Bonfire Bash

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

A lovely autumn day has turned into a lovely autumn evening. It might be a tad on the chilly side, with a seasonal breeze blowing up the beach, but, well, that's what the fire will be for, right? As Rukbat starts to set, the last pieces of wood are added to a promising-looking (if not a bit oversized) pyre, ready to be lit. To one side sits a table of food, laden with cooked items and roastables alike, along with a bucket of tined forks to toast things over the fire with. A similarly laden table of drinks perches just a couple feet away, with everything from klah to bubbly fruit drinks to vats of hot redfruit cider (spiked and unspiked, as is your preference). In all this hustle and bustle, one might wonder where exactly the weyrwoman is. The answer? Dragging the fireworks in, of course. Though her bum wrist is down to a light bandage, Esiae's still taking care with it, stubbornly dragging a crate down the beach from the weyr with one hand, all the while looking happier than she has for days, even with a hefty new knot on her shoulder. This'll be interesting.

There's free food just sitting there for the taking, so it's no surprise that the sky above the beach is busy with the winged stomachs, banded and wilds. Excited little chitters and churls serenade the beach goers below. Kera is one of those beach goers, or will be when she gets there. Her trio of flitters are among the serenaders. Looking ahead of her on the meadow path, she spots a slightly hunched figure dragging a crate and hurries her steps. "Hey wait up!" Jogging to close the gap she offers a respective salute and dip of her head. She's gotta show a good example to little weyrling eyes and ears after all. "Afternoon Weyrwoman. Let me help with that." She'll bend down and grab the other end of the crate and match Esiae's pace along the beach.

Kera's aren't the only flits swarming above the tables - even Esiae's quieter, more reserved pair wheel and bank amongst them, as much for the joy of doing so as for the little scraps a sympathetic worker occasionally 'drops.' Further down the beach, Esiae blinks and lifts her head when someone calls to her to wait up, eyes flicking up to spy Kera. "Hey!," the woman greets with a grin, returning the salute a little more lazily than she should, but shhh, we can blame it on the injured wrist. To her credit, Esi manages not to twitch too much when Kera uses the W-word, but there's still a bit of an eye tic that comes and goes quickly as the greenrider lifts the other half of the box. "Thanks! And good afternoon to you, too, Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Don't think we've gotten to talk since your job change - likin' it so far?," she asks with a crooked grin.

A trio of firelizards emerge from between and join their brothers, sisters and wild cousins. Their colors are bronze, brown and blue. The blue and the brown will hang back to fly and play with the large gathering while the bronze searches through the crowd for familiar faces. It isn't all that long before he spies the food giver and wings down from the sky to land at Kera's feet. He chirps and flutters his wings to catch her attention. Yes food giver. Lavish your attention upon my awesomeness!

Kera 's nose crinkles just a bit when Esiae tosses a full blown title greeting right back at her. Flashing a grin as her head shakes gently. "Still not used to being called that actually, but I'd imagine you know that feeling all too well yourself. Suddenly her steps are blocked by C'rus's chipper bronze. "And hello to you as well Aegnor. Up!" She lifts her arm to offer a perch on her bare arm "And watch those talons, else *snipsnip*, I'll clip them little needles." She makes the motion with her fingers, a clear warning for him to be careful when/if he perches on her arm. "You can wait a minute for food." The plump lizard is in no danger of wasting away within the next few minutes. Looking back to Esiae she smirks at the lizards antics and continues chatting. "It's certainly been very different from my former Wing duties. Think I've learned almost as much during the lessons as the weyrlings have. Different ways of doing the same tasks."

Aegnor cocks his head to the side to listen as the giver of food and affection speaks. To the little snip snip motion she makes with her fingers he offers an unsettled flutter of his wings. He doesn't flap up to her arm immediately but takes a few moments to think about it before determining that it is worth the potential reward of numnums. He unfolds his wings and with a flap lifts himself off of the ground and lands as gently as he possibly can making sure that he doesn't hurt her with his talons. Once he is planted there he gives a satisfied chirp and waits.

Esiae flashes a mischievous grin for Kera's nose-crinkle, eyes twinkling with amusement. "Indeed, it's taken some gettin' used to. People that haven't called me ma'am in turns have started saluting me again. I keep trying to go into the junior offices instead of my new one, too, and when people ask for 'the weyrwoman's' opinion on matters I keep waitin' for Innes to answer before remembering she's off in the middle of nowhere. It's terrible," she reports with a good-natured eye roll. She, too, halts when Aegnor comes in for a landing, giggling a little for Kera's warning and the firelizard's hesitant flutter. "He's cute. One of yours?," she asks as they continue on. As for duties, "Shells, yeah, didn't think of it that way. Bet there was a ton of stuff you had to relearn, too, just to do the job. Are they behavin' for you at least?," is asked with an amused brow-raise. "Some of them were… quite spirited before impression, if I remember right." Smirk.

Kera pulls her arm perch closer to her body to help steady the lizard as she walks. Her other hand's holding her end of the crate, so he'll have to wait for scritches. She laughs at hearing about Esiae trying to go into the wrong office. "Bet that was embarrassing the first couple of times. It felt odd stepping into the weyrling barracks again myself. Half expected WLM V'dim to order me to cut up some meet again." Kera snickers a bit and gives a negative shake of her head to the question of the lizard being hers "Not this one. He's C'rus's. He's part of the half dozen lizards that line up for oiling at the ole cottage every evening." She pauses as if doing a mental recount then nods "Yea, guess we do have that many flitters between us." Plus, cats, rabbits and that big ole canine that digs up Kera's flowers. Fingers of her perch arm gesture toward the sky. "Mine are up there, probably picking up bad habits from the wild ones." She snorts in amusement over that and regards Esiae again and nods "I've not had any problems. They all seem to be adapting well to their dragonbonds and all the new duties we keep throwing at them. Some are progressing quicker than others, but I don't think it's anything to worry over."

"It sure was. After a while it became a running joke, but I dunno who was more surprised the first time - me or N'varre," Esiae chuckles, head shaking. "I was still in a mood about it all, so he couldn't tell if I was bein' defiant or just confused and he didn't know how to ask. Poor guy. Eventually I looked up and realized and just walked out real awkward like." The weyrwoman grins for Kera's own tales, snickering under her breath. "Ack! Yeah, I dunno if I could ever work under V'dim. I'd always be worried about my own performance, nevertheless the weyrlings'," she agrees before peering back over at Aegnor. "Half a dozen? Shells, and I thought I was bad with two and a feline," she drawls. "Though, m'brother has six of his own and he says after two it really isn't that much more effort. I think he's a liar, but." Shrug! An amused look is flicked up to the ever-growing firelizard fair, but Esi's more interested in the report on the weyrlings, head bobbing in a pleased nod. "Good, glad to hear it. I was worried - they had a rocky start, and were smart-alecs to boot, but I'm glad they're progressing well enough. Maybe Sony and I can come sit in on a lesson before she gets too egg-heavy," she adds as they finally reach the box's destination, Esi plopping down her half before flicking Kera a grin. "Thanks again, by the way."

Kera cracks a grin and nods agreeably to Esiae at the mention of the woman's 'mood' and potentially cracking under the pressure of V'dim's watching glare. "Tell me about it." is half muttered. A shrug jostles her shoulders "It takes little longer to get through baths and oilings. Sometimes though it would be nice to have a couple other people to help. One does baths then passes the lizard on to be dried, then passed again to the next station for oiling." Kera smirks at the silly idea "So yea, I suppose it /is/ more work. Not to mention the never ending supply of lizard food needed." She gives conspiratory wink "My trio has been filling their bellies at the pens alot lately. Taking advantage of the leavings from the still learning dragons. More then a couple are very messy eaters." Canting her head to Esiae, she considers and nods "That would be helpful actually. I'm not the most…diplomatic person, and have had a few complaints on my bedside manner over the turns. I suppose I missed that lesson at the Healer Hall." She chuckles over that and drops the crate when Esiae does, waving off the thanks "No problem. Is this far enough away from the bonfire?" Leave it to Kera to eye that distance skeptically. Shrugging and shakes that thought away and goes back to her prior line of thought. "Maybe you could talk to them about etiquette when it comes to Visiting WeyrLeaders and Weyrwoman, Lord Holders, Masters. And whatever else you think they should know. Maybe a few things you wish you had known before and learned the hard way." She reaches up and scritches Aegnor's chin and neck, her steps drifting towards the food so she can gives him a few treats.

It's a lovely, if slightly chilly, autumn afternoon at Xanadu, and there's a party gathering on the beach as the sun begins to set. Wood's been stacked and is ready to be lit for a bonfire, while foodstuffs and drinks (including hot cider of alcoholic and nonalcoholic varieties) have been set out for nibbling and roasting. Esiae and Kera have just set a crate of fireworks off to one side, nearby, but hopefully not so close that sparks'll set off the lot. Hopefully. Esiae's look for Kera's 'tell me about it' is sympathetic. "Hey, I'd be down for that - even just to have company while doing it would make the whole oiling process better," she says of bathing and oiling flits as a team. Maybe a silly idea, but one she can get behind! She chuckles for the idea of the firelizards profiting off the messy weyrling kills though, eyes rolling skywards. "Yeaaah. I've heard about that. Becath is particularly infamous. Apparently a particularly squeamish Holder's daughter fainted watching her eat a sevenday ago, and it's all they've muttered about in meetings since. I'm so sad I missed it," the goldrider says with a smirk. There's a shrug for the fireworks (they're going to set them off anyways, right?, or so her logic goes), instead snorting quietly for the talk of diplomacy. "I mean, I'm not sure my diplomacy skills are any better than yours, but I'm amenable to trying," she jokes with a wink. "I can at least pretend to be an upstanding citizen and review etiquette with them, sure. Once they get flying, we could even set an excursion to a nearby hold. Our relations with Black Rock have been particularly good lately, and they're just across the lake," she offers with a grin, following the greenrider towards the foodstuffs.

Rymrth arrives, as usual, with more noise than any one creature ought be able to make. An eerie trumpet, several crashing snaps of his wings, and the bronze lands a polite distance down the beach. They didn't arrive from *between*, but from the south; who knows, really. It is a warmly-dressed Zan'ri that swings down from the dragon's neck, several half-buttoned layers beneath his leather jacket. He's even got a cap over his head and ears, pulled down to his eyebrows, but at least he's not muttering about the barely-cold air yet. "Nice fire!" The rider calls, smiling crookedly for the gathered group and waving one arm exaggeratedly as he approaches. Rymrth follows, looming like a giant bronze puppy or something equally intimidating. "Got anything to eat? I could eat the tail side of a shardin' bovine." But wait! There's more! No, there's…actually food, and Zan makes a sound like he's dying and lurches for the foods. "Where's the little Weyrlings? Don't tell me ya made a whole fire and didn't invite them." He calls around the first roll he could manage to shove into his mouth. Like he couldn't actually MISS a whole wing of them if they were here, anyways, with how much attention he's paying.

Gerazal comes in with Nikita as he heard there was going to be a party with fireworks. Word gets around fast. He has a backpack with him full of beach stuff and he sets it down as he finds a good spot. Nikita spots Auntie Kera and waves to her, "Hi Auntie Kera!" As Gerazal unpacks and gets their spot set up. "Nikita let's get something to eat." He says as he goes to hold the little girl's hand and heads over towards the food. He nods to Esiae, "Good afternoon Weyrwoman."

Solya has been occupied much of the evening, helping to offload the drinks provided by her family's trading caravan. Now that her work has finished, it seems she finally has a little time to actually relax and enjoy the festivities for herself. Having snagged a mug of hot cider she starts slowly making her way down the beach, cane sweeping ahead of her as she tries to guide herself to a place to sit.

Kera tries not to laugh at the reminder of the young holdbred weyrling that konked out at the feeding pens. "Yea, think she endured a little razzing from the other weyrlings about that at first. But she's doing better. Doesn't go nearly as pale as she did the first couple of hunts. She coaxes the bronze lizard visiting her up to her shoulder, freeing her hands to plate up some food. Grinning back to the Weyrwoman she cants her head towards her and lowers her voice so it doesn't carry to far "We can both just pretend that we know what we're doing. Been working for me so far." Flashing a cheeky wink, she takes a bite of the herdbeast burger she just finished building. "A visit might not be a bad idea when the dragons are further along. They should be flying soon." When a young voice starts calling out for 'Auntie Kera' the greenrider doesn't have long to wait before said girl is coming through the crowd with her dad. "There's my little Niki, Got a hug for your favorite Auntie?" She smile and drops her burger on the plate before crouching down and opening her arms for a hug from the little girl "Hiya Gerazal. The burgers are particularly good." The plump bronze on her shoulder, not hers but C'rus's, chitters a greeting to the newcomers. Even the noisy dragon and rider and others that just arrived. Head cants to the overly laden food table "Foods piling up right over here."

Esiae chuckles for the idea of the fainting girl getting razzed by the other weyrlings, but only nods, pleased that she has improved since, at least. As for pretending they know what they're doing… "My harper teachers used to tell us confidence is half the battle, so if we just strut about like we own the place, I bet we'll do just fine," she drawls, nose wrinkling with a bright grin. "Just lemme know when they're flying then, yeah? Maybe we can sneak something before Sonyxaeth's too heavy to fly." And then there is a great noise from a way's down the beach, and Esiae doesn't even have to look up to know who that is. Slim blonde brows raise at the over-bundled Zan'ri, lips pursing with the effort not to laugh at him as she says, "Yes, we're just that cruel. No fun for the weyrlings," she drawls while she loads a plate with things to roast on tines over the now-blossoming fire. "Kidding. They're wrapping up a lesson, or so I've been told." Gerazal is given a cheery wave (and a wince for the use of 'weyrwoman', though she tries to keep it minimal!), as well as a grin for Nikita. "Hello, there! Long time no see. Hope life's treatin' ya well," she offers, carrying her plate to a bench near the fire. She spies Solya on her way and, after dropping her plate, moves nearer to the trader girl. "Thanks for helping set up. Can I offer you an arm? The benches are right over here," the goldrider offers if Solya so desires.

Gerazal lets Nikita go as the girl goes over to give Kera a big hug. "I'm so glad to see you Auntie Kera Daddy says that I might get a puppy soon." Gerazal is quick to get a plate of food for both him and Nikita as he looks around. N'talya is thankfully not around. He fills the plate with good food, mostly vegetables but also a burger for each of them.

Solya seems a little uncertain that Esiae is addressing her at first, but once she is more sure she offers a grateful smile in the goldrider's direction. "Oh! Thank you so much." She carefully shifts her cane to the same hand as her mug, leaving her with a free arm to offer the rider. "You're too kind. Really, the whole weyr has been so hospitable so far… my name is Solya, by the way."

A small, lithe green dragon and (and rider) appear in the sky. Upon long wings she catches the new air, taking in a slow glide toward the ground below. Her rider, pale with a death grip upon the reins, takes a few moments to get his bearings. He glances down to the land and waters below. Lake Caspian. It appears he had the correct destination in mind, though he pauses once he spots the large group gathered in the distance. Either his arrival has coincided at a particular good time, or a particularly bad time. A grin comes over B'yrl's face as he shifts in the saddle, more comfortable without (un)seeing the endlessly consuming void of the Between; that dreaded starless sky of infinite dark symmetry. The dragoness glances over the lay of the land, then, with a momentary look back toward the rider, both lean foward, wings partially close, and the dual goes into a dive, as if to greet the earth with extreme enthusiasm; jewel-colored dragon and rider like a streak of slow green lightning. Freedom defined.

Kera scoops the little girl up, lifting Nikita so she can see all the food spread across the tables and figure out what she wants while nodding to Esiae with a wide grin "Oh! So that's the trick of it. Strut around like ya own the place, even if it's only in your own mind. Will certainly keep that in mind." Still amused by the idea she nods to Gerazal as he catches up to his little girl. Esiae helps the trader woman to a good seat and Kera chuckles as Nikita rattles on about getting a puppy. Peering over her head to Gerazal "Ah, wore Nat down huh? Or will she be surprised when the puppy shows up?" The expression on her face seems to say Kera thinks it will be a surprise to her friend. Spotting a dragon arriving from between, she points the graceful green out to the little girl she's holding. The green pair are watched a moment before food gets the girls attention. Kera starts a plate, adding what ever Nikita points out.

"Apparently it worked for me," Esiae replies to Kera, voice laced with just a touch of sarcasm, brows rising and falling with her shoulders. "How else does one explain this?" The fancy new knot is flicked with a grin as she heads towards the visiting trader. For her, Esiae is only too happy to assist, taking Solya's arm after the girl shuffles her cane into her other hand. "Quite welcome. S'the least I could do. You guys have been busy," the weyrwoman says, leading the way to the fireside benches. "And good, they'd better be - hospitable, I mean," she adds, amusement coloring her words enough to indicate she's joking. "A pleasure to meet you, Solya. I'm Esiae." The goldrider is briefly distracted by the rapid descent of an unfamiliar green, but recovers after a moment, finally coming to a halt. "Here we are. Anything I can get for ya?"

"Esiae?" A touch of surprise enters Solya's tone. "The weyrwoman?" Clearly intimidated somewhat, a little bit of a stammer enters her voice for a moment. "T- thank you so much!" She smiles with a touch of uncertainty as she takes the seat she's been guided to. "You are far too kind. I've gotten a drink for myself, I am sure I will be fine." She shifts her cane back to her newly freed hand so that she can take a sip from her mug. "But it is very nice of you to ask. This weyr is certainly a welcoming place."

Gerazal smiles, "I've got her food here Kera." He says as he moves over towards the pair, "N'talya and I are still talking about it." He says as he would like a canine as well but the weyr is full of animals all ready. He moves over, "Here, have some vegetables first. I'll have some too." He says as he offers Nikita some vegetables before he has some.

The green splays fully her wings at the last moment, turning dive momentum into ground speed. Though she does this at a safe distance from the ground, compensating for downdrafts or other potential issues, it may still be considered uncomfortably close. A sea of grass blades slide under her quickly, and she bleeds speed until they can do a safe landing a ways from the group. She completes the short journey on foot, her long form allowing her to cover ground faster then the average dragon. She was built for speed, and the rider, leaning forward in a runner position, appears to rather encourage it. The two come to a stop a polite distance, and B'ryl slides off, giving his green a pat on the neck. "Stay here Xia. Good flight." She bumps her head against his chest, causing him to stumble back a step, then flops down upon the ground, looking content. B'ryl starts toward the group, and a brown head pops out of a large utility pocket has has on the front of the vest he currently wears. The firelizard quickly pulls himself up, like some tiny joey peeking from its mother's pouch, and immediately spots food! Delight and joy! A jump from the pocket and he rockets toward the tasty treats. But only a few feet he gets before he receives a stern "King! Stay!" The brown blur screeches to a stop mid-air and flops down to the ground. He walks back to B'ryl, and deliberately clambers up his leg, causing the rider to wince at each claw-grab. Up his vest he climbs, and moves to his spot; a firelizard pad on the shoulder, weaved with images of forests. He curls up, vocalizing his complaint with a near squeak. A similar pad adorns B'ryl's other shoulder, woven with riverscene instead of forests, though whether it's for King, or another lizard, remains to be seen. B'yrl sighs lightly and, giving King's head a light pat, moves over to the gathered group. "Greetings this fine day!" he gives as salutation.

Kera looks to the plate Gerazal has been busy putting together and laughs as she puts Nikita down on her feet "Your dad's right Niki, gotta eat your veggies." Listening to how the canine argument has been going, Kera flashes a sneaky wink and shrugs her shoulders. With a not very good innocent expression "You just keep her busy talkin about it. Who knows, some crazy greenrider may make you look like the good one. /IF/ by chance a puppy /were/ to just show up one morning." Grabbing her burger up, she takes a bite while watching the dive manuever from the incoming green pair. Her gaze darting around to see if any weyrlings are about and paying attention to the stunt. Recognizing the duo when rider comes closer she waves her burger to the visitor "Hi B'yrl! Xianeth's looking good, even if that stunt will have me lecturing weyrlings for days on what /not/ to do." Kera flicks and amused wink, since she herself has been known to let her dragonmate enjoy stretching her wings in questionable stunts. "Grab some food and a good seat for some sky gazing. Should be quite a show." She's referring to the crates of fireworks the Weyrwoman has stashed AWAY from the bonfire.

There's a moment's awkward pause as Esiae winces yet again for the use of her new title, one hand coming up to scritch at the back of her neck before answering. "Er, yeah, the weyrwoman. Relatively new development, that is," the woman replies with a light chuckle. "Still, you sure? It'd be no problem, and I make a mean fire-baked redfruit," the goldrider says temptingly, even as she plops down next to her own plate. "S'one of many good things about Xanadu, our hospitality. Ranks right below our ability to build a fire," is said with a happy noise as she stretches her feet out to enjoy the warmth for a moment before turning at B'yrl's greeting. "Greetings and duties to Fort," the goldrider replies, chuckling a bit for King's antics. "That was some flying," is said in agreement when Kera points it out before flicking her AWLM a wink for mention of fireworks. "Got a fresh new batch from my niece at Ista last sevenday, too. They're sure to be interesting," she says in a way-too-eager tone of voice.

Solya's smile turns sheepish and uncertain at Esiae's reluctant response to her more formal form of address. In her experience, it has always been to her advantage to err on the side of formality. "Well…" Her hesitation was obvious. "I… I suppose a redfruit would be lovely, if it wouldn't distract you from your other duties. Thank you very much." She raised her cider in appreciation before taking a little swig.

Gerazal smiles as he shares the vegetables with Nikita although it looks like neither of them are enjoying it. The vegetables finished off Gerazal smiles, "There vegetables all done, now we can have a burger and then you and Auntie Kera can pick desserts out." He says as he tears the burger in half and gives one half to Nikita to eat. He looks to Kera and shakes his head, "Please don't I'd like to pick out an animal with N'talya and Nikita rather then get gifted one. Thank you for the thought though, if we can pick out a puppy together it might have a better chance of convincing N'talya to get one."

B'yrl returns a smile knowing and friendly to Kera as he's addressed. "I thank you." he responds, first to her last, then to her first. "I apologize for excessive demonstration." He pauses as his gaze drifts off into the empty stare of dragon interruption. "Xia also expresses the same." The green lifts her head, looking toward Kera for a moment before the head lays back into green paws. "To practice away from weyrling eyes we shall endeavor to do." he tells Kera. Taking a burger for himself, and a patty for a fidgety firelizard, he turns his gaze to Esiae. "Greetings I return in kind. As for the flying, we find enjoyment in it." he humbly states, taking a bite of the burger. King has already demolished half his own patty by this time.

Kera snorts and cast a glance to Esiae at her understatement. "Yea, tis a trend I've noticed myself. I recall back when I was first posted, that there was a fire that caused the Weyrlings to have hallucinations for about a day." Shaking her head in amusement, she takes a couple of bites from her plate, sharing with Aegnor and her little fair of flitters. Seems her own tri has slunk in and crept closer to be 'on hand' when the treats start getting tossed about. After a moment, C'rus's bronze scrambles down her arm to join the litle group with only a little nudging and wing buffeting. She flashes an exaggerated grin when Gerazal says Nikita can have dessert "Ohh. You lucky girl. I heard a rumor that there will be some frozen fruity treats we can try." lowering her burger, she opens it up as if something isn't quite right about it. She'd be right, needs more bacon. So that's what she does, adds a small mountain til it starts tipping over and falling off. That won't save it though, she just scoops it up and scarfs it down before putting her sandwich back together again. B'yrl and Xianeth's apology gets a none worried wave. "Don't worry about it, you're not the first to pull dive stunts, doubt you'll be the last." While enjoying a mouthful of bacony goodness, she can't help but roll eyes at Esiae's gleeful tone when she talks about the new batch of fireworks she got her hands on.

To be fair, Solya's not wrong, Esiae just isn't anyone's idea of a normal weyrwoman. Seeming to gather the hesitation, the woman responds enthusiastically enough to hopefully settle the trader's sheepishness. "One baked redfruit, coming right up! Do you like sweetener, spices, or should I just surprise you?," is asked grin evident in Esi's tone as she skips over to select a nice-looking fruit and a knife from the table. As she sets to coring it without damaging the outside, the goldrider levels an amused look over at Kera, teeth flashing with a wide grin. "Shells, I wasn't here for that, but I heard about it clear up at Crom," she says, head shaking. "Was all people talked about for a week. Must've been something." Brows raise for the greenrider's interestingly high stack of bacon, but, well, who is she to judge. Instead of commenting, the weyrwoman just laughs and glances over to B'yrl. "Completely understandable. If my dragon were capable, she'd attempt similar feats, I'm sure. Alas, we have to settle for less impressive dives," she drawls good-humoredly as rider and flit enjoy their burgers. "What brings you to Xanadu, or is word of mouth just that good?"

B'yrl takes a second bite of his burger as the conversations carry on. King finishes his patty and starts to look for a new one. A glance up to Esiae is given. "Speed we may have, but the power and endurance of the larger dragons can not be compared. As for our destination choice, we're getting our bearings down for major locations." he offers with a smile, then looks to Kera. "It's always a pleasure Kera, though where is C'rus this day?" he inquires. He goes to take another bite, and finds only bread. He glances down confused at his meatless burger, and catches a glances from King, licking his lips. King looks back at B'yrl. Innocent lizard! A moment later.. Bacon! King zips off of B'yrl's shoulder toward the pile of yet-untouched bacon.

Kera reaches to grab an escaped bit of bacon from her knee, but she's too slow, Minimur lunges forward, just beating out Weasty and Aegnor for the stolen prize. She shoos them from away from crowding her and arches a brow to Esiae when she mentions surprising the sightless trader "Think I'd be wary of unknown surprises myself." A too innocent expression meets Esiae if she glances Kera's way. before she chomps happily into her burger. B'yrl's words get a few gentle nods here or there "C'rus is still on Wing duty at Fort. He'll come along afterwards. I'm certain of it, there's bacon."

Esiae laughs for Kera's caution and subsequent innocent expression, brown eyes dancing with amusement as she sticks her tongue childishly out at the greenrider. "I'm not gonna sprinkle it in hot pepper sauce or anything," she ripostes, digging at a particularly tough bit of core. "I just didn't know if she had a preference. Some people don't like spices." She does aim a nod over at B'yrl for his wisdom though, humming quiet agreement. "True. Sony can go for quite some time, but if you asked her, I think she'd prefer the tricks," the goldrider says with a wink. As for getting his bearings, "Well, you picked a fortuitous time to practice, then." There's a snicker for the idea that C'rus will be there if bacon is involved, but she doesn't comment for now, instead focusing on preparing the redfruit.

B'yrl is currently going after King, knocking down a few things here and there. Or rather, the lizard is. Bacon has been spotted, and must be had! A leap toward the plate of tasty meaty treats and.. he wiggles in mid-air. King peers back at the hands that have caught him, which happen to be attached to B'ryl. As he's dragged away from his favorite snack, his fore claws wiggle at it, trying to grab it in desperate and utter failure. To be without bacon leads to an unhappy firelizard, and he goes limp in B'yrl's hands dejectedly. Until he's offered a piece by the same. He scarfs the piece down happily! Happy lizard. In the meantime, B'yrl first gives a soft chuckle to Kera. "I may have just missed him. Though I would be amused to see bacon bring him to the party." He then smiles over to Esiae. "Serendipitous happenstance of events, certainly. I would be amiss if I claimed Xia did not enjoy the 'tricks'."

Kera gives and exaggerated wink to Esiae's assurance that she won't put hot sauce or anything equally unpleasant in Solya's baked fruit. "Oh, oookaaayy Esiae. I believe you." *winkwink* Offers her lizards bits of bacon and heardbeast while watching B'yrl wrangle with his own. She tries and fails to not snicker at her friend. Even though he gives the starving flitter some of the treasured bacon, she flings a bit towards him as well. Never too much bacon! "Nice catch B'yrl. What do you two have for an encore?"

Esiae squints playfully at Kera for that wink, but doesn't seem to mean it, judging by the grin tugging up one corner of her mouth. "Mmhmm! See you say that, but next person that comes along, you're gonna tell them the weyrwoman's poisoning the apples. That's how rumors get started," the goldrider says with a jesting finger waggle. Finally setting her knife aside, she packs the center of the redfruit with sweetener and autumnal spices before placing the whole thing on a tray to be roasted once there's coals instead of roaring flame. One done, she sets about prepping another for herself, going back at the fruit with a knife while flicking a grin at B'yrl for the catch of his firelizard. "Indeed. Well, you're welcome any time serendipity brings you our way."

B'yrl curls up his mouth in a light smirk, which he directs toward Kera. "I'm hoping an encore isn't required." he answers, offering the bacon Kera tossed over to King. "And I thank you. Perhaps I shall happen this way more often." he then adds to Esiae.

In the distant sky a bronze dragon emerges from *between* with a pop and slowly circles in the sky as he makes his way closer to the ground. A few minutes pass before Marzoth and S'dny appear on the far beach closer to the meadow. A look of surprise crosses Syd's face as he sees all these people on the beach. He hadn't expected that at all, but might as well see what is going on. He and his dragon make their way slowly along the beach toward the crowd of people. Syd looks much as he always does..rumpled and messy. Marzoth, though, looks a bit worse for wear. There is a cut that is healing along his right front leg and other cuts at various points along his body. None look life threatening, but still speak a story of the events of the past few days. As he gets closer he lifts a hand to wave to the gathered crowd, "Hello." he calls.

Kera grins to B'yrl and nods agreeably "You 'should' come visit for often. Then again, I know how hard it is to make time for visiting when you are juggling duties." brushing her hands off, she reaches for her mug, only to find it empty. So she heads over to refill it "Anyone need a drink while I'm up?" She stops at the spiked cider vat, the one she stuck a 'weyrling limit 1' notice onto. And I promise, any rumor of poisoned apples won't come from me." No, there are plenty of gossipy ole aunties and uncles to start those rumors. If Solya so much as bumps a toe on a tree root..? Well, then rumors will start flying about Esiae. At the greeting, Kera glances back and spots S'dny strolling closer "Welcome to Xanadu S'dny. Grab a herdbeast burger. Great with bacon."

Esiae nods along with Kera's suggestion that B'yrl should visit more often, clearly agreeing. "That and we're heading into winter, so. Perhaps come see us if and when we thaw out?," she jokes, finally yanking the core out of her apple. A slight frown furrows the goldrider's brow with the landing of that distant bronze, a mental exchange between dragon and rider occurring as, eventually, the pair from Monaco appears on the beach. S'dny earns himself a return wave and a, "Xanadu's greetings to you and yours" before, after a beat, she adds, "You okay?" Well, perhaps that's meant more about Marzoth than his rider. Luckily for him, it'll be easy to weasel out of the question if he wants - Kera's offer of drinks earns a fervent nod. "I'd take some cider, if you're headed that way," the goldrider says before snorting quietly. "And alright, I believe you. I still think it'll be a rumor, though." Whether by old aunties and uncles or otherwise!

Idrissa hasn't been out an about as much, word around the Weyr is that she's been a bit under the weather an was taking a few days to herself. Though seeing how there is a party thingy going on she figures she should make her way down to th beach for a short bit at least. Tahryth is back at her weyr, sleeping off a longer morning spent dealing with Weyrlings and the like which leaves Rissa on her own it seems. The greenrider has on a shirt and pair of shorts, now shoes for they are down on the beach after all and her hair is pulled back. She glances over the group of people found, a soft breath escaping her as she smiles a bit when a few speak with her and she offers a greeting back.

B'yrl nods to both Kera and Esiae. "I shall attempt to visit on offered occasion, though it may not be all too frequent." He also doesn't seem all that eager to leave. He gets a message from Xia, and looks over to spot the bronze. "Greetings!" he calls back to S'dny as the other head their way. Xia stands up and heads over to Marzoth. « Hi there! What happened to you? » she asks the other dragon.

Marzoth does what Marzoth does best…ignore people. He walks right past the gathered group and heads off toward Idrissa's weyr to go spend time with Tahryth which was his real reason for coming anyway. As he passes by he answers the green's question before departing, « A gold and I traded blows when she rose. I won. » Just like Marzoth. Short and too the point. Syd watches him go for a moment before responding to the apparently new Senior Weyrwoman if those pesky rumors are correct. He nods his head and takes a deep breath, "Yes. I'm doing fine." he glances back toward where the bronze went, "And yeah he's fine too. Just a bit of a rough last couple days. It would take more than that to knock him too far off his game." He then is free to turn his thoughts to other things, "Also duties to you and yours and congratulations, or condolences, depending on how you feel about your new job." he says with a smile. He begins to move toward where the food and drink is set up and begins to gather himself a burger and some cider, "I think I will sample the goods." he says. Out of the corner of his eye he spots Idrissa and offers her a wave too.

Kera nods to Esiae and heads on over to refill her mug, and get one for the Weyrwoman as well. As she pours, she spots Idrissa through the crowd and waves her over "Hey Drissa, come get some of this cider!" She pours out a couple extra mugs, one for S'dny too, then wraps her hands around the handles, two in each hand. Moving so she doesn't spill, the greeny makes her way back to her seat and hands out the spare mugs she brought. Marzath's stroll by is noted and she cast a curious glance towards the Monacan rider with an arched brow. The answer comes with her asking he question, thanks to the others and she nods and plonks down bear B'yrl again.

Idrissa catches sight of S'dny and smiles a bit before sending a wave over to him. Though hearing Kera she will head over that way. "Hey Kera, how goes?" She questions curiously while she glances to the others that are around. "Big turn out huh?"

Esiae nods for B'yrl's statement, but also shrugs, brow furrowing as she cleans up a ragged spot on the apple before starting to stuff it the same way she did the first. "No worries, and no pressure or anything. Just sayin'," she replies simply, her gaze eventually shifting to focus on Idrissa as the woman moves down the beach to join the group. A bright wave is offered along with a, "H'lo! I'm also makin' fire-baked apples, if you'd like one." The offer is extended to the rest of them, of course, if they so desire. For now, she's taking a break from the task, thanking Kera for that mug of cider and sipping it before shooting S'dny a nod. "Glad it's nothing too bothersome," she says, nose wrinkling for his mixed congratulations and condolences. "A little of both, admittedly," she laughs. "Not sure how detailed the rumors have been but, it was a surprise, so that was… interesting, but enough time's passed that it's almost funny." Almost, though she seems in good enough spirits about it.

S'dny takes the cup from Kera, "Thank you." he says. At least Esaie has a sense of humor about everything. Good for her! He takes the food and glass with him as he moves away from Kera and Esaie and makes straight for Idrissa, "Hey Idrissa. How have you been?" he asks. He'll have plenty of time to fill her in on all the life changes he's had, but for the moment its just nice to be 'normal' again.

Kera nods to Idrissa, grinning as she hands over a mug and glances around "Yea, hardly anyone had to have their arms twisted to come relax and enjoy themselves for a few candlemarks." chuckling, she waves to S'dny, then turns back to Esiae and B'yrl when the bronzer seems to want Idrissa to himself for a few moments. Grinning at the banter about rumors, she waves to B'yrl as the Fortian gets called away "I don't think he hardly ever takes time just to relax and take a breather."

Idrissa smiles and offers a wave back to Esiae along with a slight nod to her as well. "Hello Esiae, congrats.. An such." An such, that works right? She looks to the fire-baked applies, a soft oh is heard. "Sure, I'd love one." She glances to Kera as she takes hold of the mug before it seems like S'dny is over to talk as well. "I've been alright, what about yourself. I heard something about a trip to Half Moon I think for you?"

"Yeah, well, that's what I like about Xanadu," Esiae drawls with a chuckle for Kera's statement, taking a second to sip again at the hot cider. "We know how to put in good, hard work, but we also know when to relax." She says it like a toast, and even raises her glass towards the greenrider. Her gaze flicks over to Idrissa for those congratulations, accepting it with a nod before her eyes brighten. "Excellent. I'll whip you one up, then. I think the coals are about ready, so I'll get them set up on their baking sheet - give 'em a little time to cook through and then they'll be good! I'm gonna go set up some fireworks in the meantime," the goldrider says with a manic gleam in her eyes, taking her mug of cider with her as she goes to hollow and stuff another redfruit, get them situated by the fire, and then she's off to spread mayhe— er, I mean, cheer in the form of fireworks.

"Yeah. You heard about that huh?" S'dny asks. He hadn't really considered that he was now 'news' but he supposes that things like that do tend to get around. Pern is one big rumor mill. "Yeah. It's true. Marz chased a junior over there and ended up getting knocked around but he won." He shrugs and glances back to Kera and Esaie, "Knowing how to relax is an important skill. I'm a big believer in it. Seen what happens if you don't get any relaxation in and it isn't pretty. Oh fireworks…I always did like some fireworks."

Kera lifts her mug to Esiae's announcement of setting of fireworks "Now that's what I'm talkin about." In response to getting the fireworks set to light up. "Hopefully, no strong breeze will kick up that will send the colorful little firebombs toward the Weyr." Nodding towards S'dny after a draw from her spiked cider, she smiles "Congrats to Marzoth, Syd."

Idrissa smiels to Esiae and nods to her. "Thank you Esiae." Is offered to the bit on the baked apple bit. She glance to S'dny and Kera, a smile seen and she nods a bit. "Course S'dny, hard to not hear that. Got a few friends over there. Congrats too you both, I bet he'll make a good sire."

S'dny has learned that with Marzoth everything is uncertain though it never hurts to be optimistic, "I'm sure that he'll do the best he can. The eggs I'm sure will be healthy. He's strong and the queen is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I feel sorry for the weyrlings to be. Those eggs are sure to be forceful personalities." He smiles and shrugs, "We can only wait and see how it goes. In the meantime…how are you and Tah?"

Kera spends the next candlemark or so sipping spiked cider and enjoying the company of friends. After the fireworks streak across the night sky, she'll gather her lizards and make her way to the cottage. "G'night people. You lings get to bed soon." She gives a last warning before drifting into the darkness.

Idrissa smiles and not to S'dny. "I'm sure all will go fine." She offers softly to S'dny. A slight wave is sent to Kera. "I'll keep an eye on them for a bit." This said with an amused tone. She sips at her rider before looking back to S'dny, pondering that answer it seems before clearing her throat a bit. "We've been fine. Tahryth is off sleeping after a day of working with the weyrlings."

S'dny gives a wave of this hand toward Kera, "Night Kera. Have a good evening. I'll help her keep an eye on things with the weyrlings." Not that he has any actual authority over this batch of weyrlings, "Glad to hear that all is well here. Not that I ever doubted it."

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