What Was That Again?

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

Afternoon the same day D'had has brought Thea back from the cave, the sun slants through the window over the table by now, filling the cottage with light, a welcome thing in winter. The weyrwoman has been sleeping most of the day. She's curled on her side, half asleep, half awake.

Asleep? Yep, that's what D'had is having laid down beside her. An arm draped over her waist it didn't take long for him to fall asleep and as of yet he hasn't woken up.

Thea stirs, rousing further. She gradually becomes aware of the weight of the man's arm on her waist, lifts her head to peer at him. Sleeping. She begins slowly easing out from under that arm, first by rolling over on her back.

D'had mumbles something at her moving, but he's not waking up just yet. Rather he rolls himself, more on his stomach than he was before, that arm stretching further over her.

Thea just freezes as he stretches his arm over her. She lifts her head once more, looking closely at his face. Still asleep? Good. She watches his face as one hand gently grasps his wrist, lifts ever-so-slowly and begins removing is arm so she can slip from the bed. Let's not wake the exhausted Weyrsecond up, he needs his beauty-sleep. And how!

Beauty sleep? Lets just not tell him that. But no, there's no waking up. Not yet at least. Hand drops back to the bed as she lets go and he settles back to sleep. Its only a bit later though that he seems to realize that she's not there anymore, mumbling again as a hand searches for what's missing and not finding it he finally rolls over back to his side, eyes cracking open.

Thea's still lying on her back as she scoots out from under his arm. When it drops and he remains asleep she breathes a sigh of relief and continues to edge towards the side of the bed. But then he's searching and mumbling so she freezes until his eyes crack open. She remains silent. Maybe he'll go back to sleep?

D'had's eyes close again. He might still be sleeping, but then that doesn't so well explain the smirk that pulls at the corner of his lips.

Unless the man is having a really good dream? Let's not interrupt that! Yes let's! Thea very quietly lifts one of her pillows and Thwacks him with it. "What's so funny, you?"

D'had chuckles for that pillow swat, reaching out a hand to try and block any further hits after that first one which does manage to catch him off guard. "Who said anything was funny?" he replies.

"Nobody." Thea answers with a sniff as if she's put out. Then she drops the pillow, sits up and swings her legs off the bed. "Glad you got some sleep at last," she says quietly over her shoulder as she stands and heads over towards the kitchenette. "Want some klah?"

"Told ya I just needed a bed and a bed warmer," D'had teases, watching her walk away. "Klah sounds great though," he agrees, shifting to sit up himself.

Thea opens cupboard doors, gathers the supplies and pads towards the fireplace, flicking D'had a glance, "So glad I could be of service," she says dryly. Once there she grabs the kettle hanging over the coals, tosses another log on and pads back to the kitchenette. "How ever have you managed all these years without?"

D'had narrows his gaze, frowning as his feet set to the floor and he stands. A second later he's crossing the space to rest his hands on her shoulders and gives a light squeeze. "Somethin' wrong babe?"

Thea is pouring the steaming water into the filter as he comes up behind her. She just stands there holding the kettle as his hands squeeze her shoulders. She sighs, shakes her head, answering listlessly, "Not really, no. No." Reassuring who? She turns, "I'll just…" she lifts the hot kettle, "take this back…" She motions to the fireplace. So yes, Xanadu. She sill does things the old-fashioned way.

D'had doesn't say anything about that answer just yet. He nods, taking the kettle from her to place it back by the fire. He might have slept, but he's still on the scruffy side when he turns back. There's not a smile, but then neither is there a frown as he returns to her side. Old fashioned? He doesn't seem to mind that. "You sure?"

Thea opens her hand with a blink of surprise when D'had takes the kettle, "Oh, thanks." She's setting out mugs on the table as he returns. He speaks, she jumps. "Hmm?" She looks up at him absently, "What? Oh! Yeah, I'm sure." She's padding back to the cupboards, rummaging for something.

"Babe..?" D'had doesn't seem fully convinced by that certainty of hers. He does however, leave her be in her rummaging rather opting to press hands to the table behind him, leaning back just a bit as he watches.

"Hmm?" Thea finds sweetener, gathers that along with two small plates and a tin of cookies, returning to the table, stepping around him to place them there, flickering a confused glance at him for watching her. "What's that matter?"

D'had shakes his head, "Nothin," he replies. Turning he pulls out the chair closest, leaving it for her and pulling out one round the corner to seat himself. "Just tell me its nothin' and I'll try not to keep worrying."

Thea turns back to the kitchenette, opens the small cooler and pulls out a small bottle of cream. "Tell you what's nothing?" She asks without any real interest in the answer at all as she shuts the door with a backwards kick. She returns to the table, cream in one hand and the pot in the other and just stands there staring at the table in an unfocused sort of way.

"The feeling I have that you're not tellin' me somethin'…" D'had replies, dark gaze following her as she sets about the task. He could be wrong but something just feels .. well off.

Thea blinks again, "Not telling you?" She blows out her cheeks, pondering before shaking her head, "Nooooo." She pours the klah in each mug, sets the pot down and slides into her chair, flickering him another puzzled look, meeting that dark gaze, "Why're you looking at me like that?"

D'had shakes his head, "Like I said, nothin'," he replies, reaching out a hand to grab one of those mugs once she's done pouring. Curling both hands around the piece of ceramics he lets out a slow breath, staring down at the liquid within.

"Okay." Thea shrugs casually, then reaches for the cream, pours a liberal amount into her cup, slides the sweetener towards her and stares at it in a bewildered manner.

D'had unwraps one hand from the mug, reaching out for one of hers. "Was worried bout ya there for awhile." But then she likely knew that already. "Did I tell you how pretty you are today?" Queue charming smirk.

Thea blinks at her hand as D'had's fingers curls around it, "Huh? Oh! Yeah, I know you were." She gives him a funny sort of smile and a puzzled look. "Uhhh, no? But thanks?" She eyes that smirk with a faint brow wrinkle. "That's sweet." She nods and her expression is one that says, 'How's that?'

D'had chuckles, giving her hand a soft squeeze. "Ya are," his own grin is lopsided before its covered in the process of taking a drink of his klah. Hand remains on hers as the mug is set back to the table. "Don't need an answer now, but what I said before, its still an open offer."

Thea nods, giving him a mild look for his insistence, eyes flickering over his lopsided grin, but she's asked him already, so. "Thanks?" She's not arguing with him? "What you said before…" She repeats this with a small headshake. She's not following. Her eyes drop to the sweetener with a vague expression and she snaps her fingers, "Forgot the spoons!" She's up and moving until she is brought up short by her arm. She turns to look at her hand. "Uh, you want a spoon?" She wriggles her fingers. "I can't reach the drawer from here, Donn."

D'had blinks. Did he not ask? He was fairly certain he'd at least thought about but then he's been wrong about such things before. So maybe he just forgot all about that? As for the spoon he shakes his head. "I'm good. But you…" he trails off, "I want you to stay with me."

Thea gives her hand a gentle tug. "Leggo for a minute?" When he does, she's stepping to the drawer, opening it and pausing to stare at the utensils for a minute. Oh! She snags a spoon and returns to her seat, spoons some sweetener into her klah. She pauses mid-stir. "Stay with you. Oh! Yeah, yeah. You mentioned that the other day."

D'had keeps his hand on hers but then its easily enough pulled from underneath and he draws is own back. The silence is filled with a drink. Okay, well at least he mentioned it, not quite so awkward now at least. "And…?"

Thea continues to stir her klah. Well-stirred and still her spoon goes round and round while she watches the cup. He's waiting for an answer, but she's lost herself in the swirl of brown liquid. Her eyes unfocus.

D'had is, but he's not pushing for one either. He watches for a moment while she continues to stir, dark-eyed gaze split between her face on that swirling spoon. "Just.. think about it. Alright?" That's all he's asking, shifting to stand push his chair back in.

"Just..?" Thea looks up at D'had, her hand pausing again. "Oh, yeah, I did." She's totally puzzled by his sudden rising and pushing in of his chair. "What's the matter?" She lifts her spoon, lays it beside her cup and lifts the mug to sip.

D'had blinks and stares for a second before shaking his head. "Nothin'," though he's just as confused by her question of his movement as she might be as the movement itself. He takes another drink, leaning on the back of the chair.

Thea's brow puckers slightly as she looks at D'had over the rim of her mug. She lowers the cup, "You seem… restless? Don't want to sit and finish your klah?" She lowers her eyes to open the tin, "Cookie to go with?" She holds it out to him.

Cookie? That he'll take, reaching over to snatch one from the tin. "You might wanna think about that," he replies around a bite. "Alone?" That's what he was guessing anyway.

"Think about?" Thea's eyes drop down to the cookies with perplexity before rising to his face. Think about whether she wants to offer him a cookie? Then he says the word 'alone', which stumps her. "You, wanna run that by me again? Because… they're only cookies…" Blink. Stare.

D'had shakes his head, stepping around behind her while finishing off the last bite of that cookie. "You're just.." he looks for the words to say what he's getting from her. "Quite." Normal for him, but the other way around it just seems odd somehow.

Thea's head turns to look up at him as he walks round to stand behind her chair, "I'm just." She repeats it slowly with a slight frown of concentration. "You're not making sense," she tells him honestly. She pushes her barely-sipped klah away, rises to peer more closely at him. "Maybe three nights with no sleep outside?"

D'had leaves his mug on the table as she stands, dark eyes finding hers. "Maybe," he agrees, hands searching out hers to pull her closer. "Talk to me sweetheart?" It’s a question of his confusion.

Thea blinks down at her hands as D'had takes them. As he pulls he closer, she steps forward easily, meeting his eyes without hesitation. The green is hazy with nothing but a faint questioning within them. "'Bout what?" She's noting his confusion, and since her hands are not free to do so, leans to press a cheek against his for a moment, then leans back, "You feeling sick? Or something?"

D'had gives both hands a light squeeze when she presses that cheek against his. He leaves her hands free then, wrapping his arms around her waist and letting his chin rest on her shoulder. "Ya scared me," he finally admits

Thea's arms slide round him as he hugs her. She's worried now, it shows in her face, but with his chin hooked over her shoulder, of course he can't see. He'll hear it in her voice, though. "You… keep saying that. You… don't remember? We… talked about me moving in with you too, while we were in the cave and I…" She trails off, thinking for a moment. "I'm worried about your memory, Donn."

D'had sighs, turning his head slightly to press his cheek against hers a second more. "We talked bout it," he agrees. Well she said he mentioned it then and she just said as much again now. "I know, but did you answer?" Because that's the part he doesn't remember, getting a straight answer to the question.

"I… don't remember? I think I did?" Thea responds vaguely lifting a hand to rub absently at the dwindling spot where she'd knocked her head against that boulder. "I forgot to take that fellis-powder before I went to sleep, too," she mutters to herself.

D'had blinks, pulling back to arms length. His hands shift to her shoulders as he looks at her with a slight frown. "You're going to the healers," he comments, and its fairly clear he's not going to let her talk him out of that. "Come on." And apparently they're going right this minute too as he's ready to turn her and herd her towards the door.

"Wait, wait…" Thea's gonna try to talk him out of it anyway, however lackluster the attempt is. She half-frowns up at him, "What're you gonna do if that old bat with the cane is in there?" Not using the name Master Fraille because that likely wouldn't clue him in.

"Figure out something then," D'had replies, a hand on her back between her shoulders as he tries to usher her out. "You remember everything and now ya don't remember that?" Regardless of if he does or not. He's not the one with they're talking bout right now. "Now let’s go."

Thea is turned and moved towards the door in spite of her arguments, "Y-you aren't worried about that woman?" If he's not, she certainly is. "I could send for my healer, maybe?" She leans back into that hand, "Shep knows him, I know he can find him." The brown around her shoulders rouses and squeaks upon hearing his name. Thea turns her head to meet D'had's eyes, "Unless you want her to think you… that I finished and she's gonna…erm, take it from there?" She's… serious.

"Yeah?" D'had starts, "And how long we gonna wait for him ta get here?" he questions. Of course if it were him and she was trying to make him go he'd likely be arguing as well. "You let me deal with that old bat if she's there."

Thea shakes her head stubbornly, "I can't deal with her. Too stressful." Crazy, but that goes without saying. "Five minutes? If he's down to the Weyr, that's all it would take?" She's eyeing the door with obvious unease before turning her head back his way to see his face. "And I really should take that fellis powder for this headache." Yes because thinking of encountering the old bat has it worsening.

"Fine," D'had agrees with a sharp nod, leaving off the pressure of his hand. "Five minutes, you take your stuff and if he's not here you're going if I have ta carry ya over my shoulder."

Thea eyes D'had, relief mingled with some concern, but she says nothing for the moment. Instead she turns her head back, tilting it down to catch the brown's eye. "Shep." The firelizard chirps, stretches and rises, standing as he stretches his neck to peer into his person's face. "Fetch the healer, Shep. Fetch." Shep churrs, leaps aloft and blinks out before his wings flap once. Thea turns away from the door flickering the weyrsecond an unreadable look as she heads towards the kitchenette.

D'had watches as she sends the firelizard off for the healer and then as she heads back towards the kitchenette. He's staying nearer the door however, impatient. Its only a few seconds that he stands there before he starts to follow. Yep, he's pacing.

Thea finds the packets of fellis-powder there on the counter, selects one, then pauses to watch the pacing. "Donn, please. I'm fine, really." She steps to the table, slides into one of the chairs, opens the packet, dumps it into what's left of her klah, "You can't… send me to the healers every time I can't remember something?" She picks up her spoon, gives it a stir, then lifts the mug, grimacing at the bitter taste as she sips. "You're worrying too much."

It won't take long for Seryth to realize that there's something in the forest, moving swiftly towards the closest point to the cottage, and if she reaches out with her mind, it will be fairly obvious that it's Tenebrous.

D'had turns, pausing by the door to send a hard look in Thea's direction. "Your fine when he says." Since she insisted on it being the cave healer, its his call on that that's going to matter right now. "I can too," Can, but doesn't mean he will. "This is different though."

Seryth's head lifts from the ground slightly, but there is no sound from the queen, instead she greets the healer the scent of rain-damp forests curling out with her contact in fogged wisps, « They are within. She is… preoccupied and her head hurts more than she will say. »

The air near Thea's head wavers for a moment before Shep pops back into view from *between*, trumpeting victoriously into her ear.

The rustling in the woods halts for a moment… …They? There's a…conflicted silence to his thoughts before Tenebrous emerges wholly from the forest, bleeding into view. He ghosts up to the front door with only a nod to the Gold, and thought promises of a good chin scratching upon his leave. Some few minutes after Shep's return, a quiet knock comes at the cottage door. When opened, it finds Tenebrous standing there, still in his worn, hide coat and large, running satchel. "We have an infirmary, you know," he says to no one in particular.

Thea flinches at that hard look D'had sends her way. She says nothing, however to argue about healers and going to them, although her jaw clenches stubbornly. She's mid-sip as Shep lands on her shoulder and his cry has her yelping, her klah sloshing out of the cup as she jumps. "Shep!" It's a half-wailed reproach as her mug thumps down on the table and she's grabbing her head, leaning forward on the table with her elbows. Shep utters a sheepish chirp and crawls back under her hair to his usual place on her neck. Tenebrous' arrival has no response other than a shudder and a muttered. "That place."

Since Thea's busy holding her head after that shock from the brown it leaves D'had, who's also closer to the door, to answer the knock. "She," he grumbles in response to Tenebrous, "Wanted you." Not that he's exactly happy with that.

Seryth answers from a swirling fog, heavy with the promise of downpour, « Blue Siebith's is… pressing for an answer of some sort that mine… cannot seem to answer. She is… upset. »

Tenebrous' eyes flicker back outside after something before he looks back at the two people within the cottage. "Then I am at the Weyrwoman's disposal," he says wearily, beginning to unbuckle a few clasps on his pack. It finally slides from his shoulders with a quiet rush of fabric, and Tenebrous exhales. "A week in a cave," he mumbles to himself, pacing over to the table. He manages to kneel next to Thea's chair with only a slight grimace for that right leg of his, and murmurs, "I haven't even had a proper bath yet, you know…" One hand reaches up and touches her shoulder. "What seems to be the problem?"

It's been a long week for her. No one should be pressing her for anything. Slightly guilty feelings wash over his thoughts, Including me…

Thea opens her eyes, turns her head to give D'had a blink and a short stare as she mutters, "That crazy old bat would make my head worse." She releases her head, drops her hands into her lap looking much like a guilty child. "Sorry," she sighs her answer to the healer, "I'm… fine. Really. Forgot to take my fellis powder is all." She reaches for the mug, takes a sip, lowers it again then tilts her head towards the Weyrsecond, "He's worried. It's nothing."

"She's forgettin' things," D'had remarks, having remained near the door to push it closed once the healer entered. As for the old lady, "I told you, to let me worry about that old bat," he mutters. Then back to Tenebrous, the Weyrsecond crossing the room back to the table. "Just wanna make sure she's alright."

Tenebrous arches a brow. "Old…bat…" Then he closes his eyes. "Please tell me we're not talking about Master Fraille…" He stands slowly, moving around behind the Weyrwoman and resting his hands on her shoulders. "Head up," he murmurs. "I'm here, so let's do this." One hand cups under her chin when she complies, fingers gently tracing the lines of her throat. "Deep breaths for me, Weyrwoman…" Warm hands find her pulse and fingers rest on it.

Thea lifts her eyes from the healer's face to frown slightly at D'had, answering him in a cool tone, "So you did. But," her chin lifts and there's a tiny flash in the ice green of her eyes, "I am not a child and you are not my father. And I… cannot take anymore of Master Fraille today. I just can't!" Her voice takes on an edge as she says the last, her calm fraying. Fellis effect maybe? Forgetting things… she doesn't argue with that. She lifts her head as Tenebrous asks, inhaling sharply as his fingers seek her pulse.

D'had mutters to himself, but he's not arguing. Not with Tenebrous in the room anyway. "I don't know her name," he replies, only to have Thea fill it in. While he might have been about to say something more he bites his tongue, resting hands on the back of the chair as he watches.

Tenebrous sighs. "Relax, Weyrwoman," he murmurs, dropping his hands to her shoulders again. "Breathe. I can't do this exam with you tensed up…" He begins squeezing her shoulders gently, kneading with palm and thumb. "Relax…" His eyes flicker over to D'had. "Has she done any paperwork since she returned home? Any decisions on her plate that could seriously effect her life? Her headaches should only be getting worse if there are significant stressors in her life."

Thea's shut her eyes again as her pulse is being taken, but at the Weyrsecond's easy admission to not knowing a name? They fly open to stare at him with surprise. She's looking mighty thoughtful, but doesn't say a word, instead she tries to do as the healer says. "Might relax better if I could finish the fellis…" She could answer the questions, but she's not the one being asked, so she just closes her eyes, giving in, trying to relax.

D'had blinks as he's questioned, looking from weyrwoman to healer. "No," he replies with a shake of his head. "Got back, that old bat showed up and when she left we went ta bed," he explains. "And right now we was just talkin'."

Tenebrous mms quietly. "No strong decisions to be made, no work? And yet the headaches remain…" He gives Thea's shoulders another little squeeze. "Please try and keep it that way, if you can. Neural issue heals at a much slower rate than other tissues of the body. Eventually, the headaches WILL go away…but she'll heal faster if she isn't subjected to stress every day." His hands creep back down her neck again, and for the briefest moment, they tremble there. He swallows once and lets fingers search for a pulse again.

"Uhm, well… " Thea opens her eyes and blinks at D'had once again but she doesn't correct him. "Alright," she answers the healer. She and her headache will do better with the fellis, so while he's checking for her pulse, she lifts the now-cold, fellis-fortified klah and drinks the rest of it. "So how is it? Will I live?" Dry humor in her tone as she queries Tenebrous, her eyes on the Weyrsecond have a bit of wariness for his serious expression.

D'had shakes his head, "No work," he agrees with Tenebrous on that point, nodding a bit as the healer continues. "Ah'll let the rest of 'em know you'll be outta the office awhile," he adds the note to Thea while her cave dwelling friend is there to hear it as well.

Tenebrous counts off wordlessly to himself before gently releasing Thea's throat. "Pressure's a little high under my fingers, feels like, but your pulse is strong, which is good…" His hands raise up to rest at her temples, and his eyes close. "Actually," he murmurs, "I'd just assume she go back to work, and get out of the house. BY and large, people don't care about what's going on at work as much as they care about what's going on at home…Some normalcy to her life might work in her favor. No sudden changes. Get back into a rhythm."

"But, but, I'm way behind..!" Thea's protest comes on the heels of the Weyrsecond's comment, only to subside as the healer says she may. "I'll… take it easy." This she's promising to D'had while the healer does his thing. She's…having her head examined. At least it's not a mindhealer?

D'had nods. "Right, right." He's trying to be helpful and he's just not getting it right any time he opens his mouth here lately. There's another nod for her taking it easy. True, at least its not a mindhealer, or she might make him see him too.

Tenebrous mms quietly. "Temperature feels a little high," he murmurs. "I think I'd like it if you stopped drinking the Klah for awhile too…you don't exactly need any extra vasodilators right now. I'll need to go back to the Infirmary to collect a few herbs, but I'll make you some tea mix that should help with the wake up in the mornings…" Finally, he releases her head and murmurs, "Turn your chair around for me, please?"

Thea flickers a questioning look at the Weyrsecond, "You feeling better now?" There's no sarcasm there, really. She blinks at the healer's request, "Turn my-?" She shrugs, rises, grabs the back of her chair and turns it around. "D'you want me to sit back down in it?" Unsure, the weyrwoman waits.

"Fine," D'had replies. So he was a bit paranoid about her being okay, but he was fine the whole time. Right? He watches carefully keeping an eye on the both of them.

Tenebrous smiles. "By all means, sit back down again." One hand dips into his satchel, pulling out that small, white orb that he frequently produces flame with. "I'm going to light this up and test your pupil reflex a little…some of your headaches may be ophthalmic…" When she sits, he kneels in front of her again. "Steady," he murmurs to her. Then he mumbles a word under his breath, clenches his fist, and a burst of flame erupts, bright and clear and golden. "Here we go," he murmurs to her, and begins flickering the flame in front of her eyes, tracking their motions…

Thea rolls her eyes at the Weyrsecond's answer. And he wonders about her and her 'I'm fine'. She nods to the healer and sits in the chair, listening to his explanation. "Optha-whatie?" She just nods at him, "Whatever. They never explain anything over at the Infirmary. And you know, Mater Fraille? I think she's feeling pret-ty spry these days. She-" But then that flame is lit and she hushes, her eyes following the movement.

D'had says nothing. Which just might be best. At the mention of the old master he makes a face and mutters something under his breath. Likely something rather unpleasant.

Tenebrous laughs softly. "She also has very…very good hearing, you two. Pray that she's not outside right now…" The fire is put out with another clench of his fist and he murmurs, "Weyrwoman, I'm not…entirely happy with your pupil response. It's not bad, but it's not where I wanted it to be at this stage of your recovery." He stands slowly then, his tone growing firm, hard even. "In case anyone missed this memo, let me be plain." He pulls his hood back and away from his face, allowing his strange blue eyes to focus on Thea's face. "You fell almost half a mile down a rocky, icy slope, hitting your head I have no idea how many times on the way down. When you stopped falling, it was only because a large rock got in the way of your *head*." He leans down a little. "You. Hurt. Your. Brain." He straightens. "Then, because you couldn't stand the Infirmary, and because it would be better for you, you stayed a week in a remote location to recover. And you still have issues." He strides over to his satchel then, hoisting it up onto his shoulders. "Stress is bad. Figure it out." Something has, apparently, struck a nerve.

And this would be different how, exactly? But Thea doesn't attempt to draw the silent-but-for-muttering Weyrsecond into conversation for the moment. She watches the flame go out, her lips move silently, briefly before returning her attention to the healer's words. "Ha-half a mile?" She swallows hard, recoils just a bit at the blunt words. Abashed, she nods to the rest of his words, turning in her chair as he walks across the room. She's where she can see the Weyrsecond now so she slides a look to see his face. For once she has nothing smart to say.

D'had glances towards the door at that remark as if he might be able to see though and check for the crazy lady. Its only a glance though and then he's looking back to stare at Tenebrous as he talks. No wonder no one told him much of anything about what happened. The expression Thea would come on see is hard and yet concerned at the same time. "I should let you rest or something." What he should do he really has no idea, but certainly there's something.

Tenebrous grunts once. "A remarkable choice…" He finishes with his pack and turns to leave. "Good day to you both." Then he ducks out…

Thea is looking D'had's way when that oddly combined look crosses his face and she's sinking down into her chair just a little bit. Great. She nods to the healer wordlessly as he says good bye, her eyes looking just a little stunned as they swing D'had's way. "Half…a…mile…" Her exhaled breath blows out her cheeks a little. "They didn't tell me…" She just sits there for a moment before rising and walking numbly to the bed, sits on the edge and falls onto her side with a thump.

D'had frowns when Tenebrous excuses himself and Thea moves back towards the bed. "Can't say I blame him," he comments, crossing back to the bed himself and reaching out to gently brush her hair back from her face. "Just take it easy, alright babe? Let Siebith know if ya need me and I'll be right here."

Thea rolls onto her back, blinking up at D'had in some confusion. "Can't blame him for what?" She's nodding to the rest. "Of course, Seryth can call…" she sighs, "..if she has to." She's watching him with concern, not forgetting how he paced. "Are you okay?"

"For not tellin ya that," D'had replies, "Can't say I woulda either." Really, who would want to know that, but it does rather bring things into perspective. "I'll stay," he offers, thumb sliding across her cheek though he's still not exactly smiling, "Long as you promise ta kick me out if I'm stressin you at all. You heard him, stress ain't good."

Thea's still watching him closely, "I see," she answers quietly. "I was never one to believe that shielding from the truth did anyone any good." The words have a slightly bitter taste to them and she shuts her eyes tightly. His thumb slides across her cheek and she's lifting a hand to cup the back of his, "Stress." The words is almost hissed and she opens her eyes to find his, "Why, why does it seem to dog my life? I cannot seem to escape it anymore and find peace."

"It make you feel better knowin'?" D'had asks rhetorically. As for stress… "Comes with the job I suppose," he offers, thumb idly sliding back and forth across that cheek and he even turns a touch of a smile on her when her eyes open again. "You'll be fine, just take it easy. Alright? Don't push yourself."

"Oh, yes. Much better. How about you?" Thea's slightly sarcastic words are not directed at him. "Feeling better about things isn't always for the best," she shrugs. Stress… "It's not the job, it's me. I-" She breaks off with a headshake, attempting for levity. "I'll be fine. And you know me,I never push myself. What are you saying?" She half-smiles at him.

D'had can't help but chuckle at that response. "No, you never push, ever." There's a light, teasing quality to his tone for that and he quirks a smile back towards her. "But you what?" She's not getting around that the first try, but then he's shaking his head. "Nevermind, ya don't need ta tell me if ya don't want." No stress. Remember that Donn.

Thea's eyes are drooping, the fellis has finally hit her bloodstream. "I…" Her eyes close briefly, or was it a slow blink? They open, the pupils have gone to a fine point as will happen when the drug takes effect, "I keep thinking about…" She's missed his headshake while her eyes were closed and so is trying to tell him, for the medicine has relaxed he enough to say. Unfortunately it's robbing her brain to do it. She moistens lips gone dry, …your…." She lifts a hand palm up, but while trying to form the next words, her eyes close and her hand falls soundlessly on the bed.

D'had is quiet as she tries to explain. A subtle smile crosses his lips as her eyes close. He leans down to press a light kiss to her forehead. "Sleep well," he whispers, brushing fingers through her hair before he stands and heads on his way.

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