Sometimes I Forget

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

It's a black-dark night, for the moons have set, leaving all in shadow. The cottage is dark, the coals in the fireplace have burned to mere embers, leaving the room chilled this winter night. Thea sleeps, but restlessly so. Small movements, a twitch here a toss there, faint noises coming from her throat that could be talking in her sleep or simply trying to breathe. She's hot, pushing away the blankets from her - all without waking.

D'had doesn't always sleep so well. Tonight seems to be one of those nights, the walk he sets out on happening to lead him past a certain junior werywoman's weyr. He walks past, turning back to linger outside the door for a long moment before he ventures to knock on the off chance she's awake.

It's the knock on the door that does it. Restless sleep isn't the best kind to be had anyway, so it isn't hard to hear that knock on the door. Thea awakes, is out of bed after a confused moment and over to open it, allowing freezing air into an already cold room. For a moment she blinks at the shadowy figure on her doorstep, then utters a quiet 'Oh!' as Seryth informs her who has come. She reaches out a hand to grab his coat sleeve and haul him inside while her voice rasps, "What on Pern are you doing out in the freezing night, Donn?" Soft coughing follows her words, and she's leaving him to close the door, for she's shivering too much to do it.

"Couldn't sleep," D'had replies caught off guard by the knock actually being answered. "Didn't wake ya up did I?" he asks being pulled inside and allowing the door to shut behind him.

Thea's teeth are chattering, so she doesn't reply, merely shakes her head in a yes-no motion. Tonight she's being as clear as he usually is. Her thin night clothes aren't enough to be standing around visiting in, so she turns and slides back into the bed pulling the covers back up. She's coughing again, but finally manages to gesture towards the fireplace and get the words, "Log… fire," out hoping he'll get the message.

D'had just blinks as she heads back to bed. Of course its not exactly warm enough to be out of it with those night clothes either… He doesn't say anything on that, though he does take notice of the teeth chattering and moves to stoke the fire almost before he's asked, adding a few logs and stirring it back to life. That finished he pushes back to his feet, crossing to settle on the edge of the bed. "That don't sound good babe."

Thea's curled in as tight a ball as she can make herself, trying to warm back up and stop the shaking. Seems she'd had those covers pushed down long enough to cool down quite a bit, although opening the door hasn't helped any, either. The logs catch, flare a bit of wavering orange light in the cottage as he makes his way back to her. "I… yeah…I know. Started this evening." Her words are rough-sounding and she clears her throat. "Why… didn't you just come sleep here? You could have, you know…"

D'had frowns subtly, stretching a hand out to pull the covers more fully around her shoulders. For that question he offers up a smile, leaning down to press a kiss to her forehead. "Was working late, did…" he trails off, "And I did anyway," he realizes just as he says it.

Working late Thea gets, but the other… She's confused. So easily done these days, "You… were here? I… must have been really… out of it." Her words are broken between spasms of shivering. As he leans in to kiss her forehead, she slips one arm out from underneath the covers and around his neck if she can prevent him from backing off. "What is wrong?" It's a softly-worded plea, perhaps something in his manner has her concerned.

D'had shakes his head, "No, didn't want to wake ya up," he clarifies. Just when he's about to sit back she's holding him in place. "You're the one who's sick and you're wantin' ta know what's wrong with me?" There's a touch of teasing in his voice. "Let me get rid of these boots and I'll stay. Hmm."

Thea allows her arm to slip from his neck then, tucking it back under the covers. She nods instead of answering aloud, for a fit of soft coughing takes her just then. She's moving over to give him room as he's removing his boots. Oh, she's noticing he's not answered her. "Answering questions with questions is," she laughs softly, "too stressful on me right now." Trumped!

D'had leans down to unlace and pull of his boots, setting them to the side where hopefully he won't trip on them later. He shrugs out of his jacket, tossing it over his boots. "Sorry, sorry," he mutters, "No stress. Right." he reminds himself.

Thea flips down the covers, sits and stretches out an arm to poke at his side, "No sorry. I was teasing." She watches him in the dim firelight, "You seem…" she pauses, "Down? Sad? Something's on your mind." And badgering isn't stressful. For her it is sport?

D'had chuckles lowly, "Yeah, you," he admits of having something on his mind. He moves to stand, only to shift around to slide down beside her rather than having to climb over. He wraps an arm around her, pulling her close. "You're head feelin' better?"

Thea snuggles close as his arm pulls her in, her arms lifting to twine fingers behind his neck, "Hmm, some. Headaches are less often." She slides her head back on the pillow, trying to get a view of his face in the flickering light from the fireplace. "I'm keeping you awake at night?" She tsks. "I know talking's not your thing, but know it will help if you can?"

D'had nods to both comment and question. "Good its getting better," he replies with a sigh, "Ya.. ya scared me with that fall is all. Sorry if I over reacted about all that."

Thea is confused -again- (big surprise). Her fingers play with the hair at the back of his head, ticking him lightly with her fingertips, her voice teasing, "You keep telling me that over and over ya know. I'm… beginning to worry you've hit yours or something. You're… forgetting stuff." A note of unease creeps into her next words, "You… you came right out and told the healer you didn't know someone's name." That she mentions this at all speaks volumes as to the fact that she thinks the behavior highly unusual for him.

"Well I didn't know her's," D'had replies, apparently that one wasn't important to begin with. He lightly brushes his fingers though her hair letting out a sigh of giving in. "I don't remember things sometimes, I manage. But right now you just need to get some rest. Feel better."

"Yes but," Thea ignores the plea for her to simply rest, "You usually cover it by making some smart pet name or joke." She's peering closely at him, "You didn't seem embarrassed at all and I know you have been before." She leans to place her cheek against his and when she does, it is too warm, "Other things too?"

D'had frowns, raising a brow, "Right, and what makes you think I care enough about that old bat to know her name?" Okay, so he's being defensive on that point. "My memory problems aren't somethin' we need ta be talkin' about right now babe."

"I don't think you care at all, but…" He's missing the point and Thea is wincing at his blunt refusal to talk. "Alright," she whispers pulling back with a blink of hurt. She just shuts up, unusual behavior for her, that. She turns away to cough, then says quietly, "Should let you sleep anyway." She tucks her head on his shoulder and shuts her eyes. Not sulking. Nope.

D'had sighs. No stress. Right. But really would it be more or less stressful to share right now. He curls his arm tighter around her, gently rubbing her back. "Did get hit in the head. Just don't want this ta be something you gotta deal with too. So.. if I over reacted, I'm sorry."

Thea nods understanding, sliding her arms down to encircle his waist. "No, you didn't, you're not…" She gives up, "I forgive you." Wow. He's saying the sorry word without choking. There's a quiet blink of surprise, "I… didn't know you'd hit your head." Her arms tighten just a bit. "I… am getting bored with all this resting, to be honest. Listening's not all that stressful?" But she hasn't the energy to press.

D'had isn't arguing or avoiding for once. He's started and if she doesn't mind listening he'll give it a shot. "It was awhile ago, storm came up and flipped the boat.." its not exactly an easy story to tell. "I… lost someone I was close to and well, hit my head pretty good I'm told."

Thea's arms twitch, she draws a quick breath to say he's told her this, but she exhales and nods instead. "Go on." Encouragement soft there in her tone. On his back her hands move in slow, comforting movements.

See that's part of the problem. D'had continues after a rough drawn breath, "Since then have trouble remembering some things." Which should explain his tendency to make excuses for things be forgets. "Names are bad, but they ain't the only thing."

"I… see." Thea's voice is even and calm. Her hands continue their gentle circles on his back, "So…" She hesitates, then asks, "Memory lapses of past events or daily things?" She wriggles her head to tuck it underneath his chin. "Does it get worse with time?"

D'had lifts a shoulder in a slight shrug. "Everything before is fine. Since it depends on things, on the day," he replies. "Some things are easier than others. Siebith says things don't always transfer right in my head."

"I… never knew." Thea's arms tighten around him to the point she may cut off his breath. She's deep in thought. "Varying… that sounds like something I heard once…" She's wracking her memory.

Apparently he's kept under wraps rather well then. "Ain't like I don't remember anything," D'had adds, pressing another kiss to her forehead. "Remember you," even if her name manages to slip his mind more often than it should. "But now maybe you could not squeeze so hard. Hmm?" he teases lightly.

"Oh!" Thea forces her arms to relax, tilting her head back to see his face, "I guess I shouldn't strangle you, huh?" She smiles at him, "I know you remember me, but it has to be hard sometimes when you need to rely on remembering things."

D'had chuckles just a bit, "Probably not the best idea," he teases. "Kinda like breathin'," he adds with a wink. "Got Sie ta help," with the remembering that is, but then again dragon memory being what it is it's probably not as much of a consolation as he thinks.

"I… guess." Thea doesn't sounds so convinced that's a real help. Her brain finally digs up the bit of information she was looking for. "Oh! I heard once that a blood clot on the brain could cause that varying memory loss." She flickers an uncertain glance at him before asking, "Have you… ever gone to the healers about this?"

"Don't worry about me, alright?" D'had asks of her, sending a smirk of a smile towards her. Blink. Wait. Healer? "Not.. recently.." he replies.

"I… do though," Thea mutters, pointing out reasonably, "Turnabout is fair play, you know. You worry about me." His blink would be almost comical if it were not for the gravity of the topic. "Well, if they could check you for that and help, would you?" Not pushing, just… a thought."

D'had almost says no outright. Almost. "I dunno babe," he admits. "Dunno that it'd be that easy a thing." He certainly has no idea what that might all entail, and for as much as he likes healers not so sure he'd want to either. "I mean really.. what could they do?"

Great. He would ask that. Thea answers nonchalantly, "They say clots from blows to the head form on the surface of the brain…" So there's no… digging? Good news, yes? She shrugs within his arms, "They find it and remove it, from what I've heard. And… the pressure on the brain is gone." She slides a cautious look at him and holds her breath.

There's still digging involved even in that. "I dunno babe. Managed this long already, don't see why I can't keep managing. 'Side's dunno that there's anything they can do after that long, or if I wanna let 'em dig around in my head like that." Something just doesn't seem right to him.

Thea's answer is an easy, "Alright. Was just a thought." Again she shrugs, snuggles back. She's silent for a time, then asks, "What would you say if I start forgetting things?" Might there be any concern in her voice about that? Maybe just a little. "Think I should let them…?"

D'had is perfectly content with snuggling. That is until that question of hers. If there's not concern in her voice there certainly is in his, "I can't make that decision for ya babe. But lets not talk like that. I'm sure you'll be just fine, got everything looked at right away and everythin' after all."

Thea nods, "Of course. Wouldn't expect you to. and I'm sure it will be. Headaches're going away." She takes a long, slow breath, ends up coughing a few times, her head turning away from him quickly so it won't be in his face. No sense the both of them getting sick. His comment has her thinking, "And… you didn't?" It's a little sad, her voice.

"Hey, hey," D'had starts, patting her back at that sudden fit of coughing. "You need some water or somethin'?" he questions. There's a quiet sigh for that next question of hers. "Was in the middle of the ocean." There wasn't exactly ready access to a healer. "Didn't have a dragon t call for help back then either."

Thea shakes her head quickly, getting her coughing under control. "I'm… fi-" She stops that right there with a slightly guilty glance at him, "Water's not gonna help stupidity." She focuses on his story, "No healers on board the ship you had nearby, either huh?"

"Might help that cough," D'had replies, gently rubbing her back. "It was a trading ship sugar, don't exactly have a real healer around all the time. Wasn't like they were right there either. Wish you wouldn't worry bout it so much though, not good for you right now."

"No, no… I tried water earlier. I went running out into the forest without my coat yesterday. I guess… I'm paying for that now." Thea's voice is suddenly bitter. She replies to his other, "Okay, was just listening. I'm more sad than worried, though. Unless there's more you wanna tell me?"

D'had gives a slight nod, "Shoulda guessed it was somethin' like that," he teases trying to lighten the mood. "Don't know there's more ta tell. Don't be sad for me though, wasn't all that wouldn't be here with ya now."

"Master Fraille stopped by. Again" Thea's voice is hard as she says the woman's name. "She… did something horrible." His attempt to lighten the mood is noticed, so she just leaves off. His request for her not to be sad has her shaking her head. "Easier said than done, Donn. But I won't bother you about

Sad is the least of his worries once she mentions the master healer, and it's that mention that he latches onto more firmly. "What happened?" he inquires, trying to keep his voice even, but still anger leaches into the words.

"The healer Tenebrous gave me a gift and I… couldn't keep it." Thea explains, "He's her apprentice, so I asked her to take it and give it back to him and she… she said horrible things." Her voice shakes with the anger she feels. "Something about I have to lie in the bed I've made, that I didn't think and… other things. She was just… malicious about it." Her teeth clench as she adds, "She sent her firelizard to take it to him with no explanation as to why it was returned. Just a callus way to do it. So I ran after."

D'had shakes his head, running a hand up and down her back in a way that's meant to be comforting. "Its alright babe, I'm sure there was just some sort of misunderstanding." That's the way it usually works out with him anyway, so why not someone else. "I've a thing or two to say to her," he adds, and no those things are not nice.

Her arms tighten around him, "She's…" Thea, who never hates anyone nearly spits the word out, "insane!" She explains further, "He's a friend. She thinks I'm hurting him…" She breaks off and shrugs, "It's pointless…. her mind is skewed. But I was just so mad I ran out without thinking. So…. that's why I'm coughing." She shakes her head, letting it go with a sigh, "You don't wanna hear about all that. I'll be fine."

"Tell me," D'had replies. Its not a demand, but a quiet request for her explain further. "Get it off your mind. .. Its late now though, I'll talk to the insane woman in the morning." He presses a light kiss to cheek, "So try and get some sleep?"

"I gave him a ride back from Rubicon several months ago. Right before we went to the Island. He… has a troubled past. Some sort of trauma." Thea answers, "We *Betweened* and he… had a breakdown of sorts. Ended up in the Infirmary." She yawns, snuggling her head further, "Was why D'son made me go off…" Her voice is drowsy now, "Felt responsible… became friends…" Her eyes are beginning to close for she is finally warm. "She's…" Another yawn. "It's a long story…tomorrow, yeah. But don't talk. Take my crossbow and shoot her." Obviously not serious. Is she?

D'had nods slowly as she explains. "He seems like a good friend." From what he can remember of his meeting the man in question. He chuckles for that last remark of hers. Take the crossbow… really now. "Sweet dreams sweetheart," he whispers leaving one last kiss on her cheek.

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