Pain is a Wonderful Diagnostic Tool

Continued from Junior Checkup

Xanadu Weyr - Deep Forest Waterfall


"How could I have possibly missed this?" Anyone who frequently travels the deep woods between Xanadu Weyr and the mountains to the west might ask themselves that question upon stumbling onto this place for the first time. A waterfall, easily a hundred feet tall, dominates the immediate area, commanding attention. Like something from a storybook, it stands before you, flanked on either side by sentinel trees and mountain brush mired in stone-spotted soil. Water cascades over a beaten rock face at its peak, flowing down in a white-capped torrent to crash into a small, crystal clear pond below.

Not content to remain where it is, the pond appears to have carved a great trench into the earth, through which a stream now flows, traveling further west towards a massive rock wall in the distance. The stream bisects the area, and a narrow point some 30 feet away from the pond itself makes for an easy jump to the other side. The shore around the pond's immediate edge appears to be mostly soil and large slabs of rock, but that gives way to a grass field after only a few feet, a touch that gives the entire area an idyllic feel. The air is fresh and clean with the bite of cool mountain water and the tang of forest life. It is alive, this place.

Outside the cave: D'had is in a rush as he leaves the cave to climb down. Not exactly the best idea with the wet surfaces surrounding, but somehow he manages only to turn an equally as rushed glance around the space. "You!" he shouts, pointing a finger towards the healer. "Something's wrong." Inotherwords, DO SOMETHING!

Outside the cave: Approaching the wall already, Tenebrous' face goes stony when D'had speaks, and he closes the last few yards with alarming alacrity. ""If only there were healers here," he rumbles. Hands flicker up the stone wall with famililiarity and speed, and he vanishes a few moments later.


Xanadu Weyr - Waterfall Cave

Cleverly hidden behind the illusion of stone, a cave has formed at the base of the waterfall itself, large enough to host several individuals comfortably, or one person and a dragon. The walls are moist and textured, with small rivulets of water draining from the cave floor down into the pond beyond. Moving further back into the cave finds a dry floor and a smooth rear wall. Two sturdy camp chairs lean up against the back wall, along with a generous bedroll, wrapped in water-tight animal skins. A small bundle of firewood rests off of the floor on a makeshift stand, drying.

The roar of the falls is loud here, making conversation difficult from any range other than close, and the sheer volume of water makes it almost impossible to see through to the forest beyond. The only way out appears to be via the water, back the way you came.

From Thea's posture as she lies on the bedroll, it's clear she was sitting when she fainted. She's curled awkwardly on her side, lying on one arm and both of her legs are bent underneath that blanket and twisted to one side. Her head is turned to one side, face invisible beneath the tumble of her dark hair.

Phylicia is about two seconds behind D'had in the cave, and at this point in time, she almost doesn't care if she gets expelled from the craft as she makes a grab for D'had's arm, letting Tenebrous rush to Thea. Besides for having one, once, Phy has little experience with treating head wounds. "/This/." Phylicia hisses, keeping her tone down just in case Thea can hear. But the apprentice's face is painfully angry. "/This/ is why we approve visitors for head cases!"

The explosion of motion at the cave's entrance could only be Tenebrous' moving with the kind of speed that only frequent visits to the area could provide. Even as he vaults to the back of the cave, his long coat comes billowing off of him to land behind. He slides to a halt next to the young woman on the bedroll, face grim and fingers searching for a pulse. When the other two enter, he jerks his free hand at one of the larger satchels along the wall. "Bring me that, now. Rider, stand against the wall, and don't breathe."

D'had follows Tenebrous as swiftly as he's able. Stopped only by his apprentice. The Werysecond could likely pull away from her easily enough, but he's held back by her hand on his arm, a pained expression on his face. "She'll be okay. Right?" he questions Phylicia.

Phylicia leaves D'had's side as soon as Tenebrous speaks, near running to the large satchel before hefting it carefully, and making enough haste over to Thea, depositing it quickly, but without any clanks or cracks. "I don't know." She finally answers D'had, still very much the angry female. If you had that voice directed at you, you might want to get away from its owner. "You put enough stress on someone with head trauma, or keep them from resting and they just… collapse sometimes." The rider is pinpointed by her gaze now, as she points to a corner of the cave. "Shoo." At least she's not fully kicking him out yet. She's not so cold-hearted.

Thea moans softly through whitened lips, but otherwise doesn't move. Her lashes, forming shadows on pale cheeks, quiver but remain closed. She breathes otherwise there is nothing to indicate she is alive.

D'had is likely ready to panic, or well he is mentally while Phylicia's sharp words and hard look keep him in check. The man stays where he is, watching from a distance as he sinks down to the floor.

Tenebrous runs his hands over Thea in a few places, checking this and that before his hand dives into his satchel. A moment later, he comes up with a bag of granular white powder and holds it out. "Get a mug. Mix this, one part to three and out a straw in it." Then, quite abruptly, he begins patting Thea's cheek very softly. "Weyrwoman," he calls out. "Weyrwoman, I need you to open your eyes a little, alright? Open your eyes for me just a little, Thea, come on." He rubs his thumb over her forehead for just a second before licking her sweat off of his finger and spitting. "Well, that's perfect…"

Phylicia takes the bag with care, and looks to find one of the mugs that either hasn't been used, or doesn't have herbs in the bottom. Finding one to her liking after a very quick browse, she sprinkles a small amount of the powder into the bottom of the cup and reaches for a bladder of water not too far off, filling the mug appropriately. "Straw?" She asks, before ruffling around by the fireside side, finally finding one and using it to stir the drink as well. "If you want to make yourself useful, you can go re-fill that bladder." The girl pitches her voice to carry to D'had. Fretting loved ones. Oy! And then she's crouching at Ten's side, cup in hand and ready. "What is it?" Not that she probably wants to know.

Thea's eyelids flicker, as her cheek is patted and she seems to be trying to open them, but they remain closed. She frowns at the voice, her head moves restlessly back and forth trying to evade the patting on her cheek. Her moan comes again, this time it's a low-voiced, distressed, "Donn?" One hand reaches out towards where D'had was last sitting and pats around on the floor. She's muttering a jumbled confusion of slurred words that make no audible sense and it's clear that she's not really 'with it'.

D'had watches intently. This.. it can't be good. Can it. At least they're keeping most of that to themselves though and he has enough distance between then, even in the relatively small space not to hear. As for the apprentices' note on refilling, he slips back to his feet to do just that, ending up close enough to just barely catch Thea's question of him as he reaches for the bladder. "I'm here babe," he assures peering over the shoulders of the healers.

Tenebrous's eyes never waver from Thea's face as she mumbles. "It's a banana drink," he states quickly. "Nourishment. She was supposed to have eaten awhile ago, but I didn't push the issue because she'd just woken up." Never mind what else that statement implies. "I'll try and get her to drink some of it and then she'll rest. If she doesn't improve, we'll have to move her." Very gingerly, he reaches up to open one of Thea's eyes, his own filled with mute concern. "Thea, listen to me very carefully. You haven't eaten enough in the last 24 hours, and your body is a little irritated with you." He opens a free hand, snapping his fingers for the cup. "I'm going to sit you up enough to drink some liquids. They have sugar and some vitamins in them, and that will help the way you're feeling. Do you understand me?"

Phylicia's mouth hangs open for a moment, and just barely her lips manage to quirk upwards. "For once I wasn't talking about the mixture." She says to herself, carefully handing Ten the cup, seeing as how it's a little towards the full side. And then she notices D'had hovering over her shoulder and the grin fades. "Move it, huh?" She hisses softly, making shoo'ing gestures with her hands again, though she doesn't specify a direction this time. "If you keep interferring, I /will/ kick you out, whether or not she's asking for you!" Her tone is still hushed, hoping Thea is dazed enough to not hear her.

D'had turns a glare towards Phylicia as he's shooed, nodding slightly for the explanation of the drink that Tenebrous gives whether it was meant for him or not. All the same he does back off, hovering close enough should he be needed, but not so close as to be in the way of the healers.

Thea jerks her head as her eyelid is peeled back, batting at the hand irritably, "Smnoter want." She's still not making sense and if Tenebrous is, she doesn't appear to know it either. Her skin has broken out into a fine sweat, but she shivers rather than appearing heated. She clenches her teeth, emitting a soft, distressed unintelligible cry.

Tenebrous accepts the swing from Thea without comment, releasing her eyelid a fraction of a second later. "Where is she to tap *you* in the crotch when you're acting up," he mutters under his breath. "Thea," he says quietly, brushing one side of her face. "Thea, listen to me. It's Tenebrous. I need you to calm down and drink something for me so we can ride Seryth again. You promised me another ride on Seryth, remember?" He looks over at Phy. "Same satchel, near the powder. There are a few tablets, green in color. Bring me one please." Then he looks at D'had. "Kneel at the foot of the bedroll and be ready to grab her feet when I ask. But otherwise, keep your hands and your dirty looks to yourself, Weyrsecond."

D'had is good at rescue, healing he has no idea about outside of basic first aid. Here he's helpless and it's not a feeling he's by any means happy with. He nods, sliding to his knees at Thea's feet as directed.

Phylicia nods briskly, leaving Tenebrous' side to go scrounge through the satchel, barely remembering where he was searching before, until she comes up with the green tablets, and takes one out of its container, handing it to the senior journeyman without a word, though there's a quiet triumph to her posture as he tells D'had to keep his glares to himself. After all, what are they doing but helping Thea? Though the triumph doesn't last long as she waits for the next set of directions. "Do you need anything else, or should I go refill the bladder quick? It was getting low." She asks softly.

Thea flinches at the touch on her face, but her eyes blink open at the sound of Seryth's name. She's not seeing a thing, but rather appears to be looking through the people near her until her eyes rest on Tenebrous. Her eyes are glassy, "Throw you to the winds," she mumbles at him with a gentle smile before her eyes roll closed.

Tenebrous smiles. "Yeah, honey, I know." He takes a moment to squeeze the little green pill into his hand before rubbing it against Thea's lips gently. "Just a quick bit of sugar, Thea," he murmurs, keeping his voice low. "You can chew it up if you want…" He nods to Phylicia after a moment. "If she won't drink the liquid, I'll have to get nutrients into her another way, which will mean a trip to the woods for me. Fill the bladder. There's a mixing bowl in the bag with the camp dishes. You can't miss it. Fill it with water and heat it to lukewarm over the fire, please."

Phylicia can only assume what he means by that, and doesn't envy him the task, nor does she envy Thea who'd be getting poked. She slings the bladder over her shoulder by its strap then heads to the bag with all the dishes, pulling out the mixing bowl. A look is sent towards D'had to make sure he's still behaving, before she disappears for the few long moments it takes to fill both the objects. And then she's back, heading back over to the fire with soaked bandages around her hands, which she quickly strips off and chucks with the rest of the old bandages that need to be taken care of before she sets the bowl up over the fire, keeping an eye on it. "You don't have any on hand? But I heard they kept well in packaging…" Of course, she could be jumping to the complete wrong conclusion here.

D'had looks between the two healers though the majority of his attention is split 60/40 between the Journeyman and the Junior Weyrwoman. Of course he's not sure what he should be doing, if anything, without one of them saying. Again, helpless is not a place he likes to be.

Thea's lips part as they are rubbed with the tablet, whether from cooperation or simply because she hasn't the awareness to fight it, the pill is allowed to be slipped into her mouth but she makes no attempt to chew it. It dissolves though and her throat moves as she swallows. She moves restlessly, her legs and arms sliding under that soft blanket. Her eyes open and for one moment she is lucid as they rest on D'had, "Stay here," she pleads before she sighs and shuts them once more.

Tenebrous watches the pill disappear after a few moments of coaxing, a smile on his face. "Good girl," he murmurs, giving her shoulder a little squeeze. Phylicia gets a curious look when she speaks. "We are in a *cave*, Phylicia. I'm not an Apothecary…" But then Thea speaks, and Tenebrous' eyes close. "Don't worry, Thea. He's not going anywhere." The Gods must be crazy… "The pill that dissolved would normally kick like a mule, but in her case, it's only going to make her lucid for about 20 minutes when it kicks in." Then, in an act that borders on insanity in his mind, he turns and offers D'had the cup. "I need to go to the edge of the clearing for the rest of her treatment. She needs to drink this, as much as she can, as steadily as possible. No more games." Once the man takes it, he's ghosting out to the waterfall on silent feet.

Phylicia looks confused for a moment, thinking. Oh well, it's just one thing she'll have to ask about when this is all over. It's why she's an apprentice and he's not, and why she's taking orders from him. Slowly, the water in the bowl is becoming lukewarm, and when it finally reaches that temperature, she removes it from the fire, replacing it at need to keep it at the said temp. Oh, Ten must be crazy indeed, because Phylicia is still pretty set to chuck the weyrsecond into the pond that leads to the underwater exit. But all that she does from her spot by the fire, is keep a vary wary eye on the pair, ready to spring at a moment's notice. The water can always cool or be re-heated later.

D'had nods, a hand wrapping about the mug as he takes it from the healer. He keeps a wary eye on the apprentice still as he shifts to take Tenebrous' place at Thea's side once the man is gone.

People talking. And moving in -her- weyr! "Go 'way!" Thea's muttering it with eyes closed, one arm swats in the general direction of the nearest talker. People trying to sleep here. Lucky D'had, he's a man of few words, and at the moment, none. Unlucky D'had, he's in the spot vacated by the annoying voice and it's in that direction her arm swings. She hits something, the contact has her eyes opening slowly to blink at the retreating form of the healer, then the Weyrsecond. "You still here?" Not a bit confused, is she? This time her eyes stay open. "What's going on?"

Phylicia takes the water off of the fire again, and then crosses the room to where Thea is, crouching on her other side. "You collapsed." She says, her voice comforting and not reflecting - much - of her anger. "Tenebrous says it's because you haven't eaten anything recently, so he gave him," There's a tone of dislike on that last word she can't cover up as she looks at D'had, "the mixture that's going to make you feel a little better. Has some sugars and vitamins in it." The girl sits now, making herself a little more comfortable. That should pretty much sum it up.

D'had winces as that swing hits him, more in that it was unexpected than truly hurt that much. "Still here," he assures, trying to push one of his awkward smiles in place of the worry that marks his expression as she finally opens her eyes. "Should help," is all he says as he holds the mug for Thea being that Phylicia possesses a much better explanation than he could have ever come with.

"Good." Thea answers D'had with obvious relief. She blinks at Phylicia with a small frown of confusion for her tone towards the Weyrsecond. Her eyes swing back his way, "Whatcha been doin' to her?" She turns back to the healer girl with a half-smile, "Just ignore him if he calls you sugar or something sweet." Food was mentioned. She frowns, remembering, "I think it's been…" lips move soundlessly as she counts, "…four? days since I last ate. I forget."

"Too long," comes the quiet voice of Tenebrous, re-emerging from the falls and into the cave itself. He carries a sealed medical bag in one hand and glides over to one of the satchels without further comment. "The water, Apprentice? Is the bowl ready?"

"Drink!" Is what Phylicia manages to get out a little louder than intended, trying not to choke after Thea informs them of how long she's gone without food. And as her mentor slips back in she stands up, pointing to the bowl by the fireside. "It should still be a good temperature. The pill kicked in." She supplies to him, walking to pick up the bowl and nodding. "Still lukewarm. Sir, she hasn't eaten anything in four. Days." Her tone is a little strangled again.

D'had stretches out his free hand to assist Thea in sitting up enough to make drinking easier. "Here," he says gently, holding the cup for her, dark eyes lifting to send that glare towards Phylicia. Down girl! "It'll make ya feel better." Or so he's told. But then Tenebrous is returning and the Weyrsecond turns his gaze to him.

Thea's eyes follow the returning Tenebrous across the cave curiously, "Where'd you go off to?" She's chipper now! She blinks at Phylicia command, obeys without question then as she shifts to get her elbows under her and lever herself into a sitting position, a grateful smile towards the Weyrsecond as he helps her up. At his glare to Phylicia, she clears her throat, murmuring, "Please don't get yourself thrown out?" She leans against him and obediently drinks from that cup he's holding. "I'm sorry," she whispers to him, "It's my fault. I just couldn't eat anything."

Tenebrous watches the goings on between Thea and D'had, his face unreadable for a moment before he moves over to the fire. "I'll take that," he murmurs, and begins to dump flecks from the bag into it.

Phylicia hands Ten the bowl, watching him for a few moments before she exhales. "Thea?" She calls out softly, her voice under control. "Let me just point out the fact that you aren't a dragon. You /do/ need to eat every day whether you want to or not." And there's a very small chuckle hidden behind her tone at that one. "It'd be really bad practice for a Healer to strangle a patient over such silliness, yeah?" Maybe humor is the best defense to screaming sometimes, because that's the other option that's running through the girl's head right now.

D'had sighs, "Don't be," he replies as in 'don't be sorry' as he slips an arm around behind her. "Just drink this," still holding the mug. "Its okay." Phylicia… yeah, he's going to try and pretend she's not around.

Thea's curiosity for now must go unsated, alas. Her pert question is ignored by the healer. But he's busy. Phylicia's words are nodded to, "I keep hearing women are a lot like dragons, but I guess I've been lied to." She sounds aggrieved at this. She rolls her eyes at D'had, "Okay fine. Won't then." She drinks and yes, she's making progress on that. The mug is nearly empty.

Tenebrous continues tipping the bag into the bowl, stopping a few flecks from empty. As if it makes a difference. He dips a pinky into the mix, nodding once at the temperature, and then licks his finger experimentally. A look of disgust crosses his face and he mutters, "That's it alright…" The bowl is held over the fire then, Tenebrous deftly switching fingers as the metal heats up, stopping only when the water has begun to steam. A thin film is beginning to rise to the top of the water's surface, growing thicker as the moments pass. Very slowly, he begins swirling the mixture around, turning away from the flames. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step outside now, Rider. Visiting hours were over quite some time ago, and I'm going to need the Weyrwoman's attention." To Phylicia, he murmurs, "Bandages, please. The absorbent ones in the smaller satchel. The one with the linens."

Thea shifts back to lying down, "Will you come see me tomorrow, Donn? Take me home if I can go?" Clearly, she's not expecting him to argue with the healers. She doesn't seem worried at all about what concoction they are mixing.

Phylicia starts off towards the satchels again, pausing for a brief moment before she starts looking in the one located next to the dishes, which is smaller indeed, before she comes up with the absorbent bandages, quite willing to help D'had out the 'door' if he isn't leaving by his own will at this point in time. "I'll ask what you're doing later." She says absent mindedly to her mentor, watching, but also keeping an eye on Thea.

"But," D'had protests the healer's request for him to leave. He's already told the weyrwoman he'd stay. Even in their short time he's found however that its probably best not to argue with the other man. "Fine, you take good care of her," he agrees reluctantly. Of course Thea's agreement in the situation seems to help. "I'll be right outside babe. You need anything just call." Vocally, though Seryth. Either way works and he doesn't specify. The mug is left beside where he was sitting as he gets to his feet leaving a light kiss on the goldrider's cheek. "Be good," he notes before heading off and out.

Tenebrous watches D'had's exit, and for a moment, something akin to sick realization dawns in his eyes, and his face grows a little more pale. "Damn you, Fraille," he breaths, and only the very keen will hear it over the falls' rush. The passing of the day has left the sun lower in the sky, its light coloring the water a rich, golden color, and completely shadowing Tenebrous' features in the backdrop as he kneels in front of a camp chair. His hands shake slightly as he sets the bowl down, and he wipes them on the front of his shirt, patting himself absently. A quick glance is stolen to his long coat, still wadded up on the floor, but then it's back to work, his head bowed over the liquid. The water is swirled for a few moments longer before he wordlessly holds his hands out for one of the bandages.

Thea sighs as she settles back onto that bedroll. "Sure I will," she promises D'had, although there is no conviction that she'll need to call. Not expecting to need anything, apparently and it is a measure of her trust for the pair that her voice sounds so. She rolls onto her side to better watch the pair of healers by the fire, catches the expression on the Journeyman's face, but only sees his lips move. Her expression is puzzled concern for him. They're busy, so she doesn't add chatter to distract, but she does watch.

Phylicia holds out one of the bandages to him, looking down at his posture and starting to get a little worried. "If this is putting too much stress on your thigh, tell me what to do." She offers, her voice pitched so softly that at this distance Thea wouldn't be able to hear her unless the woman was straining. She still remembers the second - or is it third? - for coming back to the cave. She turns her head to look at Thea, and grins. "Are you still seeing double?" She asks, part to see how her head is doing, and part so the woman doesn't feel left alone.

Tenebrous looks up at Phylicia for a moment, and in his eyes is pain. Not merely for his leg, but for deeper things. "I like it where it is," he murmurs, his voice rough. "For now." He looks back down at the water bowl then, and with delicate hands, he lays a strip of bandaging across the top of the water, being careful not to immerse it. The bandage swells almost immediately, and he removes it a second later, offering it to Phylicia with now sturdy hands. "Drape this over the front of her neck and her clavicles, both sides, please. Recline her if necessary, but do not press on the bandage any more than you have to." He takes a shaky breath and murmurs, "Makeshift nutrient drip. Not as efficient, but it will help maintain homeostasis until she can eat more solid food." Then he brushes his fingers off on his shirt again.

"I… don't know." Thea answers Phylicia from where she's lying with an odd-sounding voice, "Things are too blurry to tell." She's focusing on something else entirely, her eyes watching Tenebrous. "I'm just really too tired to tell you, Phy." Her voice is taking on that slurred-words again as her eyes drift shut.

Phylicia nods softly to the pain in his eyes her lips pulled downwards in a small frown as she takes the saturated bandage from him with delicate care and moves over, shifting the grip of the bandage to one hand as she approaches Thea, very careful not to squeeze the bandage. "Don't mind my hands." She says simply as she adjusts the collar of Thea's shirt to expose her collarbones, draping the cloth carefully over them and the hollow of her throat. "Well, just relax and keep your eyes closed." There's a smile to her tone. "That way you don't have to worry about any of that." She watches as the woman's eyes drift shut and returns to her mentor's side. "I think the twenty minutes might be up. Looks like she's drifting again." She informs him, awaiting the next set of directions, if there are any.

Tenebrous nods slowly. "Good. The bandage will continue to nourish the body, and when she wakes, you can put another cup of tea into her. She should be ready to eat a bit of dried meat, and some cheese. Maybe an egg." He stands slowly and moves over to the falls, dumping the remains of the bowl into it. His free hand absently rubs his right thigh, and for a time, he simply stares at the world, distorted through the water's rush. "It's certainly different from this side," he quietly laments. Then he turns back into the cave and begins packing things into a shoulder-rigged satchel, one with buckles designed for running. A bit of medicine for this and that, and a few pieces of clothing. Three days' worth, it looks like.

"I don't," Thea assures Phylicia easily as she rolls onto her back for the healer girl to place the dripping bandage on her. Her eyes remain shut. "It's all beyond my reach," she comments irrelevantly with a slight twitch of her brows. "I wait…but some things can never be recovered…" She's… rambling? Maybe. Her eyes open, "Tenebrous…" She waits until he looks her way, "Home is not a place."

"Of the herbal tea, or the banana powder?" Phylicia asks to clarify, though she has a feeling it's going to be the banana powder. She watches him as he empties out the bowl, and then starts packing up a satchel and her little warning flags go up. "Two questions for you, sir, and one's more of a statement than a question." She warns him as she watches warily before looking back at Thea as she starts to ramble, one brow quirking upwards.

Tenebrous looks up when Thea speaks his name, a silhouette against the light behind him. "It's supposed to be where the heart is," he replies quietly. "That's what I heard once, anyway." He shakes his head, going back to his packing. "I'm not sure whose heart they were talking about though," he murmurs after another few items are packed. Then he frowns and pats around. "Damn. Where's that compressed thigh wrap," he mutters. He looks up at Phylicia absently, offering, "Yes? Oh. The banana powder, definitely. If she complains of a headache, you can dose her with the herbal mix as well." He nods to the bag where both items are before slowly turning in a circle. "Where did I…" He pads over to another bag, and because he's distracted, he opens Pandora's box. "Ask your questions, Phylicia. Didn't I already say that?" He looks confused for a moment.

Thea blinks back at Tenebrous for a moment, the golden flow behind him reflected in the clear green of her eyes, "It's not out there." Her eyes drift shut, and she sighs, "Yours." There's no indication as to whether she's seen the packing, knows what's going on. Her eyes remain shut, but from underneath the lids there's a bit of bright glitter.

Phylicia continues watching him, her eyes tracking, and her head not moving unless he moves further than her eyes can track sideways. "Well… curiosity, really." She says, rubbing the back of her neck, then regretting that. It's been a long time since her last aloe application, and her hands are radiating heat again. "One: where are you going? Two: You said you were going to change that compress, and needed … assistance." She's not going to say outright help. "And I lied, three: What am I supposed to do /here/, if you're leaving?" She's not nearly as learned as he is, and if Thea decides to crash randomly, help is going to be far enough away it might be harmful. Other than the look of worry he's getting - be it for him, or the thought of not having a senior healer on hand - she's remarkably calm. She also keeps her voice at a soft level, seeing as how Thea may be drifting but she hasn't drifted completely, and alarming her is not what she wants to do.

Tenebrous stares at Thea for a long moment. "It's funny," he offers, his eyes fixed on the Weyrwoman's face. "Master Fraille used to tell us that some people refused to accept that they had certain internal organs until said organs…broke. The pain was the first clue." He offers a breath of humorless laughter. "Pain is a wonderful diagnostic tool, she said." Then his eyes flicker over to Phylicia. "To answer your questions in order: One. The Rubicon River Hold. My services are required there, and it's a two-day journey by foot. Two: That's quite correct. Patience is a virtue. And three?" He smiles. "Some faith, would you please? I don't intend on leaving you here to face the-" arrogant, pigheaded, homewrecking, Chi-buggering, blind as a man with a hole in his head…"-Rider alone when he returns. I don't intend on leaving until this situation is resolved."

Thea's eyes open on the word 'broke' and when she does her eyes are on his. She smiles in a gentle, lop-sided way, "Heartless is not free." As her eyes shut, she lifts one hand, palm up. She turns to rolls on her side, heedless of that wet dressing. Her words, drowsy, come out with a sigh, "Just go tell him I want him to go home." Drifting or not, that pause or maybe it is something else, has prompted her.

Phylicia looks just about ready to collapse onto one of the camp chairs. "Oh." Is her first reaction, her voice flooded with relief. "Good." She still looks minorly confused about what's passing between them, but let's it go. "It's probably better that you do it." Her voice is trying to suppress laughter now as she keeps it pitched softly. "I think he was having more problems with me than you." But as Thea rolls onto her side, Phy groans softly. How's the bandage supposed to stay on if she's twisting and turning all night?

Tenebrous sighs, watching Thea's roll, and that upraised hand. "Nobody can ever just come out and say something when it's important," he mutters to himself. But perhaps he's guilty as well. "Yeah," he murmurs, his eyes resting on Thea's form. As he starts for the waterfall, he can clearly be heard mumbling, "I wouldn't want to…" Then he disappears…

Thea twists in that bedroll. Her head turns to watch Tenebrous leave. "A plague of non-words. Fear." She mutters in a sleepy voice. She seems to be trying to listen for growls and shouts, from out there apparently. "Phy, he's just afraid." If that explains the Weyrsecond. "He's so afraid."

Phylicia has caved herself up with a bunch of mumbling adults, great. Though Thea has reason to be mumbling. "Not asleep yet, huh?" She asks softly, going over to Thea's side like she was before, one of the first times they were tending her head. "I don't suppose I could talk you into trying to sleep on your back?" She asks quietly, letting herself be as soothing as possible so Thea will drift back off into sleep. "That dressing needs to soak into your skin." But then a smile breaks across her face, if a slightly sad one. "Thea, you frightened /all/ of us I think." If she could only have seen some of the reactions over the past day or so. But the girl waves a hand then. "Turn on your back so I can re-arrange that bandage, and you just relax."

Perhaps surprisingly, Tenebrous' absence is not long lived. Less than five minutes later, he comes back into the cave. The light from out of doors keeps his features masked in shadow still, and without a word, he sits gingerly in a camp chair near the water's edge. A few buckles later, and he's trying to edge one side of his pants down, slowly uncovering a compress bandage.

"He lost his first love, Phy. Watched her drown just below his fingers as he reached for her." Thea blinks at the girl, trying to focus on her. One hand plucks at the wet dressing, "But it's… wet." Her brow wrinkles in frustration as she half-heartedly tries to remove the thing. Definitely restless, one leg kicks free of the coverlet. "Hot. Told you this coverlet would keep you warm," she mutters. It's winter and the fire warms the area, but the cool air on her bare leg seems to soothe her and she rolls onto her back and shuts her eyes.

"It's supposed to be." Phylicia murmurs, shifting enough to re-arrange the bandage as she kicks part of the coverlet off, storing that tidbit about D'had maybe she'll lighten up a little bit. Maybe. "When it's dry /then/ you can chuck it off." She laughs softly. "But not until it's completely dry." Her voice isn't supposed to be more than non-sensible sound to Thea right now, and after getting the bandage rearranged she stands, heading to the front of the cave, to the side of Tenebrous' chair. "It's just a body, sir." And her eyes are laughing gently as she looks sideways at him, as she throws his own words back at him. "Why not just make it easier and take them off for the re-dressing? I think she's finally out." She pauses for a moment before offering, "I can go grab your coat? Though that'd get in the way…"

Tenebrous rolls his eyes. "It's a bit chill by the water, Phylicia, and while mine is, indeed, just a body…it's one with warm blood flowing through its veins." He nods towards Thea. "I didn't want to stand in the way of her getting some sleep," he murmurs. Without further ado, he kicks his boots off and shucks his pants completely, non-plussed, but shivering slightly. "Well? Either make a pass at me or bring me the bandage, please."

"I'm too tired," Thea sighs with a small smile over there on the bedroll. She is out, yes? Perhaps.

Phylicia allows herself to smile a little more, and though her cheeks get a slight rosy tinge to them, she's able to quip back. "Well where'd you leave it?" She asks. But before he can answer she's already looking around. Finding it, she picks it up and brings it over. "Frankly Ten," She's apparently found a nickname she likes for him so unless he tells her otherwise, that's likely what's going to come from her mouth, "That's what I have M'nol for." And maybe that's the reason her cheeks are lightly flushed. "What'd you want me to do, other than hand you a bandage?" She's keeping the tone light and jovial, nearly choking with laughter when Thea speaks up, a glance going over to that bedroll, making sure the woman hasn't stirred.

Tenebrous coughs once when Thea speaks up from her place on the floor, and for a moment, a real piece of a smile touches his face. "She held my hand once," Tenebrous murmurs, nodding at the half-zonked Junior. Then he glances back at Phylicia. "A bit of analgesic to spread on it, and a swab to disinfect it before I put the clean one on." Then he tilts his head. "Have you…actually ever done wound care before? Open wounds? Blood and stuff?"

Thea hasn't moved and those eyes. They're shut all the way, right? No peeking from under those dark lashes?

Phylicia moves off again, the first time bringing two different pots the first time, one pain killer and one disinfectant before returning for some swabs and a few gloves. "Ahm.. no?" Comes her honest answer. "Not up close." She supplies as well. And she knows the typical reaction some people have to such messes. "If I think I'm going to lose it, I'll run outside quick." Is offered as a statement as she looks over to Thea again. "Oh? When'd she do that? If I can ask." Now it's just a matter of small talk and keeping one - or both - of them distracted.

Tenebrous smiles a bit wanly. "Out of the frying pan, young miss." Very slowly, be begins peeling back the bandage, the blood draining from his face as he does so. Skin stretches for a moment before the adhesive gives way, revealing what happens when a rope-burn goes bad. With a final jerk, the bandage comes free and Tenebrous makes a small sound in the back of his throat, sagging in his chair. For a moment, his eyes lol up into his head before he forces a deep breath into his lungs and rasps, "Swab…and c-clean…"

Thea's eyes open at the rasp, her eyes drifting in started just-awakened confusion towards the pair and she blinks at the scene for a moment. The pantsless Journeyman and that lolling head, the seeping wound. "You want a few pillows, Phy? He looks as tired as I feel." Well, tired. Faint. Same thing right? Her eyes drift closed once more.

Phylicia has been putting on a set of gloves and opening up the jars as he starts to peel back the bandage, setting swabs on the lids so they're not touching the cave's floor. "I'm good. Go back to sleep, Thea." And - hey look! - green is also a color that she can turn! Though it's only a very light green. "What-" Her voice is suddenly dry and she turns her head to cough and clear her throat gently and presses her lips together. "What did you do to get /this/?" She knows its from the rescue, but not much more than that. She's on her knees now, one hand bracing gently on the man's knee as she takes a clean swab, and starts gently and yet firmly wiping at the area. To anyone but healers, the position might be vaguely halarious, as she's trying to make sure nothing is caught in the skin before she moves to numbing the area. "Just hold on a sec…" She half-coo's, half murmurs.

Tenebrous swallows hard, only half-aware of the situation. "I'll…tell you the story another time…Don't look now," he breaths, a little woozy with pain. "But I think my testicles just jumped ship and ran towards the fire…" He shivers a little, shakes his head and blinks. "Empty Egg, I remember why I never changed this thing," he breaths, his eyes closing. "Just cut off the leg…I'll be fine."

"Pillows. All I can share. Bedroll's not big enough…" Thea's mumbling again with her eyes closed. "Cut, don't burn…My Da used sharp scissors…" She really is rambling. Really.

Phylicia blinks for a moment, her hands pausing in applying the numbweed. Has anyone ever seen a blush war with being green? It's a rather interesting sight. "What?" Is the surprised squeak before she finishes applying the numbing agent. "No such luck, Ten. You're actually /letting/ me change a dressing." She points out. Apprentices never get to do this stuff, though the theory is drilled mercilessly into their heads. "You're not backing out of this now." Her hands work as quickly as unsure and unskilled hands will go. The analgesic is fully and liberally applied before she switches to the disinfectant. "Just a few more moments, and then you can get a bandage back on." She says, looking up at his face to see how he's doing as the first few swipes are made with the disinfectant.

Tenebrous' face scrunches up with pain as the first few passes are made with the disinfectant, and both hands reach down to squeeze his thigh above the wound. "I was much nicer to you the last time I had you take your pants off," he gasps, closing his eyes tightly. "You owe me!"

Thea turns once again in her restless half dream-half sleep, sighing, "Never let a man with his pants down say you owe him…" Mutter, mutter. If only she could come up with these things when she's awake.

"I'm not trying to make this painful." Phylicia almost whimpers, as she makes a few more passes. "But I personally like you with two legs." One last swipe is made and she looks for the bandage. She gave it to him, now where'd it go? "Bandage, Ten. You'll have to help. I .. don't know exactly how it goes." At least she's sparing him pain by trying to do it right the first time and her eyes flicker to Thea again. "I /seriously/ hope she's asleep."

Tenebrous's hands slap down over the wound a moment later, pressing one of those compress bandages into place with a huge exhale of relief. "Ok…ok, I'm…I'm done now…I'm very done…" Without so much as thinking about it, he staggers to his feet, leaving his pants and shoes in a wad by the water, and shambles over towards the fire. Oh look! There's a pile of blankets next to his bedroll! Those look comfy… He all but crumples down onto them, missing the fire by a matter of feet, and lays still, his breath heaving in his chest. "Taking the leg would have hurt less," he breathes, his eyes going half-lidded.

"Messy…" Thea murmurs with her eyes closed. If she rolls over to make room? Totally coincidence.

Phylicia falls backwards just quick enough not to get smacked in the head by one of knees as he staggers to his feet. "You might want to put your pants back on." She croaks out, before standing, managing to lid both of the jars, and strip off her gloves before wobbling to her feet. "I'll uh.. be a few moments. Go ahead and go to bed, or whatever you do in the night." And she's heading towards the entrance and /fresh/ air. Too bad she didn't remember to grab any ginger on her way out.

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