In the Kitchen

Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

Jeffin is in the kitchens helping with clean up, there is still a ton of sugary treats about that haven't gone stale yet from Jeffin's baking spree. It seems to be over, but there are plenty of sweets left to eat. It's towards the end of the day and keeping the kitchen spic and span is one of the jobs that an apprentice, even a senior one has to do, only difference is that he gets to clean the counter tops instead of scrub the pots.

Noticably absent from dinner, D'son comes in late, likely from an outWeyr appointment. The Weyrleader is still pulling his jacket open, taking off gloves and the like when he ambles into the kitchen looking a little windblown from a likely recent flight. "Hey there," he hails Jeffin as he gets nearer. "Anything left over for a hungry Weyrleader?"

Jeffin looks and and looks around as he's the senior most apprentice the kitchen is his for the moment. He stops his scrubbing and he nods, "Sure Weyrleader, what would you like the kitchen is at your disposal."

"D'son," the Weyrleader corrects with a grin, "just D'son. And uh — mostly just looking for some dinner. My appointment ran late and I missed out!" he says and rubs at the back of his neck looking a little sheepish.

Jeffin ohs a little bit, "Well I'm Jeffin." He nods as he heads to the large ice box and he takes out some of the left over. He makes the Weyrleader a very generous plate and puts it in the oven to warm up, "Would you like some juice or some klah D'son?"

"Nice to meet you Jeffin. Are you new in the kitchens?" D'son asks, hooking a stool and perching on it, jacket and gloves folded onto the counter nearby. "Thanks a bunch," he says with a nod for the plate. "Klah, if you don't mind getting it."

Jeffin shakes his head as goes to get some klah for the weyrleader, "Nope I practically grew up in here, my mother is Denna, Master Baker." He pours a mug of klah for D'son, "Would you like some sugar or cream for that?" He goes to check on the warming of the food.

Coloring a little D'son nods. "I'm still getting to know some faces, though shells, it's been over a turn now!" the Weyrleader says with a laugh. "Just a little sweetening, thanks a bunch. And I guess that means cooking runs in the family, huh?"

Jeffin shrugs a little bit as he adds some sweetening to the klah and offers it to D'son, "Here you go." He gets the food out of the oven and he gives it to D'son, "Here you go, it's nice and warm for you. Personally I think it's just because I saw how much Denna loved food and I learned to love it too."

"Yeah? Well you know, can't knock it if you love your work, right?" D'son takes the klah and sets the mug down, then the plate too and beams down at the lot. "Thanks so much. It's the one really big downside to this knot. Sometimes, the hours are funky."

Jeffin smiles, "Very true I'm sure it'd be different if I hated to cook and was forced to work here like some of the candidates, but they seem to be really good pot scrubbers." He pours himself a mug of klah and drinks it black, "I can only imagine, but what's the old says, with lots of power comes lots of responsibility. So if you have lots of responsibility you must have lots of power."

"Sure, never does sit well to have to do something you really don't want to," D'son replies with a little shrug and picks up his fork to start working through those leftovers. That quote earns a little lift of D'son's brows. "You know, I'm not sure that that actually works out that way."

Jeffin chuckles, "Well if it doesn't don't tell any of the apprentices. That's what we all hope for is that one day all this responsibility we have will pay off." He takes a drink of his klah, "I suppose it's how you look at it though."

"Heh, all right then, I won't," D'son promises between bites of dinner. "Yeah? How so? How do you look at it?" he asks curiously.

Jeffin hmms a little bit as he takes another drink, "Well I look at it like this, the more I know about cooking the better I can serve the weyr, but with that comes the greater chance for disaster. I screw up a recipe and the whole weyr could be in the laterines or worse. That's a kind of power, the power of the weyr's food and with that comes the responsibility to make sure it's fit for consumption."

D'son jabs his fork into a vegetable and brings it up towards his mouth. "Mm. I suppose so. Though sometimes, it's the people with the most responsibilities who just toil away and never really have a chance to affect anything."

Jeffin shrugs a little bit, "Maybe so or maybe they just don't know they have a lot of power, I mean if they stopped doing what they were doing then stuff might come to a grinding halt."

"For some folks, there's always someone to step in, so yeah, relative, I guess. And it's also … hm, what you're able to affect, you know?" Dels finishes off his plate and picks up his mug to have a few sips. "At any rate, I hope that I don't wind up in the latrines from eating your food."

Jeffin smiles, "True me you won't I eat all the food myself and I test it out before anyone else gets it." He nods, "Perhaps, but there is always a learning curve and no one is exactly the same or will react in exactly the same way. Similar ways true, but not the same."

"Careful then, I'm sure that the people teaching you really appreciate that," D'son says sincerely. "Yeah, true. Though if something is really bad it's really bad," he says with a laugh and has a few more mouthfuls of klah, then slips to his feet to clear his dishs. "THanks for all this Jeffin. I hear a bath calling and then going over notes. See you around!"

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