Briari gets Searched

Monaco Bay Weyr - Main Clearing
The main clearing of Monaco Bay Weyr is immense, a sprawling space carved out from the verdant jungle that is constantly threatening to encroach from the north and east. There are a few pathways paved with dark stone; otherwise, the ground is full of dust — or worse, mud, during the rainy season — due to the constant churn from dragons taking off and landing. The trees tend to be enormous affairs, sweeping the skies far above the heads of any dragons, with trunks bigger than a dragonlength around. Shaded by the surrounding foliage is the single feature that makes this area suitable for habitation: a series of large bubble caverns provide permanence and shelter for the inhabitants of this tropical Weyr.

S'dny wanders out of the cavern sans dragon. He doesn't have many moments that are Marzoth free. It's still early enough that the dark bronze is sleeping and won't awaken for a bit. Now is the time to wander a bit and just let his mind go. So S'dny strides into the main clearing and begins to turn toward the beach looking very much like he is a man on a mission. You can't waste your free hours just sitting around eating dinner. The weather is decent enough and it's likely most people are up and about going about their late afternoon business.

Having just finished dinner herself, Briari is on her way to the beach as well, with guitar across her back and sandals dangling from one hand. As she spies the bronze rider, an easy smile falls upon her face as she calls out to him, "Hey S'dny! You heading out to hit the beach also?" She picks up the pace a bit as her gait carries her all too familiar swaggering stride.

"I'm headed that way yep." S'dny says as he turns to glance over to his fellow harper, "I have a few free moments and I intend to make the best use of them that I possibly can." Not too much free time as a weyrling, "How are you doing this afternoon?" He asks as he continues to move across the clearing in a vaguely western direction.

"I am doing fantastic, thank you for asking." Briari says with a cool smile as she leans in to bump her shoulder against his. "Glad to see you out and about and having some you time. You want to share some sand and watch the waves for a bit? I get some of my best inspiration from the ocean and I could use the company."

"I see nothing wrong with that since I'm headed the same way." S'dny replies easily enough, "I've always liked beaches. When I was traveling I made it a point to visit all the good beaches and some of the lesser ones. Haven't made it to Ista yet. When I came here I thought it was Ista." He was so terribly drunk when he arrived at Monaco for the first time, "I'll get the chance eventually."

"Ista wishes they had our beaches." Briari brags a bit with a bold grin upon her face. "Monaco Bay is the reason why beaches even exist. We're the epitome of the perfect beach." Born and raised. It's in her DNA and it shows proudly in her tanned skin, freckled cheeks, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her surfer build practically screams the Bay's lifestyle. "I'd never want to live anywhere else. Even when my parents retired to Telgar, I stayed behind."

"The beaches here are good. I agree, but I still would like to take a peek and spend some time over there. Maybe I will when I graduate. Who knows." S'dny says with a shrug, "Everyone deserves a good retirement. You can't begrudge them that. Who would want to retire where they worked?" S'dny sure wouldn't. He continues to walk the trail moving toward the beach and relaxation, "But yeah..I can see why you stayed. Monaco is a good place. Good people."

"I love my parents with all my heart, but they're nuts for leaving Monaco Bay for Telgar. It was more mom's idea than dad's. Believe me. She sort of dragged him kicking and screaming. But, he loves her more than the beach so I don't blame him." Briari says with a small smile over towards him. "I have not been to Ista yet myself but I may get around to it one day. I travel enough from here to Harper Hall as it is. I guess I could use a vacation from my own slice of paradise here."

Above the skies of Monaco Bay, a bronze dragon languidly soars. Wings outstretched and moving just enough to shift the cup of air that glides beneath them, Kanekith carries his rider high above the ground and expanse of jungle below. But, oh! It's not all jungle. The clearing soon becomes a dominant feature below, one that beckons the visiting bronze to dip lower in the sky. He calls out a trumpeting sound as he begins to circle around, lowering in altitude gradually as swirling eyes search for an adequate spot to land. Look out below! He trumpets again, a proud call that resonates from his throat as legs outstretch to prepare to meet the ground. He lands quite gracefully! … for a bronze. Any blue or green could do better, but no one needs to tell him that, right?

This is the moment that Marzoth chooses to make his appearance. The young bronze dragon slinks out of the caverns cautiously. Night has not yet arrived and the world is still awfully blurry. The bugle from the other bronze does catch his attention immediately. S'dny knows instantly that the bronze has awakened and began to wander freely, "I'm sorry…." he says to the woman he had been walking to the beach with, "I've gotta go check on Marzoth." He turns and begins to move back to the clearing and there sees Ka'el and Kanekith. So that's what caught Marzoth's attention. He can't say he blames them. He quickly moves to his dragon's side giving him a gentle nudge, "Be nice." he says softly before turning to the weryleader offering him a salute, "Weyrleader…its good to see you again, and you as well Kanekith."

"Oh, well, take care!" Briari chirps happily over to S'dny as she gives a wiggle of her fingers with her free hand while the other continues to dangle her sandals about a pair of fingers. As he ambles off, her chin tilts upwards to the loud call of the bronze dragon descending into the main clearing. Blowing a strand of curly blonde hair away from her eyes, her lips tug backwards into a small smile. With a glance over her shoulder towards the beach path, she hesitates. Going to the beach with company was a lot more appealing than going by herself.

Kanekith's head is given a shake as he settles himself on the surface of the clearing. With a rumble, he slightly turns his head, seeking the rider that now sits up upon his back. Ka'el lifts a gloved hand to rub it against windswept hair before his goggles are lifted from his eyes. Slight indentations are left against the skin around them, and he gives his lifemate a look, brow arched. "You try wearing these for half a candlemark and not end up looking like.." he begins but doesn't finish. There are people about! Looking down, he smiles and nods to the greeting bronzerider. "…Sydney, yes? And it's good to see you as well, although I've a feeling you don't quite go by 'Sydney' nowadays," he says with a small grin, beginning the task of dismounting from his large mount. Downward climb. A slide off the side. There! Booted feet plop onto the ground, and he lightly brushes himself off before looking ahead again, noting yet another person in the near vacinity. Briari too gets a greeting. "Good day to you."

Marzoth with S'dny by his side can use the riders eyes to take in Kanekith and this new man, and his curiosity is piqued. The bronze dragon steps forward half a step and offers a slight inclination of his head to the foreign bronze, «Hello. Welcome to this weyr.» See Marzoth can be polite! The dark forest of his mind blows gently in the breeze as he considers. S'dny offers a slight smile and a shake of his head, "I'm afraid not. S'dny is what I'm called now." He motions to the bronze dragon at his side, "His name is Marzoth." Introductions and politness taken care of, "Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he says with a larger smile. One queen in particular, "Can I offer you any assistance?" Briari seems to have not continued onto the beach and a smile is sent her way too, "I'm not sure if you've met Weyrleader Ka'el or his lifemate Ka'el?"

Following after S'dny, Briari drops the sandals to the ground and steps into them. She looks every inch the typical Monaco Bay resident. A surfer's body, sunkissed skin and a careless gait with each step she takes. "I have not met Weyrleader Ka'el personally." Giving the elder bronze rider a bright and sunny smile, her blue eyes widen ever so slightly. "It is nice to finally meet you, sir. Have you come to sample the greatest beaches in Pern for a bit of relaxation? I know our tavern isn't as potent as Half Moon Bay's Tiki Lounge, but my father's Anvil Strike ale can knock just about anyone on their butt." Running a hand back through her hair, she looks to free some of the wild locks from her face and tuck it behind her ears.

Kanekith's attention drifts to the younger bronze momentarily. A vague angling of his head is all he gets, followed by a gentle chuff of an exhaled breath. His version of hello! As aloof as aloof can be. Ka'el, on the other hand, seems rather friendly and nods to S'dny at the correction of his name. "I thought as much. Well, well met, Weyrling S'dny and lifemate Marzoth," he extends to the bronze. "As for assistance, I…well…" The Weyrleader lightly shakes his head. "Luckily, business doesn't bring me here today." He turns to Briari now as she speaks, and his smile broadens as he extends his hand to her. "Ka'el, Weyrleader of Xanadu, Kanekith's rider," he introduces. "Though…simply Ka'el, works. And although it'd be outstanding to have a taste of what sounds to be an ale that I'd particularly fancy, whether or not I end up on my arse, I actually have a favor to ask of you, Miss. Mmm…what is your name?"

If Marzoth is offended by the aloof greeting it certainly doesn't show. Most dragons make very little impression on him, but this is a weyrdragon. So in the highest form of flattery he falls silent and barely nods his head in acknowledgement of the chuff. There are so few bronze's in this dragon's life and its studying time. Marzoth adopts a posture of amiable disinterest copying the older dragon. Though inside he is very much interested, "Always good to not have to worry about work." The harper says with a slight smile, "That does sound good…" S'dny says before he realizes that he just told a weyrleader that he'd love a drink, "What I wouldn't give for one of those." he continues more boldly. He will let Briari introduce herself since the question was asked of her.

Reaching out to take the Weyrleader's hand, Briari gives it a firm grasp and a quick shake. "Briari, Journeyman Harper of Monaco Bay. You have a favor to ask of me and yet we haven't met until now? Interesting. If you're looking for a tour guide, you got the best on the beach. I know every grain of sand out there. I even got a name for each one." Her voice takes on a teasing edge to it. Her bright blue eyes do subtly glance over towards S'dny, curious herself as to why the Weyrleader of Xanadu would ask a favor of her.

Ka'el grins towards S'dny. "Perhaps a day soon we'll all have the opportunity to test the true potency of this Anvil Strike ale. See who gets knocked back the furthest," he teases, not at all put off by talk of drunkenness. But for now, trolling the taverns of Monaco Bay will have to wait, for soon his eyes return to the sandaled Briari, chuckling vaguely at her claim. "Every single grain? I'll have to test you someday soon then and request a written list of your grained friends. But," he laughs a little, "I'll spare you that. … For now." He pauses, lifting an eye to Kanekith (who admittedly is quite pleased by Marzoth's attentiveness and is modeling just how to raise one's head to achieve that regal stance). Ka'el inhales a breath and exhales it as a slow sigh before asking Briari, "Will you bury my dragon?" Kanekith's muzzle tips up just slightly more. "He's grown rather tired of Xanadu's snow and…a blanket of warm sand would feel quite nice," he interprets for his lifemate.

Marzoth responds by waiting a few moments and after it doesn't seem to him that he would be directly imitating the other bronze he too raises his head following the same pattern. Yes! Regal! This is how to be seen. The dragon keeps his head high and his chin slightly tilted to the sky so that he may look down his nose at the rest of the world. S'dny grins widely at the weyrleader, "I will happily accept that challenge." And boy can he knock them back. S'dny watches the back and forth between the weyrleader and Briari attentively.

"You want me to bury your dragon?" Briari asks with a loud laugh before covering her mouth with her hand. Her fingers curl about the jawline slightly in thought before she gives a dip of her head. "Sure thing, I'd love to bury him in the finest black grains Monaco Bay has to offer. I'll fetch a shovel or two. S'dny, you want to help out or do you have noodle arms?" She gives a flex of her own, showing off the bulge of muscle under her sunkissed skin. "Mountain climbing helps you build these babies." Passing a wink of blue eyes to the younger bronze, she starts off to find a couple of shovels from one of the side caverns. "Head on down, I'll meet you in a few minutes."

Ka'el hehs and pulls off one of his riding gloves to rake his fingers through his hair, nodding in answer to Briari. "Exactly right," he confirms with a faint and crooked grin. "Leaving his head exposed, if you'd please." A dragon needs to breathe! No mention that burying a dragon the size of a bronze would take…a considerable amount of time and effort. It'll be easy as cake! Simple as pie! And… Ka'el's eyes sweep to S'dny. "Sorry. This … eh, favor is a request for Briari only. Kanekith insists," he says apologetically. "Though I don't think he'll be opposed to a cheering section and the continued presence of your lifemate." To the muscled Briari, he tips his head, "I hope the added challenge of doing it alone doesn't make you change your mind? Kanekith adores black sands." Or possibly any sand, considering the way the dragon is already beginning to stroll towards the beach!

S'dny raises a hand and gives a shake of his head, "Not offended at all." S'dny replies. The harper probably didn't want to try to bury the dragon anyway and the fact that he doesn't have too fills him with a small amount of glee, "Already put in a good deal of work today as is." Not that he's complaining…well maybe a touch. Marzoth rises a few moments after Kanekith does and attempts to copy the gait of the other dragon as he too strolls off toward the beach. This is an opportunity too good to pass up. S'dny, who was already headed that way anyway, begins to follow after his lifemate. The dragon will need his eyes to make sure he doesn't trip and fall.

Once she arrives with the shovels, Briari spins one about with her wrist, end over end. "So, I'm curious, sir. Why is it that.. I'm the only one that can bury your dragon? Not that I'm against it. I have nothing else better to do tonight and I think it'd be a load of fun." As they head down the beach path, she softly hums to herself. "Why the interest in me for? Don't get me wrong, I'm quite flattered and up for a challenge." Once they step on to the beach, she ambles over to a spot of the beach she finds suitable, close to a dune. "Here you go, Kanekith. Sprawl out here on your stomach and I'll start working the sand off the side of the dune here to spill over on top of you. That way you got the warm sand above and below you. Will be like a really nice warm blanket."

Sand dragons! Kanekith is up for it, considering the way he saunters to the beach and settles on his stomach without too much prompting. Ahh! The sand does feel nice on his stomach, and he awaits his…eh, sand blanket! Ka'el saunters along, apparently used to the dragon's antics by now. He chuckles to S'dny, nodding but for now staying quiet. His attention turns to Briana, and her question of 'why' elicits a light laugh. "Sometimes it's impossible to figure out the whys to the way a dragon thinks," he says in return. "Maybe he likes you. Maybe he likes your hair. Or maybe he just want to see you work," he says with a light shrug to a single shoulder. "Personally and in all honesty, I'd like to see if you can do the task myself." He looks over to S'dny. "I apologize in advance of Kanekith gives Marzoth any ideas for the future."

"Any idea's he gives him for the future are probably better than the ones he would have come up with himself." S'dny replies back quietly, "He's…still learning how to be sociable. Kanekith could be nothing but a good influence I'm sure." Marzoth walks a small distance away and he too lays down on his stomach, not paying any direct attention to the other bronze, but just watching him through S'dny's eyes. Marzoth has found a hero to worship. S'dny too is curious about Briari's task and is content to hang back and be the cheering section, "I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off just fine."

"Well, before I start burying him, have you had a chance to give him a good oiling recently? Seeing how Xanadu is much colder and Monaco Bay is probably the hottest place in Pern right now being that we are so close to the equator, the heat is going to really dry him out and I don't want to see his beautiful hide ruined and get itchy because of all the sand." Briari says, "My parents would have to oil their dragons constantly because of the heat. We don't have a lot of humidity here, it's dry." Digging the shovel into the sand, she starts to work on the tail first. Take small steps. Celebrate the tiny victories first. "Do you like my hair, handsome?" She coos over to the dragon playfully.

"A .. good influence?" Ka'el looks from S'dny, to Kanekith, to Marzoth, and finally back to the newer bronzerider. "I may have to get that in writing and mark this day as few who knew him through Weyrlinghood would never have believed anyone would say something so kind about him." He chuckles. "A good influence. You hear that, Kanekith?" he calls to his lifemate, but the bronze's attention is on Briari. His head is turned to watch her begin to shovel the sand. "Oiling is something he gets regularly," Ka'el assures the woman. "You seem to know your fair share about dragons…" he notes before hearing the fact that her parents were riders. He nods to that, smirking faintly as he listens and watches her so diligently begin to bury his tail. Kanekith is keeping still, content to watch with swirling eyes. "It doesn't bother you that this task is .. nearly impossible for one person to complete?" Ka'el asks.

S'dny nods his head slightly, "Yeah. A good influence. Marzoth doesn't always have the most..uhh…personable of attitudes." Not to mention most of his clutchsiblings with the exception of his green sister likely want him gone, "I'd be happy to offer it in writing…" S'dny then falls silent once more to watch the dragon being covered. Marzoth seems content enough and stays put where he is. Thankfully he hasn't asked S'dny to follow suit. Some copying would be too overt even for him.

"Nearly impossible is not fully impossible. It's also fun, and as long as it's fun, then why not, right? I never back down from a challenge, whether it's discovering a new way of harmonizing a song with a specific instrument, or burying a huge bronze dragon by yourself with a single shovel." Briari says with a grin on her face as she continues to work steadily and diligently as she covers more of the tail, working her way along it. "Besides, I couldn't turn down a request from the Weyrleader's dragon, even if he's from out of Weyr. Would set a bad example."

Ka'el gives S'dny a knowing look and goes as far as to move closer to him to clap him on the shoulder. "It will get better," he says encouragingly. "Bronzes have a tendency of being hard-headed….just like their riders." He grins and lifts a hand to lightly tap a finger against his own head before politely excusing himself to stroll across the black grains of sands towards hard-working Briani. Kanekith rumbles somewhere deep in his throat, pulling Ka'el's attention, who lifts his brows faintly in answer to words heard only by him. "Well…" he says, attention sweeping back to the woman, "I can think of no bigger challenge than what bonding yourself to a dragon may present. No bigger challenge with no greater reward. Kanekith believes…two things. One, that you possibly could bury him, if given the time and with adequate breaks. And, two, that you should stand for Kairoikyriath and Zeruth's clutch on Xanadu … cold as it may be at this time."

S'dny offers the weyrleader a half smile, "I appreciate that, and I certainly hope you are right." Things had best get better, because too many are quite wrong. He watches closely as the man strides away and speaks to Briari, though he is taken off guard by the response. Not many things can shut him up but that will do it. He was in her place not all that long ago. He walks over to Marzoth who turns his head, abandoning his aloof impersonation of the other dragon to watch. He fixes his rider with a gaze, "Yeah I know…" he says very softly so only his dragon can hear. He then turns to await Briari's response.

As she continues to shovel sand upon the dragon, Briari gives a lazy grin over towards his rider. "Well, yes, I am sure that — " She pauses, her entire body quickly jerking upwards, straight as a board. Her hands begin to tremble as she tries to choke the shovel's handle with a death grip between her fingers, hard enough that her knuckles bleed white. "Wha-? Me? I.. wait, Zeruth's clutch?" She turns a quick about face towards him and the shovel finally falls to the sand with a soft thud. "You are asking me to stand for my brother's clutch?" The words barely come out of her throat as she sputters out a raspy cough. The confident wall that she portrays suddenly breaks and she starts to wheeze, clutching her mouth with one hand for a moment before she spills out, "Yes! I'd be.. oh.. shards.. yes, I'd be honored.. " She looks as if she is about to cry as her blue eyes widen wetly.

"I - …" Wait a second. Ka'el pauses. Blinks. "Your brother?" He stares owlishly at her for a handful of seconds, then eventually smils a broad smile. "I admittedly haven't had much opportunity to speak to him more than a few words in passing, but … the fact that Innes has left him in peace speaks wonders of his character." He may have said more if it weren't for the concern that rises due to her wheezing, he reaches out in attempt to clutch a steadying hand to her shoulder, but in the end, all seems well. He acceptance brings forth a grin, and he bends to pick up that fallen shovel, handing it back to her. "Excellent. I fear that I'm ill-prepared. Kanekith…rarely searches, and I don't have a knot for you. But when you are able to come to Xanadu, you'll have one ready, plus a .. comfortable bunk in the barracks." He grins, tossing her a wink. Kanekith gives his tail a wiggle, ruining all of her attempts by shaking off sand gently. "The expectations of Candidate behavior will be given to you upon your arrival. Kanekith and I must go, but we look forward to seeing you again rather soon, Candidate." A smirk. "And I'm sure your brother will be thrilled to see you."

A number of different emotions cross S'dny's face as he hears her response before he gathers control over his face once more. Marzoth turns to face him, regarding him inscrutably, "I know….I know…" S'dny says to him raising a hand halfway toward the dragon's face before letting it fall once more. He takes a few steps toward her intent on offering congratulations and then Ka'el speaks and his heart falls. Innes. He looks from Briari to Ka'el, "I trust you will both forgive my rudeness, but I must go. Please excuse me…" He offers a salute to the weyrleader and somehow manages to get the words out, "Good luck, and congratulations." before he moves quickly away, Marzoth in tow.

Taking the shovel from him, Briari reaches up with her free hand to wipe at her face a few times. "I am very much honored, sir. Thank you very much. I understand candidate behavior. I've watched my parents put their own candidates through the ringers during their clutches. I promise to be a model candidate worthy of Xanadu." Blinking her eyes a few times, she lifts up a trembling hand to give them a quick farewell wave, then starts to jump up and down upon the sands, cheering loudly and pumping her fist. "S'ai is going to have a nervous break down!" Giving another loud whoop, laughter bubbles out of her throat as she turns to hurry back down the path back to home to begin her packing and letter writing to her parents in Telgar.

Ka'el's expression can't help but mirror Briari's excitement. Dragon eggs, future hatchings, and hopeful Impressions are in the future! And..lots of extra work for a Weyrleader when Weyrlings come to be, but even that tends to be exciting. He steps back, allowing her room to celebrate while his eyes roam back to S'dny, who is taking his leave. He nods to him, head faintly tipping, but he doesn't pause him. He himself has to get a move on! "Was good to see you again, S'dny. Please, feel free to visit Xanadu when Marzoth and you are able," he offers in kind invitation. Bronze riders have to stick together! For now though, Ka'el takes his leave, allowing Briari to gather her thoughts (and things!) for her future trip to Xanadu. Kanekith rumbles a soft goodbye to Marzoth, surprisingly enough, before shaking off sand. "If you're going to make this A Thing," Ka'el says, resituating his goggles before climbing back upon his lifemate, "a bit of fair-warning would be nice. I don't make a habit of carrying around white knots unless prompted…" And the two of them are off!

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