Shoes On or Shoes Off (Keldan is searched)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

A green dragon appears in the sky above, a bugle sounds from the visitor to announce her arrival before the Xanadu pair circles down. Moncerath backwings overlarge wings almost lazily as looks sand and other debris is kicked up into the breeze. Thumping boots onto the round, Kera's first task is to loosen her dragonmate's cinch, then she'll start shrugging out of her heavy flight gear, shoving it into an pack on the green's straps. Dragging her fingers through her hair to loosen the clumps created by the helmet. An affectionate smack to her dragonmate's neck and the green warbles. Kera minus her flight gear and surgical ask, dips her head and offers polite greetings to a few people that pass by, but turns her main attention to inspecting Moncerath's paws, more pointedly, around the green's talons.

Keldan is all wet. Again. There's no shortage of water around the area, of course, so maybe that's not entirely a strange thing. At least the bag he carries with him seems to have escaped any soaking, and even the ends of the teenager's hair seem to be in the process of drying in the air. Still, the loose footwear on him squishes slightly as he walks, and there's just a bit more effort that's put into steps that only the waterlogged can manage. There is a pause at least at the landing of a dragon nearby, and Keldan squints his eyes just a tad as he looks over the landing pair for familiarity. When there is none, the boy offers a polite nod of his least until he loses a sandal in all of his trudging and has to go back a few steps for it. "We /talked/ about this. …Stay on." Because everyone talks to their shoes. Don't they?

"I don't think you're going to get it to behave by lecturing it, Kel," comes a girl's bright, borderline laughing voice as Kyra meanders much less concernedly along into the bowl after her brother. She has dealt with the problem of waterlogged shoes by taking hers off completely and dangling them from one finger, meaning her feet are now a nice shade of 'mud.' She's wearing some tie-up cargo pants that have been tucked to just above her knees and she seems wet as well, suggesting they both may have just come from the beach. She gives a curious look over at the green and rider, but doesn't react as politely as Keldan, instead brandishing a brilliant grin and waving her free hand, "Hi! Does she have something stuck in her toes?" And the questions begin.

Kera crouches down to take a knee, gesturing to her dragonmate, who lifts her paw to settle on Kera's other knee. The Xanadu visitor spends a moment examining Mon's talons, particularly around the immediate base. Muttering to herself, she gently brushes away a little debris that was irritating the dragon. Hearing other murmurings nearby, she looks up to see a couple of squishing along. Well, the one is squishing along now that he went back for his sandal. The girl with muddy feet gets an approving nod for some reason. She gotta be the brains of the pair, easier to wash your muddy feet than to get mud out of all the tiny little creases and stitch points on a pair of sandals. Kera chuckles at some thought but lifts a hand in greeting "Xanadu's duties to Half Moon Bay and her queens."

"If she does, it's because dragon's don't have shoes." There is a rather..pointed look at Kyra's feet when Keldan mentions it. Footwear exists for a /reason/. Avoiding such pointy and uncomfortable things embedded in his feet is a priority. "Anyway, you don't /know/ it won't help." ..It won't. He doesn't protest his sister's enthusiasm though, dragging his free hand into his hair a moment to check on the dampness level. Yep, still wet. There's a sigh for it, before he looks again at Kera and her dragon. Another small nod? There goes his head, up and down. "Half Moon's greetings, and welcome."

Kyra wiggles her toes in response to that pointed look, grinning at Keldan as she helpfully quips, "Yeah, otherwise she wouldn't even be able to get off the ground, her shoes would be so full of water." So there. She snorts at the follow up of talking to shoes not for sure being a pointless task and just looks over at Kera again, waving her sandals in greeting this time, "Half Moon's greetings times two. We're not really riders, so we can't offer much in the way of duties. I don't think." She frowns suddenly, pressing her non-shoed hand against her narrow chin before she looks up at Keldan, "Do we? I mean, we have duties, and chores. Do those count? I feel like… no. No, they don't."

Kera 's gaze flicks from one to the other as they snipe at each other good-naturedly. Peering down to give her dragon's other talons a quick check, she finally pats the paw gently ands it slides off her knee. Kera stands again and turns her attention back to the short pair. Who could well be siblings from the features she observes, she focuses on Kyra with a tip of her head "She's fine, had a little bit of debris that was irritating her, but it's gone now." Head cants to Keldan then "And there is nothing wrong with going barefooted. Saves a little wear and tear on your sandals. Not to mention, wet sandals sometimes get stuck in the mud." The green smirks and winks to both, chuckling at the siblings debate about what duties count and which don't. After a moment of watching, she interrupts the enthusiastic questions. "How about for the moment, we leave duties to someone else. Hmm? I'm Kera from Xanadu. Moncerath's rider and apprentice healer." A still gloved thumb gestures towards the named dragon, who wuffles with a dipping snout to the new faces.

Keldan gives a small sniff, finally pulling his fingers free of his hair. "I go barefoot all the time." His damp feet are comfortably situated in his sandals, and there they shall stay! Unless one falls off again. His toes give a brief wiggle though in them, and the teen looks down at them as if inspecting the overall look of everything involved with his feet. Still, his eyes roll a little, turning an eye on Kyra with his mouth turned up just slightly. "Considering we're not currently doing /any/ sort of duty…" Leaving duties to someone else? Splendid idea! He shakes his head somewhat though, jerking his thumb toward his sister a moment. "That's Kyra, I'm Keldan."

Kyra is trying not to snicker at Keldan's declaration of barefooted preferences, coughing into her hand a bit only to sweep her own short hair back off her forehead, even if it is left sticking out a bit at odds afterwards, "Kera?! Kyra." She points to herself, nodding animatedly in agreement with Keldan's introduction of the pair of them. She'll wave her free hand again at Moncerath as well, smiling amiably for the green by way of greeting, "Hi." She makes a bit of a face as Keldan reminds her that they are currently sans duties, ruffling that just pushed back hair and making it even messier, "I guess that is true, though. But hey, I'm training to be a hunter, so I have /some/ duties, you know." As if to make a point, she rubs one muddied foot on top of his damp sandal, then scoots out of arms reach to amble towards Kera and her dragon, "So! What brings you to Half Moon?" Cute and cuddly, Ky, cute and cuddly.

Kera nods to Keldan, but arches a surprised brow as he introduces Kyra, but a grin is flashed all the same. "Good to meet you both Keldan and Kyra." She repeats the names as if trying to commit them to memory. "What duties do both of you normally have?" Moncerath extends her muzzle forward, snuffling towards Kyra's muddied feet, then to Keldan's squelchy sandals. The green pays her dragonmate no mind for the moment though, shrugging a bit to Kyra's inquiry. "A couple of reasons." She doesn't seem at all bothered at her presence being questioned. "Some reports need to be gathered from the Infirmary." She is still a healer afterall. And there was that pesky plague not that long ago that started in the very Weyr she's standing in. Looking to Moncerath, she scrutinizes her dragonmate's actions with a curious expression. "Leave her feet alone Mon, yours get dirty all the time. At least she doesn't have bits of herdbeast hide caught between them." Kera smiles and looks back to the obvious siblings.

Hair ruffled, sandals smeared…really. The indignity of it. And yet Keldan doesn't seem to mind it any further than taking a half-hearted swipe at Kyra as she moves away from him. The mud is left to simply stay there on his sandal though, considering there's slight dragon snuffles going on in that general area. "If she did, I'd /really/ question her hunting methods. I only want to think of your feet being deadly for /one/ reason. Not others." The teen does manage to look slightly out of place for a moment though, finally shifting to sling his small bag over his shoulder. "Just a few regular chores here and there for me. I don't really../have/ anything I'm training for yet."

Kyra seems delighted that the green has shown such interest in her feet, picking one of them up to extend them towards the snuffling nose and wiggling her toes helpfully as well. She looks over at Keldan and makes a bit of a face at him, responding rapidly, "Yeah, yeah, like your feet smell like flowers and ocean breeze." She won't get too deep into that, but you KNOW what she means, Keldan. So ha. She shrugs and tries to maintain her balance, even as she wobbles, answering Kera idly, "I go hunting with some of the hunters. Other than that, just lots of odd chores here and there, wherever somebody needs an extra hand. I don't know how many people don't have regular duties, you know, but it has to happen. Not everybody can be a rider or crafter, right?"

Kera smirks to Keldan as he jokes about Kyra's feet hunting skills. "I bet I know a bluerider that could give her a feet attack skill lessons. She's a hunter as well, not very good at working a stove though. Does awesome things with seasoned meat on sticks though." The Xanadu greeny snickers at a memory, then focuses her attention back on Keldan, then Kyra. Did the girl just wiggle her muddy toes to a dragon. A suddenly surprised look to her dragonmate and a very amused and unladylike snort rumbles out of the greeny. "She says yours don't smell like flowers or the ocean either." Holding up her hands quickly "She means no offense by it. She's just stating fact." Her head cants to her dragonmate, her gaze distracted a few seconds before Moncerath rumbles gently and wuffles a warm breath towards the bubbly young girl. Kera finally looks between the two "No, not everyone has to be a rider or a crafter. Think how many of us would starve if it wasn't for someone else hunting down the food. Or someone to cook it. I'm hopeless trying to prepare a meal. And I'm not skilled much at hunting or all." Fishing, that's a differant story.

It's an amazing life that Giroux seems to have. He's now been to four Weyrs, first Fort, then Xanadu, then Ista and now Half Moon Bay. And it's here that the young man slides off the back of a rider he was visiting with who seems to have some business here. "Alright." He calls out to them. "Back at the end of the day, right?" He calls out and turns towards the bowl where he sees a small gathering and a familiar face. He approaches slowly, cautiously letting out a "Rider Kera, correct?" He asks in his resonate baritone "Forgive me for interupting." He tells the others.

Keldan can't help but smirk a little as Moncerath gives the verdict on Kyra's feet. There's even a laugh after a moment, though he tries his best to cover it up. "I think most people's don't, unless they spend..a really long time soaking them in scented stuff." Obviously, the pair of siblings have far more interesting things to do with their feet. Their muddy/wet feet. He gives a slight elbow to Kyra though, head tilting. "Try not to stick it /up/ her nose though." Mud is one thing. A foot covered in dragon snot is…entirely different. "I can't say I'm..terribly good with cooking. Not really anyway." There's another voice nearby though, and the teen tilts his head to look over, brows raised. He doesn't say anything though, not yet. There's just one of those same, polite little nods. He's more damp than outright soaked at this point, really.

Kyra drops her foot back to the ground and laughs at the green's view of her feet, "Well, no, they should smell like feet. Anything else and I'd be worried, honestly." She does nod a bit to her brother, though, lifting a finger and pointing in his direction, "That's a good point. If I soaked them for ages, they'd probably smell like something nice, I guess." She peers curiously over when Giroux calls out to Kera, shrugging at the apology only to hook the hand not currently hauling sandals onto her brother's taller shoulder, attempting to push him a bit towards the main part of the Weyr, "No worries! We should be getting cleaned up and stuff, anyway. Kel's going to ruin his sandals, he keeps walking in them like that." She is quick to add, even as she is trying to nudge-slash-push her brother towards the Weyr so they can get cleaned up, "I'm not great at cooking, but I can put stuff on a stick and put it over a fire easy enough. Don't need too much more than that." Even if Keldan doesn't give in to the pushing, Kyra will eventually offer a wave to Kera, "I'm going to clean up my feet and stuff so I can do some chores before our mom finds out we haven't done jack today. It was nice meeting you."

Kera winces and gives a quick shake of her head "No, ya don't wanna be doing that. She snorted some grass bits in once, and it wasn't pretty when she was trying to clear her passages." The look on Kera faces clearly says /There aren't enough hot springs/. Smiling at the exchanges between siblings, her attention swings around to the uncertain inquiry, nodding quickly enough. "Yes, that's me." Taking a moment to place the man, she snaps her fingers "Running away from Fort's Flight in soaked silks! Um, Giroux right?" Then Kyra's wanting to go wash her feet, and mentioning not wanting to get in trouble with the Mom. "Oh, well, perhaps I'll have a chance to speak with her before we leave for Xanadu." Looking back to Keldan. "Fort's not the only Weyr that's had Queens flying lately."

"Yes, Giroux indeed. And yeah, flying away like mad." Giroux states, a warm smile on his face. "Oh, your home has had a goldflight as well? Interesting how that happens. I wonder if it's because of all the turns of thread." He scratches at his chin before he looks to Kyra and waves as she leaves and his eyes flick to Keldan. "I'm not good with cooking either. Not one of the things my father had me learn for very long when I nearly burned the Hold down." A snerk.

Manhandled by his sister, the story of Keldan's life. And while he doesn't protest being pushed and nudged all about, he's a bit slow about it, giving Kyra's hands a few faint swats when all of the shoving becomes a bit too much. "I'm going, alright? Do you see me going? That's my feet. Moving. Quit that." His free hand does lift to wave over his shoulder though. "Like she said. Er….I dunno if you'd want to be around for her..finding that out, really." The young man at least pauses though at the talk of..speaking to their mother. Or about flying queens. A brow raises somewhat, and he lightly swings his small bag around to give Kyra a whap in the arm with it. "Yeah? We heard about it. Folks talk when golds fly and all."

Kyra pulls another face as Keldan refuses to be herded, thwapping him right back in retaliation for the whap on his arm. She looks curiously at the others as well, then huffs and folds her arms loosely over her chest, "Yeah, probably not for the best, really… and sure. Fort and… whats-it? The other one. Monaco Bay had Weyrlings and everything recently." She ruffles her hair afterwards, exhales roughly, and starts to pad towards the Weyr proper for real now, calling back to Keldan, "I'm going withoooout yoou~" She'll wave again to Giroux and Kera amiably enough, as well as for the green, who also gets a little foot waggle of farewell.
sure. Sorry I had to run off."

Kera nods at the tidbit from Giroux "Yea, staggering clutches so that Wings were always filled with fight ready pairs….You seem to get about Pern better than Rider's do." Amused by the younger sibling trying to drag the older one odd to do chores before Mom's fury is unleashed. But a fwap with Kyra's arm frees Keldan, and earns a chuckle from the greenrider at the brother and sister's interaction with each other. Waving to Kyra as she starts back to the Weyr "I'll speak with you soon Kyra." Hopefully, the girl won't take that is a threat. Moncerath's head swivels around to watch the girl heading off, even taking a step to follow but she goes right back to her crouched position after a little sound from the distracted rider. Kera finishes her short chat with Moncerath and looks back to Keldan and Giroux who still remain, but for the moment it's the squelchy sandaled Keldan she's directing her word to. "Kairoikyriath recently took to the sands. And Moncerath thinks you should get a good look at the clutch. Well, as good a look as candidates are allowed to get that is." Kera flashes a grin to the young man, and lays it out point blank so thre are no misunderstanding. "I'm sure I'll need to speak with you mom, but would you like to stand for Kairoikyriath's clutch?"

"Ah well congrats!" Giroux says towards the young man whom his sister was so recently trying to drag off. "If that's the correct word, yes?" He asks, somewhat apprehensively "At least I think that's right." He offers, giving a small laugh there as he nods to the pair.

"I can get back by myself, you know!" Keldan calls after Kyra as she finally makes her way by herself. /Her/ feet are the ones that truly need cleaning, after all. He does manage to look somewhat surprised, at least, brows raising just a moment before giving a small nod. "Ah…yeah. Yes. Haven't been down to Xanadu too much before.. Couple of times when I was smaller, anyway." He finally gives up on his sandals, alas, sliding them off to walk barefoot before picking them up. At least his feet are /dry/ and won't get too terribly dirty. "I doubt..she'll have any complaint about it, but I guess it'd be best know. Tell her. She'd wring my neck otherwise." The congratulation from Giroux has him looking over there again, offering a small smile toward him with a nod. "Sounds..about right, I guess. Thanks for that.."

Kera 's gaze flicks from Giroux when he congrats Keldan, but still hasn't heard the young man agree to return to Xanadu yet. Fumbling with the pouch at her belt, she flicks her gaze between it and the others. "It maaaaay be a good idea to let your mom know ya are jumping Weyrs yea." She draws out the word may and grins. "So, you'll stand for Kairo's clutch then?" Hah, she finds what she was looking for and little white strands peek through her fingers. While waiting she waves off Moncerath who hasn't actually moved or made a sound, as far as Keldan and Giroux know at least. What they don't hear is the steady commentary from the green dragon to Kera. She lifts the candidate knot towards the young man for him to see clearly.

"Ah well I guess I'll let you two get to it then." Giroux says, smiling. "I'd imagine you've got a lot to discuss." He waves cheerily and turns to move onwards towards the Living Cavern.

Clarity sometimes falls through the cracks when surprised! Keldan blinks a moment at the question, his own agreement already quite set. Wasn't it? "I'll let her know. But yes. Yes I will stand." Somewhat formal, somewhat stiff words are at least given as he reaches for the offered knot, before he gives a quick look down at his now bare feet. "Suppose I should change."

Kera regards the now barefoot young man, just as well the sandals came off, he would have had to remove them to put on boots anyway. When Giroux starts off she waves him back "Don't run off too far. He'll probably be a while gathering his stuff." And getting permission from The Mom. The candidate knot is given over to Keldan "Welcome to Xanadu candidate Keldan. Um, you should get dry and dress warmly. It's cold between, obviously, and there was about a foot of snow in my yard this morning." Definitely not barefoot season at Xanadu. Giving Keldan a bit of time to make his arrangements, she looks to Giroux again "You're looking much dryer this time, compared to the last time I saw you." Unlike Keldan, who seems to damp.

"Well I'm also much less cold, and is it still snowing in Fort?" Giroux makes a face at that. "I just visited Ista and it reminded me so much of home that I could feel the ache in the pit of my stomach. I can't stay at a place like that, it's far too close to my father's influence so anything I accomplish would seem like his hand is behind it." Giroux looks at the ground, eyeballing it. "A foot?" He bleghs. "We should invent something to ban all snow." A small wry laugh

Kera watches Keldan hurry off to gather his things and inform those he needs to about his new status. Moncerath rumbles in her chest and Kera steps towards her dragonmate. "Don't worry, we'll send someone back." After a couple of scratches across the dragon's eye ridges, Kera chuckles to Giroux "Aww, gotta have snow sometime." Hearing about Giroux's wish to be away from Istan area a while, she nods thoughtfully "Well, Moncerath and I could give you a lift to Xanadu area if you like. Tis well away from Ista. And the season will be turning warmer soon, tis the tail end of winter back home."

Giroux scratches at his chin at that before he looks to Kera. "Hmm." He states, looking around. "It is a good distance from Ista, yes. And I don't know if I consider a foot of snow the 'tail' end." Giroux grins a bit at that before he taps his chin in thought. "I didn't spend much time there, what's it like?"

Kera grins as the man's hesitance over the snow. "Oh, nothing like the snows of High Reaches wintertime. Most of the turn it's a nice pleasant place to be, but a couple of months through the turn is a bit on the 'chilly' side of things." Leaning against Moncerath's shoulder. "Mostly though it's warm and clear skies."

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