There Is Irony Here (a.k.a. How To Freak Out Eledri)

Ista Weyr - Guest Room 1

This spacious guest room seems to be in a green theme. The double bed is covered in deep forest green comforter. The rug covering the wooden floor in the center of the room is in many shades of woven green. A wardrobe is in dark laquered green in one corner for the guests belongings. The walls have been painted a sage green complimenting all the other colours in the room.

There are probably countless cautions against getting drunk and going places with strangers. It's a good thing Eledri is still asleep, snoring softly, completely oblivious for the moment. Clothes seem to have been optional at some point in the night, as his are certainly not on him. Eledri sprawls on the bed, long dark hair flung across his face, expression… peaceful. For now. Occasionally, he might mumble in his sleep, something along the lines of 'zzbronzer' and 'socks' - poor man, he has /no/ idea. There is likely some great irony here, though if there's a moral, Faranth only knows.

Hey, Ysa had to show her wounded guest to safety, right? Or perhaps it was to make sure he wasn't going off on a murder mission for X'hil's head or… something. Either way, the Weyrwoman is there with the young man, having made sure he found his room and that his bits were in working order and the rest is said on that blissful expression on her face as she sleeps, stark nude of course. Likely she had found some alcohol to take with her to keep drinking too, though likely she knew what was going on. Hah. Her foot finds the man's leg as she curls into him, throwing herself nearly on top. "Your snoring is waking me up," she says, trying to hold onto that nice happy sleepy feeling.

At first, a mumbly, sleepy Eledri seems happy enough to have a nice warm body curling up over him. He mrrs softly, stirring at Ysa's voice. And then his eyes fly open. The man chokes, going very very still. The first thing he sees through his hair is /green/. And then he /squawks/, as the hangover and realization hits him all at once, "Oh /Faranth/ no.." practically whimpering as he tries to scramble /away/ from the woman. He may not quite have realized who she is yet. But he's fairly sure he's in bed with /someone/, and that someone is a /woman/.

Ysa mrrs herself, though this one isn't a happy mrr. It's one of annoyance at the nose that the man is making. Ysa's face scrunches up, and finally her green eyes slowly open, but not all the way. Nope, they're narrowed for a reason. "Ya know, that isn't really the reaction a woman likes to hear." She isn't going to fight to hold onto him though, rolling back over and flopping onto her bed to stretch out languidly with a groan. "Morning yourself, ya crazy techie."

"Oh shards, I- I'm sorry-" Eledri stammers, and then flails a little, half-falling out of the bed, and making a lovely tangle of the covers. The man's face is crimson, though as he sees who she /is/, the color rapidly drains from his face. "Oh Faranth," is whimpered again, the computercrafter actually curling up on the floor with quiet groan and a, "This isn't happening…" and wrapping his arms around his head. He might start hyperventilating a little.

Ysa stares in surprise as the man suddenly goes almost tumbling off, sitting up a little on her elbow to lean over thataways. Covers? She didn't need any covers. It was warm in Ista, anyway. She scoots herself closer, eyes wide. "Are ya alright there? What the shards did I do to /scare/ you?" Oh right, she's the Senior. She frowns at his continued whimpering, running a hand through the mess that is her hair. "Ya keep saying that… if I were any other gal, I'd have socked ya in the face by now. /Definitely/ doesn't do good for one's self-esteem, ya know. Anyway— Hey, ya not gonna pass out on me, are ya?" She reaches out a hand, trying to take one of his arms away from his head to make sure of it.

The panic attack doesn't last, though the hangover still has Eledri groaning. When his arm gets taken, he stares up on horror, and then promptly tries to gather the covers about his waist with a little strangled noise. He winces, too. That low blow from his sister last night was well-aimed, after all. "I don't- women-" he stammers, trying for a sitting position, and attempting not to look directly at Ysa, hair falling over his face as he shakes his head. "I- sorry," eyes darting around the room, likely trying to spot his clothing. Eledri swallows, opening his mouth but failing to produce anything more substantial than a nervous, "Sorry." What is he apologizing for? Probably a lot of things.

Ysa doesn't keep a hold of his arm for too long. Her frown turns more into one of concern. "No need to hide anything I haven't already seen." She sits back on the bed, arching a brow to his wince which makes her curl her lip upwards, trying hard not to snicker. "Still sore? Shells, I thought we fixed that all up yesterday with the ice and…" And the romp, she means. Hey, he was in working order! She pats the side of the bed, scooting towards the other end and swinging her legs over the side. "Honestly, there's no rush and t here's no reason to apologize. If I knew you'd sharding take it this bad…" But she peeks at him over her shoulder and gives him a wide grin and a wink. "Can't say that Ista's bad at their hospitality."

Eledri hiiides under those covers. Or at least, he looks as if he'd like to crawl up and die somewhere. Right now. He tries very hard to keep the horrified expression off his face, but chokes out a, "We..?!" as he blushes all over again. Mention of ice does have him grimacing, mumbling a hasty, "I'll be fine," as he brings his knees up and looks around again. Clothes. Clothes are over there. He does relax just slightly when Ysa moves away, the computercrafter swallowing and saying, "I, uh.." and then he stares at her. Hospitality? He just drops his head into his hands with a groan, "Oh Faranth." And then, after a pause, "My sister's going to /kill/ me." He is /never/ going to live this down.

"Yeah, we," repeats Ysa as she chuckles at his reaction, shaking her head a little. She realizes she wasn't going to be getting anything better of him by now. She runs a hand over her neck before rubbing hard at the muscle, heaving a nice big sigh. "You keep saying that," she grumbles about his oath. She leans down and picks up her underwear from the side of her bed in one of her fingers, swinging it around a little bit as she looks back to him. "Your /sister/? I don't think this really concerns her at all, or something that'd be told to her, you think? She's your sister not your wife."

It's a good thing his head is still in his hands, or that underwear swinging would have him choking all over again. Poor holdbred guy, he looks thoroughly traumatized. But he manages to shake his head, muttering a muffled, "She and X'hil- shards, and then I..!" He groans, trying to shrink lower into the floor. But he does lift his head eventually, mumbling a faintly relieved, "She wouldn't know," and then eyeing his own underpants that are way over there. Because what his sister doesn't know, can't get him punched in the ribs for. Hopefully. Still attempting not to look at the weyrwoman, he gets up, taking the covers with him, and making for the underpants.

Ysa actually does laugh at the young crafter now and his muttering. "Really now. I don't see what you're getting so worked up 'bout! So her and X'hil and then us…" She waggles her brow when he actually looks up, hoping he catches it, and then that brow stays hiked way up, hidden in her unruly hair. "But just what /would/ happen if she knew? It isn't such a big problem, or something your /sister/ needs to be concerned with, just as it is the other way around." The Weyrwoman lifts a finger to waggle at him before she follows his example in getting up, slowly, and completely naked. And instead of putting on her underwear she's just making her way around the bed to pick up the piece of clothing she can find.

"I'd never live it down," Eledri groans softly, still completely horrified, doing some fast, complicated maneuvering with his back to Ysa, as he tries to get his underpants on without showing anything. It doesn't really work, as there's a nice view of his bare bottom for a moment. And then he's scrambling for pants and shirt, stammering out a hasty, "I- I should- go-" He does catch the eyebrow waggle, cheeks re-coloring, and the computercrafter looks quite ready to bolt. Just need to get /clothes/ on, first. And then he /does/ bolt, mumbling out another, "I- shards- sorry.." as he flees, still pulling on clothing on his mad dash out of there.

Ysa keeps sneaking appreciative glances at Eledri's backside. She was a woman, after all, and he was just a naked man in the same room as her. Mmm. Not /too/ bad. "You don't have to leave in such a hurry. The room's on me, anyway," she says with a wave around the green place. But then he's leaving, and she's straightening in all her bareness to watch. "Tell 'em I'm still up here!" she calls loudly after him after a second, tossing her clothes in a heap and going back to bed. Well, if there wasn't going to be company, she was going to nap, damnit.

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