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Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex

The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

Evening, and Kilaueth has finished clutching, 10 little eggs settled upon the Sands of the Hatching Arena, and life at Xanadu is slowly returning to normal as people return to their actual duties. A note was passed along to a particular glasscrafter - though one in a much neater, more feminine hand than the ones she would get from her 'employer' - asking to please meet after the evening meal in the Common's area, to discus the Newes. And so, there Nicca is waiting, fingers fidgeting with the thin silver bracelet that is settled around her wrist, glancing now and again at the door.

When said Glasscrafter arrives, it's in the company of an older man with the somewhat fancier Journeyman's knot of the same Craft upon his shoulder. His hands gesture as he speaks to the taller woman, Ashkeia's head bowed as she listens with all apparent attention as the pair crosses the room. Her head dips slightly deeper as she's dismissed. It's not until the Journeyman has wandered off and her back is turned just to be extra safe, that she allows herself to roll her eyes and grimace. Then she can scan the room properly, picking out Nicca because she's unfamiliar, rather than there being any recognition. "Good evening," she offers.

Nicca tries to remember what it was that O'ric said about their new associate, and so it is when Ashkeia arrives that the young woman gets a long, careful look, judging her, and comparing her with her imagined Glasscrafter. Perhaps its rude to stare, but that's likely the best word for what it is that Nicca does, waiting just another moment before offering a nod in response to the greeting with a little smile. "Good evening.." She offers, tilting her head. "Ashkeia?" She questions easily, already leaning her head towards the closest chair in an open invitation.

Ashkeia doesn't seem discomfitted by the stare. She studies Nicca in turn with a frank appraisal, though lacking somewhat in the intensity of comparison against a preconceived notion. "Yes," she confirms, a polite smile touching her lips. "Am I safe in assuming that you would be Nicca, then? What is it you wished to discuss?" Getting straight to the point without waiting for an answer, as she moves to take a seat.

As the glasscrafter confirms her identify, there's a little bit of a smirk that appears briefly on Nicca's face, the young woman apparently pleased by this news, though the look is hurriedly hidden as she inquires as to the reason for the visit. "Well, I'm sure you've heard that Mother's on the Sands now… Thought I'd see if you'd put a sketch of the clutch in the next issue. And maybe a sketch of that man, looking all angry." That man being G'ene, which she certainly thinks she's implying in her words.

A vague hint of puzzlement is Ashkeia's reaction to that swiftly veiled smirk, but she doesn't comment on it. "Yes, I've heard," she says dryly, her head turning to send a glance off in the direction her Journeyman had disappeared, indicating perhaps who she's heard from. "I've been staying clear of the Hatching area; brooding mothers, human or dragon, are I think better avoided. But if I can slip into the galleries without disturbing anyone, I'd be happy to include a sketch for the next issue." She tilts her head to consider the other woman a moment. "Perhaps you can aid me towards that end? To let me know when the best times would be for getting a look at them." Taking a short breath, she holds it a moment before blowing it out again softly. "That man. Am I to make an assumption again?"

"Mother's usually in meetings in the morning, and Kilaueth tends to rest until she joins her after lunch - You shouldn't need to worry about -them-, at least." Nicca offers oh so helpfully with a little grin. "The way that bronze was looking though, well, I'm not sure there'll ever be any sneaking past him. At least Kilaueth should keep him in line." The young woman is confident in her mother's lifemate to keep order upon her Sands, and Nicca shifts in her chair, pulling one leg up to fold over the other, hands resting neatly on her knee. "The Weyrleader, of course. I thought he was about to choke out there a few times today!"

Ashkeia chuckles quietly, shaking her head. "I've been told enough times that it's attempting to walk onto the Sands themselves that's the no-no, so as I have no interest in doing anything of the sort, hopefully I'll be given a pass." She smiles and leans back into her chair, slouching down comfortably, not all that concerned over proper posture. "Of course. I think perhaps, to avoid the appearance of singling him out, I'll include a portrait of the Weyrwoman alongside. Considering what O'ric chose to share with me about the current sorry state of the Newes." Quirking her brow, she takes the opening to ask, "Oh? Depending on who you talk to, I'd've thought stalking around glowering at people for being useless gawkers would have been something he'd enjoy."

"You really don't?" Nicca asks, a bit surprised as Ashkeia mentions having no interest in actually ending up on the Sands, tilting her head to look at the younger woman, perhaps a bit taken aback. "Not even once? Just.. to see?" Of course, having been there, done that, and not gotten the dragon, her opinion may be slightly skewed. "I'm sure mother will be thrilled with that, though, it'll certainly be amusing. He should be all… glowering, with his flask." She dwells on G'ene's appearance in the piece, before nodding at Ashkeia. "Carrying on about whether it was over or not, and Mother told him it was a good thing there was no thread, or he'd have been there four times as long. 'Course, out came that flask."

Frowning in confusion, it takes Ashkeia a few moments to twig onto Nicca's meaning. "Wait… you mean like as a Candidate? I've never really considered it. No I just meant, I've no intention of trying to wander out onto the Sands just to get a better look at the eggs out of curiosity. My Journeyman seems to think that's a risk." She gives a small snort, lip curling in faint disgruntlement. Shaking it off, her mouth tilts a bit higher at one corner as she tilts her head back and examines the ceiling for a little while. "I'm sure that the /Weyrwoman/ has nothing to worry about; any image of her will be perfectly flattering." She drops her gaze to give the daughter a cheeky wink. "If I'm to manage this, I'm going to have to actually /see/ the man. Ugh. Do I get special compensation or something?" She's teasing, if her lingering smile is any indication.

As Ashkeia clears up her own words, Nicca blushes a bit at her own assumption, nodding slightly before its followed up with a giggle, a hand lifting to cover her mouth. "He seems to think it is? I could promise him that there is no seems about it." She offers, tsking a bit, and then as Ash mentions actually having to see the man, she giggles. "Go for a drink, bet you'll see him, and he'll be too busy to see you. Besides, I.. I already owe you too much." Her voice turns sheepish at the last bit, and she's blushing more and turning away.

"Apparently, he's got it into his head that I'm the sort to wander off after something pretty without a thought," Ashkeia supplies of her superior. "I'm not sure why." She frowns briefly, then flicks her fingers as if clearing them of water droplets. No matter. "I was in the tavern the other day an—" And that's when the rest of Nicca's words penetrate, causing the plump woman to sit up. "Pardon?" Definite confusion. "I've not done anything for you to owe me, at all, as far as I'm aware."

"I'm certain that most of them think that any of us will just.. wander after something pretty." Them being men, of course. Nicca rolls her eyes, her fingers lifting to once again play with the bracelet on her wrist, before grinning and ducking her head, eventually meeting the glasscrafter's gaze as she sits up and looks confused. "Oz.." A pause and she clears her throat for a moment. "O'ric said that I had you to thank, for pointing him in the direction of the glass blower…"

Ashkeia echoes that eyeroll, with a nod of agreement for Nicca's observation. As she listens to the explanation though, enlightenment dawns in her expression. "Ah, I see! He never mentioned a name when he spoke of wanting to get that gift." Smiling, she shakes her head, amused. "You owe me nothing. It was a sweet idea; I'm glad to hear he actually went through with it. From the amount he squirmed over it, I thought perhaps it might be more likely I'd find him hiding under a rock somewhere."

Nicca blushes a bit with a little smile as Ash seems amused, shaking her head with a happy sigh. "It's beautiful… I do owe you.." She offers again quietly, giggling at the mention of the rock, shaking her head a bit. "More likely to jut find him hiding behind Oceleth." She counters, before her attention is stolen by a gold that appears overhead - Oooh, shiny! - and Nicca is hurriedly looking for the time. "Oh, shards.." She whispers, shaking her head. "I promise my da I'd meet him… I'll meet you tomorrow, before breakfast? To check out the clutch?" And run interference if she has to.

"No, you don't," Ashkeia insists. "It's enough to know that my propensity for interfering in other people's business had a positive result." She smiles, a touch of self-mockery in it. At the appearance of the firelizard she too looks up, with a faintly wary eye to see what course the creature takes. As Nicca continues, she nods swiftly, "Of course! At the entrance to the hatching area?" More suggestion than question, as she starts to rise to see Nicca off in polite fashion. "Do enjoy your evening. It was a pleasure to meet you."

"Entrance to the Hatching Cavern." Nicca agrees with a nod, lifting a hand to offer Shigure a place to settle, "I'll send Destiny to you, if something happens." She offers helpfully, before there's a nip from Shigure, and Nicca is quickly sent on her way with a wave back to Ashkeia, and she's ducking away from the fussing gold.

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