Best Turnday Ever

Xanadu Weyr - O'ric's Cottage
If this fairly plain cottage were lacking in one thing, that would be furniture. If there was something it was overflowing with, that would be clutter. Almost every inch of floor, and the few pieces of actual furniture, are covered in plates, cups, writing things, and discarded clothes in various states of cleanliness. Against one wall of the bedroom is a large trunk fitted with a sturdy looking padlock, this appears to be the only part of the cottage without junk tossed at it.

Turnday! Hooray! To say that Nicca is excited would an understatement, given the beaming smile on her face as she returns - as she often does - to O'ric's Cottage, the now 21 turn old sporting a pretty silver bracelet on her wrist - likely a gift from the parents she just enjoyed a private breakfast with - if one can consider klah and toast breakfast. A certain bounce to her step, and from the looks of it, its unlike that O'ric will be left alone to continue sleeping, if he still is.

O'ric isn't sleeping. Nor can he initially be found in the cottage for once, even though Oceleth is outside. The brown's greeting is enthusiastic as always, but of O'ric there isn't even a noise. Inside is almost idy for once, which is odd in and of itself. Perhaps odder still is the fact that the bedroom door is shut, and jammed that way.

A tidy cottage? What is the world coming to! Oceleth's happy greeting is returned with a snuggling and a scritch, before a quick kiss is dropped on top of his nose as she ducks inside, pausing as she looks suspiciously around her, eyes slipping over the room, moving to look at the shut door, moving to try and give it a push. "Ozzy?" She calls out, perhaps a bit confused as she does so. Taptap!

"He's not in. Hold on." The voice is definitely not that of O'ric, in face it's distinctly female though it should be at least vaguely familiar to Nicca. After a time there's a scraping from behind the door, the noise of the trunk being moved back into place, and the door opens to reveal… Deby. "You're early! Which… means I think I just ruined your surprise. Happy birthday."

For a moment, the smile falls off of Nicca's face as the voice answers, before slowly her mind begins to sort it why precisely it sounds so familiar - Thankfully, she manages this before the door opens, so she's smirking just a little as she comes face to face with Deby, smirk turning into a smile. "Thank you!" She offers in a too perky voice, trying to peek in past Deby curiously. "I am surprised though, I never.." She waves a hand a little bit at the brownrider's sister, grinning.

Deby laughs, reaching out to gather Nicca into a hug, "Never thought this place would be clean, or never thought that I would be here?" She laughs, happy despite the surprise being spoiled, "I wasn't supposed to be here till later, but he went to pick up something and I thought I'd do something about the mess. He's never been good at tidying."

Nicca quickly leans to hug Deby with a giggle, "I think I was going to go with either of those.." She offers, with a wink, leaving her arm looped over the younger girl's shoulders for a moment as she glances back over the cottage with a little shake of her head. "It looks great.." She offers, before slowly stepping away, tilting her head with a little grin. "Do… you know where he went?"

Deby shakes her head, "Other than it was close, I don't know. I'm supposed to be putting up a banner or something, but since you're here…." She apuse,s shrugs, then laughs, "Help me? Then we can wait on him."

"Silly boy.." She murmurs softly with a shake of her head, even as she gives her wrist a little shake as she feels the bracelet shift and settle around it once more, nodding. "What would he do without us?" She jokes, even as she's setting to helping to finish the tidying.

Deby smiles, "Probably live happily in his little pit of manliness or whatever he likes to call it these days." The banner is found, writing poorly painted but definitely done in O'ric's hand. There's a time fo tidying, of laughing, until O'ric returns pushing teh door opena dn just staring at the two women together. In his hand is a small something wrapped clumsily in hide.

A few more things picked up, the banner looked over with a blush and a ducked chin, the young woman actually a bit embarassed by her reaction, still pink as she helps get it up, the smile on her face likely permanently there now. The giggling pauses, however, as the door opens, and she's turning to look guiltily back at O'ric, shoulders lifting a little with a giggle. "Hey, Ozzy.." She offers softly, sparing Deby a glance. "I.. I was early, apparently."

Deby gets to her feet as soon as O'ric appears, "Don't mind me! I'll go check on my dear brother's better half." With a wink at Nicca she heads out the door to go and spend some time with Oceleth, leaving a rather dumbfounded looking O'ric to stare at Nicca for a while. "Um… Happy birthday?" it takes a moment for him to remember that he's holding her present and he offers it over, one of the clumsily tied strings slipping slightly as he does.

Nicca spares a quick glance at Deby, smiling at her, before she's unrooting her feet and moving to O'ric's side, one hand gently folding over his, and the present, the other going to his shoulder to balance herself as she rises to her tiptoes and gives him a kiss. "Thank you, Ozzy.." She offers, face pink as she takes half a step back, slowly taking the present to finish unwrapping it with hesitant fingers.

The wrapping doesn't take much work to remove, it practically falls away from the gift. Inside is a small ball of glass, and a smaller square witha dent in it that the ball would fit into happily. The ball is nothing too exciting too look at from a distance, but up close it becomes clear that the ball is hollow and suspended carefully inside is a tiny runner made up from woven threads of glass. "I hope you like it. Couldn't afford to get you a real one." Fingers twist nervously, waiting for some sort of reaction.

Fingers are hesitant as the ball of glass rolls into her hand, and then she's slowly lifting it, eyes focusing on the tiny little runner inside, jaw dropping, eyes glued on it before she's looking hurriedly back at O'ric with that same look of surprise on her face. "Oh -Oz-…" She offers breathlessly, fingers craddling it gently, blush appearing once more. "Its beautiful.." She whispers again, looking torn between holding the gift and throwing her arms around his neck.

O'ric swallows, not quite sure he should be pleased as she stares at the gift. It's only her breathless declaration of beauty that has him finally moving, arms going around her as he gathers her in for a kiss. "Blame Ash for it, she put me onto a glass blower. Before that you were going to get a picture I'd drawn." He may not be entirely serious in his words, but his expression is one of pure joy.

The glass is carefully craddled, shifted and settled into her hands to ensure that no harm may come to it before her arms are allowed to go to his neck, and she's hugging him tightly, returning the kiss without any sign of hesitance. "I wouldn't have minded that…" She offers with a little giggle as she pulls back to look over his face, still beaming beyond belief. "Thank you, Ozzy, for everything." The arms around his neck press lightly as she turns her head to the banner and then towards the door through which Deby disappeared.

"Oh you would." O'ric replies with a grin, "It was awful." He leans his head against her gently, "Wanted to try to make things special. There's a cake too… um… somewhere. She tidied." A fact that would be hard to ignore, even if Nicca hadn't helped out.

Nicca smiles, even as she rests her forehead against his with a little sigh, leaning to steal a quick kiss from him as she does so - its her birthday, she deserves it! "Faranth, Oz.." She whispers softly, pulling him close for another hug. "You really did.. I.." She shakes her head a little, stunned into silence for a minute, before his comment about tidying has her giggling. "I noticed.."

O'ric hugs back, practically gleaming with pride. "I meant to do it yesterday but I got distracted. And then I had to go and get the present this morning and you weren't supposed to be here yet. Figured your parents would want to see you for a while." he pauses, then asks quietly, "You have seen them, right?"

Nicca pulls away just a little, enough to pull her hands back between them, carefully setting the globe in its stand, lifting it to peek at it once more, smile still on her face. At his question about her parents, she oohs softly and nods, with a little roll of her eyes, lifting her hand to show the thin silver bracelet on her wrist. "Saw them for breakfast… Until Cavin threw another fit about not being the center of attention." A frown flickers across her face for a moment, before she shakes her head dismissively. Little brothers - Can't live with them.

O'ric lifts a hand to gently touch the bracelet, "Pretty." There's a hint of something in his eyes, jealousy perhaps at not being able to afford such a present, it fades quickly though as she speaks of her brother. "Men. Who'd have them." Clearly it's supposed to be a joke.

"Mother has one.. but hers is gold.. Like Kilaueth." She pauses, blushing a little as he touches it. "I think they've given up on me.." Impressing that is. As he jokes, she tsks, shaking her head a little bit, moving away to carefully set her present down on the table, crouching slightly to peek at it, still entranced by the tiny horse set inside the globe. "I'll have.. just one." And as if there's any doubt who that one is.

O'ric can't hide the grin that her comment brings, a comment that so recently would have had him running for the hills. "I doubt they've given up on you, still plenty of time. Once your mother clutches you might get…." He trails off, not entirely liking the thought or wanting to complete it. "Course you could do something to confuse them. Run off and get married to some Lord. Move in here."

Nicca is nudging the glass globe a little, shiftng how its settled in its base as he comments on her parents, grinning just a little. "Oh, I don't know.. I'm not sure I'd have gotten it if they'd thought I'd Impress.." She comments, not seeming to notice him trailing off at the mention of Kilaueth's upcoming clutching. "But I don't want to marry some Lo-" And then, the rest of his words are registering and she's slowly standing back up, turning to peek at him over her shoulder as she leans against the table. "Oz, I.. Are.." Words - she has them not.

"It's your birthday. Shiny things are good for birthdays." O'ric replies with a slightly nervous grin. When she seems lost for words he does likewise, simply replying with a slight shrug at first. "It's not like you spend a lot of time in your own room anyway. And I could do with someone to help tidy."

'Launch' is probably the right word for what Nicca does at that moment, as O'ric's response only verifies that she heard what she thought she did, practically jumping into his arms as soon as she's close enough. "Best present -ever-!" She whispers as her arms go tight around his neck. Cling!

O'ric laughs, holding her close as if he doesn't intend to let go. It's only when a voice from the door asks, "Did she say yes yet?" that he even releases his grip a little so that he can turn and nod. There's a little cheer before the door closes again and the two are left alone.

The sound of the voice at the door, and Nicca is blushing as she hurriedly glances towards it, beaming over O'ric's shoulder at his sister, slowly slipping her hands from his neck to rest on his shoulders instead, eyes a little watery as she does so, looking up at him, still looking stupidly happy. "Love you Oz.. I.." And she just settles for leaning for a kiss.

Almost instinctively O'ric replies with, "I know." returning the kiss before adding quietly, "Love you too." Now that the suggestion is out and accepted he suddenly feels a little awkward, not entirely sure what to say or do next. "Um… want to find the cake?"

Nicca giggles at him, nodding at his awkwardness, another kiss planted to his cheek, before she's slowly stepping out of his arms, hands squeezing his wrists. "You find the cake, I'll get your sister?" She offers, still smiling, already moving towards the door.

O'ric makes a grab for one of Nicca's hands, determined to not let her go just yet though not holding tightly enough that she can't leave if she's determined. "She'll be fine. besidea, you think like a woman. I have no idea where she's put it."

Nicca is caught, and she's smirking at him at his explanation, pulled back to his side, and giggling. "We'll find it.." And she will! Even if it takes twice as long cause she has to keep stopping to kiss him and squeal a little, every bit the excited girl who is having the best turnday ever. And who, when the day has finished and everything is back to its 'new' normal - will no doubt thank O'ric more profusely.

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