Seeking Answers

Xanadu Weyr - Smith Forge
Loud, dim, and hot is the large area set up for the Smith's forge area. It's been roughly divided into separate areas, the large common one holding the main forge lodged against the western wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use, the nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust.

To the other side are the separate forges for the Journeyman's use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project. Behind and to the back is the private forge reserved for the Master Smith of Xanadu.

Being in the forges in winter is like being in the greatest place on Pern. Warmth! Heat! Hotness! While the world freezes and shivers, those who work here have continuous access to heat. Granted, that heat may become stifling when one is working near the fires all day, but .. eh, details. It's evening, calm and cold. The starry nighttime sky glitters with diamond-like stars, uninterrupted by any clouds that may cause the view to be patchy. It's a breeze to fly through and nice to walk beneath, and this evening Ka'el is keeping his feet to the ground. Kanekith walks with him, dragon feet packing down the snow while his rider's eyes settle upon the smithy. By this time, apprentices will have been released to dinner. Journeymen may be doing the same, either in their offices or in the Caverns in a more social setting. When Ka'el enters, he's greeted by a wave of warm air instead of any person, and he exhales an appreciative breath. The cold that clings to his riding jacket begins to melt away as he moves further in, eyes sweeping the area in search of something. Or someone.

Maybe that's why a certain bluerider is always haunting it! Who needs a hearth in the caverns or the comfort of their own weyr when you got a forge that gives off so much more heat and the satisfaction of crafting while at it! At least, that's Kiena's lame excuse when folk prod her about her work habits, if she doesn't just brush them off in annoyance first. Good luck to any of the Journeyman trying to persuade Kiena to eat either. She may be apprentice level (which irks her still to this day), but while most of the other apprentices flee at the chance of dinner and after most of the Journeyman have called it a day, Kiena is still working. No matter what the job or task, she works though right now she is not doing anything too strenuous. Now she is just sorting through materials and tidying up a few tools. Not much else left for her to do now, not with evening settling in. Given the warmth and heat, she's shed her jacket long ago and wears only her usual work clothes and a heavy apron, gloves stuffed into the deep pocket on the side. Her hair has been swept back in a messy tie, most of it escaping now to frizz and coil wildly around her head and face, adding only to the soot and grime smudging her skin here and there. She's been a busy girl! Unaware of Ka'el's arrival, she's completely absorbed in her task. So much so that she's humming, figuring she's alone as she moves about.

Ah, the forges! Ka'el has had reason to frequent the place a little more often than usual lately, usually in less busy times and many times only to disappear with one of the Journeymen, only to reappear with papers. But he has had his hand on the hammers to mold and create masterpieces (or what he considers masterpieces. They're good enough to sell, anyway), but work isn't on the agenda today. He moves about in an unhurried pace, knowing that what he seeks is either here or not and no amount of rushing will change that. And .. ah-ha, she is! He'd recognize that frizz anywhere, and the sight of it inspires a smirk as he directs his walk towards the busy apprentice. And … is that humming he hears? He's never heard her sound so chipper! Or perhaps chipper isn't the right word. Maybe "content" fits better. Whatever the case, her relaxed state is reason enough for him to impishly smile. "It's one've those good sort've nights, isn't it?" he says, keeping his voice low as to not startle her as he makes her aware of his presence. "You been outside? It's nice … but from the looks of it, you haven't." He smirks.

Don't most crafters consider their works masterpieces whether they are or not? Kiena probably has that same confidence in her work, to a degree. Whether or not it's true and if most of what she forges is even usable is likely known only to herself and the Journeymen. The bluerider must do well enough if they trust her to be in here, unsupervised! Work was very much on her agenda but now there is no work and alas, what is a reclusive smith to do? Chipper may be too strong a word. Content is far better, as Kiena is often content when at the forges. Another reason why she's glued to this place! And her contentment must be running high, because Ka'el's low interruption doesn't send her into an irate fit demanding what he's doing here. The tools she was arranging are simply nudged back into their places before she's turning to face him with a crooked smirk that isn't entirely negative. "Didn't even notice it was night until awhile ago after some of the last Journeymen walked out." Kiena chuckles dryly and looks down at herself and then up again at the bronzerider. "What's it look like?" she drawls, pushing back a few of those errant strands of hair and shrugging. "No, I haven't. But that's not a surprise! What is is… well, you." No offence? "You comin' by to work?" she asks, though sounds doubtful even as she speaks the words.

Losing track of the time of day. oh, memories of a life he once lived! But … well, he can't really complain about his life now. There are so many positives! From Kanekith to Galaxy riding to his personal life (with all its rollercoaster ups and downs) to his fledgling partnership with the flowershop's owner, he can complain little about losing his forging ways of working til the heat finally got to him. But, thinking of his haves and the fortunate things he's been blessed with reminds him of why he's here. Kiena's question of what she looks like has him stifling a smirk as his eyes flit to her hair again. "Er… Like you've been here all day," he says honestly without having to go into any descriptive detail. Vagueness for the win! He slows the nearer he gets to her and finally pauses a handful of feet away. "I'm a surprise? Pft, why? I'm better'n most of the apprentices here," he remarks with a smug look. "An'…I've been around." Vaguely. He shrugs a shoulder at that and shakes his head at her last question. "No," he verbalizaes. "Lookin' for you. Figured you'd be here, an' lucky you are because if you weren't…I wouldn't know where else to look," he admits with an honest smirk. "You got a minute? I wanna ask you somethin'."

He's living the life! As far as Kiena is concerned, so is she though she doesn't not have nearly as much going on with her life. She as Ujinath, her craftwork, obviously her duties to the Weyr and then…whatever else she finds, stumbles upon or what trouble comes to find her. Very simple and… probably starting to grow too routine. Which is never good with a rider like her. Following Ka'el's glance up to her hair, her eyes also look up and then she's smirking at him, hands hastily smoothing over the top of her head. Which makes it worse. What? The vagueness baffles her but she lets it slide as he approaches and she does not shy away or balk, just stands there and shifts her weight to one side. "Bold statement! You know, didn't we challenge each other once… sort of? Something about daggers anyways." Kiena says with a vague roll of one of her hands. Details! She's… forgotten them. "Been around, huh?" she drawls with a crooked grin and a barely contained snicker. Leave it to her to take it out of context and tease him with it. Blinking, she seems surprised when he outrightly says he's been looking for her and for a brief moment her eyes narrow, wary but… this is Ka'el. She knows him well enough (sort of?) and so the bluerider simply shrugs and slips off her apron and hangs it up on one of the pegs. "I'm pretty much done here for the night, so yeah. What's this you want to ask me? And you should know better. If I ain't here, I'm at my weyr. And if not there, I'm somewhere in between." Helpful, that is!

Daggers? Ka'el squints his eyes, thinking back. Back…back… Fingersnap! "Oh, right! Was it a challenge? … Ha. It isn't a wonder why you backed out then," he says, playfully smug. "I wouldn't want to forge against me either. You kept your pride and dignity. I commend you." Cackle! And as for getting around? "And you an' I both know you wouldnt've been able to keep your eyes off me." Snicker! He's joking, really! And he's grinning through that narrowed gaze he's received, apparently used to her wariness by now, even if he does think it rather unnecessary at this point. He moves to straddle a work bench as it seems as if she'll humor him with his question, though he knows depending on the question he asks, 'humorous' won't be a word to describe anything that follows. But as his grin begins to fade and make room for a look that's notably more serious, it may be obvious that the topic at hand is one he feels important enough to brave … despite the consequences of her wrath. Kiena seems one to appreciate getting to the point of things, and thus, he does just that. "Why don't your girls stay with you?"

Kiena shoots him a look for that. Oh, now it may become a challenge! "Aren't you just high on the ego tonight?" she scoffs and that smirk soon twists to a grin. "Maybe I was holding' back so that you didn't have to suffer the indignity of having your ass beat by a girl at smithing. Ever think of that?" she fires back, only to just stare at him for the next remark. That has her laughing, short and sharp. "Oh wow. We're down to that now, huh? Sorry, not my type." she drawls while giving him a once over glance. Jokingly, of course! "Swore of bronzeriders, too." she adds with another chuckle and while he finds a work bench to perch upon, Kiena will find a spot nearby to lean against and face him. Apparently standing is her preferred choice for now and sensing things are sobering back to seriousness, her grin fades too and then just drops entirely when he goes straight to the heart of things. Again. Ka'el's a brave man to push her buttons here, where there are plenty of things for her to throw not that her temper has ever been riled that far. It's all heresy and rumours that she's that wild when angered! There will be no wrath and no fiery explosion. Kiena simply backs away and sits on a nearby stool. Sitting may be better, after all! "It's complicated. Why does it concern you whether or not they stay with me?" Curious minds want to know!

Not her type, eh? Well! If her last mate (or at least, the last mate that he is aware of, anyway) is any indication of just what her type may be, Ka'el is glad for it! Would he say this aloud? Maybe. More likely, more banter would ensue along the lines of smithing and just who's better. And how he's not afraid of her challenge! Bring it on, woman! But the time for that has passed and his question has been asked and he sits with a sober expression on his face as he waits either an answer or a hammer to be thrown at him, granting him yet another prolonged visit to the infirmary. …. Luckily, no tool is being hurled at his face (yet) and her answer isn't even the snarl that he had expected. This is already going better than he thought! "It isn't," he admits with a shake of his head.

"It isn't any've my concern or my business, really. But….Y'see, this isn't the sort've thing they..tell you about in weyrlinghod," he says, lips slightly pulling down. "They tell you about the straps an' oiling and dragon care an' teach flight patterns an' even go over mating flights," unless you were in his unfortunate class and had to deal with Darsce's nonsense for that! "But nobody ever talks about…after. It's like it doesn't exist to anybody. They always say flights don't mean anything, an' when it's over, you're supposed to be like…'alright bye' to whoever it is. But what if you can't? Kanekith already caught once, he'll probably catch again. What if I end up with some girl and she.. ends up with child? What if I don't want that? What if she doesn't want that? ..Is that why they don't stay with you?" he asks with a bit of caution to his voice at the end. He knows a touchy subject when he barrels his way into one.

Another time for banter, perhaps! For now the chance has passed, but given that Kiena hasn't given him the cold shoulder yet there stands a good possibility that paths will cross and time may allow for it. No tools ail be thrown, no indignant outburst, nothing… really comes from the bluerider save for a silent stare and eyes that gradually widen as he goes on to ramble. Struggling to absorb it all is what saves him and in the end Kiena can only lift her hands up in a warding gesture. Woah. Woah. "Shards 'n shells, one thing at a time!" Too much at once and not at all what she expected as an answer! "There's a lot they gloss over in Weyrlinghood, I find." she drawls in and edged voice. Bitter? You bet she is. Then she's just regarding Ka'el long and hard, as if trying to puzzle out if all she just heard was true. This is what was on his mind when he saw her with her twin girls? Next she has to war with herself whether or not she wants to answer him. This… is awkward for her. "They're sorta right about the whole flights mean nothin'." she begins before faltering, fidgeting where she sits. Why her? "And didn't they cover this with your matin' flight lecture?" Cue another stare. Well? Kiena exhales heavily then and runs her fingers back through her hair. Alright… seeing as he started this? "You're not forced to stay with the rider, ya know? Even if it winds up with pregnancy. Just how it goes. Some choose to acknowledge it, others don't. S'how weyrlife is. And if the girl don't want the kid, there's ways…" Cough. "… ya know? Though most are savvy enough to keep up with the preventatives. Chances of you getting a girl pregnant though on flight? Slim. One time thing, right?" Then that last question sinks in and Kiena's expression hardens, mouth drawing back into a grim line but she's not fast enough to mask her emotions. Guilt, regret, hurt. Those are all simmering somewhere in there and she clamps down good and hard. What she answers with is the 'safe' reasoning behind her decision. "My girls stay in Western because that is where they have family. Zi'on's… family. Him, their half siblings. Their foster family. They weren't the result of a flight. They resulted from me not taking precautions. Very unlikely for flight to be the cause." Bitter smirk. "Most greens Ujinath catches have female riders." Yay her?

"Sorry," says Ka'el, who shuts the floodgates of his words. It's only after they've all spilled out that he realizes he caught of case of diarrhea of the mouth. Poor Kiena. All she wanted was a relaxing evening in the forge! And all Ka'el wants .. is some guidance. Answers to questions long ago formulated with no one to ask. And unfortunately for him, ignorance doesn't stop the world from turning, dragons from rising, or bronzes from chasing. Events keep happening, rolling on towards the future whether he's ready for them or not. He has to arm himself somehow. "Our flight lecture was a shardin' joke," he scowls. "A flippin' joke givin' be someone who figured havin' rider parents qualified her for anything." Blue eyes roll, and his fingers drum against the workbench slowly. There are things to prevent pregnancy? That's .. probably a conversation he should… have… (not with Kiena, thank Faranth!) And, also a bit of good news, flight pregnancies aren't as common as he imagined! As long as the girl is doing that preventative thing. "I'd think it'd be impossible to … ignore a baby that was mine. Even if I .. didn't..want it to happen, it's not the baby's fault it's been born, y'know?" He continues to watch herh, expression guarded as she speaks of her own children. "But here, they have you," he points out. "You'd be … a thousand times better I think for them to be around an' influenced by. As for Ujinath catching female riders.. Um…cheer! he guesses. "That's, uh…good."

Maybe he should go see a Healer about that mouth issue? Kiena already had her relaxing night at the forge and was winding down in preparation to leave (so very slowly). Could be part of the reason why she's not bristling or reacting so bad to his arrival or all that he just threw at her and into her lap. Right now she's a wee bit too stunned to be anything but surprised and awkward by Ka'el's trust in her to even bring this sort of topic up and equal parts confused as to why it's her of all riders in Xanadu to talk to. She has no idea just how unprepared the bronze rider is and will likely discover that soon enough if the conversation continues. "You… weren't even given another lecture by a rider? Riders, even?" she asks him while narrowing her eyes a bit. This is for real? He better not ask her about the preventatives, she'd likely clam up good then. "Not sayin' you got to go out of your way to pretend it doesn't exist but… eh," Kiena fumbles again and lifts a hand up to nervously run her fingers through her hair, tucking it behind her ear. Not that it stays. "No, it's not the babies fault to be born but… It's a right tangled mess, really. Suppose it all depends on the person." Kiena blinks. Her? A thousand times better? That has her laughing, but not out of humour. "No, I am not the better choice. Western they have more family than just me… and I do not have the time for them. Not full time." Harsh, but the truth. She sighs and looks down at her hands, where they've curled against her thighs. "Also, it would mean he would come to call and I don't want that. Bad enough he came sniffin' around for Idrissa after Tahryth's flight. So… the girls stay in Western where he can dote on them. I go to visit on my terms." Fair is fair. As for Ujinath's preferences, Kiena grimaces and lifts her eyes. Where was she going with this? "Guess my point with that was you'd probably be better of askin' my brother these things if yer looking for advice… about the whole flight… thing." Cause that wouldn't be awkward at all to start discussing topics like these with the Fortian Weyrleader! "'M not exactly the best example. What I've been through ain't exactly, uh — standard." Thankfully.

"What I got was 'It's flights. They happen. Deal with it. Enjoy it.'" Which Ka'el has yet to do and is having a difficult time finding out how anyone /could/ enjoy them. "Shards, you think so highly on bronzeriders, " obvious sarcasm there! "I figured you'd know what I was told by'm. But havin' a kid in every weyr Kanekith ends up chasin' in doesn't sound like anything I'd enjoy." He wrinkles his nose, his eyes no longer on her. He doesn't .. seem to be having any issues talking about this with her. Maybe …. it's because she's a smith? Or because she rides blue? Or because it's obvious that she has zero attraction towards him, and thus opening up to a female rider is just.. a little easier than any of the unhelpful men he's sought. Who knows. Whatever the reason, Kiena is the lucky one who gets to hear his worries! … uh, hooray! Luckily, he doesn't ask about preventatives … even though he likely should. But even he won't go there. His eyes flit back to her. "I just don't wanna be that guy, y'know? The bronzer that you say I am, but I know I'm not," he remarks with a smirk that's not at all spiteful. He leans back a little, brows dipping. "I still think you'd be better. He might have family, but you're more … constant, I think is the right word. I don't care for your ex-weyrmate much at all." As for talking to Th’ero? Ha! Yeeeeeah no. He snerks at the idea.

iena just flat out stares at Ka'el. "That's it? That's all they shardin' covered for you guys?" she says flatly, disbelieving. Even her lecture had more to it than that! Snorting, she shakes her head. "No wonder you're confused. No offence meant to your Weyrlingmaster or whatever for trying something new but… Jays. There's more to it… And enjoy it, my ass! HA. Maybe for as long as the flight lust lasts? After that it's just… whatever it is." Clearly Kiena is of the same opinion and level of trying to find exactly HOW one is supposed to enjoy flights. Her lips curve at the sarcasm and her chuckle is low. "Only cause you bronzeriders make it easy!" she quips back and promptly sobers. "I'm tellin' ya, chances of you seedin' like that from Weyr to Weyr on flights? Unlikely. First of all, Kanekith would have to WIN. Everytime. Never guaranteed and you know that." At least she hopes he knows that! Maybe it is because she's a smith, or a woman or in no ways attached and neutral. For whatever reason, it works and Kiena's not shutting down or backing out. Lucky her, indeed? Right now she's not feeling so lucky. Brows furrow and for a moment a look akin to regret flickers in her eyes. "You know half the time I spit that at you, I'm bluffing?" she'll smirk right back. She'll be stubborn too and firmly shake her head. "Constant isn't all they need…" Yet now she isn't so certain and she chews slightly at her lower lip which stops the moment she laughs again, short and sharp. HA! "Join the club?" Sarcasm at it's finest! "And you'd be seeing more of him if I brought the twins here. It'd… no. It be just too much. He'd never allow it either." At the snerk, Kiena peers at him and a little confused. "What? Th'ero ain't that bad to talk to. His Velokraeth has a reputation to chase everythin' glowing'. If there's someone to talk to about these uh… worries, he'd know?" She shrugs her shoulders. "Plus if it's any comfort, despite his bronze's randiness, he's had ONE kid. One. And that was with his weyrmate."

Ka'el nods once. "Yeah, I know he isn't goin' to win every time." Geeze, he hopes not! "He's only chased once. He won. He didn't want to again til after the eggs were hatched and gone, but… I didn't want him to. So he didn't." Which wasn't the easiest or most enjoyable task in the world, but at least he was successful! But that was only once. And with a green dubbed insignificant. His expression stays clouded for a time, his thoughts and emotions too numerous to name, but as she speaks of bluffing his face clears up with a small smile. "Only half?" he says, his smile morphing into a smirk. "An' I know you don't mean it beause I know that's not who I am and want to keep myself from bein'." He leans back, propping himself up on the palms of his hands that are pressed against the surface of the workbench he straddles. "Your brother might be a good'n to talk to .. but it'd be kinda weird to bring it up to him. He doesn't even know me," he reminds, though he does find much comfort in knowing that the weyrleader doesn't have children all over the place. He was beginning to think that was A Thing Expected to Happen. "Constant is important," he counters after a while of thought. "Might not be everything, but it's one've those big things, I think. But it's too bad. I like your girls, especially the talky one. Was that … Ellie?" he says, brows furrowing as he tries to think back. "I've got to remember to teach her how to swing standin' up," he muses with a crooked grin that gradually fades. "I jus' think they'd be better off with somebody else to model after. I don't know the guy, but I know enough've him to get the picture. He came here before tryin' to move in on my girlfriend. When she blew'm off, he went straight off for Idrissa, who's idiot enough to let him til he moves on to the next one." He wrinkles his nose, though slightly balks when looking at her. "..Shards. No offense to you. I'm sorry." He frowns a little, looking genuinely apologetic.

"He's a doting clutch sire, then?" Kiena drawls, curious but also unsure of what else to say. That sort of experience is beyond her, given Ujinath will only ever chase greens. She does quirk a brow though. "You kept him from chasin'? We were advised… against it. Not that I think it's a bad idea and I bet you had your reasons. Shards if I don't have mine but Uji chases regardless. But then, no one shardin' told me weird messed up shit like stand-ins can happen too. You want screwed up flights? Have that happen!" she scoffs with a twisted grimace. "Lots of goodies you missed out on with your lecture." Sarcasm again, until the small smile he gives. "Okay, maybe never. I don't mean it, Ka'el." she admits the obvious and follows it with a shrug and a sobered expression. "Yer definitely not fittin' the stereotype. Whatever you're planning on avoiding to be you're doing a good job." Cause she's not brushed him off or evaded him in these strange little run-ins they have, or lost her temper, or any of the usual behaviour she displays around those who've brushed her the wrong way too many times. "Mhm. It would be odd… now that I think of it. Though you seem to be talkin' just fine to me and you've not known me that long?" she points out with a faint chuckle. "Just an option, if yer ever in Fort for whatever reason." Kiena goes silent as he counters her, jaw setting firmly and stubbornness flaring again. "Ezsrisa." she corrects, mouth quirking in a brief twitch of a smile. "Eliana is shy. And you may regret winning them over or will I regret it? Seeing as you're wanting to teach 'em to take risks swinging!" Light banter, almost humouring and then gone the next second when she just listens, her expression falling along with the lowering of her eyes. Is she stung by what Ka'el rambles on about? She is and there is no mistaking it. "None taken." she says flatly, bitterly but not directed to him. Something she tries to clear up after she takes a slow great and exhales heavily. "And not your fault. I'm over him but there are times when I wonder if leaving the girls was right to do. But I needed out fast… I had enough." That earns a slight wince. "Zi'on — that's just how he is. For all he says of love. Didn't keep him from straying when he was with me. Maybe he'll be smarter with Idrissa, but I wouldn't know. He certainly showed his colours when he waltzed in on Idrissa and I after the flight. Don't know how she can stand that behaviour of his… But maybe I am as others said: holderbred. Just don't understand, right?"

Wait … what? "A … stand-in?" He says the phrase like one would say 'iPod' in this world, but after an owlish blink of obvious confusion, he waves a hand in the air. "Weird and messed up I don't need. Don't bother explainin!" he cries before his hands lower.. It's good to know that his efforts are paying off and his reputation is not one of a typical bronze rider! Which one can presume is promiscuous and selfish. (Well ok, so he can be a little selfish from time to time, but who isn't!) "I've known you for a while, Kiena," he remarks, a small grin on his lips. "I don't remember when I first met you, but it wasn't this turn. I've known you for over a turn, and that's long enough for me to know that … you're alright," he says with a crooked smile. "I mean, more than alright. I feel like I can say things to you and you're not gonna shardin' be all over my back about it." It's a good trait to have! "Ezs..risa. You couldnt've made it simple like … Kit and Kat?" K-names rule after all! "And I'd teach'm nothing but the most important things've life. Proper swinging stance is a must. As is the best mud for mud-pies," he says, listening items off on his fingers. But then there's the topic of Zi'on, which never is grin-worthy, thus is drops from his face. "Well, you have my opinion about it. They're your girls, so you know best and all've that, but … well. You know my side." He snorts at the mentioning of Idrissa, though outright frowns at the last. "What? He came in?" He sounds incredulous.

Kiena only bobs her head in confirmation for the repetition of the strange and unfamiliar word. "Mhm. It's when—" Then he's waving his hands in the air and she holds her own up in defence. Alright, alright! "I won't then! Sheesh. Probably best you forget it." She wishes she could! Tilting her head, she smirks at first but it soon changes to a tentative smile. "Not so scary, am I, if you get around the snark I tend to throw?" she muses and directing the teasing to herself for once. Never mind she's mellowed out considerably. "Well… it depends on what you ask and how you ask it. So far you've… pried a bit but since you're not jumping down my throat for what I say, then we're good." It's that simple? Kiena never expected to have a good trait, but she'll take it! She gives him a look when he brings up her twins names again. "Had no choice. 'E' is necessary, since Zi'on is a Shipton and it's apparently necessary. Only so many ways you can blend names. And that's all you'll teach them, eh?" she drawls and another smile tugs at one corner of her mouth. Faintly, but there are the same! "I swear, you're all but offering to babysit them. And THAT you will regret." They're needy things, her three Turn old daughters! Back to sobering topics and Kiena sighs, "I know your opinion of it, your side. Not saying it's wrong, but… It's just a lot more complicated. If it wasn't, the girls would most likely be here. Maybe." Maybe. Kiena again doesn't sound so certain and her eyes take on a conflicted look before focusing again as she looks first at Ka'el and then away to… well, anywhere. Hello floor! "Yup. Strolled right in. I was already on my way out. He… made his usual jokin' comments. I would've slapped him in the face for what he said, but couldn't. Weyrleader." Oh, but she sounds as though it's still tempting!

"Weyrleader or not, that's a shardin' idiot move. Bein' a Weyrleader doesn't make him or anybody else above common sense an' common fuckin' courtesy ," Ka'el says with a scowl. "Shards, does Western not have .. people or things to take care of? The guy's always around here as if he's nothin' better to do. Thea and N'shen are hardly ever away except when necessary." As good leadership should! "Kanekith hates foreign bronzes lurkin' about." The frown that's etched itself on his face remains a constant feature now as blue eyes narrow. "I'm sorry you won that flight," he concludes as he rises, voice a mutter. "The two idiots deserve one another." He shakes his head, as if trying to physically shake away the foul mood that's clung to him. Happier thoughts arrive with the twins, who he really did like. He likes kids! He just … also likes giving them back to whoever they belong to when he's done with them, mwuaha. "You'd be lucky to have me as a baby sitter," he says, a portion of his smile returning. "But I have a high fee. You pay for quality, you know. And you'll be payin' double." He grins outright now, glancing to the door after. "I think it's stupid you're "required" to do anything just because of a name. They're your children. You should have a say." Not that it'd make any different now. It's just the principle of the matter! "Anyhow, I think I've exploded your mind enough for the evenin'. You should get somethin' to eat before long. They'll be closin' the Caverns, you know. I should go. Kanekith's itchin' for oil," said as he scratches at an elbow. "..Thanks. You know for…this."

You slap, punch or attack a Weyrleader and see where it lands you," Kiena points out dryly and with a bitter, grim look on her features. "I don't approve of his behaviour either! And of course he's always here. We both know why. Dunno how he finds the time to do that and manage Western, but Western runs as it does." She shrugs then, showing she's never truly thought about it until now. "Kanekith's territorial then? Huh." At his apology, her brows rise up high in surprise and only now does she clue in to his mood. Shit. "Ka'el… I think I'm the one who should be sorry." Why, she can't entirely elaborate. She either doesn't know of his history with Idrissa or has forgotten but the bluerider knows something crossed a line somewhere. Back to happier (sort of?) topics and Kiena smirks again, though her eyes flicker with light amusement. "Is that so?" she mutters. "Well, that may be a problem. I barely make much mark wise. I'd have to pay you in other ways…" Snicker. "… like alcohol? Faranth knows you'll need it after watching two three Turn old girls." Now she is smiling, since he's grinning but her's is tentative at best. Not quite out of the awkward conversations. "I tried to have my say! It didn't work. They're marked now and there's nothing I can do about it." Kiena pushes off the stool then and goes to find her jacket, shaking it out before slipping it on. "Yeah, I'm aware. I've some food stored up in my weyr." Though she doesn't seem to enthusiastic about food. She waves a hand at this thanks, not to dismiss him but simply as a 'eh, don't!' sort of gesture. "Anytime. Seems I'm good for it… I think? Regardless, hope you had whatever you needed answered… uh, answered." Now she's edging towards that door, smile still in place and a slight chuckle when he scratches at the mention of Kanekith needing oiling. "Take care, Ka'el. And thank you too…" For what? She doesn't elaborate, instead turning to slip through the door first with her hands pushed into her pockets. Time for the walk home!

Alcohol's the best form of payment (along with other ways..)! Isn't that where most men's coinage goes towards, anyway? Might as well skip the middle step and go straight to drinking! "Deal," Ka'el replies with a snicker. He doesn't comment on the consequences of hitting a Weyrleader, knowing that it would be Very Bad for the hitter and not so much for the leader, no matter how much they may deserve punishment. And the apology she allegedly owes him? Waved off. It isn’t worth the time or breath wasted to apologize for anything regarding his ex."Well next time," he says in reference to the girls, "if ever there's a next time, you name them whatever you want." Kiena, with more kids? … Uh doubtful! "Yes, you are good for listening, and yes you answered," he thinks. Though whether or not she did, he sounds less gloomy than before as she pulls on her jacket to ready herself for outside. "Eat somethin' alright?," he says to the young woman, a smile evident on his lips as he too readies to leave. "See you, Kiena," he offers in her wake, waving a little til she's gone and the door closes. He takes a little longer, but eventually he too is out the door and into the tail end of winter. His mind has a lot to ponder. Better start with a slow walk home.

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