Basket 'o Kittens!

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex and the resident's cavern while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond.

It's morning in Xanadu. A day with fair weather. No snow falls but there's plenty already in the ground in drifts and packed areas where many feet and claws have traveled. Kale exits the Caverns, munching on the last bits of a biscuit snagged from breakfast. His bronze firelizard rides on his shoulder, though once they're outside in the chill he flies up to stretch his wings. Still looking half asleep, Kale heads forward, boots crunching the snow and eyes half closed.

Seryic sits near the entrance to the cavern looking across the clearing a sketch book firmly held in his hand. He draws slowly in the book as he glances this way and that, taking in the snowy landscape. He shifts slightly uncomfortably in his seat and glances up as Kale exits the cavern nearby and gives him a nod in greeting.

Quilief is making his way across the clearing with a basket contained in his hands, he frowns as the basket gives a little shudder, "Will you stop fighting, you're not coming out yet." Quil mutters to the basket, not that it does much help anyway, because the basket jerks in his hand yet again, causing the young teen to roll his eyes in response.

Kale doesn't get very far before his attention is turned by someone. He pauses, eyes turning to Seryic as he catches his nod. He smiles, nodding back to him while pausing. "Mornin'," he offers to him, glancing at his sketchbook. "Oh, hey.. I've met you before, haven't I? The one who left someplace because've some girl, yes?" Obviously he doesn't remember any details! But that sketchbook of his does at least spark something. Above, Alloy gives out a chirrup as he circles, watching the going-ons from above, including another arrival with a jumpy basket that /might/ mean food!

Seryic chuckles and nods, "yeah that is me." he sighs and says, "How are ya doin?" his attention is caught be the jumping basket as well and he blinks.

Quilief frowns as he lifts the basket, peering inside, to give what's inside a very irritated look, "Just need to bring you to the headwoman, and you can play /all/ you want, you might even get a good meal." Sagenod and then there's people, blinkblink. "Oh! Hello! Nice day isn't it?" Quil chuckles quietly, a hand rubbing at the back of his head.

Eh? Kale glances up, getting quite a mindful from the curious firelizard overhead. A brow arches before his eyes scan and eventually pause upon an unfamiliar redhead with a basket heading their way. "I'm doin' alright," he answers, attention swaying to Seryic, "though I think Alloy needs his eyes checked. Seems to think that fella's basket is alive. Or .. somethin'." Deciphering firelizard images is sometimes at tricky art! "An' you? Have y'stayed here this whole time, or did ya leave an' come back?" And ah, now here comes that other person! As Quilief joins them, he earns a grin and nod of a greeting. "Mornin'. Ah, here's an odd question for ya. Is your basket enchanted?"

Seryic shakes his head to Kale and says, "I left and came back… I am stuck here for a bit now though." he smirks just a bit, "Seems I need to look out for falling green riders.." he looks curiously to Quilief and smiles, "Yeah I was wonderin. What do you have in that basket?"

Quilief looks utterly confused as he looks first from Kale, and then to Seyric and then to the basket. "Enchanted?" Blink. "It's not enchanted, there's a buncha fuzzballs in here I'm taking to the headwoman to sell." In fact, he'll even put the basket on the ground and lift up the flap pulling out a white-fluffed feline to show the other two males. "See? She musta thought that the basket was the enemy or something, she kept trying to claw and bite at it."

Green rider? Kale eyes Seryic a bit, brows raising after. "Y'don' mean a woman by the name of Jessi, do ya?" he asks with a snicker. "I heard somethin' about her fallin' from a tree … or somethin'." That's one thing about rumors. The details are always so sketchy! "Did she really visit the infirmary an' they had to take her leg and she went into a mad frenzy? I didn't beleive /that/ part've it, but…you never know." He looks back to Quilief now, brow slightly arching at the mention of fuzzballs. But ah, the mystery is solved when the feline is retrieved from within. "Oooh. Makes sense now! Hehe, I don' blame her. I wouldn't right like it much bein' cooped in a basket. How many've 'em do you have in there?"

Seryic chuckles and nods, "Oh yes it was Jessi and she just broke her ankle, and my ribs, when she landed on me.." he looks down to the kittens and smiles, "Tryin to find them a home?"

Quilief grins as he offers the white feline to Kale, "Um, I've six at the moment, two ones and the rest are black and white patched." Quil leans bends over as one of the kittens suddenly realize that the top keeping them contained is no longer keeping them contained and hops out of the basket. Quil quickly seizes the kitten with a irritated frown. "Well there wasn't really a better way to carry 'em all. But yeah, trying to get a home for 'em. Figure they'd make good weyr cats, proven hunters all of 'em."

"Ouch," remarks Kale to Seryic, wincing. "Broken rib? Jessi must be heavier than she looks," he remarks with a snicker, but then he glances around, looking left in right for any signs of the said dragonrider, who probably wouldn't enjoy hearing such a statement! Luckily, it looks like he's safe though, and next thing he knows, he's being handled a feline. "Er!" he holds the poor animal awkwardly, but at least he doesn't drop her. "Hello there … don' scratch me. That'd be much appreciated," said to the fuzzycat, snickering as another one escapes. "I know a beastcrafter who'd probably do anything to have one. But she already has a canine. And a firelizard." Pause. "An' soon, another firelizard."

Seryic smiles and says softly "I know a lady I would love to give one too as well." he smiles slightly, "But then she is a cat lady."

Quilief stuffs the kitten back into the basket and snaps the lid closed, "Stay in there!" The youth laughs loudly, "Sorry about that, thanks for holding her. Wouldn't want them running off and getting stepped on by a dragon." He frowns thoughtfully, "Well, I was gonna give 'em to the headwoman to use as hunters, but if you guys wanna take 'em to give 'em to someone else, that'll work too." A finger taps thoughtfully at his lips. "She sounds like she certainly has a lotta animals. I've a feline myself, but she's back home."

There are no cat claws digging into his skin, and as long as that stays true, Kale has no problem holding his feline for him while he deals with escaping kittens! …Even if he's holding her as if she might explode at any second. The cat stares at him. He stares at the cat. Epic staring contest. "Weyrwoman Thea?" he blinks over to Quilief. "She may want one. Maybe not all've 'em, but I don't know. Don' even have much reason to speak to her, though she /is/ very nice." Not to mention utterly hot as well, though he doesn't say this aloud! "Oooh no, I'm not /takin'/ those kittens to anyone. If she ends up not wantin' it, then I'll be stuck with it, an' I don' want one. But I can point ya in the right direction. Her name's Idrissa, an' she's usually in the stables." He points, "thataway. If ya get time, visit her." The three lads are near the entrance of the caverns. Kale's holding a cat. Quilief has a basket that every once in a while looks like it has moving things inside.

Seryic winces slightly as he shift where he is seating and smiles, "I would say offer then to the headwomen first, if she doesn't want them I will take one…" he gingerly rubs his side and says to Kale, "Was quiet a fall, and she landed on me. Well truthfully I tried to catch her when I saw her falling…" he smiles, "I was thinkin she might like one of the kittens sorta a get well present, she's a beastcrafter specialized in felines so…"

Determined not to care how chilly it is, Mikal's bundled up in a coat with a hood up over his head and gloves on his hands. A small green firelizard is perched on his shoulder chirupping happily. Mikal spies the three lads near the entrance and ambles over that way. "Heya Kale." he greets.

There's a slight jutting out of a lip as Quil considers Kale, deciding that he is most definitely not a cat person. "I can take her if you want," He says, motioning to the white fuzzball that Kale is currently holding. "Aw, c'mon, they're not that bad. They just like to play." And claw, and bite, and get into all sorts of trouble. Surely you want one Kale. "Well, yeah, I was gonna try and find the head woman, see if they want any hunters, if not, I figure I'll go look elsewhere."

Kale hands the kitty back over to Quilief with a slight grin. "I think I was wearin' out my welcome with'er," he says. "I saw it in her face. It was as 'put me down or I'll claw your eyes' sort've look." He laughs once the cat of out of his hands, giving his arms a little shake just as Mikal arrives. "Oh, hey Mikal," he greets, noting his firelizard as well. "Look. Little felines. This fella here is lookin' to…sell?" he assumes, glancing to Quil for confirmation, "them." To Seryic, he snickers. "Failed catch, huh? Ah well, at least you're both alright. If she's in the infirmary, I'll have to visit her."

Seryic says, "She is resting at her weyr now. I should be resting to but," he shrugs, "I couldn't stand to be cooped up any more."

Mikal arches a brow as he watches Kale returning the white fuzzball. "Baby felines eh?" absently he reaches up to scritch the green. "I am fairly certain I've my hands full with this one here without adding a different animal."

Quilief laughs quietly as he wraps the kitten up in his arms, grinning widely as the little kitten bats and paws at his fingers. "Aw, c'mon, how can you resist 'em, they're cute!" Quilief shoots a winning grin over at Kale, laughing loudly. "Yeah, I'm selling 'em, bred 'em and trained 'em myself. Take one if you want 'em, they're trained hunters!" Indeed, they have very sharp teeth and equally sharp claws!

Kale snickers at Mikal, bobbing his head once. "Yeah, figured y'd probably not want anything more right now. Firelizards are grand, but they're a lot've work, too. More'n I thought it was gonna be…not that I regret gettin' Alloy." A smirk is given to Quilief, and he crosses his arms over his chest stubbornly. "No way, no how! Though..they are sort've…y'know." Cute is the word he's looking for, buuut he can't bring himself to say it! Darn cats. "What're you up to, Mikal?" he asks of the younger boy, nodding to Seryic at the information he's given.

"…Good question.." remarks Kale, blinking once as he ponders Mikal's question. "Who /are/ you guys?" he laughs before pointing to Seryic. "This'un I know…sort've. Met once before a while ago but can’t remember his name. This one," he gestures to Quilief, "I've no clue. Jus' met. Seems like an alright fellow in my opinion, even if he has no name." He grins. "I'm Kale," he offers.

Quilief wrinkles his nose, "Aw, well, I like them." Quilief murmurs thoughtfully and apparently that's really all that matters. "I'm Quilief, apprentice beastcrafter, nice to meet all of you. I came from the Hall to sell my kittens here, figured the weyrs might want 'em to hunt vermin and stuff like that. Figured I'd get rid of 'em quicker, but if people don't want 'em…I'll have to look elsewhere, I guess."

Mikal leans in a bit to examine the critters. "How much?" he asks curiously. "Oh I'm sure there's someone around here who would buy one. Maybe a rider or a resident. I wonder if Soriana would like one," he comments.

"Idrissa, more likely," says Kale to Mikal. "Soriana's more've a … dragonese type than cute'n fuzzy type, I think. She'd be happier with /another/ firelizard. Though, she does have Inkfoot," he muses aloud. But, bah. He still thinks lizards trump warm fuzzies in her book. "Well met, Quilief. I don' think it'll be hard for ya to find someone to take those kittens off your hands. Jus' ask all the girls y'come across. They're bound to say yeah." Girls are suckers for cute animals!

"Um, two marks each," Quilief murmurs thoughtfully as he peers into the basket, stuffing the white kitten back into the basket with its brothers and sisters, "I like kittens, but I'm more of a runner person myself. I think felines make good pets, they hunt vermin, and they're cute." He grins between the two, "Nice to meet you both. I'll see if I can bump into these other people and see if they want the kittens."

Mikal hrms with a wrinkle of his nose. "I don't really have any use per say for a kitten. Seems to me it's just something else I gotta feed and Elsie eats enough! Hang about in the caverns though and I suppose you'll find one or two people." kinda like hanging outside the front of walmart with a basket that says 'kittens'. "Oh, I'm Mikal." he belatedly remembers to give his name. "Originally from Ista but I'm here now. In the winter." he shivers. He doesn't like cold much.

"I'd bet that you'll have those kittens all sold by the end've the sevenday," remarks Kale confidently. "If not by the end've today. Mikal's right," he nods to the caverns. "S'a perfect place to trade 'n sell. Everyone goes in there at some point….'specially now." He gives a shiver. "Klah's even better at this time've year." He grins a bit oer at Mikal, sharing his sentiments about cold. Winter sucks! "Hey Mikal. Later, maybe you 'n I can bother a rider to take us somewhere. Y'know, for ridin' experience."

Mikal stuffs his hands in his pockets. "Wanna head inside for a bit of klah?" he asks the kitten trader. His eyes light up a bit at the older boy's suggestion. "That sounds great! Any ideas where to go?" somewhere warm perhaps.

"The caverns?" The young teen peers over his shoulder at the caverns thoughtfully, "Well, I was heading there until you guys got interested in the basket. If you guys are heading that way, you're welcome to come. Faranth knows it's too sharding cold here." Quil laughs quietly as he lifts the lid of the basket and deposits the white kitten inside. "I hope so, getting tired of toting these guys around and I'm hoping they can go to a decent home."

"I dunno. Fort. Western. Ista.." Kale says, gesturing to him, having heard of his place of origin. "Jus' some place other'n this place. Wanna know somethin'? I've never been any other weyr than Ista, when they had their Turnover celebration. That's the furthest I've ever been from home." He grins, then pauses to laugh. "Not countin' our /last/ field trip," he adds, pointing skyward. "Jus' figured, this Candidate thing might be my only good chance to go somewhere. How about you pick, huh?" he offers before looking back to Quilief. "Ah, I'd come, but I've to get goin'. Finish some chores. But maybe I'll run into you later."

Mikal ponders this. "I dunno. I'll ask around to see if I can find someone to take us. Yeah, I'm headed inside." he tells Quilief. "See you around, Kale." with that the lad heads inside.

Quilief lifts a hand to Kale, "Alrighty, have fun with your chores!" Quil calls before following hot on Mika's heels and quickly dissapears into the caverns.

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