Hypothetically Speaking

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

Ka'el has been bamboozled. The young rider had sat in the Caverns for the better part of a candlemark this late wintry afternoon, nursing a mug of warm cider that turned cold after the first twenty minutes passed, though he hadn't bothered to get a new one. And finally, after a candlemark, he wrestled the nerve to get up and head into the administration hallway, where he found someone with a higher ranking knot than his own to request word with the Weyrleader. After being given a doubtful look, as Ka'el gave no real reason, urgent or otherwise, to bother the Weyrleader, was told to wait down the hall closer to the caverns side. And so he's waited and waited and has been waiting and is still waiting but hasn't seen hide nor hair of either the man he spoke to or the Weyrleader! Bamboozled. And so now, as he watches the twentieth person pass by him and disappear out for an early dinner, he squares his shoulders and moves down the hall with purposeful steps, trying to make it seem as if he belongs here. He's in uniform, after all (even though his shift ended hours ago…but they don't know that, right?). He doesn't look anyone in the eye as he walks, though does spare a second's worth of a glance to where he thinks the radios may be. But then he's at the Weyrleaders' office door, and he stops, swallows down his heart that somehow has made it up to his throat, and knocks. *Knock-knock-knock*

Ah, lost in the bureaucratic shuffle, is he? Someone needs to improve the efficiency of that! Now delayed action might result in a vain effort also because if dinner is being served, the Weyrleader's office should be empty, the lights off and the door locked. Well, the door is locked, but there is light leaking out from under it. There's also movement from within that indicates someone is inside. The squeak of an office chair, the sound of footsteps that fade out as a carpet is crossed, only to reemerge, the tap of soles upon stone as they near the door. There's a pause, then a mutter, "Need to get a peephole installed. Who is it?" the voice now pitches the volume to be heard through wood. That'd be Thea, though why she's not opening it right away, well that's classified. He can try to get the information, you never know, it might be divulged.

Ka'el clasps his hands behind his back as he waits. Scratch that, they settle at his sides. .. No, that feels weird, just having them hang there like loose noodles. Back behind his back they go! The fidgety rider manages to keep himself still as a raven-haired lady passes by, emerging from an opened office door, but he needn't worry. She's far too busy shuffling through a handful of papers to pay him any notice. Ka'el's attention returns to the door and the subtle sounds that can be heard from behind it. He straightens, smoothing out the jacket of his uniform before placing his hands … at his sides. Yes. That's probably the best place for them. Though at the moment it wouldn't matter if his hands were dragging on the floor, for the door doesn't open and instead he hears the not-masculine voice of someone behind it. Definitely not N'shen. "Uh…. Ka'el." A pause, then tacked on in a tone more sure-sounding, "Galaxy rider of bronze Kanekith." That sounds far more official!

And professional, like a rider ought! That fidgeting goes unseen. He's fortunate that this is all happening prior to the peephole installation. Future visitors will not be so lucky. The voice from within asks, "Are you alone?" There's the pop of a lock and the door opens a crack from which one ice green eye peers out. It gives Ka'el an up-down flick, then focuses down the hall in a suspicious sweep before returning to the bronzerider with a sigh that sounds like…relief? The door opens all the way and it is the Weyrwoman who stands there. By the looks of her she's been in here all day, dressed for the office in a wine-red skirt, matching jacket, white ruffled blouse and office shoes. Her dark hair is left to tumble about her shoulder but that's the only casual thing about her. She stands with a straight-backed posture almost as if she's trying to see down the hall past his shoulder. And is she? She is! She's gone up on her toes to have that second peek. "Come in," she says, her hand almost giving in to the impulse to grab his wrist and haul him inside. Instead she turns to flee back to her desk, her skirt flaring about her calves as she moves, "Shut and lock that," she orders over her shoulder.

Oh, it's Thea! Ka'el .. should've known that. And in the back of his mind he probably did place the voice behind the door as belonging to the Senior Weyrwoman, though his mind was on N'shen, not her. But here she is and he begins to smile, though the look gets caught on his face only halfway formed, puzzled by her question and her quick inspection of … things around him. "Um…yes ma'am," he assures, brows furrowing just slightly once her eyes are off of him directly and over his shoulder. He resists the urge to turn around and gaze down the hallway with her, not wanting to make it too obvious that he's noticing her .. less than subtle searching. "Er.." His wrist is taken and he's pulled inside with a bewildered look etched across his face. Totally un-Thea-like behavior! Following directions well, he closes the door behind him and secures the lock in place with a click. There! Locked in the office with the weyrwoman alone. .. Nothing at all suspicious about that. Eyes sweep to N'shen's desk only to find it empty. Yup. Alone. "Mm. Weyrwoman Thea?" he says, tone questioning as he looks back at her, beginning to approach her desk. "Is everything alright?"

Oops? Her hand went and did what she was trying not to do! Impulses, heh. Don't turn your back on them! She's circling 'round behind her desk, sinking back into the leather-padded chair as the click of the lock is heard. She visibly relaxes as she sinks down into the seat. The top of her desk has several documents spread out and her pen lying atop them. "Yes, everything is fine. I'm just making sure it remains fine," she answers him a touch grimly with another look flicked at that closed (and re-locked) door. Those papers are being swept into a single stack, and placed aside, the pen, momentarily remains in her hand. She does manage a semi-smile to him though and to ask, "What can I help you with this evening, Ka'el?"

"I was hoping to speak with the Weyrleader, actually," Ka'el admits, leaving out the specific details that he probably didn't go through the proper channels in order to do so. One doesn't just speak to the Weyrleader about things randomly. If that was the case, the knocks on the door would be endless, and Thea would really be a bundle of nerves. That's why a chain of command is in place! Keeps things neat and orderly. Though unfortunately for him, his efforts to speak to the man have been thwarted by him not being here! But Thea is here…but… He stands watching her, having paused a few feet away from her desk, eyes portraying his concern. What can she help him with? Well, there is something. He obviously snuc- .. er, came here for a reason, but that reason is gently being put to the side. "Is there something I can do for you, Weyrwoman?" he asks, head canting to the side just slightly. "Is someone bothering you? Shall I find the Weyrleader? Have a guard stand post 'til he's here?" Not that she couldn't do all of this herself. They all have dragons who have this nifty skill of communicating with one another. Still, he offers, his worry genuine.

"Oh. N'shen. He's… out. Somewhere." Obviously. She should know. Maybe she does, but it's classified too, for she doesn't say where he's at. "Would you like to leave him a note?" Her normal equilibrium is returning. Slowly. Dinner brings with it the change of shift for several places - the wings, which Ka'el would already know, the nursery workers, the housekeepers, the infirmary, probably the guards as well. "Hm? Me? Nooo I don't think-" Wait, does she have any random errands that would save her a trip through the crowded caverns so she won't run into- Blink. Find her a guard? She stares, then bursts into a merry laugh. "No, that's alright Ka'el, thanks. I'm just avoiding Cyrus and his 'routine' mindhealing checkup, that's all." That word routine? Definitely can be heard with airquotes.

Ka'el shakes his head at the mentioning of a note. "No thank you, I'll just…" Finding him later sounds like an improbable thing. The weyrleader is a busy guy! And the more he thinks about just why he came here, the more trivial the reason is seeming. Perhaps it's a good thing the man is out of his office. Saves Ka'el some embarrassment. But he's still looking a bit worried over Thea. That is, until she starts laughing. His brows lift in surprise. This is no laughing matter! She's being stalked! She should have guards posted in the corners of her office! She…is avoiding Cyrus? He blinks once and then stares at her with an owlish look. "..Ten guards, then?" he says, a smirk emerging after the joke. Well if that's all, then Ka'el can relax, and he visibly does as some of his stiffness melts. Not too much of it though. He is still in the presence of their Weyrwoman, and thus doesn't allow himself to get too comfortable. "I had…have a question," he explains, feeling as if he owes her at least some reason why he's barged into her shared office. A bit of his fidgetiness is returning, but he miraculously keeps himself mostly still. Only his fingertips move to touch and tap at his jacket. "I wished to ask it to him, but I don't feel that I'll have many chances to ask after today. It's one I think you could answer too, but.. I don't wish to make you uncomfortable."

Well, he didn't quuuuuite barge in, he was dragged in. At least he can claim that if any of the stuffed shirts in the administration hall accuse him of that on his way out. Thea smirks back, "He'd have them happily headshrunk and then still be wanting in." Nowhere is safe! Ignore the eye-darty look and the shudder after she says that. Cyrus has a nose like a shark for this sort of thing. He's probably already written 'possible paranoia' on the blank chart he's got while fruitlessly waiting for her to answer his appointment summons. Questions they see all the time, sometimes in person as in the current situation, sometimes as they cross the crowded caverns, sometimes in the form of notes. "Sure," she begins with a gesture to one of those seats in front of her desk. "I can- Wait, not many chances after today?" She squints, "Are you transferring out?" Uncomfortable? How could it possibly? She's old enough to be his mother. His young, hot mother, but nonetheless. Or… does this involve a blanket. And adventures?

Totally hot. He's been in at least one argument in his life due to Thea's hotness, though that was turns ago. He's progressed! He can stand here and talk to her without getting tongue tied or forgetting just what it is he was going to say because he's gotten lost in the glittering pools of her eyes. Total progress. But he's still unsure if talking to her now is his best course of action, though it maybe his only course of action of N'shen remains unavailable. He softly clears his throat as he indeed takes a seat, arms resting upon the arms of the chair, then lowering down to rest on his thighs. Fidget. Ha, Cyrus would have a field day with them both! "No ma'am, I'm not transferring," he assures, shaking his head, although it would be untrue of him to say that he hadn't considered it once. "I just meant .. it isn't the easiest to have an audience with the Weyrleader, and Galaxy is kept busy in the winter. I was lucky t've gotten here today." Not that he had any sort of appointment, but…meh, that's an unimportant detail. His fingers drum once on his knees before he takes a deep breath. Just get on with it, Ka'el. "I wanted to ask about w- .. weyrmating." He swallows lightly, then continues in a slightly more hurried tone. "I'm not sure if the Weyrleader would be the right person to ask about this or if I should seek someone else but none of my friends have weyrmates and I would've asked my da even though he hasn't a clue about weyr-anythings but…" Here he slows, but doesn't finish the statement, his expressing slightly wilting at the mention of his father.

Glittering pools. Mymy! Ahh, okay, he's not transferring. The Weyrwoman nods, a politely encouraging smile says he may go on. Not that she knows Ka'el has considered it, but she's had the 'I can transfer out if it'll make things easier for you' offer herself. Men! They have the oddest solutions to things. "I see, " she says to the explanation and her quiet smile is now a touch sympathetic. "N'shen would be a good person to talk to if you could catch him. Making an appointment would be easier, though things come up and he doesn't always make those." N'shen is so busy, the Weyrwoman rarely sees him, but she doesn't say that. Instead she inclines her head to go on and when he does, she regards him for a long moment. "Weyrmating." She doesn't ask who with, which might be the more obvious question. His trailed off comment and expression earns a sympathetic look. She knows why that isn't possible. She picks up her pen and regards it thoughtfully before glancing back to him. "What did you want to know about weyrmating?"

So far so good. Other than his rambling run-on there at the end, no major fouls have been made. And Thea isn't scowling at him, which is always a good sign. Still, these things don't cause his heart to stop racing in his chest, triggered by a nervousness that he can't fight off. He doesn't like not knowing where he's going, and he's treading blindly in unexplored areas now. What does he want to know about weyrmating? That's a large question, and Ka'el exhales a breath as his hand lifts to rub at the back of his neck, head ducking a little. "Everything," he answers just as largely as he peers a bit sheepishly at her. He lowers his arm and raises his head to a normal level. "I don't know anything of it. At home … my parents were married. Their friends were married. People got married an' were known as husband and wife and lived together and had children.." Simple lives on paths that he understands, but he's getting ahead of himself now. He shakes his head in attempt to force his thoughts into some type of organization. "What's the difference between bein' married and bein' weyrmated?" That's a good start.

Thea doesn't scowl at many people, so Ka'el is safe? It's too bad she's wearing the fancybigknot that brings a dry throat and strikes terror into the hearts of people near and far. As Ka'el fidgets and neck-rubs, she drops her eyes to that pen she's holding in the fingertips of both hands, lifting her gaze when he says 'everything' only to half-smile at his sheepish expression. She listens, nodding now and then, takes a long breath. Talk about large questions! Where to start? "Not much, really. Two people who love each other and want to be together all the time commit to each other and live together." There's the nutshell answer. "Marriage is a promise between two people. It is for them and no other to share in." Or it's intended to be. Some people cheat! "But it's also a legal contract and in society outside the Weyr it provides certain rights for the spouse and children." He knows about that, though, right? "Marriage is a legal union; weyrmates is more casual, primarily because the Weyr takes care of its own. Weyrmates can be a solemn promise too, but the flights make it difficult to keep, unless the two agree that flights are outside the realm of their relationship and they will strive to keep them from coming between them." Big breath, Thea, big breath. Jethaniel should be explaining about marriage, really!

Ka'el is listening raptly. Having initiated the conversation, it must be something he really needs intel on, and now that he's getting it he doesn't seem keen on missing any important details. Thea, you have his ears! He nods here and there in agreement as she confirms what he already knows about marriage, though the gesture slows to a stop as she continues, comparing the two concepts. Marriage versus weyrmating. Legal versus casual. His brows knit faintly in thought, considering the two. Considering flights, which always seem to throw a wrench into things that are good and cause them to twist and break. Considering.. a lot of things. "Is there paperwork?" he asks, unfocused eyes refocusing on hers as the question is asked. "Even if it's … casual. Are there papers to gather or sign or fill out?" There seems to be paperwork for everything. One can't get out of the storeroom with a lightbulb in hand without signing off on some form! Walking off with an entire person? Maybe weyrmating requires sacrificing a goat or something. Which he really hopes isn't the case. "And, uh…is there a…tradition of givin' her somethin' like.. a symbol of bein' weyrmated? A ring or necklace or .. earrings?" Shoes? Socks? A new bra? He's clueless!

"No, there's no required paperwork," Thea chuckles. "And you don't need permission from anyone." She clarifies with a flickered wink, "Except maybe the other person." You may walk off with her for free, just don't return her broken? The pen is twirled idly in her fingers. "I've never heard of any traditions associated with weyrmating. Most are as simple as, 'hey wanna be my weyrmate?'" Her smile down to that pen is bittersweet before she lifts her eyes back to the young rider across from her desk, "You may have a ceremony, make up your own customs, why not? Something meaningful to you both." As for a symbol, again she shakes her head, a half-smile forming on her lips, "But again, there's no reason why you can't find something special to symbolize your being together." A pause, "So who's the lucky, ah, person?" She almost said lady. Her holdbred is showing!

The only way Ka'el would weyrmate a man is if aliens snatched his body. Luckily, this has yet to happen. He continues to take mental notes, surprised at how .. easy the task could be. Just a question asked and, bam, it's done? Granted, the answer to that question must be a resounding yes, which likely is the hardest part of this whole thing…other than working up the nerve to even ask. He rubs the palms of his hands against the tops of his thighs. Back and forth. Maybe his palms are sweaty? Or maybe it's just one of those nervously thoughtful actions that one does without realizing they're doing it. Make up his own customs, eh? With or without pomp. With or without any symbolism. Her question has his face warming up a little, though thankfully the blush is kept muted. Just a vague rosiness to the face. "Huh? Oh, no I'm just.. wondering, is all," he says quickly. "..But if I … were to ask someone someday, it'd be Soriana." A small smile follows. "She's…amazing."

The Weyrwoman has learned not to assume where riders are concerned. She gets to ask ambiguous, leading and open-ended questions. It is simple where riders are concerned. This is why many holdbred girls seek to come to the Weyrs where their parents do not have to give their consent and there aren't countless requirements to meet before they are released to their own lives and loves. "Just happened to be pondering the milestones of life, eh?" The smile is definitely a teasing one now. Vague blush? She sees nothing! Soriana. She might've guessed after the incident with his bruised and broken ribs. "Yes, she is," agrees the Weyrwoman of her Junior with a smile. "I hope you will both be very happy… someday." A grin follows that and she lets go of the pen with one hand, makes the notion of turning a key in her lips.

Yes! That's exactly what he's doing. Becaaause… all young men randomly ponder marriage and weyrmating without actually having given real thought into doing it themselves, right? … Right! >.> Well that's Ka'el's story and he's sticking to it, no matter how farfetched it may be! And maybe it was fate that took N'shen away from his desk while leaving Thea for him to find instead. That sheepish look returns at her well-wishes, and he dips his head to her in a respectful nod that widens to a grin as she locks away his secret. Phew! No gossip to run rampant through the administration hallway, which definitely would've made it to Soriana's ears .. which would make things super awkward! He begins to rise now, straightening from his chair with a slight stretch. "Thank you, Weyrwoman Thea. I … You helped clear some things up for me that I wasn't understanding well or just never knew. I know you've bigger things than me to tend to," he saw those papers! "though you should eat before getting back to them. Dinner's being served." He nods to the door. "I won't keep you from it, and should be headin' that way myself if I might be excused."

Thea is not the gossiping sort. Lucky Ka'el? Sorrin might have a better idea of Ka'el's intentions than the Weyrwoman does, even now after the hypothetical question has been asked and answered. N'shen would have given excellent advice, though. Perhaps better advice, given he is a man and certainly can identify more directly with Ka'el than Thea can. "You're welcome Ka'el," she says easily. "If you ever need anything and can't get in, just tell whoever's out there that you've an appointment." Sometimes those Quasar wingrider can be a wee too zealous in their duties. Oh dinner. That means risking an encounter with that shark of a mindhealer. "You may go eat; I'll be out later." Much later. When the chance of running into Cyrus is minimized. Until then she'll remain behind her locked door, thanks.

"Yes ma'am," answers Ka'el, giving her a salute. Appointment with the Weyrwoman, gangway! He arrived nervous but will be leaving with far fewer worries about his audience and a lot more to ponder when it comes to the details of … hypothetically weyrmating. If there was to be an item involved, what would someone like him get someone like Soriana? A necklace would get in the way. A ring could fall off during tasks like oiling. He's not even sure he's ever seen her wear earrings. Sigh! … Uh, good thing this is just a hypothetical thing, right? Riiight? "Don't wait too late or the dessert may be gone," he offers as helpful warning. "Trust me, I know. And desserts are the best part." And hopefully Cyrus isn't on the other side of the door, waiting for his chance to slip in. He lightly bends at the waist, tipping his chest towards the floor in a bow. "Thank you. For listening. An other things," he says to the Weyrwoman as he straightens, his expression softening with the smile that curves his lips. "Good evening to you." He turns then and strides out, unlocking the door to leave, and thankfully not getting ambushed in the process.

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