One Freaked-Out Computercrafter And A Weyrleader

Ista Weyr - Main Beach

The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.

The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

X'hil has come down to the beach this morning to check on those firelizard eggs, muttering to himself all the while. He really /should/ be heading to the offices, but he /really/ doesn't want to face Ysa this morning. He made a bit of a scene in the Sable Sands last night. But at least Eledri should be home by now, right? Kinseth glides in overhead and lands nearby, intent on watching his rider with the eggs. Maybe he might learn something, he /does/ have a clutch coming up, after all.

There must be something about the beach that seems to attract people running madly. Because there goes a panicked, half-dressed computercrafter, running full-tilt from the direction of the weyr. He's got his pants on, at least, though the rest of his clothing is carried in a jumble in his arms. He's just getting his shirt over his head, which is unfortunate, as he misses the rather large bronze dragon over there. And the weyrleader. But then, Eledri is just a little bit /upset/. So it's debatable whether he's really noticed anything after bolting from the guest room he spent the night in. The young man is not really looking where he's going, either; he just knows he has to get /away/. There's a running stream of whimpered, "Ohshards, ohshards, ohshards.." as he goes, bare feet pounding across the black sand, until finally he stumbles and faceplants right into the ground. Scrambling onto hands and knees, he just.. flops backwards onto his backside and buries his head head in his arms with the groaned, "Oh Faranth," and then procedes to hyperventilate. Cue freaking out computercrafter.

X'hil can't help /but/ notice Eledri, naturally. His reaction is not the most helpful though, as he ducks behind Kinseth. Really, X'hil? Really? Eledri is clearly no threat to anyone in his current state. The rider peeks out from behind Kinseth, just as Eledri flops backwards, and begins to hyperventilate. There's a string of choice curse words then, muttered under X'hil's breath, before he steps out, and eyes the crafter. 'Why are you still here?' is probably the /first/ question on his mind… "Are…" Are you okay? Don't be stupid, he's obviously not. "…what happened?" he finally asks, /trying/ to be nice, though he's definitely keeping his distance.

"Ohshardsohshardsohshards.." goes the hyperventilating computercrafter, although then someone is /talking/, and Eledri's head snaps up, clearly startled, and more than a bit panicked still. He squints in the weyrleader's direction. He's not wearing his glasses, so it may take a moment - but no, he sees /Kinseth/, and the Eled promptly /squawks/ and scrambles to his feet. He is actually /shaking/, though whether it's from the sudden recognition of X'hil right there, or from whatever he was fleeing from, is unclear. At any rate, Eledri's face goes crimson. And then the color begins to drain. It's really quite interesting. There's a sort of strangled noise in his throat, before he manages to sputter out a, "Y-you!" at the weyrleader, hands clenching into fists, although they remain at his sides. He's probably not stupid enough to try anything with the man's dragon right there, but who knows? Oddly enough, the look on Eledri's face isn't a scowl. It's panic. The journeyman looks ready to bolt. Though he'd be leaving half his clothes behind if he did.

X'hil sighs, and glances upwards at Kinseth, then jerks his head at Eledri. The dragon and rider are still both keeping their distance, but Kinseth is moving, apparently to block off Eledri's escape, if the man should decide to bolt. X'hil kneels beside the firelizard eggs, pulling them out and taking the secret box from underneath. "Look, I'm not going to hurt you, Weyrwoman Ysa would have my knot if I did." Or worse. Of course, he's just assuming based on last night, he has no idea what happened after he left, though he'd certainly like to know. He puts the box on the sand, and then kicks it towards Eledri. "Eat something. Relax." he suggests, though he's grimacing just slightly.

Eledri really does look like he might run, but then the dragon is moving, and the man's eyes go wide for just a moment. Well, he /can't/ get away now. Eep. Still shaking, the computercrafter gulps and watches X'hil warily, though at mention of Ysa, Eledri makes another soft, strangled sound in his throat and glances back toward the weyr. And then.. eat something? Eledri looks utterly baffled. He might have been expecting a royal chewing out, or yelling, or /something/. But.. breakfast? Eledri stares at the weyrleader. There's a hesitant moment, before he's eyeing the box and then just dropping back to his knees in the sand. He doesn't touch the box though, instead muttering a stiff, "Where's my sister?" and unclenching one hand to run through disheveled hair, pushing it back out of his face. He really looks as if he's just jumped out of bed. There might even still be pillow creases on his face. Poor guy.

X'hil doesn't really care if Eledri eats or not, really. He's just trying to distract the man from … whatever nightmare he's just woken from, to freak him out so thoroughly. As to Cenlia's location, he frowns. "Last I saw, she was on board a Xanadu dragon. I assume she's there now." he answers honestly. He moves a little closer, and settles in the sand a meter or so away from the crafter. "What… Why are /you/ still here?" he finally has to ask, curiosity getting the better of him. "…what happened?"

News that his sister is likely back in Xanadu brings a look of relief to the computercrafter's face, panic ebbing, just slightly. Eledri closes his eyes momentarily, uttering a shaky, half-whispered, "Thank Faranth," before dropping his hand to his side. And now he scowls, though surprisingly perhaps, not at X'hil. No, it's the black sand he glares at, as he stammers an, "I-" cheeks going crimson, "N- nothing!" And he starts shaking all over again, though he's quickly moving to gather his dropped clothing.

X'hil frowns. "Nothing?" It doesn't /seem/ like nothing. But he doesn't seem to be particularly eager to press the issue. Cenlia might not be too pleased if X'hil broke her brother. "Okay, forget I asked." he says, with a shrug. If Eledri doesn't want to talk, no sense pestering him. He frowns, and glances to Kinseth, idly. "Er…" Another question? Because the answers have been /so/ forthcoming. "…what brought you to Ista in the first place?" He's heard Cenlia's side, but honestly, he wants to hear what Eledri hoped to achieve with that. Not that he expects any kind of answer, really.

No, the gardener girl most definitely wouldn't be happy if her brother got broken, though if she ever finds out what really happened, she might just break him herself, with a shovel, out of sheer exasperation. But anyway. Eledri cringes, pulling on vest and socks in a hurry, not seeming to care about sand between his toes. "Nothing," he mutters too quickly, the panic attack subsiding for the moment as boots go on in a rush, though he at first gets the wrong foot on the first try. It doesn't help that he's still shaking somewhat. There's a much quieter, "Sharding /weyrwoman/," under his breath as he grabs his belt (with all his tech gadgets, spectacles, and that still-sheathed knife) and hugs it to his chest, getting to his feet and.. looking around. It is, perhaps only now, dawning on the computercrafter that he has no ride home. But then X'hil's next question has him staring at the weyrleader all over again. Seriously? And now the bronzer gets a scowl, Eledri opening his mouth and sputtering for a moment, unable to phrase an answer. "I came for my /sister/," he finally managesto growl, gaze dropping. That knife on the belt in his hands gets a hard look for a moment. Before he pulls the thing off his belt. And. Then just flings it off into the ocean with a frustrated noise, turning to glare at X'hil, "I don't know!"

X'hil blinks. "Weyrwoman?" he asks aloud, though it's not exactly a question, more a confused moment of thinking aloud. He may not always see eye to eye with Ysa, for instance, these parties that she so enjoys, and the /booze/, but he'd never curse her like that. Well, /probably/ never, he hasn't really been Weyrleader very long yet. He stands up as Eledri growls an answer, and seems about to speak, when Eledri pulls out the knife. And then flings it into the ocean. X'hil blinks, and stares at Eledri. Knife. Eledri. Came for his sister. Punched X'hil. And X'hil /knows/ about the rumours circulating. "I…" He glances towards the ocean, and gulps. Eledri had a /knife/. "…Cenlia would have gotten home safely. She /did/ get home safely." He assumes. She left safely enough. "Got home before you did." he can't resist snapping, his 'nice' facade slipping a bit. Though, the rumour is lurking in the back of his mind, and he sighs. He has siblings. Could he /honestly/ say he wouldn't act the same? "We're… we're not… She's my /friend/." And he has so few of those as it is.

Eledri just grimaces. He's not going to elaborate about the weyrwoman, no. Though his cheeks are still fairly pink, and he can't help looking somewhat embarrassed for a moment. Anyway, it isn't as if half the tavern didn't see Ysa leading the very drunk computercrafter off last night; if X'hil hasn't heard about it yet, he likely /will/ eventually. Rumors are lovely things, aren't they? There's probably some irony there - he came to Ista to get his sister away from the weyrleader, and ended up in bed with the weyrwoman instead. And yes. Eledri had a knife. And he'd been angry. And drunk. It's probably better not to dwell on what /could/ have happened, really. Eled almost looks as if he wishes he'd gotten to use it, too. But instead of doing something stupid, the young man just brings a hand up to rub his head forehead, eyes closing so that he's no longer glaring at the weyrleader. Yep, he has a hangover, too. There's a muttered, "/Good/," about his sister, although his shoulders stiffen at the snapped remark about himself. He scowls again, just glaring at X'hil, but then suddenly looks away, fists clenching around the belt he's still holding. "Friend," it's not a question, as he spits the word out with a scowl. And then he turns back to X'hil, eyes narrowing as he tosses back acidly, "Because of /you/, she was nearly thrown out of Xanadu!" the accusation itself not nearly as bad as the /look/ he gives the bronzerider. That can't really be all there is to it, can there?

X'hil has been avoiding people, on purpose. He expects rumours to be flying about himself after last night, and he'd rather not hear them. He doesn't press Eledri for information about last night, at least. "Yes. /Friend/." he snaps, looking Eledri up and down. He doesn't say anything else, but his defensive stance seems to say 'Want to make something of it?'. At the accusation, he lowers his gaze, looking rather more guilty. He could say that wasn't /his/ idea in the first place, or point out that she /wasn't/ thrown out, or come up with any number of excuses, but, he doesn't. "I… I never meant… If there was a way to make it up…" He sighs. He really does still feel awful about that.

For a moment, Eledri might actually look as if he does want to make something of it. But he hasn't forgotten the man's dragon over there. Eled only rubs his head again, grumbling a quieter, "I just wish you'd stay away from my sister," though after the earlier vehemence in his tone, this sounds fairly weak. Also tired. He doesn't even look at X'hil as he speaks, instead glancing out to the ocean with a slight scowl. He seems have gotten over the earlier panic, too, although the computercrafter's expression is slowly moving into a frown as he mutters a distracted, "I.. should return to Xanadu," and glancing around uncertainly.

X'hil sighs, and glances over at Kinseth, then back at Eledri. "Look, it's not up to you, or me alone. Cenlia came here on her own, I didn't go to Xanadu, /or/ send for her." Of course, he was glad to see her, and he'd never send her away, but that's beside the point right now. "I think you should /talk/ to her." Not fight, not argue, just … talk. In a fight, Cenlia would win. And an argument might just make her /more/ determined. X'hil doesn't want to keep away from Cenlia, she's his friend, but he doesn't want to drive a wedge between her and her brother either. There's a nod as Eledri mentions Xanadu. X'hil would be /quite/ glad to see the back of him. Was he serious last night about banning Eledri from Ista? He doesn't seem inclined to mention it, and no-one actually overheard him, so Eledri may well be safe. He glances around the beach. Still fairly quiet, not many people around. If he takes Eledri back, shouldn't be anyone to gossip about it… Not that there's much worth gossiping about, exactly. The knife maybe, and the computercrafter's panic, but on the whole X'hil's been almost civilised this morning. "If you need a lift… Kinseth's here. Or… I could send for another rider."

Eledri does blink at that, turning to look at X'hil for a moment with an expression that is, at least, not hostile. But it's not friendly either. "She came here on her own?" he asks slowly, and then his eyes narrow again as he mutters flatly in realization, "B'miel." And judging from his face, said greenrider might be in some trouble there. Eledri might not be able to keep Cenlia from hanging out with X'hil, but B'miel… /that/ might be another story. Eledri makes a face at the suggestion of talking with his sister, a half-grimace, half-frown. But oddly enough, he actually nods, mumbling an, "I.. will." Because while she could possibly beat the stuffing out of him, she's still his sister. And when all is said and done, family counts. There's a much stranger look at the weyrleader just then, Eledri's lips pursed as he considers the bronzerider, but it lasts only a moment before he's turning away and suddenly… blushing? Lovely. "I'd apprectiate a ride back," is mumbled. At the ocean.

X'hil doesn't mention that at least two Istan riders would come get Cenlia if she so much as sent a firelizard - himself included. Let Eledri think that B'miel is the… X'hil sighs. He can't do that, can't let poor B'miel suffer that, even if B'miel /is/ a greenrider. "Could've been, could've been /any/ rider, didn't get a good look. Only assuming it was even a Xanadu rider." Lying, X'hil? How unlike you. He's not very good at it either, lack of practice, no doubt. As Eledri accepts his offer of a lift, X'hil nods, and makes his way over to Kinseth, who was already strapped up. Did X'hil plan on going somewhere all along? Evidently. "Great. I'd appreciate an excuse to be elsewhere. Not looking forward to running into Ysa after last night." Last night in the pub, that is.

Eledri doesn't seem to have any further response about B'miel, though X'hil's attempt at lying does earn a curious look from the computercrafter. Eled follows slowly after X'hil, the young man finally getting his belt and spectacles on. Kinseth is eyed a little warily; that is one very large dragon there, and Eledri has seen those teeth close up. The saddles up there also get a look, and a grimace. Cenlia's aim last night was flawless; Eledri's going to be regretting it for a sevenday at least. But he has to get back to Xanadu /somehow/. And then, at the mention of the weyrwoman, Eledri stops dead and glances back toward the weyr with a quietly groaned sound in his throat, because apparently he'd forgotten. And while he doesn't start shaking again, he does swallow and look at the ground for a moment. He hesitates, as if unsure of something, and then just shakes his head quickly and mumbles, "Should get back.." Yeah. And heads after X'hil, looking as if /anything/ might be preferable to staying in Ista.

X'hil frowns at Eledri's reaction to mention of Ysa, but he doesn't say anything. Mentally he's jotting everything down, because he's expecting an 'interesting' discussion with Ysa when he returns. Poor traumatised Eledri may wind up being ammunition for the Weyrleader. 'I just got punched, /you/ traumatised him!' sort of thing. X'hil helps Eledri up carefully, after all, he does remember last night, he was sober, more or less. He recalls how Eledri went down. Kinseth will make the trip a little more carefully than usual, not that it's likely to help much. At least there's between, that brief few moments of feeling nothing at all, not even pain. And then… they're out. Circling down to land somewhere out of the way, on Xanadu's beach, just long enough to drop Eledri off.

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