Candidate Barracks Part 2

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

"Goldflights are strongest, they say," Natali is probably being a little cliche with the hearsay and all, but who cares, right? She pauses, flopping over so she's belly-down on her cot, propping herself up with her elbows and bending her knees to idly wiggle her feet in the air. "But then, I've only been in two Weyrs in my entire life, so I wouldn't know except what I got told here." the trader girl turns to regard Amelia. "Bet that's probably why holders and traderfolk think the weyr's got a bad name. Loose people, you know. But I suppose they've had to make life workable for those with dragons."

A new and potentially unusual face to this Weyr, let alone the Barracks, makes his way in from the Foyer. Despite his size he's quiet and sure-footed, despite a tired quality to his expression that is otherwise… interested in the new place, and new faces within it. e-on has a large knapsack at his back which he shrugs off over a heavy shoulder, to set on an unclaimed cot near the entryway, and stretches his back with a mild crack of sound. Clearly a crafter of some kind of heavy-workload sort, he has several tools of the trade at a hip, and the signet of the knot of Fort still identifies him as a foreign arrival.

Pora scoots to the edge of her cot and sits up again, looking at the other two girls with wide eyes. "I thought that all had to be just a story that holder folk told. I mean, so many other things about weyr life turned out not to be like the stories said, so I just figured all that one just had to be too wild to be real. Wow… well, at least I missed that coming in." Though it sounds like she's quite curious about the whole thing. She's about to ask another question when the new guy makes his entrance, and she looks up at the unfamiliar face, a shy smile crossing her lips. "Hi! Did you just get searched?" She asks.

Amelia snickers at Natali's comments. "Oh, of course. That's what some down at Black Rock would say about the weyr. But I guess no matter where you go, some holds will just have strong sentiments that are anti weyr. Cause well, they're a little closer with their 'bloodlines' and all. Feels like they're trying to breed runners, sometimes!" The Beastcrafter continues to snicker as she once again shifts herself into a laying position, stretching one leg behind her body and the other bent up close. "Anyway, truth is weirder than fiction, when it comes to the stories, Pora. Just stick around long enough." As the other girl turns away, Amelia twists around to see what Pora's looking at, and offers a smile in Relion's direction.

Relion flips open the top of his knapsack, checking through a few things on the surface. He turns his head as he's addressed, and offers a smooth, immediate smile to Pora, and then Amelia. "Hello; Yes… yes I did. Rather… unexpectedly, in the middle of a job," Relion adds ruefully, with a tired deep release of laugh. His voice is a little deeper than his age suggests, but appropriate to his physical build. He turns to sit on the cot, taking the time to rest, and offer, "I'm Relion: From Fort Weyr; Woodcraft," he introduces himself, in the same way he has done for years.

Pora forgets the conversation at hand quickly enough in favor of the new fellow, eying him curiously as she scoots close to the edge of her cot. "My name's Pora. I'm from a farm a few days ride from here… it's nice to meet you!" She says with the cheeriest, friendliest smile she can manage. "I'd come shake your hand, but, well, I think I smell like runner right now."

"Goodness, they're so good at interrupting jobs, aren't they?" Amelia laughs a little. "I got searched right from a puppy birthing… did you at least get to pack before they carted you off and brought you here?" Her laugh gives way into a softer chuckle as she shifts to switch stretched legs. Once shifted, she looks up again. "I'm Amelia, from right here, Beastcraft," she gives her introduction, then leans forward to deepen the stretch. A moment later she shifts again, swiveling around in the cot until she's past the blankets, up by the pillows. While working her legs under the covers, she snorts at Pora. "Come on now, runner smell is the best. Except for citrus fruit."

"I can hold my breath if you've really of a mind to shake hands," Relion says mildly to Pora, amused by her statement. He rolls his eyes at Amelia's puppy birthing story. "No, I didn't get to pack. A surprise at the end of a furniture delivery, actually," Relion murmers, sighing and lifting both broad hands in an open lift and shrug to demonstrate his relative helplessness. His hands are battered from work, a roughness to them and the nails. "Pora, and Amelia. All right," Relion smiles, in a fashion that suggests the repetition was to settle their names in his memory, so that he does not forget.

"Well when they find you, they find you." Natali puts in then, closing her eyes for a moment before she opens them again. "The first time I got searched, the rider wanted me to help him put some supplies on his brown, and they ended up taking me back too, just when I was having a nice little quiet time to myself in front of the gates of Southern Boll." she mock-pouts for a moment before the newest arrival is regarded. "Hello," comes her greeting, and a brief little nod. "Natali. Trader's daughter."

"Really? I got searched when I was in the middle of dinner." Pora remarks. "That wasn't so bad… and I was already packed, since I was just planning on visiting the weyr. Of course now I need to find some more sets of clothes, I only brought a couple. And nothing, y'know, fancy." She giggles and scoots back to lay on her cot again. "Sorry, I'm rambling. It's really nice to meet you, Relion. And I agree runners are nice… but not their smell."

"To each their own," Amelia remarks, shrugging. Relion's eye roll is missed; Amelia is not her most observant when sleepy. "Well met, Relion. Hope you settle in fine. Girls, good night." She smiles at the girls then slides under the covers, pulling them up and over her head and snuggling down as if against the entire chill of the outside air. A quiet sleeper, she won't be heard again until it's time for breakfast and chores the next morning.

"Sounds a lot like what just happened to me, Natali," Relion answers her, reddish brows lifting at her story. Surprisingly similar. "Perhaps that's how they get you. Job kidnappings," Relion chuckles, with a snap of fingers that's muted by a rough-skinned thumb. He stays seated, but reclines back partially on the cot.. only to lift one boot to start to remove it, working out some dingey knots in the shoelace. "How long have you two been here in this Candidacy barracks so far?" Relion inquires, looking around to each of the two (awake) faces.

Natali hmms softly. "Maybe that's why they do it," she remarks, shrugging a bit. "Catches you off guard, and you don't know what to say except yes." she scoots upright for a moment, peering at the older young man for a moment. "I've been here since Kilaeuth clutched. Soon as the eggs were on the sands. Been what, a sevenday or so?" she tilts her head, as if trying to remember the exact time. "Maybe a bit more. I just remember doing chores, that's all." She might say more, she she's slouching back onto her cot, hiding a bit of a smile.

"Well, I certainly didn't see it coming. Searching, I mean." Pora chimes in, adding her support to Natali's theory. "Not that I even considered saying no. I mean, why would you? It's all so exciting! Much more so than working on the farm." In answer to Relion's question she smiles, propping herself up on her elbows. "Just a couple days ago, my self. I was one of the most recently searched… before you, anyways."

"Well," Relion considers towards Natali, "I've believed that anyone with a potential to be on the sands should be… I just didn't expect to be doing that myself; but off guard? Yes, that's for sure," Relion says, with a brief, quiet chuckle, finally getting the knots on his boot loose, and letting it drop with a slightly muddy clunk. The other is easier, and comes without effort, and he draws his legs up to rest them atop the cot blanket. He grins briefly at Pora's excited tone, her energy. But then his gaze returns to Natali. "How many of these have you been a candidate for so far?" He's paying attention, he took in her saying that she'd had more than one search.

"I suppose someone could say no," Natali points out to Pora. "Exciting or not, sometimes people have other desires in life, and an idea that a dragon won't take them in the direction they want." she shrugs. "Stood before at Fort's last hatching," she explains to Relion before yawning widely. "Look, I've been washing dishes all day, and that meant standing on my feet for long periods of time." She's standing briefly to peel back the covers on her cot, and flop back across them. "Gonna turn in, all right?"

"I've never been a candidate before." Pora adds, even though that was probably abundantly clear already. "The first time I even saw a weyr was just a couple months ago. This is a real adventure, like something out of a storybook." Clearly, she's still wrapped up in the excitement. She even kicks her feet a little. She offers Natali a little smile as the other candidate makes ready for bed. "Okay. Goodnight, Natali. Sleep well."

With a nod to Natali, Relion adds a brief, polite smile. "Sure, sleep well; didn't mean to keep you up with questions," he apologises, quieter. The energy of Pora amuses him, once again he grins a little over at her. "Well, we can figure it out together," he invites to her, relaxed in tone, as opposed to energetic. "Although my first thing will probably be just to explore this place, which doesn't have much to do with bein' a candidate," Relion admits.

"I don't know the place that well myself yet." Pora says, scooting to the edge of her cot again and lowering her voice to avoid disturbing the candidates who are attempting to sleep. "The girl who was stretching earlier was saying there's a waterfall in the woods. There's a lake, but it's too cold to go swimming right now. But the trails are really pretty."

Relion adjusts his voice down as well, but then thinks better of it, and with a smirk, bends to pick up his shoes, and his pack, and physically moves cots to one close to Pora's to be able to speak quietly without disruption of others. An easy solve. "I haven't been into this area at all… just a few deliveries, but those certainly don't count," Relion admits. "I've been working the woods and lumber mills at Fort Weyr, for the past…" he pauses, a squint of blue eyes as he tries to calculate, and gives up, with a dismissive gesture of hand, as if waving the math away. "Eh, a while. I expect I'll be doing that here, too, for now."

Pora edges back a little once the cot is moved, making herself more comfortable on her cot now that she doesn't need to stretch to speak with Relion. "Well, the woods around here are really pretty. Even if I've never seen that waterfall Amelia was talking about. We were going to go exploring sometime… you should come too." She grins, perking up a bit. "It'll be more fun with a boy along."

Relion moves his pack out of the way, and does a very colorful -sprawl- over to lay on his back on the cot, head still inclined towards her, but, well, that was very graceless, in an exhausted male way. Plop. He rubs a palm against his forehead once, fingers into his reddish hair. "A woodland hike is welcome, unless I'm dead tired," Relion clarifies with a finger raised, to add that clarifier. "…how does having a boy along make it more fun?" he asks, one brow tipping up in amusement.

It's the early evening. A few candidates, exhausted from their chores for the day, have already crawled into bed and are trying to sleep. Pora and Relion are still up, seated on their cots and chatting. Pora smells strongly of runners from her chores earlier in the day. "Actually, I think Amelia wanted to ride, not walk. But either way would be fun." She considers her answer to the last question. "Well, I mean, if we… if we were to…" She turns a little red. "Uhm, nevermind."

Relion arches his brows at Pora's embarrassing sidetrack, but doesn't appear to be going to let her off the hook right away. Instead she gets a brief rogue's grin, and a slight spark through his blue eyes at her stammering. "Huh? What? Were to what?" Relion prompts innocently, shifting to drop one thick arm behind his head, shifting to stretch his legs out better on his cot. Relion doesn't smell like runners, or other chores, though he's not particularly squeaky clean, as he'd been pulled right out of work to come to this place.

Quila comes in from the outside, clearly having just come from a swim or bath. Her skin still glistens, her loose, shirtlike nightgown clings damply to her skin in places, and she has a towel in one hand absently squeezing water from her long hair as she walks. She's new to the barracks, the candidate's knot that's currently been left on her pillow having been given to her just a few hours prior, and there's a flicker of a smile as she catches sight of Pora. A familiar face, if not a well known one. Her barefoot stride changes directions to go towards the pair chatting, and she doesn't ask before helping herself to a perch on the edge of a cot, the same that Relion is sitting on. "'Ello there, lady," she says pleasantly, then casts a sidelong glance - and a wink - to the man. "And fella."

Pora seems to be getting just a little flustered, her stammer remaining. "Well, my friend Desri was telling me about, y'know, how people in weyrs…" She seems to have no good way to end that thought. Luckily, she doesn't have to, since Quila comes in to provide a convenient distraction. She practically beams at the other girl. "Oh, hi, Quila! You're looking great." She says, quite relived for the distraction. "Oh, have you met Relion yet?"

Relion hadn't noticed Qulia at first, until there's the movement of weight against the side of his cot, and he lifts his head up and over to look at her. And pauses, and sits up partially, taking in at close range the wet clinging nightgown. The look isn't leering or rude, but he's /probably/ not gay. He pulls his attention back over to Pora, and lets her off the hook on having to answer the embarrassing question, evidently. "Fella by day, Relion by night," Relion agrees mildly as Pora 'introduces' him, with a comfortable nod and smile to the new arrival.

Quila is quite convenient in that way, being all distracting. She just chuckles at that compliment from Pora, and makes herself quite at home, tucking one leg up underneath her and continuing attending to her hair. Toweling dry, leaving it in mess of tangled curls, and then magically producing a comb to start the laborious process of neatening the whole mess out. Long hair is a chore. "Hadn't had the pleasure, but it's good t'meet you," she says at the introduction, turning her gaze on Relion again and, with her free hand, reaching out to shake. "I'm Quila. Newly searched dragonbait. Caught me off guard, I'll tell ya." A glance around the cavern gets a halfway thoughtful expression, taking in all the cots, those with sleeping occupants and those that are still waiting for candidates, and then she gives a little shake of her head. "Anyway. What're we talking about? Don't think I'll be able to sleep for hours yet."

"I was really happy to see your name on the chore board." Pora says with a bright smile at Quila. "It'll be great to have someone else I know going through this. Isn't it so exciting?" She smiles and tilts her head. "Did you just get back from the baths?" Master of the obvious right here. "I should go before it gets too late. I probably still stink like runner." But not just yet, apparently. "Uhm… I don't know. What were we talking about?" She asks, feigning ignornace of whatever subject she was avoiding.

Relion accepts the handshake; his hands are broad and rough, suggestive of his Craft even if it wasn't obvious otherwise. But he doesn't squeeze or anything, no overcompensation or anything to prove, just a normal (if rough) warm handshake. "Quila it is. Looks like I'll have to take your 'newly searched' title though, as I just walked in here not long before your return," Relion teases mildly. His own hair is… kind of rumpled and tangled, but he's too distracted to bother dealing with it, it can just stay half-ponytailed, whatever. "Yes, you kind of do," Relion lets Pora know, but it's with a smile. Stink, that is. "We were talkin' about exploring the area. Trails, waterfall," Relion supplies helpfully.

"Exciting?" Quila repeats, tone unreadable as she concentrates on tugging the teeth of her comb through a particularly stubborn knot. "Exciting." Apparently that word requires a great deal of consideration before she commits to it. "S'pose that's a word to use for it. Aye, just got back from the baths. Finished up my last shift on the docks, smelled o' fish and sweat. I wasn't my most appealing, though I ought to make a good impression on you folk," she says dryly, a quirk of a smile at her mouth. As Relion fills in the topic of conversation she nods agreeably, taking the topic with perfect willingness. "There's some nice places. Done some wandering 'round here. It's pretty."

Pora pouts a little at how readily Relion agreed with her comment on her smell. She scoots back a little from the other two, not wishing to overwhelm. "You know, you could've lied." She points out to Relion. The topic which Relion shifts back to is apparently safe enough for her to add to. "Oh, yeah. Some of us were going to go find the waterfall in the woods. Would you like to come, Quila?"

"It also doesn't /bother/ me, Pora," Relion adds, with a quick, natural warm smile. No reason to be offended over the tease, really, his smile reflects. "I'll drown it out some day after this, I'm sure, so consider it a smell… downpayment," Relion suggests to Pora wickedly. He looks up and over back to Quila. "Weather seems pretty warm?" he asks of her, briefly watching her work on a knot in her hair.

Quila waves a hand dismissively as Pora scoots away, trying to protect them from her smell. "You're not so bad. I spend my day 'round sailors. Nothing to beat that veritable army of odors assaulting the nose," she says, without a trace of ill will on the subject. Rather, she sounds almost affectionate as she says it. "And I'm guessing - Relion, right? - guessing that Relion is no stranger to stench. Let me guess," she continues, leaning back a tad, comb held to her chest as she gives the young man a thorough looking over. "Do something with your hands, that's plain enough. Carpenter? Farmer?" She tilts her head. "Woodcraft?" She ventures the last before moving on, smiling back at Pora as she extends the invitation. "Love to. Could pack a picnic. Make an afternoon of it, some time we aren't all too busy with chores."

Pora still looks just a little hurt, but manages to put it aside all the same and scoot back towards the other two. "… Well, I'll go take a bath in a little bit, anyways. Was it crowded when you went there, Quila?" She grins brightly at Quila's acceptance of her invitation. "Great! It should be so much fun. A real adventure."

Relion chuckles softly and sits up a bit better as Quila tries to judge his craft by staring at him. "My father is a sailor, actually," Relion says, interested in Quila's commentary about sailors indeed. "..I know a bit more about boats; and cooking seafood; than will probably ever be really useful to me," Relion adds with deep sigh. At her assessment to try to figure out his craft, he gets a quick smile, and rolls over to his stomach to lean to his pack next to the cot, fishing down in it. It takes a second, but he fishes an object out, and loosely tosses it underhand towards Quila's lap, expecting her to catch it. It's a halfway complete wood sculpture, about the size of a small fist; the design of two dragons curling over each other in a spiral design; one of them is mostly finished, the other barely started, but the start of it is there. The skill isn't artisan, by any stretch, but there's a natural understanding of the flow of the wood itself that gives the piece a strong energy and life, even if the skill of cuts may be more rough than refined. "Wood, yes. I'm primarily a feller and mill worker, though. Hauling the trees around." Which rather explains the bulky physical build, naturally. "Indeed. Pora thinks it should be particularly fun with a guy along," Relion comments, with a direct look at Pora to see if she blushes again, but his smile isn't mean: just friendly. Aimed to play with her.

"Nah, empty as can be," Quila replies to Pora as regards the bath. "Was lovely. Peaceful. I'd say try to get in there while folk are having dinner, sometime in the next coupla hours, should be pretty empty." Combing finished and the implement set aside, she sets about methodically twisting her hair up against the back of her hair, and pinning it into a simple roll that'll keep it off her slender neck. That done she'll get comfy, appropriating enough of Relion's bed that she can recline a little, propped up on the heel of one hand. That leaves her other hand free to catch, as she's expected to, the carved figure. Her lips curve with a satisfied smile as she examines his work and then tosses it back - though whether the pleasure in her face is born of the carving or her having guessed his profession correctly is anyone's guess. "Pretty little trinket. It's a nice piece. Or will be." She nods agreeably as he explains the work he does. "I haul too. Cargo, mostly. Though the fellers poke fun at me for bein' little, I can lift with the best of 'em." Though she's not bulky, there is some wiry muscle there. "Well, sure. Most things are more fun with a guy along," she adds - her goal not to make Pora blush, no, it's said with perfect honesty, if with a glint in her eye.

Pora goes wide-eyed, a little flustered again when Relion brings up her earlier remarks. "Uhm… that's a very nice piece." She says, eyes on the wooden figure, making another attempt at distracting the others from her earlier remarks. Of course, that trick only works so many times. "Well, and, y'know…" She turns a little red. "My friend Desri was saying that weyr people always swim naked. So if we were going swimming at the waterfall, I thought that, y'know, if we had guys…" She turns redder. "You guys know what I mean." She says with a nervous laugh, reaching up to play with her hair out of nerves.

Relion catches the sculpture as it's tossed back his way. He naturally offers it to Pora if she also wants to look, but won't force it on her, really, and doesn't throw it. But he's not really against showing it if she wishes to see, it's not about showing off, anyway. "Yeah, /when/ it's done. I seem to collect half-finished ones. Which makes it good I'm not intending to specialize in carving, isn't it," Relion says dryly. He scoots to sit up, drawing his legs out of Quila's way to give her room to relax without sitting directly on him. Sorry, tall guy taking up lots of space. "You do?" he asks of Quila's hauling. "Good for you then. Do what's right f'r you," he says, with a nod of approval that she's ignoring the jeers and hauling anyway. Relion smiles a little at Pora's embarrassed commentary. "….More scenery to look at?" Relion lightly supplies to Pora, mercilessly.

"Weyrfolk do tend to bare all without a smidge o' shyness," Quila confirms lightly enough, a low laugh in her voice. "Sort o' thing you get used to, I guess." As Relion adds that last comment, she shoots him an amused look and reaches out a slender finger to poke at his knee. Tall man that he is. "An' mighty fine scenery it looks to be, no need t'go teasing the girl over it," she says without any real censure, giving him a good tap before withdrawing that hand. Pora is shot a grin, and Q waves her hand generally to gesture at the room as a whole. "Bein' a candidate will give you plenty to see, lady. Gonna be living in such close quarters with these folks that you're gonna get a eyeful at just about every turn."

Pora does seem to develop some genuine interest in the subject of Relion's work, even if it started out as a distraction. "What is it you want to specialize in, then?" She asks, scooting closer back to the pair again. The question has her red again, but she manages a good natured smile anyways. "I guess that is what was going through my mind… I'm not used to the whole thing yet." She says, her shy smile turning to Quila. "I wish I could be like that. You're so confident… I'm a little jealous."

"Sometimes there's a smidge, but I think they beat it out of them early," Relion confirms Quila's statement, lazily glancing to her and looking at her finger on his knee, evidently without too much shyness about it. He swats her fingers, but it's slow, and isn't actually meant to actually touch her hand. An amusement at her reproof at his teasing of Pora. "Aw," he pouts a little, with a mild blush, humility at the compliment though, and smiles back to Pora. "Well, before today I would have told you I'd stay in felling. Working in the outdoors, the forests, I don't know…" Relion shrugs both shoulders, dropping a heavy forearm across a raised knee, fingers dangling, loose. "Just appeals. But now? Who knows, with this Candidacy," Relion says, but without any dismay; just it is what it is. "I didn't mean t' make you uncomfortable," he adds to Pora.

Quila chuckles easily at that slow swat at her hand, miss though it does, and shoots Relion an amused look. Her humor fades somewhat as he goes on to explain what it is he would have chosen for his life, her expression taking on an understanding that's mirrored in her tone when she speaks. "Can understand that, wholeheartedly. Doesn't sound like a halfbad life. 'Swhy I do what I do - not the dockhand business, that's just now, mind, but travelling. With the traders. Bein' outside. Nature. Alla that." She shakes her head, a note of wry, almost ironic humor entering her voice. "So why with that bein' my pleasure I went and got m'self searched at the most tech-savvy weyr is sommat beyond me." Then she'll echo the man's words, absently watching his rough hand as he lets it dangle across his knee. "Who knows." One may well get the impression she's not a hundred percent sure about this new development. Any note of seriousness is soon shaken off though, the moment she hears Pora's comment. She laughs again, a throaty sound, and then will pitch her voice lower, going for a conspiratorial tone as she answers the girl. "Truly, 'm not so confident. Just fake it well enough that people buy it, and may as well be the same thing."

Pora seems to doubt Relion's sincerity, based on the mock-glare she gives in response to his last comment. "Well, I'll forgive you. This time." She says, though any upset tone is purely in jest. She lets her legs dangle off the edge of the bed, kicking them idly. "Hmmm. Well, at least you'll know some things about forests, that could come in handy during the trip to the waterfall." She lifts a grin back to Quila. "Oh, that's easy enough for you to say. You're gorgeous. It's easy to fake it when you've got that advantage." She says with a little laugh.

Relion gasps 'loudly' at Quila, 'overhearing' her conspiratorial admission. "You're /not/?" Relion says to Quila in mock shock. "I was fooled," he says, as if gravely injured. And does stretch out his legs again, regardless that she's there; she'll get some warm shins resting against her. But if she minded, well, she probably wouldn't have sat there on his cot in the first place, really. He settles back a bit more, drawing his arm back off his knee to drape on his abdomen, at ease. He nods towards Pora, "Yeah. I can't really get lost anymore. Which is kind of unfortunate. Lost in the forest with a group of pretty women isn't a terrible fate," Relion admits rubbing a few fingers over his jawline, a brief scratchy sound, since it's late at night and his shaving time would be in the morning. At Pora's commentary about which of them is gorgeous, he looks from Quila to Pora and back, staying out of that entirely; he knows better than to comment there.

Quila nods dramatically at Relion when he feigns that shock and horror at her admission, one hand raised in a gesture of amazement. "Hard to believe, isn't it?" she says, followed by a deep sigh. His shifting around is eyed thoughtfully, but indeed, she doesn't much mind, and in fact, after a moment, will take advantage of those shins being there for her to lean against. "That really is a shame," she continues, as to the subject of getting lost. "Gettin' lost can be the best fun. We'll hafta blindfold you, spin you around a few times, see if we can't get you disoriented." Gorgeous? That word, from Pora, gets a scoff, another wave of the hand to brush it neatly away. "S'nonsense. 'Sides. You're pretty as a peach, Pora." The comment, said lightly but sincerely, is followed with a yawn, stifled against the back of her hands. "Shards, the day's startin' to catch up with me." Her own cot, just a few away from theirs, is given a speculative look. It's about that time.

Pora grins and rolls her eyes at Relion, leaning towards the cot shared by the other two. "Oh, come on. You'll have at least a full day of it. Plus, now you live here with us. Surely that should give you enough exposure to everybody?" Quila's flattery earns a little laugh and a wave of her hand. "Oh, you're just humoring me…" Seeing the girl's glance to her cot, she sighs and gets to her feet. "Guess I should get to the baths. It is that time of night… it was nice meeting you, Relion. And glad to see you, Quila."

Relion growls a little as Quila yawns, mostly because he's infected by it, and yawns broadly himself into the palm of a raised broad hand. Still, he's already laying down, so he'd be particularly prone to it. "Blindfold me? Don't tease now," Relion smiles a little, and smiles to Pora as Quila asserts the others is Peach-like. "All right, go if you -must-," Relion says, overly dramatically, being left all by himself, evidently. His smile suggests he's probably okay with it, though. He fingers the wood sculpture that had been set aside, slipping it back into the pack where it belongs.

And it seems the group is disbanding as one. Quila makes use of Relion's knee again, a hand against it to give her leverage as she pushes herself up and slips off the cot and back to the floor. "It's been a pleasure," she says to him, smile quirking and a friendly pat delivered to said knee. "Enjoy your bath, Pora." With that she'll make off to her bed, stifling another yawn as she goes.

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