Post Pub-Night Tantrum & Talking

Ista Weyr - Main Beach

The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.

The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

There's a lone figure running full tilt out of the Sable Sands, swearing up a storm fit for a sailor. How does someone that young learn such colorful language, anyhow? Yet the gardener girl starts sounding less angry and more… upset as she heads for the beach, five firelizards swooping out of the forest after her, having likely caught her mood and stopped in their playing. Indeed, by the time the girl hits the black sands of the beach, she is sobbing with what might be frustration, which she promptly takes it out on the sand by kicking it viciously. Not, not a happy gardener, not by any means. Her flits swoop around her, alternately crooning and squawking with worry. Cenlia ignores them, intent on kicking holes in the beach and fairly spitting out a, "Sharding /Eledri/! Sharding stupid, every sharding time, sharding..!" And she manages an oh-so-lovely growl as her foot catches on something in the sand, probably a piece of buried driftwood, and the goes sprawling with a yelp. "Shardit all!" she half-wails, half-whines at the ocean. And punches the sand before shoving herself to a sitting position and rubbing her ribcage with a grimace, sniffling a bit and glaring at nothing in particular.

There's a blue dragon gliding over the beach. By some chance…it's a sky-blue dragon with silvery-gray stripes. He glides in low over the beach, well away from the area, and lands. Though he can hardly help but overhear the curses, and looks up as his rider dismounts. Perhaps it's her mood that attracts the rider. But as she quiets, A'dar moves over closer to the scene, maintaining silence until her fit seems finished. He approaches from behind her, and inquires softly, "…Are you all right…?" His voice is a low rumble of sound.

Tantrum over, Cenlia just sits in the sand, rubbing her ribcage and sniffle-hiccuping. When she hears a voice behind her, the girl starts, rubbing a sleeve hastily over her face. "No, 'm sharding /not/ alright," she grumps, and then blinks, turning around to peer at the rider, and looking suddenly surprised, "A'dar?" And then suddenly embarrassed. /Extremely/ embarrassed. Good thing it's fairly late, because her face starts matching a redfruit right about then. "'M fine," she mutters quickly, glaring down at the sand, shoulders hunching. Right, she's fine. And porcines can fly.

A'dar offers a bit of a smirk. "Are you sure?" he inquires, a little teasingly. She'd first said no, then said yes. Though still, he's trying to cheer her up a bit. Not that he knows anything about being cheerful lately. "Do you want to talk about it?" he inquires, sitting down near her. Not too close, but close enough to indicate he's there if she does want to talk.

X'hil comes stalking down from the plateau, muttering to himself, or perhaps Kinseth, who has been out on the beach all day now. As he approaches, he raises his voice, so that the dragon can actually hear him. "It was just going to be one drink!" One drink? Right, and how /large/ a drink? Believe it or not, all he's had to 'drink' have been a few boozed cupcakes, for lunch. That was hours ago, though. Clearly his mind isn't /quite/ as calm or as alert as it should be, as he doesn't immediately notice anyone else. It's Kinseth's warning bugle that stirs him out of it, and he halts, mid step, to peer around the beach. Cenlia. A'dar. Right. He was looking for Cenlia, wasn't he? But Kinseth had to go and /nag/ him, and distract him. Or at least, that's /his/ excuse. He takes a couple of steps towards Cenlia, and A'dar, but hesitates, and calls out, "Um, hey…" A sort of greeting? Request to join? It's not exactly clear, it's just 'hey'.

Cenlia grimaces, shifting to sit cross-legged in the sand and dusting herself off, looking anywhere but at A'dar. She absently rus those sore ribs and manages to look a little sheepish, mubbling a more sensible, "Yeah, 'm fine… just 'm sharding brother," and she groans. "Thinks I'm tumbling the weyrleader," and the girl makes a face, /just/ in time to hear X'hil. Cue another startled whirlabout, the girl trying, and failing, to scramble to her feet, tripping right over that piece of buried driftewood again. "X'hil!" is squawked as she gets her knees under her, at least, "Shards're you alright?" And then the tear fountain starts flowing again and she fairly babbles, "'M sorry 'bout Eled- I /swear/ I didn't now he'd follow me. He's a shardin' wherry, 's just 'cause- Shardit all!" and she flips back in the sand, and hunches her shoulders. Angst anyone? Or maybe just too much wine. Who knows.

A'dar listens to Cenlia's plight, and nods. "Hmm…I see…." Pause. "And if you are? What would be the matter with it? And what business would it be of his?" He trails off, though, as X'hil appears. He stands, greeting the man with a bow and a respectful, "…Weyrleader." He looks back to Cenlia as she flops back down, and sits next to her once again. He doesn't speak, but his presence makes it clear that he's still there for her.

X'hil instinctively takes a step towards Cenlia as she trips, and just about falls himself. Tricksy sand. He rights himself easily though, and moves over to join Cenlia and A'dar. "I, I'm fine. Have a bruise tomorrow." He rubs his chin idly. "I'm a little /confused/, and I fear I've just made a fool of myself in front of the Weyrwoman, but… I'll be fine." He forgot angry, he's a little upset with Eledri, just slightly. "Are… Are /you/ alright?" He seems to have missed the comment about tumbling, perhaps on purpose. X'hil hears what he wants to hear. This does mean he's largely confused by A'dar. "If she is..?" Huh? At the bow, X'hil grimaces, but doesn't object to the respectful title, though he does respond in kind, "…Rider."

Sniff, sniffle, sniff, Cenlia brings an irritated sleeve up to her face, and attempts to hide the fact that she's probably falling to pieces. So much for a turnday surprise! Surprise, you get an angsty gardener! "'S none of his sharding business," she finally manages to nod to A'dar, with one last sniff and looking grateful, at least, for his presence. Cenlia then looks rather guilty, eyeing X'hil's chin and mumbling, "Shards, 'm sorry," as if it were her fault. And then she hesitates, addind, "Eled hits like a girl, though." So what is she worried about anyways? But the girl does bite her lip and ask, "You ain't really gonna throw Eled in jail, are ya?" Eledri /is/ her brother after all. Looking decidedly groundsward, Cenlia does nod, mumbling, "Yeah, 'm fine." She does look calmer now, if rather embarrassed, as she waves away her firelizards who are all suddenly attempting to land on her.

A'dar doesn't seem to be too eager to explain his comment; it's Cenlia's business. If she wants him to know, she'll repeat herself. He maintains a respectful distance, to allow the gardener and X'hil to speak about things as they need to. Though he is going to listen for the time being. He's a much better listener than advisor anyway.

X'hil sighs, and flops down in the sand. "Eledri… is on his way back to Xanadu." Or at least, X'hil hopes he is. He did sort of leave it up in the air as to /when/ exactly. That does at least rule out the jail cells? "And, yes, he /does/ hit like a girl." But it still was not how X'hil would have /preferred/ to encounter the computer crafter. "What was he even doing here, anyway?" Honestly. X'hil doesn't really press A'dar for answers, seems he's coming to his senses, calming down a little more now. It's the proximity to alcohol, must be, sets him all on edge in the bar, because he can't, /shouldn't/, have any.

Cenlia appears relieved to hear Eledri's on his way back to Xanadu. She looks up from the sand, glancing between A'dar and X'hil and trying not to look too embarassed as she mumbles, "Dun suppose either of you got any booze or brandycakes on ya? Shards, I could use a drink," and she even manages a lopsided grin. In answer to X'hil's question, Cenlia grimaces, but she does answer with a shrug, "Came to deck you, I guess. Figure half of Xanadu thinks I'm tumbling you. Prolly Eled does too." She is decidedly not looking at X'hil now, though she adds wryly, "Just be glad he didn't get ahold of Thea's crossbow again." Cenlia might smirk, just a little there.

A'dar shakes his head to Cenlia's question. "No…I'm afraid I don't," he replies. He had left the bottle that she'd given him earlier in his weyr when he'd come down here. Swimming plus booze sometimes equals drowning. And he's not that stupid. Looking to X'hil, he replies, "Even if it is true…it's none of anyone's business but yours. And if it's not? It's still no one's business. Don't worry about what other people say." He means this to them both, but he looks to X'hil as he speaks.

X'hil blinks a little at Cenlia, and glances back to the Sable Sands, roughly. Perhaps wondering just how talkative Eledri was, or could be… Rumours have a way of spreading. At this rate, it'll be halfway across Pern by the end of the turn. "It's not true." he informs A'dar, simply, matter-of-factly. "But you're right, it /isn't/ anyone else's business." He sighs, and shakes his head. "No. Got juice," from before, part of his turnday gifts, "but no booze." Obviously. But, wait, he can't have eaten /all/ of those cakes? He'd be a tad more drunk if he had. "Bah, he's a poor shot with the crossbow, anyway. Feel much safer if he was aiming /at/ me, honestly." Well, it's true, he was hit by a misfired shot.

Cenlia looks a little disappointed; no booze or brandycakes? Alas. She's already fairly red-faced from her earlier loss of temper at the sand, so any further blushing likely wouldn't be noticable. But she's holdbred enough to still look embarrassed at A'dar's words, the gardener girl making a face and mumbling, "Yeah, I ain't ever worry," and then she mutters, "'Cept when they come after you with a crossbow or something." But then she wrinkles her nose, "'Sides.. he's /old/," and waving a hand vaguely at X'hil and grinning some. Well he is, to her at least! She nods in agreement with X'hil, and then actually laughs, "Shards, yeah, Eled can't hit nothin'." And the girl shakes her head, "So much for food."

A'dar knows nothing about the arrow getting fired anywhere, so has nothing to say to the comments of Eledri's bad aim. However, and X'hil notes his agreement that his business with Cenlia, if any, is…well, their business only, he nods quietly. "Even if it was, it would be your decision. Yours and hers alone…." He looks over the ocean, frowning a little, the new scar he recently received across the bridge of his nose wrinkling slightly. Cenlia's comment brings a smirk from him, however, and the frown eases somewhat. "Age is but a number, Cenlia," he says quietly.

X'hil snorts at Cenlia, but he seems more amused than offended. "/I'm/ old? You're still a kid, just about. Not much older'n Kinseth!" The dragon just recently turning fourteen himself. Food? Oh, right, that's what they were at the Sands for, food. And, come to think of it, he is rather hungry, but there's no way he's going back there. "Might have a sweetroll or two left…" And maybe a little bit of everything, or /most/ of everything. Mmm, lots of boozy food. Just what they need. "Shut /up/ Kinseth." the man mutters.

Cenlia snorts, grinning a bit and saying to A'dar, "He's the weyrleader. Half the weyr wants in his business." But then the girl tilts her head, perhaps noticing that frown on the bluerider's face, the her own brows furrowing a little. But she's shaking her head and muttering, "Yeah, 's just a number if you're a rider," and she doesmake a face at that. She's only lived in a weyr two turns; some of her holdbred sensibility is still lingering, somewhat. Cenlia gives the two dragonriders a curious look, and then sticks her tongue out at X'hil. The girl glances over toward the bronze dragon, asking, "How old is he, anyways?" For that matter, does she even remember how old X'hil is? And that grin is back, Cenlia telling A'dar, "Should try some brandycakes. They're really good," and then she grins at X'hil, "Y'know, you /can't/ get drunk on cupcakes…" and gives Kinseth a smile too. And then the girl hesitates, mumbling sheepishly, "Unless it's Thea." Smirk.

A'dar looks between the pair. "I could bring something from the Weyr if you'd like," he offers. He's no errand boy, no…but he doesn't mind running them. He's nobody important, after all. Cenlia's comment brings a chuckle. "It's just a number, no matter who you are," he replies. He chuckles very softly as she sticks her tongue out at X'hil, but does not comment. "Perhaps if I get a chance…I've been too busy trying to convince the Healers to let me to go back on duty proper…." He sighs, but doesn't elaborate.

X'hil couldn't get drunk off of cupcakes, it's true, but he's still a little wary, or a little over-nagged by Kinseth. "Kinseth's fourteen. Like I said, impressed the day after I turned twelve." Which makes him twenty-six. Or 'old'. With that admission of age out of the way, he pushes himself up off of the ground, and makes his way over towards Kinseth, and a basket half-buried in sand. He lifts out the top section, firelizard eggs, and pulls out a box from an apparently hidden base to the basket. Under the eggs? Nice hiding spot. He replaces the eggs, and tucks the box under one arm, pulling down a couple of bottles of juice from Kinseth's straps, and moving back. "If the healers have you off, you should stay off." he says, with a frown. "Can't have anything happen out there." Out there? Well, wherever. The health of the Weyr's riders, and weyrfolk, is paramount.

Cenlia shakes her head at A'dar's offer, "Nah, X'hil's got brandycakes." She should know, having given them to the bronzer. The girl seems perfectly happy to let the weyrleader go fetch the food, grinning at A'dar and asking, "You ever tried brandycakes? Or rumcupcakes?" She does wrinkle her nose a bit and eye A'dar for a moment, the way she might eye the shrubbery. "You get to have time off, though, don't'cha? 'S bettern' work?" she doesn't seem to have a high opinion of work. The girl turns to wave and say a, "Happy turnday, Sir Kinseth!" to the dragon and then grinning even wider when she spots X'hil's pastry hiding place. Even if those firelizard eggs are eyed somewhat warily.

A'dar hmfs to X'hil's comment of the Healers. "They have me off because I won't go blubbering to them about the raid," he replies, frowning sharply. "It's over and done with. That Renegade wasn't the only one who died, and I wasn't the only one who had to take a life." Frown. "He probably deserved worse anyway," he grumbles. Never mind that he's still having nightmares about it. However, he sees the firelizard eggs, and the frown eases. One of the few things that make him happy now is his own firelizards. He doesn't know about X'hil's turnday until Cenlia mentions Kinseth's. "Oh…turnday? I see. Happy turnday. To you both," he adds, indicating Kinseth as well. He gives a tiny smile. Cenlia's comment of being off work causes that frown to come right back, though. "Yes, but work occupies my mind," he admits. "Being off work, I don't have anything to occupy my thoughts." Sigh. "though I've at least caught up with that clock I was supposed to finish…."

X'hil snorts. "Somehow I think today might've gone better if I was working." Today being one of his rest days, and all. But, time off /is/ important. Rest, recharge, get attacked by drunk computer crafters, come back to work relaxed, refreshed, and in deep trouble? Sounds like fun. "Mm, yeah, turnday… Someone," he glances to Cenlia, with the hint of a smirk, "brought me brandycakes and rum cupcakes. And, what was it, sweetrolls with peach wine glaze?" he tilts his head curiously at Cenlia, then pushes the box forward, an open offer, though he seems a little hesitant to offer anything to A'dar. "Am I going to have to order you to go to the healers?" Because, he could. Though whether he actually /would/ or not is another matter.

Cenlia just eyes A'dar for a moment, the comment about the renegades causing the girl to frown and shift uneasily in the sand. Deserved worse? No, he's definitely not the same as the boy she knew in Xanadu. Cenlia's gaze goes to the sand, the gardener girl chewing her lower lip. She glances back at the bluerider, giving him a look and saying, "Yeah, well, then ya need a hobby," and there's a grin, "'M gonna teach ya how to garden. Said so." Smirk. Some other things were said too, she remembers, not having been tipsy enough to forget. There's a igger grin as the boozedcakes make an appearance, Cenlia immediately reaching for one as she nods to X'hil, "Yup. Peachwine glaze on the sweetrolls." Though she gives bronzer a sharp look when he starts suggesting ordering the bluerider to see healers.

A'dar doesn't seem inclined to look for anything out of the box. However, as X'hil mentions ordering him to go to the Healers, the bluerider shakes his head. "Oh, I go to them," he replies. "Humor them and all. They're waiting for me to spill it and break down. I've told them about it. What else do they want?" His voice is actually quite even as he speaks. He's not upset. "I know they're just doing their jobs, but…it does get quite annoying…." Cenlia's comment of a hobby causes a smirk. "I build clocks. I still sell them at Ierne, too. And I repair them, too. That's enough of a hobby." He sends a look to CEnlia, shaking his head. He doesn't seem upset about X'hil's words. The man's just doing his job, too.

X'hil is just concerned, really. A'dar… A'dar is only a boy still, just seventeen. And, as Weyrleader, the riders of Ista are pretty much X'hil's responsibility. Seems even when he's acting like a right and proper fool, not at all befitting his position, he /still/ can't entirely forget it, can't just relax and act like he's just another rider. "Hobby, sounds like an idea." Yeah. "Just… give it time." And maybe the healers will back off? But he certainly doesn't show any signs of interceding on A'dar's behalf. "Wish I had the time for a hobby myself, sometimes." Or his craft. Right now, his life is work, and Kinseth, and pretty dull, actually. But there's not really enough time /for/ much excitement. He plucks one of the rumsoaked cupcakes out of the box for himself, nudging the box a little more in A'dar's direction.

Cenlia just snorts about the healers, her own recent exeriences with healers in Xanadu having given her a rather sour opinion of the lot of them. She nibbles on her boozecake, and eyes both riders, grumbling, "Shards, need to have fun sometimes." And the girl wrinkles her nose, "Get stuffy otherwise." It's probable that 'stuffy' isn't exactly what she means, but that's the word she seems to use a lot lately. "Can't just work an' stuff, 's boring," as if there's a choice, and she shakes her head, "Ya live in Ista," waving a hand back toward the tavern, "Partyin' like that happen all the time 'round here?"

A'dar nods. "I suppose that's all that's for it," he replies quietly. "Eventually they'll get that there's nothing they can do, and that crying like a child over it isn't going to help." He sighs. "Ysa likes to keep things from getting too tense around Ista," A'dar observes to Cenlia's question. "I didn't see the party, but…there is quite a bit of having fun. Keeps the atmosphere not quite so…." Here he pauses, and smirks. "…Stuffy."

X'hil just nibbles on the rumcake, glancing over at Kinseth absently. "Second time I've seen the Sable Sands like that, yeah." Second time he's /been/ to the Sable Sands. "Don't know how often it's that active, but, I don't know, seems sort of regular." Fuuun. He clearly does not approve, but he'd never actually stand out against it. He takes a look around, and shrugs. "Ista's a bit more relaxed, I suppose." Except about alcohol, and that's really only in regards to /underage/ drinking, once you turn 16, you're fine. Well, so long as you can convince the bartender you're old enough. "Warmer weather too, tends to encourage…" drinking. "…parties." And Ista is warmer, more tropical, compared to Xanadu, which does get chilly around winter time.

"Weyrwoman Ysa sounds like she knows how to throw a right proper party," Cenlia grins, "Brought us Igen Firewater once, after everybody got hurt in the garden." She nods approvingly, "This place is like South Boll kinda. Nobody gets stuffy back home, 'cept maybe the steward. And my Uncle Cernien." She makes a face, but she is then grinning even wider and saying, "Shards, I gotta visit Ista more often then," and glancing back in the direction of the tavern. "Maybe it's the weather," Cenlia muses, "Southern Boll is all warm, same sorta climate almost." So now instead of paperwork, the weather makes people stuffy?

A'dar nods in agreement to X'hil's statements. "I don't often go there, myself," he replies. "I don't find pleasure in drowning myself in booze. It doesn't help the problems. They're still there in the morning, and then you have to face them AND a sharding headache." He smirks. Cenlia's statement about Ysa brings a nod. "She does indeed," he replies. "And she knows the value of those parties." Pause, and the smirk widens a bit. "Warmer weather makes people wear less. And when people wear less, more plots to get them alone and drunk are hatched. Perhaps that's why."

X'hil snorts. "I didn't get any of that." The Igen Firewater. Nooo. He was stubborn and refused to /ask/. And then went for a walk and tore his stitches. Fun times. "But… it's not bad here. You /should/ visit more often." Because the odds of /him/ visiting Xanadu more often? A tad slim, admittedly. "But, ah, might want to suggest Eledri stay home." Eledri probably won't be very welcomed around Ista for a while yet. X'hil chuckles softly at A'dar's comments about booze and problems, and nods. "And /how/. Don't touch the bottle myself, any more." But apparently he's okay with boozed food? At 'people wearing less', he grimaces. Perhaps recalling the naked harper twins from earlier, in the Sable Sands. "Think the two might be connected in a different way, myself. First the booze, /then/ the wearing of less." Or none.

Cenlia snorts, "Booze ain't for drownin' problems. 'S for having /fun/," and she waves her piece of boozecake, "Don't gotta get drunk. 'S just fun sometimes," although Cenlia probably does the latter quiet a lot. The comment about plots and wearing less has Cenlia raising an eyebrow at A'dar, and then she laughs, most definitely remembering the naked harper twins and smirking, "Shards, ya got a point. Ain't so bad, really.. though we had enough of people running around with no clothes on in Xanadu," and she suddenly looks sheepish. Yes, the mob of Xanadu streakers was /entirely/ her fault. Sort of. But she does grin at X'hil then, "'S too bad, was good stuff," about the Igen Firewater. And then the girl snickers, asking the weyrleader, "Your flits still trained to snatch bottles?" Snicker snicker. The girl nods about visiting, "Yeah, if I can get B'miel outta his weyr," although then the girl tilts her head, "Keep seein' F'yr around. Might ask her." She makes a face about her brother, and there goes the cheerfulness, Cenlia grimbling, "He ain't /ever/ following me again," and she looks like she might murder her boozecake just then. Chomp.

A'dar nods. "Indeed, you should visit more often," he agrees. Because him visiting Xanadu is…probably not going to happen, either. Unless it's in the middle of the night, to tend to his clock tower. He doesn't want to run into anyone there. He smirks at X'hil's mentioning of the relationship between booze and wearing less. "Well…either way," he notes. "Sometimes one comes before the other. Booze is booze, and naked is naked." He quiets as Cenlia gets upset about Elerdi. "Hmm…well, if you send a firelizard to my weyr, and let me know when you want to come visit, I can try to come and get you," he volunteers. He gives a pointed glance to one of her firelizards. "Or…have someone else send one?" He offers a bit of a smirk.

X'hil looks a little, okay, a /lot/ sheepish at the reminder of his well trained firelizards. "Yeah… Er. I met the brewer of that ale…" He jerks his head at the basket of firelizard eggs. So, not just a 'congratulations on your promotion' or 'get these out of my sight' gift? Or has he not exactly been found out yet? "Seems she had a bit of … trouble. Ale bottles going missing. Had to beef up security." Sure. Right. Well, he's not going to have his firelizards do that again, anyway, so the excuse is rather a pointless point. "Shards yeah, just send a firelizard, or hitch a lift, /you're/ always welcome here." Eledri, not so much. "/Make/ B'miel go, tell him, I don't know, tell him I ordered it." Yeah, that probably won't fly, B'miel isn't an Istan rider, after all. "Or… Some other reason. Be good for him." Or something. "If I can get free, I'd swing by."

"Naked's fun sometimes on it's own too," the gardener girl teases. Shame? What shame? Cenlia has no problem visiting Ista - this place is fun! And has naked harper twins! Ahem. She does smirk a bit at both riders, knowing full well she'll probably see another ovine fly before she sees either one of them in Xanadu. Honestly, the place has a stigma or something! Cenlia nods to A'dar, giving her firelizards a look. Bronze Charmer croooons at the two riders, and their dragons. Cenlia smirks, "Could send a flit, yeah," and she snickers at X'hil. Though the gardner does give that basket of firelizard eggs a wary look, popping the rest of her boozecake in her mouth. She grins somewhat after a moment, telling X'hil, "Yea, might tell B'miel you ordered him to come get drunk over here," snicker, snicker, "Should prolly be heading back to Xanadu though…" and she starts to get up, collecting her flits as she does.

A'dar chuckles a bit as he listens to X'hil and Cenlia talk, but he offers nothing in response. The comraderie between the two reminds him of something. Namely, why is he here? He should be letting these two speak. He has nothing to add. He's out of the loop. And he's intruding upon their time together as friends. There's a flash of pain in his eyes that runs unchecked for but a moment, long enough to miss Charmer's croon. Then he stands. "Well…I should be getting back, too…there's still that clock I have to finish…." It's a lie, really; the clock in question was finished days ago. But he's at least gotten better at hiding his feelings…and become a much better liar in the process. He turns a bit, hiding his face, pausing a moment, as if he wants to say something. But then he walks to Zeituth, who is pulling himself out of the water after a bit of wading - can't get the straps wet, can we? The blue's eyes swirl gray and he emits a soothing croon of his own to his rider. A'dar reaches up, running a hand over the blue's neck for a moment before mounting up. "I hope to see you both later." The tone is honest…but there's no smile there. That said, he and Zei lift off into the air, making for his weyr.

X'hil snorts. "Might have a chat to B'miel myself." If he can drag Kinseth away. Still some time before the clutching, and all. But at the idea of sending a firelizard, well, he looks to that basket too. "'s not like there's any /shortage/ of them, is it?" Hatching, hatching, there's going to be a hatching… But not for some time yet, Ellamariseth and Kinseth's clutch will probably be laid before the firelizard eggs are done hardening. "I… I've got another rest day coming up… Should visit." He should visit Xanadu, or Cenlia should visit Ista? Probably the former, but you never know. "I… Take care!" he calls to A'dar, frowning a little. Everyone's running off. But, it /is/ late… And maybe there's booze-free food still in the living caverns? He grunts, and gets to his feet. "Uh… Tell Eledri… Just… Sorry." An apology implies guilt, but there is none, not exactly. He just doesn't want to be responsible for the two of them fighting. "Or… something. Rumour's not worth fighting."

Cenlia doesn't miss the look in A'dar's eyes, the gardener girl looking as if she wants to say something, but the bluerider is already up and gone before she can. He's her friend too, and half the reason she was in Ista. She frowns at the ground a moment, but then gives Charmer a look. Charmer pops off *between* and it's really not long after that a green dragon appears in the skies over Ista. It's Verzth and B'miel, returning to collect the gardener with as much lack of fanfare as when they arrived. Though Verzth is still polite enough to send a greeting to Kinseth as she comes in to land. She nods to X'hil, turning to wave at him an Kinseth before she's heading off toward the green. But the gardener does pause, grimacing slightly about Eledri, and then muttering sourly, "Weren't just the rumors.. think he was sweet on ya when you were in Xanadu," she shrugs, "Ain't like he ever went after K'ael or K'vin," and then turns to jog off toward Verzth with one last wave. Yep, the Istan weyrleader is just that popular. Heh.

X'hil just /stares/ after Cenlia, and then turns away after Verzth disappears, muttering, "That's it, Eledri is /banned/ from Ista. Forever." Proportionate response? What's that then?

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