A Misdirected Missive

Xanadu Weyr - Faeth's Weyr

Cara's Freddi is a very recognizable delivery service, but the note he brings seems… odd. There's nothing to suggest it's a mis-delivery, however, but even so it seems… off.

I know what you're going to say, and you're right, but this time <here a few words have been scribbled out>. Can you come over? I really need to talk to you <the word 'before' has been scored through several times, quite vehemently>. I'll explain when you get here.
PS - Don't bring wine <an attempt has been made to scribble out the rest but some is readable - I wo 't be ne ng th t for a w le.>

Many things have changed over the turns since Cara and Faeth moved into their own cottage, sadly the decor doesn't seem to have been one of them. Tucked in the corner beneath the stairs are all paint pots that were once gathered with purpose and now are simply dried up and forgotten - the perfect metaphor for life sometimes. At least there was furniture added at some point, and the bedroom moved upstairs, but the whole ground floor room is still rather like walking into a child's painting that someone decided to bring into reality - and the strangely fuzzy purple rug that dominates the floor does little to detract from that.

Over one arm of the couch is draped some knitting (a scarf by the looks of it, or perhaps a sweater for someone with REALLY long arms), over the other arm is draped Cara's legs - the greenrider strethced out on the couch and writing in a journal.

There is a rustle outside - the sound of dragon wings and an argument, before there is a trumpeted greeting and Iczobyth is happy to let everyone (especially Faeth) know that she is here. A short while later, Ricki is practically bursting through the door without knocking. "Cara!" Worry in her voice, as she freezes, her eyes adjusting before they rest on her sister on the couch. "Are you ok? I got your note and.." She shakes her head, waving a hand as she moves to close the distance.

Scribble, scribble, scribble, pen goes wild right across the page! OOPS! Those legs so carefully draped over the arm scrabble for purchase as Cara attempts to turn, fails, and practically has to knot herself into a ball so that she can move round enough to see that she, indeed, heard properly and it's her SISTER talking about a note. That look on her face? Fear. "Note? I didn't send you a note. I mean, I sent a… but you… oh no." Somewhere mid-sentence her brain catches up with reality. "Um… I don't suppose you're willing to just forget you read that and move… on?"

Eyes narrowing, Ricki pauses mid-stride to stare at her sister - her sister is looking rather confused and all that. After a moment, she shakes her head and resumes moving, only stopping with a flop onto the couch. Turning her head, she peers at her sister, shaking her head and pursing her lips. "Just what exactly did you do." She asks after a moment, even as her fingers are reaching to tug on the end of the scarf - or whatever it is. "Or do I have Saria and make her go all.. big sister." Evil, that.

It's defintiely a scarf, though by the looks of things it's for a dragon or someone never taught the maker how to cast off (Spoiler - it's the latter). Cara shuffles up a little on the couch - partly to make room, partly to hide the journal that she has been writing in - SECRETS! For a moment she doesn't speak, not even after the threat, which pretty much means it's awful, and something that their Grandmother wasn't or isn't able to fix. Eventually she mutters something that is most probably a swear word, then shakes her head. "You don't need to. But you need to promise you won't tell anyone. Especially Mum and Dad."

Ricki narrows her gaze at Cara again, before she is sighing and shaking her head, moving to scoot closer to her sister, and attempt to drape an arm oh-so-comfortingly around her shoulder. "Shards, Cara, whatever it is it can't be -that- bad. I mean, its not like you dropped a passenger between." A pause, and she is leaning away to search her sister's face. "I mean, you didn't drop a passenger between, right?" She asks - just to confirm.

Cara snorts, literally, at that suggesion - but it's the closest she's come to a positive emotion so far, so there's that. "That might have been easier to explain to people." She's not making an effort to move away from that arm though. A deep breath, a pause, then another breath. "Okay." Another breath. "Remember back before I got Searched? There was a guy I really liked, only he was seeing someone else, and we were Just Friends?"

A gentle squeeze of Cara's shoulders, and Ricki is settling in for the tale, nodding slowly. "Just friends. Right. Like Niko and I are just friends?" Though, frankly, even after turns, who knows what Ricki and Niko are. But then a gentle nudge. "Sorry, go on. The guy you liked, right." And she waits rather impatiently, eyes glancing at the journal Cara had been writing in.

Cara nods, leaning in towards Ricki a little. "We weren't just friends. I mean, we started that way, but it was all flirty and then he kinda erased the line we said we'd never cross and…" BLUSH! "They got weyrmated just after I was Searched, but he kept sending me these letters. Made me promise to destroy them, only I sort of kept… them." If blushes could be measured on a scale, her's would be at least an eleven by this point. Those letters were apparently HOT. Like her face.

"Cara!" There is a hint of shock in Ricki's voice as she shifts to stare at her sister. "You.. You didn't!?" Of course, Ricki isn't saying what she thinks her sister did or didn't do but. And then, there is a little smirk creeping onto her face. "Do you still have them?" She risks - she probably deserves a slap, its ok. "Did she find out?" So many questions, and Ricki is left scrambling for mental purchase.

"I kinda did." Squeaky clean Cara is not as perfect as she used to make out. As for the letters, "Maybe." Which doesn't take much translation to know it's a yes. "Stopped for ages, then he came by the barracks when Faeth was little. Used to sit next to me in the caverns sometimes and whisper… things." Naughty things, apparenrtly, cause that blush is just getting redder. "We sort of started back up again once Faeth was old enough. Letters, and secret meets, and… things. Then his blue caught Faeth one time and that was… um…." The sort of thing you /don't/ tell your sister, apparently.

"Cara.. I -know- what happens." Pause. "Besides, not like you didn't sleep with Niko, thanks to Faeth." Though, Niko definitely used a much different word when it came up. Ricki just shakes her head at her sister, lifting the back of her hand to Cara's pink cheek. "You didn't tell his weyrmate off or anything, right? She isn't going to come bursting through the door?"

And the conversation just went from slightly awkward to off the scale. "That was… I didn't mean for him to… You know that, right?" Someone apparently still hasn't quite come to terms with that particular flight. Ricki's touch causes a sigh to escape, and a brief shake of her head. "She still doesn't know about me. We don't get seen together, it's too risky. I really do love him, Ricki. It's stupid I know, but… oh Faranth." She moves with surprising speed for someone that was so recently twisted int a pretzel just to sit up on the couch, abandoning the comfort to go and 'rest' her head against the wall with an audible THUNK.

"Cara, I'm -teasing-. Its fine. It happens." But even as the words are leaving her lips, Ricki blinks at the empty space as Cara vacates the couch, watching her for a moment. "Cara.. What happened. What's wrong? I promise I won't tell anyone.." And she slowly slips off the sofa to stand by her sister, reaching for her hand to try and tug her away from the wall.

"I'm having a baaaaybe!" There's only one word that could to describe Cara's reply - a wail. One that encompasses her hidden hatred for her romantic situation, and the obvious mess that this is going to create. In other words… a LOUD one.

"Oh." Ricki finally manages, blinking a few time as she stands there, frozen, before she is giving Cara's hand a tug and trying to pull her sister back into her arms. "Hey.. It's -fine-. It's going to be fine. I mean, everyone has babies. And we're here, it's ok." And so the younger sister bumbles through what she hopes are reassuring words, biting her lip as she pauses to think.

Flop into arms. SOB. "It's all so stupid." SOB "And complicated." HICCUP "And stupid." SNIFFLE "And I meant to tell Risa because she knows what to do, only I can't even get that right. It's not like he could even be there, because of HER."

Gently rubbing her back, Ricki shhhhhh's her sister softly. "Hey, it'll be ok. I'm -sure- she'll be beautiful, and I bet Saria can keep her most of the time. She seems to want a gaggle of kids anyway." A gentle nudge towards the couch, "Do you want me to go get Risa? I can be right back.."

Cara is steered - which is probably a good thing because rubbing watery eyes and navigating a room, even one you know well, is not the best plan. As sosn as butt hits couch she's grabbing for that journal though - must be juicy. "Would you?" Apparently her trousers must've gotten dirty because she picks at something (invisible) on the leg. "But… come back too? I kinda don't want to be alone just now."

With her sister settled on the couch, Ricki pauses just a minute to make sure she is ok, before nodding and turning towards the door. "I'll be -right back-. With Risa. Don't worry ok? It's all gonna be ok." She offers once more, biting her lip and looking worriedly at her sister before she is ducking out the door to go find Risa, because if anyone can salvage this, its her.

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