Don't Shoot the Messenger

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It's a nice spring day around Xanadu, which after the crazy winter many are looking forward to it. Idrissa is off on her own sitting at a table off to the side sipping at a mug of hot cider while eyeing a bowl of stew that as set before her. She shifts slightly in her seat, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck a few times as she doesn't feel all that hungrey at the moment. A pair of firelizards is settled upon the table, a blue and a bronze that is eyeing the bowl of food it would seems. "Don't even think about it." This said with an amused tone.

Another spring day to be enjoyed and Kiena has spent most of it at the forges only to be, yet again, told to take it easy by her Journeyman. At least that is their 'polite' way of saying that she's done enough and can go do 'other things'. Grumbling, the bluerider did just that. She tended to Ujinath until the blue gleamed with fresh oil and was sleeping soundly in his wallow, she checked her straps for wear and tear, then she bathed and now… Now she's wandering aimlessly and bored out of her mind. Checking to see if any sweeps needed extra riders too yielded nothing and with a long sigh, Kiena slowly picked her way further into the Weyr. Wishing to avoid the caverns, she picks the tavern instead and immediately finds some comfort in the dimmer interior and that it is not as populated at this hour. Pausing by the bar to order an ale and a platter of bread, cheese and fruit, once she's served and has paid for her meal, she goes to find and pick out a table. Distracted by her thoughts and something (or someone?) across the tavern, it's not until she's seated herself that she realizes it's occupied — by Idrissa. "Oh." Awkward. "Uh. Afternoon."

Idrissa blinks slowly at the voice and peers up slightly, just peering at Kiena a few moments. A soft ah escapes her and she takes in a soft breath. "Hello Kiena." There is a pause, a soft smile seen after a moment. "Um… Want to sit?" Well there is plenty of room at the table after all. Save for the pair of firelizards that are eyeing Kiena.
Kiena shifts awkwardly in her chair when Idrissa just peers at her and she almost prepares to slide right back off and go find another table when the green rider finally greets her. Perched on the edge, she'll then slide back and smile crookedly. "Hey,
Idrissa." she murmurs. "And, uh… yeah? If you don't mind?" Now the fire lizards are staring at her and she promptly stares down at her platter of food. Plucking up a piece of cheese, she eats it and mumbles around it. "Sorry fellas. No meat." Looking up again to Idrissa, she'll swallow and then add. "So… how've you been?"

Idrissa leans forward to pick up the blue firelizard and lets him settle upon her lap to make sure nothing happens, like the blue trying to bite at Kiena or something else. "I don't mind if you want to sit. Plenty of room." She keeps her soft smile before taking another sip from her mug. "I've been alright." There is a slight pause. "How have you been?"

Kiena would never have assumed that the blue firelizard would ever attempt such a thing and figures the staring is only them eyeing her meal. She'll pop a few more pieces of food into her mouth before she's taking her ale in hand and leaning back in her chair, eyes settling on Idrissa curiously. She shrugs, "I've been alright. Between smithing and other duties, not had much time for anything else…" Until now. Grimacing, she takes a slow sip of her ale.

Idrissa doesn't want to think of what or what not her dear little blue firelizard might do. He is hissing a bit even until Rissa dumps him down onto a seat and left there for now. "Yeah I can imagen how that would keep you rather busy actually." There is a slight pause at the thought of things while she peers into her mug. Where does she even start at this? A bit awkward to say the least. "How long have you been a smith?"

Kiena does not hear that little blue hissing, as her thoughts are keeping her too well distracted at the moment. That and she's trying so hard not to be overly flustered with her awkwardness and do something stupid as a result. Nodding her head, she takes another pull of ale before setting the mug down. Brows knit together as she thinks, "It'd have to be… shards. Almost three Turns now? Maybe more? I'm about due to be promoted. Or try to be." she mutters with a smirk. How does one start at this? Kiena knows nothing about Idrissa and there are certain things she's not about to pry into. So… "And you? You have a Craft too or… no, you're Comet Wing, right?"

Idrissa nods slightly while letting her arms fold upon the able, eyeing the mug a few moments as her mind wanders. "Do you like it?" A glance is offered towards Kiena curiously. "Yeah, I was in beastcraft but.." There is a pause and she shrugs a moment. "I've thought about getting back into is actually."

"I love it." Kiena says easily and without hesitation, the grin that follows also easy going until some stray thought brings back the awkwardness. She works through it, stuffing it back. "Was a bit late in getting started but… I've never regretted it. I just wish I could be out of Apprenticeship already. The Journeymen keep kicking me off the forges cause they say I'm overworking…" she says and gradually fades into a mutter before simply shrugging her shoulders. More food! More ale! That always helps. Sort of? "Oh? Why didn't you go to Asteroid then…? Were you an Apprentice too for Beastcraft?"

Idrissa smiles a moment and nods. "Well, good to stay with something that you like that is for sure." A glance is offered back to Kiena. "Yeah I was an Apprentice, was trying to be a senior apprentice before I was searched." She shrugs a moment at the thought. "I had some problems a long the way and felt the need to take some leave from it I guess. Though now it just feels like a piece is missing. If that makes sense."

Kiena nods her head as well in agreement and lifts her mug as if to toast to that statement made by Idrissa. "Exactly! Do what you love, love what you do. Wise words I heard somewhere once. Try to live by it," she admits and drains a little more of her drink. "Huh. So was I! Felt like I just got into the Craft and next thing I know I'm Searched…" And it all became a blur then. Listening quietly as she picks at her food, Kiena grimaces. "That — sucks that you had to take a leave and it makes perfect sense. I had to stop Smithing for awhile too and that was hard. Which is why I'm strictly Asteroid now, though somedays I miss S&R."

Idrissa keeps her smile and soon nods. "Yeah, though I was in the craft for a while really. I basiclly grew up working with runners, when I came to the Weyr got started in the craft." There is a slight pause as she recalls those times, better times for certain. "You was a search and rescue rider?" A curious look is sent towards Kiena.

Kiena gives Idrissa a curious look, no longer as awkward around the green rider as they discuss Craft interests. "Are you holderbred, then? And I suppose that means you specialized in runners when you took on your Craft?" she asks gently. If there is one thing the bluerider is good at, is asking a lot of questions! "Yeah, I was once." she admits with a smirk. "For a short while when I was in Western. Wasn't really a Craft-specific Wing in Western, so I tapped into the next best thing. Still was able to get some smithing in, but I enjoyed S&R too. Ujinath seemed to really take to it…"

Idrissa looks to Kiena curiously as well. "Yeah I suppose so. Great up on a colthold that's my uncles. He raised runners so I just sort of followed along I suppose. Anyway the runners was easier to get along with then my mother at the time." A slight nod is seen at the bit on Western. "I have a few friends in Search here. Seems like it could keep a person busy, and there dragons too."

"Only fishing and the sea in my family cothold." Kiena drawls with a low, dry chuckle. "You just followed along? And heh, your mother is not the most pleasant of women I take it then?" Leaning back in her chair, she is almost slouching now and is relaxed enough to cross one leg over the other with her arms loosely crossed over her lap. Food and drink are forgotten for now in favour of conversation. "You've friends in Galaxy?" A brow quirks up at that. Do tell! "That's the perk and downside to S&R. Ujinath and I didn't so much mind the busy routines and drills… But it certainly kept us busy for little else."

Idrissa nods slightly at the bit on her mother. "Well it just sort of helped me I suppose, I was a bit lost after my father died. Was just a kid. Yeah.. She blamed me for my father's death for some reason or another." Her mother is not he best person around that is for certain. "Yes, M'kal and Ers'lan. There good riders, good friends too." She'll just skip over a certain name it seems. "You could always talk to Galaxy and work with them sometime maybe? Seeing how you do have expierence and all."

Kiena grimaces, "Really? She… put the blame for her husband's death on her kid? That's — I'm sorry, Idrissa. Sounds rough." she mutters, quickly bitting her usually sharp and sarcastic tongue. She doesn't know the green rider well enough to know how the woman will handle her oftentimes blunt and brutal sort of humour and temper. "M'kal and Ers'lan?" She frowns as she digs through her memory, but no faces match the names and she is ignorantly unaware that Idrissa has purposely skipped a name. "Suppose I could go find them…" she agrees but hesitantly. Being social isn't her forte. "Good riders?" she asks next before it dawns on her. "Though I know of one Galaxy rider I think… Perhaps I'll ask him."

Idrissa nods slightly at that. "Was rough, still rough." There is a slight pause at the thought before she is rather glad that the subject changes. "Yeah, there really good riders, both of them. Just talk to them, never know. Ers'lan use to be the WingLeader until the felt the need to change things in the winds." Which no she doesn't agree with in the least. There are plenty of people in the wing so she doesn't have a clue who it could be the other rider knows. "Sure, talk to him too." There is another slight pause before she is looking to Kiena. "Look… It's not my business between you and Zi'on but.." Another pause. "He still cares about you. If you get the chance I know he'd want to talk to you. If you can get him to talk seriously for a few moments. Which I know is hard."

Kiena is on the verge of asking more about Idrissa's past, perhaps to offer her understanding and sympathy to a 'rough' beginning. She's all to familiar with that, far too familiar. Instead she only swallows those questions back and allows the subject to change. Her ale is sought for again, drained and then she is signalling for another. As she waits, she nibbles on some more bread. "He just… up and stepped down? He close to retiring age?" she murmurs curiously. "And I will. Maybe I'll seek out your friends too. Even if nothing comes of it." Just as she's beginning to relax, thinking the conversation will steer clear of awkward things to come… Idrissa is laying it all out in the open. Kiena stares at her blankly and then her eyes narrow, the anger and hurt that surfaces not directed to her but to the bronzerider she mentions. "He's a very funny way of showin' he cares." she snorts. "And him, being serious? It'd be a warm trip Between before he'd even manage that for an entire conversation! It's hard. I've tried." Not that well. She scowls. "So you're his messenger now, huh? Or you doing this for him on your own?"

Idrissa shakes her head at the bit on Ers'lan stepping down. "No, they have taken the leadership roles and basicly let everyone in the wing take a chance at it. He didn't want to step down that is for certain." As for her past, Rissa doesn't like to talk about it, it's a sad thing really. She's quiet for a moment while looking at Kiena. "No I'm not his messenger. I'm rather sure he won't like me telling you that. I jus know his hurting over things in his past." She frowns a moment at the thought. "I'm sorry.. Just forget what I said. I've never been able to fix anything anyway. I've always made things worse." Like now.

Kiena makes a soft sound of understanding. "Ah, right. I remember now that they've changed that. But he will have a chance again, won't he?" Wingleader never concerned her or even crossed her mind and she's likely long since forgotten the details of how the new method works. Such is how Kiena is, only living day by day in her predictable routine. How the bluerider hasn't gone insane from restlessness is… surprising. The cracks have started though. "Ah. Going against his wishes?" That seems to impress her for some reason and she gives Idrissa a little look of disbelief as if she never expected the greenrider capable of such a thing. "Him? Hurting?" Kiena scoffs but there is a flicker in her eyes. Is that guilt? Regret? Maybe. But she'll hide behind the tough exterior. "He's only got himself to blame, Idrissa! It was his wandering and fooling around that screwed things up. I couldn't handle it, he wasn't the man I thought he was or COULD be. So. I know that doesn't explain why I am such a bitch to him, but at the same time I just can't forget about it all either." Realizing she's rambling and risking sparking her temper, Kiena goes silent and takes a slow, deep breath. "Idrissa… don't." She gives the green rider a long look. "You've made your point but you can't expect me to just… change my mind and go running to talk to him. Don't work that way."

"I'm sure he will, but to be wingleader for long and then to this happen it was a bit of blow to him if you think about it." Idrissa pauses and peers at Kiena a few moments. There is a lot people don't think she would or could do so she doesn't mind that. "Yes hurting. He doesn't come right out and say it but he does hurt over it. I don't know what happened between you and him Kiena, but I know he still cares for you. He told me such. Your welcome to believe me or not but.. It's the truth." A slight shake of her head is sen and she lowers her gaze to eye the table a moment. "I don't expect you to do any such think Kiena, nor would I want you to if you didn't wish it." She's quiet for a moment while glancing off. "I'm sure Zi'on has done plenty to make people mad, but he has his good points too." She glances to Kiena a moment. "I know people think I'm stupid or crazy for being with him, but I guess I see a different side of him. Not that it matters what others should think. Everyone's told me to not stay, even Zi'on has told me to find someone else without so much baggage." She isn't sure what she is talking about this to Kiena, but she is, the words are spoken and she can't take them back now.

Kiena shrugs her shoulders, "Suppose it could have been a bit of a blow. I don't know the man enough to say… but if his chance comes again I hope it works out that he can reclaim Wingleader. Even if just for a bit with the new system." She peers right back at Idrissa, lips curving into a thin and stubborn line. Grim and determined. She's very set in her ways and the greenrider will soon discover it takes quite a bit to get her to budge. "I don't know what to believe." she says honestly and in a tone that is a touch bitter. Shaking her head, she looks for where that server got to with her ale and when it's at last brought over she is very quick to drain a good gulp or two of it. "Yeah. He does have good points." But it's not enough. Kiena then stares long and hard at Idrissa and her expression twists again, unreadable with the emotions that flicker across it. "I'll admit I don't see what you find so alluring about him and yet… I can understand too. You are your own person though and free to chose whom you love. And if it's him, well…" She spreads her hands and then lifts her mug again to drink. "Who am I to judge?" Now she rolls her eyes a bit. "That's a classic line of his. Insecure. He's no idea what baggage is…" Who knows why it was brought up but it was and Kiena won't back down. She'll at least keep her voice lowered though for some privacy. And if it wasn't awkward enough, Kiena ratchets it up a notch. "You happy with him, Idrissa? Be honest now."

Idrissa nods slightly to the idea of Ers'lan getting the spot back. "True, just hope it works out for him really." As for the rest, she would never dream of changing anyone's mind, or try to get them to budge on something they don't want to do. Her arms settle once more upon the table, green gaze settled upon the other. "Plenty of people are insecure. I've been most of my life.. Even more so now over some things." There is a faint pause at the idea. She watches the other, a brow lifting for a moment. "I am happy with him. I have no reason to lie about that." She's said it before, and keeps to her words on the matter. "I suppose I just worry that it will end like my last relationship did. Which if it happens happens, I just wish it wouldn't. His at least been truthfull with me from what I can tell."

"Of course everyone's got insecurities." Kiena mutters and focuses again on her ale, her eyes lowering to the table where she frowns heavily in thought. The bluerider is a prime example too of insecure! "Good. Then if you're happy, that's all that matters in the end." She smirks, not meaning too, but the words just sound so strange and odd coming from her lips. Talking of the man she used to be weyrmated to once and wishing Idrissa the best with him… it sends her thoughts for a bit of a loop that does. Kiena's hand tightens a bit on her mug. Truthful? Her expression hardens for a moment and a scathing comment is on her lips but at the last moment she keeps her control and only sighs, shaking her head. "I can't really tell you either. Only that I hope for your sake he's grown up."

Idrissa catches the few looks from Kiena and is thinking perhaps she shouldn't have say as much as she did. Her gaze drifts off, a slight shrug seen. "I don't think he'll ever grow up that much. It's part of who he is. Not that it's always a good thing." No sometimes it is a problem that is for certain. "I suppose time will tell what happens like with everything else."
Idrissa has been doing very well when it comes to saying the "right" things around Kiena. For one thing, the bluerider is still there and hasn't stormed off or started bristling and shouting hurtful words. "No, suppose you're right there. BUT," And she holds a finger up as she peers at the green rider. "It can't be his excuse forever. He's gonna have to grow up or learn to balance it or no one will ever take him seriously. Or they'll take it the wrong way." Like she does. "Time… yeah, time does tell. Never know what will happen." she mutters and drains the last of her ale, setting the mug back down with an audible 'thump' to the table.

Idrissa doesn't know Kiena that well, so for all she knows the bluerider could be keeping certain comments to herelf after all. Though the fact that the other is still there could be a good thing, perhaps. "No I agree with you, it can't be his excuse forever." There is a slight pause before she leans back upon her chair. "It'll be something he'll have to figure out on his own most likely. I don't think I can help him with that."

Kiena does keep a lot to herself. She's secretive and reclusive, unless handled carefully. Only then will she feel comfortable enough to open up and discuss her true thoughts. She likes Idrissa, seeing nothing amiss with the green rider despite the awkwardness that hangs between them. "You shouldn't have to hold his hand." she agrees with a crooked smirk. "There are some things folk have to do on their own and that's one of 'em. Change can only be done by the person themselves. Or so I learned." To this she shrugs and helps herself to a little more food. After a long, tense, pause she speaks again. "I'll consider talking to him." Kiena mutters almost unheard. "There's… I've been thinking a lot lately. But for one thing I will require to speak to him." She makes it seem more like a chore than something desired.

"I don't plan on holding his hand, but I want him to know that I'll be there if he wants the aid." Idrissa offers with a soft tone at the thought. "He will still have to come to the terms of it on his own. If he wants the help I'll be there to help." If she can. As for Kiena, she doesn't feel have a problem wih her, just yes there is that lingering awkardness that is in the air of course. A slight nod is sen while she watches Kiena. "It's up to you in the end. Like I said I don't want to push, I just felt the need to bring it up I suppose."

Kiena nods her head but her heavy frown and eyes tell of a different response. A haunted look, one filled with unspoken questions and words. Words of warning? One may never know as she keeps quiet. "Fair enough." she mumbles. "And you hardly pushed it. Just stated it how it is and that's… fine." With the last of her food picked over and her second ale consumed, Kiena pushes back her chair and begins to stand. "I should go." Before more awkwardness comes a'calling. "I'm not gonna promise anything will change…" She shrugs. It will be something she keeps in mind. The bluerider just needs time to think — a lot of time.

Idrissa nods slightly while she watches the other curious like a few moments. "Nothing needs to be promised on change. Just never know, could possibly help somewhat… perhaps." That is always a chance over something like this. She leans back in her chair while the other is moving to go. "Sure, thanks for talking with me Kiena." She pauses a moment before going on. "I hope we can again some time if possible." Maybe next time it won't be so awkward?

Kiena quirks a brow towards Idrissa as she stands and then slowly nods her head. "Perhaps." she agrees. There is always a chance! What will come of it is hard to say. "Of course…" Now she sounds a little awkward, not expecting to be thanked and realizing now how little she's ever seen or spoken to the green rider. Perhaps that will be something that will change too. "And yeah. Sure. That'd be… nice." And she means it. Dipping her head in a more respectful farewell, Kiena then slowly turns to walk away, pausing only long enough by the bar to settle her bill before slipping out the door.

Idrissa has her reasons for not being out and about a lot, though she isn't one to talk about it unless it is questioned. A faint smile is seen and she nods once the other seems to 'agree' to the idea of meeting up again at some point for another talk. "Have a good evening Kiena." This said with a friendly tone, yes she is perhaps a strange one but at least she is nice. She'll watch the other go before she lets her attention trn to what's left of her drink.

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