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**Igen Weyr - Lake Shore **
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

It is late afternoon, not that it means much save the sun is going to be setting soon which means it will cool off finally. Jaelynn has found herself with a bit of free time so to speak and is sitting on the beach in a pair of shorts and tank-top, her hair is pulled back and a bag with a few of her things are sitting next to her, along with a book of all things upon the bag. At the moment she is merely watches the waves lap upon the shore, her arms wrapped loosely around her legs while she seems a bit lost in thought at the moment.

Coming from the bowl is the other Xanaduian, Triven walks with his shirt already off tucking it into his bag. He wears some old torn trousers for swimming in as he seems to be making his way to the water to cool off. He will move to place his bag on the warm sands even shifting it a little so it will stay and not roll around. He looks about and spies the dragon healer saying "Afternoon, Miss Jaelynn. I hope I am not interrupting anything?"

Jaelynn blinks at the voice and looks up with a smile seen. "Hey Triven. Nope, ah go on and have a seat if you like." She waves a hands lightly and tucks her knees down upon the sand. "Any really just Jaelynn."

Triven smiles and nods settling down into the sand saying "As you wish. How has your day been to day Jaelynn?" he reaches into the bag to pull out a container of sunblocker and starts to apply it so is pale skin doesn't burn and messes with his art work.

Jaelynn smiles and nods while letting her arms rest loosely upon her lap. "I've been good, had a morning of lessons and then the afternoon to myself today. So I won't complain on it that's for certain." She shrugs a bit, her smile seen. "How about yourself?"

Triven grins and says "Finally finished that riders back piece, well at least the first part. Will have to go back tomorrow to add the colors they want." He smiles and will offer some of the salve to her saying "Did you want some? I know I hate having a sun burn"

Jaelynn ohs softly as she looks on curious like. "How long has it taken you to finish it?" She seems rather curious over the idea. A smile seen and she shakes her head a bit. "No I'm good, but thanks."

Triven nods and puts the salve away saying "well it is the whole back from shoulder to hip, so probably at least another couple of days depending on how much the skin absorbs the ink." He leans back and smiles "still thinking about getting that temporary one?" that is right he remembers she was interested.

Jaelynn ponders that and a soft whistle escapes her at it. "Must be a lot of work for you to do all that?" She blinks and ohs with a smile seen and soon nods. "Yeah I'm still thinking about it… Though maybe a dragon, or well at least a firelizard or something along those lines maybe."

Triven nods and grins "it is alot of work but the piece should turn out nicely." He will hmm when she speaks of the temporary she wants saying "depending on the size of the art it might look like a firelizard as the temporary stuff doesn't allow me the same detail as the more permanent option."

Jaelynn nods and ponders it seems. "Well… Have you evr done a firelizard before? Or something like it perhaps?" She questions with a curious tone. It's a start. "How long have you been doing this sort of stuff anyway?" She doesn't think she asked that before.

Triven nods and smiles as he settles in to the line of questioning "I have done several dragons and firelizards in different styles." He looks over at her saying "Since I was about fourteen turns old. I know I look younger than my eighteen turns, and if that is a problem I could refer you to someone who is abit older and more seasoned. Though I would hate to do so."

Jaelynn looks to him curiously and chuckles softly. "No I don't have a problem with that, your age thatis. I mean if you know what your doing it should be fine." She points to his tattoo's. "You id your own?"

Triven looks down and nods saying "Yes I did the chest piece, my mentor he did the one on the back when I decided to strike out on my own." He grins, fond memories will come to the front of his mind. After a moment he will come back, and blush slightly that his mind drifted. "How long have you been doing dragonhealing?"

Jaelynn smiels and nods. "Looks like you did a good job to be." She offers softly before blinking and ahsa bit. "Well, for a while I suppose. My parents are dragonhealers too. Sorta just was expecte that one of the kids followed suit I suppose." She shrugs a moment. "Not that I mind it, rather enjo what I do so it worked out."

Triven nods and will motion back towards the weyr, saying "and now you might get to be able to practice that as a rider? or do you stop being that when you gain the lifemate?" he will sit forward stretching out his back and arms.

Jaelynn shakes her head slightly. "No I can still be a dragonhealer… I mean I supose so, even if I impressed gold it would be ok. Soriana is a goldrider at Xanadu and she is a dragonhealer after all." She smiles. "Plenty of riders out there that are healers too I figure, make understanding dragons a bit easier too at that point."

Triven nods and grins "you would have a far better understanding of how the treatments worked that is for sure" he looks out at the water and saying "Do you miss your home?"

Jaelynn chuckles and nods. "True!I figure if I could have a first hand expierence perhaps it would help… But still not the whole reason of course. Being a dragonrider is serious after all." There is a slight pause and she smiles a bit. "Sometimes… When my dad left my mom it was hard getting things back in order. Being away from everything helps me sort of forget all the trouble at times."

Triven nods and will glance at her saying softly "Well if my presence here brings up bad memories just let me know and I will leave you be." He looks out at the water again saying "I understand what it is like to need to be alone sometimes."

Jaelynn shakes her head. "Naw, you don't bring up bad memories. Even home doesn't just family stuff. Everone has some problem you know, family or not." This said with a slight wave of her hand. "I'm alone enough as it is. Especially when I'm busy with night lessons or something like that with the dragons."

Triven grins and says "well maybe we can change that if you want" He will reach over in his bag and pull out something wrapped inside a warm towel saying "I remembered you said you wanted one well I was out and about this morning and…" He will blush and hands her the wrapped item.

Jaelynn hums softly while looking to him, and oh yeah she catches the blush now. Though she takes the wrapped item curiously and slowly unwraps it. She's left blushing a bit herself. "Your giving it to me?" She looks over the little egg that is a bit red and white before looking back to him.

Triven nods and grins saying "well you wanted one. And I figured with all the work you will be doing you wouldn't have time to look." He is turning a bit red now as he is very awkwardly looking away from the young woman. "Besides, who better for a firelizard to be with than a dragonhealer?"

Jaelynn blushes a bit more herself while she holds the egg softly within her hands, a soft smile seen. "Thank you Triven…" She glances back to him. "I'm sure the little one wouldbe very happy with you as well. I just know how to fix them and dragonsis all."

Triven shrugs and will give her a warm grin "What point is having friends if you can't give them something nice once in a while." He will look out at the water and is quiet a while so she can enjoy her gift and he can enjoy her company.

"Friends?" Jaelynn questions curious like, she smiles abit while looking to the egg. "I actually don't have to many of those. I… Well I tend to get pretty focused on my work." She glances over to him once more. "Its a nice gift, I think so anyway." As for the egg it is wiggling about a bit in her hands. "Oh… Hey it's moving."

Triven nods and says "well now you got one more…" anything else he was going to say just dies on his lips as she says the egg is moving. He looks over at the egg in her hands as it starts to hatch. He will move just a hair closer to look but stays well away from it being able to imprint on him.

Jaelynn goes about setting the egg and the bit of cloth it was wrapped in upon her lap while looking in her bag and finds a bit of jerky she ad with her. The little egg is swayng a bit and a crack slides down the side of it before it slowly splinters out across the egg and thelitle one within is really trying to get out. "Eager litle fella…" Though she deosn't get to say much more as a the egg fuly cracks open and a blue hatchling is settled in the middle of the egg bits all wet and upsidedown.

Triven just watches in aww as he sees the little blue break out of his shell, "wow he is a pretty thing" he will watch now to see what is next as he has never taken care of one.

Jaelynn giggles a bit as she watches the little blue. "His so cute… An so blue." Not that it is a bad thing in her book. The hatchling wiggles about and pushes himself up so he is sitting with a bit of egg still sticking to him here and there, even a large bit over his head. Lynn moves to lightly pluck the piece away which makes the little blue warble out in surprize. "It's alright."

Triven nods and smiles "So do they already know how to fly and such? or do you have to take care of them for a while?" yup never had one. He sees her take the shell off and he chuckles "he is very stream line, I bet he will be fast."

Jaelynn is quiet for a moment as she goes about feeding the little hatchling the bit of jerky, which he eats rather eagerly and is soon staring at her. She blinks and chuckles softly after what seems like a long moment. "Sorry.." Is said to Triven and she looks to him. "They figure things out a lot easierthen dragon hatchlings. They learn how to hunt and fly on their own. Well… At least most of them have from what I've seen."

Triven nods and will dig in his pack for his own lunch, and by lunch it looks like he just cleared a serving tray from the kitchen. "I have some extra meat if this will do" He offers showing her the large selection of fresh sliced cured meats like, pork and roast heardbeast.

Jaelynn nods and smiles to him. "Thanks.." THe little blue is content to just eat the jerky it seems and after a few more pieces will stretch out and then curl up upon his new person's lap. A soft chucle esacpes Lynn while she goes about picking up egg bits. "His cute, and now asleep it seems. Guess he got full."

Triven nods and chuckles saying "Seems like a good life there, eat and then nap." He looks out at the lake for a bit more, then will note the time and will slowly get up from the sand not wanting to disturb the now sleeping blue firelizard "Well I hope to see you again at least once more before I leave. At the very least I will be back to see the hatching, have a good night my friend." he says as he packs up his bag and heads out towards the bowl with a wave.

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