A Warning Etched in Flesh

Monaco Bay Weyr - Marzoth's Lair

The weyr is fairly standard as weyrs go. There is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. Most of weyr looks fairly messy but one thing is perfectly organized. Along one wall is a shelf with bottles of different alcoholic beverages.

S'dny has been moved to his home from the infirmary to recover. Lyzaen was kind enough to come and tidy things up and make sure that Syd was comfortably settled in to his weyr. At present though he is drugged up on the couch just resting.

It seemed to take forever for everything to fall into place, but they finally did. The drunk weasel must have kept his mouth shut during his stint in the infirmary, cause no guards showed up to haul him off to a cell. So, here E'vyl is, slinking through the shadows with Triven towards Marzoth's weyr. The tattooist was hired to be on call a couple of sevendays ago for a job on a mystery client. He holds fingers to his lips for Triven to see, 'shhhhh' then gestures across the conked out bronze dragon. Thankfully, Marzoth is doped up just like his injured rider. A few glances round and E'vyl gestures for the man to follow as he leads into the weyr.

Triven follows along, though still not understanding this man's end game. As they move pass the sleeping bronze and into the Weyr he will look about at the obviously new signs of someone cleaning. Looking at E'vyl he will raise an eyebrow and whisper very softly "I thought you said that we weren't getting in trouble for this? Why are we sneaking about like some young kids trying to look at girls in the baths?"

If Marzoth had been awake they never would have made it through the door of the weyr. They likely would have been either stamped on or eaten or some other horrible thing. Marzoth isn't in the best of moods these days and he is dangerous even when things are going well. Unsurprisingly Syd hasn't really shifted from his place on the couch. He's got good meds and that is helping him feel less painful. Though the boys had best hope Lyz doesn't choose this time to come in and check on him or they will be oh so busted.

E'vyl scans the open area, clearly not impressed with that he's seeing inside. Granted, someone seems to have made an attempt to pick the place up, but it's a porcine pen compared to what the brownrider recalls from his time crashing on Syd's couch. The one orderly spot would be the booze lined up neatly on a shelf "Typical." he snorts out with an eye roll. Unable to resist, he reaches for the best vintage lined up, tucks it under an arm then mixes the rest of the bottles up out of order. Turning his focus on Syd, glares briefly before canting his head to Triven with a raised finger as he corrects the tattooist. "What I said was 'you' wouldn't get in any trouble. I fully expect to at some point, but some things just have to be done. You complete the job I hired you for, and I'll double the marks we agreed on." E'vyl may have neglected to mention it was Monaco's Weyrleader that was the guest of honor for this party. Easing forward, E'vyl clears his throat and watches for any reaction from the drugged up Weyrleader while cracking open one of his cousin's precious bottles of booze and taking a healthy drink. He'll offer a swig to Triven "He always stocks the good stuff and is most always too drunk to miss a bottle here or there." He keeps his voice low, no need to tempt fate by shouting or anything.

Triven will pass on the drinking, if he has to do a job he will. But he is smart enough to do it and get out not stick around and gloat about it. He looks at form on the couch saying "You also said, he was ok with it. I don't want my reputation ruined because of some family squabble." because really that is all the young man has right now is his work.

Syd doesn't really remember what happened, which is what he told the guards and Lyz while in the infirmary. Though Lyz seems intent on digging around to find out just what the heck is going on. Syd could really care less about things like that at the moment, though once he is off the drugs and healing up he will be very interested in things. Syd is oblivious to the presence of the others. Lucky them.

E'vyl shrugs and takes one more drink before plugging the bottle and setting it on the table. "I think what I said was more along the lines of 'he won't object'." Stepping closer, he reaches into the satchel he brought, pulling out a beastcraft shaver "Hey, Syd, do you object to getting your chest shaved then stabbed repeatedly with an inky needle?" E'vyl holds a hand to his ear, head canted a bit as he listens for any objections. Nothing. "No? Excellent, let's get started then." Eyeing the tunic, he gives a headshake "Well that's gotta go." detouring towards the kitchen E'vyl searched for and comes back with a sharp knife. "Will you plug the clippers in over there while I get rid of this?" He gestures vaguely to the tunic before carefully starting to cut the front of it away.

Triven will shake his head but he is already here, if he backs out now and something worse happens he could be blamed for that. No in for a quarter mark in for stone as the saying goes, He will get his kit out and put on his own rubberized gloves. He finds the outlet under some clutter and checks it for working power, finding it adequate he will run the cords for what has to be done. He is at least smart enough to wear a medical mask over his face and have his long hair pulled up into a woman's bun.

S'dny still sits there unmoving. Thinking no thoughts. Just vegging out. Cause he is drugged….Good drugs.

E'vyl makes quick work of the tunic, tossing the material aside incase it's needed later. That done, he flicks on the buzzer, pausing to see if Syd twitches. Not seeing any movement, the brownrider tries to de-fur the bronzer's chest as quickly as possible, blowing the loose hair away rather than swiping it off. After a few minutes, he glances to Triven "How's that?" He has cleared S'dny's whole chest. A bald oval with a furry border.

Triven nods and grabs something to sit on so that he can go to work he pulls out the stencil the brown rider wanted made and goes to work quickly outlining it on S'dny. He will pull out the numbweed and cover the spot to be marked waiting for it to take affect before he goes to work. The buzzing is loud as it echoes around the chamber, Triv is focused now keeping his mind on his work.

Between the numbweed and the drugs he is taking Syd is still pretty much out of it. So there will be no reactions on his part from the work that is being done.

E'vyl steps back, giving the man plenty of room to work his magic. When the tattoo guns buzzes to life, E'vyl does wince and glance towards the window. It isn't really that much louder than the clippers, but well, these are tense moments even if S'dny is well and truly deeply asleep. Grabbing the bottle, he takes another drink and moves around, making sure the windows are covered and no peep holes. So far no flitters about, a good sign luck is on his side. E'vyl steps back over to couch, watching Triven as he works but doesn't do anything to distract his concentration.

Triven gets the outline done in about an hour or so, and has moved on to adding what little extra colors there are to it. He is so focused at the task at hand he will forget E'vyl is even there and will just work. Once the coloring is finished he will dab it and then add another layer of numbweed so he can start the shading he will look up half his face being covered he says "So who is this guy anyway? You said he is family but is he like your wingleader or something?"

Luck will be on the side of the two men for the present. Syd doesn't stir and none of the firelizards are home. They are out scouring the weyr for who did this. It would be foolish for the person who did to come visit Syd. So the attention is focused elsewhere.

Foolish indeed. No one ever accused E'vyl of being the smart one in the family. He spends the next candlemark, standing and watching Triven work, or pacing about the room. He'll take a few more swigs from the bottle, but doesn't chug as the bronzer has been known to do. When he tires of standing or pacing, he'll perch on the arm of the couch by Syd'd feet like a flitter. Snorting at Triven's question, "He's my cousin." He doesn't elaborate further, giving the man plausible deniability later.

Triven will shrug and go back to shading and finishing it up saying when he is finally done "You know adding the tunnelcat to it does make it look better." He will wipe and clean the area before adding a salve layer to the fresh ink. He will leave instructions about when to put it on and what not to do in the first few days to avoid infections. He starts to pack his things up as they have been there for easily a few hours now.

There will come a time when Syd works out who was behind this. It will be glaringly obvious. Especially if Triven has his name anywhere on those instructions. And if he manages to track the artist down that will lead him back to E'vyl. Though given the content of the art it won't be to hard to figure that E'vyl was behind the whole thing too. And then there will be many interesting conversations.

E'vyl leans forward and grins with an approving nod. "Yea. Much better than just the words across his chest. Nice job!" He doubts Triven put his name anywhere near this job, but the man will be well paid for the work. And if it comes to a day when Syd wants to call E'vyl out, well then Syd will just have to let it be known what he did to deserve such actions against him. That will be soooo good for the Weyrleader's 'upstanding' reputation won't it? When Triven is all packed up and most evidence of their presence is gone, E'vyl and Triven will quietly sneak back out much the same way they snuck in. The Weyrleader's shirtless days at the beach or baths are probably pretty much over with. Good thing he has a personal bath in his weyr.

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