Slip and Slide

Xanadu - Meadow Ridge
The meadow continues its gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes. Each hill seems to grow a bit higher, a bit steeper, as eventually, the meadow works up to a large ridge, the top flattening out at its new elevation.
From the top of the ridge, the view is certainly something to be admired - higher than the majority of the trees, one can look out over the rest of Xanadu Weyr proper. The houses in the lower meadow - each roof a different color - and the clock tower peeking upwards from the its forest surroundings are all visible, as is the cliff that houses the Weyr Caverns themselves. And yet, the ridge also holds an amazing view of the night sky - horizon to horizon - unaffected by the light pollution of the more heavily traveled regions.

Although while still dipping and rolling here and there, the top of the ridge is flat and still has remnants of ice from the sudden storm that froze the weyr. With spring around the corner, much of it is beginning to melt, but a majority still remains, providing quite a nice platform for slippery play. A few of the younger crowd have come up here to take advantage of it before it all melts away, slipping and sliding around. Although this place is usually reserved for quiet study or merely silent thought while enjoying a rather picturesque view of the weyr, today ka-el is one of those that plays, wearing shoes that make it easy for him to slide. His bronze firelizard is off watching, not wishing to partake in the silliness of it all. But Kale? He's having fun!

Coming up onto the ridge with boots in hand is Quilief, the youngster is wearing a heavy sweater and pants and a long scarf is wrapped about his neck and trails behind him as he runs. Breathless, he slows to a stop and bends over, putting his hands on his knees as he watches the people sliding about the ice. "Good! It's still here." He doesn't even seem to wait to catch his breath, he sits heavily on his butt to pull off his shoes and lace the boots on his feet so he can go ice sliding as well.

"Woah!" Kale's arms windmill and, bam! Down he goes on his bottom. He winces, sliding forward a few feet before stopping. Oww. He rolls to his knees and crawls off the ice to avoid being stepped on, tromped on, or slid into by others. He ends up near the newest arrival, the semi familiar face of Quilief. He lifts a gloved hand in a wave. "You're jus' in time. Don't think it'll last another day. Look," he points towards the edges of the makeshift skating rink, which looks more like watered down slush than ice.

Once the boots are laced up, Quil launches himself to his feet and taps the toes of his boot against the ground. Once he's sure of a tight fit, he all but walks onto the slippery surface. Too bad for Quil, his legs go all which way but the way they're supposed to go and suddenly the young land is falling forward and landing in a very undignified position. But at least the youth is laughing, right? Boys, they're so springy! "Really?" Quil asks of Kale as the other teen comes over and points at the lessening of the ice. "Couldn't they freeze it again? I wanted to have more fun." That lower lip juts out in a slight pout, "Well, I suppose we'll just have to wait for winter, then, for a proper ice skating."

Kale grins as he picks himself up, standing in the slush for now to keep himself from falling. "Refreeze? Mmmmm…maybe," he says, tapping his chin. "Like, if they found some sort've, reverse firestone for dragons. An /ice/ stone that made'm breathe blue fire that freezes instead've burnin'." He laughs, brushing his hands against the knees of his trousers. "Not likely! So we'd better make the best've it while it lasts, right?" Braving the ice now, he carefully stands upon it, slips just a little, but then finds his balance! He offers a gloved hand out to the other lad. A help up.

"Yeah!" Quilief says as he gingerly pushes himself off of the ice and rights himself, "Like an ice stone, that would totally work." Too bad there's no such thing, right? Oh well. Quilief beams as Kale offers a gloved hand, a slight mischievous grin pulls at the young teen's face and then he's tugging hard on Kale's hand to bring the other teen sprawling to the ice with him. Muahahah!

Ahhh! Such trickery! Kale grips at the other boy's hand, ready to help him up…but instead, feels that tug and is suddenly pulled down! "Ah!" His eyes go wide, his other arm flails a bit, and… splat! Right on the ice he goes! Oh yes, he'll definitely have bumps and bruises to remind him of this day, but the grin on his face is an obvious sign that no offense is taken by his treacherous actions. "Y'know…" he says as he peels his front off of the ice, "this…means…war!" He leans over to grab some of that slushy ice and tries to smoosh it in his face. Bwuahaha! Whether he succeeds or not, he starts to half crawl, half slide away. Flee!

Loud laughter erupts and fills the area as Kale comes splashing down onto the ice, Quilief probably gets smacked along the way, but it's all in good fun right! Ack! The young teen flails wildly as ice is smooshed right into his face and drips down his neck. "Oh, you're so getting it!" But he's grinning, so he probably doesn't mean it. The youngster grabs a handful of ice and crawls after Kale with the full intent of stuffing his ice down the back of Kale's coat.

He needs to get up! He needs to get up and run or something, buuut…nope! Kale keeps on crawling, but he doesn't do so fast enough, for here comes Quilief! He glances behind him in time enough to see an icy hand /very/ close. And the next thing that happens? Cold! Cold! Ice down the back! "Aargh! Flippin' shards that's c-cold!" Now, he /does/ get to his feet, slipping and sliding in the process. He wiggles and jiggles, plucking at the back of his jacket to get the ice out. Ice jig, anyone?

As Kale does that funny little ice jig, Quilief erupts into laughter, flopping backwards onto the ice as he holds his chest. "Oh man." A finger reaches up to wipe away tears at the sides of his eyes. "Oh come on, I'll help you get it off." Quil offers, trying to stifle his laughter behind his hand. "Here," He offers, reaching out to take the back of Kale's jacket to fan the ice out. "Sorry, Kale, I couldn't help it. I thought it'd be funny."

"Laugh your h-heart out, Quilief!" snorts Kale, who can still feel a few pesky pieces of ice that refuse to fall out! "I'll get ya back!" But for now, the most important thing is to keep himself from freezing. The offer of help is met with a squinty eyed glare, seeking signs of trickery. But even if he is planning a trick, he takes the help. Anything to get rid of that ice! And with assistance, he does. Phew! He smirks at Quil. "Oh yeah. T'was very funny. See how I can't stop laughin'? Ha ……. ha." But in the end, he does laugh, not one too easily angered.

Quilief chuckles quietly and attempts to bat the back of Kale's shirt to get the ice off, "I'm sorry Kale," Quil says perhaps a bit more sympathetically, "you want my jacket till you warm up?" He even pulls off his own jacket to offer to the other teen. The two teens are dressed a bit warmly for the time of season and there's a slowly-melting patch of ice that a bunch of teens can be seen skating on. However, most of the ice has long since turned to mush and it doesn't look like it'll be on the ground for much longer. "I'll even let you get me back if it makes you feel better."

"Oh, there's no "lettin' me" about it," replies Kale, who waves off the offered jacket, "I will be gettin' y'back. An' you'll never see it comin'. It could happen anytime…anywhere…" he says, voice lowering a degree to enhance the air of mystery. A grin quirks his lips. "You've been warned, friend." But if payback is on his mind currently, Kale makes no show of it as he steps back on the shrinking circumference of ice, steadying his balance with slightly lifted arms. "C'mon. If y'don't care that your arse'll likely get wet, this ice is prime for slidin'. Yesterday, there was enough've it to slide down the slope, but it's mostly mush there now."

The figure coming up the hill is small, dressed for riding and the weather. Her long red hair drifts behind her, so bright in the winter air. Her pale freckled cheeks are pink from the walk up, but the view is exactly what Tjara was hoping it would be. She pauses to admire it for a few moments before noticing that she's not alone. The two boys are observed with curious eyes, but the girl doesn't greet them just yet.

"So you'll get your payback." Quil says, largely unconcerned with whatever Kale is plotting, "Just so you know, I have attack kittens guarding my back. And they have sharp, pointy claws!" The apprentice grins at this as he treks onto the ice, following the other teen, his arms held out to either side to keep himself from falling onto his rump. "I'm already wet as it is, I don't think I mind getting more wet, and we can always go inside to dry off."

"Ooo, attack kittens," echoes Kale, who cowers while saying it. Hunched shoulders. Ducked head. The works! Feet stop walking but he continues to move, sliding forward a few inches. "And /I/ have a rather lethal, deadly shall I say, firelizard who's always ready for action!" He points to Alloy, who has fallen asleep a ways from the ice skating. Yes. Always ready for action. Ahem! "Er. Yes, he's just restin' up, gatherin' his strength, see.." He grins, for now unaware of another youth joining the ridge.

Tjara studies the two boys while they banter, a smile on her wide, mischievous mouth. She shakes her hair out and then springs forward. "You have kittens?" she asks brightly of the other redhead. Surprise perky girl! "What are you guys doing? It sure is cold!"

Quilef seems somewhat put out that his back up plan of attack kittens doesn't faze the other teen. Huh, well, there's always plan B! Quilief nods his head at some thought or another and he grins, "My kittens will eat your firelizard! They're specifically trained to hunt down deadly and very lethal firelizards." Quilief laughs loudly, and then he glances to Tjara as the woman comes over. "Yeah, I've got kittens, not on me, but they're for sale, you want one? We're skating, well, sliding, do you want to join?"

Oh no. Now this may be a problem. Attack kittens trained to hunt down deadly and very lethal firelizards? Alloy will have no chance against the fuzzy monstrosities! "I…" Kale begins, but the sentence goes unfinished as his attention is taken by a sudden new voice seemingly directed towards them. His eyes trail to a rather unfamiliar Tjara as she questions Quilief, and his answer to her has Kale cocking a brow. "You still have those things?" asked with a shake of his head. "How many are left?" His eyes look back to Tajara now, and to tack on to what Quilief says, he adds: "S'not hard at all. If I can do it, anybody can." And to prove a point, he takes a few sliding steps forward…and promptly falls over.

Tjara grins brightly between Quilief and Kale, hands propped on her hips like she's about to take flight. Peter pan, come to play, "What kind of kittens? What color are they? Are they weaned?" so many questions. When she's invited to slide with them and then witnesses Kale promptly fall down while trying to demonstrate how easy it is, she quirks a brow and lets out a silly giggle. "If the point was to fall down, yes, you made it look quite easy!"

"Ruathan longhaired, black and white tabby, I've got two males left and one female. They've been weaned and are trained for hunting." Quilief says as he attempts to cross the precarious lake with not much more success than Kale. He takes one step and then his arms are windmilling as his heel slips out from under him, depositing him hard on his rear end. "Ow," Quilief winces in pain as he rubs his poor abused behind. "You're supposed to slide, but it's so slippery it’s hard to get to the sliding point." Quil looks over at Kale, nodding, "Yup, still got a couple, didn't manage to give all of them away."

Tjara watches the boys' unsuccessful attempts, and then takes a handful of steps backwards. Then, with a running start, she bellies down onto the lake and goes skidding across it with a gleeful 'wheeee!' sound, arms and legs spread eagle and held off the icy pond. She spins, she skids, she eventually loses momentum and comes to a stop, rolling onto her behind and beaming just as pleased as can be back at the two boys. Is her coat a little wet? Sure! Does she care? Nope.

"Well…yes," winces Kale. "The fallin' part's easiest of all.." And if she had any doubts of that whatsoever, Quilief helps to prove the point by going down as well! Oh, the two of them are making it seem like such grand fun, aren't they? Bruises and bumps, courteousy of Xanadu! He grins crookedly, shoulders gently rising and dropping in a sheepish shrug. "Don' tell me you're a beast crafter too," he says, apparently using her interest in the kittens as an inference. "Three left? Not bad," said as he begins to pick himself up off the ice, just as Tjara slides.

There's a pointed pout from the apprentice as Tjara succeeds where they continuously fail. "Hey! That's no fair!" At least being young has its pros, for soon the teen is pushing himself to his feet, ignoring the pain from his throbbing backend to trek off of the ice. Perhaps they'd been going about this the wrong way, after all. He takes a few steps backwards before taking off at a run at the ice. And then he's slipping across the ice, at least until he loses his balance and falls forward and does a sort of spin on his stomach. There's a quiet mutter from the teen. "Yeah, just three left, and I've got another pair I'm waiting to breed for more kittens, hopefully they'll have different markings and colorations than the last batch did."

"Not a beastcrafter," says Tjara perkily. "Just a girl!" She inches carefully back to the edge of the ice and, standing on firm(ish) land again, gears up for another slide. "Might take one of the boys… If you think he'd do okay living in a wagon and traveling."

Huh. Why didn't /he/ think about going about it that way? Belly sliding! that's definitely the way to go, considering she's sliding and he's…well, likely going to nurse another sore spot soon! Kale glances over at Quilief with a 'what were we thinking??' sort of look just before he too gives it a go. "Nice!" he calls in his wake, his grin widening as he moves off the ice. His turn. He takes a few steps back, readying himself to run. But just as he does… 'Kaaale!' It's a young apprentice boy, one barely twelve, who runs up the hill and huffs out the message that an impromptu lesson is starting in mere minutes in the smithy, and anyone /not/ in attendance will have toilet duty for the next sevenday. Woe! "Shards.." So much for his turn! And for his play. "Sorry Quilief, I've to go. Nice t'meet you, uh…" he looks at Tjara, not knowing what to fill that blank in with. " I'm Kale, by the way." He grins and waves to the both of them before beginning to hurry off. Alloy still dozes. He'll catch up eventually.

Quil pushes himself up on his knees a bit unsteadily, "A male? Well meet up with me later when I have the kittens with me and you can have one." Quil shoots the female a grin and he shakily moves to creep off the ice. "See you later!" Quil calls to Kale, "I'm gonna get going too, I'm soaking wet and I don't like the idea of getting sick." Quilief offers the female a wave, "See you later" And then he's heading back off after grabbing his boots he dropped.

Tjara calls out a name to the retreating Kale that sounds like 'Tara' and then turns to look at Quilief. "Okay," she agrees, nodding. "Good bye, Quilief!" Kale having neatly provided both of their names, clever boy!

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