A Question Of Timing

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.
There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

Finally abandoning his physical and psychological retreat, it's with a renewed determination that E'tan ambles in the weyrling barracks. Oh, he's not totally his usual smiling self -this will take some time- but at least he's human again. "Afternoon…." He calls, removing his gloves and tucking them in his belt. Looks like he's up for some training. But what kind?

Having recently hunted ( and subsequently bathed from the messy feeding), Kivshiralth is now at the end of the oiling phase of the day. Sprawled out his full length in his couch, Is'ac is stripped to the waist and busily oiling the bronze bulk he calls a lifemate. Footsteps catch his attention in time for him to turn to catch the greeting. A quick salute is snapped before he replies with. "G'afternoon sir!"

E'tan scans the cavern, nodding approvingly. From his long years of experience he can definitely….tell nothing but right here, right now, it's the appearance that counts. "I've heard Kivshiralth did pretty good for his first hunting session." He casually says, approaching the bronze riding pair. His work to know everything. Appearances again. "He's grown quite noisy too." And yes, that last comment was punctuated with a dawn of a smile.

Is'ac's brow arches in some surprise of E'tan's knowledge of Kiv's hunting prowess. "He's gotten better with practice sir." the noisy comment merely draws a shrug and a glance to his bronze who is still basking in the oiling that Is'ac continues to do whilst talking. "Don't know about noisy but I suppose one person noise is commonplace to someone else." he remarks with a grin.

"He's already making Xanadu proud." Tani replies, crossing his arms over his chest. "Just like the rest of you all." His smile remains on his face even if contained a bit for now. "Here, wipe your hands and step closer, will you, Zak." Throwing the other bronzerider a towel, he slowly reach the center of the barracks.

Is'ac nodding, the towel is caught. Stepping over as he gets the worst of the oil from his hands he stands proud in the center of the barracks before E'tan.

E'tan watches him approach, a kind of challenge dancing in his eyes. For some reason, E'tan would have preferred to be forced to lower his gaze to look at him but by the confidence his voice carries, it doesn't seem tot matter much for he declares rather solemnly. "Weeks of training did put some weight on you, Zak, but my job here and now is to make sure you're able to defend yourself if needed." With his sleeves rolled up he does;t adopt any combat stance. No. He just stays there, right in front of the weyrling. "Okay…." His voice is calm, "…when ready, all you have to do is to try and hit me."

"Defend…" Zak blinks in brief confusion for he was really expecting anything but this. With a mental shake of his head to perhaps prepare himself to attempt to hit the Weyrleader he steps back half a pace. Eying E'tan a bit different now he tries the direct approach first. Rocking back on his heels he lunges forward with full intention of tackling E'tan in the midsection.
Kiv, for his part, watches with growing interest.

And that's not what E'tan expected. Not at all. Repressing a yelp of surprise, he braces himself for the hit, because no, none of his martial experience can't prevent that now. "Humpf…" is exhaled from the Weyrleader's lungs just as the pair fall down heavily. It's only reflex move of his hips that E'tan succeeded in rolling to one side and grabs Is'ac's left arm for a submissive lock. "You're fast…" He huskily says, grinning. "But I thought you'd use your fist."

It was certainly the unexpected that Is'ac was going for. His brief moment of triumph is quick as he's unable to twist away from the lock E'tan grabs on his arm. "Course you were expecting a fist. Which is why I went another route." his tone is roguish. Someone knows how to brawl it seems!

He won't ever admit it but E'tan has just been blessed with pure blind luck! Releasing his lock, he rolls again to finally stand up again, dusting his knees a bit. "You nearly got me, Zak." He winks, adding another, "Nearly. Okay. Now that I know you can manage on the ground, why not try that fist. There's something I want to show you."

Is'ac tilts his head as he regards his opponent. "Alright.." with a good weight balance on his toes he throws a right hook.

The shine in Tani's eyes glitters. Now that's what he was waiting for and judging from the weight Is'ac is throwing his fist, it'll work just fine. Indeed, with a swift movement, E'tan grabs Zak's right arm by the wrist, using his left arm. The rest flows smoothly and as quickly. Taking advantage of the other bronzerider's hast, he spins just enough to make Zak loses his balance, using his right hip. And here again, there's a fall but this time, E'tan remains on his feet.

From the stunned look on his expression Is'ac was expecting something but perhaps not quite what happened. His momentum indeed is too great to prevent this move on himself and he finds himself counting stars flat on his back. Kiv utters a non-concerned sound, leaning his head over to give his rider a solid lick.

"It's only a question of good timing." Tani declares, obviously very pleased of himself. A amused grin is sent to the young bronze just before he leans, offering a hand to Zak. "Care to try?"

Is'ac makes a face. "Kiv!" the bronze draws his head back with an amused rumble. Taking the offered hand he gets to his feet. "Yeah, sure. I think I can copy that." he thinks!

E'tan uses almost all of his weight to help Zak on his feet again, his face reddening a bit in the process. "Oh I'm sure you'll do just f…Oooohooooo…" Blame Tani's overconfidence or Zak's slippery hand (maybe both) but in a blink, the Weyrleader, driven by his own weight, dashes across the barrack to loudly fall on his back at the other end of it. And to top it all, as if that simple display wasn't enough to make him lose his credibility for turns to come, the shelf on the nearest wall gives up, leaving E'tan covered in sloppy towels and an empty bucket. Lifting one hand to signal he's still alive, his voice comes out muffled from under the metallic hat. "Oh and…don't forget…Never use too much weight in your…" *cough* "..attack…"

Is'ac's grab is futile and just a handspan too late to try to re-grab the WL's hand before E'tan is nearly flying across the barracks. Everything happens in slow motion before the weyrling's horrified gaze as E'tan crashes back into the wall. There's a horrified gasp as the bucket of wet and sloppy towels upends over his head. For a moment he stands in shock but E'tan's muffled words brings him back to reality and has his striding over to pick the bucket up and off the head of E'tan. "Right. Um…well noted sir." he says with a magnificent effort to not laugh directly in the face of his Weyrleader. Quickly before the smile can be seen he pivots to look for a /dry/ towel to offer.

Too much for playing the instructor here. Luckily Is'ac is kind enough to free E'tan from his bucketed prison and to not laugh at him…too hard. Quickly and without waiting for the towel, Tani is on his feet again, replacing a wet lock of hair from his eyes. He knows too well that his efforts are ruined and he's the only one to blame for that. Grinning widely, he starts towards the exit. "Anyway, Zak. You did well but…" And he opens his leaking-with-oil-arms and adds. "…you will obviously have to wait for your next lesson. Until then, continue. You're doing just fine." *squish* *squish* *squish* *squish* goes the Weyrleader away.

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