What's a Reagent?

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary


The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Early, early morning in Xanadu is the calm before the storm where the Infirmary is concerned. Those not sick enough to pry themselves from their beds will await a more convenient time, while those sick enough to be here are already and are asleep. Thea bears this in mind as she pokes her head into the dimly-lit room, eyeing the chairs in the waiting area and finding them empty. It's with a small sigh of relief that she enters the room and shuts the door behind her. There's a desk where the On Duty usually sits, but for the moment it is empty. "In the back room, likely," Thea mutters as she sits down to wait.

Moria slips into the room quietly, seating herself next to Thea with a brief smile. "Morning, ma'am," she murmurs, settling back into the seat. She craning her head to look for the On Duty, tapping a foot idly. Not seeing the On Duty, she sighs and returns her attention to Thea. "How are you this morning?"

There's a brief pop in the air from sudden displacement, and a fraction of a second later, a tiny gold Firelizard flickers into existence, waddling around on the On Duty's desk. She chirrupts in satisfaction, and then promptly takes wing, flapping over to one of the supply shelves.

Thea's head turns warily as that door opens, but relaxes immediately as only one person rather than a bunch enter. She nods to her, "Morn-" She stops, turns her head away and coughs before turning back to Moria, "Sorry, Good morning. I'm fine." Her standard answer is given in spite of the cough. She looks at the woman, "Are you well, I hope?" And usually most folks waiting in these chairs are not so, but she asks anyway. The weyrwoman's eyes drop to the badge, noting aloud, "Glasscrafter yeah? I'm Thea. I'd shake your hand, but… you know, germs. Don't wanna spread them." She smiles, then winces, touching her lip. "Shards. Split it."

The little Gold latches onto a small roll of bandages, sniffing it curiously for a moment before she hiccups noisily and pops *between* again, vanishing…

Moria nods, wincing as Thea coughs and touches her lip. "I'm fine, yes. I'm here for, well, help, but not medical help," she says. "Ah, yes, I'm Moriana. We met once before, when I first got here, but that was, oh, half a Turn ago," she adds. "Uhm, what did you do to your lip?" She blushes and rushes to add, "Not that it's any of my business." Just curious, y'know?

Moria does watch Rec pop in and out, really, but she has no reason to think it's not normal - and hey, it may be, at that. >.>

Thea catches the gold firelizard out of the corner of one eye as she lands on the desk, but by the time she's looking that way, she's gone to the shelves. That hiccup though. She's heard that a few times before. She smiles to herself, but gives Moria her full attention, kindness in her green eyes. "Moriana, that's a pretty name. And we did meet? Ah, I'm sorry, so many come and go… And me stuck in the office." Where she shouldn't have mishaps, but somehow manages. She turns her head to cough again, then answers her question with a causal shrug that says she doesn't mind at all, "I, uh, slipped while running on a rocky trail yesterday. I think I bit it?" See, she isn't sure says her tone. "So you're here for help… in glasscrafting?" This obviously puzzles her.

There's another one of those pops, this one just a little bit above the On DUty's desk, and that Gold flit drops out of nowhere, landing with a little squeak. She shakes her head once, flaps her wings experimentally and then promptly starts over to the shelves again. This time, her search takes her a little longer, combing through the bandages with apparant care. There's an excited little chirp when she stops near the compress bandages however, and she delicately begins trying to remove one from the pile with her teeth.

Moria nods at Thea's explanation and tucks a wayward strand of hair behind her right ear. "I'm sorry to hear you fell." She obviously takes the statement at face value - she's a little unobservant like that. "Uhm, yes. I need help learning more about the organic reagents used to create pigments for coloring glass," she explains. "My mentor isn't very interested in the area, and decided that since there is at least one botanist training here, I should learn from them, instead of him. So I need to find a botanist to teach me." The gold flit's return catches Moria's attention, since the flit is obviously looking for something specifically this time. "Do they normally do that?" she asks Thea, guesturing toward the flit.

Thea's looking Moria's way so this time she misses the firelizard's entrance. She nods to Moria's concern with a gentle, "Thank you. It's was just a minor trip over a… rock." And she snickers at the absurdity of it, "I keep having close encounters with them for some reason." She blinks at the woman's explanation, ""Oh, ooh, you lost me at organic reagents. But if it botany you want Master Fraille." Her question has Thea looking over her shoulder and she spies the tiny gold firelizard, "Oh, that's Cila! Wow, he's training her already." Back to Moria, "Not all of them. Apparently that one has modeled some of Flop's behavior." Again that fond smile.

The tiny Queen finally manages to pull one of the compress bandages free, sending it fluttering to the ground with a weak flap of fabric. Cacking like a gremlin, the gold swoops down upon it. No sooner than she lands, there's another one of her little hiccups…and then she's gone again, as well as the bandage this time.

Moria grins at Thea's admitted lack of knowledge about the subject matter and clarifies, "Organic reagents are the chemical compounds from plants that are used to color glass. There are also inorganic reagents, like iron and other chemicals and minerals from rocks, sand and dirt, that can be used to color glass. Master Erdwin doesn't care for plants at all." Moria watches the gold flit struggle with the bandage and finally achieve her apparent goal. "I've never thought of sending my flits after something like that. Mulgrave probably would, he's my bronze, but my green, Trina, would probably ignore me," she admits ruefully.

Thea clears her throat, turns her head away to cough once more, holding up a finger as if to pause Moria. In that time Cila makes off with her prize, causing Thea to laugh softly. Said laugh turns into a brief fit of coughing. She mutters a soft, "Scuse me," as she turns around, nodding at the information. "So that's part of what you do, make glass pretty? I'm all for that." Something nibbles at the corners of her mind, "You, ah… I know you melt sand and add… stuff… to make glass. I've seen them work with molten glass and it's pretty hot, yeah?" She sniffs, bonking the tip of her reddened nose with the back of one hand to quell the itch there. "So adding plant material to all that hot stuff wouldn't just burn herbs into brown or black then?" This junior knows nothing about glassmaking, obviously.

It's less than five minutes later when the gold flit appears again, cackling like a gremlin. This time, she appears in the air between the shelves, and after flying in a lazy circle, makes her way back through the archway that leads to the storage room, her reptilian hooting carrying through the air…

Moria smiles and shakes her head slightly. "I actually work with blown glass, but the Weyrwoman set myself and a friend a project, and I need to know how to create a white glass, which requires using ash from a certain kind of plant. There are other ways, but my mentor wants me to learn this one," she explains. "So I need to know what kind of plant to collect and mash up before charring it for ash to mix with the glass before I shape it." Her brow wrinkles in concern at Thea's repeated coughs, and she glances around for a healer. "Shouldn't there be someone here, anyhow? You sound like you could use, well, something?"

Little hooting calls in an otherwise silent infirmary do tend to gain one's attention and so it is with Thea, who turns, craning her neck to see what Cila is up to now. Flying in circles, apparently. She listens to the glasscrafter, "Ashes. Makes sense." She nods in response to Moria, holding back a cough, her eyes watering. "They will be in soon. It's early yet." She tilts her head to one side, considering. "If you want to find the plants, then Journeyman Tenebrous is who you want. Master Fraille… might prefer he take you out."

The hooting stops suddenly, and for a moment, there's only the rapid wingbeats of Cila's flight to mark her position. She hovers in the air for a moment before giving a tense little trill. She sniffs the air for a second, trills again and then promptly vanishes with a hiccup…

Moria nods slowly, running a hand through her hair as Thea mentions Tenebrous as an alternative to Fraille. "That's… good. Honestly, Master Fraille scares me a bit. The couple of times I've been around her, she's seemed pretty, uhm…." The apprentice trails off, at a loss for an acceptable way to explain her impression of Fraille. "I don't think I've met the journeyman you mentioned?"

Thea can hold back the next bout of coughing no longer. She turns to get it out of her system, eyes following Cila's progress until she pops *Between*. Turning back to Moria, she grins, her laugh turns into another cough, but this time she chokes it back. Hard to tell if she's laughing or coughing or both. "She scares most people, myself included. The Weyrsecond is… quite uncomfortable around her, too." The junior winks as she says that. "Yeah, you probably haven't met Tenebrous. He tends to keep to the woods most of the time. But I think… if you want? Write a note to him and I can have Shep deliver it to him? He's… a good friend of mine and Shep knows him."

Moria offers Thea a scrap of fabric (not dirty!) from her pocket. "Here, you can cough into this so you don't have to keep turning like that," she says. "I'm glad I'm not the only one she scares. Ah, Shep?" She peers at Thea curiously. "Who's Shep? And, sure, if it isn't a bother to send the note. Thank you."

Thea reaches for that scrap with a small blink and a soft smile, "Thank you." The question about Shep had her patting at the back of her neck absently, "Oh, he's asleep on the hearth. Too early for him. He's my brown firelizard. Shep. Always faithfully on guard and around my neck usually." She rises, steps towards that empty On Duty's desk, rummages for a pen and a small piece of paper. She returns and offers them to Moria. While the woman writes, she lowers herself back into one of the chairs, "I'd imagine just tell him who you are and why you wish to meet him? He'll find you." She raises that scrap of material, coughs several times, blinking sudden tears from that back. She snickers, "He… likes to sneak up on folks and scare them half to death, so… be warned."

Moria accepts the paper and the explanation with a nod, carefully writing a note to 'Journeyman Tenebrous' requesting his help finding a certain fern in the forests near Xanadu, whenever is convenient for him. She signs it 'Glasscraft Apprentice Moriana'. "He does?" she asks, glancing at Thea in suprise. "Why would he like scaring people?" She frowns slightly, then shrugs, and offers the slip of paper, neatly rolled, to Thea. "Thank you again. Ah, would you like me to try to find a healer for you? That cough is sounding pretty bad."

Thea merely smiles, "He's… funny like that." She shrugs, "Watch him make a liar out of me and do something else." As she takes the note, she demurs, "No no, thanks. I'll just go get some breakfast and check in later." She stands, "I hope you find what you're looking for, Moriana. I'll see you later, yeah?" She heads for the door, opens it and slips out, coughing softly into that material as she goes.

Moria nods her thanks as Thea takes the note, and rises respectfully when she does. "Thank you, Thea," she says, bowing slightly. "I appreciate your help, both in locating Tenebrous and avoiding Master Fraille. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to be helpful in return," she finishes. "I hope you get to feeling better."

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