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Xanadu Weyr - Waterfall Cave

Cleverly hidden behind the illusion of stone, a cave has formed at the base of the waterfall itself, large enough to host several individuals comfortably, or one person and a dragon. The walls are moist and textured, with small rivulets of water draining from the cave floor down into the pond beyond. Moving further back into the cave finds a dry floor and a smooth rear wall. Two sturdy camp chairs lean up against the back wall, along with a generous bedroll, wrapped in water-tight animal skins. A small bundle of firewood rests off of the floor on a makeshift stand, drying.

The roar of the falls is loud here, making conversation difficult from any range other than close, and the sheer volume of water makes it almost impossible to see through to the forest beyond. The only way out appears to be via the water, back the way you came.

From outside of the cave> Morning and sleep simply wouldn't hold any longer so D'had had rolled himself out of bed and headed into the office. It was there, just as he was settling into the chair behind his desk that the message came, first in the form of a report at the top of the pile, second as he skimmed the first sentence it was echoed by the Siebith in his head. Whatever it was he said nothing and quickly left to meet the blue, hastily secure straps and set to the sky. A blink between and Siebith arrives at the location given him by Seryth. Its one of his 'dive bomb' landings as the blue rushes for the ground, pushing it a little close even for him with D'had nearly jumping down a second before the blue's feet are firmly on the ground. So much for safe flying. "Thea!?" he calls at the same moment he dismounts, a sense of panic in his voice and yet thankful for that report to have been able to remind him the name. Otherwise looking might have been… well difficult.

Tenebrous is in the middle of a response about helping versus not when he stops and turns towards the waterfall. "I told you to go home," he calls, and a moment later, a small green firelizard scuttles across the floor of the cave. Hers is a grave little waddle and she looks up at Tenebrous with flat eyes, hissing. "Excuse me, young lady?" Then she flat out chitters at him, flapping her wings, and Tenebrous closes his eyes. "About that awkward," he mutters. Since his intelligent choice to sleep fully clothed left him wanting for little, it only takes him a moment to turn on his heel and grab his coat. "We're not alone," he calls to Phylicia. See to her tea, please." Then he leaps onto the rocks.

Tenebrous has left.

From outside of the cave> The rocks near the waterfall's halfway point shimmer for a moment, spray throwing a strange rainbow in the light of the sun, and it takes a moment for something to come fully into view. It's a man, scaling a nearly vertical shelf of rock, slowly angling his way down from what appears to be nowhere. He reaches the ground some few moments later, landing with a grunt. Then he turns to face D'had, the hood on his long hide coat pulled low against the light and the falls' spray. "Good morning," he calls quietly, slowly approaching dragon and rider. It's a rough voice, one not accustomed to speech.

From outside of the cave> D'had whirls towards the sound of the voice, his own jacket left unfastened in his rush to arrive. "Where is she," he all but demands of the unknown man, a certain form of panic still clear in his voice.

From outside of the cave> The hooded man tilts his head a little, and though his face is mostly obscured, the sense that you are being examined is unavoidable. It's only after a long moment that the man's veiled gaze moves over to the Blue in the clearing. "If, by 'she', you mean the Weyrwoman, she is safe and currently being treated by my apprentice. Now, I believe it is customary for me to ask your name, and what I can do for you…" His hands fold in front of him, fingers interweaving.

From outside of the cave> D'had stares at the man warily, the blue too looks towards him with an uncertain gaze. "Yes," he means the weyrwoman, "No where is she? Is she alright? He," the man nods towards the blue nearby, "said she was hurt and and.." He shakes his head trying to keep things straight the question posed finally hitting him. "Weyrsecond D'had, and you are?" still suspicious.

From outside of the cave> The hooded man ahhs quietly. When D'had announces his name and rank, Tenebrous' eyes move towards the dragon again. "The most elegant Siebeth," he says, his voice respectful. "He…told you she was hurt?" Math is quietly done in his head before his gaze flickers back to D'had. "You may rest assured that she is quite safe. A mild concussion and a bit of physical trauma. She was checked out at the Infirmary and pronounced stable, which is why she now quietly recovers elsewhere in an environment that is as stress-free as my apprentice and I can manage." He does offer a slight bow at the hips. "I? Am no one of consequence. Just a Fetch, and little more."

From outside of the cave> D'had stares a bit more, nodding slowly. Right.. "Yeah, he told me." Relayed the message. Same thing. Or close enough. "Now where is she?" he demands again. "And who are you again?"

From outside of the cave> Tenebrous's voice is clipped. "She rests in a place where visitors do not go unless invited, Rider, especially not when I'm trying not to stress them and their visitor is clearly agitated. Not only is your presence here most unexpected, but I can see the forest behind you through your eyes because they're so dialated with anxiety. Remain here, and I will inquire about her current condition. If she wishes a visitor, I will accomodate you both as best I can." He turns abruptly and starts away, his pace not hurried.

From outside of the cave> D'had grumbles, crossing his arms in annoyance, but he'll deal wit it all the same. "Fine. Whatever, you ask her, but I still want to see her." From the sound of it he's not likely to take no very well.

From outside of the cave> Tenebrous has left.
Tenebrous has arrived.

It's only a few minutes before Tenebrous returns, moving swiftly along the rockface and back into the cave itself. Hood low and back to the light, his face is hidden. "Weyrwoman," he calls quietly, "You have a visitor. A certain weyrsecond has somehow found his way to Stormhaven." Clearly, he's not happy about *that*. "You are not obligated to leave this place at this time, as you were released to my care. But he has…asked to see you."

"Yes, he doesn't take pushing very well-," Thea's in the middle of saying to Phylicia with an oh-so-very dry voice when Tenebrous re-enters the cave. She opens her eyes when he speaks, and turns her head towards him, "Who was out-?" Then he's telling her who exactly. Well, it was inevitable, says her expression, but there's also a swift look of comprehension at his displeasure before she simply closes her eyes again, "Better let him in." It's really all she can say, but her voice has suddenly taken on a hint of disquiet.

Phylicia is crouched by the fire her face split in a smile while she's still warming up the mixture of tea, so the herbs steep better. Hey, it's not her fault water takes awhile to get steamy over a new fire. "Just… put your head down for a few moments, Thea." She offers kindly. "It helps with some of the disorientation sometimes." She's not exactly sure what this is all about, but she doesn't exactly like how the laughter just drained out of her friend.

Tenebrous grunts, "You don't need any additional stress, Thea. I warn you now, I don't care who he is. He'll behave while he's in here," he says flatly. Then he's flashing out again.

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From outside of the cave> Tenebrous has arrived.

From outside of the cave> It takes only a few moments for the man in the hide coat to vanish into the waterfall itself, and after taht, only a few moments for him to reappear. He lands on the ground lightly and paces towards the rider and his dragon. "She has agreed to a visit, but she is delicate at the moment, and will be receiving treatment when you see her." A cautionary hand is held up. "I must be clear, Rider. She does not need stress at this time. Theatrics and arguments are out of the question. The weyrwoman is my primary concern. If you can agree to these terms, we will go up." And he waits.

From outside of the cave> Short as the time may be it still finds D'had pacing when the man returns. The voice has him stopping, turning to look towards him with a hard glare. "Fine," he agrees, shoving hands deep into his pockets as he strides towards the other to let him lead the way. Well, he'll try his best to abide by those rules anyway.

From outside of the cave> The hooded man leads the way to the rockface, gesturing to certain non-descript handholds. "Place your hand here and here. Climb slow, and follow me." And up he goes, like a spider along the wall…

Tenebrous has arrived.
D'had has arrived.

Two people emerge from the waterfall's mists some time later. The first is Tenebrous, hood low over his face, and a moment later, D'had joins him. "Weyrwoman," he calls, his voice level. "The rider, D'had, to see you." Then he simply fades to the side of the cave, silent and sentinel.

Thea is lying curled up on her side, cuddled in a blanket on one of the bedrolls beside the fire with her eyes closed. A bruised lump on the left side of her forehead stands out starkly against skin suddenly gone pale. Awake in spite of closed eyes, she's talking to Phylicia, who is making tea over the fire. "Asking the Weyrsecond to behave… only a healer could get away with that." It's a weak attempt at humor that fails miserably, for there is not a trace of levity in her tone. When the Senior Journeyman speaks, her eyes crack open and she swallows before answering meekly, "Okay." Pale green eyes open a bit wider, but the light coming in through the falls has her shutting them quickly. "Hi Donn… both of you." Attempting once again for humor.

Phylicia looks up from the cup, over by the fire, smiling. Finally the cup has started to steam heavily, and she lifts it off the flames, setting it carefully down in a spot no one's likely to trip over it. "It's one of our charms." Phy answers in response to Thea. "When we're being Healers, we can disreguard rank." For the patient's own wellbeing of course! Now her tone does have humor to it, as she keeps an eye on the cup, looking for the proper shade to appear to the water. And of course for it to cool a little bit.

D'had follows the healer up to the cave. It takes a second for him to spot the junior weyrwoman, but he's headed for her side almost as soon as he's being introduced. "You alright?" he asks of her, dropping to his knees at her side and reaching for a hand. "Sie said and then.." He shakes his head. Better he's just quiet. Yes?

"Gently," The hooded man prompts, his tone stern. "Do not jostle her, Rider." In the muted light of the cave, he reaches up, removing his hood with a practiced gesture. Strange blue eyes are unfocused as he regards the three of them before quietly holding his arm out. "Flop," he murmurs. A moment later, one of the packs in the rear stirrs, and a dainty, if somewhat plump green fire lizard pokes her head out, sniffing disdainfully. "Come to me," he gestures, and after a disgruntled grunt, she begins waddling over.

"Such power," Thea murmurs in response to Phylicia, her eyes remain on D'had as he approaches, striving to keep apprehension from showing, "Siebith said?" This doesn't really register with her. She slides a questioning look towards Tenebrous before answering the Weyrsecond, "I slipped on the ice last night. Took a bit of a tap to the head is all." She pulls a hand out from under the blanket, slips it in his. "Little dizzy right now, seeing double." Nonchalant the tone. It's no big.

"Really, I'm all power-crazed." Phylicia snorts softly with a grin, wrapping her hands around the side of the cup to guage the temperature. Deeming it as safe-to-drink she stands up to croutch over by the pair. "Since I'm not interested in hovering…" She says, holding the cup to D'had but grinning at Thea. "She drinks all of it." Her tone is that of heavy suggestion, and after D'had (hopefully) takes the cup, she stands, moving over to the senior healer's side, briefly looking up at the other, watching him.

D'had turns a glare over his shoulder for the hooded man. No, he's not exactly fond of him despite any 'help' he might have given the weyrwoman. "That's what he said," he murmurs, looking back to Thea. In not quite so many words, but that's the basic gist of it. He shakes his head, linking fingers with hers. "Went ta see ya last night…" Obviously she wasn't there, worry implied by the subtlety in his voice. A glance is turned towards the apprentice and his free hand takes the cup. "It?" It's what exactly.

"Part of her treatment, rider. I announced earlier that she was receiving it when you arrived so unexpectedly, Rider. As my apprentice said, she drinks all of it. It will assist with the condition she's in, currently. Once she finishes drinking it, she'll need to rest, and I'll have to ask you to leave." When the green firelizard finally makes it over to him, he kneels before her, holding out a small parchment, which she promptly takes in her maw. "Go." The flit snorts once, waddles over to the water, hops into the air, and promptly pops *between*. Tenebrous stands and leans over to Phylicia's ear.

Tenebrous whispers "See that she drinks it, and that said drinking is not delayed by his presence here. She doesn't need additional stress right now, and he's been told. I need to attend to something, but I'll be back in a moment."

Tenebrous leaps to the rocks after a moment, disappearing from sight.

Thea eyes Phylicia as she retorts and hands that mug to D'had, merely blinking at the grin with an uneasy look in her eyes as she turns them back towards the Weyrsecond. For a moment she glances down at their linked fingers then it's back to him, "You did?" The two words are said more like, 'At long last?' Yes, that would be mild sarcasm coming from Thea. She's levering up on one elbow in order to drink the tea. She'll let the healers explain what it's for. "I… had to get away. Went out walking." In the dark on the ice. Yes.

Phylicia nods her head towards the cup. "It. You know, tea." Either she's getting annoyed or is really amused, because a bandaged hand has to cover her mouth. There's a brief nod to Tenebrous before she makes her way back over to the pair ignoring the senior journeyman as he slips away, though keeping a slightly respectful distance for the moment. "Getting 'tapped' on the head - as she puts it - can leave you with one /mighty/ ache in the head." But as Thea starts to prop herself up, Phy is there being careful not to knock anything beyond what's necessary to get her in a tea-drinking position. "Come on now. Drink first, talk after."

D'had lets out a breath, almost snorting for the non answers he's receiving from the healers. "Did," he repeats, "But.. you know them?" he asks leaning in to ask like its some secret question. "Was worried bout you.." He snaps a glance back towards the apprentice. "When you tell me what its for she will," he all but growls.

Thea sends a grateful look over her shoulder for Phylicia for her assistance, then scoots carefully toward D'had with a silent question in her eyes leans against him, "Yes, I know them both. I'd trust them both with my life." Caught between the authority of the Weyrsecond, her love and the Healer's knowledge, she's not going to make a grab for that mug just yet, so she send a mute appeal to Phylicia. Thea has no idea what's in the brew. With a sigh, she just rests her head on his shoulder while they argue ingredients. "You were worried about me, huh?" Slight rebellion therein the tone, "After nearly a month, you remembered to?" Cool the tone, and yes while she's got fingers linked and head on shoulder. Go figure.

Phylicia all but has the mannerisms of a master down, for she has to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from snapping at D'had, which could land her in some very real trouble though it doesn't stop brown eyes from flashing angrily as she just /looks/ at him. "Willow. Lavender. Chamomile." At least that's the mix that she would use for a headache and stress reliever. "It's to ease her headache and help her relax a little." And Phy may or may not need a cup, but she's still keeping her voice pitched low, as to not make Thea's head hurt worse. "While it's still warm, please. The warmth is part of the treatment too." She's just barely managed to keep the snap out of her tone, instead sounding a bit more like a worried friend. "I have absolutely no intention of drugging her." Beyond what's necessary to make her rest. >.> But she keeps her nose out of their personal discussion.

D'had shifts slightly to make it more comfortable for the woman to lean against him. "Thank you," he grumps towards the apprentice. At least she's answering questions. "Here babe," he comments softly, holding the cup towards Thea.

Only a flicker in the light announces Tenebrous return, his form a shadow against the waterfall's light. "It doesn't look like very much of the tea is gone, from what I can tell," he calls quietly, slowly moving into the cave. His gaze sweeps over to Phylicia, murmuring, "Is there…a problem, Apprentice?" His voice is carefully modulated, his hands behind his back.

Thea is just keeping her head where it is for now, eyes closed against the throbbing during all the glaring, growling and informing. She rouses when D'had says 'Babe', lifts her head and reaches for the mug. She shoots him a wary glance at him over the mug as she takes a long draught. In one day they've trained her well - at least when it comes to taking the tea. She lowers the mug to take a breath, "Working on it," she murmurs to Tenebrous. As she raises the mug to her lips once more, she asks D'had, "So… why were ya worried anyway?" She drinks, still watching the Weyrsecond.

"Ya weren't there," D'had replies, glaring towards the return of Tenebrous. "And wasn't gettin any reply from her. Was worried." So he might not have worried before, but he knew where she was then. He gives a light squeeze to the weyrwoman, not to much to jostle but enough to let her know he's still not letting go.

Phylicia nearly jumps at Tenebrous' voice calls out from somewhere out of her vision. Who's the one who really needs a bell in this team? But she's the ready pair of hands to catch the mug should it fall, since Thea is well-propped by D'had now. "Not anymore…" She says over her shoulder to her mentor, letting a little of her irritation peek through her voice. And with a little shuffling she finds the salve that the senior journeyman had also pulled out just before D'had came. "Have you yet?" Is all she asks. She doesn't touch the roll of bandages, a little scrounging in a bag's pocket does produce a glove.

Tenebrous eyes the salve and the glove. "Not anymore?" Eyes flicker from Phylicia to D'had and then back. "No. I was getting ready to when our visitor arrived." He looks the younger woman directly in the eye. "Please remedy this situation for me." He nods to Thea's teacup. "Once she's finished, the gentleman will be leaving and you can apply it before she rests again." Then he's moving back to the patch of wall about halfway into the cave to lean and watch.

Thea lowers the mug to give the Weyrsecond a look, "I see. Thanks for helping me understand." Subtle or not so sarcasm once again in her tone, she clams up then, lifts the mug and drains it with a wince. She twists to offer the empty mug to Phylicia, then back to rest her head back on D'had's shoulder, murmuring to him very quietly, "And that is exactly why I am here rather than in the Infirmary." Meaning his non-answer. But then Tenebrous is issuing his directive. "No, please?" Because she's got a fairly good idea of how -that- will go.

Phylicia carefully sets the glove on the lid to the salve jar, taking the mug from Thea as she offers it, completely drained minus the herbs that have settled in the bottom. Her hands cradle the cup, as she looks at the pair, her eyes more darting to the lump on Thea's forehead. But Phy stands then with a sigh, putting the cup near some other dishes that should be rinsed off before she heads to Ten's side. "Two moments alone, and then he leaves? He can't do - much - harm in a few moments." She suggests softly to her mentor. Hopefully softly enough where the other pair can't hear.

The glare D'had sends towards the Senior Journeyman could well drill holes when he hears he's supposed to be leaving almost as soon as he arrived. "I'm not going anywhere," he declares, almost as if challenging the other to make him.

Tenebrous is still for an extra half a moment. "Your arrogance, your pomposity is risking her recovery, rider. If you care for her at all, you will leave this place, and you will not return until invited, or ordered over a legitimate cause. That you have not already does your love for this woman no credit and is unbecoming of your station, sir." He lowers his hood over his face. "You offend me." He leans down, picking up one of the largest satchels in the cave, and starts for the waterfall. "Apprentice," he calls tersely. "Gather a satchel and join me with one of your fire-lizards." Then he reaches for the rocks, preparing to leave.

Thea just sort of sinks inward at all this, she's still leaning against the Weyrsecond, so just drops her head back to his shoulder and shuts her eyes. She's silent after her one word plea until Tenebrous and Phylicia are leaving. She just groans and slides down onto that bedroll. Days like this a person might want to cover their head and stay in bed. "Just stop it all of you!" And that's about all she can get out as she grips her head for a moment. "You," She points to Tenebrous, "Signed to take care of me. You," she points to D'had, "I need you. Here. Can ya just relax and talk to me please? And… just so you know, you're looking at the man who pulled me out of that ravine, if that means anything to you?" She's done, simply shuts her eyes as she lies there curled in a ball.

Oh yeah, 'cause Phylicia is fully dressed right now. NOT. The look Tenebrous gets is worried but Thea also gets a worried look as the apprentice does as she's told, lacing up her boots and sur-tunic as well as her hip pouch and dagger before carefully checking her original satchel, stuffing one or two items in it and closes it securely. She dons the look-a-like coat that was a gift from her mentor against the weather and cold, and Ciaran takes to her shoulder today, leaving Estevan curled up like a brown rock near the fire. "Take care n-" She says softly, slinging the pack with a grimace over her shoulder preparing to leave after her mentor, but pausing when the junior starts on her tirade, an uncertain look being flung to Tenebrous. Oh this could get messy indeed.

D'had continues to glare until the pair of healers have left, though he does cringe at Thea's shout. Once they're gone though he turns to the weyrwoman, fingers finding her's. "Don't care if he pulled ya out. Shoulda been me. And he," he nods in the direction the two left, "wouldn't tell me where ya were, demanded to know who I was and wouldn't tell me the same." In short, no, he doesn't like him.

Tenebrous is quite still by those rocks, eyes burning, but even as Thea speaks, he exhales. "I apologize, Weyrwoman," he adds after a moment. Then, to D'had, "And to you. I am concerned with the recovery of my patient…and my friend. Nothing more. I'll be just outside if you need me, but…I don't want to further stress you." He offers a low bow to the two of them and then bleeds out of sight, calling, "Come or stay, apprentice. I leave it to you."

Tenebrous has left.

Thea nods to the healers, then turns her head to meet D'had's eyes. What he's saying sinks in. "You know? I had no control over that. Seryth called for those two because she knew they were in the area and knew they knew the land. She didn't know where I was. And I was not conscious to have her call for Siebith." She reaches for his hand, eyes earnestly trying to make him understand, "Tenebrous probably didn't know who you were. Ya don't have to like him." She's thoughtful for a moment, "Seryth knew I was feeling uncertain about how you felt, I guess." She sighs, "What a mess."

"She called for Tenebrous." Phylicia inserts gently. "I was just an added bonus who was able to call M'nol in." Her soft voice manages to carry to them before she starts towards the exit again. "Please don't press yourself too much, Thea. If you get tired, /rest/." And that's a concerned friend talking, not the healer apprentice. She then finishes slipping out of the cave leaving the other two to their devices, for better or worse.

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D'had sighs, trying to take a mental step back if only for Thea. "She called this mornin' same time I got the report on my desk," he notes. "And I .told. him who I was and he wouldn't do the same," he repeats as to the healer. He gives her hand a light squeeze, "Just glad you're alright. If anythin'd happened…" he lets out a breath with a shake of his head.

Thea's eyes flicker to Phylicia, "She did?" She's looking thoughtful about that as her eyes return to D'had, "I dunno why your own wingman didn't call you in last night, D'had." This comes out quietly before she admits, "But it's my fault Seryth didn't bespeak Siebith after I regained consciousness. I told her not to." She meets his eyes steadily, gravely. "She's pretty mad at me." She listens as he speaks of the healer, "That's just his way. He's always called himself a fetch. No name." She squeezes his hand back, "If anything had happened, what?"

D'had swallows hard for that question. He'll accept the rest of it for what it is and not comment further. "I-if anything'd happened…" he just shakes his head, lips quirking in a forced sort of half smile. "Babe, don't scare me like that. Not ever again."

"I didn't do it on purpose!" Thea retorts tartly from where she's lying on that bedroll. "Why cannot you ever answer one single question?" Her hands creep back up to grip her head and her eyes shut as she continues with a voice gone very tired, "You leave me to guess your feelings and thoughts. It's why I was out on that icy trail. I needed to think. Hadn't heard a thing from you in so long, and no, business in the office doesn't cut it when it comes to matters of the heart." From underneath her lids tears gather, "I don't know where I stand with you anymore."

"Shhh," D'had tries to shush her, a hand gently stroking her hair. "I'm sorry sugar." Talking just isn't his strong point. He's trying, and trying not to get her upset. Not to mention failing miserably at both. "I love ya sweets and if anything ever happened to ya I don't know I could forgive myself." he admits reluctantly.

Thea opens her eyes, blinking them to see him clearly, "You know I love you too, but somehow we need to be able to communicate, if not with words, then some other way." She is quiet for a moment, as she regards him, "You worry too much about saying the wrong thing, I think. And it's when you don't say anything and you stay away that I feel hurt." She sits up then, "I… are you sure you want me in your life?" Because all she can see is, she's making it too hard for him.

D'had chuckles lowly, trying his best to brush off the comment. He sighs at what she says next, "I just don't wanna mess things up with you and that's all I seem to be doin." He sighs again, squeezing her hand as the other rests lightly against her cheek. "Course I want you around."

Thea continues to meet his eyes, "Messing things up is nothing but what is common to humankind. You're not perfect are ya? I know I'm not. I mess up, too." She's shaking her head over that until his hand cups her cheek. "Don't you think I could forgive once in a while? I don't want you to be afraid of that all the time!" His assurance has her raising an eyebrow, with a bit of skepticism, "Do you really?"

D'had shakes is head, "Ain't perfect," he agrees of himself, turning an awkward smile down to her. "I'm sure ya could, just don't wanna push ya into anything ya ain't ready for."

"So don't push." Thea shrugs, "But if you're not gonna talk to me, not gonna ask for what you want, don't be surprised if it never happens." Whatever 'it' is. She's not going to say it for him, she's already saying enough for both of them as it is. "Why don't you just say what it is ya want? Can't ya do that?" She leans to peer into his dark eyes as if she could read it there. "You're… so far away these days. You used to talk to me." Well, she thinks he did anyway.

"I been busy babe, drills and things. Thought you wanted space or I woulda been around more. Came ta see ya las' night but ya weren't there.." D'had says, of course they've already established that she wasn't there. "Ain't changed my mind bout anythin' ya know…" He hesitates then, eyes closing for a moment and he even turns his head to look back towards the entrance of the cave. "Move in with me?"

Thea blinks at that. "Too busy to do nothing more than say hello in the office for more than thirty days? Truly, Donn?" Her voice is a bit cooler, "How would I know you hadn't changed your mind?" Her eyes beg him to understand, "I didn't know! I was… really going through it in my mind. I don't chase, I-" His question catches her mid-sentence. But he's looking away towards the cave's mouth. She lifts a hand to his cheek, an attempt to turn him back her way, "Is that what you really want?"

D'had is reluctant, but he turns his face to her when she reaches to do so, eyes slowly opening to look back down on her. "I want.. I want whatever makes you happy. And if movin' in with me 'n Sie'll do that then .. then I can't think of anythin I want more."

Thea shakes her head. "No." She says it with finality. "I can't accept on those terms, sorry, Donn." She shrinks back eyelids closing over her own pain, "If you don't want it for yourself, then it simply won't work. Don't be doing it for me only." She drops her head then, throat working to control her emotions, "Somehow… you're all bound up in not being able to say or go for what you want. I don't think it's a matter of you pushing me, but me pushing you. And I won't do it." Her voice trembles as she says the last bit.

"N-no..?" D'had stutters as he repeats her answer, shaking his head. She didn't just say that. Did she? "No," he says more firmly, "I want you there. I want you with me." And darn it she can't say no. This is not how it was supposed to go. Then again this isn't how he was planning on asking either. .. If he asked.

If he'd ask or even declare what he wanted outright he might not be in this predicament. "Do you?" Thea is dead serious, "I can't be playing guessing games with you Donn. I won't! Doing that has nearly killed me, do you understand?" She gestures towards the cave mouth. "Go fly Siebith over that gorge. Look for a low, boulder-strewn ravine. I ended up down there because I couldn't go find you and ask what you weren't telling me." No, she's not blaming him for her accident, really. Just making a point how she handles uncertainty.

A brief puff of mist by the waterfall announces the presence of a small, green fire-lizard. She flaps over to one of the open satchels along the wall and begins pulling at the straps of it with her little maw, opening it wider. After a few moments, her head dives into it, making satisfied little sounds. A moment later, her head jerks out, nose covered in white salve of some kind. A violent sneeze sends her bouncing to the floor, and she lands with an audible 'whuff' of air. But she's apparently enjoying herself, because she makes a gremlin-like chortle and hops back up, flapping back to the open satchel once more. Her second attempt yields something much different: a rolled thigh compress bandage, already prepped with medication. She flaps up once and grasps it with her talons.

Flop finally manages to get airborne with the bandage, and starts a wobbly flight back to the waterfall, cutting a hard turn to avoid the downpour and stay near the rocks.

D'had winces. Yeah, she didn't need to tell him that bit. "I came as soon as I heard babe." He would have been there sooner if he'd known then. Guilt works, it works very well in fact, but that doesn't mean he's not going to try to not let her know that. "I want ya there babe. I want ya there with me. What do I gotta do ta prove that?"

Thea shakes her head, "I'm not blaming you for not being there." She sighs, burying her face in her hands, then rubs it, "I'm just saying I was out there walking where I shouldn't have been because I was feeling desperately lonely and needed to talk to -someone-. And you were busy." His question to her has her raising her head to meet his eyes, "I guess… just… you're always putting it off on me." She quotes him," 'if it will make you happy'," then she lowers her head and mutters, "Sounds like you are indifferent about it."

D'had shakes his head, "I'm sorry babe." What else can he say? "If that's how you feel I'm sorry. Didn't mean it like that at all. I just want you to be happy." He sighs, holding back from scooping her up in his arms even though he wants to. "Like this movin' in.. I'd love ya to, but if you aren't gonna be happy with that.. well then I'd rather manage myself and still have you happy."

Thea blinks at D'had, not a little confused. "What makes you think I wouldn't be happy with that?" She has no idea what he does or doesn't want to do, all she can feel is distance. She draws her legs up and places her forehead on her knees. From underneath her hair she cries, "I would, how many times do I have to tell you? I just needed to know what -you- wanted." Besides her being happy apparently?

D'had sighs, reaching a hand out to rest hesitantly on her shoulder. "No, no. Don't cry." Crying is bad! "You deserve better than me. I want you to move in with me, I woudn'ta asked if I didn't want ya to. Just want you ta know ya can say no. I'll live."

Thea groans, "I cannot believe we keep going in circles about this," she lifts her head when his hand touches her shoulder. "I've been…miserable without you," she admits even as she's shaking her head, "You are the best. Do you hear me? The best!" His comment about saying no is brushed aside. As if! "I want-" Her face spasms suddenly, draining of color and her eyes blink confusion as she looks at him. She sways, reaches for him to steady herself, "Get the-" She swallows, "Get Tenebrous…" If he catches her it would be a good thing, otherwise she's on her way to the floor. Nice that she's sitting.

D'had blinks. Confusion and panic crossing his face as he starts to his feet. Its only that his hand was still on her shoulder that allows him to catch her. Not quite sure what to do, stay or get the healer, he hesitates a second before laying her back and rushing towards the cave's entrance.

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