anything at all inside.

Darsce will, given the facts, own up to her wrongdoing. But there's a long silence before she does in which she absorbs everything she's been told…and not told…by Soriana. Whereas in the past she's used flippancy to deflect things that are uncomfortable, today she does not. She meets those brown eyes with her iceblue, nods slowly at each point and then frowns off into the rain-smudged grey hills beyond her. "I… shouldn't have," she says in agreement at last, her gaze returns to Soriana. She's both humble and sincere when she says, "I was wrong and I'm sorry I hurt you both. It was the opposite of what I wanted." Soriana doesn't ask and it bothers her a great deal. "If he would stop being such a jerk, and listen, I would tell him." But he needs someone to blame, so he won't. She looks away, remembering harsh words. So he was right. "What I wanted was to protect my friends from something. Only-" She flicks the goldrider a look. Clearly uncomfortable with what she's about to say, vulnerable, afraid and yet she makes herself go on, "Only none of you ever were…my friends. Ka'el said he never was." One shoulder shrugs. "And it made me think that…" Her voice quiets as she looks to those hills again, "…I really don't know what a friend is. Or how to be one."

Soriana has a lot of things to not tell Darsce, because sometimes things are important to not say out loud. There's nothing of accusation in her tone, though - just facts. Unpleasant facts, some of them, but… facts. Her gaze drifts up to the cloud-layered grey of the sky, squinting against the rain, then goes back to Darsce as the other speaks. Soriana nods for the agreement. The admission of guilt, and… the apology. There's a small smile for that, a nod to go with it. "Okay." It's okay. Okay, she believes Darsce. Both, either, something. And… she tilts her head, a questioning look as Darsce goes on to talk about Ka'el. "Yeah?" There's the question, so far as it goes, with a look of inquisition followed by a nod. Sure. She'll believe that, if Darsce says so. It's just… but she doesn't say what, instead listening to what Darsce has to say about reasons and friendship. Her mouth opens at the part where they weren't friends, then closes again. There's a frown for Ka'el's opinion of that, and then as Darsce continues… Soriana listens. She's quiet for a moment after Darsce has finished, then sighs and makes for the tire, sitting herself down on it. Wet butt, just what she needed. "It's hard to be a friend when you don't see someone." She's looking out toward the water, herself, the angle that's more toward the beach. Not that it's much of a view, from here, but then, Soriana's not looking there for the aesthetics. "Maybe being a friend's about wanting to do that stuff for people. The stuff where it'd be better if you didn't but you still want to because you can see how much it'll suck for them." She sighs. "But sometimes people don't want help. Especially if they don't ask for it." Is she still talking about the flights lesson? Not… entirely, no, but… it's still applicable. "I dunno. You…" Soriana half-smiles. "You kind of always seem like you don't have anything you need."

Well, a terrible thing happened. And Darsce can't undo it. But she's not going to say the cliche, 'I'll live with this the rest of my life' as if that punishment is enough to assuage for it. So it's not okay. It's not ever going to be. She nods. But she doesn't smile. She does murmur the affirmative about Ka'el; she'd explain if anyone wanted to know her reasons. Especially to Ka'el, since he seems to be the one who has had the most…difficulty with all this. "I suppose it does," she agrees of never seeing people. "The friends I had in Ierne, we hung out together a lot. But," a flick of iceblue that is shadowed to Soriana, "You all impressed dragons and I-" How to explain. "Dragons change everything. I was… uncomfortable. So I stayed away." About not wanting the help? Darsce isn't sure what Soriana means. But she does inject, "Sometimes they don't know how to ask." She lifts a hand and at last uses her fingers to unstick the plastered strands of hair, raking them from her forehead and cheeks. "Do I really seem like I need nothing?" Huh. Yeah, she can see how that might be construed. Maybe? "Because where I used to live that looks weak. And people… use it to pressure you to do stuff you wouldn't want to do. Or attack and belittle." She frowns, "Everyone wants something. I've only ever met one person who didn't." Another flick of wary eyes to the goldrider. She'll leave it to her to guess just who that would be; it's not hard to figure out. "I don't trust people easily but…" Is she ready for this, really? No. But she's going to take the precipitous step anyway and admit, "I need to try."

"Dragons change a lot of things," Soriana admits. "Not… everything." She tilts her head, looking down at herself and at the ground past her feet where things are turning to mud. "But it's different." Darsce is right about that. About people not knowing how to ask? "Sometimes. It's hard to tell." Which is which. Who needs help and who wants it and who… doesn't. She nods to Darsce's question, and turns her head to look at the other, watching as she brushes hair back - not that Darsce is anywhere near her usual polished appearance, yet. Still. Soriana keeps her eyes on Darsce now as she explains, not staring but watching to go with her listening. A nod, for the weakness. A faint frown, for the pressure, and then another nod for how people want things. Except for one person? After a moment, Soriana half-smiles, and nods. She can guess. As for trusting people? Soriana's gaze drifts up again, looking to the sky. "Only if you actually do. Because if it's just trusting because you're… supposed to, or something… you might as well go talk to Cyrus." Who'll be perfectly glad to say he should be trusted with all sorts of things, and who Soriana doesn't trust at all. She watches those clouds for another moment, then looks down to Darsce again. "I never did thank you. For what you did when Harlin was being an ass. So… thanks." She smiles, with both sides of her mouth. She means it.

"I guess you'd know better than I would," Darsce admits with a rueful chagrin that speaks of self-realization: her perspective on that is limited. Those people dragon-paired would know things she cannot. "I always thought they wrecked what my mama and papa…had. By coming between." Another semi-wary glance is directed towards Soriana as she adds, "With the flights." Her expression clears at the explanation of not knowing who wants help and who doesn't. "Yeah," she agrees. She can understand that! And for trusting, really trusting people, her breathing quickens. "That's as scary as flights, but otherwise, what's the point?" The mention of Cyrus gets a grimace. "No thanks! He's a nutjob." Back to trusting, "It's lonely not trusting anyone." She holds her breath, manicured fingers curl into fists. But the world doesn't stop spinning. The crowd from Ierne doesn't titter in condescending amusement and Darsce… Darsce breathes. The comment on Harlin comes out of nowhere for her. She blinks, the eyes that seek Soriana's glint with steel. "I don't like bullies. And he was trying to pick a fight, humiliate you in front of everyone, the jerk." Yes, so she's just relegated Harlin and K'ael to the same camp. Her smile is immediate though. "You're welcome." And then she draws a breath, before she can chicken out asks, "Will you forgive me Soriana?" For the… mess.

Luraoth's off sleeping, back in her barn, but she's still there in Soriana's head. The very fact that Soriana knows Luraoth is there sleeping, not just guesses or assumes it, shows one of those differences. There's a curious tilt of her head for Darsce's parents, followed by an "Oh." of comprehension. Flights. Of course. She grimaces, and nods. "My mom's never had anyone. Except flights." She shrugs, a disclaim of knowledge when it comes to parents, but… oh, now she's got to deal with it herself, and in her relationships… "It's not easy. But… it's a flight." She tilts her head back, looking up and away as her lips quirk and make her seem almost smug as she adds, quieter, "I just had to prove that." A moment of staring at the rain with a near-smirk, but it's washed away by the time she lowers her head again. Back to trust (and issues). What's the point? She half-smiles, the sort of thing that's there only not really. "Not getting hurt?" It's a wry sort of comment, ha-ha only serious, and then it turns toward actual amusement for a moment as she hehs about Cyrus… then fades, as she shakes her head. "I don't think he's crazy." Weird, maybe, but in an entirely different way than Jethaniel. "But I don't trust him." There's one of the differences. "He wants it too much." And so Soriana doesn't trust Cyrus, and yet as Darsce makes her own admission about trust, she just listens. There's no mocking laughter from her, just a nod of acknowledgment and… agreement. The connection to Harlin… oh, it's there. Trust, given where maybe it shouldn't have been. The consequences of that. Soriana, on one side of a fight, and the boy she'd been kissing on the other. Except, the first time, it was Soriana who was the target, and Darsce helped - and the second, it was Darsce, and she left. But Ka'el isn't Harlin, even if there might be occasional similiarities. Soriana nods to Darsce's explanation, but there's still a gratitude in her look and smile - because, well. Future goldrider she may have been, she was glad for the help. Goldrider she is, she still needs it sometimes! She dips her head for the welcome, continuing to return the smile, then lifts it again to - "Yeah." The answer's prompt. "I forgive you." For Soriana, the words are easy, and so is her smile.

With a slight flush to her ivory cheeks, Darsce says firmly, "I know during some flights things get… funny… inside my head. There's no stopping it." She knows, but doesn't say how she does. Instead she coughs and looks away, adding, "But they got angry anyway. At each other. And it wrecked things for them." And then, there's a very quietly-admitted, "I don't like what dragons do to people." Sorry, Soriana, says the apologetic glance afterwards. For the smugly quiet comment, Darsce considers the other, schooling her face not to grimace. Because it's Ka'el. "Good for you," she says mildly, but sincerely. Because this is what she most wanted to get across to them during that lesson she gave. And she wants Soriana to be happy. She nods her head about the not getting hurt, her eyes sliding away evasively. Guilty! "People learn your weakness and exploit them." But she's learning to differentiate for she tacks on, "Some people do." Of Cyrus she just snorts, "I do." Because why does he want it so much? "The man is obsessed." Though maybe that's not actually criteria for crazy. "I don't trust him or like him." That's more accurately, her feeling for Cyrus. For her ready forgiveness, her lips form a regretful smile, but it's a smile nonetheless. "Thank you, I'm glad you do." Her smile grows, "I'm glad I could help with Harlin." Ka'el isn't Harlin, but Darsce is failing totally to see the difference. "I can't run this time," she says, remembering how she'd handled that confrontation, a bitter smirk twisting her mouth. She tilts her face to the rain, eyes closed and muses, "I should go back and see if I still have a job." Reluctant, uneasy, but… she can't run and leave this knot behind. Not this time.

Soriana can guess how Darsce knows. Can, does, doesn't say it out loud, just nods. She didn't get angry, she knows that much. Ka'el? He might. She doesn't know that yet. But she's considering on him, and… "Dragons… are a lot. It's hard to be ready for that." A shrug. She's not offended. She knows dragons made things weird. For her, for her and Ka'el - and for other people, trying to deal with them. And, speaking of… she gets an apologetic expression as she hears that tone, and her head turns back toward Darsce. "Sorry. I didn't mean…" Sigh. It's a mess. Because her-Ka'el is also jerk-Ka'el, and… she glances down for a moment, then back up - though she doesn't nod until the part about it only being some people. Those some people, though! And now they're back to Cyrus again, look at that. Soriana's not about to defend him, so she just nods. They'd need a mindhealer to decide if he's actually crazy. Physician diagnose thyself? Soriana frowns a little as she hears the emphasis Darsce puts on her words, a little brow-furrow of trying to figure out just exactly what Ka'el has done (now). She could ask, but it's not exactly her business, and… honestly, she's not entirely sure she wants to know, because if she did, she might have to say something. Still. She smiles to Darsce - genuine, for all that now she's got something more to worry about - then returns to thoughtful for a moment before she suggests, "Write him a note? Not, like… right now." In the rain. "Or even today. But… when you think you can. I think he'd read it, even if he doesn't listen." Because otherwise it'd sit there on his shelf until… he swept it into the fireplace? Okay, so. "If you want, I'll even hand it to him." Unopened, not knowing what it says. So there's trust again. Does Darsce still have a job? Soriana didn't even know it was in doubt. "Okay. But - if you want - my weyr's right across the road." Well, across and past her yard to be at safe range from stray arrows, but still. Soriana indicates it with a flick of one hand. "You could come dry off. And borrow an umbrella." And look vaguely more reputable on the way back than she did on the way out. Either way, Soriana's going to head back there. She can try another nap. Or maybe give up on sleep and have another mug of klah. She's not sure yet.

It gets too complicated, that's all Darsce knows. For Soriana's apology, she shakes her head. "Don't be. It's not your fault." She did this. She doesn't expect Soriana to intervene or do the awkward thing. "I don't think…" she begins. She owes Ka'el an apology, doesn't think he'll want to hear it from her, doesn't think it'll change anything, but she still owes him that. "…he'll read it." Even if she hands it to Soriana to deliver. "Thanks for offering. I… I will think about it." The offer to come dry off is met with a blink, a squint at the sky. She's…soaked. Soriana is soaked. "I…yes if it's no trouble I'd rather not stumble back into the caverns looking like a shipwreck refugee." Thankfully she's developed the habit of wearing waterproof makeup so she isn't smeared so much as drowned-rat. She rises, her smile tenuous but genuine. "Thank you… for everything." And she'll go accept more help - it's a weird feeling! And Soriana looks tired, so she won't linger long.

She'll be sorry if she wants to? But she doesn't see the need to worry about it too much, so she shrugs to that part, then nods, giving Darsce a smile. The offer will stay open. If Darsce takes too long, she might have to remind Soriana about it, but that's just because life in the administration hallway comes with a million things to keep busy about. Being a shipwreck refugee isn't one of them - though if there were a shipwreck, guess who'd be in charge of finding a place to stow the refugees? "It's no trouble. And you're welcome." Her smile back is also a genuine one, and she'll lead the way to her weyr where there are towels and hot tea and any conversation will be kept light and probably involve which umbrella goes with those shoes. And Soriana, once Darsce heads back to find out if she has a job, heads back to bed. Adjusting (to time changes) is hard.

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