Coming Clean

Xanadu Weyr - Faraeth's House in the Trees

Here within the thickest part of the forest is found something that is rarely seen before, though on Pern there are so many things still to be discovered and maybe, just maybe this is one of them.

Set just a little off the dead center of this large clearing is a tree that has stood here for years on end, the girth of the tree is not one a single person could wrap their arms around, no this tree must have at least 50 people(if not more) standing palm to palm with arms outstretched in order to make a complete circuit around it. Time has created a large cavern in the trunk of it, large enough for a fair sized dragon to lay partially within it to get out of the weather. At sometime in the past several years someone has constructed a large awning to add more space to the dragon wallow area so whomever rests within is now completely covered.

Along the interior of the tree someone has built a stair way that curls around and upward to an archway high up in the tree. From the archway one steps out into a cottage of sorts that resides within a flat cradle where the large branches sprout outward. Inside the cottage one will find things are pretty simple, one large room for all ones living needs with a second room for a bedroom. Within the mainroom one will find a set of chairs before a stone fireplace, a rather worn braided rug sets between them on the hardwood floor. Each of the walls facing the outside have large windows in them, allowing light to filter in through the creamy sisal curtains. One nice things about these windows is that they slide open and shut to allow for a natural flow of fresh air to move through the cottage. In the bedroom there are plenty more windows in the walls, as well as a pair of huge skylights. A good sized bed rests with the head against the rear wall, the mattress plush and waiting for bedding to be placed upon it.

The first light of dawn is appearing over the horizon as M'nol sits. He's sitting at his desk but it's clear that he's not really doing anything, just kind of staring at the wall of the cabin he shares with Phylicia, lost in thought, and from the look on his face not good thoughts.

Phylicia set out early from the waterfall, looking vaguely like a pack mule and feeling like one as well, as her slow foot steps work up the staircase to the part of the weyr that they share. One bag is the one she originally left with, full of camping supplies. A second, smaller one is full of limited medical supplies she left with while chasing after the pair of wounded adults. Finally her steps near the top and she pauses in the doorway, looking traveled and like she's been staying outdoors for a few days. "You're up early." She says softly, one hand holding the doorframe. Those stairs after hiking with unusual weight mean her legs are a little jelly like.

M'nol turns when Phy speaks and the redness around his eyes makes it clear that he's been crying. The single word he speaks is both sad and happy as he looks at the woman he loves, "Phy?"

Phylicia takes her hand from the doorframe so she can shed both of the satchels, but doesn't get to shedding her coat before she's crossing the floor. She's wearing the gloves he gave to her when he visited and she holds out her hands, hoping he'll do the same as Thea did and grasp her forearms and not her hands, since they're still healing though bandaged. Her brows furrow slightly in worry and her face loses any smile it had to it. "What's wrong?" She asks gently.

M'nol reaches out, nearly forgetting her damaged hands, but the presence of the gloves reminds him and he grasps her forearms instead. Almost too quietly to be heard he says, "Phy… I've done something terrible…"

Phylicia wraps her hands around his forearms in turn gently, giving a little pull and pulling him into a hug if he'll let her do so. Her lips don't quirk downwards, but there's a certain amount of perplextion as her brows do furrow a little further her concern also deepening. "Shhh." She says softly before venturing gently. "What did you do?"

M'nol lets her hug him, squeezing her tight to his chest in return before he speaks, "I… I was at Ista delivering a message when a flight happened… at least that's what Faraeth said but I… I don't remember. I just sort of blank between delivering the message and waking up next to another woman." He crumples a little, "Oh Phy, I"m so sorry. I don't know what happened… neither of us remembered."

Phylicia's formerly soft and gentle hug turns slightly harder as her body tenses. Her body gives a quick tremor as if it doesn't want anymore stress though she makes herself relax a little bit, which brings another shiver. "But…" She starts off softly, her voice sounding a little lost. "It was a flight?" She asks, just to make verify. Her arms haven't loosened, but have instead seemed to tighten. "But we've gone over that…" But her tone doesn't entirely sound convinced, mainly because of how convincing Nol is being that it was a flight.

M'nol clings to her body, feeling all of its changes through his hands, afraid that if he lets go she'll never come back, "there was a flight… but she… she wasn't in it… she's not even a rider… or interested in guys. And I don't remember the flight at all… it's like I was drugged or something… I know it /sounds/ like a lie, but it's not. I even have bloodtests being done at Ista to see if there's any traces…" His grip tightens, tears streaming down his face, "Oh Faranth, Phy. I don't know what happened and I feel absolutely horrible."

Phylicia has an ugly side, though she normally doesn't let it show. No one at Xanadu has probably seen it yet but it doesn't mean it's not there, and she seems to be fighting with herself at the moment as her eyes close and she forces herself to swallow. One fat tear rolls down a cheek as she continues to hold him. Basically she hasn't seemed to move from her position. "I.." Her voice is choked and she closes her mouth to softly clear her throat with a cough. "I…" This time its her just being at a lack of words though her arms finally tighten in response to his crying, holding him closer though the rest of her still feels unsure of what's going on.

M'nol continues to cling to her, too distraught to notice her own emotional swings. His whole body is shuddering as he speaks, "I couldn't not tell you… I wanted to not… part of me… to spare you… but I couldn't… I couldn't risk hurting you more later… I'm so sorry… I'm sorry I broke my promise to you. I'm sorry I hurt that poor girl. I'm sorry I don't even know what happened… I'm just…" He stops there, shaking uncontrollably.

Phylicia has lapsed into silence for the moment, absent mindedly noting Nol is getting almost as tall as her since she can't just tuck his head under hers anymore from this position. Every time she opens her mouth, it closes a moment later. This happens a few times before her knees just give out. Her legs were jelly from the hike and climb and now they've gone to mush from the shock of her welcoming home news. Her face is still in the visage of said shock, having not decided on a way to respond yet. "I don't know what you want me to do." Comes from her, small and confused.

M'nol clings to her, still crying, "T… Tell me I haven't ruined everything?" He sniffles loudly, trying to rest his head on her shoulder, "Tell me it will be alright and that you don't hate me?"

Phylicia doesn't pull away as M'nol rests his head on her shoulder at first, because she's taking an awful long time to get over the shock. "I don't hate you!" She blurts out, sounding affronted that he could think that even with the circumstances. And that seems to break her out of the shock state. And now finally she tries to disenguage from the hug, taking a step backwards on weak knees yet managing to stay upright. "But this… this /hurts/." He could've guessed that one already and did infact. She's trying not to doubt his story, still being young enough to believe that no one - or at least not her Nol - would do something like this intentionally.

M'nol lets her go, afraid of making it worse. Unlike his strong Phylicia, M'nol crumples to his knees, his hands clasping at the aforementioned knees since Phy's not there for him to clasp anymore. He shudders a few moments more before he manages to find his tongue again, "I… I know… I didn't want to hurt you, I swear. I don't really even know what happened, just that I managed to hurt the woman I love and a woman I hardly know all at once."

Phylicia almost seems to be more enraged that this unknown Istan woman makes it into the picture at all, much less the same sentence as his admitance or apology to her. "You didn't want to." Her voice has dropped, and she's blinking furiously to keep from weeping as badly as he did. "But you did. You /did/." As he collaspses to his knees, she starts to take a step forward, but stops herself. She's mad at him. She can't be mad at him while holding him. "Why didn't you walk away? Why didn't you leave as soon as it was done?" Her voice is showing the strain of her withheld tears now. 'It' being the flight, and nevermind the fact Nol doesn't seem to remember the event.

M'nol's voice cracks repeatedly as he speaks, trying and failing to wipe the damp from his face since his eyes keep adding to it, "I don't know, Phy! It's like I'm missing 6 or 7 hours of my life. I don't even remember the flight itself. But all I could think when I woke up was how mad you were going to be at me… how much it would hurt you. I've been nearly dead waiting for you to come home."

And M'nol read Phylicia right. She /is/ mad. Though the reminder that one of his first thoughts on waking was of her tones down her rage. Her left hand cups her right elbow while her right hand hides her face from view. She's hurt, angry, confused, worn out, and now slightly guilty at how angry she'd just been. "I-" Her own voice cracks as she starts moving, towards the closet. "I don't feel human, Nol." Her voice comes weakly sounding minorly dead. She may have moved to the wardrobe, but she's only grabbing one change of clothing before she's headed back towards the doorway. Finally she lets him have a glimpse of her face again, as she looks sorrowfully at him. "Eat. Sleep. Take care of yourself for a little bit." Is her next comment as she bends to pick up the satchel that has dirty clothing in it. "I need a bath," In which she'll likely go way past the stage of prune, "and food," If she can stomach anything, "I.. might be back before evening." But at least by the sounds of it she's planning on returning come evening, whether she's ready or not for the next portion. She just needs to regain her humanity and her footing first. Without waiting for anything else, the satchel is shouldered, and her feet are fleeing down the stairway. If he has any watchers stationed, he'd notice her nearly spraining her ankle a few times, and having definitely twisted it on one of her saves. Chores and necessities always make good distractions!

M'nol reaches towards her retreating form, "Phy!" Then slumps against himself as she leaves him there alone. It's nearly 20 minutes before Bloodstone's chirp rouses him and instead of retreating to his bed, he too stumbles down the stairs, nearly falling twice before he reaches the bottom, curling up in Faraeth's arms as he did so often as a weyrling, nearly innumerable fire lizards curled up around him, and slips into another fitful sleep.

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