Fish Head Pie and the Bad Jams

Xanadu Weyr – Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It's another one of those days Xanadu's been having throughout the summer and now into early fall with that intermittent drizzle still coming down, mud tracked in through the living caverns and aunties clucking about the mess everywhere. Deliveries coming in the clearing off and on have kept the Weyrwoman out there to receive them instead of in the relative quiet of her office. Workers have stacked boxes and sacks in the entryway and presently the pile awaits storage. Thea stands beside the enormous mountain with a clipboard in her hands, cataloging the chaos. And chaos it has been by the looks of things. In the background is the clatter of cooks preparing the evening meal to come, setting up the serving tables while family groups with muddied children meander past in the direction of the bathing caverns.

Xe'ter is just another one of those coming in, damp from the drizzle outside, but freshly arrived from *between*. His cheeks are still pink with the unimaginable cold, and he's pulling his goggles off to rest in the nest of curly black hair on top of his head. He pauses, for a moment double-checking the manifest he holds in one hand…very studious, actually, as he goes over the paperwork. Eventually, he seems to be satisified, and then settles in to wait for the Weyrwoman or Headwoman's attention. Whichever he gets first. It leaves him kicking his heel against the edge of a chair for a moment, as he takes in Xanadu's great cavern…it's not that he's not been here before. He and his Romth are frequently seen, but he's always in and out, perfectly businesslike. Well…except for the day that Sayazyth rose, but that's another story, and one he probably doesn't tell very often!

Briana has been busy with her own tasks, mostly paperwork, but also seeing to getting the sands prepared for Sahazyth's clutch and search readying for when she clutches. Her first clutch, her first search as a junior. She comes from the direction of the Administration hallway with a clipboard in hand and her head bent to looking down at her notes. She nearly bumps into one family squeeking by for the baths and looks up giving an apologetic look to the kids, "Sorry about that.."She murmurs before tucking the clipboard under one arm and making her way to the buffet like to get some dinner.

It's probably no surprise that the young, clean-cut bronzerider follows the junior's path as she walks…she is, after all, a goldrider. But it seems a mostly gentle curiosity, not a lacivious one. He continues to idly bump his foot against the chair's leg, as he contemplates her. And then, when she comes within polite earshot, he hails, "Ista's duties to Xanadu and her Queens." It's a purely polite, measured, mannerly sort of greeting, though his voice is somewhat unique…tinged with both the hints of an upbringing at sea in the Western Ring…and at the attempts to irradicate such a thing…and with a distinct rise and fall to his voice…somewhere between creaky like an old wooden door with rusty hinges, and the rumbling roar of an old Smith's forge. It certainly gets him looks!

Thea's pen ticks off an item, sea green eyes lift to take in the immediate surroundings. It's automatic by now, this scan for who is entering the caverns, absent but kindly smiles given to families as her gaze passes over them. A quiet, "Afternoon Briana," as the junior walks by and then her eyes stop at Xe'ter, taking in his knot and it's a silent and patient 'next?' sort of look in her eyes as she stifles her fatigue and takes a few steps towards the pair.

Briana's plate is filled with a goodly mix of the offerings for food tonight, making polite conversation with the cooks nearby. Discussing recipes and ingredients and the like, "Don't you worry, I have not forgotten my craft." She assures them with a smile then turns to the bronze and gold who have greeted her. "Afternoon Ma'am…and Xanadu's duties to Ista and her queens." She tells to the latter as she makes her way to sit near the queen. "Something I can help you with Thea?" She says with a nod down to her paperwork, not really showing if she recognizes Xe'ter from that flight.

Xe'ter looks to Thea after a moment, and then makes his way up when no one else steps forward, "Xe'ter, from Ista, ma'ams…I've a delivery from Cenlia. I've the manifests here." He takes the clipboard he was holding, and very very carefully opens it, as if its contents were precious metals. Inside? Paperwork, of course. But also an astounding array of office supplies. Notepads, each one miniscule, but color coordinated to go with the bounty of thin but sturdy folders, the flag-notes, the several colored pencils. Good sweet first egg of Faranth, he's got organized paperclips of various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, each one carefully in ordered rows and of graduated sizes. "Romth is waiting outside, before we unload. There's four crates of new fruit liquors that will be better with a bit of aging, but they are drinkable now. There are sixteen crates of jam. There are twenty four crates of sun dried fruits that should be shelf stable for at least three turns, that are the equivalent of ten times their weight in fresh fruit, give or take a bit, as such things are regularly accurate. I have a crate of spices of the sort that Ocelara last ordered. I have eighty four bags of rice flour. And the bulk of the order is made up of frozen lambchops; our ovines have been particularly fertile this Turn and have produced more than their fair share of twins, triplets, and quadruplet lambs. There are also some assorted mutton cuts." Yes. He more or less recited that from memory.

Fl'ynn heard a word. In fact, he heard a few. But he heard a word, and his stomach responded with a growl. RAWR. Stomach want food! "Mutton?" There is a certain tweaking to this word. Notice how his voice lifts an octave. Notice how his dark eyebrows strive for his hairline. Notice how despite the fact that the teen is quite damp, there is a certain perkiness to even his dark hair. "Did someone mention mutton? Is that for supper?" Muddy brown eyes contain a certain flash of interest at this possibility. He continues the rest of the way into the cavern, tracking in muck. "Where is the mutton?"

Keziah has followed her nose in, really. Actually, she saw the dragon from Ista and came to investigate and followed her stomach actually. Which is actually starting to proceed her. Not that it's very noticable yet, not with her vest that she's always wearing, but it also doesn't settle quite the same way as it used to. She walks in on the tail in of Xe'ter's listing of consummable and mmm's softly. "Lamb. Yummy. Fruit. Yummy. Spices. Yummy. Now lamb and jam with some fruit and mabay a sprinkling of basil. Oh yes. That sounds good." she murmurs and then she eye's Fl'ynn "I'm sure he said lamb." Course with thinking about the other, of course she missed the mention of the mutton. Which is kinda sad. Since an MLT would be real tasty as well. Where the mutton is sliced real thin.

"Not really," is the Weyrwoman's immediate response to Briana. But then her eyes take on an impish gleam and she amends, "Though, if you know a way to bring back the sun? I'd appreciate it. I think someone's been doing a non-stop raindance." Her lips quirk in a wry sort of smile and she flickers a look at Briana's clipboard. "Everything shaping up okay?" While waiting for her reply, her attention moves on to Xe'ter and his Amazing Array of Epic Organization. Dark brows tick upwards as she just… stares at his Office To Go. But he'd said Cenlia. This draws a renewed interest in the actual list - if there is one on that clipboard. She cants her head, listening to the list, "Very generous. Faranth, we should have a rain-induced famine more often." But then he's saying 'ovines' and 'fertile', which means LOTS of them around Ista she has to murmur facetiously, "Is the Weyr still intact?" Fl'ynn's question draws her attention momentarily, a shake of her head dashes the idea of a lamb roast, "It's still raw. It just arrived in shipment. Afternoon Keziah. How're you feeling?"

Xe'ter snaps another folder open, and turns his pad around. Who needs one of those sharding fancy computers? He's got his notebook! He flips to a certain color coded page, "These are all courtesy of Cenlia and the Weyrleadership, as a renewed pledge of friendship between Ista and Xanadu…but I will need a signature, ma'am." He offers up a small, smithcraft pen that works pretty much anywhere. Probably has knife and fork attachments, too. "I would normally ask Headwoman Ocelara, but as you are here…."

While some look up at the mention of Mutton, Briana's eyes brighten at the mention of spices. Oh yes she will likely use the new stationary to its extent. Meat is meat…but oh Spices, that is what is calling to her inner cook. "That is so very generaous of Weyrwoman Cenlia, please do not heitate to give her our thanks…" Already her mind on what she might make up with those new spices. She smiles over to Thea, "Fraid not…I surely miss Rukbat my own self. The grounds are looking good. It was mostly cleaned up after our clutching, but just making sure, getting rid of any egg shards and the like." Yep, she wants everything to be perfect. She looks over to Fl'ynn with a grin as she hears his voice, "Not tonight, but maybe tomorrow…for our dinner perhaps?" She suggests with a quirk of a smile on her lips. Her gaze brightening at the sight of the bluerider. Then a rather familiar Green joins the group and she waves to her former Weyrlingmaster.

Fl'ynn's eyes are a restless thing, moving from rider to rider, nodding to Keziah, an almost pout Thea-wards at the mention of things being 'raw'. Hopeful eyes all for this glorious Istan rider bringing them good from elsewhere. "You brought mutton? Food and fruits?" He heard that too, belatedly. "I could kiss you." He's still a growing boy! Food is important! Delicious food! He could waste away to Nothing! Nothing! A sigh Briana-wards, "I suppose. But it would be great to have now." Deliciousness stolen from him! Droop shoulders, droop.

Keziah hmms a moment and looks thoughtful. "I've never tried it raw, or well rare. Wonder if it's safe? Though a nice rare steak right now with some jam would be good too I think." she murmurms to herself and then she smiles at Thea "Aside from being bored out of my mind and so sick of all the extra paperwork I've been doing? Shards. How anyone can find /that/ fascinating is completely beyond me. I wanna be out in the skies and off in the swamps and just doing something." She hmmphs a little and then she waves to Briana "Hello me dear." she notes with a perfectly bright smile. She then looks at Fl'ynn "You'ld kiss anyone, so long as they were alive." A pause at that and then a frown as she peers closer at Fl'ynn "Least I hope you kiss just the alive ones…"

Xe'ter does a little bit of a startled stare at Fl'ynn, and then cannot help himself, "Please…don't." But he regains his composure, "Once I get the signature, I can begin unpacking. I know it won't be much meat for long, but Cenlia thought it might be a nice change of pace." Um. Yeah. Xanadu's food issues have been the gossip of at least part of Pern. His eyes flick up, and around again, at the semi-familiar voice, and then he lights on Keziah…who gets an awkwardish wave-waggle of his fingers. He's still standing bolt-upright, waiting!

With a knowing grin sidelong at Briana for that mention of spices, the Weyrwoman adds pleasantly, "You must give S'gam and Cenlia my personal thanks as well as Xanadu's, Xe'ter, and of course, duties to their queens." she takes that pen, barely resisting the urge to examine it curiously as she signs the form and hands both it and the clipboard back to the bronzer with a smile. Noting Fl'ynn's disappointment, she asides, "There's fruit liquor though?" That more than makes up for fish fry for the umpteen-millionth time, right? He can drink enough to not care? "I like it best rare, Keziah. The meat is almost sweet that way. But you certainly have my sympathy with the paperwork." This last bit is tacked on with a telling grimace; she isn't one of the ones who enjoy it. At the greenrider's comment to the bluerider, she blinks and then just… snickers quietly.

Xe'ter makes a very little face at the comment from greenrider to bluerider. He'll just…pretend he never heard that, as he takes the notebook back, and carefully replaces the pen in its slot. He gives a very distinct, and somewhat archaic, sort of bow to Thea, and then turns on his heel…all but MARCHING out of the living caverns with his prize: a signature for the goods delivered. Out he goes, but not for that long. He'll quickly have enlisted the help of some of the Xanadu residents to get the crates off his dragons' neck and back…and returns to the entry way to watch them be hauled in. Hopefully, under someone's watchful eye!

"I promise to make something special for your turnday. It will be well worth the wait Fl'ynn." Briana says to the disheartened young man as she settles her own plate down on the table finally near Thea. The comment about Xanadu's weyrs issues draws from her a nod, "Now if we can ship off some of this rain to Igen, I am sure they would appreciate. Water is definately we have in plenty of commodity and manpower, but little else at the moment. Well besides fish. We can certainly do a trade in fish." Briana says with a bemused tone to her voice. Taking most of this in stride, no doubt she has had to do with far less before.

Fl'ynn immediately slaps a hand to his chest, once more feigning a mortal wound at something Keziah says, directed to him. He takes a moment to add just the right bit of cheesy drama with a few tottering steps, looking most pained through it all. These steps, naturally, bring him buffeting up next to Briana. In a blink though, he is all dimpled grin and smiling eyes, "Only the pretty ones." That means Xe'ter gets a thumbs up in response. We're good, bro. "Sorry, I like food. You brought food. It is a weakness." He taps a finger to his nose as Briana speaks, his grin growing wide, "Holding you to that."

Keziah can't help but grin at Fl'ynn. The boy is good for a laugh. She'll give him that. There's a smile at Thea "Sweet huh? I"ll have to try that. I've been pretty partial to having most of my meat rare. Can't stand it cooked to much a the moment. But it does severaly limit the choices." Her gaze does follow Xe'ter out than in as she nods a little to Thea "But, I guess it's either paperwork or sit and twiddle my thumbs. Least redoing some of the maps isn't all that bad, but still I'd rather be charting it from my own notes instead of someone elses."

Xe'ter offers a somewhat hesitant smile at Fl'ynn's antics, but then notes, "I don't think there's anything at all wrong with being fond of food." He pauses a moment, his odd voice going still, before he offers, "Personally, I prefer to cook it to just about anything else…save maybe eating it."

Still trying not to giggle, the Weyrwoman says brightly into the eddy of air left by the departed Xe'ter. "He's quite charming, isn't he?" She is happy to provide the watchful eye needed as to where the crates, boxes and bags go. "Over here," she points to a spot nearer the entryway to the kitchens and storeroom in an absent sort of way while she scribbles some notes on her clipboard. Briana's comment draws a rueful nod, "Only they get flooding when it rains there. Ironic, that." She sort of gulps at Keziah, "Raw? No… kidding." Okay, well that might explain the comment about kissing. Her lips make a soundless 'wow' but other than that will let it pass. She has naught but a headshake for Fl'ynn. Silly boy.

Briana holds up a hand, "On my honour, you will have a meal you will not forget Fl'ynn. So what are you gonna do for my turnday?" She asks in a light voice to him in return before picking up some bits from her plate. It seems the bluerider has quite a calming effect on the often wary goldrider. At the mention of paperwork she can't help but smile up at Keziah, "Well Xe'ter just brought in some colourful stationary, maybe that will help a little, eh?" She asks and nods towards the stationsary with all all sorts of colourful clips and pens and such. She shakes her head at the mention of Igen flooding, "Ok, maybe the fish then." She says with a light laugh, "I never thought I would get tired of it but even I am running out of creative ways to cook it."

Keziah blinks a moment. Stationary? She looks at the papers as if it might bite her. "It's umm. Colorful?" she frowms a little and then shrugs it off and goes back to more interesting things. Food. "Well, yes. The fish does get a bit old after awhile. Though, could always try a, oh what was it called? Oh yes, a star gazzy pie. You use the oily little fish and they're baked into a pie and some are baked head up through the crust, like they're lookin' up at the stars. Was always a lot of fun as a kid." She hmms thoughtfully and then nods to Xe'ter "Eating food is a fond pasttime of mine, so long as it's done well."

Fl'ynn flashes a wink to Keziah as he at least pulls out a grin from her. He'll be happy with that. Although her talk about raw meat earns an outright laugh. "I like that." Even Xe'ter's grin will get a covert wink. In a sigh the teen is flopping into a seat next to Briana, casting a glance to her now crumb-empty plate. "I'll begin by making sure you have an undestertbed sleep. While you are snoozing, I'll have Kagenaith flame every last bit of your paperwork, so that won't be a problem for the rest of the day. Then I'd serve you breakfast in bed, however you like it. And after that I'll-" Anything else he is about to explain to his clutchmate falls off, something else sliding into his head. "Wait, did Thea, ma'am, also note that Keziah likes it raw?" Oh, the grin.

Xe'ter observes the unloading of the crates only so long…before he begins to approach the knot of chatting riders again. He stands there a moment, as if not certain how to insert himself back into the conversation. And then pulls out a chair and just sits. "She was kind enough to offer me an unusal dish of raw steak and syrup and berries when I was here last." He gestures to Keziah. "It was…different. Though I don't know that I'd care for mutton raw….or even lamb. Maybe lightly seared, and served with an onion conserve and rich pansauce…with some fried mashed red tuber patties and plenty of fresh greens." Um. Maybe talking rich food in front of a Weyr experiencing shortages isn't the most politically correct thing to do…but he speaks with a sudden and inexplicable interest. Wait. There are people in the world who CARE about their food? to talk about it?

"The fresh fish isn't so bad. The salted, pickled and dried stuff though. Igen is welcome to that Briana." The Weyrwoman tries not to shudder at the idea of fish pie. "That sounds… pretty awful, Kez" is her take on it as she ticks off another item on her list, eyes on the mound of boxes. Fishheads are feline food as far as she's concerned. A pale glance is given Fl'ynn, vaguely bemused at his grin over there and the comment about the raw. She did indeed say that in all innocence. And it's gone right over her head what the significance of his amusement is. "You," she points her pentip at Xe'ter after a moment of listening to him rattle on about cooking, "can come cook for me anytime. Just. No fishheads." Smirk.

Xe'ter shakes his curly black head though, "No, of course not. I mean…they can be very decorative." He's actually…excited. Well. If you can call his stiff, composed way 'excited'. "And they're essential to a good, proper fish stock. But I suppose if you cook a lot of fish here, you'd know that. I grew up in a seahold." That trails off…awkwardly. But then he's back, "No. If I was going to cook fish, it's best if it's smoked over a slow fire, and then flaked with some salt and pepper, with boiled new white tubers and plenty of butter. Maybe a yellow corn cake with lots more butter, and steamed celery and celery root." He catches himself again and looks at the table. Yeah. Maybe LESS talk…would be best.

"That sounds quite good. I really can't wait to get a hand on some of those spices and see what I can come up…in my spare time." Briana says her golden eyes quite bright as she speaks about food and listens to the conversations around her. Her attention though is drawn to Fl'ynn as he talks about her turnday gift, her dark skin growing even darker as he starts heading into an area best discussed in private and she leans against his side. "Perhaps leaving out flaming the paperwork, I think Thea might abolish my turnday if that happened." She says as she rises from her seat, but not before giving Fl'ynn a quick peck on the cheek and holding her clipboard to her chest, "Ok, I got some more paperwork to get back to if I am to try to be free for his and mine turndays!"

Fl'ynn grows a little silent as the discussion continues on around him. His smile grows quite a bit at the fishy mention, his lips parting to add in a few choice comments as well -you all know this will be good!- but then he is getting a peck to his cheek, and all thoughts flutter right out of his head. "Wait, what?" The teen jerks his head after Briana looking all the more confused 'til she mentions that damn paperwork again. Oh, the sigh. Big, huge, loud sigh. He offers her a salute in farewell, and an added wink.

Keziah looks thoughful as she watches Briana and Fl'ynn and smiles a bit to herself and then she nods to Briana "Take care dear., and I must say, you're looking quite radiant." she notes as she looks pointedly between the two as well as looking almost wistful. Or maybe that's just hunger as her stomach decides to rumble at all the mention of food. "It's actually pretty good Thea, they're little so you don't notice the heads as much, but I must say, fish eyeballs. Mmm. The way they pop, it's like a jelly candy. Used to not like them, but I've been enjoying them of late."

Xe'ter nods to Keziah, and notes, "Fish roe…much the same, really. Especially if you get the packtail roe right before they spawn. And you salt it a bit and leave it in a cooler for a sevenday or so. It's good with soft cheese on crisp toast triangles…actually, it's about spawning time now. I should try and get some while they're really best. I could bring some, if you'd like?" He glances at the greenrider's belly…um. Yeah, he seems to know about that! "Not as sweet…but really savory."

As mud is not a stranger to the living cavern, A'dmar, is. The Ierne bronzerider whose turned up once prior to this has returned, dragging a certain amount of mud in with his boots, despite the pause at the make-shift rug at the entry hall. Unlike some, the mud only creeps up on the sides of his boots, freshly caked there, otherwise spotless, as his colorful attire. A creamy scarf hangs from around his neck, topping a crisp white shirt tucked underneath a near dusky red jacket, a jacket that he fixes with a pretentious tug and straightening of fingers. The chaos in the living caverns had the delivery man from Ierne grit his teeth, once, before looking over his shoulder towards an assistant lingering in similar flashy duds, rolling in a crate with a clever wheeled contraption (a slat of wood set on top rolling pins).

Vastly amused by Briana's comment, "Not if he flamed my paperwork too." The Weyrwoman tosses this out over her shoulder, her merriment taking in Fl'ynn as well, then it's back to checking the items on her list while reading the manifestoes on those cartons. When Keziah elaborates about fish heads? She swallows, complexion going a touch green as Xe'ter starts in about fish… eggs of all things. "I take that back," she mutters under her breath in the bronzer's direction. "You're fired." There goes her personal chef! She doesn't immediately recognize A'dmar in the influx of people entering the bustling caverns. It certainly doesn't help that she's edging away from the bait-as-food conversation towards the back of the stack of goods. Can't hear you lalala!

Fl'ynn isn't getting any food sitting here. Nope. Even Briana left an empty plate. He presses palms to the table, levering to stand once more. The bluerider hears Thea's comment, earning her a broad grin, "Any time, ma'am. Any time. I'll have Kagenaith cocked and ready to flame." He gives the weyrwoman a salute as well, pulling away from the table. "Well, all of this discussion of mutton and fish is making my stomach gnaw it's way to my spine. I'm /hungry/. I need a sandwich." With a duck of his head and a teasing wink to one and all, the bluerider hops to and trots towards the kitchens. "Someone save me! I need food!"

Xe'ter's expression actually FALLS…he apparently heard Thea! He turns in his seat, genuinely apologetic. "Oh…ma'am, I'm very sorry…if you prefer, I do cook other things than fish…if you'd…like." His voice fades, almost nervously…and he leans back in his chair. Man. Foot in mouth. Again.

Keziah yells after Fl'ynn "Get me something too!! They don't like me in there anymore!" Actually it's more like the chaos that follows KEzi in the kitchens that they don't like. She oh's though at Xe'ter and closes her eyes and mmms "That sounds so good right now. Maybe on a sammich, a roe and jelly sammich with a little but of dried fruit and." She sighs a bit and then she blinks at the new quy. Her brows arching a bit as she looks him up and then down and cocks her head "Anyone know who the famcy pants is?" she whispers to the group. "Looks a bit out of place."

There -might- be more talk of fishheads and eyeballs and eggs… ew! So Thea is humming rather determinedly to herself while keeping her eyes safely on her list. The stack of cartons takes up the entire wallspace all the way to the kitchens – it’s taken up with the bags, boxes and netted cargo delivered today and thus, she's working her way towards the exit… and the relative safety of the storerooms. And the sanity of the kitchens where they are cooking… fish. Minus the heads. Yay!

Xe'ter looks absolutely crestfallen…though he does glance at the new arrival, then quirks a brow, "Looks like he's out of Ierne. I think he's one of the private delivery services, but I'm not sure…I think I've seen him on my delivery route before." Yeah, that's useful, Xe'ter. Real useful!

The Ierne bronzerider, mr. fancy pants, takes time to notice the chaotic operation going on. There is clearly a dismay on his face for some of the ordering and the shuffling. A condescending stare rests on a few of those delivering the goods from Ista weyr, only with a tight movement of shoulder and foot he's throwing his weight forward, determined to find that headwoman in her odd shaped throne. Only, stalled by the helpful chirp of an assistant, who is glad to take the crate off his hands. A clipboard is whipped out of his shoulder-brief case like satchel, a receipt signed and the goods exchanged from his own assistant to Ocelara's assistant. In fact, with a flick of his hand he ensures that whatever is in the crate, his assistant helps see it to its rightful place.

And Xe'ter would object to anyone calling into question his delivery service! If the Weyr he's delivered to is making a mess of it, that's not his business! Instead, he's sitting, looking a little out of place, while the natives chatter around him…and the native headwomen direct the unpacking of the food goods from Ista in their own fashion. Okay, it actually seems like the young bronzer is ready to fall through the floor…but what the heck.

Keziah oh's a bit "Private delivery?" she hmms a little and then shrygs. "Well, he seems a bit full of himself." she notes as she watches the expressions across his face. Especially the condescending one. "Bet he things he can handle all this better huh?" she glances at Xe'ter "Don't you worry none. I know you've done a wonderful job with all that Cenlia has sent. You will have to tell her for me how much I miss her. And Siggy too. I'd go visit, but well. I can't risk taking Alosynth up and out now."

Xe'ter nods, slowly, to Keziah, "Aye, ma'am. I'll be doing that as soon as we get home. Provided I can find her. Last I saw her, she was eyeballing some matches and her paperwork…" He pauses, and then tries another tact, as if socialization were just not his 'thing'. "Did you know, ma'am, that about a Turn ago, give or take, she ordered 38 crates of pants? She meant to order 3. I've been delivering those things all over Pern since."

Keziah blinks a moment "Thirty crate? Sweet Faranth." she headshakes a bit "That's near as bad as that fiasco at Eastern with all that fabric they got. Wasn't that a gold rider too that did that?" she hehs a bit "Must be a lot of strain on the brain, but I didn't expect that much." she murmurs.

Xe'ter grins a little, despite himself, "It was an accident, really. Bad handwriting. No one was more confused than me…I had to haul it to Ista, then explain to the Headwoman…" Yeah. Try that on for size! But he looks faintly more relaxed…maybe with the goldriders not there. Maybe just with less people.

Well less people is always good, but then that means less people to try and sweet talk into food and thus the greenie is browsing for herself from the meager selection on the tables. Should have gotten in before the influx of people. "I bet that was some fun explaining to do." she notes thoughfully.

Xe'ter notes after a moment, "I decided to let her ask Cenlia." He pauses, "Now we have a new headwoman." Um. Yeah. "Well, that, and after the bad jam." Um. NOW he says something about bad jam? After it's already made its way into the kitchens?

Keziah eyes Xe'ter "Bad jam?" she asks and then frowns "You all ain't sending us rotten foods are ya? That's not something I'd expect out of Cenlia or well Ista as it is now I suppose. Whats up with the jam?"

Xe'ter shakes his head, abruptly, "Oh no…no, that was an old jar. One of the headwomen opened a jar of it in the kitchens…I don't know. A few months ago, and Cen ate it…and didn't act real right in the head, even for Cen….for a few days. Same for anyone else that ate it. But this is all fresh, from this turn's making."

Keziah is silent "How was she acting?" she asks curiously as she settles back down with a plop. "She's okay now though, right?" she frowns a bit in worry, course why she should worry when it's all already been done with and such. Still. "Well, glad to know this stuff is good, it's been taste tested right?"

Xe'ter grins, despite himself, "Aye, ma'am…I had some this morning, on toast. It's properly sweet and tart at the same time. Tastes just like fresh fruit. A least, the stone-fruit did…that's what I had."

Keziah glances over to all the packages and just sighs "That sounds so good right now." She hmmphs a bit "Tempting a poor pregnant rider like that. You should be ashamed. "Next time, you should have a sample basket or something." SHe mmms and then nods "That would be the way to go."

Xe'ter laughs, despite himself…and loosened up a bit, "Well…they're almost done…so I suppose I could go and get you a jar, so you could try it for yourself." He heaves himself up out of the chair, and then before the greenrider can say yea or nay, he's trotting on his long shanks towards the kitchens…offering something in a low voice that makes the woman guarding the door TITTER. Wait…what could he have POSSIBLY said? But it gets him in! Into a foreign Weyr's kitchen, no less! And then he comes back, a few breaths later, with a freshly opened jar of jam, and some still warm bread, with a bit of butter. Not much, but some!

Keziah watches with some curiousity as Ze'ter goes in then comes back out. "Hmm, might have to try to keep you around. You're handy." she notes thoughtfully and then as she tries some of the jam on the the buttered bread. "Oh that is good." she notes and then there's a blink "Oh shards." she mutters as she looks apologetically at Xe'ter. "Seems there's been a bit of a mishap back at the weyr." she notes and mutters something about kids and hurries out.

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