A Gift for Ryeira

Xanadu Weyr - Glass Workshop

With sandy beaches, significant forests and sizable mines available either immediately within the Weyr or within easy transport distance, Xanadu Weyr is a prime location for serious glasswork, and the glass workshop in the craft complex reflects that abundance. This vast building, which shares a wall with the apprentice dorms but is otherwise freestanding, is one of the larger structures in the complex. This shop is state of the art, with every new technical advance developed at the Fort or Landing craft halls in use here. The shop is usually busy day and night as crafters take advantage of the strong lighting provided by heat-resistant light fixtures and many windows, most made within this very room or in joint work with other crafters at the Weyr.
The south wall, which adjoins the apprentice dorms, and the north wall are both lined with kilns and glass forges for the glasscrafters to do their work. The eastern portion of the room seems to be devoted to teaching, as a number of mobile diagram boards have been erected there and desks are arranged in semicircles around each. The central portion of the room serves as the production area, with barrels of sand and various additives arrayed beside several long tables and charts. Finally, the west wall is made up almost entirely of cabinets and storage shelves.

The complex is bustling with activity even just past dawn, as crafters and students alike begin their day. The kilns for the pottery and glassworks are already well stocked with projects, and the plasticworks are running full tilt as well. In short, another normal day in the craft complex.

With Kilaueth upon the Xanadu Sands, days for the Senior Weyrwoman start early and end late in order to accomodate the various tasks that must be accomplished as well as spending the requisite amount of time on the Sands with the gold. This morning, she's walking the rounds of the various crafting centers, having already checked on the progress of the nearly complete observatory, escaping from the chilly winter weather into the warmth offered by the kilns and ovens of the crafting complex.

Moria emerges from the glass shops with a tray of glass molds, heading toward the kiln. A second apprentice walks in step with her, holding the stacks of glass to be lain across the molds in the kiln. The girls are chatting amibly as they weave through the bustle. Moria's bronze firelizard perches atop a crossbeam and watches with interest as the apprentices work.

Pausing to talk to one of the young women working on a pottery wheel, giving an approving nod at the quick, neat formation of another bowl for the caverns, Niva is moving on. She pauses to allow Moria and the other apprentice pass by her before she's following in their path. "And what are you two working on?" She asks with interest, leaning to take a long look at the molds and the glass pieces.

Rokugo comes through the door to the cavern, he has a large bag over his shoulders and looks a little lost.

Moria dips her head in thanks as Niva allows them to pass as she and her friend continue toward the kiln. "We're completing a molded set of glass plates, Weyrwoman," she answers. Her friend nods, holding up the patterned slates of glass, adding, "It's my advancement project. I helped Moria with hers, so she's helping me." Moria nods with a smile. Rokugo's entrance is noted, but with both girls' hands full, neither is in a position to step over and greet him.

"Plates, hm?" Niva asks with a bit more interest, leaning further to peer curiously at the mold, though her hands stay firmly behind her back to avoid any problems for the girls. She hmms softly to herself, straightening up. "Can you do them with colored glass as well?" She asks, even as she's turning towards the new arrival, gaze sliding to the teen's knot, and his bag. "Lost, apprentice?" She asks pleasantly.

Rokugo blinks and blushes, he then nods slowly, his eyes slowly looking around the room, before coming to rest on the girl speaking to him, "Yes I….just arrived. I am looking for the …observetory I guess?"

Moria's friend nods, and carefully turns the layers of glass over in her hands. The bottom half have ribbons of color around the edges, soft blues and greens weaving a subtle pattern along the rim of the discs. "These are some patterned discs that I'll be molding today. You can also color the full sheets to have solid colored items." Reaching the kilns, Moria sets her tray down, and her friend starts lining the discs against the molds ever so carefully.

Niva's interest is certainly piqued at the revelation of the various colors intermingled with the glass plates in the apprentice's hands, nodding slowly, with a smile to Moria as she turns back to Rokugo, hmming softly. "You must be the new apprentice that M'lak mentioned was being assigned." Pausing for a moment, it seems that Niva's attempting to remember further details, such as if his name had been in the note, before she waves it off with a little flick of her wrist. "Its on the ridge, past the meadow - tis hard to miss. But, you won't see much at this hour, you can get settled in here, with the other apprentices." She nods to a large set of double doors off one corner of the room.

Rokugo says "I..thank yiu M'lady…sorry to disturb you…" He smiles a little weakly. And looks in the direction she pointed, he then pauses seeing the glass works, and glances over them, "Multicolored glass? I assume those aren't for telescopes?""

Moria shakes her head, stepping out of her friend's way so she can align the pieces. "No, plates," she says to the teen, smiling briefly. "Only the masters handle the fine glass for the telescopes, and we still get more rejects than successes on those," she adds. "Tresha, is that all you need?" The other apprentice nods, and waves Moria off. "Thanks, I'm set." Moria nods and turns to Niva. "Did you need something this morning, Weyrwoman? Or just enjoying the warmth?"

"Even the smaller telescopes, I think, are the most frustrating lenses, though we brought in the main lenses for the big 'scope in the observatory from the main hall. I was thankful they weren't damaged." Niva comments on the construction with a bit of a smile, shaking her head. "Its not a disruption, there should be empty cots, and I'll send Hi-" And the Weyrwoman pauses, muttering something as she remembers the headwoman is once again on vacation. "I'll send someone with the appropriate bedding." Glancing sidelong at Moria, she shakes her head. "Just checking on progress - after all, you're never sure what will be true in some of those reports."

Rokugo blushes some more and nods, "Sorry…" He grins and shakes his head, "Thank you again…" He turns to head to the barracks, not wanting to take up any more valuable time.

Moria nods her agreement to Niva's assessment of the difficult involved with telescope lenses. "I'm glad I have an affinity for blown glass, and not sheet glass, or I'd have to work on those lenses. It's very tedius, sanding out any imperfections and hoping that this time, all those hours of work will not be in vain." She smiles at Rokugo, adding, "There should be several clear cots - we had a number of apprentices head back to their halls for promotions recently."

"No need to apologize, Apprentice. Welcome to Xanadu.." Niva offers with a kind smile. "I'm sure any of the apprentices will be happy to help you get settled, or point you in the right direction. And, should you have any issues with the apprentices, you let your master know - with anyone else, don't hesitate to bring it to our office." The Weyrwoman's voice is firm on that point, before she nods at Moria, agreeing with her statement.

Rokugo smiles back to both of them, nodding again before heading into the dorms.

Moria steps away from the kilns and nods to Niva, then tilts her head toward a table with klah and spiced egg rolls set out. "Would you like a bite to eat? Breakfast arrived within the last hour, so the rolls should still be warm." She suits action to her words, filling a plate with some rolls and a mug with klah, offering it to Niva.

Niva lifts a hand, a nod of her head in gratitude even as she declines the offering. "I'm fine… I agreed to meet C'ian for breakfast once Cavin is settled with the Harpers." The Weyrwoman smile a little, before waving her hand. "But, by all means, enjoy your own breakfast." Niva insists, even as she's turning to run a finger over the edge of a finished piece of pottery, gaze returning back to the apprentice working on the molded plates.

Moria nods, settling in an out of the way seat and eating her breakfast. Tresha, aware of the observation, glances up at Niva, blue eyes twinkling. "Did you have a question, Weyrwoman?" she inquires as she wipes the oils from her fingers off the glass slabs. She double-checks the alignment of each piece, nodding her satisfaction.

Niva glances back at Moria to make sure that the apprentice is enjoying her breakfast, before nodding slowly. "With your Master's approval, would you.." And the question is extended to Moria as well, "Be interested in creating a wedding present for Rubicon's Lady Ryeira?" She asks, gaze lingering on the plates in the molds, before it drifts to various examples other examples of the crafers' work.

In addition to the plates about to be sent into the kiln, there are several fine statues made from small rods of glass are arrayed, ready to be annealed. But nothing of blown glass is near the kilns. "What did you have in mind?" Tresha asks, putting on mitts before ever so carefully opening the kiln door. WAves of heat emanate from the opening, making the air dance and shimmer.

"A set of plates, in Rubicon's colors. Large and small, perhaps bowls too." She offers in explanation, before glancing back at Moria. "And goblets, perhaps. Should they be feasible." The weyrwoman nods at Tresha as she carefully opens the kiln door. "It seems as if it would be a good exercise, and I'm certain you both would appreciate the extra marks in your pockets." Her attention drifts to Moria for her reaction, as occupied as Tresha is.

Moria nods, clearing her mouth with a swallow of klah. "That would be white, blue and purple, yes?" she checks, rising and moving away from the table. Tresha, carefully putting her work into the kiln, nods to Moria to continue. "Tresha can blend the sheets for the plates, and I can blow goblets and affix stems. The bowls of the goblets can be clear, so wine is visible, but I can color the stems." Tresha speaks then, offering, "I can make bowls too. I've just gotten the patterning process down for those - it's a bit different than doing a plate, since you have to curve the glass."

Niva nods at Moria, "Aye, white, blue, and purple." The Weyrwoman quickly verifies it, before glancing from one glasscrafting apprentice to the other, as each offers their input on their ability to do such. "It sounds as if you two have been learning well." She offers positively, before stepping back and lifting her hands to each of them. "What would be fair, in your minds, for enough for twelve, to give to the Lady and her new Husband, to use with favored guests?" And the Weyrwoman waits expectantly for their price, adding quickly. "As crafters to a customer, not as apprentices to a Weyrwoman."

Moria and Tresha exchange a glance, Tresha nodding encouragingly to Moria. "Well, since it is a wedding present, and the Glasscraft has a good relationship with the Lady and her Hold, we would be happy to donate our time for this project. We can use it finish our Journeyman projects out, too." Tresha nods, smiling warmly to Niva, adding, "We can't sell our work yet without a master's approval anyhow, so we'd be happy to just help out."

Niva glances from Moria to Tresha, narrowing her gaze slightly at their explanation, before the Weyrwoman gives in, at least for now. "I'm sure you'll both do a job that's worthy of a new knot." She nods, before smiling a little bit as she looks from one to the other, and then inclines her head. "Though, I've probably distracted you both well enough this morning, and increased your workload, and I'm sure C'ian is waiting." She glances once more that the examples of projects around them, before glancing back. "Thank you, both. I look forward to seeing the result."

Tresha shakes her head briefly, "We're on schedule. The cold has made it worthwhile to spend a lot of time in here of late," she explains. Moria nods, smiling. "It's a pleasure to have such a warm workspace in the winter, though it's brutal in the summer, sometimes." As Niva excuses herself, Moria and Tresha bow dip brief bows to her. "Thank you for the opprotunity to work for you, Weyrwoman. Enjoy your breakfast. I'll send Mulgrave with a note when we have a sample ready for you to look at," Moria says.

"I certainly don't doubt it. There's something to be said for Kilaueth being on the Sands during the worst portion of the Winter as well." Niva agrees, with a nod to both of them. "Thank you again, Apprentices - enjoy your morning." A final look over the Complex, everything progressing smoothly, and she's tugging the front of her jacket shut as she heads outside for the short, brisk walk ahead of her.

Tresha and Moria both wave as Niva departs, then resume their tasks. Tresha closes the kiln after the last of her pieces are loaded and Moria moves toward the glass workshop to start her work for the day.

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