He's Just Always Grumpy

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It's fairly late in the day, though not late enough for the tavern to be crowded. There are a few empty tables, and more than a few patrons having an early lunch or late dinner. One of those is a grumpy journeyman computercrafter, who has found himself a seat far in a shady corner of the room, which a plate of fried tuber wedges and a bottle of something chilled. He is without the usual laptop bag today, instead carrying a small electronic gadget which, it seems, he's in the process of taking apart. Or putting back together. Occasionally, he frowns at it, and attempts to ignore the rest of the tavern-goers. Eledri might be muttering to himself under his breath, too. Though it looks as if he has hardly touched hos food, that bottle is already half-empty, and, putting the gadget aside, he pours more into his glass and takes a sip. From the expression on his face, hes not in a good mood. It is probably worth nothing that alongside the cellphone and radio clipped to his belt, is a… knife in a sheath? Hmm.

F'yr decides that it is about time she avoids the later traffic in the tavern. You never know what kind of shenanigans you might get pulled into. So it's no surprise that the brownrider, wanting a fresh hot meal, is coming in now. She places an order at the bar before wandering off to look for a seat, and while she nearly claims a table close to the entrance, her eyes do rest on Eledri and his tech toy. Poor man. Fy's curiosity gets the better of her and she meanders her way over, trying not to look like she was purposely aiming for him. "Oh, hey, you again," she says as soon as she's close enough, giving him a look up and down. "Is that a new knife?" Watch her slip into a seat inconspicuously across from the man, smirking over the glass of juice that she brought with her.

Eledri looks up sharply, glass half-raised, when he hears F'yr speaking to him. His expression doesn't improve any, although he manages a polite enough nod and a, "Rider." It passes as a greeting, maybe. He furrows his brow just slightly, glancing briefly down to the knife at his waist, "..yes," muttering it reluctantly, and frowning a bit more. When he glances back up, she's sitting across from him. Oh joy. He clears his throat a little awkwardly, and then, for lack of anything else, takes a sip of his drink, since he has the glass halfway raised anyhow. The bottle on the table contains brandy, though it's a local brand. Still, it's probably strong stuff regardless.

"F'yr," she corrects, raising a brow at him at the formal greeting. "Did I forget to mention that last time?" She takes a sip as well of her drink before setting it aside, leaning closer to the computer crafter with her eyes glancing from the gizmo he was dismantling/putting together to his knife. "Can I see it? What're you carrying a knife 'round for, anyway? Did you see that guy I was telling you 'bout?" Her face changes from curious to a serious frown, waiting for an answer even as her fingers drum on the tabletop, itching to touch the sharp pointy thing. The brandy? Completely ignored! Fy isn't swayed that easily by booze on the table.

Eledri's brows remain faintly furrowed in a slight frown, but, he looks more wary than grumpy. "F'yr," he corrects himself, more politely this time. It's probable he just didn't remember her name, though he does nod briefly and unclip the knife from his belt, placing it on the table, still sheathed. It's just an ordinary work knife, nothing either fancy or high quality. The computercrafter does shrug slightly, "No, I didn't see him," a pause, "Sorry." As for what he's doing carrying around knife? He doesn't answer, instead taking another sip of brandy and watching the brownrider.

F'yr bobs her head once when he actually says her name, but then her attention is all on the knife for the moment. She pulls it out of the sheath, studies the blade, runs a finger along it, is entranced… and then puts it away and shoves it back. "It'll do. If it can kill a man, it's good. Even better if it can cut through things." She waggles a finger to the tech bits he was fiddling with. "What's that, though?" She heaves a little sigh at his answer about the renegade. "It's alright. If he's really around he'll show up someday." In other words, never. She steals some of his tubers, seeing that her meal hasn't arrived yet.

Eledri just watches F'yr, giving her entranced examination of the knife a curious look. But then pales slightly. Kill a man!? Eledri's brows pull together and he protests, "I don't-" and then just shakes his head. And takes another sip of brandy. And then he says flatly after a pause, "I don't intend to kill anyone with it." Frowny-faced is he. And he frowns at her. "It's just.." mumbled weakly, "..for self-defense." Does he even know how to use a knife? Hah. But the computercrafter clips the knife back on his belt, and turns to pick uo the half-dismantled gadget. "I'm repairing a pager," he mumbles, as if that explains everything. This, he's not leaving out on the table for her to examine, instead carefully putting the pieces back together. And then she's nabbing his tubers! How rude. He opens his mouth as if to protest, but fails to come up with anything to say, and just looks irritated.

F'yr blinks up to him in surprise. "You don't? Well… as self-defense I mean. How else would you stop someone with a knife." She acts out being stabbed in the chest, and then once in the gut. "Likely they ain't gonna just get up and walk away from that. You don't /want/ them to stand up and walk away, of course. If you don't have the guts to defend yourself that way, you probably might not want to carry it. Learn to run faster instead." She stares at the pager bits even as she's stuffing her face with his tubers, grabbing a hand full (she has small hands) more to even share with the firelizard on her shoulder. Chu's usually quiet and hiding out in her hair most of the time, but she does come out for food. "Repairing it… I was actually gonna ask if I can play with it. But if you're fixing it, then I suppose not." Her eyes finally slide to the bottle though. "Is it smart of be fixing stuff while drinking?"

The computercrafter looks decidedly uncomfortable, muttering something like, "act as a deterrent," under his breath, and then his eyes widen just slightly at her acting. The young man grimaces and looks away, frowning lightly, "I doubt I will need it." Though his brows draw together again, and he does chew the inside of his lower lip in thought for a moment. He wrinkles his nose at her tuber-stealing, with a muttered, "Do you mind?" and moving his plate a little away from her. Cue irritated glare. As for the pager, "This isn't a toy," he replies shortly, slipping the re-assembled gadget in a belt pouch and then lifting his glass again. His eyes flicker to the bottle, and then he just shrugs, "It's only brandy." He /is/ Cenlia's brother, after all. Even with a glassful already inside him already, he doesn't yet appear tipsy.

F'yr wrinkles her nose up at him. "Well, could come a time when you actually /would/ need it, you know. Never know when you're suddenly facing some renegades or pirates or what not trying to take your technostuff. Or you." She makes sure to steal a few more tubers right before it is moved, giving him a smirk. "Don't mind at all. Feel free to finish those off, since I'll be getting my own soon." She's so nice, isn't she? She pouts at him when the gadget goes away, though, sitting back again and dragging her glass to her. "Was just curious how it works and all," she mumbles, dropping her chin for a moment to stare at the table before raising her eyes again to the bottle, nose wrinkled. "Just?Suppose there's stuff stronger than brandy then?"

Eledri just frowns at F'yr, though from his expression, it's clear he's doubtful about any of those possible scenarios. His paranoia just does not run deep enough to consider pirates in Xanadu, and he almost scoffs at her, but manages civil, "Pirates? I hardly think I need to worry about something like that," though he makes no mention of renegades. /Those/ have actually been known to get in the weyr. He does scowl at her somewhat about the tubers, but it's not like he's actually eating them. He ignores the pout, though he does glance back at the brandy, hesitating a moment before saying simply, "Yes, there is." Like tuber ale. He knows all about tuber ale, he does.

F'yr's brows go arching all the way up. "Not worry about that? There's a big lake not too far from here where pirates can easily sneak into and out through the river. It's not only the ocean that they hang around, you know." She shakes her head slowly, as if he were someone dumb she had to educate, 'tsk'ing a few times. "Still, plenty others you have to worry 'bout too." She looks up with a big grin as a waitress brings her all the yummies she ordered. Which in fact is fried tubers as well as some fried wherry strips. She waves one of the latter at Eledri. "I don't believe you. That stuff nearly killed me last time." She points to the brandy,t hat is, and then munches down on the fried wherry, giving half to the humming queen on her shoulder.

The expression on Eledri's face doesn't improve, the computercrafter frowning from behind his brandy and shaking his head, "I very much doubt pirates are going to attack a /weyr/." They have dragons. Or something. He eyes that wherry strip warily, and then takes another sip of brandy before saying wryly, "Clearly you haven't known my sister very long." He remembers she mentioned that at some point the last time they met, though his expression is rather sour as he warns, "I don't suggest drinking any tuber ale." He gives her firelizard awary look too; he's known Cenlia's flits too long to be abke to trust the things.

F'yr is going to have to whip out the big guns. Her brows narrow dangerously on Eledri and then she lifts her chin until it nearly points to the ceiling, jerking a thumb at the scar across her throat. "You think I went out looking for pirates back in Western? They certainly like attacking Weyrs, from my experience," she huffs at him, dropping her chin back down. She then takes a big gulp of her juice, probably wishing it was something stronger for just a brief moment. Very brief. "Well, known her awhile but no where near as good as you know her. Or most people." She opens her mouth, closes it, and then furrows her brows together. "Is tuber ale any good? Not that I'd actually /ever/ try it, of course." Chu is the very picture of innocence. She doesn't even leave Fy's shoulder wtih that grumpy strange man there.

Eledri's eyes widen at the sight of that scar. He gulps. Uhm. He seems to have noanswer for her though, and instead knocks back the rest of his brandy. In one gulp. Clearing his throat a little, he re-fills his glass and then frowns, "What did pirates want with a weyr?" He seems honestly baffled. Weyrs have… dragons? It isn't as if someone's going to want to pilfer a dragon. Or would they? The man's brows furrow suddenly, looking perhaps just a tiny bit concerned. But then he shakes his head and takes a sip of brandy. It seems, the brownrider is unnerving him. He does snort and mutter, "Be glad you don't know her better," about his sister. And then his brows draw together again, "You… haven't seen her lately, have you?" Because Cenlia is still off in Ista. Seems she forgot to tell somebody. The young man does answer honestly about tuber ale, at least, "Tuber ale is similar to vodka. It's… strong." And that's all he seems to have to say about it.

F'yr runs a finger over her throat for a moment before the hand drops down to circle her wrist, a frown growing more and more darker on her face. "You know… I don't remember why. Course, I guess I should have stopped to ask 'em as I was being dragged off, like they did with other people at the Weyr. Vanished." Her along with them, obviously. Her eyes travel again to the brandy bottle and she sighs heavily, another gulp of juice taken instead. "Cenlia's a fun girl. Wish I knew her better." Then she stick her tongue out briefly at Eledri. "And I have. She was at Ista when I went to visit. Something about X'hil's turnday. Thought you'd know about that." She raises one brow and then grabs another stip of fried meat, stuffing the whole thing in her mouth.

Eledri looks rather uncomfortable all of a sudden, shifting in his seat and deliberately not looking at F'yr. He grimaces and does manage, at least somewhat, to look apologetic. Also uneasy. "That's… terrible," he frowns, coming up with nothing better to say as he holds his half-raised glass of brandy in midair, as if debating whether or not to down the whole thing. And then. Eldri goes very still, placing his glass back down on the table to stare at F'yr, "What." It's a question, although the flat tone of his voice removes any inflection. Slowly, very slowly, he begins to look horrified. "/Ista/?" is stated, followed but a tightened jaw and a rather tonelessly muttered, "X'hil." There's an /edge/ to his voice. And perhaps a slightly suspicious look at the brownrider. Oh, he /didn't/ know. He does now though! And he looks almost as if he /could/ use that knife on his belt to kill someone right about then. Goodthing he's glaring in the direction of the doorway instead of F'yr now. He's suddenly rising from his seat, eyes narrowing, as he mutters flatly, "I need to get to Ista," in… farewell? And making for the door without another word.

F'yr snorts. "Yeah, terrible," is her mumbled reply. By the look of her face, it's definitely nightmares for the brownie tonight. Why did the memory always have to come up around this computer crafter? She tightens her fist for a moment before her eyes suddenly snap up at the tone of Eledri. "I said— yeah, Ista, and…" Wait, did she say something wrong? She stares at his expression, looking towards the exit as if thinking maybe someone was there, and then turning back to him. "Hey! Why all of a sudden? What the shards is wrong with that?" Fy jumps up, causing Chu to squeak in surprise and, grabbing one more fried wherry strip, hurries after the man with a puzzled expression on her face that soon turns guilty. Uh oh, was she not supposed to say any of that? "Wait up, you!" And out she goes.


Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Eledri makes a trundlebug line out of the tavern, not stopping or waiting or anything, with a look on his face like he could murder someone. He storms right across the clearing, fists clenching as he makes his way quickly to the meadow, toward a certain greenrider's weyr. Unfortunately… B'miel isn't home. Eledri swears, and scowls.

F'yr is right on Eledri's heels. Or almost. She's looking pretty nervous now. "You know, forget what I said. I have /nooo/ idea where your sister is. She's probably off getting drunk here. In Xanadu. I don't know what I'm talking about." She flaps her hands over her head, Chu chattering up a storm angrily. They even pass her own weyrbarn where Zaruath is curled outside, the big brown lifting his head up curiously as if he can sense murder in the air. Goood. "Hey, are you even listening to me? What's the rush for it all, anyway?" She huffs and crosses her arms, keeping near the computer crafter.

Eledri whirls around, as if not even hearing the brownrider, and then looks startled that she followed him and is right /there/. He's still scowling, though, as he mutters, "She's in /Ista/," as if that should explaing every, "…with /X'hil/." If looks could kill.. But then he blinks, as if suddenly seeing her again. "I need to get to Ista," the young man says evenly, "Right now." And his brows come together in something… like worry? And then he looks right at her, with a much calmer, "Please?"

F'yr blinks at that scowling angry computer crafter. What happened to just grumpy? "So?" She purses her lips thoughtfully. "You know, I remember something about that X'hil…" Like offering to shoot the man a long time ago, but she just shakes the thought away. "She's your sister. I don't know what the sharding problem is. I mean, brothers are supposed to be /happy/ to get rid of sisters, aren't they?" Fy, single child, has nooo idea. Zaruath however is very intrigued and starts making his way forward, rumbling lowly, making Fy look up with a glare. "We're not on a mission to assisinate the Weyrleader, you stupid lug," she growls to him, and then gives a side look to Eledri as if to say: Right? The brown rumbles again, ruffling his wings anxiously now. "Ista. Ista. Ista. You sharding men," she grumbles, runs a hand through her hair, and then waves a hand to Zaruath. "I can't believe Zaru is actually saying he /wants/ to take you. But I suppose fine, we'll go. For Zaru to not bug me about it all day." But the brownrider's heading to her weyr for straps and her riding jacket.

Eledri sets his jaw about X'hil, muttering, "I'm not letting that /bronzer/ near my sister again." Scowl briefly returning, "He's-" and then the computercrafter blinks at the word assassinate. The man doesn't exactly look as if that's /not/ what he wants to do. Eledri blinks again and looks at the dragon with some surprise, the anger quite draining out of him a little as he offers an, "Uh. Thankyou." He just stands there then, watching F'yr. He's grateful, though. Even if he does shoot B'miel's empty weyr a look that speaks of daggers.

"Again, huh?" F'yr shakes her head a little bit more. "I have no idea what the problem is with you. He seems like a weird bronzer is all." The brownrider, afterall, didn't know the man at all outside of accidently being near him during a flight. "Yeah, yeah. Thank Zaruath, not me," she growls out. She disappears for a short while, shortly returning to the anxious brown to slip on his straps. He seems /waay/ to happy to be going to Ista just to see a fight. Possibly a green dragon on his mind. She shrugs on her jacket and then quickly makes her way up onto her lifemate, urging Eledri up after her with a wave of a hand. "Hurry on up, then!" Zaruath even leans down a little, looking a bit more grumpy again now that he had to allow the stranger up.

Eledri doesn't have to be told twice; he follows F'yr up, not answering about X'hil. Possibly, there might be a fight. Possibly something worse…

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