Awkward Miners

Xanadu Weyr - Forest


In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Amongst the normal weyrs scattered amongst the trees, there is one that is undergoing construction. A large, four-sided structure is protruding, supported by thick wood beams, bearing a ledge, and four large clock faces. It towers over the trees, creating quite a sight for arriving riders.

Janelle nods a little. "I haven't really taken any time, so I'm sure that there wouldn't be a problem if I take a few days.." There's a stack, slowly growing, of small ogs and branches near where Janelle stands. Jansk isn't currently present, but brown Basalt is, and he's doing a good job of overseeing his human working.

Tenebrous stands near Janelle, quietly engaging her in conversation. On a log nearby, one of his satchels has been padded on the inside, and a very young gold firelizard rests inside, dozing contentedly. "You'll have to take close to two weeks if you go. The trip normally takes me two days on foot, and I move fast…and in the daytime. Three days, at least, for you and Jansk."

Hyrlon wanders into the forest clearing and blinks, first at the gold firelizard and then at Janelle, "Long time no see… how's your leg?" Well outdated information, but hey, it /has/ been awhile, "Wait… you're talking about goign somewhere?"

Janelle grins as Hyrlon nears, nodding a bit. "I think you've been a bit hide-bound, Journeyman." Leg is lifted, and bent and extended several times as she balances on the other leg, "Good as new, thanks. How's Hysk doing?" She nods briefly at mention of going somewhere, "Not just yet, but soon.."

Tenebrous nods once to Hyrlon a she approaches. "Good morning, sir," he offers quietly. He's about to ask about Hysk himself, but Janelle beats him to it, and so he quietly continues gathering twigs and brush, hauling it over to a pile along one side of the eastern trail thta runs through this section of the forest.

Hyrlon shrugs, "I got a little busy then I couldn't find you anywhere. Where'd you run off to?" He nods to Fetch and grins, "Mornin' Fetch, and /please/ call me Hyrlon. Hysk's doing quite well. Almost ready to start a normal work schedule, I think. What about Jansk?"

Janelle nods a little, "I've already put her and I down for regular search and rescue duties.. And other tasks the masters might need us for."

Tenebrous offers, "I've been talking to Janelle about taking a trip up to Rubicon River Hold. I have business up there, and they might need a few new Wherhandlers to sign up. You're welcome to come with us, if you wish?"

Hyrlon chuckles, "I was just going to sign Hysk and I up for regular shifts. It's awkward enough with Morl doing search and rescue now." He smiles at Tenebrous, "That might be interesting… might be good to have a change of pace. Got called to Western yesterday to meet with a wherhandler and they didn't even /have/ one… ended up with another flit instead. Truss is cuddled up with Hysk right now."

Janelle nods a little. "Western doesn't?" She chews on her lower lip a little, "Rubicon's closer.." She glances from Tene to hyrlon briefly, then back towards her den. "I can't progress to a Journeyman, if I stay here, Hyr.. If I ever want to promote, I'm going to have to move, some day."

Tenebrous smiles when Hyrlon mentions a new flit, and moves over to that Satchel. He bends down, gingerly picking it up, and turning to face the other two. "Wake up, Cila," he murmurs. "I want you to meet someone." There's a quiet mrrr from insode of the bag, and a VERY young Gold's head peeks out, blinking. Tenebrous moves over to Hyrlon slowly, holding the bag out. "This is one of Janelle's friends, little one." He looks up at the male Wherhandler. "This is Reconciliation."

Hyrlon casts sad eyes on Janelle and looks truly confused, "Why… why would you think that? There's plenty of room for promotion here…" He smiles a little at the tiny gold, "She's quite beautiful, you must've been really lucky."

Janelle shakes her head a little, "There's already enough Journeyman 'Handlers here.. and too many places without them. there's plenty room for promotion, for a regular apprentice. Not with Jansk."

Tenebrous laughs a little. "Lucky? Blown away, you mean. I had…no idea this was coming. Someone literally came and found me, and…gave her to me." His fvoice trails off as he stares down at the Queen. "I don't … understand, really. Janelle tells me that's what friends do, but…" He looks up at Hyrlon. "I didn't think they gave Gold flits to people like me…"

Hyrlon grins at Tenebrous, "I don't think they ever know for sure what's in a flit egg, but yeah, definitely lucky." His eyes give a sad nod at Janelle, "I… I thought I was the only journeyman wherhandler here… I… I don't see why it would matter that much."

Janelle Shrugs a little, "I didn't think so much, either.. But.." Sigh. "That's why I'm thinking about Rubicon. …It's close enough.." Seh pauses, then turns away a second, looking around, and grabbing for a stick near by. The ground's nearly cleaned up now, but still she works at picking up whatever's near. "Still have to do a Journeyman's project first, so I've got time." Did she have to clear her throat before she started talking? …Or was that just the wood she was piling?

Tenebrous murmurs, "It'll get done when there's time for it to be done, Janelle. There's still time." Then he looks down at the Gold in his hands, frowining. "I just fed you…" His face wrinkles up a little more, his eyes intent on the little creature. "Ok," he finally concedes. "Ok. But we'll have to go back home. There's where the Dragonhealer left your special food."

Hyrlon reaches down and grabs a few sticks. He doesn't know why Janelle's picking up sticks, but he wants to help, "Have you thought about doing something about wher health and anatomy?" He glances over at Tene, "Special food? I just feed mine meat like most people."

Janelle Shakes her head alittle, "She'll be a bottomless pit, until she can feed herself, Tene.." she offers helpfully. Then, to Hyr, she adds, "I haven't a real idea on waht to do.. Thinking something about Wher and weyrfolk interaction.. People need to be reminded, that bonded Whers aren't something to be afraid of."

Tenebrous laughs quietly. "They do indeed, Janelle. I remember talking to Hyrlon about the Queen, and hearing…stories about Whers in the wild when I was younger. I think a puttle public education might not go awry." To Hyrlon, he offers, "All I know is, a Dragonhealer delivered her to me and gave me several packages of some kind of specially treated meat, and told me to make sure she finished those before she ate the real thing, so…" He smiles sheepishly. "I'm kind of new at this. I follow directions." Then he looks down at his Gold again. "Yes, Cila, I know. We'll go in a moment."

Hyrlon shrugs at Tenebrous, "Doesn't seem as it would hurt. You'll have to tell me how it goes." Then he grabs another armload of bracken, following Janelle to her pile, "wouldn't you have to stay in the Weyr for that? Though I suppose Rubicon's close, at least. Morl said it was only a couple hours by dragonflight."

"Anywhere there is a wher, people need education. They need to know not to be afraid of our bonds, Hyr.." Janelle points out. Then she shrugs, and sighs. "I don't know.. maybe I'm going about it all wrong.. Maybe I should set up an appointment, find out what I should be doing.."

Tenebrous chuckles. "It can't hurt, Janelle. Speak with whomever you need, and we'll touch base on that trip to Rubicon once you think you're ready to go." he looks down to the gold with a laugh. "Alright, alright. You win." He smiles at the two Wherhandlers. "Not even a day old and I'm being ordered around." He gingerly tucks the satchel around himself again. "I'll see you tow later." Then he starts off into the woods again, back towards the deep forest.

Hyrlon nods, "Everyone needs to be educated about that… but I mean the whole interaction between whers and weyrfolk idea." He moves another load, then sighs, leaning against a tree, "All I did was a report on structural stabilities of different woods for trusses in mines."

Janelle shrugs a little. "Rubicon has caves and stuff, along their coast.. she'd be helpful there.. Tene's there often enough.. But if I go, I'll miss seeing you and Hysk, miss being neighbours.."

Hyrlon nods slowly, "I'd miss seeing you too. You've been so much help training Hysk…" He sighs softly and runs his fingers through his hair.

Janelle grins a little, hand spreading before her, stopping at the pile of wood that's been collected. "We scattered it all out, so that seh could work on agility over obstacles. ..Wanted to be prepared, if she had to go into thick brush for a rescue.."

Hyrlon nods, "I did something like that with Hysk with rocks and gravel. He fell a lot at first."

Janelle grins a little, "I'm not so crazy then, am I?" With the area cleared now, she sighs, folding her arms over her chest. "But, yeah.. I was gone from our den a couple days not long ago.. Jansk and I went out to visit Tenebrous.. it was quiet.. Peaceful, out there.."

Hyrlon quirks an eyebrow, "You? crazy? of course not!" He sighs in unison with her, crossing his arms over his chest, "Morl's girl's been out there a lot too… what's so special about this Tenebrouw, anyway? All the girls seem to want to be with him."

Janelle snorts briefly, "That must be his apprentice.." she grins. "A for what about him? He's a good friend. He doesn't read into things.." She shrugs quietly.

Hyrlon half-smiles, "yeah, Phylicia…" He looks at her, "How do you feel about him?" leading questions anyone?

Janelle shrugs a bit, "Okay.. He said he'd had someone come asking for an apprenticeship.. That's all I knew about that." The question catches her off-guard a bit, "Feel? Hyr, he's a friend.. I trust him to be honest with me. I'm comfortable with him.." She shakes her head a little, somewhat confused, arms dropping to her sides, and Basalt flying up to her shoulder to nuzzle. "Is something the matter, Hyrlon?"

Hyrlon shrugs and looks at her for a minute, "I don't know… guess I've just gotten used to having you around and with all the girls flocking to him I can't help but wonder what's so special about him…"

Janelle chuckles just a little, "I wouldn't say that anyone's flocking.. You ever known someone that's misunderstood by what seems like the whole world? That's what I saw, when I met Tene.. someone like me, without many friends, wo needed a friend."

Hyrlon nods, "Morl used to say the same thing… doesn't anymore though…don't know why… I guess I'm just looking too hard…" He glances away from her and rubs his neck.

Janelle tilts her head a bit, watching Hyr's actions, before her gaze falls to the ground quietly. "Hey.. I'm done here. …Feel like doing soemthing?"

Hyrlon turns back towards her, smiling a little, "Sure… late breakfast, maybe?"

Janelle nods a bit. "That sounds like a plan." She dusts her hands off briefly, thinking twice to stop herself from wiping them on her pants. "Let's go."

Hyrlon dusts his own hands off, still smiling, "Yes, let's." And he strikes off in the general direction of the living caverns

Janelle follows along, taking a second's quicker step, to walk along side the journeyman.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Janelle walks along with Hyrlon, pausing as she makes her way into the great cavern. she's been chatting randomly about the whers, as they walk, falls quiet as they enter, glancing around.

Hyrlon stops talking when she does and glances up around the room, glad that it's mostly empty now. He does his best to smile warmly, "I think the eggs and toast are still fresh…"

Janelle nods a little, "You want some juice, or something else to drink?" She's grabbing required items, like a plate and glass, headed towards food.

Hyrlon grabs his plate, fork, and glass as well, "probably… orangefruit juice has always been good…" he smiles, "Any particular favorites for you?"

Janelle shrugs some, "Cheese. And fruits. those'd be my favourites, usually.." Hard for those to go stale, between meals." She grins a bit. "Orangefruit juice sounds good to me."

Hyrlon smiles, pouring a dose of juice into his own glass and offering to pour into hers as well, "Fruit's nice… I've always liked some meat with mine once and a while, though."

Janelle nods a bit, "Aye.. So long as it hasn't withered too much. I don't come out here at regular mealtimes, too often."

Hyrlon chuckles, "Me either anymore… seems like I'm eating after half the weyr's in bed and just before they all get up." He pours the glass for Janelle before piling some redfruit slices and a few pieces of meat onto his plate.

Janelle nods, "Exactly." Then she grins a bit, grabbing some redfruit, some orangefruit, and whatever else there is for fruit, inl little tastes of each. Moving down, she grabs a bit of only slightly-dried meat, and some cheese.

Hyrlon glances around the room, trying to pick just the right table of many, then motions towards an empty one with his head, "There work?"

Janelle ndos once, allowing for him to lead the way and follow right after. Closing in on the table, she'll add, "Perfect."

Hyrlon smiles, sliding into one of the seats, "Good." He takes a sip of his juice before he continues, "So… Rubicon, huh? I don't suppose you've considered somewhere like the reaches or maybe Western? Western's warmer and doesn't have a wherhandler at all…"

Janelle shrugs a little, "I just know that Rubicon's close.. Haven't really been anywhere but here.." She sets her plate and glass down before sliding into her own seat. "I don't really want to leave, but I don't want to be stagnant.. I won't live my life out as an apprentice.."

Hyrlon nods, "I know a lot of people who've felt like that… but if you go somewhere with fewer miners then it'll be harder to prove your ability to teach… at least when I walked they tested that, too. Had to go to the hall for a sevenday to prove my ability."

Janelle nods some, slowly, "Search and Rescue's a little easier, though.. I'm hoping I can show folks that it isn't just a miner's job to keep folks safe, and help locate them when they're lost. I've already started to help teach the kids here about safety around the mines and caverns around here.."

Hyrlon nods, "I've done some of that, too… getting my journeyman's knot specializing in safety was hard, but do able… being a handler now you might have to show what Jansk can do to get yours."

Janelle nods a little. "Yeh.. I sometimes wonder if I should go to the Hall, and talk to them about all this.. let them choose where I go, if I can't stay here.."

Hyrlon nods, "That might be a good idea… the Hall, at least, will know where a wher as talented as Jansk is needed…"

Janelle nibbles on some fruit, watching her plate as she chews then smiles. "She's a great wher, but she isn't any more talented than the rest.. But thank you."

Hyrlon takes a bite of redfruit and chews it slowly. He swallows, then answers, "From what I've read Jansk and Hysk learned really quick… have you seen through Jansk's eyes yet?"

Janelle shrugs a little, and grins. "Yeah… It's strange, but breathtaking at the same time."

Hyrlon nods, "Like the whole world is lit up but still in darkness…"

Janelle nods a bit. She grins softly, "Have you tried playing hide and seek, where he hides, and you have to find him using his vision of what he's around? I found that to be a great way to strengthen that skill. And to get used to seeing things that way."

Hyrlon nods, it was wierd… nearly tripped and killed myself the first time because they can't see rocks and sticks until it's too late… helped me learn to keep better track of my environment.

Janelle nods some, "Exactly.." she glances down, quiet for a few moments while she eats some of her meal. Before long, she glances up, clearing her throat, and adding, "I'm sorry that I haven't come looking for you lately. I hadn't seen you, so thought you were otherwise busy."

Hyrlon manages a smiles at that, "It's… okay, I was a little, but not so much I couldn't've spent some time… just could never find you when I went looking."

"Next time, if you check in our den, Basalt or malachite are usualy there, or close by.. you ask them, and they'll let me know you're looking. I feel bad you couldn't find me.. Feel worse, knowing that you *were* looking, and I just wasn't around."

Hyrlon smiles lopsidedly, "It's okay… never thought of goign into your den… I mean it's /your/ den…" He takes another bite of redfruit and chews it quietly, "I thought you'd disappeared like Tig and Venira…"

Janelle shake sher head, chuckling a little. "I din't disappear, Hyr, don't you worry. even a bit." She rests her arm on the table after running her hand through her hair.

Hyrlon smiles, "I can see you didn't, but you're still talking about leaving… Hysk'll miss Jansk." ooooo, copout!

Janelle nods a bit. "If I could stay, and still progress.." seh bites at her lip, something that's becoming a habit as time goes on, "Damnit, I don't *Want* to go, Hyr.."

Hyrlon nods, scratching the back of his head and neck, "Have you talked to Satoris? He might have an idea or three, he's been a Sr. Journeyman forever. I…" he glances around again, "I don't want you to go…"

Janelle shakes her head briefly. She's still chewing that lip, too.. "You think he'd have a solution, outside of leaving?"

Hyrlon nods, more emphatically, "Of course. If anything he'll know what you can do… might even have some connections to hurry the process."

Janelle grins a little, and shrugs. "I guess it won't hurt to try at some point. Would.." It's her turn to look around quietly, then back at Hyrlon, "Would you come with me to talk to him?"

Hyrlon meets her eyes for the first time since they entered the caverns, "I would love to, Janelle. He's not that scary, though."

Janelle grins a little. "I don't see it as scary, so much.. But you might be able to help, as an attestment to helping train the whers, and all.."

Hyrlon nods, "I'm sure we can come up with something. He doesn't want to lose any of his handlers for the mines, so he should be willing to work with you."

Janelle nods a little. "Hopefully you're right.." She leans back a bit, nibbling on a piece of cheese thoughtfully.

Hyrlon slices off a piece of bovine and chews it thoughtfully before smiling, "I'm sure of it… the whers are too important to let go just anywhere."

Janelle 's smile grows quietly, as she nods just once. "Thanks for making me feel better, Hyr."

Hyrlon starts to reach across the table, then moves his hand to grab the salt instead, sprinkling it lightly on his bovine as he smiles, "Anyday, Janelle, just ask."

Janelle grins a little, and nods. "Only if you promise to do the same thing, too, alright?" her hand lifts from the table to run over her hair again slowly, other placing a piece of meat into her mouth to chew.

Hyrlon nods, "Of course." He sets the salt down, then reaches up to scratch his nose, "How's your food?"

Janelle shrugs a little, "As good as it can be, a couple hours after breakfast." Juice is sipped, "Drink's always good, though."

Hyrlon nods, sipping his own juice, "Yeah… the bovine's a little dry… at least the redfruit's fresh…"

Janelle ndos a little. "So.." She grabs a piece of redfruit and a piece of cheese, laying fruit on top, and then biting some off. After chewing and swallowing, she continues, "What else do you do, other than work, and train with Hysk?"

Hyrlon bites down on another slice of redfruit and thinks while he chews, then, "I draw sometimes… I've considered sculpting, just never…" he shrugs.

Janelle oh's a little, and nods quietly. she shoves the rest of the redfruit-cheese combo into her mouth, chewing quietly, thoughtfully.

Hyrlon takes another drink of his juice, "So… what about you? what do you do besides work with Jansk and hang out with Tenebrous?"

Janelle shrugs a little, "Walk in the woods? When I'm feeling quiet, and it's late, sometimes I'll just go and sit in the first cavern of the mine.. Or in the forrest. Or at the Firelizard Theatre.."

Hyrlon smiles, "Sillly me, I 'get away' to my den." he chuckles, "No activities? No burning passions?" Something's burning all right.

Janelle shakes her head a little, "Not really, no. Borring ol' me, no life, just work." She and Hyrlon are sitting at an otherwise-empty table, in a fairly empty cavern, eating a late breakfast.

Hyrlon smiles, "Maybe we should fix that. Do you like long walks or jogging?"
"Both can be a good way to relieve stress.. The former with a friend, the latter usually on my own." Janelle grins sheepishly, "then I don't have to worry about keeping up with someone else."

Hyrlon smiles a little bigger, "I could cut my pace, but… would you like to go walking sometime?"

Janelle nods a little, after finishing up her plate of food. "I'd enjoy that." She glances around, then back at Hyrlon, "I really would enjoy that."

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