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Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

Idrissa can be found sitting on her own near the back of the Café, its late afternoon and the morning lessons with the Weyrlings are done. Though during those lessons Rissa had to excuse herself as she was rather ill feeling and left the other AWLM's to finish the lesson. After a trip to the Infirmary the greenrider wasn't seen up until now that is. She has a cup of tea in hand, a plate of food which she hasn't touched from the looks of it.

Kera makes her way into the café, a couple of her flitters flying escort. Fanning herself to help the shaded breeze coo her faster, she squints into the innes dimness. It takes her eyes a moment to adjust from the brightness outside, but when they do, she spots Idrissa and threads her way towards the other greenrider's table. "Afternoon Idrissa. Mind some company?"

Idrissa glances up slightly at the voice, a faint smile seen and she nods a touch. "Hey Kera." A lance is sent over to the free seat. "Well, sure. Don't see why not. How did the lesson finish?"

Kera nods quickly and pulls out a chair before flopping down into. As she does, Idrissa's plate is scrutinized as the waitress comes to take her order "I'll have one of those, a fruit plate and whatever fruit juice mixture you have today." Grinning happily to the waitress she looks back to Idrissa "No one ended up in the infirmary or burned anything down, so I call it a success." An amused wink is flashed as she flicks her fingers towards the other AWLM. "So what's up with you? Something wrong with the food today?"

Idrissa looks a bit amused, a soft smile seen and she nods. "Good to hear. I figured you all would do fine without me." She offers softly. A glance is sent to the plate and she shakes her head a bit. "No, just not that hungry right now I suppose. Feeling a bit off the last few days."

Kera cants her head to observe Idrissa more critically, little signs she dismissed a moment ago are reconsidered as Polgara and Weasty swoop down to perch by the table's edge. "I know weyrfolk can be stubborn about some things, but have you gone to get a check up in the infirmary?" She reaches to give the two lizards some scritches or neckrubs, earning some crooning churls for her efforts.

Idrissa shrugs a bit at the stubborn bit with a soft breath escaping her. "I suppose we can be." She offers softly while glancing to her cup. "Yeah, I went there a bit ago actually." See, she isn't that stubborn.

Kera nods across the table, leaning back as the waitress returns with her order then moves off to other tables "Thanks." Looking back to Idrissa she starts plucking some crispy tuber strips from her plate. "Ah good. Then I won't be urging you to do just that then." Chuckling as she chews a moment then goes on. "Nothing too serious I hope. Did they send you off with something to take for what's got ya feeling off?"

Idrissa seems to be pondering what to say once Kera goes about asking that question. Her fingers lightly tap against the cup before she chews on her lip. "It's nothing serious I suppose." She glances over to Kera slightly and sighs. "I mean some are excited about." Some, though she doesn't seem to feel that way over the matter.

Kera arches a brow at Idrissa and continues to do some damage to the pile of food in front of her. "Yea, I can see you're completely thrilled with whatever is happening." Another bite of fried avian and she tears off a couple of bites for the flits. "Hmm, normally something with such a mixed reaction turns out to be a time sensitive issue."

Idrissa smirks a bit. "Yeah, you could say that I suppose." She offers softly. "I'm pregnant." There is a slight pause. "Ashwin isn't the father." Which could be the reason why she is stressing out at the moment? S'dny and his bronze did win Tahryth's last flight after all.

Kera 's other brow lift to match the other, both seem to be fleeing towards her hairline. "Well now, that is some cheery news." At least that's how Kera is taking it. She nudges the fruit plate a bit closer to Idrissa "Try a slice or two, should settle your stomach a little." At the announcement that it's not Ashwin's she doesn't offer any replacement suggestions. "Have ya told the soon to be new papa yet?"

Idrissa makes a slight face at the thought of actually eating anything. "Not right now." This said softly. A slight shake of her head is seen. "I just found out today. I don't know how to tell him either. Don't know how to tell Ashwin." She pauses a moment. "Not that I've seen him for a while anyway."

Kera starts to slow her eating down once half her plate is empty, and shares more with her lizards. Weasty seems to swallow the bits whole, while Polgara savors her treats with a regal manner. "Soooo… Now that you've had some time to let the news sink in, how do you feel about it? Looking forward to the little one?"

Idrissa watches the firelizard quietly for a few moments, the question makes her pause once more. "I honestly don't know. I never thought I would be a mother. Tahryth has been caught plenty of times, never had this come up before."

Kera cracks a little grin as she holds tight onto the strip of fried avian that Weasty is trying to tug from her hand. As she plays with the flitter, he starts making little huffy growly noises. Listening to Idrissa as she teases the young bronze with his treat, she offers up a possibility. "You could have been, but hadn't realized it in time. Excess time *between* tends to negate pregnancies." Swiping her slightly greasy fingers on the square of cloth, "You think maybe it happened at the drooly one's last flight?" Kera cracks a grin at her little nickname for Tahryth.

Idrissa nods slightly while lifting her head a bit. "I know…" She just doesn't recall going between that much, maybe she did. There is a pause at the question and she clears her throat a touch. "Most likely… Yeah…"

Kera nods and grabs her glass, draining a few sips before setting it down again. Hesitant over congratulating her friend when the woman doesn't seem to very thrilled, she glances down to her plate, rearranging some of the tubor crisps. "What will you do? I can help cover some duties when you lose sight of your feet." Kera chuckles a bit at that.

Idrissa shrugs slightly while glancing out towards the beach. "I don't know." This offered softly. "I… I need to tell the father at some point." She looks a bit amused at the rest, a fain smile seen. "Yeah… Good to know that your take over."

Kera smirks at her friend and shrugs slightly "If you are too nervous about it or still feeling off, I can drop that news flash on him for you. S'dny, yes?" She goes on without waiting for confirmation. "Actually, I'll offer a mark if ya let me tell him. Would be worth it just to see his face and reaction."

Idrissa blinks and ahs a bit, she even pales slightly. "No… Please don't I'd much rather tell him Kera." This said with a soft tone. "Makes more sense for it to come from me really." Rissa isn't one to do such things, she is more quiet after all. "Do… Do you think he'll freak out over it. I mean, you seem to know him."

Kera mock pouts as if Idrissa took away favorite toy, but cracks into a snicker "Ah well, I tried." After an amused wink, she grows more serious, giving the questions a little pondering. "I think at first he may think's he's having a drunken hallucination. But once he realizes, I think he'll be thrilled."

Idrissa smirks a touch at the look that Kera has. "Sorry to bust your bubble there." She offers with a slight amused tone. A slight nod is seen and she glances to her cup. "I hope so. We're friends… Don't want it to mess that up." She doesn't have many friends as it is after all.

Kera offers an encouraging smile to her friend "I think he may surprise you. And you'll realize that you're fretting his reaction for nothing. My advice would be to take a candlemark or two to gets used to the idea of being a mom. Then suck it up and have Tahryth ask Marzoth to bring him over." Kera shrugs as if it's as simple as that. Easy for her to say.

"I'm fretting over everthing right now Kera." Idrissa finally offers. "But… That was the plan at least. I know he'll be busy over at Half Moon soon enough so I wanted to tell him before all that."

Kera nods "I saw Marzoth at the bonfire the other evening. Looked like he might have spent a few candlemarks slathered in numbweed." Picking halfheartedly at her plate. "I had an interesting chat with the Half Moon Weyrwoman a few months ago. That one's fearless. Stepped right between two ticked off queens." She leaves out one of the queens was a flitter guarding her eggs on the sands. "That was the day I got Weasty here." She grins and tosses the bullish bronze a tuber crip to play with. Kera rambles on off topic, probably trying to get Idrissa fretting mind on something else for a few minutes.

Idrissa nods slightly. "Seems that gold is a bit harsh to her winners. Not that I can say anything seeing how Tahryth will attack males as well." She peeks slightly at Kera. "Really?" Well that is interesting to say the leas. "I was wondering if he was new." Her lizards are off somewhere, with a sleeping gold to boot.

Kera dips her head agreeably "Yea. An odd looking fellow, but sweet and smart." She snorts "I'm starting to run out of shelf space at the cottage with all the flitters. Mine and C'rus's both." No wonder she's got little pillows thrown all about her place, little flitter beds that the buggers drag all around. "You're probably having he same problems, with the huge fair you have." She pauses and looks curiously to Idrissa "Do yours keep moving their beds all around? Is that a flitter things or just a sign that mine are….odd?"

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles. "Well… They sleep where they wish, mostly with me if we want to get right down to it." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "I have a gold now, her name is Hecate. She's still young but already rules the rest. Rather amusing watching them tend her. Even Ripley enjoys her company."

Kera laughs suddenly and nods as Idrissa describes something she has seen herself. "I know right! Minimur started acting a little different when I got Polgara. And C'rus's males.." Kera just gives an exasperated sigh. "Sometime they just get into hissy bouts and wing smacking each other." She tries to stifle a fit of giggles at Idrissa' flitters claiming the bed. "So where do /you/ sleep." Flashing a cheeky grin, she goes on. "I most always end up with a couple lizards claiming spots on the bed at night. Every so often, one goes tumbling to the floor with started squawk when I accidently nudge it while turning over."

Idrissa grins a touch and shrugs. "I sleep in the bed, it is still /my/ bad after all." She says with a soft laugh heard. "Ripley is very taken with her. Which I find amusing for a blue for one reason or another honestly." Lizards will be lizards after all.

Kera ahhs as if she's been let in on a secret. "Hm, must be a big bed considering all the flitters you have. Do they actually let you stretch out or herd you to one little corner?" Smirking at her little joke, she reaches over to tug the tuber crisp 'toy' that Weasty if stalking, and twitches it to get the bronzes attention. "I bet he has you chuckling at his antics. C'rus's Gonzo acts silly around Pol. Almost like he's trying harder cause he knows he doesn't really have a chance of catching her in a flight."

Idrissa smiles and chuckles. "I have one of each color.. SO jus five." There is a pause. "A pair of canines to but really, the chickens don't sleep with me at least."

Kera grins at the pet checklist at Idrissa house. "Do those chickens give you yard problems? Think they would dig up my flowers or garden?" She ponders that a moment "I thought you had goats as well." Shrugging as if it doesn't really matter "I don't have chickens, but Esiae had a basket of kittens…so two of those, some rabbits, and a canine that one of the Fortian riders gave him." Trailing off as she does a mental tally and nods "Gonna need to build onto the cottage at this rate." With a laugh, she flicks fingers to Idrissa "You'll probably be needing an addition to your place in the next turn or so." Kera and Idrissa are sitting at the back of the café, Kera's meal has obviously been picked over by her and the lizards with her, but the plate in front of Idrissa is mostly untouched.

Idrissa smiles and shakes her head slightly. "Not really, they help with the yard work actually. Keep the bugs out of the plants and flowers, give me plenty of eggs as payback for food and a place to sleep. The runners still sleep in the barn. Though when the mare has a foal I may have to bring it inside during winter." She would too. At the addition bit she smiles a bit. "Well… Sooner rather then later I suppose with how things are going right now." She eyes her plate a bit before just ordering another cup of tea.

S'dny makes his way into the café, and as he does so Marzoth moves off below toward Tahryth's weyr to see his lovely green dragoness. Syd glances over the café recognizing a face here and there, but there are a couple of faces in particular that stand out. He walks through the café as he makes his way toward the two ladies hanging out at the back of the place. Once he reaches he table he looks first to Idrissa and then to Kera and then back to Idrissa once more. The joys of blissful ignorance, "Ladies." he says, "How are you both doing today?" he asks.

Kera nods thoughtfully at the news about chickens. "Sounds like they might be 'good' for the garden then if they do all that." Brow arches at Idrissa possibly letting those crazy runners in her weyr. "Just be careful. Wouldn't want to hear that one of them tried to bite your face off in your sleep." She flicks an amused wink across the table, nodding agreeably that the other rider will need to expand her dwelling soon. It's then the greeting has her head swinging around to see S'dny. She looks startled to see the man actually, surprised that he snuck right up at /this/ particular moment, but is quick enough to smooth her features and smile to the Monacoan Bronzer. "Hi S'dny! Marzoth mostly on the mend now?" A glance to Idrissa, and she moves her hand so that S'dny shouldn't be able to see, but Idrissa can. She makes a few motions, one to where she is sitting, the other towards the door. As if asking if she should stay or go.

Idrissa smirks at Kera. "There is nothing wrong with runners." She points out with a shake of her head. "Have you ever even seen a foal?" She blinks hearing the voice, pausing at what else she might say and glances to S'dny, seeming a bit unsure what to say for a few moments even. Luckily Kera is there talking at least. "Hey S'dny." The movement from Kera is caught and she shakes her head a touch showing all is well.

"Marzoth is doing fine. It would take more than a few bruises and cuts to knock him down for too long. He'll heal up with no scarring I think." Syd says of his dragonmate, "You know how he is. I think he's proud that he took a beating. Even if he doesn't much care for Feyruth, and the feeling is mutual I think. He isn't exactly the most lovable creature on Pern." Only Tahryth gets to see that side of the dark bronze. He takes a seat at the same table since there is no point in standing there, the women are capable of shooing him off if this is one of those women things, "You both doing ok today?" he asks as he looks between them. There is something fishy going on here.

Kera gives Idrissa a look as if the woman is purposely messing with her. "I /might/ have seen a few while my dad was tending to his beast crafter tasks with them. Miniature versions of the big crazy ones if ya ask me." Not that she was asked that specifically. Grinning to S'dny, she nods "Good to hear he's doing alright." Canting her head she shrugs as if she doesn't completely agree with something S'dny says. "I wouldn't say that. He's always been nice to Moncerath. She's thinks he cool with his shades." She reaches over to drag Weasty off the edge of the table, settling him in her lap while Polgara chitters to S'dny from her chair back perch. Maybe saying, 'this chair's taken, use that one'. Kera's gaze flickers to Idrissa for a half second then her attention is on S'dny again. "I'm doin alright. Stayin busy with Moncerath, C'rus and the Weyrlings. I'd like to pick your brain sometime by the way. Get a few pointers for when dealing with the /young ones/." Again her eyes flick to Idrissa with a hint of a grin before her features smooth to neutral.

Idrissa chuckles a bit while looking to Kera. "There is nothing wrong with runners. I grew up with them, still breathing." She points out. A glance is sent to S'dny at the talk of Marzoth, a faint smile seen. "Glad to hear he is doing well. I know Tahryth is happy to see him." Kera gets a eyeing at the /young ones/ comment and she smirks a bit. "Kera is always good with any tips or pointers one may have to give."

Moncerath has never done anything to make Marzoth irritable, which is probably the reason that there has never been a conflict between the pair of them, "I'm sure he will get a big head over that." The bronze has a huge ego after all, "It sounds like you have your life pretty full Kera between being a housewife of sorts as well as a surrogate mother for the weyrlings. Yeah. I've had some young weyrlings recently. I wish they would up the ages of search but no one asks my opinion on that. They just say 'We've been doing it this way for turns upon turns.' Which is the dumbest thing in the world. We can afford to change a few things here and there. Idrissa gets a smile as well as a nod, "Yes. You know Marz he loves her. What can you do?" Least someone is in a stable relationship.

Kera snorts and rolls her eyes ceiling wards briefly then peering back to her friends as she responds to the bronzer. "Someone needs to invent an extra handful of candlemarks in the day. I barely have time to peek my head in the infirmary anymore." That seems to sadden her for a few seconds but she's quick to shake it off. Idrissa gets an exaggerated eye roll at her continued defense of those crazed vicious beasties. "Says you!" She does agree with S'dny about some people being really young, worse when some walk onto the sands, but not off. Kera looks from S'dny, then to Idrissa, fingers starting to drum lightly on Weasty's back grinning a bit as she tips her head to the other greeny. /Well?/

"I don't have a problem with the age limit. If I did that wouldn't make much sense as I was rather young when I impressed." Idrissa offers while taking hold of her tea and sips from it. There is a slight pause at the comment about Marz and Tah, a slight smile seen. "Indeed." Is said softly. "Nothing to be done over it at this rate." A glance is sent over to Kera before she looks back to S'dny. "Well… Since you are here. I do have something to talk to you about." Might as well just bring it up.

It's never a good thing when someone says that they have something to talk to you about like that. It's almost a sure thing that its not good news. "What?" he asks Idrissa as cautiously as he can. A sidelong glance is sent Kera's way cause she clearly is involved in this in some way, shape, or form. He's not exactly frowning but his look is serious. Idrissa hasn't really ever told him before that she needs to 'talk' to him. So this is a brand new situation.

Idrissa does blame Kera, totally… IF it wasn't for her looks and things this conversation would be brought up later. Though it is happening now, right now. Rissa can already feel the change from S'dny, though she can't blame him really. She lets her fingers curl around the cup of still warm tea and looks into it, she looks worried and perhaps stressed all at the same time. "I was going to tell you think soon, honest just not here but…" Not time like the present. She glances up slightly to S'dny watching him a few moments. "I'm pregnant, and your the father." Hopefully he won't freak out, she had to go home and sleep after the healer gave her the news hours ago.

Kera nods once briskly when Idrissa seems to gather up her courage and smiles. She leans back in her chair, repositioning the bronze flitter in her lap as Polgara hops onto her knee. S'dny is given a smile and encouraging wink as she looks between her friends. When the big news is delivered, she can't resist "Congrats to you both! If you can convince her to eat anything, this meal is on me." That last bit to S'dny with a smirk.

S'dny just blinks a few times as he tries to process that little bit of information. Pregnant. There is so much wrapped up in just that one word. He can feel a swirl of emotion swell in his chest. Most having to do with panic and anxiety. His vision begins to blacken around the edges and so he takes a couple large gulps of air so that he doesn't just pass out at the table. He does his best to pull it together and only about half able to do it. "Are you sure?" he asks before he decides to repeat the question with more clarity, "I mean…are you sure it's mine?" he asks as gently as he can, "I mean…what about Ashwin?" He isn't trying to says she's promiscuous or anything, but in his mind its a fair question. He can cling to the sliver of hope that the baby isn't his if that's the case.

Idrissa watches S'dny quietly as he goes through the news in his head it seems. She knew the question of Ashwin was going to be brought up though. "I haven't been with Ashwin in a long time S'dny." This said softly while she shifts to lean back in her chair, cupping that drink to her. "So yes, I am sure it is /yours/." Her gaze drifts to her cup now.

That closes the Ashwin loophole and tightens the noose that much further around his neck. He can almost feel it cutting off his air supply. He continues to breath heavily, "Ok." he says breathlessly, "I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.." he repeats a few times trying to give himself a little pep talk. Here's where he could be a total jerk and be the typical bronzer that says, 'Hey lady that's not my problem.' but Syd has never been that sort of bronzer. He is no womanizer and of all the flights that he has won Idrissa's have been the easiest to deal with because she was his friend long before she became his regular fight partner. He can't add to her stress she has to be freaking out too. This was not planned and they certainly didn't talk about this. He looks across the table to the mother of his child and says, "It's going to be ok Idrissa." he says trying to sound as reassuring as he can. He shifts so that he can move his seat to be more next to her. He glances downward at her belly which looks no different than it ever has, but there's that knowledge there that his kid is in there. He reaches over to place a hand on her belly. She could swat it away of course.

Idrissa has know about this most of the day, so she had more time to deal with it so to speak. Not that it is any easier for her at the moment. She half listens to S'dny and his little talk to keep himself going there. There is a moment that she turns, perhaps the thought of leaving has crossed her mind. Though before she can 'escape' S'dny is there and she blames to him slightly. "You don't have to do anything. I mean… I'm not looking for anything. I just wanted you to know, figured it would be better then to not know." She knows how bronzer's can be, every bronzer she has known has left her high and dry so she honestly isn't expecting anything different now. There is a pause once his hand is there and she glances to it slightly before looking back to him curiously. "Bit soon for that." Though no she doesn't swat his hand away.

S'dny is glad that he blocked her escape route, even if he did so unknowingly. He has known this woman for turns now, and there is no way that he is going to just leave her high and dry with no resources. Of course Syd would want to know. If all of a sudden she was pregnant he'd have questions and then be irritable that he wasn't told sooner, "We are going to handle this together." he says to her softly gently patting her stomach, "Unless you are telling me you don't want me to be a part of the baby's life." Mom's have that sort of power after all. She could tell him to buzz off if she liked.
Idrissa smiles a touch as she hears S'dny say that, a soft breath escapes her. "I'm glad you feel that way S'dny… I wasn't sure how you might feel about all this, an I'm sorry that it feels like I'm springing it on you." This said with a soft tone. "No… I'm not telling you that at all. You have every right to be part of the baby's life. I just know that you have your own life, an I don't want you to think that you have to be here unless you want to."

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