Recruitment For Zevida's Army Begins

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary


The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Satoris's features are pale. Sure, this means that the baby will be here and Zevida will feel better, and all number of things, but it's still dangerous and he's still panicking. The man is supporting the weyrwoman, since he can't carry her, and he has a blanket over one of his shoulders.

Zevida seems quite calm! Only because Satoris is white as a sheet and panicking. So, /someone/ has to be the one with the level head. "See, there.. We made it just fine." There's an attempt to reassure her weyrmate.

Aeryn is at the desk, a return visit to Xanadu having found the On Duty called away for some personal need, she is filling in. The pair entering has her attention right away and a brow rising with amusement as the very pregnant weyrwoman and then the white-as-a-sheet man are observed. "Is it time, then?" She is rising and gesturing to a cot, pulling screens 'round. Handing the man a clean gown for his woman. "Senior Journeywoman Aeryn," she introduces herself easily.


But they just got her into a dress! Satoris stares at the gown a moment before the gears move and he angles behind the screens that have been placed about the cot. The fortunate thing is that in this mode, Sat follows directions well. His brain isn't functioning well, so the input is quite the assist.

Zevida nods to Aeryn, "it is." She offers, since Satoris is in broken-brain mode. The gown is given a look before he's moving them behind the screens and then moving to take the gown for herself. "Sat.. Help me with the dress."

"I'll step out while you change," Aeryn smiles at Satoris as she says it, ignoring his look of consternation. A woman would understand… these things can get messy. She steps away to gather some supplies, singing out cheerfully. "Let me know when I may step back in."

"Of course," Satoris says in response to Zevida, pale gaze brought sharply back around. He's extremely gentle with her as he assists in helping the woman change from dress into gown. He, one might note, is shirtless. He's still in the loose pants he sleeps in. Fortunately, being a miner, it is a look he can actually pull off, even if it is a fairly vulnerable state for someone usually so well put together.

Zevida changes into the gown without too much struggle due to Satoris' help. "All done." That's for Aeryn and then she gives Satoris a little peck on the cheek. "Sit down, Satoris. You look like you're going to faint. And then, she's helping herself onto the cot.

When Aeryn returns, she has gloves, a basin and a few surgical packs under one arm. In the other she's carrying another gown, a large one, which she offers to the miner without a word. He'll figure it out. Her next task is to examine the mother to be. One hand rests lightly on Zevida's belly, awaiting her next contraction. A smile for the pair, "How far apart are the pains coming and has her water broken yet?" This is asked to whichever of them can answer.

Satoris sorts out the gown fairly quickly, fortunately. Once he's in it, he glances up at Aeryn and blinks. Oh, one of those he can answer. "Yes, it has… Uh, broken, that is. That's…" his brow furrows, almost confused, "why we're here."

Zevida considers for a moment, "the pains are a bit apart." And Satoris answers! "The water broke not too long ago." An accurate time is uncertain..

Aeryn nods at Satoris, "Very good. Some of them rush in at the first signs of labor and it is -hours- before the child arrives. Especially if it is the first." She rolls her eyes, then it's back to the task at hand. As the belly underneath her tightens, her grey eyes flick to the clock. "You," she gestures to the man, "place you hand here on her belly and let me know the minute you feel the muscle tighten, please?" The gloves are donned and she looks at the goldrider. "Alright, let's have a look at you. Bend your legs for me? That's it," her voice is easy and calm as she helps Zevida to move her legs.

They were sleeping. Coming in earlier likely wasn't possible. The bed will have to be handled, however. Satoris blinks at Aeryn's comment, but nods all the same and places his hand in the spot indicated. He does rub it gently, glancing over to Zevida and offering a strained, but genuine smile. A tilt of the head, then, as he focuses on waiting for the tightening muscle.

Zevida moves her legs with Aeryn's assistance, leaning back and at least trying to make herself comfortable. There's a deep breath and a smile for her weyrmate. "It'll be okay, Sat."

Aeryn performs the examination swiftly, gently then rises, stripping the gloves and twitching a light blanket over the woman. "You're doing well, labor is advancing fairly quickly for this being your, first? baby." She slips out past the screens, the sound of running water can be heard as she washes her hands. "If you are able, get up and move around. Walking will help speed up your labor."

Satoris has been reporting any muscle movement he feels. It's likely not perfectly accurate, either. He's a bit exciteable in this state. When Aeryn disappears back around and makes the suggestion to walk around, he looks to Zevida with wide eyes. "Are… can you? Do you want me to…" he almost offers to carry her, but fortunately enough brain matter is working to nix that idea. "walk with you?" Better.

Zevida nods, "first." She offers before turning to Satoris and nodding. "I walked here, I can still walk. You can walk with me." And then, with some assistance, she's off the bed again and offering an arm out to her weyrmate.

Aeryn removes a panel of screen so the pair can move easily from the cot. "Just even, slow paces, up and down the length of the room, hmm? And if the pains are too great, or move to a lower point, then is it back to bed with you, understand?" Then she smiles a sunny smile upon them, "Baby soon. Life will never be the same, you know." Ah, healer-ish cheer!

Curse those healers. Life hasn't /been/ the same for Satoris. He hasn't been able to deal with the full breadth of his work and with one of the Journeymen missing, he's had to try to direct some kind of intel from the weyr, rather than run out there as he'd prefer to. Still, the man is quite focused upon Zevida for the time being and takes her arm, stepping up to her side to once again be support as they walk.

Zevida lets out a soft sound, perhaps it's a laugh? Or a snicker. "I think our life has been… Not the same for quite some time." The goldrider muses, perhaps in a better mood than her weyrmate. Which is surprising seeing as she's the one with the baby in her! The walk goes on in a slow pace until there's pain and she squeezes Satoris' arm like there's no tomorrow then a pointed look to the cot.

Aeryn has been watching and so does see the signs of increasing labor. She is there within moments, walking on the other side of the goldrider, helping to hasten her to the cot. "Just keep breathing through the pains, panting like a puppy is the best way." Her eyes slide over the man, just noting his color. "And you too, please. No panting just… don't hold your breath. Can't have you fainting now." There's a small grin at him as she says that.

Everyone thinks he's going to faint! Satoris scowls briefly, looking much like his old self for a moment. The expression barely lasts before it goes back to one more suited for panic and concern as he helps Aeryn get Zevida settled back onto the cot. And he's there, making sure to keep in some measure of physical contact and provide further aspects of comfort if needed. The squeezing doesn't seem to phase him — yet, at least.

Zevida nods, and breathes. Other wise she'd be holding her breath and trying to will the pain away. She doesn't let go of Satoris as they get her settled into the cot. She has a death grip on the poor man.

Aeryn pulls on a clean pair of gloves, handing a pair to Satoris as she passes him. "Put those on," she requests, "In case I need some help." She moves to the foot of Zevida's cot, bending the woman's legs as she did before and re-examines her. "Ah! Come see!" This to the miner, "See here," and she points with a happy smile, "That is the very top of your baby's head. Don't mind the blue color, that's quite normal at the crowning stage." She reaches a hand to pat Zevida's belly. "Doing fine, Mom, just keep breathing and when your next pain comes I want you to push." Her eyes flick towards the man. "You stay right here please."

Satoris has to extract his hands from Zevida long enough to put the gloves on, but soon gives her his hand once more. He stretches around to take a look, trying to get over the fact that… well, such a dual, tri… something purpose aspect of the body. He blinks, rather fascinated, really. He nods to Aeryn, glad in his height that he can be there, but still provide his weyrmate support.

Zevida breathes before she lets out a string of every swear word there is all while returning that death hold to her weyrmate's hand. Even as he's looking to see the baby. Really, she'd try to look herself if she was really paying attention to them.

"Okay Dad," Aeryn's voice calls cheerful as ever, "Would you like to be first one to touch Baby? I can guide your hands if you'd like." She raises an eyebrow at the pair. "You'll need to let go for a few seconds if you do." She's back to watching, "Come on, Mom, start pushing with those curses, that's it."

Dad. Wow. Satoris blinks rapidly, shocked at the title. He's been called many things — not all of them nice — but 'dad' is certainly a new and wonderful one. He extracts his hand from Zevida's should she allow it and nods to Aeryn. "What do I do?" his voice is distant; a little awed, perhaps.

Zevida pushes, along with a few more swears and they simply continue to rush out as Satoris' takes his hand away. And there's a few curses in there for Aeryn. Zevi's not a happy camper nor is Avaeth who seems to be swearing along with her rider.

"Here, sit." Aeryn rolls a stool close in to the bottom of the cot. She reaches for his hands and moves them to the proper place in readiness. "Like catching a ball. That's fine. Now push Mom!" The is a tiny pop and the baby's head emerges. Aeryn guides the miner's hands, "We'll turn the head to one side, that's it. Ignore that grimace on Baby's face. All those muscles squishing you and you'd grimace too." She chuckles. "One more good push!" Her hands hover right behind Satoris'. "Okay, one hand under the head, fingers on the neck, there ya go!" She too is breathless with the wonder of it. "There's a mirror above the bed, Mom, can take a peek between pushes."

At this point, it's likely a good thing that Satoris is in remote control mode. He moves, mechanically, following Aeryn's instructions with a dumbfounded look still plastered on his features. The more of his child he sees, the more that expression builds into one of excitement and awe. "You're wonderful, Zevi," he gets out at one point once he's able to breath properly.

Zevida does look up, and that does distract her for a moment. From the pain, just looking awed at the icky bundle of joy that is coming out of her. Ew. But then there's the prompt to push again and here it comes. Lucky Sat, she can't move her legs much or he might get a kick to the face. Because there's more swears in his direction despite the compliment.

Aeryn moves her hands just slightly to help ease the shoulders out and the rest of the baby just slides out effortlessly after that. She guides Satoris' other hand under the baby's back, reaches over to snag a towel to wrap it in, wiping at the baby's face. A wail arises, ringing out in the room. "Congratulations, Mom and Dad. You have a son!" She waits for a moment so Satoris can savor the new-found feeling of holding his precious gift. Then she lifts the towel-wrapped bundle, carefully as the cord is still attached, and places the wee one into Zevida's arms. A pair of surgical scissors are offered to Satoris handle-first with a wicked smile as she grasps the cord, "Would you like to do the honors?"

Fortunately, Zevida is normally a strong, opinionated woman, so the cursing doesn't phase Satoris too much. He might — teasingly — inquire into it later, but right now he was holding his son. All he can do is stare at the child for the time being until Aeryn has taken him away to wrap him in a towel and pass him to Zevida. The scissors and the cord get one look and his eyelids flutter. "I…" With the adrenaline fading and the fact that he was being directed to cut the thing that connected his weyrmate and son, the poor miner just can't quite handle it and his knees buckle.

Zevida takes her son in her arms, holding him close and looking utterly awed at him. The rest of the happenings is ignored.. Until her weyrmate drops to the ground, a glance is cast at him and then she lets out a dismissive snort. "Wimp."

It's a good thing training has prompted Aeryn to be ready for such a thing. The man is huge? But the healer has leverage on her side, as she braces one leg behind her and the other in front, angling her body to provide a slide, of sorts for the miner to break his fall on the way to the floor. And that's where he's going to stay until he comes to, for Aeryn must finish the task at hand. Cord is cut, the mom cleaned and made comfortable. There's another check on mom and baby before she's stepping to slap the man gently on the cheek. "No time to sleep. Wakie! Baby needs his Daddy to give him a name."

Wimp! Maybe. Some people just don't quite handle things well and he did forget that whole 'eating' thing. Satoris rouses pretty quickly and a hand jerks out to swat at Aeryn's as he rumbles a few incomprehensable words. He's soon shifting to get to his feet again, looking somewhat pale. "Name. Oh…" His eyes widen a bit. Doh.

Zevida watches with amusement as her weyrmate is slapped awake, And then she glances back down at the babe in her arms. "Vatori? Vasez? Save? Visa?" Is tossed out since her weyrmate looks dumbfounded.

Aeryn just chuckles at the swat, moving out of the man's way as he pushes to his feet. She's there for a few minutes to make sure he's not going back down, then she is moving to tidy the area and wash her hands. "Enjoy your bonding time. Feed him, it will help you too." She doesn't go into just how that works. " We'll weigh and clean him in a little while. Then you should get some rest." There's another quiet chuckle before she slips out leaving the little family alone.

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