Old Land Yacht

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watch dragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Kera does a final check of the large pack fixed to Moncerath's straps, and makes sure to secure the flap down. Waving off the brown lizard trying to land on her shoulder, the flit perches on the bulged pack instead. Polgara is already chittering commands as if she's leading a small expedition. The greenhealer chuckles, head shaking when Minimur gets scolded before not moving fast enough at the tiny queen's direction. He wings off with a squawk and Kera turns her attention around the Xanadu clearing, waiting for the couple of people who wanted to see something unique. Between herself and C'rus, their two dragons can carry easily two passengers each. Three on Moncerath if one is sorta small. A quick glance to the sky, judging the position of the sun and nodding to herself. Gaze travels back down and some of their hiking companions are spotted coming closer. "I hope you remembered to bring the supplies I mentioned." Already shaking her head at one girls attire. tank top, shorts and sandals. "Oh no, This is not an easy little stroll people. Protective clothes. Meaning hide pants and boots. Short sleeves if ya want, they'll be your bug bites to deal with." With a huff, the prissy young girl stalks off muttering about 'not wanting to go on a trip anyway'.

C'rus is also busy making sure that Jaicoureth's straps are in good condition and ready to carry other people. Neither Jaicoureth nor his rider are all that used to extra passengers. In fact he can't recall a single time that they have ever transported anyone anywhere. Not that it should be that big a deal. He himself is decked out in his protective flight gear and if it can handle between it can handle almost anything. He peeks over to watch Kera giving the lowdown on the trip. There was a time when he probably would have declined to go, but…after all the training he has had over the last turn he certainly is in fine shape now, even if he wasn't before. Polgara grabs his attention momentarily. How much she reminds him of Aegnor sometimes.

Kaitro, on the otherhand, has packed for the trip and is wearing appropriate gear. Decked out in a light long-sleeved t-shirt and wher-hide pants and boots, the youngster looks quite enthusiastic about being outside of the weyr. He slips off from a dragon, hitting the ground rather hard with the trained practice of one who knows how to dismount a dragon and is used to the motion He rolls his eyes at the girl as she stalks off, grumbling quietly under his breath about girls. He snorts, turning instead to file up behind Kera and C'rus. "So where we heading to?"

Kera turns her attention towards the ones who actually paid attention to her earlier promptings of coming prepared. Scanning each critically from head to toe a smile greets the gathering group and she waves C'rus over when he finishes his preflight. "Hi Kaitro, Leine, Sarah. Glad you could make it. And that you came prepared." Flashing an amused wink among the group, chuckling at Kaitro is chomping to know where he's being shanghaied to. "To see something I bet none of you have ever seen before. I will tell you, snow isn't piled over two feet high as it is here." Looking between the group, she gestures to C'rus and Jaicoureth. "This is C'rus and his dragonmate Jaicoureth. Sarah, why don't you ride with them, Leine and Kaitro can ride with Moncerath and myself." Nodding as she turns back to her own dragon, and starts cinching the straps to fit snugly. When that's done, she climbs half way up and leans as she clings to the straps. "Climb on up, don't worry, you'll not hurt her thick hide." A few brisk smacks to the green's side to make her point. "Settle in and I'll make sure you're buckled in securely. Leine, you first." She helps the tall girl up and buckles her in securely and turns to the young cook, grinning "Did you maybe bring some of those tasties you love to cook up?" Kera's hopeful gaze may be almost comical before she offers a hand up.

C'rus gives a wave to the assembled group when Kera introduces him. Jaicoureth too takes a peek at those folks of the human persuasion who will be joining them on this little adventure. Satisfied that they all look fine enough he turns his attention to Moncerath for a moment «I have not ever carried anyone else before.» he says softly to her, certainly the green lady has. He has seen into C'rus's memories and knows that at the very least she has carried him. C'rus motions to the lady who will be riding with them, "Don't worry about a thing." he says to Sarah, "You will be perfectly safe. Jaicoureth is a wonderful flyer." He says making sure that Jaicoureth overhears. C'rus then helps the lady to get herself all buckled in safe and sound and turns his attention over to Kaitro, "Looks like you will be getting your chance to fly."

Kaitro is quite excited, to say the least, the youth is bouncing on his heels as he looks first from Kera, and then to C'rus, and then back again, a wide grin plastered upon the youth's lips. "Great! That's just fine with me. Hiya, Moncereth, thanks for letting me ride you!" The green'll get a friendly pat on the shoulder as he moves to climb up on her back, settling in on his perch as he starts to buckle himself in. "Oh, don't worry, I made us all food for the trip. I've got it stuffed here in my backpack alongside everything else. You'll find it's quite yummy, and I've made sure that the food'll be safe as we're traveling." The youth practically beams at C'rus, nodding his head enthusiastically. "I can't wait until we get to see whatever it is we're going to see! I'm excited!"

Kera grins to Kaitro and double checks his harness and buckles after the young cook is in place. "Won't be as good as the meal you fixed for us the other evening. Thank you for that by the way. I had more than I should have." She chuckles over that as Moncerath cants her muzzle around, observing her passengers and warbling a greeting of her own as they climb up. Her muzzle turns to the blue then, snout dipping just a bit « It is no different than carrying your rider anywhere. You'll see. » Kera drops into place and straps herself she starts securing herself to the green's straps. "Hoods up, gloves on… or hands in pockets." She calls out almost absent-mindedly. She goes quiet for a long few seconds, seeming to stare off at nothing. But she's concentrating on where she wants to go. Moncerath remembers and a pleased rumble echoes through her body. The green shares the location with Jaicoureth, sending the blue a crisp clear image. « This is where we're going. » Shortly, Kera peers across to C'rus "Ya got it?" Meaning the location from Moncerath. When he indicates he does, the green moves into actions, stretching her wings a couple of times before crouching and preparing to leap. Kera and dragon both seem to check the air space up and around Moncerath's muscles bunch up, the green's flanks wiggle a bit as if she's as excited as Kaitro is. Wings snap out and grab the air, pushing the green higher and higher. Sending the location to Jai once more, the green bugles and goes between with her passengers.

Jaicoureth bobs his head to Moncerath, «I will take your word for it.» He does trust her after all and he does enjoy new experiences. C'rus swings up onto his lifemates neck and gets himself all strapped in. He pulls his goggles on and pulls on his gloves which were so conveniently in his jacket's pockets. He pulls his hood over the rest of his head, "It's going to get really cold really quickly. Just sit tight and try not to throw up." he says to his passenger. Not that he would hold it against her. He's done it more than a few times himself. Kaitro is given a smile and a nod, "It should be lots of fun." he agrees. The image is received easily, "Got it." he says to his weyrmate and gives his lifemate a pat on the shoulder. The blue dragon shifts to his right and then his left and then his wings stretch outwards and he gives a bit of a hop and takes to the air after Moncerath. After she pops off between he too joins her in the vast, cold, nothing that exists in between reality and time.

"Hey, you're quite welcome! I promised C'rus that I'd cook the two of you a romantic dinner. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had a whole lotta fun making it." Kai laughs quietly as he starts to get himself ready for Moncerath to take off into the sky, lifting up his hood and pulling on his thick gloves. "I'm afraid today's faire isn't anything to compare to what the two of you had last night, but it'll do and it'll be tasty enough. If I had the room to bring a full-course meal I would, but what I did bring should prove to fit our needs for today."

Suddenly light vanquishes the darkness of between as the green arrives above her destination. She'll bugle to announce her arrival, not that there is one watching such a remote location, but training kicks in no matter where she arrives. The hot breeze is enough to make a person start sweating quickly under all the flight gear. Moncerath angles her flight so what's below can be seen without having to lean as far over.

Booze Island - Black Beach
The island is rather sizable, its thickly forested interior dark and secluded, while the expansive black sand beach wraps around its southern edge, the fine grains twinkling under Rukbat's rays during the daytime, creating the illusion of glittering stars on a midnight background. The odd shell or small piece of coloured seaglass can be seen, carried ashore by the foam-topped waves that lap gently at the land in a constant, quiet rhythm. The view across the water is rather scenic, azure ocean dotted by small sandbars and islets, with the five stone spires of Ista Weyr rising dramatically as a final backdrop. As the beach curves around the island, the treeline inches closer to the shore, until the greenery meets the ocean. The ground underfoot is nearly always warm, and the deep blue water always fairly cool. There is plenty of shade to be found further up the beach, as well as the odd fallen log or two. One particular pile of wood marrs the scenic beauty. What might have been a massive bonfire is now only scorched planks and ashes, a few of the burnt remains looking suspiciously.. barrel-shaped. There are no other traces of habitation, although what might be a small trail winds northward toward the center of the island.

Kera uses the standard exaggerated hand signals that weyrling training fixed in her mind, to signal which direction to fly. Which oddly enough, seems to be towards the center of the Istan island. From here one might can see the remnants of a mostly overgrown odd formation of timbers. « Mine says there is a clearing we can land just ahead. Then you must walk. » The green pair don't seem in a rush, rather making it a leisurely glide, allowing the scenery to be admired. But all to soon, the clearing is spotted. It's not the largest of landing areas, but it should not cause much problem. Mon circles down in a loose corkscrew and backwings to touchdown as gently as she can, earning an approving nod and affectionate rub of the neck from Kera. "Nicely done Mon." She unbuckles and turns to assist her passengers, noting Leine looking a bit greener than she did earlier "You both alright? Lets get you out of those flight jackets, this breeze is a bit warm." moving around, her gaze travels to the bluerider and his passengers as Leine stumbles the last couple of feet and ends up on her backside. Kera winces as she's already letting her passengers down, the hard way. "You can stash flight gear in the empty strap pack." She points out the mentioned pack on Moncerath's gear. When everyone makes it to the ground, and on their feet, She calls everyone together "Okie, make sure ya have your packs." Leine is given a pointed look as she has to go back to the green for hers. "We'll have to hike the rest of the way when everyone is ready."

The blue pair emerge from between and are immediately met with the lovely sight of a beautiful tropical island. Certainly a lovely sight to behold after seeing the piles and piles of snow that they had just left. He turns his goggled face toward the green pair and easily takes in Kera's movements, which are further confirmed by Moncerath's mental projection to his dragon, «I will follow you in.» he says with a swirl of colorful fabrics and the twinkling of lights, «You have been here before?» he asks. The blue shifts in the air as he glides gently in the air behind the green. Jaicoureth has his own way of coming in for a landing. The blue makes a wide circle to allow time for his compatriot to land and once he sees that she has he comes in straight, gradually lowering until he is just above the ground, "Brace yourself.." C'rus says to his passenger. He's seen this before and he internally groans. The dragon flairs his wings abruptly slowing enough to come to a stop. The effect is a bit jarring, but certainly things could be worse. Once they are safely on the ground C'rus climbs down and begins to help his passenger down, "You did it Jaicoureth." he says as he pats him on the shoulder. C'rus looks over to Kera and company and smiles, "This where I think it is?" he asks.

As soon as they are out of the cold of between, Kai looks over the green's side at the world below. His fingers grip tightly at the straps holding him onto the green as his hair flickers in the wind. He doesn't attempt to talk, not yet, with the wind blowing as fiercely as it is, but the grin plastered upon his face is evident of just how much he is enjoying himself. He laughs loudly as they finally decent and he unhitches himself to slide to the ground, dusting himself off. "That was great!" Kai immediately says, turning on his heel to beam happily at the green behind him. He fusses with his flight gear, taking it off with the warmth of Istan sands to take the bite of between out of his bones. "I'm ready when you guys are." Because he certainly wants to get going, exploring, and seeing what is in store.

Kera shrugs out of her jacket and other flight gear, stashing them in the pack that she grabs her journey satchel from. A nod to C'rus "Yeup!" She pops the 'P' with a chuckle "This is where I sprained my ankle some turns back." Making sure to leave Moncerath's straps loose, an affectionate pat if given to her dragonmate's neck. Mon warbles to her passengers, even easing her snout closer when Leine flops onto her butt momentarily. But soon enough the girl found her feet, and even the back satchel is attached to her back now. Kera will have to keep a close eye on that one. She'd never hear the end of it is she lost a passenger. Thankfully Kaitro's enthusiasm for the trip pulls her contemplation off of the clumsy girl, that or the promised tasties he surely has in his pack. Seeing he has his supplies, she nods approvingly. Flashing above with a chitter, Polgara arrives, hovering in place with some wingbeats before darting off with Minimur churling and doing silly loops. Kera shakes her head at their antics and turns her gaze back to the others "Please don't wander off from the group." Another rub across her dragonmate's muzzle before she turns to C'rus. A pointed look that silently says, 'Help me keep track of everyone.' "Mon and Jai will stay here. Probably be snoozing in the tropical heat soon enough." She laughs at that and starts a few paces off. Stopping suddenly, fingers snaps as she remembers something. Running back to Moncerath's packs, she pulls out two loose coiled rope, draping one over her head and shoulder and passing the other to C'rus "Just in case." Winking to her weyrmate, she turns and starts her little expedition out once more "Okie, this way to the dock everyone." Something about that sets her to snickering at her own comment. Every so often, she'll bend down, one such time, she has a bit of deadfall that she strips the smaller branches from.

Booze Island - Landlocked Shipwreck
Few things could really prepare one for the surprise looming up out of the forest parting the branches and vines, stepping out from the confining jungle to this - this jaw-dropping 'what in the name of Faranth' sight: an enormous, two-masted black ship is cradled in the center of the island, impossibly far from the shores. Thick vines still suffocate the ground, but it is almost as if the trees refuse to grow near the craft, leaving it fully visible in its entirety. The prow of the ship is wedged between the trunks of several sturdy trees to the north, creating a narrow gap in the foliage. The vessel is still standing erect despite the attempts of nature; one immense log rests against the side of the ship, with still-intact roots and branches indicating that the tree must have fallen not so long ago. But what is a ship even /doing/ here, landlocked and overgrown? How it got there, Faranth only knows, having been resting for many, many turns from the look of the thick growth of vines creeping up its hull and those that hang about loosely from above, doing a poor job of hiding the name 'Ale Avenger' carved out on its stern.

Once Sarah is safely off of the blue, having faired a bit better than some others…who shall remain nameless, C'rus loosens the straps of his dragon so that like Mon Jai can be comfortable while he spends time here. No doubt he will be quite pleased to sit here and lounge in the sun that he enjoys so much and spend time with Moncerath. No doubt he will chat her ear off, or go and catch her something to eat, or something like that. He gets rid of his flight gear and carefully stows it away so that when he is ready to return he will be able to without freezing himself to death. The look that Kera gives him is met with a smile. Ahh the joys of herding a group of people through an unknown jungle, "I'm sure they will enjoy themselves." he turns back to Jai, "Have fun. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do." Jaicoureth bobs his head and wanders off toward Moncerath. C'rus quickly looks over his supplies to make sure he has everything and once he is reasonably certain he does he is off toward Kera and the others, "Good plan." he says about the rope, "I know you are such a big believer in it.." He has of course heard the story of her last visit here a number of times by now, "What's got you so giggly?" he asks with a smile. Every so often glancing to make sure the others are staying where they should be. Kaitro gets a smile, "Remind me again..when was the last time you got out of the weyr?"

Kaitro follows behind the herd of people, keeping close to the line as he hooks his thumbs underneath his own backpack which looks like it has been stuffed with goodies. He glances back and forth, taking in everything and occasionally stopping to investigate something or other that catches his attention. "Look at this!" A finger points at some of the foliage, leaning in to take a tentative sniff of the flower before frowning and leaning back. "Doesn't smell as nice as it looks." Shoulders lift and he quickly moves to fall back into the line, grinning at C'rus, "I've flown a couple of times, but this is my first real trip out of the weyr!"

Kera keeps the pace leisurely, enjoying the scenery as much as everyone else is. Her lizards flit from branch to branch as the leapfrog the trees, staying ahead of the slower moving hikers below. Slowing her steps, she lets Leine and Sarah wander ahead of her for a few seconds while she speaks with the bluerider, with her nearly always present grin. "Oh, that considering what's ahead, there 'should' actually be a dock, even if there isn't." she winks to C'rus before moving to the flower Kaitro points out. After his reaction to sniffing it, she'll refrain, learning from the young cook's experience. His actions do put a warning in her head though, which she shares with the group. "Most of you probably don't recognize many of the plants and trees around here. If you see something that looks edible, please let C'rus or myself have a look at it first alright?" Trying to make eye contact with all the passengers at that point, she continues on ahead and soon the dilapidated husk of the Ale Avenger comes into view. Kera gestures grandly to the ship skeleton rising up from where is crashed. "The Ale Avenger everyone! It crashed landed on this islet many MANY turns ago."

C'rus trots along at the same leisurely pace, no sense in getting ahead or behind the group. Would be less fun that way, "I've not done a great deal of traveling either. Kera here can attest to that." He was practically a hermit at one point, "I'm really only getting out now and seeing the rest of Pern. I must say so far I'm partial to Ista and Monaco. The beaches are lovely…and this place seems pretty lovely too." At Kera's warning about eating things he chimes in, "Yes. Never eat something just because it looks good. We are both healers but this is supposed to be a fun trip and we'd rather not have to work…" He'd leave it to Kera to determine what was good and what wasn't, "Kera will certainly know what is good. Asking questions is not a problem, not asking questions always creates a problem…" And all of a sudden there it is! He'd heard about it, but seeing it out here in the middle of land is something else. His mouth hangs open for a moment, "Wow. Kera you were right. I didn't think you were lying or anything…but this is something you really have to see for yourself." He turns his gaze away from the old ship to look over to Kaitro, "Not bad for a first trip out.."

Kaitro is careful not to touch the plants, frowning as he steps carefully over the foliage, "Careful not to touch things, too, some stuff is poisonous." Kaitro adds with a little shake of his head. He drops his arms, following behind the others and shifting his gear onto his shoulders. His eyes widen slightly when they finally come upon the place they'd been heading to. "Oh wow, look at that, I never thought it would look like this!" There's a happy little smile that pulls on his lips, turning to beam at C'rus. "Well, how does this compare to Ista and Monaco's beaches, huh? Does this rate well? I wanna do more travelling but I'm busy a lot of the time and it just never seemed right to get out and leave the weyr."

Kera is quick to nod agreeably with Kaitro "Well met Kaitro. A very good point." Taking in the rest of the passengers the greenhealer adds "Some plants can cause irritating rashes or other reactions." A pleased smile to Kaitro, who seems to be more observant than Leine, who's about to walk right into a spinner web spanning between two trees "Leine stop!" Kera steps up to the girl and uses the deadfall branch she carries to swipe the web away . "Watch where ya are going, and where you put your feet." A pointed look to the young girl before she moves next to C'rus a few moments. Reaching over to give the bluerider's hand a little squeeze, pleased by his reaction to her little surprise. "Toldja!" She sticks her tongue out in a none to mature gesture and grins around. Taking in the sight again her self "It looks just as it did when I fell out of it from up there." Two high beams are pointed out in the upper deck portion high above.

C'rus pays close attention to what he is doing because he needs to be a good example for the rest of the group. Can't very well have a rider be the only one to screw up. How would that make Fort look? He'd get a talking too for sure from his new boss, "Getting bit is never a good idea." he says to the girl, "If we wait for the right time to travel we never will. I say if you have the time do it, and if you don't have the time make the time. Life passes by too fast and some chances don't come again…" So many chances don't come more than once whatever the stories say. He squeezes her hand back and laughs when she sticks out her tongue, "If I would have known what they were putting you guys through when you were weyrlings I would have had a nervous breakdown every night." Perhaps it is for the best that he just didn't know. Because he handled her being gone from the infirmary oh so well…as she has doubtless heard from others, "It is lovely and I'd say it compares very well to both Monaco and Ista, not that I really got to spend much time on Ista's beach."

Kaitro nods his head as he follows behind the riders, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he winds his way through the foliage. "Hey, no problem, it's kinda my job to know this sorta stuff, so that I don't put it into meals and cook it for people." He laughs cheerfully, turning his attention to the two riders as he listens to them talk, nodding his head to C'rus, "Well, you've got more experience than I do, to be sure!"

Kera looks about to see that Leine is currently sticking close to Sarah, both darting wide eyed looks at every odd sound the forest makes. They aren't wandering off though, and that's what counts at the moment. A little nod as she agrees with what both C'rus and Kaitro say, until a little headshake to the bluerider "Oh no. That happened before I was a candidate ." Waving off that bit of concern, her attention flickers towards Kaitro and the other passengers "Don't let his talk scare you. Weyrlinghood was tough yea, but not overly dangerous. As long as you pay attention to training." An amused look to C'rus as she shrugs out of her backpack and rest it against the nearest tree trunk. "Now take some time to look around the base, then we'll carefully pick a path to the upper deck up there."

"I stand corrected." C'rus says to Kera with a grin as he moves closer to the green rider, "I don't think we did anything terribly dangerous during weyrlinghood either…except betweening, but we were well prepared. Abigail did a wonderful job with that first lesson…" he adds with a shrug, "Anything in particular we should be looking for?" Kera knows what she is looking for after all, "I suppose I do a bit, but I'm certainly no expert." he says to Kaitro, "I'm sure that everyone thanks you for not poisoning the food." he chuckles.

Kaitro smirks slightly as he follows behind the riders, ducking slightly under a bit of foliage as he winds his way through the forestry, laughing cheerfully. "Oh, I'm sure they do, otherwise they'd be dead, and couldn't thank me for them being alive." The cook smirks in amusement, "Is betweening really that bad? I didn't really think it was any harder than just trying to envision where you're going and then going there." As they stop Kai moves to set his bag onto the ground, crouching down to give himself a little rest.

Kera smiles at the banter tossed about and reaches into her satchel for a small pouch of dried meat. Gesturing to each of the group "Anyone want a bite or two?" Already tugging a bottle of water from her pack, she smirks "Hope I'm not the only one who packed something to drink." She flashes a grin both girls actually show their own bottles, good, they won't have to cut the trip short. Taking a sip from her own water, she flickers a glance to C'rus when the questioning betweening comes up. "There can be dangers to betweening, lack of concentration can cause terrible accidents…" She gives that a few long seconds to sink in and goes on "It's very cold between and if you carelessly go for a dip in the lake, then jump between in the next few minutes without getting dry, that could cause serious illness." Leaving it at that, she stands again and gestures around the rotted hull of the ship. "But we're here to enjoy ourselves right?" Kera starts towards overgrown hull "We'll find a stable enough spot and work our way into the inner hull. Be careful though. Could be anything living in there." She makes a spooky little gesture and noise before chuckling.

C'rus will leave the talk of tragic things that can happen if you between and make a mistake off of the topic of conversation this evening. Kera is right this is a fun trip, not a trip to discuss dangerous things. He reaches into his pack and takes out a bottle of water and takes a sip before replacing it. He moves away from the greenrider toward the hull of the ship, moving carefully along the side of the hull, "Did you see anything living in there when you were last here?" he asks Kera, looking past her for a moment to make sure that the girls are doing well, "I certainly am here to have a good time…and I suspect we all are."

Kaitro blinks as he looks between Kera and C'rus, ducking his head as he reaches into his bag to pull out some water, tossing his head backwards as he starts to gulp it down. "I was just curious, is all. Mom and Dad never made a huge deal out of it, so I didn't think it was that dangerous, but what do I know?" He rolls his shoulders, and as they start to get moving again he lifts his backpack onto his shoulders and adjusts the straps, falling silent to keep his stupid questions to himself.

Kera stifles her amusement when both girls jump and squeal at the noise Kera made seconds before. An amused glance is shared with C'rus and Kaitro before she smoothes the humor from her face and calls the girls closer to the group "Come on girls. Just through this section here…" Shouldering her pack after pulling out a flashlight, she shines it into the interior. Debris drift thickly in the air and leafy vines hang everyone inside. "I hope some of you brought flashlights too." Hopefully everyone paid attention to the several warning of supplies she gave prior to the trip. "And be careful where ya step. And if you see something out of the ordinary, be sure to point it out." From an upper branch, Minimur wings down and darts into the rotted opening as if to scout the area himself.

C'rus removes the small flashlight that he had stored in his pack and quickly closes it once more closing in on the opening in the side of the ship, "It would surprise me one bit if the jungle swallows this ship up one day." The wood will rot and in the end leave nothing but a pile of rubble, "We are lucky to get to see it while it's still here. How did it get here do you think?" he asks as he steps into the ship walking carefully past Kera, making sure to shine his light on where he intends to step, "And more importantly do you think the place is haunted?" he asks with a smirk on his face. Oh he doesn't believe in superstitious nonsense like that, but it will likely get a rise out of the girls and that would amuse him, "If it is I'm sure Kaitro isn't afraid one bit…"

"Perhaps there was a really bad storm one year and it flooded the island enough to where the ship crashed on the island." Kaitro suggests as he ducks inside, reaching into a side pouch on his backpack to pull out the flashlight he had stored there earlier. A switch is flicked and let there be light! He casts it side to side, observing whatever catches his interests. "Of course the wilderness will claim this place one day. Between the water and the forestation, one day this'll just be one big pile of rubble strewn across the forest bed." He laughs quietly at C'rus, "Oooh, spooky, I bet this place is totally haunted. You think we'll see any bloody ghosts wandering about?"

Kera makes and agreeable at C'rus and Kaitro's mentions of the land reclaiming the spot not currently occupied by the rotting ship. "Yea, new trees will rise up from the deadfall." As more light is cast about, Kera uses her own deadfall stick to tear spinner webs away so she can take a few cautious steps. Looking back, she makes sure everyone is managing alright. A clinking sound and something shifting under her boot has her light darting that way to see a rusty little pot on it's side, looks like something was nesting in it. "I won't say there are ghosts, but something is living in here."

C'rus considers Kaitro's thought and nods slowly in agreement, still keeping an eye out for where he is stepping. One wrong step could lead to a very interesting rest of the day, "Makes as much sense as anything I could come up with Kaitro." says as he continue to smile at the thought of ghosts, "Maybe whatever lives here frightened away the ghosts…" He shifts and shines his light on the pot at Kera's feet, "Oh I'm sure something lives here, lets just hope that it isn't anything that would find any of us too terribly tasty. I don't have a burning desire to be dinner." he smirks. Clearly at the present he is unconcerned.

Kaitro steps carefully, testing his weight every step he makes, not wanting to fall through the floor on a weak spot. He points his flashlight into rooms, pausing once or twice to study the insides before shaking his head. "Well, so long it's not anything too big and just tunnelsnakes or the like, they can do whatever they want. This place must make a good home for them." Kai murmurs quietly, his flashlight flowing down to point at the rusty pot that Kera disturbs. "Definitely tunnelsnakes down here."

Kera nudges the pot aside with a boot and continues forward, head already shaking at the suggestions of what could be around "What ever it is isn't that big." She spots a few tiny little marks and points them out "If it had been a big tunnelsnake of worse, one of the wild felines, the floors and walls would look pretty much shredded." A shrug lifts her shoulders "At least it's that way with canines. Their claws do a number on wood." Plus she didn't notice any dens dug out around the hull base. "So let's hope for small tunnelsnake if we flush one out." That statement has both girls edging closer to the center of the group. Kera crouches to peer into a cabinet, seeing just some webs be guarded by a spinner waving a couple of spindly legs. Continuing on, her steps take her towards a none too secure looking fixed ladder leading towards the upper deck.

C'rus is no great fan of tunnelsnakes, jungle cats, or any animals for that matter. He wasn't even allowed to have pets as a kid, "I think you are probably right…" he says to Kera. The place would be damaged…probably, "We'll keep an eye out just to be safe. It's probably more scared of us than we are of it." He says to Kaitro. Or at least that's what he's heard beastcrafters say while he was in training, "Maybe it will just be a cute little bunny. Fort is infested with them." Cute, cuddly, little balls of fluff. There are perks to having a weyr that's off the ground. His slow steps take him slowly toward the ladder Kera is moving towards, "That looks just lovely…" he says of the ladder, "We're all going to be careful when we go up it. I'd hate to fall from there."

"Had to have been something small, then, dunno." Kaitro shrugs his shoulders, ducking around a spinnerweb as he follows the riders inside, casting his gaze from side to side as he looks for whatever might've caused the noise. As they reach the ladder, he glances up, frowning, "Don't think we're going up there unless we can secure that sharding ladder. It'll probably break if any of us put our weight on it. Maybe we could secure some rope to it or something?" He offers, rubbing the back of his head slowly.

Kera looks between C'rus and Kaitro, a little smirk slipping across her face at their obvious reluctance to attempt the frail looking ladder. Chuckling she tugs the coil of rope from over her head and peers upward along the rafters. "I've no desire to fall again either." Uncoiling the rope a bit "Do you think that rafter there is steady?" Looking to C'rus "You wanna try looping that and tying it off or should I?" C'rus would have the stronger arm for the task. "If we can get the rope secured, we can use it as a guideline to keep a hand on, just in case the steps go." Even though she says that, the greeny places a cautious step on the very last rung and puts a little weight on it, which it seems to hold.

Kera is a tall lady, but C'rus has a few inches on her at least. He moves up behind her and places a hand gently on her back if she'll allow it, while at the same time looking up to the rafter that was indicated, "Looks secure enough, though looks can be a bit deceiving. Still it's better than nothing. I'll do it." he says taking the rope from her and beginning to work the rope into place, "Thank goodness for training." he says mostly to himself. They learned how to tie some good knots. Once it's secure he looks over the assembled group, "Who want's to go first?"

Ale Avenger - Deck
Upon the vine-choked upper deck of the Ale Avenger, the view of the surrounding forest is quite spectacular. Here, at a height midway into the canopy, washes of greens and browns blur together, the nearby trees rising up on either side to close in on the stranded vessel, drifting it seems in a sea of leaves and occasional bright flowers. Vines and fallen branches might make moving about somewhat tricky, and the planks underfoot are creaky and springy with rot. The prow of the ship is wedged between several trees to the north, while the stern is clogged with thick plantlife, seeds having taken root right in the ancient timbers. The two masts loom fore and aft, reaching up toward the sky, still standing despite the ravages of time and weather. Only the barest remnants of rags hint at what once may have been mighty sails, now only shreds of fabric caught by the wind. A fallen tree has splintered the railing on one side of the ship, the long-dead branches having pierced through the hull, wedging it firmly in place, but also blocking access to the main cabin.

Kera test the lowest rung of the dilapidated ladder by bouncing her weight with some gently knee bends. It holds, but she steps back down, not wanting to chance a disaster even though C'rus is there to keep her from falling too far. Edging out of the way, she peers towards the young cook, gesturing him to move around tow where she is "Come over here Kaitro, give him room to swing that rope around." As much as the overgrown leafy vines will allow at least.

Kaitro glances up at the ladder as Kera tests her weight upon it, uncertainty seems to flash in the young teen's face and anxiety seems to fill the room as he looks ready to catch Kera should the ladder prove to not hold her weight. And only after a few moment's of tension does he let out the breath he had been holding, moving to the spot indicated by the rider and nodding, "Sure thing, Kera."

C'rus keeps a very close eye on Kera as she sets her weight upon the ladder, half expecting even that first run to break and send her sprawling. Thankfully though that isn't the case and that first rung seems to hold for now. He glances between Kaitro and Kera and gives a shrug, "Looks like it might hold for now. I'd say that as long as we have the rope we will be able to make it up fine and not fall if we are careful."

Leine and Sarah have been hanging back, and onto each other as they cast worried looks around the broken down decking and gaping holes in the hull. Kera makes sure Kaitro and the others are out of the way, in case C'rus's attempt to catch the upper beams, ends up bringing it down. Thankfully, everything stays in place, other than dust and debris that sprinkles down. Nodding agreeably with the bluerider "It should hold." Turning her attention to the younger ones of the group "You two come over here and follow rider C'rus up. Keep a hand on the rope in case the ladder starts to go." She's talking to the girls and eyes the smaller of the two "And put your gloves back on. Splinters and bites can be avoided with just a little effort." Gaze goes to Kaitro "You too Kaitro, up you go, and watch your steps."

"I'll go up behind them, catch 'em if they fall." Or, more likely, break their fall. But he's a hardy enough guy, he might live after having girls fall on him, might even be a good thing. Raining girls. Once the girls are up far enough, Kai starts up the steps, making his way carefully and testing each step to make sure it's going to hold his weight. After all, he doesn't quite trust the ladder.

C'rus also doesn't really trust the ladder, but at least thus far it has held together. It has been there for many turns after all and hasn't fallen apart just yet. It would be a shame to have it do so now. He glance back to the two women and Kaitro that are bringing up the rear. He too keeps a solid hold on the rope, just in case this is the end of the line for the wood. Certainly it isn't in a condition anyone could describe in positive terms, but he makes it to the deck of the ship and once there turns around to make sure that the others are going to make it ok as well, and help them up should they have a need.

Kera ducks down and bats at a vine that brushes across her shoulder. Seeing it's just a vine, the greeny snorts to herself and tugs the vine down, tossing it away. Climbing up after the others, Kera's gaze flicks towards what's left of the upper mast and grins when she sees the view. Pointing out over the railing. "It almost looks like a sea of overgrown masts, with the way the tallest trees stand high over the main canopy." Dragging her attention back to the group, she smiles as Sarah is edging a little closer to the vine-wrapped railing. "Not too close to the edge now." Leine takes a backwards step at the warning. Kera drags her foot across the floor, nudging some creepers out of the way to make sure there is actually something to step on before she moves. Gesturing around, Kera flashes a little grin "So, what do ya think of the view everyone?" A wink to C'rus "Toldja it was view ya had to see for yourself."

Kaitro pulls himself up onto the deck and brushes his hands off on the front of his shirt, and, after making sure that the girls got up alright, he trails behind them. He weaves in between the vines, batting a few of them out of the way before he brings up the rear to the real prize. A small smile spreads upon his lips as his eyes flicker to the view. And what a view it is. So much so that there just aren't any words he can think of to explain his amazement other than utter a low, "Whoa."

C'rus is used to the rather barren and cold forests of Fort, so the tropical island view is amazing in and of itself, but the view from the top deck of the ship is something really awesome. He makes sure that where he is standing won't fall through and that done just stands in silence for awhile taking in the beauty all around him, "I think it is wonderful…" he says with a wide smile returning her little wink, "…you really outdid yourself in bringing us out here Kera. Certainly the fresh air alone would be worth the trip but this view…" he gestures outward, "Is something that you don't see everyday."

Kera grins at the responses from everyone standing about the worn deck and can only nod agreeably. Giving everyone a moment to just take everything in quietly before interrupting the silence again. "It was N'talya that showed it to me, so tis her you really need to thank." Another look about as she edges forward slowly, trying to keep her steps to where she thinks the support beams are. "I wonder how many more odd sights there are like this on Pern." Her gaze flips to one face then another, including everyone in the conversation as she goes on. "Maybe not an old ship crashed on the center of a small island. But some other unlikely oddity in a very remote location." A quick gesture around towards the greenery thriving everywhere. "Something very easily overlook cause it's partially hidden as Ale Avenger is."

It's a few minutes of staring, taking in everything, memorizing everything he can before Kaitro slowly shakes his head. "I'm sure there are many there places scattered across pern, just as beautiful as this one. We need only to stumble upon them, I think. I'm sure most of them have forgotten to time, like Aivas, and the Yokohama. And we were lucky to stumble upon those." Kaitro grins, turning his attention to Kera. "Well, thank you anyway for bringing us, Kera, I'm happy to have been able to come here to see this."

For all the times Kera has mentioned her friend N'talya, C'rus has never actually met the woman. He will have to both meet her at some point and thank her when he does finally get to see her in person, "I'm sure that she'll be very pleased to hear that we wall enjoyed it." His mind then turns to all the places that he has seen, which granted have not been all that many. Though one in particular does stand out and ask Kaitro mentions it he speaks up, "I've been up to Yokohama, and the view from space is amazing. I would totally recommend that. Not to mention all the cool things they have up there."

Kera nods to Kaitro but waves off the thanks good naturedly. "I'm glad you're enjoying the…voyage." A grin flashes and indeed it is like a voyage at sea, on deck floating on a sea of green leaves and twisty vines. "Careful where you step girls. The overgrowth can be hiding something to trip you, or cover a hole to fall through." Kera seems to be having to warn the girls more than Kaitro. Maybe the turns of avoiding getting smacked with huge cooking ladles have kept the young man on his toes, and given him a more watchful eye. "Everyone can explore round the this section of the deck, but please don't be trying to climb the mast." She doubts anyone would want to make the attempt though. Scrutinizing the greenery at her feet, she steps over a tangle and sidles next to C'rus. "I'll need to make a point of coming back here with some satchels. Search around for what herbs maybe be growing in the warmer climate."

Or perhaps Kaitro just has a better head on his shoulders, or perhaps he just is much more careful about such things. Who knows, either way, the teen is stepping lightly about the ship, edging around the more dodgy places and grins slightly. "I'm sure there's tons of stuff that only grows here, I mean, think of all the stuff that you could find. Wonder if I could take some things home with me and see if I could make something of them. Although, I don't know enough about plants to take anything unfamiliar."

C'rus carefully takes a few steps closer to Kera and grins, "I'm sure you could find some good things out here for your project." he affirms. He also finds himself nodding to Kaitro, "Yeah. Probably loads of stuff that only grows out here on these islands. I'm sure you could check with one of the local healers to find out if there is anything that really is of stand out use. Maybe there is an herb out here that would put your project over the top. I'm sure they would promote you if you found a new herb that could be used to treat something."

Kera is quick to grin at the idea of herself discovering a previously unknown herb. "Something nice to think about maybe, but I think the odds very unlikely that most every region on Pern hasn't been harvested for useful things." A quick shrug "Besides, I'm simply trying to improve the flavor of already existing treatments in my off duty research." Head tilting to Kaitro, grinning when the young cooks thoughts seem to be on flavoring dishes. "Perhaps we can visit here again soon and bring a few harvesting baskets with us." Nodding to herself at the idea, she's probably already making plans to do just that. Smiling to C'rus, she gives his hand a quick squeeze before sidling closer to the edge where the railing is and trying to peer over a bit. Having already sprained an ankle on this ship once turns ago, Kera doesn't push her luck and soon back away cautiously. "Everyone look around for another moment or two then we should head back to the ground. Maybe take a moment to have a snack from our packs."

"Well, I think if I decide to come back here and forage for foodstuffs, I'd like to bring someone who's knowledgeable about plants. Don't want to bring anything toxic back to the weyr and get everyone sick…" Kaitro trails off, frowning to himself as he stares out at the view beyond, tapping his fingers against his arm in a thoughtful manner. He sets his bag down and starts to rummage about, pulling out a thermos to take a sip of the stuff inside. "Anyone want food? I brought extra.

As Kera moves away C'rus stays where he is, as much as he likes the view he isn't sure he would like the view looking straight down, far to much like flying and he'd hate to be sick on top of the boat, "Is that coming along pretty well?" he asks her, he hasn't seen her actively working on it since the day back at the hall all that time ago. He keeps an eye on the two women just to make sure they aren't doing anything too dangerous, though when Kaitro mentions food he smiles, "It depends. What is it you brought?" He can be reasonably assured of something good if Kaitro brought it.

Kera steps lightly across the deck to the more sturdy portion where everyone is converging at Kaitro's mentioning of having food. "Sure, we can each toss in what we've got and come up with a mini feast while we enjoy the aerial views a little longer." Crouching down and sinking to a knee, she slips her pack off and rummages inside it a moment. A small plain wooden box is revealed and after a flick of the latch, a half dozen little stuffed rolls "I think these are fishrolls." Eyeing the assortment she takes one and offers the box around. Leine and Sarah take one, and even add their stash of bubblies to the meal. C'rus's inquiry about her research gets a small smile "It's coming along. Any data is progress of some sort right?"

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