The Smallest Egg

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Early morning in the infirmary. The start of a new day heralds brief inventory and things that have been stored made more accessible for usage later in the day. Young dragonhealers hardly past first-level examinations work at checking stored containers of numbweed for freshness and spoilage, under the bemused eye of a level three who appears not terribly older than those who toil. Circelyn is propped up on a chair, nibbling on a biscuit which has apparently been stuffed with some kind of spicy sausage. In the midst of her keeping track of the teenagers, she makes notations on a sheet of paper, seemingly at random.

The current junior on the sands has finally gotten some time away from the sands and it is spent coming to the infirmary. There are some burns on her knees from kneeling on the sands but she looks otherwise distracted while being tended to by the infirmary Healer. Her gaze toward the dragonhealing section with a troubled look upon her dark features. The junior at the center of much contrversy about the weyr, merely by the place of her birth. A renegade camp.

Circelyn is close enough, as only a wedge of the infirmary devoted to the small-storage of firelizard-sized tubs and the like, to notice the goldrider's entrance. The dragonhealer peers over, and eyes one of the small pots of numbweed currently being checked by the younger dragonhealers. "Don't go doing anything stupid for the next few moments," she comments to the teens, picking up one of the small pots before traversing over to the human side of the infirmary. "Goldrider Briana?" she prompts.
Once the healer is through with her, the young goldrider gives her thanks and jumps off the bench to walk over to the Dragonhealer section. "Yes, I am worried about one of the eggs. It does not seem to be hardening as fast as the rest of them. We tried moving more sand around it to see if it would help." Perhaps explaining the redness of her knees and hands.

A flicker crosses Circelyn's features, as the goldrider starts on her subject. "Here." First, the mission which cause Circelyn to walk over in the first place: she holds out the small cannister of numbweed. "For your knees," she gestures. As for the hardening issue, she takes a moment to mull it over. "Is it a severe difference? Some variance on hardening is only to be expected, but if it's staying a week or two behind the others, we may want to move it to the incubator and see if extra heat will help it along."

The offer of numbweed, causes Briana to smile a touch and she takes it. "Thank you…I did not think about precautions with my dragon so upset." There is a nod at the question, "Enough yeah for even Sahazyth to notice. I felt it myself and it still felt more leathery than the others. It was as well tended to as the others. I suppose I should talk to the candidates that have touched it as well." She says with a troubled look to her face. The mention of the incubator causes her to look to the dragonhealer more directly, "Oh…it may take me some effort to talk Sahazyth into releasing an egg."

Not without a certain amount of gentleness, "It's to be expected that she will be upset by things when she's on the Sands. From what I've heard from the older dragonhealers and dragonriders alike, though, you'll need to help restrain her from worrying overmuch." Her game face is on, now, and however bubbly and full of childlike wonder she may be at other times, that person is hidden away behind this professional regard — especially at the last statement. "I can schedule one of the rank fours to come out and look at it, see if they think it's behind the development curve enough to rate more attention. Maybe give it a few more days before doing something so drastic. But I'm sure that Sahazyth will see reason, if it does." This is almost said more to bolster Briana herself than her gold, Circelyn offering a reassuring smile.

It is clearly her first time on the sands, and the gold did rises fairly young compared to many golds. No doubt adding to the problems. "She is getting better…I am allowed to leave the sands at least." She says with a bemusement to her tone though it leaves as she focuses more to the problem at hand. "Yes, I would appreciate it very much. I think even Sahazyth would allow them near her now." Indeed the gold refused any of their attention while she was eggheavy. "I will talk to the candidates I have seen touch it as well. I have seen none just turn away, so they must be receiving…something from it at least."

Circelyn nods along, thoughtful. "So long as they are receiving some type of early telepathic interest in the same general range as the others, that will certainly help. If you would do that, so they can have all the information they need to properly diagnose what it is… it could just be a defective shell, I suppose. With her youth, it may not even be an uncommon problem. I'll have to look into it - I'm not sure off the top of my head." Much more enthuiastic at the end: "It would be great if we could inspect Sahazyth, too, see if we could possibly isolate what caused her to go up so early." Ambitious, but it's possible!

Briana fingers the bottle of numbweed in her hands, her mind working through the issue at hand. She is looking a little burdened, but not yet overwhelmed. Perhaps mentally ticking off all that she has to do. "This is not like her. She was a very placid weyrling, quite response to the weyrlingmaster dragons. After she flew though she became very insular. Only dragon she has let near her is the Sire. Maybe I should ask Keziah if she would bring Alonsynth to speak to her. That old bond of teacher and student.." She gives a little sigh "I will see what I can do. I don't want anything to go wrong for her first."

"Sexual maturity…" and here, Circelyn's voice has a heavy dose of sardonic emotion within; "…tends to throw all the rules out the window. I'm sure you have… interesting experiences with teenaged boys, for instance." Here's even a smile! She's in a hurry to add on, "Not to mention that she's now a mother, regardless of our own views of it. If you do think that another dragon could pull her out of whatever funk she's in, I would certainly recommend you try to do so. Dragons are supposed to be as gregarious as we are - moreso, really. And we want to see her succeed and be in great health just as much as you do."

Briana's dark skin darkens a little at the mention of boys and she gives a little nod, "Yeah. She has always been strong minded with me, I just have to be stronger with this." She finally says with a nod of her head. "Yeah, I have noticed even the smallest creature react tomotherhood in odd ways." "Well thank you for the help, I will see what I can do with Sahazyth and let the dragonhealers know." With that the goldrider takes her little pot and heads back to the sands.

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