Baby Bathing

Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

Covered in rough, weathered wood, aged by the weather and the sun, the irregular grayed clapboards outside of this weyrbarn lend the place has a rustic, masculine charm. White shutters and window boxes overflowing with brightly-hued tangles of flowers on the lower windows and flowering vines twine about the supports for the porch overhang add a feminine touch, softening the stark stone steps leading to it.

The worn stone floor of Siebith's area is just inside the large sliding door. The living area of the weyrbarn has an open, airy layout gives the utilitarian, bachelor-like plain white-washed walls and simple hardwood floors a sense of wide open spaces. A sturdy mahogany-toned table with chairs that somehow manage to match despite their variety accent the earthy, wooden tones of the kitchenette. The same dark reddish hues are in the door at the far side of the barn, as well as in the low-slung coffee table in front of the plush, worn couch. Dusky sea-blue rugs are scattered here and there. Dark golden curtains hang on either side of the many windows and partition off the loft up above, led to by a black wrought iron set of ladder-like stairs. Lilies arranged in glass vases on the tables provide a crisp of white counterpoint to the dark wood tones.

A new addition, the bedroom has walls of the same plain white, but the floors are made of newer wood, still shiny with polish. A four-poster bed of the same red mahogany takes up the most of one wall of the small space, a blue-and-cream linen coverlet spread on the wide mattress. A set of wooden bureaus take up the bulk of the wall opposite while another wall has been painted upon in the very center with a seascape mural, its crisp blue waters and sandy shores. The final wall is graced by a feminine-looking writing desk stacked with papers and bedecked with knick-knacks. Over the bed, a set of stained-glass windows allows golden-brown light mingled with white whorls and blue haze to shine into the room with the rising of the sun, though both panes are able to be unlocked and swung wide to accept lake breezes.

With Seryth on the sands this past month, Thea's not been home much of late. Oh, for brief periods here and there when she can slip away from the fretful queen, she gets herself here. Enough to keep the weyrbarn from becoming total chaos, cook a meal here and there or doze off with D'had only to have to slip out after an hour or two back to the sands. Tonight it's late night when Thea shoulders open the door of the weyrbarn with a twin in each arm. They're six months away from three turns, and thankfully still small enough that they can sit astride their mama's hips and thus easier to keep from dropping. They're still heavy, though and the woman carrying them looks tired. All three are covered in mud, twins happy about it, the junior is not.

Mud isn't exactly the thing D'had wants to see when he turns to that opening door. Of course the three covered in it are quite the opposite. "Just what did they get you into?" Clearly it was something the twins got the junior into. Or so he's guessing anyway. All the same though he's stepping towards them, ready to take at least one of the pair off her hands.

And it's a temptation to dump them both on him from the mood Thea's in, but she doesn't give in to it. Instead, she's kicking off her shoes by the door so she doesn't track mud through the place. Exasperation laces her answer, "/They/ got me a few steps too close to a landing dragon. Dark. Mud puddle. Connect the dots." (which he literally could do because they are covered with spots) She's irritable, unusually so, but it's not really directed at him.

D'had is thankful he doesn't get them both, but he does still reach to take whoever's closer off her hands. "Come on, lets get cleaned up," he comments with a touch of exasperation as he reaches with his free hand to pull off the toddler's shoes to drop them beside Thea's. Those can be dealt with later. "How's she?" The question clearly meant to ask after Seryth.

It's Muir, given the boy is the heavier of the two, who Thea hands over, the child is liberally covered and it's clear he's happy to share with his daddy. Chortling with joy, the hand he's been rubbing though his mud-soaked hair reaches to curl around D'had's neck as he's taken. "Ugh. She's tense." Thea pauses just long enough for the transfer, then stalks for the dresser, yanks a drawer open to remove clean pajamas for the twins and a bathrobe for herself, keeping them held at arm's length to prevent the muddying of them by little hands. before heading back to the door. "This calls for the bathing caverns." There's already enough mud falling from their clothing, a fact which isn't helping her mood.

D'had chuckles lightly. "Well.." He doesn't really have anything to say about that, watching as she collects those cloths while he fights to stay reasonably clean himself. "I'd say so," he agrees, "how bout we get them cleaned up and I'll bring them back and get them in bed. You can stay down there and relax a little. Hmm?"

Good luck with that, D'had because Muir is be-slimed. And he's reaching his other chubby arm around to give his da an enthusiastic hug, his smeared cheek seeking to rest against his. Hey - he's too young to give man-hugs and he hasn't seen his da all day. Thea's slipping back into her shoes while grumbling under her breath about nannies who fall asleep and don't deliver their charges home in a timely manner leaving her to do the task and dragons who don't look before they drop out of the sky. "So letting them walk ahead of me was a mistake because when he-" she gestures with her handful of clean clothes at Muir, "-saw the puddle, he dove into it face first." What fun.

D'had nods, turning his head away from a mouth full of mud. "You'll live," he comments back with a hint of amusement. "Course it'd be easier if ya relaxed a little." Beat. "I know it's not easy with her on the sands, but…" He could do something. Maybe? As for Muir, there's a chuckle for the boy as well. "And I'm sure you had fun while mommy was trying to collect you and your sister just followed."

He could definitely do something! And likely Thea would be appreciative, but for the moment his amusement and prompt to relax meets a dark look as she steps out the door with an equally muddy little girl. Marella gives her daddy's comment an innocent smile from where her chin rests on her mother's stained shoulder while both hands tangle on the mud-caked strands of Thea's dark hair. "She's unquestioning in her brother's leadership," is her wry and rare terse response. So yes, his daughter followed his son (they are /his/ at the moment!) into the mud and they both enjoyed the chase, the slipping, the falling… and dismay that followed.

D'had could apologize for his amusement at her expense, but then that's just really not him. He does follow, pulling the door shut behind him as they head for the bathing cavern. "They're just havin' a bit a fun babe.." Not that that's really an excuse, but really. "It help if I send Sie up ta the galleries. Sit with her some?"

Thea is striding through the rainsoaked grounds without worrying where she's putting her feet since her shoes are already a mess. Mud, she has no longer to worry about, kthx. "Oh, I know," sighs the junior tipping her head to touch noses with Marella for a beat, causing the tot to giggle. "I just didn't need this tonight. And it would help if it would just snow already instead of rain." Winter is late and thankfully the night is not too cold. But as to his question, "Jraireth is there, but if you think Siebith wants to..?" She's tired, a little grouchy, but she's not mad at /him/. "Shh," this is to the twins as they head through the caverns because people are asleep. Afterwhich, the bathing is accomplished, the family is warm, relaxed and clean, able to get some rest. Finally!

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